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Gosh man sorry for not really posting much!

Been busy trying to find jobs… plus with Splatoon 2 out - that has taken a huge chunk of my time (it’s so ADDICTIVE). 

Plus - just to let everyone know - I have joined the Undertale Brazil Amino due to how nice it seems people are on there. 

First impressions? Eh. It’s… fine? Haven’t ran into anyone horrible or something like the other Aminos, but I have had someone comment on my ‘hello’ blog with an inappropriate word, as well as someone stating to me that “You know Portuguese right? No? Use Google Translate then. This is not American Amino - use Portuguese.” Which I understand… it is specifically that. And hence why I only wanted to say one blog post and not do anything else on it…

Eh - like I said it’s fine. Just… I have been in Aminos that have been nicer (like the Undertale OC Amino my gosh those people are kind…)


I wanted to post something but I didn’t know what so I’ll give y'all a little peek at my Logan cosplay. It’s this polkadot dress I have that looks really professional with a tie and a blazer. I hate that the tie is just around but neck and not in a collar but there’s nothing I can do. I’ll try to find time soon to take a bunch of pictures dressed at Logan since I don’t have much right now. I took pictures as Virgil so I guess I’ve cosplayed all the sides now! My Virgil one sucks though… sorry I talk too much (also please ignore my do and the bottle of shout on the dresser…)

Why Did I Start This Page?

Why did you start this blog? When was the first time you heard of Columbine? Why Rachel of all the victims? Etc.

I get asked this a lot so I guess I’m just going to make a full, proper post for a full description / explanation for future references.

To start off, I had always, always been interested in crime. Since as little as I could remember I’d be watching documentaries and fictional TV shows, just captivated by such a strange concept. I couldn’t understand why people would want to kill other people. It sparked my interest more than Disney Channel ever could. I wasn’t allowed to watch shows like Criminal Minds when I was that little. Growing up I wanted to be just like JJ. But I’d always managed to sneak the channel real quick when she wasn’t looking to shows like Law & Order. Being such an unconventional interest for a girl my age, and also the fact I wasn’t allowed to, made me want to watch it even more. Lil rebel since day one.

Fast forward to a typical middle school day, on December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook happened. That was the first taste of tragedy on a crime level I had ever experienced. I don’t live far at all from it. It was really close to home, physically and metaphorically. I know a family who lost a child that day. I knew him myself. I had seen him around town all the time. He was a normal face to me, a real person to me. It’s not like I have memories with him, but I definitely knew him, of him. I knew his mother, his mother knew me. She knew me since I was a little girl. He was real. He was not an actor. The shooting was not a hoax. How more disrespectful could you get? It’s almost as saying their loss wasn’t real. It was real. It shouldn’t have had to be. But it is a reality. The pain and suffering for that family was real, still is.

That was the first time I heard of a school shooting. It was so abstract to me. It was a pretty horrible memory for me. I remember the fear I felt, also the numbness I felt, the fear I saw on the parents faces, and the confusion on my classmates. My school was so close FBI agents came to our school.

I got pulled out of class and I as I was walking out, I saw the (typically empty) halls fluttered with kids scrambling for their coats at their lockers, all sharing the same complexed and puzzled faces. I thought maybe it was a doctor’s appointment? Usually there is a reason I was being pulled out. But nothing could explain why there were so many kids leaving at the same time. I walked down to the lobby and saw the office filled with frantic parents. I was pretty calm for such an unusual circumstance. Kids next to me were freaking out and crying. The security was tight and the sign out process was very strict. Parents were patted down walking in, stripped of purses and bags. It was absolute chaos. As I was waiting for my mom to come get me, some random lady came up to me “There was a shooting! Little kids were shot in school! The kids are dead!” She went on but I kind of ignored her. I got the message. I didn’t react at all. I just walked out with a straight face. I think it was a self survival, kind of thing. I was in complete shock. As I walked out I saw 4 big black vans parked out front. All my years of criminal shows I recognized they were FBI agents. I still remember seeing the faces on the parents. Thinking back it was almost as if everything was in slow motion.

