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SDS/Wednesday picture thing

@cajunkate tagged me for a SDS. Thank you! That made me happy today Kate.

I took one earlier. Then got busy and didn’t post. So I took another just now. Not gonna waste a half decent selfie.

Yesterday was my first day back after surgery. I really thought I would bounce back quicker.

Spring break is coming up. Still far away though.

Would someone like to come play with my dog. She’s a holy terror. The kids come home and take her for walks and play with her. But when they go to bed she’s still ready to go!

So congested right now. I’m at the point that when I eat I have to take breaths while chewing because I can’t keep my mouth closed long enough. And forget about tasting what I’m eating. Good thing it was leftovers and I tasted them yesterday.

My girl watched the end of The Breakfast Club and all of Sixteen Candles with me this weekend. It was so much fun. I loved seeing her reactions to some of my favorite scenes. She absolutely thought Sam should have gone for Jake even though he was a senior. And the sappy kissing part on the dining room table— she didn’t even make fun of me when I awwwww'ed.

Almost typed “Good Talk” like @daddynobucks does. I never know how to end these things.

I wonder, do some people still make those ‘reblog this now else you will die by the hands of so-&-so’s ghost tonight!! *lists several obviously fake accounts of this happening*’

As someone who was quite gullible as a child/preteen, a post like this scared me to death. I didn’t repost (it was by email at the time), but that night I was so scared that something would come to kill me.

I guess what I’m saying is, if this is still being done, please don’t be a jerk and do this. This can really, genuinely scare some people. It really isn’t funny. Please don’t do it.

this is the product of a long boring day at work and a wild imagination.

out of curiosity, I wondered what would skelly look like if she was a rag doll . so this happened, along with an idea that involves a valentines day potion , and jack never trusting food from valentines day town again, cause shit just gets weird afterward..(first the candy hearts now this!)

which her whole story has to do with a potion and valentines day ( rag doll or not), which I should post here at some point ( if anyone is interested)

also another thing I thought of, jack’s little pet name for skelly could be “his little valentine” like a “daddy’s little princess” kinda thing…she’s born on valentines day….thought it would be cute *shrugs*

I’m so tired…

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WA are so in love & happy now & I'm so relieved they gave them just 2 episode angst but I can't shake the feeling that it's a distraction from a proper hit, making Savitar be some form of Barry. As much as it would be cool in terms of twist I think that it would damage this rship 2 the point of no return. I know it wouldn't be OUR Barry but still. On the other hand, I don't think TPTB would go that far just for the sake of shock, rite? What do u think? Also whot's your #1 Savitar reveal?

Hmm… I have a very long and involved theory rattling around in my brain for how Barry could be Savitar without damaging the relationship, but it’s not important. Everyone has to decide for themselves what the breaking point is for their ships, but the show will never damage WA to the point of no return for itself. The writers will always go back to WA, and I’m pretty sure the season will end with Barry truly proving himself a hero.

Other options for Savitar? Eddie, Cisco or Jay. That’s pretty much it. No matter what, I think Barry will prevent Savitar from ever being created, and/or I think Savitar never meant for Iris to die. It’s a test to make Barry kill him in order to save her.

I’m so happy that this episode had everything we wanted, what i wasn’t expecting was the song to be that beautiful. What are your thoughts on what’s going to happen in the upcoming episode because I read somewhere that Candice found out savitar’s identity quite early.

I think Iris is going to find out who Savitar is by the end of 3.18, not sure if Barry will at the same time or not. But it’ll definitely be the cliffhanger for the hiatus. As for Candice finding out early, she said it was an accident. My guess is Grant couldn’t keep his mouth shut and spilled the beans, lol.

The part in the lyrics where Barry sang about “how he knew that Iris was his light in the dark which gave him no choice but to love her” touched me heart. All his life, people called Barry crazy for saying his dad didn’t kill his mother. Iris was the only person that believed him. Not just to make him feel secure, but she genuinely believed him. This unwavering faith Iris has on Barry consumes him in the most beautiful way possible. How could he NOT love her after all that?

YES! This is what’s so special about WA. When no one else took Barry seriously, Iris championed him and believed in him. That’s why the line is so frreaking purpose, and it’s Barry’s response to all the haters. “Why do you love Iris?” “How could I not?”

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A friend of mine went to Bahrain recently and she posted a picture of a pictogram on the ceiling of her hotel room that indicates the direction to Mecca. I just thought that was really cool and would be an awesome thing that businesses in the US could do for their customers/employees who are Muslim. I work at an aquarium, so I thought of having a space for Muslim guests to pray if they are having a long visit. We are having customer experience meetings and I'm definitely going to suggest it now!

