so tired of your shit captain

The Bronx

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker
Word Count: 3.6K
Warnings: Fighting, fluff

A/N: Set during CA:CW airport scene, so obviously some changes to canon to incorporate the reader. Reader’s powers look and act the same as the powers on The Last Airbender (the cartoon, not that movie. The movie was shit.) This was way longer than I expected, whoops.

The squeal of tires alerts everyone’s attention to the arrival of Captain America. You watch silently as Clint and the girl in the front, Wanda, both climb out of the van, and you wait patiently, and nervously, to be introduced.

Your view blocked by the mostly windowless van, you strain your ears to hear. But your leg is bouncing from all the nerves and excitement coursing through your body. You can’t make out words, only accents and voices.

It appears that one of the men in the blue Beetle was Captain America, or at least you think so. The foreign voice you hear, conversing with Clint and Wanda, is deep and calming. Just like you’d imagined the national heroes voice to sound.

You freeze as you hear Clint’s voice approach the van. You don’t notice that you were holding your breath until the van door slides open and bangs, forcing you to exhale with surprise. The man that had taken up the full front row of seat to sleep, Scott, jumps at the noise. This was it. You had to make a good impression. Sure Team Cap, as Scott was nicknaming your fellow van travellers, needed as many enhanced as they could get, but you’re sure that there wouldn’t be anything stopping them from making you wait in the car if you appeared too immature.

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emotionallmisunderstoodteaspoon  asked:

more minx! eren??

Eren had a death wish, that was what went through everyone`s mind as the cadet outright refused an order from the Captain.

“I don`t feel like training, I`m tired Levi!” The brunet whined. Levi had spun around to glare at him quick, the soldiers were waiting for the blood to spill, Oluo shouting hysterically about the cadet`s lack of honorifics.

“Does it look like I care, Jeager? Get your ass in gear.” The Captain growled. The little shit thought because they fucked, he was wrapped around his finger. Well, he had another thing coming if he thought he was getting any special treatment.

Eren`s pout turned sultry, his lashes lowered at Levi`s rejection. Oh no.

“But Lee, you`re the reason I`m so tired! You wouldn`t give me a break.” The shifter cooed, Levi`s face heated in embarrassment.

“Lee…?” Someone whispered.

Eren swayed his way close to his superior, even as he backed away.

“Please let me sit this one, tiny exercise out, baby? If you don`t…” Eren`s hand slinked itself under Levi`s jacket as the raven man gulped. “I might not be able to ride you like you wanted.” Eren whispered the last part, thank Maria, against Levi`s ear.

The Captain breathed deeply, smelling the scent of his own soap on Eren`s skin, before taking his shoulders roughly in his hands.

“Ouch!” The boy cried as he fell onto his ass.

“The exercise, now. Try that with me again, and I promise, you`ll be disciplined properly.” Levi deadpanned,  his belly warmed at the spark in Eren`s eyes at the mention of a punishment. It was dulled by the shocked look on his face.

“Y-yes, Captain.” He replied, all timid and shy now. He scurried off with his face flaming with anger at being brushed off.

Levi patted himself on the back for not succumbing, it truly was a feat with a body like that pressed against hi-

“So… Lee, huh?” Hanji asked.

“Fuck off.”

taiamango-deactivated20170706  asked:

You wouldn't happen to have any headcanons for the trial captains, would ya? 8)

I dooo in fact! Some more than others, but they’re all great!


  • Really, really ticklish but good at not hinting at it.
  • Worst spots is upper body, ribs and sides. 
  • Has the nicest sounding laugh, almost sounds like music.
  • Can be very smarmy when tickling someone else, like teasing them and getting a rush out of it. 


  • Super ticklish cutie!
  • Really ticklish feet.
  • Doesn’t mind it too much but gets flustered easily because she considers it kind of childish.
  • Doesn’t mind it too much if it’s by someone she’s close with. 
  • Secretly likes sticking her feet in the water because fish Pokemon love to swim around and tickle her it’s cute. 


