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When do you think Ron and Hermione realized they had feelings for the other person?

Good lord, this message has been in my inbox for so long! And I am extremely sorry for the delay, Anon!

I have so much to say on this that I didn’t even know how to put it all in one post without making it look like a novel in itself. Thank goodness @coyotelaughingsoftly has already done the job for me by creating the masterpiece called To Know You Is To Love You. (I am assuming you have already read TKYITLY, in case you haven’t- READ it NOW!)

If we are talking about an exact moment, I guess for Hermione it would have been sometime during their third year- during the time of the famous Cat-Rat fight. I feel the months when Ron and she spent not talking to each other was the time when she truly realized what he meant to her. 

If my memory doesn’t fail me (i haven’t read PoA in a while), she was utterly miserable and was always described as being very upset. True, the Time-Tuner and so many subjects would be draining her for sure, but if we fast-forward to their fifth year, even with the pressure of O.W.Ls which she surely felt she needed to ace, Umbridge, the DA and her prefect duties, she wasn’t as miserable. And yes, Harry was in bad shape and frequently poured his frustration on Ron and Hermione. Was she so miserable about it? No.

What I mean to say is, being the more emotionally mature one of the two, Hermione would have figured out that her feelings for Ron ran deeper than friendship way before our favorite Weasley realized his. It makes more sense for her to be upset about his angry taunts to Lavender about how Hermione didn’t care much for other’s pets, knowing that she had feelings for this oblivious bloke, doesn’t it? I wish Harry was more observant, but from the little that he saw of her (or realized what was going on in her head), all signs clearly point towards a broken heart because Hermione surely thought she had broken things between them beyond repair? Because perhaps she had no clue how to mend it? Or, quite possibly she was afraid she would only make it worse and would lose Ron forever? Of course, she hugged him when Ron agreed to help her with her research for saving Buckbeak! If that wasn’t a dead giveaway, I don’t even know what was.  

As far as Ron is concerned, alas he was a little slow, to say the least. He cared for her since the time they became friends, that much we know. And our little hero did unbelievably well to win the girl’s heart (come on, who wouldn’t love a knight who sacrificed himself for his friends? Or burp slugs to defend her honor? I would, and Hermione sure did). But did he realize he actually fancied her before the Yule Ball? I doubt. As I have mentioned earlier, my story A Pesky Little Thought is all about that moment of realization. 

However, I don’t think Hermione looking drop dead gorgeous that day had anything to make Ron suddenly start fancying her. This point comes up way too often, and by Ron bashers too. What they fail to comprehend is that Ron was a fourteen-year-old confused teen. Which fourteen-year-old boy is in tune with his emotions, I ask? In fact, I find it utterly cute that Ron never noticed Hermione is a girl. Well, I am sure he knew she was a girl, but he saw her his best friend, just as the same with Harry. How is that wrong? Yes, Ron was a little slow to figure out that he liked her a little differently than he liked Harry, and I am sure, that realization would have both shocked and confused him initially. It takes seeing her with another bloke for him to understand that he doesn’t want anyone else next to her- and takes a little more to understand that he wants that place for himself. That the bloke is Krum only added fuel to fire (made him more insecure) but I am sure he would have been equally jealous had it been Neville or Harry. 


So you can get extra dialogue if you examine certain things while Alula is with you, and… I’m pretty sure fire is the kind of thing you’d explain to a child pretty early on (that it is dangerous, if nothing else).

So… does the Oneshot world just… not have fire? I guess that would explain why phosphor is the peoples’ only source of light in the absence of the sun. 

I remember I made these posts during the hype of Season 2. I got some comments that weren’t friendly. I guess I’m gonna have to explain myself.

I have a dark sense of humor. I like to joke around about things I’ve experienced. When it comes to racism. I make jokes about it. That’s how I cope. I laugh it off and not mope about it. Again. I’ve experienced racism countless times in my life. More so, to the point I experienced it more than my Mom and she grew up in the 60’s. I was put down for being black, I was called a slave when I wanted to play pretend, I was put in the back of the class. Behind all white students, I was failed because I was the only black kid in the class. You don’t know how much my kid self wanted to be pale. Wanted to fit in with the other girls. It took me years to love myself. It took me years to not yearn for the impossible.