I was always familiar with murders and shootings, but a school shooting was a complete new perspective for me. My little self tried so hard to understand why something like that would happen. I saw how murders had motives. But people killing little kids for no real reason. That really blew me away. The rest of that night I locked myself alone in my room and sat frozen in front of the television watching the news. Just thinking that could’ve been me, my classmates. I was so confused. The question why? floated in my brain back and forth. There was no reason. At least for me. I could never fathom a sufficient reason to answer why or how that could happen. Why God would let that happen. I was a firm believer everything happened for a reason. I walked to church that night, trying to find some comfort. I didn’t.

Few weeks or months later when things began to calm down and the official story was released, I spent all my free hours at school researching school shootings and Sandy Hook, specifically. That’s when I came across Columbine.

I didn’t become interested really in Rachel until High School. Rachel’s Challenge came to present. I had previous knowledge about her beforehand, basics, but when the speaker came to our school, I was in high school at that point, so hit me differently because I was around the same age as her. Unlike the Sandy Hook victims.

Again I remember every detail of that day. I was in first period science when my teacher told me we had yet another kindness campaign, usually that has 0 effect and is boring as hell. Reluctantly my class and I dragged ourselves down to the theater. I was so tired, it was so early in the morning. Listening to the speaker, I was easily drawn into her because of my interest in crime of course. But I honestly was in shock by the reaction the presentation had. My classmates were so close all of a sudden. The reality of how much of an impact you had on people flooded people with regret. I could see it on their faces. Like Sandy Hook, I kinda sat around with a straight face and took in the people around me. I zoned out. I observed. Even the guys who usually turn everything into a joke sat quiet and in awe. People were crying and hugging with strangers. Even some guys. Openly sharing their life stories and struggles. It was so weird to see. I didn’t understand. How could one have that kind of effect on someone? I had never seen my classmates so close together and connected. The way everyone was so determined to be more compassionate towards each other was just really crazy to me. I went home that night and read her journals online and got to know her as a person, not just religiously or how she died. I was intrigued by the way she thought. Her outlook on life. The way she knew she was going to die. Her philosophies. She made me look at life in a different way. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true. I began living differently. She inspired me to really sit and think about life. I think we all have a moment in our life when we wake up and do that. We begin to question things. With Sandy Hook down the road, seeing a girl so similarly at the same stage in life, just made me face reality that truly not everyday is promised. Plus Rachel knew what her life was for. She knew her place in life. She knew what she wanted to do. I didn’t. I still don’t know. It made me want to find my purpose, who I am or who I was meant to be.

Strangely enough, there were a lot of connections between her and I. When I was younger I’d tell people the same thing. I was never going to get married, I’d never have kids, I was going to die young, but also I’d have an impact on the world. I got the same hush hush response, people calling me crazy. Seeing someone who said the same thing, and it actually happening, freaked me out so much.

My main purpose of the blog was just to spread my knowledge and clear up any misinformation and misconceptions surrounding her. Why Rachel not other victims? Mostly just because of the way I connected with her. I was fascinated by the effect she had. Plus every aspect of her life was made public. There is so much information I can learn and make a long-lasting blog with. I’ve always wanted to help people, so connecting myself with Rachel on here as well as tying in crime was a win-win situation for me. I wanted to create an open space to discuss and share opinions. Reflect. Keep the victim’s memory alive in a respectful manner. Plus, overall Columbine has so many valuable lessons we all can learn from, any age no matter where you come from. Everyone can put theirself in their shoes. We all can relate to it in some ways. It changes the way you think and makes you re-evaluate, especially for teenages, at such a crucial time in someone’s life, you have so much to learn about yourself and what life is really like. From the dark aspects, the minds of the shooters, to the bright light of someone like Rachel. We can’t forget, we can’t let history repeat itself. Lets all learn from the mistakes of Eric and Dylan and learn to grab onto Rachel’s train of thought. The world will be a better place.

“Compassion is the greatest form of love humans have to offer.”

I hope my blog serves its purpose xx

WOW GUYS! We did it..guess I am going to do that giveaway now,hm?!

But first, thank you all who keep following me over all those years, and I welcome all the new followers and hope you enjoy your stay ;D Love you guys! <3

So, now the giveaway, I mentioned it on another post a few weeks ago, I have this –>

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This giveaway will go till August 6th! Every like and reblog counts (one per person)! Good luck everyone!

