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Look, folks.  I do my absolute best to be friendly to people online, especially those who are friendly to me.  But I would like to make something clear.

Please do not mistake friendliness and openness for generosity.  I am a professional artist and quite frankly cannot afford to be generous with my art.  It is, after all, my trade.

The fact of the matter is that I cannot and will not take requests.  I have said so countless times.  I know some of you ask very nicely, but while I do appreciate the politeness, the answer is unfortunately still “no.”  Repeated requests will only have the effect of making me more staunch (and probably annoyed) in that response.

I sincerely, sincerely appreciate that folks enjoy my art.  Nothing brings me more happiness than that.  But I ask that you please respect my boundaries here.  “No” means “no.”

After the season finale of Supernatural pt. 2
  • Dr. Who fandom: This is getting creepy.
  • Sherlock fandom: Indeed.
  • Harry Potter fandom: Is something wrong with them?
  • Game of Thrones fandom: We don't rightly know. This is all they've done for a few weeks.
  • Dr. Who fandom: Seriously guys this isn't funny they need help.
  • Harry Potter fandom: So...they've just sat there? Singing?
  • Sherlock fandom: Basically. I tried the "pie" concept with them and it didn't work...
  • Supernatural a bathtub covered in layers of blankets stained with the tears of the innocent : john...and mary...husband and wife....
  • Supernatural fandom....drawing pentagrams and putting their characters in the spots needed to summon them: I NEED A DEMON I HAVE A SOUL TO SELL!
  • Supernatural fandom...SACRAFICE : This goat will do, right?
  • All the fandoms: *collective worried sigh*

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Hello! If you're still doing the kiss prompts, could you write 9 for fenhawke. Thank you, you're writing is wonderful btw

9. Distracting kiss

“I can’t believe you’re reading that.”

“I promised to,” Hawke said. He didn’t lift his eyes from the thick sheaf of paper before him, even when Fenris gave a heavy sigh.

“Hawke,” Fenris said. “He’s going to have a new version written in a week, I guarantee it.”

“Well,” Hawke said, “I promised to read this version, so…”

Fenris threw himself back into his chair, almost petulant. Hawke had known his lover wouldn’t like him reading Anders’s manifesto, but he hadn’t expected a reaction like this. It was endearing, and amusing, and Hawke was tempted to put the paper away for another time, except he had already put off reading for a week, and Anders would be asking. The blond had been so gloomy lately, and Hawke was hoping reading the manifesto would help.

“Why are you taking notes?” Fenris asked.

“So Anders and I can discuss his points later,” Hawke answered. He jotted down another thought. Fenris made an irritated noise, not unlike an offended cat. Hawke suppressed a smile.

The next two pages passed in silence. Hawke wondered if Fenris had fallen asleep, or grown so annoyed he decided it was better to leave.

He was surprised, then, when the elf’s arms came twining around his shoulders from behind. He felt his slender chest against his back, his breath against his ear. “ ‘And for the egregious error of the Chantry’s hubris, there can be only one response,’ “ he read out loud, slowly and deliberately, then turned his face toward Hawke’s ear, and mimicked a snore.

Hawke chuckled. “The sooner I finish, the sooner I’m all yours.”

“You’re already mine,” Fenris said. “And I’d wager I can prove it.”

“I’m not arguing the point,” Hawke said.

Fenris made a humming sound. He took Hawke’s earlobe between his teeth and tugged, teasing. He kissed his neck. His hands slid into the mage’s open shirt. Hawke found himself angling his head back, giving Fenris more of his neck and throat.

“You’re terrible,” Hawke told him, and Fenris hummed again, and put a hand on Hawke’s forehead to bring his head back farther. He kissed his lips, softly, from upsidedown.

“Come to bed with me,” Fenris said. “Finish that later. I want you now.”

Hawke put down his pen, and reached for him, pulling him back for another kiss.

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Then why do gay people get mad when straight people turn a gay character straight?

Um…first of all… Clay technically doesn’t have a confirmed sexuality, so we aren’t turning him bisexual. He COULD be. Second, even if he was confirmed to be straight, straight people are everywhere on television. You don’t need to turn gay characters straight. You can pick any show on television and MOST of the characters are “straight” (or at least never have any same-sex romances). Why would you need to turn a gay character straight? You don’t. And you shouldn’t because that is our representation. You have TONS of rep and we don’t. For the same reason we don’t need straight pride. 


“Hearts are actually rather easy to give…at the start.” Ellere Valahan frowned at him, though it was out of worry more than anything else. She reached over and laid a hand over his, much of the effect lost with the armor she wagered, but did so anyway. “Why do you say it unfair? I think we all would expect… once given, it would be held.”

