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Meet Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua, aka the water man, who delivers water to the wild animals in dry lands of Kenya. He is a pea farmer in his local village who saw the dire effects that global warming is having on Kenya’s wildlife. "We aren’t really receiving rain the way we used to… So I started giving animals water…“ he states. (Source)

While the Razzies appear to challenge the industry’s laziness, it also seems to perpetuate Hollywood’s prejudiced social norms. For example, in 2015 – incidentally the year that Laverne Cox became the first transgender person be nominated for an acting Emmy – the Razzies couldn’t stop themselves referring to Transformers: Age Of Extinction as “Trannies #4.” We’re sure you’ll agree that this is clearly the bravest joke an award show dedicating to punching up at cynical Hollywood elites could make. We’re kind of amazed the Razzie for Worst Picture isn’t called “The Gayest Movie Of The Year Award.” When your whole schtick is pointing a mocking finger at how hacky Hollywood can be, you need to at least try harder than the movies you claim to hate so much.

Black actors don’t exactly receive a fair hearing from the Razzie crew, either. In the past 35 years, black actors have won Academy Awards only 13 times – that’s less than one out of every ten awards. Oddly enough, that’s still an impressive score, seeing how few nonwhite roles there are in Hollywood. But in the same timespan, the Razzies have bestowed 14 awards to black actors, because when it comes to hating things, the world suddenly becomes an absolute meritocracy.

Look, it’s not like we’re saying that 2004’s Catwoman didn’t deserve to be cat-pooped on for being horrible, but it’s not like Halle Berry had a million chances to become a black lead in a superhero movie either. The Razzies had a chance to be more than a dart to throw at shitty movies, a truly outside-the-box ceremony that could have turned on Hollywood’s deeply entrenched racism by pointing out that the best franchise Hollywood had to offer Academy-Award-winning actress Halle Berry was an indecipherable bastardization of a beloved female icon. (In the film, Catwoman has to bring down an evil cosmetics empire, because women be shopping.) But instead, the Razzies are usually as lazy and cynical as whatever Adam Sandler movie they’ve nominated this year.

4 Reasons The Razzies Suck Even More Than The Oscars

Admin announcement

Aights I’ve been receiving a few messages re this issue so I thought I’ll do up a proper post addressing it.

4 years back, I’d set up this blog not just to share creepypastas with you lot, but also to provide a platform for aspiring writers to showcase their work. So you can understand that it’s a massive problem when some of yous messaged me highlighting reservations about sending in story submissions because of the fear that the submission’s grammar, vocab, sentence structure etc aren’t up to par.  

But listen, I get it. Tumblr is a global thing. English isn’t a first language for some of you. And guess what? It’s okay. In fact, most of the stories (both submissions and postings) you see on here have undergone basic grammar and formatting edits by yours truly. I don’t mind doing it. Editing has become a thing I expect myself to do before I post up any story.

So to make things clear - as long as your story isn’t entirely incoherent, has a decent plot, and abides to the guidelines on the submission page, feel free to send it in. If there’s a problem with it, I’ll message you and we’ll sort it out together.

Hope this clears it up.


So this male chiropractor in Kansas, Dan Dopps, has received a patent for this feminine glue called Mensez. Women can now glue their labia together when we are on our period. According to Mr. Dobbs, women spend 25% of our time focused on our period. Which makes us less productive.

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okay i know it’s not Christmas anymore but-




This lovely detailed WoY Christmas card was made by my sweetie friend @trustnooneyoucant as a gift for me <333 (It came with other things, but I want to keep them private) And I just HAD to show this beautiful handmade card njebnfkr (she allowed me to post it ;3; )
@trustnooneyoucant is a cutie pie and she is very very sweet and she deserves big hugs
Now this card stands proudly on my desk (with the tiny owl plush <3 )
She spent so much time on this omg 
<33333 again thank you so much my dear!

Ok but imagine Dirk’s first Christmas with his new family…

He’s so thrilled with his “ugly” Christmas sweater and he wears the Santa hat and insists Todd wear the reindeer antlers. He has a very carefully selected gift for everyone, in fact he was up all hours of the night before ensuring that they were wrapped just perfectly. He was so excited about giving his gifts that when he receives some of his own, he is overjoyed to the point of stuttering emotionally and he is convinced that no other day could ever top this one.

Meanwhile, Farah says nothing when Todd asks who ate all the caramel popcorn and for heavens sakes, someone take the eggnog away from Amanda…

{Badr|Sinbad no Bouken| マギ詰め合わせ by みりん}

※Permission to reprint this was given by the artist. Please do not repost without the artist’s permission. If you liked this fanwork, do take the time to rate and bookmark the original work.

