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Blue eyes

Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do a BuckyXReader where the reader has a dog and she talks about him all the time so Bucky gets confused and thinks its her boyfriend and he gets a little annoyed and Jealous because he likes the reader. Thanks!

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

Tags; @sassy-and-classy-cowgirl  @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @fashun–deevah

- If you sigh another time I’m calling an ambulance 

The jesting voice of Sam starttles you making you look confused at your friend. 

- I’m not sighing - you protest and he raises an eyebrow amused

Okay, maybe you do, a little bit, but in your defense how could you not? Recently you have achieved one of your life goals: have a fluffly, beautiful, adorable puppy. You have been discussing with the owner of the apartament you are ocuping for the lasts months and finally, after the promise that you will pay if the dog breaks something, he had conceed you to have a puppy, and you couldn’t be more in love with it. He is the most precious thing you have seen in your life and half of your thoughs are about him recently, you can’t wait to arrive home and play with him.

- Then, you have problems breathing? - he mocks and Nat laughs besides him

- Leave the girl alone - she says - she can’t help it

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dude you are a blessing for this fandom! the bts aus, the yoonmin, the everything! so so beautiful! always remember that there are tons of people who apreciate your art and the time and effort you put into it. sometimes ppl will say" do more of this or that", but don't feel pressured you do you :) lots of luv

thankyou you ask was so timely!!!!!! i guess smth to get used to doing as a fanartist is having to repeatedly tell people that you will continue something if u, well, feel like continuing it.. but sigh, Such Is Life. lots of love back to you!!!!

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Yey! I totally found you!!! (I didn't know you changed your url so when I checked your old one, I was shocked to find it gone. But I found you again! I' m so happy!!! *sobs*) For the Gruvia prompt, can you do "Fever" please? Thank you!!!

Aah yay! You found me! ^^ yes, I changed my name, but I left my old username on my profile jut in case something like this happened! I’m glad you found me again, anon! :) It’s short and little silly, but I hope you enjoy it! :p


“Gray-sama, Juvia thinks you have a cold,” she told the Ice Mage.

“What?” Gray’s eyes widened as he sat up in the bed. “I d-do not!” He sputtered with a cough.

“Yes, you do,” Juvia sighed, placing her hand on his shoulder and gently laying him down. “You have a fever.”

“Do not,” he muttered in disbelief.

“How about Juvia goes warms you up some soup?” She asked with a small smile and he gave a small nod.

He watched her leave the bedroom with a frown before sighing. No way could he be sick! Gray Fullbuster did not get sick! He cleared his throat, and it felt fine. He didn’t even feel hot anymore!

“Gray-sama,” Juvia’s soft voice called him back and he looked up to see her coming back into the room with a tray of soup and crackers.

His eyes widened as he watched her. Suddenly, it was back… The heat on his face, the catch in his throat and the nervous excitement in his chest. He had a fever - and it was Juvia’s fault.

“Gray-sama?” Juvia raised a worried eyebrow at his expression as she sat the tray on the nightstand. “Are you okay?”

“I have a fever,” he mumbled, leaning against the headboard.

“Juvia knows,” she gave him smile that made his heart skip a beat and his body feel like it was on fire.

Quickly, Gray kicked the covers off of him before ripping off his shirt. It was too damn hot in the room! He needed some air!

“Gray-sama!” Juvia called worriedly when he yanked off his pants. “You need to try to stay warm!” She grabbed his shoulders before she was able to shuffle him back to the bed.

“This is your fault,” he told her, trying his best not to look at her.

“Excuse me?” Juvia raised a brow in confusion.

“You do this to me!” He hid his red face behind his hands as he threw his head back.

“Juvia didn’t make you sick,” she told him. “Natsu-san has been the one sick.”

“You’re the one that caused this fever inside me, so close enough!” He told her, sending her a light glare between the cracks of his fingers.

