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TFBW Game Is A Blessing For Craig and Tweek

So, my last post about Kenny McCormick seemed to be pretty well received so I thought I would touch on another part of South Park and it’s surprisingly progressive messages despite seeming like a low brow potty humor show.

Now Craig Tucker is my second favorite character beside Kenny and obviously when most people think about him they think about his sexuality and how he is confirmed gay with Tweek Tweak. This is what I want to touch on despite knowing people have done it before. Most of my points are about TFBW so if you haven’t played it please be aware I am spoiling one of the quests within the game and thus you might want to look away.

You’ve been warned.

Now in TFBW you find that before the game even starts, Craig and Tweek have separated after an argument. Talking with Craig brings to light that they fought because Tweek decided to split from Coon and Friends and join Freedom pals and had expected Craig to follow. Well, he didn’t. Craig stayed with Coon and Friends and views Tweek as a traitor who abandoned him. Tweek wanted to move to the far more progressive and inclusive Super Team and honestly I am on his side, but that is beside the point. In the game we mediate between the two, trying to get Craig’s laptop back that the two shared only for Tweek to rebut that he wanted Stripe #4 back because he was the one how actual bought him for them to share in a similar fashion to the laptop. Cue a fetch quest to get Stripey Boi and we then convince the two to go to counseling with Mister Mackey which has your character, Tweek and Craig, fighting some small kids which have shirts represented things like expectations, responsibility, jealousy and the likes and throughout the battle it becomes increasingly clear that the only way to win is to BAND TOGETHER WITH THE POWER OF HE-MAN…okay no, but rather for Tweek and Craig to put aside their petty squabbling and learn to understand that social pressures can only be overcome in they stand beside one another and face them head on. They join hands, get  cute and funny joint ult that kicks ass, and get back together.

What I really loved about this is how the creators of South Park managed to portray a very real relationship between the two boys with their normal flair and exaggeration, without just blatantly making the gay aspect of it the only driving or interesting factor (Like Mr Slave and Big Gay Al but they are comic relief characters so I don’t have a problem with that). They both were upset the other decided not to follow/stay in the same group and through their differing ideals they were torn apart which is something that happens with real relationships everyday, Homosexual or otherwise. They have a pet together, they have battle voice lines together likes Tweek’s if you Rez him as anyone but Craig.

“If Craig were here he would have done it”.

These two have such an interesting yet pure relationship that just makes my heart melt and the creators have been very respectful yet still retaining their normal comedic edge when addressing it. I am truly thankful and proud that the show is so open and able to represent that sort of relationship and not feel the need to make it overtly stereotypical (Again, see Mr Slave and Big Gay Al). It is a great step in showing that these types of people can be shown in media without the need to make it all one big joke. They are just people trying to be people.


Alec Appreciation Weeks ♡ Week 7
    ➸ Alec + Thigh Holster

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!

Have you ever really thought about how many users there are on tumblr? On ao3? Wattpad? Have you ever stopped to think about how many people are in your fandom? How that shy girl in the back of the class could be reading gay fanfiction right now? How that one football player sitting with his phone in his lap could be reblogging bxb fanart? Hell, even your teacher could spend their free time on tumblr! Fans are all around us and we have no idea. 


Daughter of the music director for the AMAs shares her experience in seeing BTS rehearse

“I heard a lot of english “thank you’s and they were really respectful and really professional every time that they needed them back on stage they were right there, ready to go, which is sort of rare. I’ve been going to the AMAs for, I wanna say, 10 years, and possibly even longer than that and I’ve gone to plenty of dress rehearsals… and I’ve seen a lot of disrespectful celebrities and it was really refreshing seeing that there are still people who treat the people who are putting them on their show with respect and I just respect them so much more now. And I thought I would come on here and say that because I think that people who are kind deserved to be recognised for that.”

edit: original video was taken down(?) so editted with  cut I found on twitter

Being best friends with Finn Wolfhard would include:

I just felt like writing another imagine sort of?? Is this even an imagine?? What are these called?? 