  • Decently ticklish.
  • Feet and underarms are DEATH.
  • Has a really unmanly shriek when you get him. 
  • Super embarrassed by it! 
  • Doesn’t initiate tickle fights but damnit he’ll end them. 


  • Not super ticklish but LOVES tickling other people. 
  • Worst spots is her thighs and legs. 
  • Has the most obnoxious laugh but it’s very contagious. 
  • Super playful. 


  • Belly tickles will KILL HIM. 
  • Will be grumpy af if you tickle him but secretly he enjoys the bonding experience. 
  • Doesn’t usually fight back, just kind of takes it. 


  • Holy crap don’t tickle her.
  • Unless you want the most intense tickle fight of your life.
  • Super ticklish but she LOVES DESTROYING OTHERS with tickles.
  • Worst spot is everywhere.
  • Most teasy ler ever.
  • Loves being a little shit and teasing your worst spots like “Oh, you want it to stop? But you’re having so much fun!” 
  • Don’t do it man. 


  • Decently ticklish but too tired to fight back. 
  • Worst spot is neck and stomach. 
  • Doesn’t mind it too much, thinks it’s cute. 
  • Really doesn’t fight back, but if she’s in the mood she might.
  • Will be super gentle as a ler, and find a lot of enjoyment out of it. 

onceuponaprincessworld  asked:

Hi Rose, your cs au high school one-shot was so so sweet!! Do you think you might add to it? Because I would love to see a happy ending. Just wondering, no pressure. :)

Hi darling~

Ask and you shall receive. A part of me is so angry with myself right now because I have made no progress on my current story and have been ignoring it in favor of AU week, but because I still have a bug for it, I’m willing to give 1500 words of continuation of my High School AU 

Emma spends Friday and Saturday in her room, feigning illness so the Nolans won’t bother her. She doesn’t put much effort into the performance, allowing her miserable expression to do all the work. Ruth doesn’t question Emma, only gives her a look of sympathy and offers to make soup, which Emma quietly declines.

It’s Sunday afternoon when there’s a knock on her bedroom door. Emma looks up from her worn copy of The Hobbit.

“Emma,” Ruth calls out. “There’s a boy here to see you. If you’re feeling better, I can let him in.”

Emma closes her eyes. Apparently Killian Jones doesn’t know how to take a hint. She had been ignoring his texts and calls for the past two days.

“No,” Emma says. And then after a beat, “It’s fine, Ruth, I’ll talk to him outside. It will be quick.”

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Those Summer Nights [a Barry Allen AU]



You are sick of the way Barry has been acting. Over the summer, he was sweet and kind to you, but now? Now it’s like he’s a completely different person; he’s arrogant and all around annoying. When the captain of the football team asked you out, you accepted, but made sure Barry knew. He shrugged it off, questioning ‘why him?’ while on the track. You just shook your head.

Your lime green poodle skirt sways against your ankles as you hold your books to your chest, walking over to your date is. Fuming, Barry adjusts his gray sweatshirt before taking off into a sprint. His black and white high top converse pad on the uneven terrain of the reddish track, eyes glancing to you every time he jumps a hurdle.

Subtly, you peer over at him, watching as he goes around the track. He’s fast, you’ll give him that much. He notices you staring, so, trying to impress you, he increases his speed, hopping over the hurdles at a steady pace. Except, the toe of his shoe gets caught on the orange wood and he does a faceplant.

“Barry!” you shout in terror, tennis shoes padding down the metal bleachers. Your hand wraps around the metal chain fense, pushing it open to get on the track. With your green sweater flying around your shoulders, you make your way to him, noticing that he’s standing. “Barry?” you say softer.

