so this will be really epic xd


Its done! I really liked this part in glitchtale because it was so amazing! it gave me goosebumps XD This episode was full of feels

Glitchtale belongs to @camilaart

Random DCMK Things: Hattori Heiji’s Character Development-A Heiji Appreciation Post

Hattori Heiji First Appearance in File 92:

Heiji litterally went from  *flies all the way from Osaka to Tokyo to bring out this Kudo to make him see who the hell is fcking boss*

Heiji in File 1000:

to *Goes to Kyoto to make sure that Kudo’s okay and that nothing bad happens to him during his field trip, make sure he doesn’t fcking screw up ‘coz you can never be so sure*

Huhuhu Can we all appreciate Heiji’s growth in the whole series? I mean seriously, when I first saw him I felt like, “Man, I hate this guy. He’s so full of himself.” but when the story progressed, I became like, “Awww this boy is so freakin’ precious. I love him so fcking much!”

I mean, remember the “Desperate Revival Arc”? When this dork pretended to be Kudo by putting on powder on his face and by changing his hairstyle? XD That was total epic fail but still… He went out of his way to help Kudo out, even if his plan isn’t that well-thought of. He was worried about Kudo, the man he once thought of as his competition and rival. In this Arc, Heiji let go of all that. He had a good heart, going through all the trouble to help out Kudo. I think it’s really sweet of him.

Let’s also not forget about the “Head-to-Head Match with Black Organization Arc” When he disguised as Shinichi. Our baby Cone just messaged him if he could come to a party to pretend to be Shinichi. Conan didn’t even explain the further details, he just said “Be prepared for anything.” Anything, meaning that there could be danger. Heiji went out of his way to Conan’s aid, with no questions or second thoughts. He replied okay right away. All he knew is that Shinichi needed him and he came to help him even if he knew he could get involved in the case, even if he knew the organization could target him.

And remember that episode/chapter when Heiji hid the imposter Kudo thinking that he was actually Kudo who had just been framed? Heiji is a detective and the son of a police officer. He knows very well that he could get into a lot or trouble by hiding a suspect, but because he believed so much that Shinichi couldn’t do such a thing, he hid him from authorities. 

And now, Heiji’s freakin’ babysitting Kudo on his fieldtrip. See how this boy is so fcking precious? I could name so many reasons to love this guy.Like seriously, Heiji deserves a lot of love from all of us. He’s such a good friend to Shinichi. I love how he has grown. He has matured a lot and I’m really proud of him. <3

I’m crying! Huhuhu Shinichi please give this guy a lot of love. He has been an awesome friend to you. Keep him and protect him as well. This guy isn’t even blood-related to you but he cares for you unconditionally. TT_TT You guys had a rough start, but look at where you guys are right now.

Seriously, File 1000 is giving me so much feels. Not only is my ShinRan heart satisfied, my HeiShin heart is as well.

iamravensdreams  asked:

I'm really impressed with Undrrverse. I've tried animating and it's really tough! With something like Undervse on your resume, I bet you'll get picked up on by some big network that'll recognize your epic ness. Except don't ditch us for stardom yet! (I mean if you're doing it, I'd watch any show you started, but I want to see Underverse through!) can't wait to see you on Cartoon Network or Disney XD!

Wowie… my own series on tv ;.;
That’d be a big goal…thinking about that scares me so much tho.

Things to look forward to in season 3

What I’m waiting for -

  • Armin and Jean cosplaying as Historia and Eren
  • Frieda Reiss animated (she’s so beautiful asghsjsksks)
  • Kenny Ackerman’s entry
  • The 3dmg
  • Levi’s smile
  • Historia punching Levi
  • Historia’s coronation
  • Levi’s backstory (this one’s gonna hurt)
  • Historia standing up to her dad
  • the reiss family
  • Eren inheriting the Titan
  • Erwin almost dying and then the fake news of wall being breached (that one gave me the chills asdgdhdjdk)
  • Jean and Eren fighting
  • Sasha going wild
  • A better shot of Zeke’s abs
  • The entire shiganshina arc basically
  • Reiner and Bertl watching the sunset ❤️
  • Zeke smashing Reiner’s armor (not sure I’ll be able to take that scene seriously lol)
  • ZEKE Jaeger
  • ZEVI ROMANCE (I mean fight)
  • ERWIN SMITH!!!!!!!!!
  • Serumbowl… (I really don’t want to see it though ahaha)
  • Reiner’s head regenerating? (I’m just wondering how horrifying it’ll be in the anime because that traumatized me in the manga)
  • ARMORED vs EREN TITAN FIGHT 2.0 (I low-key ship these two xD)
  • ARMORED TITAN!!!!!!!
  • Eren’s new hardening ability xD
  • barreltolt
  • Bertl’s epic transformation? (I’m expecting some really great soundtrack here)
  • Reiner Braun. Just Reiner Braun.
  • Ymir’s letter? (Is it gonna be in the anime? I really hope so even though they already animated that part)
  • The basement and everything within.
  • Levi breaking down the basement door lol
  • ERWIN’S THANK YOU (pretty sure I’ll cry)
  • Ymir Fritz and the 8 Titanss