But anyway, I hope you enjoy :~)

(this made me lowkey sad bc i wanna be friends with Finn man)

- Him teaching you how to skate

- Him buying you your own skateboard or longboard after he successfully teaches you how to skate.

- Biking or skating to 7/11 or some 24 hour convenience store at dead hours of the night just to get snacks

- When he finally gets his driver’s license, he drives to your house late at night just to go on spontaneous adventures.

       + or just drive around the neighborhood while talking about stuff

- Him telling you funny stories about the time he was filming IT or season two of Stranger Things. Whatever show or movie he was in, he would always tell you exclusive behind the scenes stories. You’re the only one who knows this shit.

- Live streaming together

- Being very competitive when playing video games

- Jokingly insulting each other:

        + “You’re such a dickhead, Finn.”

        + “Fuck off, Y/N.”

        + “You fuck off.”

        + “WAtcH YOUr LANguAGE!122!!!@!@#”


- Him introducing you to the IT kids and the Stranger Things kids

        + You of course get along with them very well

- Doing covers of songs and posting them on Youtube

- You guys would probably start a YouTube channel together 

- His friends and your friends lowkey shipping you guys

- You stealing his shirts or hoodies

         + “Is that my jacket?”

         + “Yea it is.”

         + “Oh cool, looks cute.”

         + “Thanks hoe, this is mine now.”

         + *shrugging* “Ok, it looks better on you anyway.”

- Him defending you whenever you get unnecessary hate from fans

- Him hacking into your social media to post dumb shit:

         + He would post a double chin selfie on your snap story

         + Him tweeting dumb shit on your twitter:

              + “Finn is so ugly lol gross boy.”

         + Him logging back into his account to reply to the tweet he tweeted on                  your account:

               + “Wow this is bullying I thought we were best friends how could you                       do this to me.”

- Whenever you guys watch a movie together, one of you would always put their head on the other’s lap.

- You guys would face time each other when you guys can’t see each other face to face, like when he has to go somewhere far to film or something

- Late night phone calls, seriously man y’all would stay up till like 3 am just talking about stuff.

- You guys telling each other everything of course

- Everyone thinks you’re a couple, but your relationship is purely platonic

                + Your friends and fans are not convinced, but they go with it                                   anyway

So that was fun, time to cry bc i’m not actually friends with Finn and he doesnt even know my dumbass exists lmFOOAOOAAO why do i put myself through this

Kissing you. - Tom Holland Imagine.

okay but nothing attracts me more than the idea of just kissing tom.

• those quick kisses tom would give you in random moments of the day, for no other reason, other than he loves you.

• he’d always have a hand on your cheek, no matter where the other would fall;

  • your ass, the small of your back, cupping the back of your neck, your waist, stroking your thigh, or the he’d lightly skim over your neck - squeezing a few times. phew.

• the hand on your check would stroke over it with his thumb or knuckles.

  • he’d occasionally lower it to cup your chin - controlling the kiss.

• anytime he’d say ‘i love you’ or vise versa, it would beckon for more kissing.

• those kisses were always slow and sensual.

• starting off with just a few pecks, then your lips would be harder to pull apart as they start to mold together.

  • as your lips open and sucked around each other’s, his tongue would continuously dip into your mouth, teasing you with it’s warmth and flavor.

• tom’s kisses are always so calculated.

• no matter if you guys are slowly or roughly making out, he’d never get salvia around your lips.

• his tongue is never confused as to where to go, his teeth never clash against yours, and it never feels rushed.

• despite never wanting the kisses to end, tom would eventually need air, but his mouth would always find it’s way to another part of your body in the meantime.

  • usually it was your neck, but sometimes he’d surprise you by kissing behind your ear, or your cheek, or your jaw, or your forehead.

• his skilled mouth, knew its way around your body and exactly where it could touch, in order to make your body melt.

• tom loved rough kisses with you too.

• he liked teasing you by biting your lip, and skimming his tongue along yours, to get you riled up.

• you’d start to get needy, and would shove your tongue in his mouth.

• this would always cause him to chuckle into the kiss, vibrating the inside of your mouth, which is such a turn on.

• the boy’s french kissing skills are insane.