Ignoring you, he brushes the back of his gray sweatpants, starting to walk, head turned to the side, squinting at your date. After you say his name again, he looks at you, “I’m fine.” he huffs, to which you giggle. “So…your date. What’s with him?” Barry nods to the guy talking to a group of girls. You sigh. “Why won’t you go on a date with m-”

“Why are you different than summer, huh?” you confront him, raising an eyebrow. He scratches the back of his neck, hiding his blush. “You were nice and sweet…but now, now it’s like I don’t even know you, Barry.” you pout, holding the sides of your skirt.

Barry sighs, playing with the cigarette behind his ear, leaning on one leg. “I…I just got a reputation and-and over summer, I could be me…? I don’t know, okay?” he grumbles, seeing Cisco and the other T-Birds approaching. “I just… can we try? And I’ll be the same boy you met at the beach, promise.” he asks with hopeful eyes.

You adjust your sweater, biting your lips. About your date… “You get one chance.” you warn him, pecking his cheek before skipping away.

A smirk dances on his lips while he gets ambushed by the rest of the T-Birds, all jumping around. Cisco slaps his chest, wagging his eyebrows at Barry. “So, you got a date, eh?” All Barry does is wink.

Not On My Watch (Steve Rogers x reader)

Request:  Can I request one where reader is steve’s wife&she “not so accidentally” gets hurt by a male agent bc the agent doesn’t like her& steve goes into captain mode on him? Maybe he had been doing it for a while& she was hiding it from Steve&he finds out.

Hope you enjoy, love!!

As you slowly lowered yourself into bed, you grimaced at the pain in your side.  Trying to not disturb your sleeping husband, you slid your legs gently under the blankets and laid your head against your pillow, holding your breath as you found a comfortable position.  

“Hey, you’re back late.”

You closed your eyes shut tight and sighed, not really wanting to explain this to Steve. Whispering, you kept your head turned away from him.  “Yeah, we got held up a bit, sorry.  I was trying not to wake you.”  Glancing at the clock next to your bed, you were shocked that it read 4am.  You had no idea it was this late.  “Go back to sleep, babe, we can talk later.”

“Mmm hmm.”  He agreed under his breath, rolling on his side towards you, lazily laying his arm across your side.  You sucked in a sharp breath at the stabbing pain in your ribs as his arm landed.  “Hey, are you okay?”  Steve quickly raised up on his elbow, now fully awake and concerned.  He reached down to lift your t-shirt up so he could inspect your injury, but you quickly grabbed his hand to stop him.

“I’m fine, Steve.  It just got a bit more physical than we had anticipated.”  

Slapping your hand away and giving you a stern look, he roughly pulled up your shirt to reveal a large, dark bruise covering your left side from your armpit down to your mid-abdomen. “Are you fucking kidding me, (Y/N)? This needs to get checked out. This looks really bad.”  Steve rolled to his other side, sitting up on the edge of the bed to turn on the light, preparing to get dressed.

With a deep sigh, you tried to sit up but the pain caught your breath.  “Ok, maybe you’re right.”  You tried again to sit, but the tightness in your muscles was too much to argue with.  “Hun, could you throw me a pair of sweatpants and my shoes?”

You could hear Steve talking quietly to someone.  As he turned around you saw him slip his phone into his pajama pants pocket.  He gently pulled your sweats on for you, but skipped the shoes and gently lifted you from the bed.  “I called in the team doc.  He’ll be here in a few minutes.”  As he carried you to the elevator, he took a deep breath and shook his head.  “You can’t hide stuff like this from me, (Y/N).  This won’t happen again.”

Closing your eyes and resting your head against his shoulder, you nodded in agreement.  If only you actually believed it.


It took a few weeks for the Captain to assign you to another mission, worried that you would be injured again.  You knew that your injury wasn’t a fault of yours; you were one of the most skilled members of the team.  In fact, your skills were so sharp and well defined that Steve had assigned you to lead missions without him, even over Tony or Natasha.  Not everyone was as thrilled about this as you, however, with one particular agent causing a disruption over their attitude towards you. You knew that if you told Steve that your recent injuries were directly attributed to this particular agent’s behavior, he would take the matter into his own hands.  This was something you needed to figure out on your own if  you wanted to maintain his trust in you and your abilities as a leader.