Ruran peered down at her hand. His own didn’t move, save for an idle shifting of his fingertips against the rock. “Held…but for how long? Forever?” He looked sidelong to her, then shook his head. “I should have known better. I—…” He paused, a little flicker of his stone given. “It matters little now…”

“It matters enough, Ruran,"she replied, watching the stone flicker and then giving a sigh. "Everyone deserves some form of forever. It just might take a few tries to get it right for some of us.”

“A few tries..?” A dry huff left him, almost a laugh but in the wriest and unsmiling of ways. “Forever is…not given for me. I had my try, and now I have this.” He reached up with his free hand to touch his white wooden face.

Ellere clicked her tongue at that, moving the hand from his and tapping a nail on the mask. “You seem to think that mask, that stone…is an excuse that you cannot grow close to people again? You never struck me as the type to give up after one, single try, sugar. Your determination to stand after…everything, is part of what I admire about you.”

Ruran made a light exhale through his nose as the mask was tapped. Weary, bloodshot eyes looked to her. “Standing is all I can do. I am…not permitted to quit.” He looked away, gaze settling on the distant tombstone. “I have been advised to guard my heart. Keep my emotions in check. Yet I feel…everything, more intense than ever before. I do not know how to make them cease…even if it would make my mission easier.”

She did not like the word ‘permitted,’ but did not comment, for now. “They are… valid warnings,” she started, pausing for a long while. “Emotions are what remind us we live, Ruran. You faced death before. You were given this chance. To have them cease…” She shakes her head. “We’ve spoken on your duty before…and I suppose I owe you an apology for that.”

“An apology?” He slowly looked to her, confusion in his gaze. “Why for..?”

Ellere finally looked away from him, “I still… do not like it. The thought of what you do, what that…stone does to you, makes me worry. But I…I did not mean to make it sound as if I was against you. It is quite the opposite. I wish only to support you. You deserve that.”

The stone around Ruran’s neck gave a brief flicker, though it didn’t seem to distract the knight from regarding her for a few silent moments. He looked to the tombstone, and then down. “Most do not approve. I cannot blame you for that.” His head shook. “I am grateful for…for any support you may give me, but…I do not feel I deserve it. I am…quite a lost cause,” he quietly admitted.

“Approval and worry for a friend are two different things, Ruran. I do not begin to understand what you feel, what you believe you have to do…but I know I do not wish to see you hurt.” Her head tilted to the side, her own eyes falling to the stone below. “You might feel lost, but you are far from a lost cause.”

Ruran slowly nodded in understanding, but a silence lingered over him as he bowed his head and gave a sigh. “I wish I…had the courage to tell you everything…about me.” The stone gleamed once at that, and Ruran’s eyes grew a bit more distant. “Perhaps one day I will…”

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Can you please tell us more about your thoughts on how Dandelion and Juniper would have turned out? I'd love to read more about them, if they'd survived! :) You make me wish they had lived!

Aw that’s so sweet, I’m happy you ended up liking them so well. ;w; 

Hmm, what else do I have on them… 

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Life Update: More Travel Adventures

Ughhh I am currently packing up my Parisian apartment because I only have three more days left in this beautiful city. 

*huge wistful sigh* 

I’m so grateful for the time I’ve had, but MAN, I do not want to leave. :( I did everything in my power to stay as long as possible but alas, I must return to the US in the fall to finish my degree. 

The good news is, before I go back to the states, I am headed to Sweden for two months to do more dissertation research. And I am SO EXCITED because this means I get to spend time hanging out with @sincerely-chaos!!!!! Also, I love Sweden, and will be staying in Uppsala, where I have never been but I hear is lovely (I am very excited!!) so that is all good. :)

Anywayyyy, if you see me making angsty packing/leaving Paris posts in the next few days, that is why!

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@Starco and Connor: You do know that Connor is his generation's Marco, right? I can't think of a single person that doesn't have a crush on Connor, as was with the case with Marco at that age

Star; oooo hey, that’s right! little connor here is stealing hearts.

Connor: Oh no, i’m not Mrs. Diaz Butterfly, i…

Star; So cute! just like you Marco

Marco: what? what like me? 

Star; you know with everyone crushing on you

Marco: What, when did that happen?!

Connor: right!

Star: really sweetie?


Star; sigh

E: Side note, i did  not mean for Connor to be that way. honestly didn’t think everyone would have a crush on him, in universe and real world. that was a surprise. 