Haunted (loki x Reader Oneshot)

This one is a little bit personal and I didn’t post it before because I was worried about the response it would get but anyways: You are part of the Avengers and you can freeze objects in time and occasionally fast forward a few minutes and she was very depressed as a kid so she has scars (also everyone gets drunk except for you and Loki. And Tony insists on playing a game). Sundae of Fluff with angsty sprinkles on top! Enjoy!

Forgot to mention the reader is depressed and has scars from when she self harmed. Trigger warning I guess?

You were in the middle of a competition with Wanda on whose power was coolest with Natasha, Clint and Tony being the judges. Until Thor burst into the door with Loki trailing not far behind.
“Friends! My brother and I have come here in search of a place to rest!”
“What’d he do this time?” Clint asked.
“Yeah and why can’t you go find somewhere else to rest?” Tony jumping in while staring directly at Loki.
“Come on guys stop being so rude, I would like to meet Thor and Loki actually” you said while trying to keep glass cups suspended in air to make a pyramid. You were the newest avenger along with Bucky, Wanda, Vision and Sam, so you hadn’t got to meet Thor or Loki (or Bruce) yet.
“ Y/N, you want to meet everyone okay, this man destroyed New York with an alien army! Hell he killed me! Thank god Bruce was there to scare me alive” Tony wasn’t looking too happy with your protests.
“Yeah Y/N you do tend to forgive and forget very easily. Loki is not someone who deserves forgiveness yet.” Natasha added in, siding with Tony.
“I’m right here you know” Loki tried to protest but Thor interrupted him.
“Please friends we just need a place to stay for a few days. Loki will not be of any problem to you!” By now you had forgotten about your glass pyramid and went to introduce yourself to Loki who seemed rather unamused.
“Hi I’m Y/N, it’s a pleasure to meet you!” You shot him a cheerful grin and held out your hand making sure your long sleeve stayed at wrist length.
“Lady Y/N, it’s nice to see at least one friendly face.” and just like that you were obsessed with him and everything related. He shook your hand and noticed the blush blooming across your face, causing your (Y/E/C) to look even more vibrant. You awkwardly walked back over to the couch hoping no one noticed your red face.
The rest of the night was filled with the Avengers getting drunk, Thor and Steve’s drink off, and you trying every chance available to talk to Loki. Once everyone was drunk Tony suggested a game of Truth or Dare, which never ended well drunk or not.
“(Y/N) are you gonna play? Everyone else is!” Natasha called out from her spot on the couch.
“Sure why not!” After Clint was forced to draw an arrow on his forehead in sharpie, Thor had to tell about his first time with a woman, and Wanda had to hold Vision’s hand, it was your turn.
“Okay (Y/N) truth or dare?” Natasha was notorious for getting juicy truths, so you went with dare.
“Take your best shot, dare!” Challenging her was the worst mistake you had ever made and you knew that the minute the words left your mouth.
“I dare you to sit on Loki’s lap for the rest of the game!” She looked at you with the best cocky grin as she could muster with how drunk she was.
“Okay” you said shrugging, trying so desperately not to show the others how excited you were that you had played this game. As you walked over to Loki to sit on him you could barely breath so when you actually took your space on top of him he noticed right away.
“You midguards are terrible at hiding your emotions, or is it just you?” At this point you were glad everyone was beyond just drunk because they wouldn’t remember your intense blushing or Loki wrapping his arms around you and whispering rather inappropriate things into your ear.
“Loki why are you doing this to me?” You squeaked out covering your face with your hands.
“Oh (Y/N) dear, I’m just sharing my thoughts with you. Do you not like them?” You could hear him smirking and it didn’t help your situation at all.
“They are very… ungodly Loki.”
“Well if just whispering them to you gets you in such a vulnerable state, I wonder what it would be like to actually do them to you.” Again you could hear him smirking as he buried himself in the nape of your neck with his arms around you. He had you in the palm of his hand by the end of the game, and luckily everyone was to drunk to see him disappear into your room with you. As soon as the door shut he had you on the bed with himself on top of you.
“Darling (Y/N), are you okay with me doing this?”
You couldn’t resist him, especially when he had respect for you even though he could’ve easily taken advantage of you at that moment. You were about to say yes until you stopped yourself, realizing you couldn’t do this. You were ridiculed when you were younger, you had been abused physically and mentally by the other kids. Soon enough you fell into depression, and you had too many scars along your arms, legs and body to be confident enough to say yes to him.
“I can’t do this Loki.” You said sullenly as you sat up.
“Why ever not?” He asked also sitting up and moving a few inches away from you. All lust that you had seen in his eyes was now gone, replaced with curiosity.