“Alright, team.  Move out.”  

You were lost in your thoughts and hadn’t listened closely to the Captain’s directions, but this was an easy mission so you didn’t feel it was a problem.  Grabbing the file from his hands, you opened it to see the team members you would be bringing with you.  Quickly closing the folder, you sighed and looked up at Steve, “Okay, Cap.  We should be back by dusk.”

Steve’s posture straightened as he crossed his arms over his chest.  “Is there a problem?”

“No.  No problem.”  Giving him a small smile, you tried to reassure him so that he would drop the subject.

“Is that not the team you wanted?  Is there someone in particular that you would like me to remove?”  He was slowly moving towards you now, stopping just as your bodies were about to touch.  His arms were still crossed as he looked down at you, his jaw tight and his face expressionless.  “Is there something I should know, (Y/N)?”

“Why…why would you ask that?”  You took a small step back, now fully intimidated by your husband, for the first time that you could remember.  “No, Captain, this looks good.  I…I don’t see any problems.”  You turned quickly to make an exit, hoping that he wouldn’t follow.


“We’re approaching the drop zone, sir.”

With a final check on your parachute, you stood, directing your team to prepare for the jump.  “Kemp and Hiller, you go in and retrieve the weapons while Johnson and I guard the perimeter.  We’ll rendezvous at the drop site at 0930.  That’s fifteen minutes.  We good?” You heard a scoff coming from the group, from the only person you expected to be insubordinate to your lead. “Something you’d like to say, Kemp?”

“No, ma’am.  This is your mission, you’re calling it.”  He lowered his head and mumbled under his breath, “again”.  

The jump was never something you looked forward to.  You couldn’t deal with him right now; you needed to gather your resolve to leap from thousands of feet in the air.  Squeezing your eyes shut and holding your breath, you took the leap.


The mission had gone perfectly; in fact you had five minutes to spare.  As you walked to the retrieval site, you grabbed your phone to update Steve. You didn’t see Kemp standing in your path, looking ready to fight.

“You know, we’re getting really tired of this special treatment you’re getting from the Captain. Just because you’re married to the guy, you think you’re so much better, so much more deserving than us.”  He stepped up toe to toe with you, poking you sharply in the shoulder.  “It’s time for that shit to end.”

Dropping back to take a defensive stance, you pulled a knife from your sleeve, ready for his attack. Your skills outmatched his easily, but your nerves were getting the best of you.  If this fight happens, there was no way to keep it from Steve.  

“You know, I really thought you would have learned the last time.  I gave you a pretty big hit.  You’re either tougher than you look, or a hell of a lot dumber.”  The agent lunged forward, hooking his leg behind yours, attempting to knock you down.  

As he lunged, you wrapped your arm around his throat, flipping him over and onto his back before he could take you off balance.  Before you could secure him to the ground, he jumped up, now holding his gun at you.

“It’s a shame, Captain. She fought really hard, saved us all. You would have been proud, sir.” Kemp nodded his head, satisfied with his performance.  “Yeah, he should believe that, don’t you think, (Y/N)?  A Captain’s wife should go out in a blaze of glory.”

Steeling yourself, you saw his finger twitch as he began to pull the trigger.  Before he could discharge the weapon, Steve’s shield connected and knocked him to the ground, unconscious and bleeding.  Your adrenaline was surging, and you felt as if your heart would explode from your chest.  You fell to your knees, your legs shaking and no longer having the strength to support you.  

“Steve…” your breath was fast and panting, “Steve, why are you…”  

Steve ran past you towards Kemp.  You were quickly brought to attention when the Captain began punching the unconscious agent, clearly no longer in control of himself.  His fists were covered in blood now, and you weren’t sure whose it was. “Steve!  Steve, stop!”  Jumping up behind him, you grabbed his arms, attempting to pull them away.  “Captain Rogers, you can’t do this!”    