That’s awesome wow!! Ah I’m really touched thank you for being so thoughtful of us :’) I hope it goes through!!

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Your opinion on Rey as the daughter of Leia

Ok so I have lots of thoughts

Basically I think that Rey has to be either Luke’s or Leia’s daughter and if she isn’t one of theirs then I think the plot completely falls apart. Not to mention the fact that like 90% of the audience left the theater thinking she was either Luke’s or Leia’s… it would be bad writing if she’s not. But that’s a post for another time.

Now, I would rather Rey be Leia’s and Han’s than be Luke’s for two reasons. The first is that Kylo Ren is such a gross stain on their marriage and a disservice to their story that I would like for Han and Leia to have at least one good child.

The second is that I really don’t like the implications of Rey being Luke’s and Kylo being Leia’s. It seems to make people compare Luke and Leia to each other. For example I saw a photoset recently with a pic of Kylo’s and Leia’s faces overlayed on each other and then another pic of Luke and Rey’s faces. On the first picture it said “like mother like son” and there were quotes about Leia being “cold” and the OP directly said in the tags that Kylo inherited his anger from Leia, and then the second picture said “like father like daughter” with positive quotes about Luke and Rey. It just really disturbed me that it not only seemed to be indicating that Leia is responsible for the faults in Kylo Ren and that they are in any way alike (which is preposterous, because Kylo Ren is NOTHING like Leia), but also that it clearly painted Luke in a good light and Leia in a bad light: Luke produced a good child and Leia produced a bad one. Like it’s indirectly comparing them and their respective legacies to each other.

Which is another thing. I would like for Han and Leia’s legacy not to be defined by Kylo Ren. Even if he repented which I don’t think he will or should, he still ruined his parents’ marriage, joined a fascist terrorist organization, committed several mass murders, had a hand in genocide, kidnapped and tortured a young woman, and murdered Han Solo.

So yeah it would be nice if that wasn’t the sole product of Han and Leia’s love.

Not to mention maybe people would dispense with the completely imaginary and baseless delusion that Han and Leia were bad parents if Rey was their child.

HOWEVER that being said, I think the narrative has made it really hard for this to be the case. Nowhere in Bloodline or in any of the other new canon installments do Han and Leia ever mention having had and lost a daughter, and I just don’t think that makes sense.

So yeah it would have been nice but there’s some major issues if Rey is Leia’s and Han’s, and also as I just outlined many issues with her being Luke’s, and EVEN MORE issues if she’s no one’s.

Just another problem with the new canon, in my opinion.

I was trying to upload a different pic and thought i would cheat tumblr by sending it to my tablet but now its stuck in posting limbo so you’ll have to wait on Steve and Bucky with baby animals and have Stony until it appears.

Good catch Tone

“I had a plan…”
“Was the plan ‘fall to my death’ because if so - bang up job Cap”

3 years

3 years. Thats how long this blog has existed for (technical just over 3 years, but thats by the by).

Its weird. I remember starting this because I desperately wanted to be part of a community I admired so much. Now, I am, and its bizarre. People follow me. People love my posts. People want to see me post. I never thought this would happen.

If I’m being honest, the interaction from Mark isnt as much as some other blogs. But I’m ok with that. 100%. Its his choice. I know he knows about this blog and has posted positive things in the past and thats more than I ever imagined.

I suppose what I want so to say from this rambling post is that if I’m still here in 3 years, I want the principles, of love, acceptance, warmth to be here forever. 

I exist in the eyes of Mark. I want Mark to be proud of what this blog is, and the fact its in his name,

Thank you for the past 3 years, heres to the future.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

Watch on

Okay, so both @astrobunnyy AND @cardiovascular-tension told me to post this headcanon of mine here on tumblr, so now I’m giving in to peer pressure. 

I thought this would totally be Phichit and Yuri in Detroit.

Like maybe some news show decided to do a special show on figure skaters of Detroit and they’re interviewing Yuri, and Phichit comes running because he’s just so excited about this whole thing. He screams out of joy and Yuri does this thing.

And then some white conservatives, who think Yuri and Phichit aren’t taking this whole thing as serious as they should, are like “THESE ASIANS ARE OUT OF CONTROL!!11!!”

And Phichit and Yuri find it so funny that Phichit starts a hashtag on Instagram, so every time he and Yuri upload a selfie of themselves doing something funny or slightly crazy they’ll tag it as #TheseAsians.