  • his tongue would massage against yours just enough to keep you guessing. finding a rhythm that suited you, and coaxes moans out of you with it’s soft flicks and rubs.

• your hands were always in his hair.

  • or on his ass, or under his shirt, or underneath his arms to grasp his shoulders, or on his biceps.

• but at least one hand was in his hair.

• there was always some grinding involved in tom and your’s make out.

  • even if you guys weren’t planning on fucking.

• his body rested against yours on the couch, his hips lightly digging in yours - enjoying the pressure of your pelvis underneath him.

• he also loved having you on top during make out sessions.

• you either hold yourself up above him using two arms, and straddling him.

  • when you were in this position, you would always tease him by leaning down just enough to hover over his lips and pull back every so often so he contasntly has to fight to kiss you.

• or you’d have the whole length of your body stretched out along his - resting completely on top of him.

  • when you were in this position, his hand(s) would always skim down your back, lightly skimming over your exposed skin from your shirt riding up a bit.

• post sex kisses were amazing!! some of best, man. damn.

• tom’s forehead would be rested against yours as he desperately tries to catch his breath, but even still he’d (every so often) lean down and kiss you sweetly.

  • he’d also lean up and kiss your forehead, your eyelids, your nose, your cheeks, and back to your lips.

• or if his face had fallen to the crook of your neck while having sex (which it usually did - so he could focus better!!) then he would pepper kisses up from your neck to your lips.

  • lot’s of open mouthed kisses so his tongue could slip out to tease and taste your skin.

• now kisses on your body/during sex is a whole other story.

• if you thought homeboy’s tongue had skill before, you can’t even imagine what he could to your body with it.

  • especially when it’s between your thighs ;)

• but that’s for a whole other post…

i know i’m a tease, fight me <3

for one of my favorite blogs at the moment (and forever) -

@hufflepuffholland 💖 hope you enjoy!

GoT S07E05 Thoughts

Fuck me. 

This might have been my least favourite episode to date and we had Gendry!!! Okay, in all fairness, it wasn’t a bad episode. There was just one particular conflict that I am not looking forward to seeing continue. 

And no, it’s not Jon3rys. I couldn’t give two shits about that right now. 

But let’s begin, shall we? 

For anyone who still believes Dany to be a good person, I honestly suggest going to an optometrist or retaking high school English because how much more obvious can this show get? I didn’t get to write down her full speech, but following this:

“I’m not here to murder…”

With this: 

“Bend the knee and join me or refuse and die”

You’re kind of a hypocrite and a really obvious one at that. War is horrible, I get it, and good people do atrocious things in war, but that’s why we, as modern somewhat enlightened (although questionable) human beings, have war trials. People may die in war, as that is inevitable, but there are certain acts that no decent human should perform even in the midst of war. 

I know I’m quoting Wikipedia here, but whatever: 

Examples of war crimes include intentionally killing civilians or prisoners, torture, destroying civilian property, taking hostages, perfidy, rape, using child soldiers, pillaging, declaring that no quarter will be given, and serious violations of the principles of distinction and proportionality, such as strategic bombing of civilian populations.

Do you think a man as concerned with portraying war as a clusterfuck of morally grey characters would place an entitled figure with weapons of mass destruction which she uses indiscriminately, who commits war crimes, as the main protagonist? Do you think that is a good conclusion? And this is simply going by this episode and not the mess Dany made in previous seasons. 

She had Randyll and Dickon Tarly as her prisoners. There was no need to execute them, or at least no need to execute both of them. If she wanted to make an example, she could do so with Randyll, but fine, let’s concede the fact it had to be done. She burned them. A slow, horrible, agonising death. She could have beheaded them, as was customary in Westeros, but no, she chose to burn them because you know why? She likes it. She’s done it before. Burning her enemies gives her great satisfaction of her power, but also it spreads fear into the hearts of everyone there because she knows it’s the only way to get them to submit. 