Finally relenting, his shoulders slumped as he looked down at his hands, then at the agent.  “I told you.  This wasn’t going to happen again.”


Entering the conference room, you paused at the door as the team turned to look at you.  Steve had filled them in on the situation with Kemp, despite the fact that you asked him not to.  Your first instinct was to turn and leave, but that wouldn’t make it go away, it would only delay the inevitable conversation.

“Hey, everyone.” Taking your seat next to Steve, you folded your hands in your lap and lowered your head.  You were prepared to answer their questions, to just get it done once and for all.  

Bruce was the first to speak, clearing his throat as he leaned forward to rest his elbows on the table. He slowly removed his glasses and looked at you.  “(Y/N), we’re very sorry that you had to go thru this.  We recruited Kemp, so we take full responsibility for this.  We should have caught this in his mental health and personality screening.  We just need to know if you’re okay.”  He paused, putting his glasses back on, “Are you okay?”

Your mouth was agape, not believing what you were hearing.  You were certain that they would find you unable to lead missions, incapable of controlling your team, unable to stand up for yourself.  This wasn’t what you were expecting, and tears threatened to spill from your eyes as you met Steve’s gaze.

Tony stood and moved to stand behind you.  “Hey, now. There are no tears allowed during official business.”  He slapped a hand on your shoulder.  “Not on my watch.  Ain’t that right, Barton?”

Clint threw his hands in the air, shaking his head in embarrassment.  “Seriously, Stark?  That was one time!”  

Safer Waters

Notes: Takes place in the New World.  Dunno exactly when, or where, or why.  Angst ahead.  And blood.

Luffy doesn’t know why Sanji keeps looking at him.  He doesn’t understand why Zoro is carrying him, the swordsman’s muscular arms surprisingly gentle as he does his best to cushion the jarring shock that happens every second.

The jarring is annoying, and Luffy wants it to stop in the same way he wants the fire burning next to his heart to stop.

“ - you shit captain, stay with me!  Stay awake!”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any johnlock fic recs? Thanks :)

BOIIIIIIIIII you came to the right place

these are basically all of my favorites and go to fics 

Forces of Nature by  @ewebie

this is my favorite fic and its unilock and just ajdhfskjghs its my favorite eVER

Home by Bakerbitches

Songfic based on home by ewdard sharp and the magnetic zeros its beautiful and teenlock :,-)

Idle Hands by @kinklock 

“While working as a video sign language interpreter for the deaf, John’s last client of the day asks him to interpret a highly unusual call.(aka deaf Sherlock wants to call a phone sex hotline AU)”

aka this fic is fantastic read it

Paper Hearts by  testosterone_tea 

“ Sherlock is the loner kid that has no friends, and is certain that his interest in popular rugby player John Watson is unrequited. One day, he starts getting hearts in his locker from a mysterious admirer and has to decide whether or not he wants to find out who fancies him. “ TEENLOCK AND ITS SO PURE 

Madhouse Symphony by  GubraithianFire ( @girljohn)

“ Sherlock and Victor have been together for six years (since they were bloody fourteen) when they break up. Sherlock needs a place to go, and since he doesn’t want to tell his parents he broke up with their favourite in-law, the only solution seems like getting a flat share. The cheapest solution is a shabby flat, close to his uni and already inhabited by four other broke students. Among them there’s the charming John Watson, and it’s love at first sight. But is it wise getting together with your fresh new roommate? And living together this early isn’t like skipping seven relationship steps all at once? “ boiiiiiiiiii  thiS FIC!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!!1!!!1!!!!!!! 