Juvia couldn’t stop her lips from twitching. Slowly, she grabbed his hands and removed them from his face. He gave her a pout the whole time she tucked the blankets back around him. Perhaps he just acted a bit childish when he was sick… They had been dating for close to a year now, so of course she knew he liked her.

“Here,” she placed the tray on his lap carefully. “Eat this,” she told him softly before she turned to leave.

“Wait,” he called, his face looking a little more flushed. “I don’t want you to go…”

“I’ll be back,” she promised him with a soft smile.

Gray watched her leave with a slow sigh. His heart was still racing inside his chest, but it had slowed down a little making it easier for him to breath. He looked down at the soup, and though he wasn’t really hungry, it looked appealing. He glanced back at the creaked door. All he had to do is eat this, and then she’d be back… With a frown, he got ready to force himself to eat.

CS ff: “My Eyes, They Speak for Me” (2/3)

Summary: Canon divergence from 3x13 onward, where Walsh never reveals himself and Storybrooke isn’t where it should be. Emma and Killian have to not only find a way back to Storybrooke and Emma’s family, but keep each other and Henry safe in the process. 

Rating: Still T… But we’re getting closer to the elusive M.

A/N: This is part 2 of @swankkat‘s longest gift ever, but I’m having such a blast writing this. However, where I originally figured it would be two parts, it has now grown to three. Sigh. Special thanks again to @phiralovesloki for making sure I stay on task with this fic (and for just generally being amazing). This part is also 11k… So we’ll see how long part 3 ends up being. Sigh x2.

Part 1 found here! | FFN | Ao3

“What, uh. What do you think about moving in here? Pretending we’re a couple. I think Henry already thinks we’re seeing each other and whatever. I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to convince him that there’s something going on and we’re closer than we’re letting on.”

He takes a moment to pour himself a finger of rum and drink it down in one swallow before attempting to answer, but she can see it’s still a struggle. “I don’t know if that’s wise, Swan.” He pours another for himself and one for her, sliding her glass across the table to her waiting hand.

“Oh, come on. We are adults. I’m going to have to teach you how to function in New York, which will be easier if you’re in the same room as me. And it’ll save money if you’re not living in a hotel. Just sleep on it, okay?” 

“Aye, Swan, I will.” He lingers after the words, looking like he has more to say, but inevitably just shaking his head and returning to the table.

He told her he’d sleep on it, but the truth is that he immediately starts considering all the options before he even returns to the table. His mind is a conundrum of possibilities and options, complications, scenarios, hopes

But Killian cannot hope that the same things he wants are what Emma Swan wants, so he has to think carefully on the matter. Sure, their safety is a priority, but so is the matter of his heart, and he’s not entirely sure he can handle the idea of being Emma’s fake lover. Plus, the whole matter feels like much more than the white lies and omissions that they’ve been handing Henry since this whole adventure began.

Then again, when he thinks about the way their privacy was interrupted from this high up, his skin starts to crawl.

He stays while Emma cleans up the kitchen, and while she checks in on Henry again. When he hears her voice mingling with Henry’s, he decides it’s best not to eavesdrop on their moment. Instead, he idly stands by the windows, looking out each one to see if there’s a possible place someone might’ve been spying on them. But the windows that look in on the corner apartment are all occupied by residences.

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Drabble: Wish I Was There

You are at at work when you get an alert from your security company that someone has entered your house and used the code to shut off the alarm. As you aren’t expecting anyone, you open the app and watch the recorded video of your boyfriend, Chris Evans, coming in the front door.

You switch to real time and check the other security cameras in the house before finding him stretched out on your “ugly ass but fucking comfortable” couch (his description) and practically sleep already.

A sigh leaves your lips as you wish you could go home and cuddle on the couch with him. He has been traveling for a few days and you weren’t expecting him until the weekend, but you have too much work to do so you can’t even take a long lunch.

Switching to your message app, you quickly type a message and send it to him, telling him to get his shoes off your couch.