And they’ll consantly say it to each other in random situations. Like maybe Yuri orders a regular coke instead of coke zero, and Phichit’s like “THESE ASIANS ARE OUT OF CONTROL!” And they just break down laughing in the middle of the restaurant and giggle like the adorable little shits they are.

And waaaay later when Victor and Yuri are married, Victor scrolls through Yuri’s old instagram and discovers the hashtag, and he asks “Yuri, what does #TheseAsians mean??” And Yuri just LOSES IT.

He immediately calls Phichit, who answers the call in only his boxers since it’s like 3am in Thailand because Yuri lives with Victor in Russia at the time, but when Yuri calls, Phichit WILL pick up no matter what.

He’s just very tired, but Yuri is cry-laughing so hard and wheezes “Phichit- Phichit! Victor asked- hahahaha Victor asked me what #TheseAsians means!”

And Phichit is wide awake from one second to the other and shouts “THESE ASIANS ARE OUT OF CONTROL” and they just laugh their asses off while Victor sits next to Yuri, so utterly confused and slightly worried about Yuri’s sanity.

Alright guys!
It’s been awhile since I’ve done anything for you guys and since Pokebank has finally became available for sun and moon, I thought I would do a contest finally!

So now

Welcome to Professor Skies Lab!
I will choose 3 lucky trainers
You 3 will receive 1 shiny starter
Now of course I only have 1 of each so the person that arrives first will get what they want
(Meaning of someone picks Charmander before you, Charmander will be unavailable)

I will choose the the winners by January 30th!
To enter in this contest all you have to do is Like And Reblog this Post!
Good luck trainers!

Okay, so I just thought of something where the Voltron writers could’ve be hinting at Black Paladin Allura since season one.

In season one, we see flashbacks to when Allura was put into the crypod by her father, but we also get to see the conversation they had before everything went down.  We now know for a fact that Zarkon, who was attacking the Castle in her flashback, was the Black Paladin, but when Allura was talking to her father, she said this:

How would they form Voltron though?  Zarkon is the one attacking and he’s the Black Paladin.  They have all the lions, so Allura suggesting for them to form Voltron could be hinting that she is also able to pilot the Black Lion.  I mean, she did say, “WE need to form Voltron,” so it’s like she’s including herself in on this fight with her father because we can see that Alfor was most likely the Yellow Paladin.  

I mean, this might be a plot hole or something, but it also could be a really well hidden foreshadow to Black Paladin Allura because I don’t think Keith will want the job.  I see Keith handing the torch over to Allura in season three or the Black Lion choosing her over Keith.


I crafted a sigil just a minute ago and was trying to think of a discreet place to put it so it wouldn’t attract attention. As I was rummaging through my bag for post-it notes, I found a crushed box of dollar-store band-aids.

And then it hit me!

I used a pen to draw the sigil on the cotton pad, charged it with intent, and put it on a pulse point on my ankle so it would stay charged throughout the day.

Voila! Totally discreet, incredibly cheap.
Now they’re cheap band-aids so they probably wouldn’t be good for anything long-term. But for quick charms it’s great! Plus you could easily incorporate some color magic with different colored bandages, and they have that double meaning of “healing” that you could play with.

I can’t believe I never had this idea before!


[ 22nd January 2017 ] leave it up to me for not posting for a month lmao I’m sorry! I just came back from a planetshakers conference so my legs are now sore from jumping so much omg.
here’s last week’s spread that was done this week bcos I’m as inconsistent as ever 🙂
also thank you for 6K followers! never thought I would actually hit 1K let alone 6K so thank you thank you thank you 💕💕💕💕💕💕 I hope 2017 so far has been amazing for you!!

No but we are so lucky to be fans of someone like Mike Dirnt. 

He’s under no obligation to reply to fans on Instagram or acknowledge them in any way. But he still does. Even now, when he has hundreds of thousands of followers, he still regrams fanart and likes posts and sometimes replies to fans. I remember a few years ago, when he had fewer followers and it was easier for him to do it, it wasn’t unusual to see him to spending hours upon hours talking to fans. He’d do cute little things like reply to comments with only emojis so people would have a riot trying to figure out what he was saying. One time a fan made an account called “mikedirntshomies” and he thought it was cute so he tagged them in every instagram post for weeks and eventually followed them. I think he still follows them. And that account gained like 10k followers and became this little community that fans could share fanart and stuff on and mike would like everything and leave nice messages complimenting people’s art. 

He’s wished so many happy birthdays, answered hundreds of questions, and given gentle replies to fans who were in pain because he knows that even something so small can mean the world to someone or maybe even change their life. And when Brittney faced a battle with cancer, she and Mike let us in. They kept us updated and shared the whole experience with us. Even some of what must have been their most fragile moments, such as Mike shaving off Brittney’s hair and Brittney being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. How many other celebrities care so much? How many connect so intimately with their audience?

It’s an absolute honour to be a fan of Mike Dirnt.



I’m so

Why is it that if you get a good grade and share it, it’s bragging? To the point where I feel legitimately ASHAMED if I get a good grade.

There’s this girl, the same girl who accuse me of bragging when I said “I thought I would be invited to PTK since I have a 4.0 and 12 credits and that meets the requirements” (I was, by the way, it was just late). I feel like she constantly tries to bring me down academically now.

For example, last week, a mandatory discussion board was posted for English bc we had a snow day Thursday, and the email said it was open til Monday. I posted something to snapchat about it and she was like “bro that was due on Thursday…” and I said “no it’s open til Monday” and she was like “yeah cause only me and two other people did it” and I was like “no it said in the email…” and then checked with my teacher and told her and she didn’t respond.

Today I posted about the 99 in soc on snapchat and she was like “didn’t you already take precalc in high school?” and I was like “no this is sociology” but like… I just feel like she’s trying to find some way to take me down a notch or something.

But the thing is, I can get good grades whether I’ve taken the class before or not? I hadn’t taken psych before and I ended up with an over 100% average. So saying “you took the class before” doesn’t mean the 99 is less valid.

Moreover, it’s not like I brag about my grades and don’t share my bad ones. I share all my grades, even the bad ones! It just happens that I work my ass off and I’m blessed to be naturally hardworking and organized and so I usually get good grades!

It’s gotten to the point where I feel GUILTY when I get a good grade because I feel like people are going to accuse me of bragging and try to bring me down. I feel like I should get a C because then when I share it people won’t accuse me of conceit.

That guy who dumped me during finals week said I was “academically intimidating” and that my confidence came off as me being conceited. He said he thought I thought he was below my standards academically (I legit never even thought about that). Do you know how AWFUL it made me feel to know I made someone FEEL that way?! Yes, it’s more his problem, but it happened.

I don’t know. I really don’t. I post about my grades on Snapchat and people call me out for “bragging” and think I’m conceited but like do you know how much fucking shit I have dealt with to get those grades?!?! Ugh. Anyway I’ll end this rant but I’m just so upset about this right now it’s unreal

so, my buddy littledivinity and i have been talking beauty & the beast a lot, because ‘tis the season, and we somehow stumbled upon the idea of the story being told about a middle aged belle and the beast instead of youngins, and how that would make the story even more resonant.

and then just now i randomly thought, “what if nicole kidman and ewan mcgregor starred in such a film?”, because my soul needs nicole kidman and ewan mcgregor to fall in love again on a movie screen like it needs few other things in this life. plus, you know, musical, bright colors, awesomeness, hurrah!

and then i thought, ‘but wait, actually, what i really want in this life, even more than brightly colored musicals, is more lowkey and lovely fairytale movies like exquisite and incomparable 1998 masterpiece ever after

and just picture it!

nicole kidman is the longtime spinster school teacher who lives in a quaint vaguely magical 19th century-esque country village, but she’s a badass teacher who exposes her students to different philosophies of thought and probably takes them outside for nature studies and calisthenics. (so, basically, miss stacy from anne of green gables.) the school board hates her, probably, and is very suspicious of what kind of IDEAS she’s filling the local kids’ heads with (why does she keep saying it’s okay for girls not to want to be wives and mothers, or that it’s all right for boys to cry???? is it possible that she is A WITCH???), but her parents were very well regarded in the town when they were still alive and so that bought her some respect for awhile. but there’s a new fancy schmancy family with school aged kids in town, and they’re extremely disapproving of miss nicole, and trying to find a way to oust her as schoolteacher and replace her with a man who is probably very similar in temperament to mr. collins from pride & prejudice. a man who will put patriarchal gender roles back into childhood education!