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I def agree, Anko was so cool! Although she and Kakashi were both a tough love sort of person, she was more so. If the Hokage had listened to her about what to do w/ Sasuke, would things have been different. I think Sasuke still would've been with Oro but it'd be a cool few chapters/episodes of the 2 working together, trying to control curse seal. I was actually disappointed when Anko was shown to be retired, an academy teacher (?), overweight - seemed like a downgrade to this awesome character

Yup, Anko will always be one of the biggest examples of a “what could’ve been” character to me. Her potential with Sasuke was gargantuan… *Sigh*


Thalia sets her infant daughter back down into her cot and stands up, folding her arms across her chest before sighing deeply.

She doesn’t know what has been bothering her lately, but since her engagement, life seems to have gone back to the monotony that her adventurous spirit does not appreciate.

She has also been doing more and more work at home since the arrival of Iris alongside her twin toddlers, so she was feeling even more cooped up!

It sounds silly, but she is really hoping for something to happen that’s completely out of the blue to bring some excitement back into her daily life!

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Le sigh at people having a problem with Iris killing Savitar. I guess they want Barry dead, then. Also, Savitar tried to kill this woman and despite all that, she was willing to help him. He didn't want the help, so he tries to kill Barry before he fades away. So fuck him. Payback is a bitch and Iris only thought about saving her man, not revenge.

Yeah, I think Iris was genuinely ready to help him, but he fucked up when he tired to hurt her Barry. Iris did what she had to do, and saved everyone yet again. I think Iris has saved the day more than Barry this past season, TBH… 


“Makeup or Breakup.” - Leorai & Apritello Fanfic - By Me.

Contains Strong Language & Stuff! 

(My version of the turtles in ALL My fanfics are different ages 16-20)  

Chapter 1 - I Hate You!

Leo’s P.O.V

*Sigh*… It happened again. Karai and I, arguing none stop, breaking us further and further apart each day… I haven’t seen her since last night, god knows where she’s gone to, or what she’s doing… Heading into the kitchen, in hope, Karai will be in there so I can. “Oh, Just Raph.” *Soft Sigh* Seeing him alone reading his comic with a beer. “Hey Raph, have you seen Karai?” I asked, wondering if he was in the best of moods to talk… “Nah, haven’t seen her.”… Okay, he’s talking, he’s in a good mood today. But still, Raph hasn’t seen Karai either. *Sigh* “Okay… Thanks, anyway Raph.” “Leo wait!” As I was about to leave, only to hear Raph stop me… “Have a beer with me, what’s bugging ya?” Raph said, sliding a bottle across the counter a bit, I paused for a moment, but  there was no excuse for me not to drink… “Who’s pissed ya off This time?” Raph asked as I sat on the side, taking the beer and opened it, only to stay quiet… “No one’s pissed me off… Well, Karai, I mean *SIGH* She’s Just So…” Unable to get my words out right, my hand clenched the glass bottle… Okay, we had problems, but it’s gone too far and now I think Karai is to the point of leaving me for good… “Oh God, I Can’t Lose Her.” My mind raced, filled with worries and thoughts, taking my first sip, only to realize I took a mouthful of my beer… “Raphael… I Need Help!” I said worryingly. *SIP* “Leo, You haven’t told me Shit, Stop Bitching About It Already And Tell Me!” Raph’s sudden order snapped me from my thoughts. “Karai Hates Me, Raph!” Banging my beer down onto the counter, whoa, sudden rage coming on… Calm yourself, Leo… “What, the fuck are ya talking about?” Looking at me, Raph waited… Silence… “We keep arguing constantly… I hate it, and seeing her upset hurts too but…” *Soft Sigh*… “I want our relationship to be like Donnie’s and April’s.” I stopped to breath… “Leo, you can’t compare you’re relationship with Karai to Donnie’s.” Raph somehow made me think… Maybe I’m trying Too hard that it’s just making Karai frustrated and tired or… Or maybe Karai Really does hate me… “Oh Who Am I Kiddin’? I’m The Worst Boyfriend In The World!” My head filled with thoughts again, letting out a groan as my head hit the counter… Groaning. “Karai deserves someone better than me, Raph.”