Okay this is just me incoherently writing random stuff… Not in any particular order.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tv show recs? Anime or otherwise? I'm running out of things to watch and you seem like a good person to ask. :)

Hmmmmm okay here’s some of the stuff I’ve watched and enjoyed:

  • Owari no seraph (the anime adaption comes straight from the manga and the manga is very pretty)
  • Kuroshitsuji (the manga only, its beautifully drawn and has an interesting plot!)
  • Soul Eater (I really liked the anime, the manga was sort of confusing to me)
  • Inuyasha (A CLASSIC)
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (ANOTHER CLASSIC)
  • Pandora Hearts (MANGA ONLY. This series is over now but god I loved it so much ;;___;; its my favorite manga series okay)
  • Avatar (I really hope you’ve already watched this bc if not you’re really missing out and this is the first thing you need to watch)
  • Shadowhunters (it looks stupid BUT ITS NOT OKAY. Its so great and cool and has representation and amazing relationships I LOVE IT)
  • BBC Merlin (this is already over too, but its such a great show. I watched it every single time a season came out a+++)
  • Miraculous Ladybug (the animation is BEAUTIFUL. And the fight scenes are always so unique and cool. Very good show.)
  • Game of Thrones (bloody. Very bloody. But so damn epic.)
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (its really funny and different. The sibling bond is excellent. I just watched this and I loved it.)
  • If you like reality tv: House Hunters, MasterChef, Four Weddings, Chopped…

Okay I think I got it all XD I hope you enjoy these, anon! Thank you for the ask!!!


,Okay so first we have this epic reunion after such a long time !!! man i just can’t believe it ! 17 and 18 the coolest/hottest twins to ever exist in fiction anyway xD i really liked how they’re still have the same relationship like 18 teasing him or looking irrititated and 17 just standing there either smiling or looking amused brought back so many memorie !!

Also Krillin being the awkward brother in law was priceless lmao and the way 17 turned down that invitation damn btw 17 wasn’t being mean or cold as some of you might think,that’s just the way 17 is and the recent episodes basically confirmed my headcanon about his personality all this time,17 is a loner he doesn’t really feel comfortable with people around him doesn’t matter if they’re family or not,he’s just pretty distant some of you might see it as a flaw but imo it’s just what makes him so unique he prefers to mind his own buisiness and detach himself from the crowd to avoid awkward situation i guess ? not that he can’t handle them though.

Also can i just talk about the fact that his smile gives me life ? like literally he’s just so gorgeous and that smile is like looking at the moon ! gorgeous <3 <3 

And of course we get to finally see 17 and marron meet and see him as an uncle for the first time,this made me so happy i also liked the fact that he told her “hey you’ve grown” confirming he did visit her once like Toriyama said ! so far the writer has been pretty faitful to Toriyama’s interview i’m impressed.

and i’ve always knew he had that joker side of him it’s not surprising at all,remember back in Z when he told 18 if she was interested in the clothes of those delinquents that were chasing after them ? i’m not sure if you remember that one but point is 17 likes making jokes and he doesn’t care if people around him don’t find them funny. (personal headcanon about the last part ofc.) his sense of humor is very sarcastic xD and the pun he made was priceless,

Anyway as someone already mentioned it here this scene alone kinda proves 17 is an actual father the was he was nice to Marron petting her and smiling with her  brought his paternal side to the screen which was enjoyable to see,i really hope we get to see his family dammit :’( also on side note neither Krillin nor 18 know about his family (just like the Toriyama mentioned in his old interview) it looks like only Goku is aware of that now.