You flip back to the security app in time to see him grab his phone and read the message. He then looks directly into the camera (as he knows where it is hidden) and flips you off before he kicks off his shoes.

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MBTI: I Need Your Personality

ENTP: And, yeah, we’ve been talking for a few days now–

ISFP: HOW do you make friends so easily? How did you date someone so quickly!? ENTP, please give me your personality I need it NOW

ENTP: *snickers because MBTI* sorry bud, I can’t do that

ISFP: Ok but like if I didn’t have social anxiety maybe I would be as cool as you

ENTP: Maybe but you don’t have that attractive Ne/Ti vibe

ISFP: Ugh!!!

ENTP: You know I’m just kidding, you have an AWESOME personality!!

ISFP: *sighs* why am I a sucker for such sweet-sounding lies 


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It's great your doing this. So how about Jensen coming home and you watching your kids play or dance recital together on the couch after said kids have gone to bed.

“Ready to watch, babe? She was so excited to know what you thought about her ‘ballerina’ dance,” you chuckled, cueing up your daughter’s dance recital video.

Jensen smiles, but it doesn’t reach his eyes. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there, Y/N. I’ll tell the little one when she wakes up, and I’ll make it up to her. To both of you.”

“Jay,” you sigh, pausing the video. “We both know that you do everything for us. You work hard, long hours. And you love being on the show. The fact that you do all that and I get to stay home – I’ll never be able to tell you how grateful I am for that.”

He kisses you softly. “Thanks, sweetheart. I needed to hear that.”

You smile and kiss him again. “And, someday, she is going to know that her daddy did everything he could to give her the world. Ready to watch this now?”

“Ready,” Jensen confirmed, feeling much better now.

The Snow: Chapter 2

* Warnings, such as they are: 1) angst and 2) NSFW language.

(Chapter 1 is here.)


Jon tapped at the door again, this one not quite so gently.  “Sansa, are you all right?”

Do I bloody look all right to you? she wanted to scream at him, but that sounded entirely stupid when said to someone who could not, in fact, look at her at the moment, so Sansa settled for, “Piss off, Jon, I’m fine. And no, I don’t need anything.”

She heard him sigh. “All right,” he replied, and she could hear the energy draining out of his voice.  “But if you need anything, come get me, all right?”

Sansa very nearly launched the flowered pillowcase she was still holding at the door, but that would have provoked a further response from Jon, and dealing with Jon was the last thing she needed right now.  The energy drained out of her arm as surely as it had left Jon’s voice just moments ago, and she set the pillowcase on the floor.


Sansa shut her eyes tightly. One, two, three, four…please, just let him go away –

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I just want to know, did the boys ever loved someone truly ? (sorry for my bad english, i'm french)

Mun Mai: Your English is perfectly fine, dear! Merci! Sorry this came out kind of long!

As for the boys, here’s what I understand after spending so much time with them. If you mean romantic love, no, the boys have yet to feel true romantic love. Laito definitely has 0 clue what love really is at the moment… *sighs* Though parental love is different!

Shu and Reiji did indeed love their mother, but in Shu’s case, he felt smothered and caged so he wasn’t always happy. Reiji was devoted to his mother and cared for her, but his jealousy towards Shu tended to blind him. Both boys do love Beatrix in their own way.

Ayato, Kanato, and Laito are more complicated. They never received their mother’s love growing up, only the abuse she called love, so they don’t really understand parental love. Though they desperately crave it in their own ways, how twisted it may appear.

Subaru definitely loved his mother. Sometimes she would show his a mother’s love, and when she would, he was happiest. He just wants her to be happy.

Ruki loved his parents until the events that started the change in his life. Although, I suspect he still loves them despite everything. Proof being the photo in his room of him and his family that is important to him.

Kou and Azusa have never felt the love of parents as they were alone as long as they can remember. Azusa twistedly believed he loved his abusers as a child, to the point that he cried over their deaths, but I believe he just wished for any sort of contact.

