so thug wow

pls imagine brooseman having a vigilante s/o and very reluctantly letting them accompany him on patrol (they would have followed him anyway but pretending he has at least some control helps him sleep at night smh bless him). he ends up having to interrogate someone which leads to him lifting them up by the collar and threatening to cause them serious bodily harm if they dont tell him what he needs to know immediately in that deep scary batman voice. of course the thug or whatever practically shits themselves + spills everything but as soon as he drops them he turns around to see s/o with this big ass grin on their face. broose is like “what?” and they just smirk at him like “you know, i get all tingly when you talk like that.” he has to try really hard not to loose his composure and break into a smile and he just gives them a hard look and says “be serious.” “ill do anything you want if you tell me in that voice” “stop” “is that an order?” bruce is suffering.