Then, we get this awsome scene that i’m particularly fond of,it shows 17 making his entrance and officially joining the squad ! which is a dream come true !!! 

Finally 17 and Piccolo’s reunion something i’ve been waiting to see for a long time too,i’ve always thought 17 and Piccolo would have been great friends/rivals,it was so funny how everyone was expectiong shit to go down lol and 17 was going for it !! 

Then he got surprised how welcoming Piccolo was which just proves how awsome Piccolo is,thank you Piccolo for being nice to my bae xD ! 

And ofc 17 showing signs of how mature he became over the years and how well spoken he’s become,trully one of the best character development in anime,i’m just so proud of him and i’m not even surprised at how great 17 is,i always knew he was even with his lack of screen time,right now i’m just experiencing my headcanon becoming canon step by step. :)


I picked up playing Skyrim again this year, and tried to play with mods. And OMG the game feels so different and way more amazing.

So how about a cute rat mount?!

A really, really ADORABLE rat mount!

That can follow you around even after you dismount!

How about rat surfing. Everything’s possible XD

How about taking your horse into a dungeon with you?

And sneaking up together to assassinate some necromancers? (yes, this horse doesn’t scare easily, its one badass horse XDDD)

Sometimes it doesn’t end well but at least your horse is with you in your darkest hour.



But it’s not just dragons, it’s also gryphons!

All kinds of them to choose from! Easy to summon whenever you need them.


To be frank getting an arrow in is nearly impossible but SO MUCH FUN XD

Also, if you like to live dangerously, how about dismounting in mid air XD

Byeeee XD

How about skeletal dragon mount?

Or your very own zoo? XDD


Also did I say AWESOME MOUNTS?!


They can climb mountains even better than standard Skyrim mounts do XDD And some of them make you immortal in case of falling off such a Mt Everest XDDD

Yes, you can even ride a walrus… if you really want to XD

Install mods now and enjoy Skyrim from a new perspective (like, standing on your bear XDDD)

WOOOH! Seriously please try it. These screenshots show just a few of the great new opportunities. Sometimes something will glitch but not too often, and usually it’s pretty funny when it does (like that rat/bear surfing XD).

anonymous asked:

amongst yamaguchi's goddamn awesome serve and kageyama's epic set, can we just appreciate suga's reaction TO yamaguchi's serve where he's just strangling poor hinata XD

HE REALLY DID THAT !!!! Suga’s reaction is priceless and please note the fact that he said WE did it. This speaks so much about him as a person and as a vice captain. Also Hinata should feel blessed I mean…being strangled by Suga is honestly life goals

anonymous asked:

I'm trying to get more into classics so I wanted to ask you what are you favourites or books you absolutely reccomend?