*SIGH* “BUT YOU ARE THAT SOMEONE, LEO!” Suddenly Raph’s shout got my attention! He sounded serious, more than usual. “What is it You, like most about Karai?” He asked me. Getting me thinking, hard, only to feel my stomach flutter, like… Like how I felt when we first met. “Well, I love her hair, so soft and silky. *Giggles* She has these eyes, Raph that. Wow, and her fighting skills are beyond… Amazing! And.” *Soft Sigh* “She has the cutest smile ever.” Raph listened, my feelings towards Karai and the things that makes her special to me, but… There’s still one thing that was missing during our time of being together… But What?… Taking another gulp of my beer before Raph spoke. “Leo, when was it the last time you took Karai out on a date… A Proper Date?” Raph asked… *GASP* Suddenly it struck a cord in me. Hitting me Hard in the chest. “No wonder Karai hates me. Oh I’ve never taken her out on a date.” I said to Raph with a moan. My heart broke in two. A whole year of being with Karai and I haven’t taken her out on a date… That’s why she hates my guts! Holding it in all this time, building up inside her until… Until it get’s to that moment when she, leaves me… “Whoa, Leo man, your worse than I thought.” Looking up at Raph as he responded, he was concerned for me, finishing my beer as did he, only to see Raph was on his third beer. Well, it was a Saturday, Raph’s drinking weekend along with Mikey who joined him. 

My mind raced. And it wasn’t the booze… “Raph, You Gotta Help Me!” Grabbing him by the shoulders, Raph blinked, shocked, but pushed me back. “Sorry Leo, Your on your own.” “But!” “Leo, just talk to Donnie, he’ll help ya.” Raph advised me to speak to Donnie… To Donnie? “Why Donatello?” I asked with a shock. “Well, he Is in a relationship like you, Leo. He can help, at least.” “THAT’S PERFECT!” Suddenly my heart started to beat, maybe Donnie could help me win Karai back… *YANK* “AH! LEO WHAT THE!” “Thanks Raph.” I couldn’t help it, yanking Raph into a tight hug… But I could tell the booze was getting to Raph’s head… “Alright, Leo let go now, Fuck your breathe smells like Mikey’s room.” “HEY I HEARD THAT!” Mikey yelled from outside the kitchen, letting go of Raph, I grabbed the half bottle of Raph’s forth beer and drank the rest. “HEY!” I ran out of the kitchen laughing… “DAMMIT LEO YOU BASTARD!” Hearing Raph shout as I went to see Donnie, Suddenly. *Gasp* “Karai!” Seeing her coming down the steps, her hair was dripping wet, knowing now it was raining outside… But still, she’s here. I raced and hugged her… But. Something was wrong… She wasn’t hugging me back!

TBC - Chapter 2 - Karai’s P.O.V                          

“Prom was invented just to make girls starve so they can fit in a dress and compete over a stupid title.”

“Uh –” Derek blinks, eyes his sister dubiously, “I’m not a girl?”

Cora huffs. “Whatever.”

In the kitchen Laura bursts out laughing. “Don’t worry.” She yells. “Cora is just jealous she will have to wait five years to go to her own prom.”

“I’m not going!” Cora yells back. “Prom is stupid, I don’t even know why you’re going,” she tells Derek, “it’s not like you know how to have fun.”

Derek raises an eyebrow while Laura just laughs harder. “Oh my god.” Their older sister says. “I stay away for six months and Cora turns into a sassy queen.” She walks into the living room, pretends to wipe at her eyes. “I’m so proud.”

“You two are ridiculous.” Derek says, turning around. “And I’m just going because Erica promised to pay me. With ice cream.” Then he gives Cora a wicked smile. “That I’m not going to share with either of you.”

“You are the worst brother!” Cora yells as he begins to climb the stairs. “And I hope you fall on your ass while trying to dance!”

“Can’t hear you!” Derek’s cell begins to ring. “Too busy getting ready to prom!”

Laura lets out a high-pitched laughter. “I love you two so much.”

Derek shakes his head fondly, closes his bedroom door behind himself just as Cora tells Laura to shut up. “Hey.” He answers the phone, collapsing on his bed. “What’s up?”

“Yo,” Stiles answers, “whatcha doing?”

“Listening to my sisters fight.” He says, snorting when he hears his dad start complaining about all the yelling and ‘no, Cora, I’m not letting you go to prom, you’re thirteen!’. “I’m gonna have to check the trunk of my car tomorrow night.”

Stiles laughs. “She’s not that good.”

“If you keep teaching her, she will be.” Derek blurts out, curses himself mentally when he realizes it came out harsher than he intended.

It’s just – sometimes he can’t help it. He’s known Stiles since they were four, Cora wasn’t even born then, but one day she turned eleven and Stiles became her new favorite person. Stiles couldn’t find it funnier and took Cora as his little apprentice. He even taught her how to cheat on Mario Kart.

He’s never taught Derek that.

Derek rolls his eyes, thinks about his little sister still downstairs pouting and trying to convince their dad that she’s old enough to go out. He shouldn’t be jealous of her, but the thing is – he grew up with two sisters, he knows how to share toys and food, but he doesn’t know how to share Stiles.

Because Stiles is his.

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