If she allowed them the third option of becoming a prisoner of war, she knows they’d choose that over her. She even says so to Tyrion, because guess what? The people of Westeros doesn’t like or want Dany as their queen. Cersei may be a Grade A Bitch, but she’s the bitch they know. She doesn’t have dragons to burn those who defy her at her will. Yes, she’s powerful and could still easily execute people at a moment’s notice, but they’ve seen her humiliated and frightfully human when she was made to walk naked in shame through the streets of King’s Landing. She is human and she can fall. To them, Dany wields her power like a god and not the kind they worship out of love but out of fear. What kind of ruler is that?

And let’s talk about execution in general here. We’ve seen a lot of it over the seasons, and what we always come back to as a code of honour and true morality in this grey world is this quote from Mr Honour himself, Ned Stark: 

“The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die.”

Mr Honour Jr aka Jon Snow lives by this rule like a life motto. If he must sentence a man to die, he will swing the sword himself, and throughout the show, we’ve seen Jon do this and we’ve seen how this weighs upon him, though the culprits may be deserving. Yes, people die in war and Jon has killed on the battlefield for survival, but executing someone is a deliberate act. It’s taking the life of a human while they are powerless to stop you. Jon doesn’t take any pleasure in it. 

But Dany… She’s executed people left, right and center. Burning them in the most unnecessarily cruel way because she can and because it instills fear. Feeding them to her dragons which is even worse. That’s not at her hand. That’s cowardly and sadistic. 

You know who else rules through fear? 

“The only way to keep your people loyal is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy.” 

Cersei bloody Lannister. 

Yeah, let that sink in. And let’s move on. 

Jon meeting Drogon. I hated this scene, although I see how it’s important in establishing Jon as a Targaryen. I didn’t like it mostly because I was still reeling Drogon burning the Tarly’s alive, and yet right after, they have Jon bonding with Drogon like some special moment. But do you think Jon would even touch that dragon if he knew the horrors Dany had made Drogon do? Or the fact that she just executed Jon’s best friend’s family in the worst way possible? Yeah, Sam hated his father, but he didn’t hate his brother. And no matter what animosity there was between them, Sam is a good person and he would still be devastated by this. Not to mention we weren’t given all those Dickon scenes where the man acted with honour, kindness and bravery, just to dismiss him as another faceless enemy of Dany’s. He was Sam’s brother and so much like Sam in a way. I think that’s what made his death in spite only knowing him for 2 episodes so heartbreaking. Also, why this meeting between Jon and Drogon made me angry and disgusted. 

Of course, it also establishes some Jon3rys bonding, although more so on Dany’s side. Let’s face it, the Dragon Queen wants familial Dragon D. Her heart eyes for Jon throughout this episode was at least 100x more convincing than previous episodes between them. Jon, on the other hand, has moments where he does seem to think Dany is alright, but I still don’t see the same level of affection on his end at all. As always, he has a one-track mind and that’s the war up North. 

And I’m sorry but Dany’s attraction towards Jon seems to predicate on her notion that he’s as heroic and powerful as her. I get that he is and that’s a wonderful reason to fall in love with him, but it’s still falling in love with the idea of him and not who he is, because who Jon is, isn’t that person. He doesn’t want to be a hero or to be powerful. I know Show Jon doesn’t go into this, but Book Jon wants a family, to settle in Winterfell and live peacefully and honourably like his pseudo father. But Dany will never know that about him because she doesn’t know him. Take her asking Jon about whether he got a knife to the heart, the wonder and awe in her eyes as she asks him. She wants him to be just like her (or her delusional perception of herself as some kind of prophesised princess that was promised). Jon is who she thinks she is and she’s attracted to that, which is basically some Game of Thrones version of Narcissus. When she realises he’s a Targaryen, she’ll feel threatened more than relieved she’s not alone, because if she thinks he’s her then she’ll think he wants the Iron Throne and he’s a threat to her ambitions. 

There’s a reason why after all that Gilly discovers the Rhaegar and Elia annulment (which btw is such bullshit but whatever). Jon has more right to the Iron Throne than she does. 

What’s funny about this episode that even Dany’s Second Biggest Fan struggles to support her. Yes, he still will, but that entire conversation he has with Varys just sounds a lot like he’s trying to convince himself that ‘yes, all rulers burn their prisoners like a sadistic pyroqueen, and yes, Dany is so not like her father’. And the fact that her own loyal subjects are questioning her? Yeah, tell me again how she’s a hero. 