Yuma loved his parents even though he was a rebellious kid. He sure loved them enough to run back to the village when it had been set on fire.

From what I understand, Shin loved his father and was close to him, and on the other hand, had a strained relationship with his mother. Carla is the opposite as he was close to his mother and not his father.

For brotherly love, the Mukami for sure care about each other, no doubt about it. Like how Ruki, Kou, and Yuma worry over Azusa’s cutting habits and try to help him know he’s cared for and loved.

The Sakamaki on the other hand are much more complicated, as I believe underneath it all, they do care some, but they all have very strained relationship that overshadows it most of the time.

The Tsukinami do love each other and care for one another, but tensions and pressure to bring back the First Bloods causes secret rivalries. Underneath it all, they probably just want the other to be happy.

So that’s what I think…

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omg he's gonna be so full!!! lol you better take him out for a lot of walk!

Yeah, I’m going to have to start hiding his food better, if he’s going to break in and eat it *Lifts Charming up so there face to face* You can’t eat all that food. It’s not good for you *Charming head butts him* ….. You don’t care at all do you? *Sighs* He’s too cute to scold

Naked Cuddles - Sebastian Michaelis

30 Day Smut Challenge

Fandom: Black Butler

Warnings: Nakedness, sweet Sebastian.

F x B

You sigh, laying down on the cool silky sheets of your bed, the night had been horribly hot leaving you in a sweat. You woke up with beads rolling down from your brow, sighing you stripped from your thin night gown and folded it and laying it at the end of your bed. You wished Sebastian was here to cool your off with his abnormally cold body, being a demon seemed to have those perks. You stared at the ceiling trying to find sleep once again but the heat made it too uncomfortable to do so. You rolled your eyes in annoyance and walked over to the already open window, looking up at the starry sky with a glare you couldn’t help but let out another forced sigh. “My, what has gotten you so annoyed,” You heard Sebastian’s sweet tone flow through your ears “and naked.” He finished, a smirk evident in his tone.

“It’s so hot in here Sebastian.” You said, glancing over at him, seeing him already discard his tailcoat and tie.

“Well let me help you with that, my love.” His voice was much closer now, his arms wrapped around you from behind and his scent invaded you from all sides, his tall frame fitting yours. You almost immediately felt relaxed as your sweaty body was brushed with his cold hands.

You looked up at him, “Please.” You pleaded pathetically. If you weren’t his lover he probably would have laughed, even though he did find it amusing he didn’t want to embarrass in a time of need. Plus it gave him the opportunity to have you against him, in the nude.

“Of course.” Sebastian stepped back a bit and began to strip himself from the rest of his clothes. He neatly folded them in a small pile and set them elsewhere. You were guided to the bed and sat down as Sebastian tucked you under a thin sheet, his cold body soon joining you.

“Is this better?” He asked as you nuzzled greedily into his neck, your body practically on top of his.
“Much better,” You sighed “Thank you.”

He had a small- and genuine- smile on his lips as he looked down at your form, “Well, what kind of husband would I be if I could provide such a simple task for my wife.”

You smiled at the overused line, never getting tired of hearing it. You kissed at the crook of his neck, hearing him let out a sigh of contentment. “Sebastian, what took you so long today?” You asked in a quitter voice, your mind already drifting in and out of sleep.

“Well I was helping the Young Master solve a case and we ended up running into that annoying reaper again, I swear he’s been stalking me.”
“Why don’t you just kill him if he’s so annoying?”

“I’ve tried but that’d cause a lot of trouble for me, reapers would come left and right for my head.” He brushed his fingers gently down your spine, making you shiver.

“Well we don’t want that now do we?” You draped your leg over his, the skin on skin contact was blissful as the once horrible sweat had faded into nothing. After a while of comfortable silence you started to drift off once again for the night.

The last thing you heard was Sebastian wishing you a good night, you murmured back to him quietly before your dreams surrounded your mind.