The Baby Project by Tooselin ( still in progess but updated regularly and already fantastic)

“ John and Sherlock are assigned to look after a baby simulator together. While the parental sensitivity is slow to come, feelings of a different kind are definitely sprouting between them…” ITS SO GOOD LITERALLY its everyones dream ending to these terrible assignments 

Anatomy Lessons  by @awkwardtiming

  “ John has an exam to pass and Sherlock, in an effort to be a Good Friend, decides to try to help…..” literally ohmygod 7k of beautiful 

Seven Minutes by Emily_MC

“accidentally swapped phones with someone at a party and don’t realize until their mom calls in the morning and when you go to her house to return the phone wow the kid is the really good kisser from the party last night” AUexcept I changed mom to brother and i made them friends before…”YALL KNOW I LOVE CLICHES

7 Minutes by Salambo06 ( @letthechoirssing)

yes another cliche bUT THIS ONE WAS WRITTEN FOR ME AND OH MY GOD PAULINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Blond Barista Seeks Dashing Ballet Dancer: Inquire Within by @prettysherlocksoldier

honestly holy shit anything written by Dani #1 is going to make your heart explode but this one specifically 

“ Between classes, his job at a local cafe, and being captain of the rugby team, John Watson’s life is plenty stressful enough without the addition of a mysterious ballet dancer he can see through the windows of the dance studio across the street, but, somehow, he can’t bring himself to mind.” 

i have so many more but im tired but these are my top fics!! love you all and all the fic writers out there thank you for everything! 

On 844 and Ship Wars

So there have been a lot of feels going around since 844 dropped - I’ve seen at least three YouTubers either crying or in the aftermath of crying (ODA HOW COULD YOU MAKE ROGERSBASE CRY YOU MONSTER!!!), a loooooot of posts on the subject, and everyone pretty much agreeing Luffy was fucking awesome this chapter (because holy shit Luffy was fucking awesome this chapter).

And then there’s the whole Nami slap thing which has people all over the place in terms of reactions as it’s not 100% clear what was going on with her. Did she buy into his lies? Is she playing along with him? Does she know he’s lying but thought he took it too far? Those seem to be the prevailing opinions on the matter, but I’m sure all will be forgiven by the end of this arc once Nami realizes what happened and remember oh wait she’s been in his position before, too. 

But there were a couple of posts I saw that kind of made me angry and it’s actually a subject I’ve wanted to talk about for a while, so I suppose we will call this to the straw that broke the camel’s back, I guess. Some of you may have noticed there’s been some “tension” between the LuNa and SaNa parts of the fandom. If you haven’t been engaging in the ship war, good for you, you’re behaving like an adult and I’m proud of you, good job! Either way, it reared its ugly head again this chapter when a couple of Tumblr users posted that this scene was totally a LuNa thing because Nami values Luffy more than she values Sanji.

… what?

I don’t care if you support Nami with Luffy, Nami with Sanji, Nami with Zoro, Nami with Vivi, Nami with Wanda, or even Nami with That One Tree Luffy Invited To Join the Crew (I will accept both Gaimon and Zombie Tree from Thriller Bark as valid answers), but if she does hook up with someone it does not invalidate the friendships and relationships she has with other characters in the series and I am TIRED of seeing this bullshit. Insinuating this idea does not prop up your ship, it devalues Nami as a character.

Because here’s the thing. The chapter as a whole was obviously about Luffy’s resolve as a captain and how much he values Sanji and that whole speech at the end is possibly going to end up one of the GREAT speeches of the series in a series that already has some really good speeches. But the slap? Not so much.

Okay, yes, Nami was pissed off that Sanji beat the shit out of Luffy - obviously. But dropped the “-kun”, the demeaning way she addressed him, the way he couldn’t even look at her, the way she had tears in her eyes when she said her good-bye … all of that was about their friendship and their relationship and the pain it was causing those two specifically. Even if SaNa doesn’t happen, don’t just sit there and go “welp, Nami hates Sanji now, guess that means she’s going to go make out with Luffy”.