Now onto the main reason why I hate this episode: StarkBowl. But oh ho, not Jon and Sansa StarkBowl but Sansa and Arya. 

I’ve always loved Arya. She was my favourite character for so many seasons, until I fell madly in love with Sansa, although Arya remains in my Number 2 spot. But this episode, I felt such a burning anger towards her. After all they’ve been through, everything Sansa’s endured, Arya would still hold her accountable for the beliefs Sansa held as a young child. She’s changed and grown so much on account of her experiences yet she will not lend her own sister the same courtesy. It pisses me off because what Arya is doing (judging and accusing Sansa of things she didn’t do or for who she was when she was a child) is exactly what Anti-Sansa’s have been doing for years. And her own short-sighted, ignorant inability to grasp that this woman before her is not the same Sansa she once knew has now led her to being manipulated and conned by Littlefinger. 

What I can only hope is that Sansa is smarter than Littlefinger. Bran wouldn’t give Arya the dagger if he foresaw Arya using it on Sansa. And I feel like it is so uncharacteristic of Arya, who has longed for so long to be reunited with her pack, to suddenly break down by childish prejudice at the first miscommunication. Sansa is far more cunning than anyone gives her credit for and I feel that this could all be a long orchestrated con on Littlefinger himself. Arya’s not that stupid. I refuse to believe she’s stupid enough to underestimate LF that way and let herself be manipulated so easily. I feel like perhaps that fight between Sansa and Arya was for LF’s benefit because it felt so contrived, so out of nowhere. I know this speculation is also heavily biased by my refusal to believe that the Starks would fight amongst themselves after all they went through, but I do believe that LF will die this season. It won’t be at Sansa’s hand but it will be because of Sansa’s machinations. 

Now, onto Gendry!!!!!

The happiest part about this hell episode because fuck, he’s so hot still. That cropped hair, those muscles, that smile… Yeah, swoon. He’s also hilariously bullheaded (very like a Baratheon) when he ignores Davos, hits those soldiers with his hammer and immediately tells Jon who he is. 

In fact, there was this instant spark of chemistry between Gendry and Jon in their first meeting. 

“You’re a lot leaner.”

“You’re a lot shorter.”

The gentle ribbing of two strangers is adorable, but it also reminds me of Ned and Robert’s first scene together:

“Your Grace.”

"You’ve got fat.”

Now the parallels of Jon as Ned is nothing we haven’t seen before. Gendry as Robert is newer, and Jon and Gendry together as Ned and Robert is so satisfying to watch. It also makes me, a trash shipper, so happy because you know if Jon is being paralleled as Ned in this episode, you know who is being paralleled as Cat? 

Yes, that’s right. Strong, confident Sansa, who was called only Lady Stark in the Great Hall meeting. 

I know I’m crazy but I’m still not worried about Jonsa. That scene in the Great Hall just kept making me think of Sansa as Penelope. She’s there holding onto Winterfell for Jon’s return as he gallivants off on his many missions and overcomes his many trials. She’s there, always loyal and true to him, and maintains his kingdom for him

Boatbang may happen (likely), but Odysseus also slept with Calypso, before ultimately returning to his lady love. I believe the same will happen for Jonsa. 

Also, who thinks Cersei’s not actually pregnant? I think she’s beginning to question Jaime’s loyalty and needs to firmly hold him in place. And I think when he finds out she’s not after all he’s done for, all the sinful things he did, it might make him plunge that sword into her heart prophecy-style. Or not a sword. I don’t know. 

But that’s it for me. My head hurts. My heart hurts. And I maintain that I hate this episode because fuck StarkBowl. And fuck disrespecting Sansa like that


I finally own a sewing machine! I am so happy to work with this now. I know that I don’t post a lot of my art on here, but I thought that it would be nice to share this.

The fabric used here, I silkscreen printed by hand. The colours are a dark green, and a bright lavender purple. I also hand carved the buttons out of oak wood, and polished them with beeswax.