*rubs hands*

  • dumas anything but the three musketeers is my fave, the count of monte cristo is also a+
  • 1984 is my favorite book so if it counts as a classic to you ;) for moar old-school dystopia, lord of the flies is also ur friend
  • goethe triad: faust, werther and elective affinities
  • jane eyre <3 wuthering heights <3 BRONTES <3
  • as for the french, stendhal is always a++ my favorite is the red and the black
  • and victor hugo too, les mis is obviously The Masterpiece but it’s long af so maybe you wanna start off with notre dame des paris if you want to sample the style
  • russians: admittedly I’m not as strong on them as I’d like to be but eugene onegin is an a+ poem and dostoevskij is always a great choice, my fave is brothers karamazov and obviously crime and punishment is a total classic but if you want to start of easier there’s the house of the dead, the gambler and notes from the underground, also gogol’s the nose and the coat are some of my fve short stories and checkov’s short stories are generally great (I need to read more tolstoy tbh so I can’t go give advice on that but in general start with the short ones and move up to the longest)
  • back to british: FRANKENSTEIN <3
  • also treasure island is a classic if you’re into adventure and shit, same as jules verne (if you like italians and find a translation you can try out salgari’s anything, it’s the same brand of stuff)
  • forster! <3 maurice is my fave but also a room with a view and a passage to india
  • also if you’re into crime stories the sherlock holmes books are your friend
  • if you’re into horror get yourself a collected edgar allan poe works book and marvel, he mostly did short stories anyway so it’s all v. accessible u_u
  • americans ie LET ME GO ABOUT THE STUFF I LIKE: STEINBECK (my fave is the grapes of wrath but honest anything he did is a+, east of eden is waaay longer so I’d suggest going for grapes before, but if you wanna start off very short there’s of mice and men and cannery row/sweet thursday + the short stories in the long valley) and vonnegut (slaughterhouse V is the one you wanna read first, but cat’s cradle is also genius and my favorite is god bless you mr rosewater, but really vonnegut hasn’t written one book in his life that wasn’t at least a 7,5 on 10 lol) as general authors, then
  • moby dick if you’re into wanting to try that behemoth but is2g it’s worth it
  • the adventures of huckleberry finn is actually what’s mostly agreed started off american lit as a separated genre and I love the shit out of it
  • to kill a mockingbird also <3
  • I’m not the best on spanish lit around but you might wanna read don quixote if you wanna go for a) the most important novel in spanish lit, b) one of the first novels period. ps: it’s absolutely a riot
  • italians: these are more complicated bc we didn’t have *novels* until the 19th century and I’m not a fan of a lot of them but if you have the chance do try out calvino (the invisible cities <3) (but everything calvino is a+), leopardi’s poetry or moral works (I hope there’s an english translation somewhere but they’re so worth it), then I always advise to try and read the divine comedy with a decent edition with the necessary explaining notes <3 same as orlando furioso which is also a riot even if obviously the latter two are epic poems so take it as you will xD (also if you’re into theater you might wanna check out pirandello’s six characters in search of an author which is vastly influential and a great work)
  • if you really wanna go heavy on *literally* classics and want to try out ancient greeks or latins… well obviously odyssey/iliad/aeneid count, but you might wanna check out aristophanes’ comedies which are a-total-riot - lysistrata is really great also for our modern sensibilities and you don’t need to know anything about ancient greece to read it, while for the clouds or the birds you might wanna get an edition with notes but anyway they’re a riot. also there’s my forever favorite epic poem ie lucretius’ on the nature of things which is basically philosophical epic poetry and I love it but I understand it might be boring to others, so I will also throw in lucian’s a true story which is pretty much the first scifi story in western lit and it’s also a riot. (then if you wanna move on to tragedy just go with either aeschylus’s oresteia trilogy which basically gives you a very good idea of how the entire thing was supposed to work. sophocles has seven of them which are all great and eurypides has a lot more but like just start with the above if you wanna try that out).

aaand I could probably go on but that was a lot so xD hopefully there’s something you might like in here :D

ryomyo  asked:

Are you a boy or a girl? XD sorry, I'm just really bad at noticing it and I don't want to assume. (same happened to Kitmast. I thought he was a girl) so... is the epic Yugogeer a male or female?





Hitorijime My Hero 1x05 | Jesy's ramblings
  • Settie looks kinda dead tbh
  • And he made weird food
  • THE OPENING CHANGED (a little at least)
  • I really need to download the opening song ‘cause I’m super in love with it. Anyone there who knows the name and from who it is?
  • “What was that…?” Normal people call that a kiss, my sweet child.
  • “He’s just teasing me again anyway” Nah. Pretty sure he’s into ya for real.
  • “How can he just walk up to me like normal?” He’s probably sadistic?
  • That stalker…Is that one from that gang?
  • “That fly in the room is really starting to bug me.” Oh shut up, Asaya.
  • “You said you wouldn’t be mean to Setagawa.” Yeah. So be quiet.
  • “Kensuke and I can go.” You’re going to make out, right? ;)
  • “I was getting kind of irritated watching him.” You know, instead of being a dick, why don’t you help him when his current behavior annoys you? -.-
  • “I just wanted some alone time with you.” MAKE OUT! NOW! C’MON!
  • They didn’t make out ._.
  • He’s sooo handsome #TeenKousuke
  • “I hope Masahiro gets into his top-choice school.” That’s super adorable.
  • You want him to find a girlfriend but you keep trying to kiss him. Are you sure you know what you want Kousuke?
  • The way he runs away seems kind of wrong tbh xD
  • “What the hell is this feeling…?” That’s love, child.
  • OHH FUCK. Shit’s getting real!
  • “Too many kids around. Can’t concentrate. I let them distract me.“ Uh-huh. Just keep telling yourself that Kousuke. We all know it’s because of Settie.
  • “Or is there another reason you don’t want to go home?” Natsuo’s sharp.
  • Oh god. The weird detective again.
  • Not even the cat likes them.
  • “If you mean Masahiro, you’ve got nothing to worry about with him.” Ehh, I actually wouldn’t be so sure about that anymore…
  • “He’s got me to protect him as long as he’s in that house.” And if he’s not?
  • “But Kou, you’re not as clever as you think.” Says the guy who mistook a middle/high? schooler for a panty thief…
  • “The more you try to protect him, the more you take something away from him that’ll never return.” Okay. That quote is quite epic.
  • “Plus, you can’t really pretend not to notice, can you?” They met Settie once and they still all know. Poor guy is too obvious.
  • They see him and automatically fall unconscious XD
  • “What are you, my wife?” Weeell…
  • I’m sooo jealous. I wanna pet his head too >.<
  • Settie was pretty obvious right from the start, huh.
  • “You have no idea how that honest, sincere gaze of yours has saved me up until now.” That’s because you have a terrible way of showing it.
  • “I started to think that… I could solve any problem, no matter how hard… As long as I had you. So what I did that day was… A bit of jealousy, and… Well, I won’t tell you anyway.” WHY CAN’T YOU FINISH YOUR SENTENCES LIKE A NORMAL PERSON KOUSUKE OOSHIBA?
  • It was at this moment when Settie knew he fucked up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I’m really deep in Hitorijime My Hero hell and I love it! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The line is still ok you think?