You had grown up in an orphanage filled with other powerful children like you. There were two unbreakable rules: No one was allowed to have memories of before the orphanage, and no one over the age of sixteen. Nobody knew what would happen if you broke the rules but after you turned sixteen, you were shoved in a tiny cell, only allowed to come out when your number had been drawn for the fight. After surviving for a whole year, you were finally rescued. The damage done to your body and mind were thought to be irreversible, and in some cases it was. You had only an elementary grade education so you had to go through school, that’s when things got bad. You were bullied by the others for being older, and when you told your friend about your abilities, they turned on you too. You had the atrocious fate of depression and bullies. Now you were in a gut wrenching situation, Loki wanted to go a step further but your self esteem was holding you back. What were you suppose to do?
“Darling (Y/N), what is wrong? Is it me? I’m sorry.” Loki casted his eyes down to the floor and it broke your heart watching him blame himself.
“No Loki it’s not you at all! It’s just… well for a while… I have a lot of, um a lot of scars,” Loki was now looking very puzzled “ that I made… myself.” You felt him staring at you and you knew how this would end. With him calling you insane and you two never talking again.
“Why would you scar yourself (Y/N)? Did someone force you to hurt yourself?”
“No Loki, I did it to myself.” You were waiting for it, him to snap at you, but he didn’t and instead he laced his hands through yours.
“May I see?” You looked up, not expecting to see him stricken with worry and curiosity. Slowly you removed your shirt not knowing what to think. When he saw your stomach and arms he recoiled and immediately you moved to put your shirt back on.
“I’m sorry Loki, I didn’t mean-” you stammered out while tears streamed down your cheeks.
“Why are you apologizing? You’ve done nothing wrong darling,” Loki wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to him. “ no matter what scars you have I’ll still love you!” You’d been sitting with him on your bed for at least half an hour now in his arms when you made up your mind.
“Loki, um if it isn’t to late or the mood isn’t to down, would you like to, uh-”
“Yes, love” and with that he was once again on top of you with a gaze filled with lust. He crashed his lips into yours and the rest of the night belonged to him.

Happy Sherlock Appreciation Day!!

I would really like to post a long, inspirational, emotional thing about how Sherlock has changed my life, but idk if that’s gonna happen because idk what to say and also I’m really unmotivated ._.

Also, I started writing a sickfic and I thought it would be nice to post it today, but for one, it’s not finished, and Lord know if I ever will finish it, and I’m so insecure about my abilities as a writer.

Anyways I guess I just wanted to say thank you to the fandom for being hella awesome!! It’s been a little over a year since I got into Sherlock but everybody treats me like I’ve been with it since the start, which is really nice, considering I’ve seen every episode multiple times and literally all I do in my free time is Sherlock-related.

Thanks to all of my followers and to everyone who writes meta, fics, makes fan art, runs a blog, whatever. Y'all rock!

Thanks to Mofftiss for creating the show, even though I try and pretend that season 4 doesn’t exist.

Thanks to Ben and Martin and all the other actors and producers who executed such a beautiful dynamic on screen.

I freaking love this fandom. Especially all my fellow TJLCers out there ;)


Alright so here is what is going on.

Sorry for not getting a lot of art done. Some of it is because of me looking for a real job, going to interviews, getting ready for school, dentist, checking up on my grandpa cause he has cancer, issues with my cats, have to do summer reading, - etc.

And the other half of it is when I have the time for art, I lose all my motivation and confidence and so instead I try to talk to friends and play video games before I put my self into a depressive state from not being motivated or confident.

But I guess it doesn’t matter cause there is only like a few people on here who care if I post anything or not. (I seriously lost sooooooo many followers on each social media I have and that made me a bit sad but oh well I guess. It’s my own fault.)

But I guess I shouldn’t be having excuses so I apologize. Just know I’m still alive and trying my hardest. For the few people that care.

I am trying to get more art out. Again I don’t think it matters too much.