meanwhile, ewan mcgregor is a grumpy old hermit duke or something who once had great wealth and privilege but has fallen into disrepair. maybe someone cursed (magically? complicated vengeance-ly, a la the count of monte cristo? who knows) his family long ago due to their shady rich people business dealings, and his father killed himself to escape the scandal and his mother died of heartbreak and his fiancee who he thought loved him steadfastly dumped him to marry another, and now ewan’s the last surviving member of his once-great family and he just lives alone this grand old manor house that has gone totally to seed. he isn’t an actual beast, because it seems like in this day and age that’s going to require levels of CGI that my quaint b&tb retelling movie just don’t need, but let’s say that he’s quite unshaven and dirty and generally off-putting and he sometimes ventures out into the forest that separates his estate from the village, but is never seen actually frequenting the village. there are abundant rumors that the forest and manor house are haunted by a beast/ghost/warlock/vampire (how does he SURVIVE if he doesn’t come to the weekly market for food???), and everyone knows you don’t go there. also, people like to gossip a ton about his family and the scandal even though it was decades ago and they all dead. because people suck.

so one night, some of nicole’s rowdy teen pupils maybe steal some wine from one of their parents’ liquor cabinets and venture into the woods and dare each other to go past the gate of his manor house, and he catches them at it and gets HELLA PISSED @ THESE UPPITY HOOLIGANS INVADING HIS PROPERTY. kids today!!!!!!!!! he probably locks them in the stables so he can deliver them a 5 hour lecture on why they suck, and also why all of humanity sucks. which isn’t the worst fate ever, but, like, he kind of looks like a straight up crazy ax murderer (crazy hair! crazy beard! tattered clothes! definitely hasn’t bathed this month!!!), so there’s some serious panic in the hearts of these kids.

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Calling All Bosses! :D

Hello fellow jse community members! (^•^)/ so before I start my long post I just thought I’d say if there’s a jackaboy that happens to stumble upon this…. GO AWAY!! :) lol love ya jack but I don’t want you to see this so if you do then don’t read further please :D ❤❤

Ok with that out the way I’ll say what this is about lol. so I’ve been bouncing around this idea for awhile and I figured now would be time to do it! we all know how jack is close to 15 million right?! well I thought it would be cool if we had some sort of community party to celebrate! \(^•^)/ so here’s what I was thinking….

It can be a week long event on here from 3/20- 3/27 :D

Day 1 (3/20): introduce yourself to the community! (you can write a short bio and/or post a selfie, that choice is yours. :) this is just a way for us to meet more people in the community)

Day 2 (3/21): how long have you been subscribed and when/how did you find the channel?!

Day 3 (3/22): what’s your favorite series/video on the channel?!

Day 4 (3/23): how has the channel impacted your life?! (you can get as personal as you wish)

Day 5 (3/24): who are some of the people you’ve been able to meet because of the channel?! How long have you known each other and have you met in irl yet?!

Day 6 (3/25): what made you stick around the channel?! what are your favorite things about jack and why is he so special to you?!

Day 7 (3/26): post fan art, videos, messages etc. regarding the 15 million milestone on the channel :D

And that’s it! :D I know this is last minute but I think this is something positive and fun we all can do together to celebrate both the success of the channel and jack, and simply just show our love :)

** if you have any questions please feel free to send me an ask and I’ll be glad to answer :D so please send this to everyone in the community and just all have a real good time! btw the hashtag I decided to use for this is #15milbosses :) **

(side note: if jack happens to reach 15 million before this than 1) yay! and 2) you can still post all the congratulations things you want \(^•^)/ )

Thank you in advance to anyone​ who actually read all this and might participate! ❤❤

Valentine’s Day

Hey guys, now that it’s February Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching so I thought I would make a post about this holiday and the kinds of vocab and expressions you might use around this time. Do you guys have any plans? I’m trying to plan a surprise event for my boyfriend!

Valentine’s Day・バレンタインデー
Love・大好き(or 愛・あい)*
Confess・告白する・こくはくする  (こくる= slang)
Chocolate・チョコレート(or チョコ)

  • Valentine’s Chocolate・バレンタインチョコ
  • Obligatory Chocolate・義理チョコ・ぎりチョコ
  • True love Chocolate・本命チョコ・ほんめいチョコ

On Valentine’s Day in Japan, girls give 義理チョコ [giri choco] to boys they often associate with, such as club members, co-workers, or friends. In Japanese “義理” means duty or obligation. However, they give 本命チョコ [honmei choco] to boys who they have serious feelings for and are confessing to! It’s important to know the difference between the two if you plan on handing out chocolate in Japan.

大好きです。 / あなたが大好き!
I love you.

好きです。/  あなたが好き!
I like you.

Please go out with me!

I confessed to him.

Stop flirting with me.

I don’t like you!

*Side note: 愛「愛してる」is commonly seen online and means “love” in Japanese, but actually Japanese couples don’t use this word to express their love for each other because it’s too formal, even between couples it feels weird to say. 大好き is the most commonly used expression of love in Japan.