Hoshidan Festival: Kamui and Dwyer (Married) Convo Pt. 1 & 2

I’m dyiiiiiiiiiing. My weekly hours at work have increased and I have little physical stamina as it is. So of course my sister’s solution is to go to the gym and workout and that is a TERRIBLE idea to do first thing in the morning directly before an 8 hour shift on your feet - for me, anyway. I was grumpy the whole time and clumsier than usual. 

*sigh* Okay, back to Fates.

Dwyer will always be my Conquest son so it was a little weird to have married him in this conversation this time around. But he’s adorable anyway~ I will admit, I do wanna pinch his cheeks and baby him to see how embarrassed he’d get. Again, comparing the non-married and married conversations is kind of fun~! Happy reading~!

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i had to sit down on a random bench to type this but i couldnt let all this love and positivity i keep receiving go unnoticed!!!! i made this blog when i was in a really shitty place, with a really shitty mindset, and doing this genuinely makes me so happy. i really really do mean it when i say that u dudes make my day so much better. if i could send u all the positivity back i would x10000, but so many of u like to stay anonymous, sigh (not to pressure u tho, thats what the anon option is there for) . i do want to give back to u nonnys always, but im not sure how. if u guys ever have any requests or ideas of things for me to post or create that would make u happy please let me know because i will do it for u. its not enough and it will prolly never be enough to repay all the love u guys send me but the only thing i like more than posting is talking to u guys and making people happy, so. let me know okay :D i love u my friends, i appreciate u and respect u and think u are the absolute best of the friends in the whole world. and thank u. again. if i didnt say that already <3

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Does this mean we can start asking for snippets? 😇 #addictneedsherfix

Yes, actually! Especially for that hashtag. Haha. <3<3<3

Paparazzi chapter 18, snippet #1:

Alec sighed. He had to go. He had a job to do, he’d be lucky if he wasn’t already late. Why did they have to finally figure things out right before they were going to be separated again? What if Magnus changed his mind before they saw each other next? What if they left this room and everything changed again, everything went back to the way it was before?

“I can literally feel you over-thinking things,” Magnus said, voice low and soft.

Alec forced a laugh through his suddenly dry throat. He frowned, resisting the urge to pull Magnus back as he sat up straight. They’d barely moved from their spot on the couch in hours, Magnus dozing off once or twice in Alec’s lap.

Chapter 18 should be up late this week, possibly this weekend! Until then, I’ll be posting snippets here and there, let me know if you want one and I’ll see what I can do without spoiling everything! <3


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“Cuz they are. Dad seems to think so at least,” he sat down a forlorn look on his face.

“She could just want to meet her daughter,” Vincent said trying to put a good spin on the situation.

Shaking his head “I didn’t get that vibe from her this morning. She wants something.”

“You’re probably right,” Vincent sighed “what are you going to do about it?”

“I don’t know yet” Ryan said heading towards the door “first I have to tell Charity what I found out.”

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A part of me wants them all to go at once too... but idk if I could deal with both Daesung and Seungri being gone at the same time. I at least need one of them in my life to keep me going ; ;

Even if they spread it out, I think the plan was for Daesung and Seungri to enlist a year apart. So, no matter what we’d still have over a year where they were both enlisted. :(
This is why I say it’s better to just go all at once. It’ll be over quicker. Just do the solo projects this year & then all go at the same time. Then when TOP gets out, he can have his solo. Then, before you know it, they would all be out and back together.
But, it’s YG… so they’ll probably fuck it up. *sigh*


My mantra was in full force this week; ya dream girl had shit to do. Like, truck-loads of shit. Yearbook stuff is a pain in the ass sometimes and so much hard work, but I’m starting to realize that nobody is asking me to work hard. I decide to work hard because I want to. It’s my passion and what I care about, and one of the ways I put my small stamp on the world. And I’m going to make sure I do my work proudly. I still have so much to do and have to study with finals coming up next week, but I’m figuring it out. sigh. // Busy is a blessing.