I don’t always draw fanart, but when I do it’s embarrassing

…. Prince Noctis epic fishing adventures XD

Ok - I know this isn’t something you would expect from me, but really, it’s been a while since I had so much fun playing game on console! (most of my all times favourites are PC games) I almost forgot how awesome FF games are!
So anyway, I had to draw this, to get this out of my mind

i’m done
enjoy ^^“

Gift for the senpai of love: @yugogeer12 !<3 A little drawing of her persona ^^

You’re too sweet, cute, kind , awesome and epic in the same time Yugo-senpai! <3

I love you so much!! <333

Sorry if my drawing is so bad ><;

I hope senpai will notice me and perhap like it…?  (I am really not sure! XD)

“big hug to the cute senpai” >3<

therealsanspai  asked:

Hello Desu Desu ^_^ Its a pleasure to finally talk to you. A while back we got the okay from you to dub your comic and we really love to voice your characters. :) I was just wondering if you liked it or not and hope that we are doing you proud? Our channel is Timeless Dubs, and just so you know on the most recent episode I felt while Frisk is destroying everything it messes with the audio.

I just watched ur newest epictale dub recently

I must say

I dont know if u did dat on purpose or
Theres just a problem with ur audio lol xD


Awesome voice from BRUHntly tho! It truly suits him for epic ≧▽≦

And the voice for frisk and chara is just right
Calm and Deiceving!




Keep up the good work u guys!

Because more is comin, and this is gonna be the last arc of season 1

Stay tuned!!!

thetinylostsoul  asked:

If I came in time, can I ask for some Diavolo and/or Doppio on a date with a very kind s/o? Like they want to pay for the date kind of kind. Thank you so so much. You're epic.

asdfghjkl Thank you so much! But I’m not epic, you’re epic XD

Also, I’d like to point out that Diavolo is officially the most requested character on my blog :3

I hope you like it! :D


  • Doppio gets really flustered by his s/o’s kindness. He always knew that they were really kind, that much was obvious already when they met, but sometimes he’s just still surprised. When they met at a café the first time to have a nice little coffee during the afternoon, and it was his s/o that pulled his chair back, he struggled to find the words to tell them how unnecessary that is, and that he should be the one doing this for them.
  • The date itself is filled with lots of smiles, giggling and happy talk. Doppio is a sweetheart and keeps the conversation away from too serious topics. He wants to enjoy himself, and he wants his s/o to have fun as well, so he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his s/o smiling. He appreciates it a lot that his s/o is trying to do the same. They ask him a lot about his day, what he likes to eat, what he likes to do, never demanding an answer, but always smiling happily when Doppio elaborates his answers a bit.
  • Doppio gets really flustered when his s/o reaches for his hand across the table and strokes the skin of the back of his hand. He doesn’t only get flustered because of the gesture, but also that it’s his s/o that initiates it and not him. So, in a very bold move for him, he grips his s/o’s hand and presses a soft kiss to their knuckles, blushing like a mess, but seeing the blush on his s/o’s face makes this move really worth it.
  • His s/o offers Doppio to taste everything of their meals, their antipasto, their primo piatto, secondo piatto and their dolce. Doppio is just overwhelmed, but he also thinks it’s incredibly romantic and cute of them to do that, so he’ll give all of it a try, and offers his s/o to do the same. In the end it is a constant exchange of their food, especially their desserts because Doppio just loves sweet things, and he just can’t decide, whether he likes his own dessert or that of his s/o more.
  • At some point his boss calls, and while his s/o is incredibly important to Doppio, there is no way that he would let his boss down. So in this moment the empty glass of water becomes a phone and Doppio excuses himself for the duration of the call. No matter, whether his s/o is aware of Doppio’s split personality yet or not they shouldn’t comment on it. However, when Doppio comes back he apologizes again and again, because literally nothing other than this would keep him from spending time with his s/o. Doppio is also the happiest person alive should his s/o actually show some sympathy for him in these situations.
  • Doppio’s too polite to even consider accepting his s/o’s offer to pay for their date. He is a very polite (young) man and enough of a gentleman, so he insists that he’ll be the one to pay for it, especially since he was the one who had to interrupt it because his boss called. He appreciates his s/o’s kindness nonetheless, and makes sure to tell them that. Their soft smile when they thank him gets him flustered immediately though.