A very lovely garment that I will definitely be wearing more often! I hope to make more of my own clothes in the future! 😘👗❤


Maybe on the morrow she would tell him about the cat that had followed her home last night from Pynto’s, the cat that was hiding in the rafters, looking down on them. Or maybe not. IF HE HAD SECRETS, SO COULD SHE.

They meet and talk to you (an artist) at the AMAs and after introducing themselves and saying a bit in English you say to them "thank you! But you can speak in Korean" in Korean (BTS)

Rap Monster: -he thought it was going to have to talk to you in English. But you came out of nowhere with Korean. He thought it was an interesting twist in events- “oh wow you-what? I couldn’t see this coming at all”

Originally posted by btsreactionsandgifs

Jin: -you would smile as he did his best to talk to you before you touched his arm and spoke that to him in Korean. He was amazed by it and a bit shocked but glad you and him could talk- “really you can? This is great. I hope we can talk longer”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Suga: -he tried so hard and you let him try so hard in the first place before you broke out your skills and he was like so shocked by it. He sighed largely by that- “you really made me try so hard to do this and you could have made it easier”

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J-Hope: -he got excited because he thought you were amazing and really wanted to talk to you even if it meant help but now he could have a real conversation- “so you actually speak Korean? That’s sweet”

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Jimin: -he was shy after that, knowing that you could understand him when he was talking to Namjoon to say something made him nervous- “did you hear what I said earlier then about you? Like you understand me?”

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V: -he thought you were kidding at first and could only say a few things but you started saying more than it, he was excited- “you really can speak to me? This is so cool”

Originally posted by je0n

Jungkook: -he couldn’t believe it, the moment you said it he was in shock. He didn’t think he would meet anyone who could talk to him without the help of Namjoon- “this is really awesome. I can have a conversation with someone now”

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Already posting some stuff for them. I am so happy and proud of them so I hope they have a great night and everything with all the people who will come to appreciate them!


Hi, guys! I recently received an ask from @sunny-bunnies about my handwriting and headers! I thought my headers were more interesting (I’ll probably do a handwriting tag eventually haha), and I have a lot that I use so this post would get way long if I did both :)

Anyway, I’m going to go through all of the headers that I use regularly! they’re pictured above with and without shadows as a tl;dr.

monoline: this style is pretty popular right now and is also my current favorite! basically, it’s cursive, but uneven- whenever a letter ends in a downstroke, I extend it a little below where it would usually be and also vary the line on which the letters “sit.” The most important tip for this style is to keep stroke width and letter size the same, so that the unevenness looks intentional and not sloppy.

lowercase: I like to use this one as a subheading! it looks much better in the shadow version but basically you write in lowercase print as neatly as you can and hope for the best.

uppercase: This one can be used virtually anywhere! It’s pretty much writing in all caps; I prefer to stretch it vertically! (If you do this, make sure your letters are vertically centered in the same place! ex. the middle line on the E can go high, low, or in the middle, but it should also match where the bump of a P ends.)

faux calligraphy: (forgive me running out of space on this one oops) sort of like monoline (you can do the cursive evenly, like above, or unevenly), but after you write, go back in and thicken the downstrokes. This is much easier than regular calligraphy if you a. don’t feel confident with your calligraphy or b. don’t own brush pens!

serif 1: this one’s cute and kinda typewriter-ish! just print your letters and add serifs (little mini dashes) to the ends of lines. boom! you’re done. I like to look up a typewriter font to have a reference for the serif length and placement, but tbh it looks pretty good even if you wing it.

serif 2: serif 1 but adding to vertical strokes (note that these are not the same as the downstrokes used in faux calligraphy!) I based this style off of times new roman if you need a reference. A warning about serifs: shadows are a pain to do so if you choose to do a shadow + serif, make sure your header is 10 or fewer letters (you’ll thank me later.)

two-tone: take your faux calligraphy (this works better if you have thicker strokes), draw an imaginary line down the middle, and use a darker color to color over the top or bottom (I favor the bottom but it’s a matter of personal preference!) Layering colors (as opposed to just making each half the letter one color) has 2 benefits: 1. no guesswork in trying to match up halves, and 2. the colors look more cohesive! You can also try to blend the colors together to make a gradient (lay down more of the darker color and blend it upward with the lighter one!)