No. Wrong. So very, very wrong. Friendship breakups and fights are not pleasant ordeals to go through, either, and at the very LEAST that is what’s happening here. Yeah the SaNa camp is going a little bonkers right now over the dropped “-kun” and how various analysts are interpreting things, but to insinuate Nami doesn’t care about Sanji at all is ignorant and, quite frankly, against everything that this arc is about. 

One of the perceived themes in this arc, as stated by many others (including a post on Arlong Park) is that part of what’s got to happen this arc is Luffy fixed Sanji’s sense of self-worth. That was the point of his speech at the end, letting Sanji know that he’s wanted and loved and cared about by the people who really matter. Even though Nami is mad at him right now, she’s also been the one who has been the most anxious to get him back, the most driven, the most aggressive of the group. Even if she only saw him as a friend, even if she only ever will see him as a friend, that relationship still matters.

At its core, One Piece is a story about friendship, and that includes the friendships between all of the Straw Hats, not just perceived couples. Remember, this isn’t a shoujo manga, this is a shonen manga, and at that, one where the author has stated multiple times (though not recently) that he doesn’t want romance between the Straw Hats in the manga. Yes, it’s possible he’s changed his mind or he’s doing the JJ Abrams “Mystery Box” thing where he’s lying to fans to preserve a surprise but again, it doesn’t matter. This is a story about friendship. Stop devaluing Nami’s friendships with the other Straw Hats because no matter who she ends up with, if anyone, all of her friendships throughout this series have meaning and value. 

As someone else pointed out in the #sanji tag, don’t forget about nakamaship!

okay, so lets go over Civil War!!

So there are two teams right? team Cap!

and team iron man!

now! let’s meet your players!

Team cap we have your leader! Captain America!

sweet baby of the world

hot as hell grandpa

okay so he really is kind of a grandpa…but he understood that reference!

he’s also tired of your shit america. 

Next up we have Hawkeye!

He’s kind of a bad ass archer. 

He’s has a bow and arrows

You could say he’s good with his hands….

He is the sass master!

Following Hawkeye we have…the Falcon 

This is Sam Wilson he’s awesome. 

He doesn’t like bad guys…they talk to much apparently. 

He also makes Breakfast. 

Next is Ant Man! 

He’s just a guy….

Who’s hella small and hella powerful

He doesn’t approve of the name

He is the only character with common sense. 

ANyway, next is Scarlet Witch

She’s beauty she’s grace….she’ll punch you in the face. 

She has this awesome and creepy talent, she’s a “freak”

She’ll see your darkest fears now….

This is his twin brother. He’s not dead. Didn’t you see that coming? 

Next! The last but not least, sidekick of all side kick’s….The Winter Solider! 

This is James Buchanan Barnes. 

He was so happy….was being the key word..

This is him now. Bucky? Who the hell is Bucky? This is the Winter Solider. 

walk walk fashion baby work it kill that bitch he’s crazy…

I tried to Warn you. 

Anyway, next onto the other side’s! 

We have the leader, the main guy, the boss man, Iron man!

He’s so pretty…

He’s a lot of things…

and has a lot of toys…

annnnnd not a lot of patience. 

Next! War Machine! 

Hels like tony, but bad asser…

he doesn’t like you. 

yes he does….

you sweet innocent little piece of pie you…

next! Spidey!

he’s funny….

he’s this sweet innocent little boy

he’s afraid of tiny knives….seriously tho…

look at that bad assery

and last in the iron man team, but possibly the most deadly…Black Widow…

This is Natalia Alianovna Romanova a.k.a. Natasha Romonoff 

do i even need to tell you how bad ass she is? 

don’t, i repeat do not fuck with her…

incase i wasn’t clear enough…she’ll kill you. 

ANNNND that’s about it!!! those are your teams and yes it will be lots of…

all you really need to know is…

Thank you! 

So apparently a Captain Swan shipper hacked a Swan Queen shipper’s tumblr and twitter accounts yesterday/today to start shit and then deleted both accounts, like?