I’m kind of miffed bc I keep seeing this post circulating with only the first half. I made the first post and immediately reblogged it to add the second bit, because I feel like there’s a tonal difference that makes it funnier. No one should have had time to reblog the first one before I made that addition. So people are deliberately going back to the first post to avoid having to reblog the second bit about nonbinary people, and that irritates me. I guess from now on I will have to sacrifice comedic timing so no one can chop off the damn point of the joke. 

saying that the polygon LPers intentionally misgendered a trans character when he’d only appeared on screen like two seconds previous and they had no way of knowing anything about him is so much bullshit every time i see that fucking post i wanna do a shouting

but the comments were also full of “ew icky girls don’t play this game only for men, griffin fuckin mcelroy should do it instead” so what fucking ever i guess lmao please


Fave pics of 2017 (so far), tagged by–you’ll never guess who. @nitrochlorobenzene 😘

Sometimes I have this realization that I take way fewer pics of myself than might be expected, and this is def one of those times lmao

Tagging got easier when I decided to just copy and paste lolololololol: @jaxxxalope @sleeping-sweets @dumb-potato-basket @ethatumbls @thewinterroza plus @bunny-dragon @asexualkurootetsurou @zalazzle @kuroosthighz @synfulle and whoever feels like showing me their face. I’m in if you are fam, this is a supportive environment.

♡ tag challenge ♡

ok so i answer questions and tag people. i was tagged so many times

Preferred name: kat and if we’re close, kitten

Zodiac sign: pisces

Birthday: umm it’s in march :)

Relationship status: single someone date me

Pets: three cats

Wake up time: monday-friday 7:45 am for work but saturday and sunday i can and will sleep till 4 pm

Coke or Pepsi: if i had to choose, coke. i dont love soda.

Call or text: call

Last person i called: my job

Last person i texted: my mother

Chapstick or lipstick: both!!

Number of piercings: 4 currently / but only 2 sets

Tattoos: 3

@existentialnoise pip my love can you please do this so i can get over my fear of tagging people. you can do this on your art blog if you wish

getting to know your followers tag

yo i was tagged by @nnuest-time jdfdsfjkfjkfsdjbj im just now doing this after 4 days heh

Name: Makenzie

Nickname: Kenzie, Kenz, kenziewenzie 

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5′1 / 155cm (aND A HALF OKAY! IT COUNTS!!)

Sexual Orientation: i’m straight i guess??

Hogwarts House: i’m veryy much a Ravenclaw!

Favorite Color: um well i love so many bUT atm i would have to say light blue

Favorite Animal: dogs and reptiles (sorry cats and cat lovers! i’m very allergic to cats, sadly)

Average Hours of Sleep: 4-5 hours mostly (i have sleep problems rip)

Number of Blankets: 1 but if it’s cold maybe 2

Favorite Band/ Singer: i actually listen to so many people, so i’ll just name who are my favorites atm! Twenty One Pilots (i SEEN THEM IN CONCERT ON JUNE 24TH FJDSHFJKSDF), NU’EST

Dream Trip: ever since i was young i’ve wanted to go to asia!

Dream Job: um i still have no clue heh but maybe a therapist?? idk

When Was Your Blog Created: um i cant really remember actually? i think i created this blog two or three years ago?? i created my sideblog, @whatisonibugi last week though! (at least i think) i have really bad memory XD

Current Number of Followers: 89 c:

What Made You Create Your Tumblr: i created it because of quite a few of the shows i was watching at the time. (Supernatural, etc.)

i never tag anyone in anything sO I GUESS THERE’S A FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING! i tag @cherishyixing @hahasunqwoons @edenian-princess @zyxng10 @eumsikiee (i dont know if you guys have already done it, sorry for tagging yOU if you already have) 

anonymous asked:

idk if youve seen it and I dont want to stir the pot.. but there are people who make fun of the idea of the jokers daughter and you saying like some things are too fluff or yeah I guess. I love your work and try to ignore them Dx

Look I dont spend a lot of time here other than posting and questions so I dont get involved in drama or whatever you wanna call it. I know one of my headcanons post that circulated confused people but I didn’t specify it was a joker x daughter so it seemed out of character. It was also meant to be extremely fluffy so? If people want to judge me for that one thing they misinterpreted then whatever. I am confident enough to say I think I capture dceu Joker well. The best advice I can give is to yeah ignore them. If people have something inside of them that they feel the need to go after another writer or an idea in general then they deserve our pity not hate or anger. People need to learn to let each other be. The idea of the daughter for me opens so many more doors to jokers character and it’s psychologically fascinating and a challenege. So thats why I do it. So many people write stories about jokers kids so the idea must spark something in fans. It’s hypicritical to judge another person because it’s all called fanfiction’ for a reason. People come here to expand on characters and escape from reality. As long as youre happy and not hurting anyone else then read and write what you want nonnie. ♡