So when I look back on those experiences. I joke about them. Because its better to have a laugh then mope.

But apparently, people take it too seriously.


This ship gives my life a new meaning xD So i was listening to the BatB soundtrack while coloring this and i just though that Evermore was kind of fitting to Lefou. So i did two version of this drawing one with and other without lyrics of Evermore. 

Hello everyone i guess i’m new on this Gafou fandom/ship but i have reblog most of everyone’s post for a while now, but this is the first time i post something on the tag. Everyone just have a great talent drawing all this scenarios (and don’t even mention the fanfics!!), so i hope you like this little drawing.Nice to meet you all!!! 

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Thank you for your opinion on Shiro about how he does not "give Lance much attention" I do agree that Shiro isnt perfect and theres alot that happened in S2 that no one really had time to focus on the other. I guess the fans are just upset that Lance didnt get alot if screentime but theres still alot to see and Lance will get his arc considering the direction his story is taking. Lance is just too popular which makes their side of the fandom louder and thats why posts like that pop up often. :/

( ill actually tag this later but rn im on mobile so: #discourse )

thank you!! yeah lance is my fav too, and its not like i dont get where certain concerns come from. but some people are looking for a someone to blame instead of being patient, and in addition to bashing the creation team, people have seemed to settle on shiro as the source of all of lances problems and insecurities. which is frankly insulting, and often screams of bias for keith (read: klance, lmao) which they blame shiro for in their own dang rants too.

as if it was shiro and not keith who has several highlighted moments with lance about his insecurities. the scene with the face mask about blue, the “cool junk like that” line immediately followed but the “maybe i dont have a thing” scene, the scene where keith gets to go to the blade base instead of lance (and shiro DOES have a point about red’s temperature tolerance, like he may be a bit biased for keith but his decisions arent based on that bias, but on logical arguments).

and as if it was keith not shiro that had the only highlighted moment in the entire series with lance about explicitly helping to clear up a bit of his insecurities (albeit probably unknowingly). aka the “that’s why we bring out sharpshooter” line.

the only reason people arent blaming keith more instead of shiro (which ppl…shouldnt be doing either…lances insecurities are his own and have no doubt been building up his whole life before keith came into the picture) despite there being more canon moments of them putting each other down and/or keith acting as a foil to highlight lance’s own insecurities is because of their OWN bias, and shipping goggles tbh.

and to top it all off, those rants against shiro are usually not-so-subtly laced with ableism which is….Gross™.

tl;dr: people needa chill tf out. be patient. stop bashing characters for unfounded complaints. and please think before u speak tbh cause i know most of you dont INTEND to come off as ableist but boy howdy do i see that shit @ shiro A LOT lmao


Do not judge that which you don’t understand. I have received some negative criticism over some of my posts. We are all unique and our taste will not always match someone else’s. This is My journey NOT anyone elses, and it is about exploring my desires and thoughts. Truth be told I have spent time getting to know some people and I’d be lying if I said I loved everything they post. Actually quite the opposite. But guess what? I find the people to be charming and wonderful. I would never dream of telling them anything hurtful about their likes. Perhaps that’s just me. I’m still new and learning how things work around here. One lesson I have had to learn real quick is you have to have thick skin. I’m am not perfect and I am going to make mistakes, more often than not. So for those who follow me because they like what I post please forgive me for any posts that have offended you. For those who simply don’t like my posts at all, please move along somewhere else. I’m not interested in drama or negativity and your comments are very hurtful. I have learned that some people can never be happy in life because they are not happy with themselves. I did some soul searching yesterday and made a decision. I will be true to myself from here on out. If I step on your toes then so be it. I am looking to meet new people who are loyal and won’t judge me or condemn me. To the few people I have already formed a close bond with thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have accepted ME for who I am flaws and all, and although some of you have not always liked what I post you still continue to encourage and support me. You offer your guidance and your opinion in a very respectful manner. I appreciate that and take all of it into consideration. Please let’s all take a moment to pause today and reflect on how we treat other people. The bottom line is that the majority of us are all here for the same reason; to explore our sexuallity and our dreams and desires. I challenge you today to reach out to someone else and show them some love. One kind word can actually make someone’s entire day. I speak from personal experience. For now I will simply be me. Thanks again to my peeps who are always in my corner!! I got your back always!!!! Peace!! Xoxo

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Hi Holly! Is daughter verse still happening? 🙏🙏🙏

Yes, definitely!! I was just talking about it yesterday. I think my current plan is like:

-update HG AU next week

-finish Getaway

-start posting Daughter verse & alternating between updates of that and HG

I guess it’s not IDEAL to have two WIPs going at the same time but I am so ready to start posting this, so there it is! Thanks for asking. 

(I am also ready to start posting Origin Stories sequel!? so that will happen soonish too. Possibly I need to clone myself)

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I will never say anything against people who don’t like the characters i like but… he almost was there half of the series in 03 and he was there like all the time ;_;

yeah a couple people mentioned this!! Its interesting that he was only there till episode 10 of brotherhood but 03 he was around till ep 25 or something so it kinda makes sense 

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Hello you don't post so much anymore, is everything well?

Hey, thank you so much for asking!  I realized i haven’t really updated or logged into this account since october….. YIKES.  I’m not dead!  I guess I should explain that I have this blog connected to an old account I don’t use anymore.  I often forget to check back on this one, and so I’ve missed a ton of messages and I feel really awful about that.  I think it might be time to make a new art blog thats attached to the tumblr account I currently use, so I can be more consistent and active on it.  I think a fresh start will do me good.  I’ll post here with an update when I have things figured out.  Thank you so much to everyone who’s been following along or wondering about me!!


So I guess I should make a post with all of my commission info…! Here’s my basic price listing:

Sketch $10 (+5 per additional character)
Flat Color $20 (+10 per additional character)
Full Color starting at $35. (Any detailed backgrounds/robotics/additional characters will be extra, depending on what you want. For example, in the portrait above there are two characters, a somewhat detailed background, and a complex robotic arm, which would put the price somewhere around $60.)
Space Background $20 (give me the dimensions and a color palate and I will turn it into space!)

For other styles, such as lineart and/or cell shading, please ask me! The process is a little different and out of my regular comfort zone, so the pricing would be different.

**I will not draw anything depicting underage relationships, incest, or openly racist material (etc). Ask me about nsfw, but I won’t draw anything super explicit.**

Every time I see a mutual going on about seeing a homophobic demon on their dash I wonder who the heck they are following…I guess I’m following the right people because I eliminated that garbage from my dash a long time ago and never see it myself

Professor Lupin

i wanted to draw some scenes from my Beauty and the Beast AU!!

i absolutely had to draw the snowball fight between Stan and the kids, haha. the second image is of everyone sitting in front of the fireplace, and Ford (as the journal) is telling them a story, while Dipper reads it aloud for everyone. the third is the ballroom sequence, and i changed around some of the colors here to fit the characters better.

my favorite is Stan’s transformation into a human again. i was itching to draw that scene for a while, and i’m really happy with how it came out!!

my second favorite is Stan embracing Ford. Ford, since he was stuck as a Journal for so many years, can’t really walk or use his limbs all that well. so rather than trip and fall on his way to Stan, he waited for Stan to make his way up to him. and Stan is just so relieved that his brother is back that, in a show of raw emotion, he just ran and held Ford as tightly as he could, while Dipper and Mabel run over to join them

the final image is of everyone just celebrating the fact that the curse is finally lifted. Mabel and Dipper are getting formally introduced to Ford (which is why they’re holding his hand), and Stan is helping hold Ford up to keep him from falling over

(Wendy’s design is by @cirilee and Soos’ design is by @soupery!!)

I just wanna stay in the sun where I find
Pieces of peace in the sun’s peace of mind
I know it’s hard sometimes
Yeah, I think about the end just way too much
But it’s fun to fantasize
On my enemies who wouldn’t wish who I was
But it’s fun to fantasize

Oh, oh, I’m falling, so I’m taking my time on my ride

*Lyrics from Twenty one pilots - Ride

Gladiolus Amicitia, Ignis Scientia, Prompto Argentum & Noctis Lucis Caelum in the happy days before Altissia, Final Fantasy XV