You may not agree with someone’s shipping preferences, you may be petty enough to send anon hate and start shit every chance you get, but seriously? How do you even come up with such a fucking idea and decide to go through with it? It’s going to affect us all and of course SQers are going to ressent us for that, and I can’t even blame them at this point because this is taking it one step too far just for the sake of being nasty to people you don’t agree with.

Stay in your fucking lane.

Those ship wars have gone too far already and I’m sick and tired of it. You don’t like a ship or its shippers? Here’s an idea: ignore them, don’t interact with them, don’t start shit with them because they don’t agree with you. Grow up already and stop acting like fucking babies on the playground, be mature about it and learn to shut your damn mouth and look the other way when you’re seeing something you don’t agree with.

I, and I hope many other CSers, don’t condone that kind of behaviour, and I never will.

My reactions to 4x10
  • Ingrid(while walking through Boston): What the fuck is all this shit?
  • Oh no, Ingrid’s necklace is gone. Now I don’t have an excuse to stare at her cleavage anymore(at least in this scene)

  • Kristoff(about the wedding): I’m glad you’re postponing ours.(…)I think cutting my hair wasn’t my only bad idea.(…)Anna: I’m gonna go see my sister…Me:…and tell her that the wedding’s off and I can marry her instead

  • Another Elsanna hug to add to the list
  • No, don’t kill Ingrid! She infuriates me a lot but I actually like her cleavage
  • Anna loves kids

  • Anna: The Snow Queen is my aunt, too = I don’t wanna play the babysitter and spend more time with those crazy people
  • Elsa: Stay with Kristoff. Anna: No, I’d rather come with you
  • Elsa(to Anna): You’re the smartest person I know. Me: Using compliments to make her stay

  • Anna: Do you trust Emma? Elsa: I do, she’s my friend. Me: Don’t worry Anna! She’s just her friend and nothing more.
  • Regina:

  • The Evil Queen is back, bitches!

  • Ingrid: Soon you’ll love me.

  • Why do you want that camera so badly, kid? To record porn, or what?

  • For a second I thought Emma and Elsa wanted to cut their hands off to get rid of the ribbons.
  • Everyone is nuts in this town now. But you know whom I miss? Ruby. I want her back on the show

  • Snow called Anna Swiss Miss!       

  • Poor Anna has to put up with those crazy people.
  • Snow: Still wanna hold hands, sing Zippy-Dee-Doo-Dah? Me:

  • Elsa: You’re not hateable! Emma: Tell that to Regina. Me: Don’t worry, Emma! Elsa is the captain of the Swan Queen ship. She’ll help you.
  • Was that a display of magic? Does teenage Emma have magic?
  • Regina: What’s she doing here? Me: Why does she hate Elsa so much?                                

  • Henry is so anti-Hook
  • Hook’s greatest weakness: marbles
  • Anyone here ship Captain Floor, too?
  • Regina(to Anna and Kristoff):

  • Regina and Snow fighting

    Me and Charming:

  • *Anna knocks Kristoff out with a bottle* Me: Anna’s so tired of your shit.
  • Anna talking to Kristoff’s unconscious form

  • Ingrid: Come be my sisters!

  • *Ingrid throws Emma in front of a car* Me:

  • Don’t you dare hurt, Anna!
  • *Ingrid sacrifices herself* Me: Nooooo, don’t go!

    We’ll miss you and your beautiful cleavage
  • Look, Elsa’s crying, too!
  • That whole scene was beautiful though
  • Emma: She sacrificed herself for us, for all of us. Me:

  • Regina, Snow and Charming laughing together

  • I think I ship Elsemmanna(?)/Elsanna Swan(?) a little
  • Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
  • And the baby slept through all of it. Wow, what a heavy sleeper!
  • And nobody cares to look for Kristoff. Poor guy. Sometimes I really think he’s just there for the NO HOMO(like they tried with Prince Philip in Maleficent)
  • To sum up: