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Never let them know your weakness, they will use it against you.


"Marry me?”

// New follower prompt. Post ME3 Destroy ending, Shakarian. More fluff rather than angst. Making up for this morning, I guess!

It had been weeks of suffering through her waxing and waning consciousness. Some days she was awake for a few hours at a time, others she would show no sign of ever opening her eyes. The best doctors in the galaxy were taking care of Shepard, but it didn’t stop one particular turian from worrying, no matter what the rest of the crew said.

“If I’m up in that bar, and you’re not… I’ll be watching. You’ll never be alone.”

She just had to say it. Garrus didn’t want to imagine a life without her, but her injuries had been so severe; third degree burns to half her body, first and second degree covering most of the rest; her left arm, amputated, unrecoverable form the damage it had suffered; pins and bars to support shattered bones; hemorrhaging in several internal organs. But she was alive. Breathing. Barely.

Some days he would just talk to the empty room, not knowing if she was awake enough to hear it. Little things. Talking about their friends that survived the Normandy’s crash. The ones that didn’t. About his family on Palaven and wanting to take her to meet them. He’d been lucky. Both his father and his sister survived. Shepard survived. Many of his friends survived. Sure, there were some that didn’t… but, in the grand scheme of things, he knew he was lucky.

Today was one of Shepard’s better days. She had been awake enough to try and eat solid food in the morning. It had stayed down without too much trouble. Though she did sleep through most of the rest of the day, she was awake now to watch the blazing red sun dip below the smoggy horizon.

“It’s still a mess out there, isn’t it.” Had it been three years ago, Garrus probably would have answered, not realizing her questions were usually rhetorical. He’d learned. “How bad was it?”

“Pretty bad. Could have been worse - you know, fate of trillions resting in your hands alone. You’re a hero to just about everyone left.”

“Just about?” Shepard glanced back from the window to look at him without turning her head. The cracking scabs on her neck would always cause momentary discomfort. This healing wasn’t as clean as Lazarus.

“Can’t make everyone happy.”

She spared a laugh, stifling the cough that followed with the prototype arm that had been fitted to her shoulder. It wasn’t perfect, but it was enough for now. “I supposed not. Risk your life for a galaxy, and there’s always someone who will complain. Let me guess, it was Sparatus?”

It was Garrus’ turn to laugh. “Surprisingly not. He’s been especially quiet since Palaven fell. I think he finally learned his lesson to actually listen to you for once.”

“I doubt that. I’d expect the Reapers to come back from the dead before I get any concessions from that Turian.”

“We are stubborn!”

Despite the pain and uncomfortable stretching of still healing skin, Shepard managed a smile, slowly walking her hand across the blankets to find his and grasp it tightly. “Not always a bad thing…” The excessive tire returned, washing over her body almost like her systems were shutting down one by one, a ship going dark. A haze covered her eyes that they all had begun to recognize.

“Listen, Shepard–”

“What now, Vakarian…?”

“I, uhm, well… I know this is a bad time, but…” It was a human expression to have ‘clammy’ hands, but that was certainly how Garrus felt at this moment. Everything they’d been through couldn’t prepare him for this moment. He’d rather face down a Reaper like she did on Rannoch.

“Say it Vakarian, or I’m going to sleep.”

“Marry me?”

The words blurted out of this throat before he could take them back. Now that they were out, both of them sat frozen trying to comprehend the situation, and understand what was said. Shepard turned her head to look at him fully. “Say that again.”

“Uhm…” he hesitated, getting that telltale Shepard glare as he rubbed his hands together. “Marry me?”

A long moment of silence stretched between them. It was neither good nor bad, his own heart hammering in his head, running through every possibility of rejection. She could hate him for ruining what they had. Or chase him away. Or tell him she doesn’t care about him like that. Or tell him that she still loved Kaidan more than him.


Every thought in his mind ground to a screeching halt. “What?”

“Sure. But, you’re going to ask me again, and next time you’re going to have a ring.” The way she said it was so deadpanned, like he should have seen it coming, but this was about the last thing he expected to hear.

Something wasn’t adding up, no matter how many times he ran through it in his head. “Wait, what? I thought you hated that ancient tradition? Thought it was demeaning and antiquated?”

Shepard just shrugged, a grin splitting her face. “Sure, but that was before I had a impressionable turian lover that would spend probably his entire salary on one. Besides… I’m sure you can find a scene from Fleet and Flotilla to make it just perfect.” Those lips curled into such a shit eating grin that Garrus knew he’d been played.

“I’ve been had! Alright. Ring, soundtrack, someplace with a gorgeous view, and somehow make it a surprise. I’ve got my work cut out for me.”

“Consider it practice, Vakarian. I won’t go easy on you, just because we’ll be married.” The exhastion was returning, muffling her voice and making her eyelids heavy, though she stubbornly held eye contact with Garrus as long as she could. “I love you, Garrus.”

His nose brushed against her forehead as he kissed her to sleep. “I love you too, Shepard.”

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Just wanted to check in and say it’s looking like we’ve hit the halfway point of our ficathon! If you didn’t know, the boys mentioned during their VidCon Ear Biscuit that there are 4 weeks left of shooting for Buddy System, and then they’ll be taking a well-earned short break.

Ain’t no time for a break during a ficathon though! So if you’ve been putting off that masterpiece, now’s the time! Get writing, get drawing, get editing - we wanna see what you’ve got under that creative hat of yours before we have to bid this Good Mythical Summer adieu!

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Good morning Emma. I just wanted to thank you for answering to so many asks, I know it takes a lot of time an effort. P.S. I'm just curious on how long you take to answer all of them, so today is 26/06

Hi! Usually ones that are to the top of my inbox I try to answer first. I generally dedicate a few hours each night to answering as many questions as I can. The amount I answer really does depend on the detail I put in. Short questions obviously don’t take me too long so those I can answer relatively quickly but lengthier ones will take perhaps 5-10 minutes to formulate and check over so in that instance it does take time. I am always hoping I can answer every single post in my inbox but I’ve not managed yet hah! Maybe that can be a challenge for my holidays :’-) 

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Hey Anne i hope this isn't a weird question lol, but do you know if its possible to watch bv (while its being broaddcasted "live" for the first time) on both desktop and mobile? I'd like to record it without the subs for giffing on my laptop and watch it with subs on my phone, is it possible to do that? Also, how long after the live (720p) broadcast is the vod (1080p) uploaded? Thank u so much! 💞

Hi anon~ I guess if your internet connection can handle it you can watch it both on desktop and mobile? I’ve personally haven’t tried though.

Not sure about the reupload VOD bcoz I’ve already forgotten during BV 1. I think you can access the VOD after just a few minutes? I don’t remember it taking hours but I could be wrong ;_;

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Hi! I love your MarAce! For a prompt.... Marco has cold feet when he comes in for the night, and tries to use Ace to warm them up again?

Ace had tried to get Marco to join him in bed a few times, but the answer he received each time was the same, the paperwork was done soon. That was two hours ago now, and Ace had already dozed off, while holding onto Marco’s pillow as a replacement for his boyfriend.

Marco stretched with a yawn before finally getting up from his desk, feeling a little chilly. He saw Ace asleep already and felt a little bad for not having joined him earlier, but he had expected to be done with paperwork a little sooner than that. But now he was looking forward to a warm bed, especially because he felt like his feet were halfway frozen, which he blamed on his sandals.

Stripping all his clothes except his briefs, Marco crawled into bed and snuggled up against Ace, his strong arms wrapping around the familiar waist to keep his boyfriend close. There was a cute sleepy noise coming from Ace, which sounded quite happy, but otherwise from that, nothing much. However, that immediately changed when Marco shoved his feet between Ace’s warm ones, the temperature difference making Ace jump with a yelp.

Wha.. what the–? Marco? Your feet are ice cold!” he complained and moved his legs away from his boyfriend. Ace was used to functioning as a heater at times, and actually he took great satisfaction in a shivering Marco cuddling up to him in need of warmth, but this, this was even a little too much for Ace. Especially when he wanted to sleep.

That’s why I wanted to warm them up on you, yoi,” Marco stated simply, and tried it once more, but Ace curled up in a ball, refusing to be touched by this monstrosity again. “Ace.. please..” Marco pleaded, feeling rejected by his boyfriend, and tried it with sweet kisses littered along Ace’s neck, knowing that it was a weakness.

But.. they’re so cold..” Ace eventually spoke up, relaxing his body which was due to the kisses he couldn’t get enough of. That bastard. But he could play this game too. “Okay, I’ll warm them for you.. but only when I get something in return..” He smirked.

What is it, yoi?” Marco asked amused, since this was almost expected. And he already had a good guess on what Ace wanted as ‘payment’.

More kisses~” That made Marco chuckle, and immediately he leaned in to deliver some, kissing his way from Ace’s shoulder to his throat, and caressing his abdomen as bonus. Pleased with that, which Ace showed by a deep hum and pressing his body back against Marco, he tangled his legs with his boyfriend’s cooler ones, even rubbing the ice cold feet to warm them up quicker.

Mmh.. goodnight..” Ace purred, lulled to sleep by those sweet affections, and Marco followed him to dreamland soon after, with now pleasantly warm feet.

This has been an incredibly difficult 13 months, and I have worked my ass of so hard, you guys.  I’ve spent every hour I could at the build site, and I’ve even spent time there when I haven’t had any to spare.  I’ve worked from home.  I’ve taken so much shit from my supervisor and my coworkers.  I have been so dedicated to this project.  It’s become my life.  So I feel like I deserve to make a few choices that will take a huge load off my shoulders for the next week or two.  Is it so bad to put myself first, just this once?

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Do Magnus and Alec keep their positions as high warlock and head of the institute after becoming parents? Or do they step down to spend more time with the kids?

When they first adopt Max, Alec steps down as Head of the Institute because he knows there’s no way he can take care of a baby and maintain a position that requires him to be at the Institute pretty much 24/7. It’s not like there’s any wiggle room for him to still be in charge but just cut back his hours. So he steps down, and gives control of the Institute to Jace, who by this point has had a few years to get used to leadership positions and work closely with Alec, so he’s comfortable accepting the position - though he still relies heavily on Alec for advice. Also, some of the downworlder leaders have gotten used to dealing with Alec directly, and prefer working with him over other shadowhunters, so Alec will still step in when he’s needed. So he’s still somewhat involved in what’s going on, but he spends almost no regular time in the Institute.

Magnus keeps his status as a High Warlock, but he only focuses on the actual leadership aspect of it. He maintains the position of authority and deals with all of his political responsibilities, but he stops taking on any regular jobs, and refers all of his clients to other warlocks. After all, he’s got more than enough money saved up for him and Alec to live comfortably without either of them taking in any new income for a few months.

Magnus ends up having to be out of the house more often than Alec at this point, but their biggest priority is being home with Max at the start. Not only because they have a baby and they want to be there, but because they’re two people who have never been the primary caregivers for an infant, and they had literally NO time to prepare or pick up a ‘What to Expect’ book, and they’re very much figuring out what the fuck they’re supposed to do.

Once things settle down a bit more, and Max starts becoming more independent and less strenuous (he’s a very difficult baby for the first year or so), Magnus goes back to his regular work, but with more reasonable limitations - no more weeks where he schedules himself for 36 hours straight without a break, no more demon summonings at midnight, etc. It puts a lot of extra strain on Alec at first, and leads to a really difficult period for them (a different story for a different discussion). But once they work things out, Magnus maintains his schedule as more of a strict, 9-5 day job setup. Both Magnus and Alec still have to make exceptions for important business (especially once his professional relationships with various downworld leaders results in Alec officially becoming the Shadowhunter-Downworlder Liaison for the Institute), but they try to keep their schedules reasonable, and match up with the kids’ schedules so they can be home together as much as possible.

binding is unhealthy. there is no such thing as safe binding; there are just ways to minimize the damage done. i’ve been binding for three years and i will continue to do so until i get surgery because the danger to my mental health if i don’t bind is greater than the one to my physical health if i don’t, but my body has been damaged over time. binding used to not hurt at all and now my shoulders and chest start to hurt if i’ve been wearing my binder for a few hours. my lung capacity is very low for a person my age because my lungs have weakened from regularly being forced to take smaller breaths.

this is not meant to discourage anyone from binding, i just don’t want another trans kid like me who binds to feel upset and misled because they learn this after they’ve been binding “safely” for a year. this is also a reason that top surgery NEEDS to be more accessible– it’s not just about mental health.

  • Hoshi: (recording his voice) Day 1 without Mingyu. Rations are falling low. Only half a piece of lettuce and a jar of expired jam in the fridg- never mind. Woozi just ate them - that's disgusting. The AC broke last night, Coups tried to fix it - punched a hole through the wall instead. Vernon's been missing for 14 hours. Seungkwan went out looking for him - no news of him either. Dino's crying alone in the corner... ahh nope Dk is crying with him. The8 tried to cook and lit the stove on fire, Wonwoo and Jun are helping him put it out. Or making it worse? Joshua said he was going to take the trash out but it's been a few hours so I think he's trying to fly back to America instead. Jeonghan's still asleep - wait, is he breathing? Jeonghan? JEONGHAN? - (audio cuts out)

California is making so much solar energy the rest of the country looks like a joke

  • California is the poster child for solar energy: in 2016, 13% of the state’s power came from solar sources. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, California is in the lead for the cumulative amount of solar electric capacity installed in 2016.
  • In fact, the California is generating so much solar energy that it is resorting to paying other states to take the excess electricity in order to prevent overloading power lines. According to the Los Angeles Times, Arizona residents have already saved millions in 2017 thanks to California’s contribution.
  • The state, which produced little to no solar energy just 15 years ago, has made strides — it single-handedly has nearly half of the country’s solar electricity generating capacity. 
  • According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, California reached a milestone: for a few hours, more than half the state’s power needs were sourced from solar energy. This put wholesale energy prices in the negative. Read more. (6/22/17, 12:15 PM)

It was three days into their stay in Thailand when Yuuri finally woke up earlier than Viktor.

He savoured those times, they happened so rarely. Viktor was often out of bed before Yuuri had even started to stir. Like this he had unimpeded time to study the small flutters of his eyelashes, the slight furrow on his brow that disappeared when Yuuri ran a comforting hand down his side, how his arms tightened around Yuuri when he shifted to keep him in place.

He could never look enough. No matter how much, how often, it would never be enough. Gently, still careful about not waking him, he ran the tips of his fingers from the cut of his jaw, the graceful line of his neck, and over his shoulders before pausing. Viktor sighed. Accent thicker from having just woken up, he asked, “I was enjoying that. Why did you stop?”

Yuuri didn’t answer, still staring at the skin of his shoulders. “Yuuri?”

“You have freckles,” he said, hearing the quiet awe in his voice.

Viktor took his right hand where it was motionless on his shoulder and kissed it, his eyes sliding shut again. “Mm. Only if I’ve been in the sun too long.”

He was saying it so casually, as if it wasn’t one of the best things Yuuri had ever learnt. Granted, he thought that of most mundane things he learnt about Viktor, but it wasn’t as if he wanted to stop. He considered kissing them all one by one, even if there were so many it would probably take hours. Reluctantly settling for around ten instead, he mumbled “I love them,” against another few. Viktor’s chest was shaking, probably laughing at his little display, but looking so delighted when Yuuri met his eyes that he couldn’t complain.


Hello my beautiful sugar babes!

I have the best boyfriend in the world. He surprised me with a eight week old golden doodle. I love this dog so much I don’t know what to do. He also ordered me a business platinum American Express credit card. And of course I still have his credit card on my Postmates, Uber, and UberEATS. He also ordered me HGH which is human growth hormone that is $700 a month. It’s supposed to make you skinny, your hair bomb, your nails amazing. Kim Kardashian and Madonna takes it. He’s in Las Vegas for a bachelor party for his brother and he’s calling me every few hours and face timing me. It’s so sweet. He’s so loving and kind. I’m so happy I have him.

I went to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and I met this grandpa and he took a liking to me and he wants to help me in my professional career. He wants to publish articles about me so I can become famous in my career when people google me. I’m really happy I met him and I look forward to growing my professional career and maybe leaving the sugar bowl forever one day. I’m really happy with my boyfriend and I don’t really see a need to hustle guys if I can make a substantial amount of money in my professional career.

I went to Roku sushi restaurant in Los Angeles last night at midnight because I was hungry and these guys kept circling our table and when the bill came the waitress told us that one of the gentleman had paid for our bill. It was a $200 sushi tab so it was nice to get free dinner. This just goes to show that once again my proximity thing is true. You need to be around rich people to meet rich people. I highly suggest going to this restaurant there were so many rich guys there I went in my yoga clothes and Adidas slides. I literally ran out for a midnight snack now I know to dress a little bit better. He owns 40 brands of wines and lives all over the world. He invited us to attend the BET party and Yacht parties for 4th of July.

A guy asked me to go to a music festival with him in Chicago and he offered me $8000 for three days but I’m not sure if I want to go because it’s rock music and I prefer hip-hop and EDM. So I don’t know if I want to go and listen to music for three days that I don’t even like I don’t know if it’s worth it. I’m still thinking about it.

I work out at Equinox and this guy invited me to this Lamborghini and McLaren event. I guess these guys that own these $400,000 cars pay money to race their cars on the race track. There were so many rich as guys. I wish I could’ve invited you all.

Girls have been messaging me asking me where I met my guys and I met them at all different places here are some examples. These are the guys that take care of me monthly of course I have my guys that I see here and there but these are the guys I count on every month
• 30 year old Amex, takes care of my car insurance, work expenses, cell phone bill, unlimited credit card -
• boyfriend, Uber, UberEATS, Postmates, credit card, HGH, Equinox - Tinder
• $5,000 a month and all my Christian Louboutins -
• $5,000/ $20,000 a month Persian - Poker Game
• billionaire - Charity Event
Rich guys are everywhere so you got to keep looking.

I made some mistakes in the beginning in the sugar bowl so I wanted to share with you what I’ve learned and I hope I can save you some trouble
• always get the money and or gifts first. One of my first arrangements on SA The guy promised me $1000 for a meet and he gave me $500 after. And I didn’t know what to do so I just took the $500 I left and he promised me that he would give me the money later but he never ever did. I never made that mistake again. When I see my daddies I always say “hi babe did you bring my gift.” Don’t trust them and if they say something like “this feels to transactional” I suggest you should leave he’s probably going to gyp you. All my real daddy’s give me the money without making me feel guilty.
• only talk on the phone with them for 10 minutes at a time. Try not to call them let them call you. When I see that the 10 minutes it’s getting close I just hang up abruptly and say “hey I have to go” and I just hang up. If they want to talk to you they have to come see you. They know how to find you. Don’t worry. They didn’t die. They’re just busy. He’ll make time for you if you’re important but don’t force anything. My boyfriend told me I never called him once in 2 months. If I need to say something I save it for when I see him. Are used to make up excuses to text him. Like if I bought him his favorite Mountain Dew soda I will take a picture and send it to him. But I stop doing that and he has been chasing me ever since.
• only give him 75% of your love. My nail lady is like my therapist and she told me she’s been married for eight years and her husband still asked her to this day if she loves him. She gives me the best advice. She also asked me do I know which noodle house is the best noodle house in Korea? She told me it was a noodle house that serve the least amount of noodles. So be the noodle house that serves the least amount of noodles. That will make him coming back for more.
• always make sure your nails are perfect. I once was dating this really rich guy who owns all these medical marijuana dispensaries and he told me that he will not date a girl if one nail is broken. Now I know you may think that this is absurd but I’m talking about being a sugarbaby on a high level. In order to be a sugarbaby on a high level you need to look like it.
• you need to shower daily. I can’t believe that I have to even say this but one time I hug my girlfriend and I could smell her hair and my eyes almost white cross eyed. You don’t know how many times guys have told me that they love the way I smell I shower and wash my hair every day and I understand some of you guys because if your ethnicity that you cannot wash her hair every day but you need to figure out something to make sure you smell good and clean. And even after sex I will take a shower and guys always told me that they love me that I’m so clean.
• we are here to comfort our men if they’re having a bad day make sure you uplift them and make sure that you make them happy. One of the things I always tell my guys is I’m here to celebrate your success your happiness and your life make it about them. You can go home and complain to your girlfriends but your boyfriend is not the guy you are complaining to. We are here to celebrate their life and their success.
• I have never ever referred to any of my guys as my “sugar daddy” or asked for an “allowance” to their face. Behind their back I referred to them as my sugar daddy and stuff but to their face they think that I am just their regular girlfriend. This will build more trust and they won’t feel as used and they will probably be looser with their wallet if they feel like you’re not using them. You know they’re going to be very cautious of everything if they suspect anything. You’re going to make the most money if their guards are down so you need to build trust.
• this is also a tip from my nail lady but do not ever make them feel jealous. Even if you are dating multiple men do not let them now. Do not post fancy photos of food on your social media if they’re following you. They know that you were on a date.
• Now as I mentioned above to only give 75% of your love to them and only spend 10 minutes on the phone with them when you were with them in person you are the number one girlfriend. When I am with my boyfriend or any of my dudes and even a Rolls-Royce I don’t even look. My phone is in my bag the whole time I do not check my phone for social media or my text messages or anything. My dude has my full undivided attention. They are the king in my eyes (at the moment)
• I personally won’t introduce my girlfriends to my daddies or my boyfriend until things are really established between the two of us. You don’t even know how many girls will sideswipe you and try to fuck your boyfriend for a Chanel bag. So to save your relationship with your boyfriend and your girlfriends just make sure you and your boyfriend or totally establish before introducing them. You can’t really control what they are going to do but you can definitely control if they meet or not.
• as you guys know a lot of my dudes give me credit card. A lot of girls have been messaging me about this. To get a credit card they are going to need your real name, your birthdate, and your Social Security number. So it has to be definitely someone that you completely trust. My 30-year-old daddy and my boyfriend I know they would never do anything to hurt me. They’re the most nicest people on the planet and their goal is to just help me. So don’t give some crazy motherfucker your Social Security number just so you can get a credit card it might not be worth the trouble. But this is really nice in case they go out of town or something you don’t have to depend on them to deposit money into your bank account it’s just a credit card so you can just spend and they pay the bill. The other great thing is if someone gets you a credit card I can only benefit you never hurt you so let’s just say that they default and don’t pay the credit card it goes on to their credit but let’s say that they pay your $10,000 a month credit card like every month your credit will improve.
• always have your own separate income or business or school or like profession or something that you’re working towards. There is a very high chance that you are probably going to marry a really rich guy being in the sugar bowl you’re going to end up falling in love with one of them. But the thing is is you should still have your own thing. You could even be a part-time plastic surgeon. All my aunts married very wealthy men but they have never worked a day in their lives and their husbands cheat on them all the time and they’re just stuck in there miserable relationship. They are decked out in Ferragamo, Mercedes Benz, and have Chanel bags but they hate their lives. You want to be adored and loved. And you have to let them know that you know you could leave if you wanted to and I think they’ll treasure you more. The also respect you more.
• if you are having a slow season in your sugar game do not worry it happens to all of us that’s why you need to be dating multiple guys to make sure that you’re going to be OK. That’s also why I highly encourage you to save your money. If you need to buy stuff have your daddies buy it for you save all the cash that you get. And honestly if you can’t get a guy to buy it for you you probably don’t even deserve it. If you really wanted you will figure out a way to get a guy to buy it for you. While we are having lunch I’ll make them take me to Sephora go buy $300 worth of make up or say “babe can we swing by target? I’m out of TP” and but $200 worth of stuff. Or get my nails done with them.
• K girls you know my favorite save save save! Just because things are going really well with your daddy don’t get too excited. Guys have offered me all kinds of stuff and they fell short.
• which also brings me to another topic is don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Meaning guys are gonna promise you all kinds of stuff don’t really count on it until you have the money in your hand or in your bank account. And honestly I made the mistake of telling my friends and looking really stupid when the guy never even called me back. So keep this information to yourself and maybe later if they actually give you the money or the gift then you can tell your friends but even with that you were going to end up with a bunch of hater friends. They’re probably going to call you a hooker or something like that because they are so jealous. They probably can’t even get their boyfriend to buy them a $200 dinner. So they are really going to hate you if your boyfriend is giving you a $10,000 allowance plus the Mercedes-Benz, you get what I mean? In the real world not that many people will be happy for you. So be careful who you share your information with.
• and really girls if you want to be a sugar baby on a high level you need to look like it. Your hair, make up, skin, nails, clothes, style, everything needs to be on point. One time I saw my girlfriend who really wanted to be a sugarbaby on my level and she had open her purse and her purse was a freaking mess and her make up had busted and the make up was all over like her wallet and and her stuff. It just looks so freaking disgusting. I buy make up bags from the dollar store and if my make up bursts or breaks I just empty it out throw the make up bag away and I put it in the new make up bag. You need to be really clean for these guys. And this was also the girl that her hair smelled. I mean I’m just her friend observing and I already knew we both played in different sandboxes. She asked me if she could have my old daddies but none of my dudes would even fuck her for free.