If you watch them for long enough, they end up catching eachother staring again

Professor Lupin

the signs as i’ve known them irl

Aries: you’re feisty and confident and loud but also ridiculously naive and quite childish. your smile is blinding and you’re fiercely protective of your friends and would go to the ends of the world for their sake. i like you. although i wish you’d learn to read situations and be more tactful, i admire your sincerity and honesty. you’re refreshingly genuine.

Taurus: you’re so hard on yourself, it’s as if you’ve put a boulder on your chest and refuse to take it off. you don’t need to handle all this pressure, but you put in on yourself anyway, and are incredibly stubborn about it. it’s okay to relax and enjoy yourself. being alive is not a punishment. you’re so much happier when unrestricted by worries; know that you don’t need to handle everything alone.

Gemini: you’re intelligent and very talkative with those whose company you enjoy. you want someone who’ll click and can engage you in conversation, whether intellectual or random. you’re so used to changing yourself to suit other people’s tastes that you aren’t sure how to be yourself anymore; to you, all of those personalities somehow seemed like genuine sides of yourself.

Cancer: you’re always so friendly and welcoming and kind with everyone, but at the same time, you always felt very distant to me. part of me feels like i wrongfully infringed on your personal space by trying to get closer, even though that’s not the case. from time to time i feel like i can see glimpses of your true feelings, but it always disappears back into a facade just as i notice.

Leo: you’re kind and helpful– and cheerful, to some extent. you really like attention. some of you are lowkey about it and some of you have zero subtlety about it, but regardless, you want to be recognized for your hard work and efforts. you feel overshadowed by people who are better than you and want to improve yourself, but may feel lost sometimes as to how to get there.

Virgo: you’re so stubborn, hardworking, and determined; i’m not sure if it’s frightening or annoying. it’s also a huge pain in the neck to argue with you because you firmly believe that your views are The Right Ones and completely disregard any arguments against it. you’re organized and neat and intelligent. i understand your feelings to some level, but i wish you were more open-minded.

Libra: you’re not a bad person, but you’re not exactly morally upstanding, either. and that comes from your ability to see situations from all sides. it’s a bit infuriating trying to ask your opinion on things because of this; you see and understand all views and end up confused and unable to decide. you’re good with people but tend to hold most of them at a distance to avoid getting hurt.

Scorpio: you have a wild sense of humor and are rather sarcastic, but it’s mostly there to cover up your insecurities and feelings. you’re passionate but try to keep it subdued (and it works quite well, if i’m honest). it’s alright to have feelings. i don’t know exactly who hurt you in the past, but you don’t need to hide your emotions behind a quirky persona. it’s okay to let it out and just be

Sagittarius: you’re very sarcastic and funny and sometimes just plain mean on the outside, but you’re so sweet and gentle and kind on the inside; the contrast always makes me melt a little. you’re quite intelligent and try to see the bright side even if it’s hard. you don’t like sharing personal information or revealing how you feel easily. you genuinely care for your friends and want to help them.

Capricorn: i worry about you. you’re hardworking and diligent but somehow lazy at the same time. you’re also hard on yourself and have deep insecurities and strong feelings about things that you hide rather than open up about. you’re bitingly sarcastic and i love your sense of humor. you’re also incredibly kind to others, which can hurt you when others don’t show you the same kindness.

Aquarius: flighty. you’re kind and compassionate on the outside but hold a deeply-rooted bitterness within you. i dislike how you always blame everyone but yourself for your own problems, especially when they could be easily resolved if you simply lightened up a bit. part of me wonders if you care more about global and societal issues because you don’t know how to deal with the personal ones. 

Pisces: you’re passionate and emotionally fragile, though experience has taught you to hide it behind walls. when you love, it’s with full force and zero inhibitions; that’s why you get hurt so easily. you’re not easy to understand and people have ostracized you because they misinterpret your words or actions. i feel sorry for you, but at the same time i know that misguided pity is the last thing you want.