hey girls…… I love u.. but please stop derailing mlm/trans boy/male in general positivity posts bc it’s a really fuckin awful feeling for us to see a very nice, positive post about us covered in comments like “ew but boys are gross” “why would you be a boy when u can be a girl instead” “uh but lesbians are better than gay guys” like I hope u realize ur actually harming a lot of kids with that (esp because there’s a large community of minority ppl on here) and it really sucks that you’d act so immaturely

They’re saps

One of the worst parts of bpd is that you make everything about yourself in the most painful way
Like they didn’t say that with a sigh because they’re tired. They’re tired of you, you’re boring and they hate you and hope you die
And they haven’t replied, not because they’re busy or meant to and forgot,, actually they hate you and they only ever talked to you to be nice you should never message them ever again
Like nothing is ever just people living their lives, it’s always you and always your fault