I really want all of you guys to be really successful. I’m here to answer any questions and to help you with any of the stuff but you guys need to do your part and look your best and be healthy go work out and be the best you. Make sure you’re all there mentally, emotionally, and physically. I pray and I mediate a lot to get my spirituality and head space in the right place. I work out and eat organic food so I’m in a good mood.

Another thing is is my nail lady told me that you don’t have to be the prettiest girl in the world but you do need to have the best skin. Stay out of the sun it ages you it’s not good for you it will give you freckles and wrinkles. Use SPF every single day, reapply it all day, where a hat if you’re going to be in the sun.

If I actually become successful in my professional career I will probably quit the sugar bowl and just take my boyfriend exclusively. I am really happy with him and I’m happy with my new puppy. I love you all and I wish you all the best success in the world and I totally believe in you.

That’s another thing to make it in this field and anything else you need to believe in yourself. I open my arms and face my palms to the sky, face my heart to the sky and I say “I open my heart to receive love, money, and happiness”. I need you guys to start doing this so the universe knows that’s you’re ready for your whale :)

To all my daddies,

I want to thank you for all the luxuries in my life. I want to thank you for making sure my bills are paid, designer silk clothes, most expensive shoes and handbags, most exclusive gym membership, caring about my health, buying me healthy organic groceries, alkaline water, green juices delivered every morning, taking care of my eyelashes extensions, nail salon, eyebrows, skincare, spas, facials, hair salon, make up, plastic surgeries, laser hair removal, my new puppy, taking care of my puppy supplies and vet bills and thank you for taking care of me even when you’re away on a business trip. I will in return be the best girlfriend to you make sure you feel like a king. I’m so grateful I met you. I love you so much.

Happy Father’s Day Zaddy ❤️

Your Asian Sugar Baby

Home Wash

To clean you home during  and after an illness to help with healing. 

One of the things I do after there has been some kind of illness or cold in my family/home is clean my home. Open the windows, let the sun in. Burn some sage and rosemary. Burn some lemon verbena. Wash the sheets and then hang them out in the sun. Most of all I wash my walls and floors. Like any modern witch I do use your standard cleaning liquids, but I also like to mix up a little something more to put in my wash water.

You will need some rain water if you have it and some clear and rose quartz. (Rose quartz will fill the home with a warm positive energy. I use clear quartz as a purifier.) I start the stone water at the beginning of my cleaning so that the stone water can sit out in the sun for a few hours to charge.

After a few hours

I take out the stones and mix in my herbs.

 Peppermint to cool things down and promote healing. Also Mint can be used as a purifier.

Rosemary is also a purifier and  promote healing, but is can also be used for protection from new illnesses.

Lemon Verbena cleans the energies of an area very well and I have found the it can add to the power of spell very nicely. (I once had a friend say that I will put this herb in just about anything…it kind of true. I love this stuff and even started growing it myself :3

I let it sit in the sun for a few more hours

Once done it’s a lot like a sun tea. I strain it out and now mix it with my wash. (If you are not a fan of chemical cleaners. Mix the herbs in vinegar in one jar, and make the stone water in another. Mix the tow jars when they are ready. Wash)

One way I charge my mix is every time I pass it as I clean, I give it three taps with my fingers. Pushing in my intent of washing away what made us sick and protecting us from new illnesses. 

Make up Marichat May, Day 12: Sleepover

Title: Good Morning
Word Count: 2,059

“Nope,” Chat Noir admits, trying to keep any disappointment from sneaking into his tone. He’d never slept over at someone’s house before. His father was far too protective to have him do something like that.  

“No? They’re fun,” Marinette says nonchalantly.

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