[Please do not repost, edit or remove credits]

okay so every time i receive one of those “publicly say five things you like about yourself” asks, it panics me cause it just reminds me of the fact that i can’t think of five things, i mean i can barely even think of one??? like i know it’s to spread positivity and i love the idea behind it, but it gives me anxiety just seeing it in my inbox tbh

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all this drama in your ask smh i think it's a lot of saltiness from fans who don't want their fave to be replaced and fans who want the new kid to ~take over~. of course Nathan needs to improve his PCS side because he's young. people forget that Yuzuru was very rough around the edges at 17, they just find it more acceptable because he was an endearing Romeo. everyone is still improving all the time but regardless there's nothing they can do about the marks they receive so quit hating on kids

i’m totally fine with people critiquing nathan’s (or anyone else’s) skating. all skaters have stuff to improve in, but like…just get your facts straight if you’re gonna start a debate. if you think yuzuru should’ve won 4CC, fine with me, but don’t use bogus arguments.

once upon a time yuzuru was also beating the older favorites primarily based on strong TES while having weaker PCS. this kind of thing happens every single time new skaters rise up the ranks - they bring higher tech to the table, judges sometimes go overboard with PCS, they start overturning the status quo, then they become the new status quo until someone new shows up again. it happens all the time, it is nothing new. almost all the top skaters have been overscored at some point in their careers. many have won or lost competitions with questionable margins. you win some, you lose some. in the end, it all evens out over time. i’m not saying that we should just lay down and accept it when the judges go bonkers, but also i think we should keep in mind that overscoring is nothing new, and if you’re going to go after one skater for their scores, you might as well go after all of them.

also like. think about it this way: yuzuru popped two jumps and still nearly won the competition. some skaters pop twice and they’re off the podium entirely. focus on that and hope he doesn’t pop next time. wanting him to have a huge cushion to win even when he makes major mistakes doesn’t reflect well on him or his competitors, imo.

( alright, it’s only been a week and a half since this blog was made but i’ve been received so well by the rping community and i just wanna thank y’all for making my writing experience on tumblr all the more joyful!! anyhow, it may be a bit too early for smth like this, bUUUuut please like this post if you are a-okay with me doing things like:

  • crashing into your inbox for either memes or random interactive asks.
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  • me asking you for your discord/skype/whatever else i can communicate with you through!
  • writing random starters for you!
  • other casual ic and ooc interaction like tagging you in reblogged posts and such!

( i think that kind of covers it all?? there are probs a lot of things i’ve forgotten but yeah! please like this post if you’re completely fine with me doing all of the above to you! ❤ )

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Wait… Since 2016 was great for you but the worst on the world, and 2017 is horrible for you… then 2017 is going to be a blessing for us all!!!!

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Thanks for all the care and concern...

So I’ve received a lot of messages asking how my Dad is. So here’s a little update.
We finally got the biopsy results on Friday. They only told us a little bit cause he didn’t meet with the oncologist until yesterday. So yes it is cancer of the liver. The tumor is non operable. That was very scary to hear. But he is working with amazing doctors. Yesterday was a scary day. His calcium levels were so high he had to do 5 hours of IV flushes to drop it. Thankfully they got that dropped. But then his potassium levels had spiked and with as high as they were it can cause heart palpitations so he had another medicine/flush added to his IV. They don’t didn’t know if it was the cancer or the liver itself cause if these issues. Thankfully all of that worked and he was not admitted back into the hospital. He starts chemo on Friday. So that is good and scary. This whole situation has been a scary learning experience.
But man y'all that have asked how I am or how he is. Sending your love, thoughts, prayers & positivity. It is truly touching! Thank you so very much. 💋💋💋

Important Notice About Art Theft!

Hey, guys, so I received a tip the other day about a user on here who is saving Overwatch photos and reposting them on their blog, and a lot of these photos are artwork made by people here on tumblr. One of my recent Bunnyribbit drawings was just reposted as well.

Their username is @/dva9820 

I messaged them and told them that I did not give them permission to repost it and to take it down, and they responded with:

(btw I did watermark it lmfao. plus, their description says that if you’re the artist, tell them and they’ll give you credit, which 1. is wrong to begin with, and 2. they did not do this.)

Nonetheless, all I ask of you guys is that you just alert any other artists whose works you might recognize on this blog, please. I do not recognize any other works on the blog or who it belongs to, so spread the word to inform other Overwatch artists about this. Thank you!

P.S. The account has already been reported, so I’d appreciate it if people don’t go messaging this person and harassing them. This post is only to alert other artists to be cautious of accounts like this.

did you know there was this one time i almost gave up on shipping reylo?

it was around the time rogue one was in cinemas and i hardcore shipped rebelcaptain. i guess i thought liking reylo hindered me from interacting with other people who also liked rebelcaptain because they hated reylo. 

so, like a normal human being who was tired of receiving hate in their shipping community and thought that it was already getting really toxic, i took a hiatus from shipping reylo. shipping rebelcaptain, for me, finally felt like i was accepted in the star wars fandom. everyone also likes my ship, oh my god! finally, something we can all agree on! 

but i was wrong. see, there was a mutual of mine who started hating rebelcaptain because it was too obvious and i quote, “too hetero”. anyway, i sort of got intrigued, so i started going through their blog. the hate was intense. they (and other bloggers) seemed to bash jyn for not being enough for cassian (e.g. jyn was too problematic, cassian deserves someone like bodhi, yada yada yada).

somehow, it was then that i realized you never really can please everyone. we all have different opinions. some are even totally far from our own. why did i want to unlike a ship that made me happy (albeit, problematic) in order to please other people and make them like me? i don’t know. 

i ship reylo because it’s something—something even i can’t explain. given, it might be the chemistry between the actors, but i also love the depth behind it. i love how, for me and other shippers, it mirrors beauty and the beast—a story i’ve loved ever since i was young. 

i like fictional complicated relationships. i’m curious as to how they would overcome their current problems and find a way to be with each other in the end. 

i’ll be honest, i actually did think reylo was abusive before. i mean, he “mind-raped” her and threw her against a tree forgodsake. 

however, after reading the novelization and actually watching tfa over and over, i came to the conclusion that it wasn’t. first of all, they are not in a relationship. they are in different sides of a war; of course, they’re supposed to hate each other. it’s not an abusive relationship. 

second, antis point out that kylo’s this and kylo’s that, but they never really see what rey was capable of doing—protecting herself. you say he mind-raped her, well, she did that to him too. you say he threw her against a tree, well, she sliced his face and shoulder with a lightsaber. you say he hurt her friends and her newly-found father figure, well: 

  1. finn was already in kylo’s bad side. let’s not forget (or maybe people hadn’t really paid attention to this scene), kylo let finn go in jakku. kylo felt something awakening in FN-2187, but he decided to let that go and carry on. he could’ve reported it to phasma, but he didn’t. it was a big mistake for him, considering that if he had reported it, poe dameron may not have escaped with finn in the first place. that’s honestly why i think kylo hates finn—it’s because all of the mistakes that happened afterwards rooted from his compassion. 
  2. poe dameron hadn’t yet interacted with rey, therefore, i don’t consider them as friends. but okay, let’s still roll with it. of course kylo had to hurt poe—he had the map. also, they’re enemies at war. you have to do everything to win a war, including hurting and/or killing another person. 
  3. it was implied that killing han solo was snoke’s final test for kylo. of course some people thought that oh he’s irredeemable because he did what luke couldn’t do. well, maybe they’re right. but, instead of making him stronger, it made him weaker. it was the complete opposite of what snoke had promised him. it was a test he ultimately failed because instead of being pulled to the dark side, it pulled him even more to the light. 

let’s face it, reylo may never be canon. either they really are related, rey hates him too much to ever forgive him for the things he’d done, kylo may fully embrace the dark side throughout the two remaining films, or maybe something else. i don’t ship it because oh right damn yeah this is going to be canon yada yada yada. i ship it because, well, i goddamn like it. i like their dynamic. so what? 

i understand that a lot of people already like finn and rey together. i get that. i get that you like safe and unproblematic relationships. heck, i used to ship it (it was the fans that turned me off tbh). also, i already have that in real life. this is fiction we’re talking about. hello, it’s not like i want my boyfriend to suddenly be all murderous and villainy. i don’t support abuse, i am not racist, i am not a nazi. seriously, people who think that way are so shallow-minded.

i just love how two force-sensitives have their destinies intertwined with each other (if this turns out to be familial, i’m literally going to burst). i just love angsty fics that have me staying up all night and crying afterwards. i just love reylo. 

is that so bad? for some people, yes it is. but can they, at least, respect my own opinion? i respect theirs and i get out of their way. it’s the most rational thing to do. you don’t repeatedly buy food you hate just to eat it, barf it out, and tell everyone how much you hate it. seriously man, that’s just plain stupid.

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share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favorite followers (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

I’ve received about two more of these so i’ll just answer one~   ´◡`

  1. I’m an ambivert.
  2. I’ve known to be gay since I was 12.
  3. My favorite hobby is photography.
  4. I actually express myself better in English than in my native language.
  5. I have about 5 scars on my body.
  6. I want to have a tattoo.
  7. I’ve quit smoking.
  8. I love sushi.
  9. My biggest pet peeve are people who think they are know-it-all’s and consider themselves superior.
  10. It’s been almost a month since I’ve met my girlfriend and I can never express in words how much I appreciate her for existing and for being such a positive influence in my life.

No, it won’t do, my sweet theologians.
Desire will not save the morality of God.
If he created beings able to choose between good and evil,
And they chose, and the world lies in iniquity,
Nevertheless, there is pain, and the undeserved torture of creatures,
Which would find its explanation only by assuming
The existence of an archetypal Paradise
And a pre-human downfall so grave
That the world of matter received its shape from diabolic power.


Czeslaw Milosz
Translated by Czeslaw Milosz

Graphic - Odo Dobrowolski