  • Diavolo himself isn’t the personification of kindness. That doesn’t mean he can’t be kind, but the reason behind it is usually one of possessiveness or a way to ensure his s/o’s loyalty to him. However, even though he has some ulterior moves behind his acts of kindness he does care about his s/o. So when it makes them happy when he buys them the newest designer dress, then he’ll do it (it helps ensure his own motives behind it anyway).
  • So his s/o’s acts of kindness like holding the door open for him or pulling his chair back surprises him. He might not be the kindest man Italy’s, but he’s aware that for a person like him this is a job for subordinates, but not his s/o. Aside from that it’s courtesy. He makes sure that this will be the only time when his partner does that for him.
  • The date itself has a kind of tense atmosphere to it. Not because of their conversations or their behavior, but more because Diavolo is too paranoid to properly enjoy a dinner in a restaurant like this. They already sit as secluded as possible, but he still feels eyes on him, and he takes a look over his shoulder too often to be comfortable, no matter how often his partner tells him it will be okay. He appreciates his s/o’s efforts to make him feel better, but they can’t understand how important it is for Diavolo not be seen and recognized.
  • His s/o does understand him, though, at least to a point, so they offer to call the dinner off early to give him some peace of mind. The last thing they want is for Diavolo to be uncomfortable and tense, he should enjoy their time together. Diavolo might not able to express his gratitude properly, but he is immensely grateful for his s/o’s offer, even if it kind of dents his sense of pride, but him staying hidden is more important than anything else.
  • However, he will deny his s/o’s offer to pay for their dinner (or the meals they had so far). Even if they hadn’t broken it off so early he wouldn’t have let them pay for it. He is the most powerful man Italy’s, and one of the richest people in the world, there is no way that his partner will pay any bills for him. Despite it being courtesy that he pays for their date, he is too proud to let his partner do it, so he picks up the bills for his s/o.
  • His s/o offers instead to take a walk through a more secluded part of town before going to the hotel, in which they will stay this night. While Diavolo isn’t fond of PDA at all, he lets his partner hold onto his arm, although the soothing circles his s/o rubs into his skin with their fingers, doesn’t escape him. It confuses him a bit that even though he was the one who kind of ruined their date, his s/o is still the one trying to comfort him and doesn’t judge him for it at all. It makes him think, whether he shouldn’t be a bit nicer to them as well just for the sake of it instead of focusing so much on keeping them as his loyal subordinate.

Papyrus Pranks Sans: An Epic Tale~ [Mega Gif Post!]

See the sound-less video version [HERE]

This is showing off every separate flipnote I created to string this story together. <3 

I have never worked this hard on a series of flipnotes before, and I think the love really shows in this!

I /adore/ animating Grillby after this. xD He is so fun to animate since his head is /literally fire/ with glasses pasted over it. xD

The scene with Sans walking into the bar with the door opening, ringing the bell, and then the whole bar stopping what everyone is doing to look at sans is just the best. <3

I noticed the video version did not give the gifs much justice since some of the frame rates slowed down during some scenes… (You can tell parts of this has faster frame rates than others… xD)

I am in the process of adding background music, sound effects ect to really make it like a full-blown Undertale Cartoon! <3

I hope you all enjoy this!