big & small: uppercase, but instead of adding shadows, add mini cursive letters to the centers of the colored letters. Make sure to connect it all together!

highlighted caps: A classic and perfect if you’re in a rush or doing subheaders. just write in all caps and highlight over it. voilá!

color shadow: I would definitely recommend doing this in a larger space than the one I left myself (check out this post to see it done less sloppily) but the idea is to do faux calligraphy with the black pen and the shadow with your colored pen or highlighter! (here I would generally recommend a gel pen or felt, fine-tipped marker but obviously I didn’t follow either of my own tips so make of that what you will)

a note on shadows: So I’ve mentioned shadows a couple times. Unless you want to make your life hard, do the shadows after the main body of the letter. There are just 3 basic rules I follow here! 1. pick 2 adjacent directions to do the shadows in (above, I picked down and right but you can also pick down and left or, if you’re feeling creative, up and left or right.) 2. For every line, one side should be in shadow. this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule but it’s pretty good to follow in general. 3. Choose a primary and secondary direction! For example, I picked down and right, correct? But if I have a capital A (see “uppercase”) I need to pick between a down/left shadow and an up/right shadow. Since I picked right as my primary direction, I choose the up/right side! This is basically an extension of rule 2 but it took me a while to figure out so I thought it should be included.

Sorry! this post went a lot longer than I had intended, but hopefully it was informative! P.S. if you like my posts, maybe you’d also like my new studygram!

Fans: Dude, the Shape of Water looks great! I will love this movie! But I think it will be a platonic romance… It’s sweet to think that something else would happen between them, but… I am not saying it’s wrong! but I think even for del Toro it would be strange.

*The Shape of Water Red Band Trailer*


100 Intentional Things Challenge

ages and ages ago i got an ask about how i manage to be productive every single day. since then i’ve done a lot of thinking about productivity and about life in general, and my mindset has changed. my focus have shifted from “do something productive every day” to “do something intentional every day”. hence this challenge!

i’ve been doing this for about five weeks now, but i thought it would be nice to make an actual challenge out of it, both to share it with all of you and to give my social media posting some structure. so here is what i’m thinking:

  • much like 100 days of productivity, this is a 100 day challenge - but feel free to adapt it however you want (intentional october ?? anyone ?? just me ?? okay)
  • the name “100 intentional things” is slightly misleading, but “100 days of at least 1 intentional thing per day” is hella long - and look at it this way, if you complete the 100 days, you’ll have done at least 100 intentional things
  • “intentional” for me can mean something planned, but it can also mean something i decide in the moment. spending a day in bed because i need a rest day is something i would class as intentional, whereas ending up spending the day in bed because i’m scrolling tumblr and am too lazy to get up and do the things i’d planned, is not something i’d class as intentional - you get my gist ??
  • feel free to post a picture of you doing your intentional thing (be it studying, binging netflix, sleeping or whatever), also feel free to just write a little text post about it, and tag it “100 intentional things”
  • also obviously feel free to do more than one intentional thing per day !! most days you will. but we all need rest days, or have days where we’re just not up for much. in that case, one intentional thing is enough

and that’s it !! just do at least one intentional thing per day and let us know about, easy as that x

Humans wanted

A new treat came in the mail today, and i thought id share it with all of you, i found out about this book through a thread on one of my reblogs, and immediately decided i wanted it. It can be baught on amazon at

Now something else important is like to say is that my second accaunt (which i thought would became my main accaunt, but fortunately i didnt have to) just hit four digits, and this blog hit 2000 today! im now running two accounts with well over a thousand followers, and id like to say thank you, so im going to be giving away a brand new edition of Humans wanted, free of charge and shipped internationally, or locally!

If you’d like a chance to win just reblog this post with the words “im a space orc!” and on december 1st ill pick a winner and contact you! Remember theirs only one winner and you’ve gotta be in it it to win it

A few conditions on the giveaway:

good luck to all of you!