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I Can Make You Scream (M) // J-Hope (AU!)

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Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Smut

Summary//Request: kia-winningx said: A J-Hope smut? I’ve been searching and searching and I cannot , for the life of me, find one where he is like the school dick. No matter how much I try to deny it I can’t help but think of him as dominant but I’m the kind that would like talk-back and be really cheeky. 

Please note that this scenario contains smut - dom/sub, begging, dirty talking, light bdsm.

I got kind of carried away with this so here is 3.6k words of absolute sin whOOps

You were an average student. You received semi-good grades and your attendance was adequate. You weren’t usually the type of person to intentionally get yourself into trouble for shits and giggles, but there was one person in particular who did – and they knew the exact buttons to press to frustrate you while simultaneously making you want them even more.

Jung Hoseok was in the same year as you, in almost all of the same classes. You met him when you were 12, and now being 18 and in your last year of high school – you could confidently say that you knew Hoseok pretty well.

Back then, Hoseok was a shy and timid child that could barely string together a proper sentence. But now, he had since gained more than enough confidence – acting a little too big for his boots while still being extremely wet behind the ears. To put it simply, Hoseok was the school dick. It’s not that he bullied other students – he was just incredibly rude to them unnecessarily. He roamed the school with his group of friends, casually making students and teachers lives just that little bit more difficult. Whether it was ‘accidently’ tripping someone in the hallway who may have gave him a funny look or causing one of the teachers grief by verbally abusing any authority they tried to have over him – Hoseok knew how to manipulate and control everyone around him.

Everyone except you.

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worst student ❖ sehun

anon requested: Oh I just saw the reqs are open 👀 Can I request a Sehun or Jongin fic, some teacherxstudent thing if you’re not uncomfortable with it & he’s kinda seducing her

(gif not mine, credits to the owner)

2355 words | semi-smut | velvet

✎ Mr. Oh is your new Math teacher and you both know that you suck at Math, but to pass the year you need help and he’s willing to give it to you.

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anonymous asked:

May I please request a bad boy AU oikawa and semi separately where they have an innocent s/o who aways follows the rules and goes to class and how a healthy romantic relationship would be like.

Hi! So I wrote way too much for this, and it’s headcanons because I don’t really know how to write a bad boy AU yet. This ask was kind of vague, but I’d love to write any of these headcanons into a scenario and develop my bad boy AU skills a bit more!

Oikawa Tooru

  • People at school are always shocked the first time they see him
  • He looks like he could be a preppy golden boy if it wasn’t for the leather jacket, the tattoos, or the cigarette hanging out of his mouth
  • When he decides to show up for class, everyone is even more surprised
  • And when he walks up and kisses you, the class representative, in front of everyone, their jaws are pretty much on the ground in shock
  • He picks you up every day after school activities
  • You like to make him blush by kissing him on the cheek before getting on his motorcycle
  • He doesn’t get flustered often but the boy is weak for cheek kisses
  • People at school think you must be into something illegal on dates because of who your boyfriend is
  • But a typical school night date is him taking you home and letting you do your homework
  • Until he gets bored and then he starts bothering you
  • He gets antsy sitting around the house and not doing anything
  • So if you have too much work to do, he’ll leave for the night because he doesn’t want to bother you if he gets too bored because he knows how important school is for you
  • On weekends, you go out to restaurants or other places for your dates
  • And usually he’ll hang out with his friends
  • You’re usually cool with it, but sometimes you get stressed out over school when he’s gone
  • You can typically handle it on your own, but on the nights that you can’t, he answers you immediately
  • He can always calm you down, even when surrounded by his other delinquent friends
  • And he’ll always take the time to do so, even if it interrupts something that he’s doing

Semi Eita

  • Semi’s the textbook definition of a bad boy
  • People are shocked by his sudden appearances and disappearances at school
  • But when your friends asked, you usually just shrugged and said he wasn’t a school type of person
  • He doesn’t really understand your love of school, and he isn’t very good at helping you study or anything
  • You devote any time you have out of school to being with him because your activities take up a lot of your time
  • He likes to drive, so you spend a lot of time in his car
  • You actually really love his loud rock music that he plays incessantly
  • And he secretly likes some of the pop music that you listen to
  • Not that he would ever tell you that because he has an image to uphold
  • Sometimes if you need a change of scenery while studying, he’ll come pick you up and drive you around while you study
  • He loses his temper sometimes and it upsets you when he does
  • Anytime he upsets you, you can bet he’ll be at your house the next day with your favorite kind of candy and maybe a flower or two
  • He’ll even show up to school if he gets to your house after you leave just to apologize for upsetting you
  • Your friends don’t understand why you’re attracted to him
  • Your favorite thing about his bad boy appearance is his eyebrow piercing
  • It’s the most attractive thing you’ve ever seen in your life
  • And he knows it and is constantly suggesting you get one
  • But there’s absolutely no way he’ll ever talk you into it
  • Becauses who’s ever seen a class representative with an eyebrow piercing
  • But for your birthday he buys you one of those fake magnetic ones
  • It made you laugh, but you’ll occasionally wear it just to make him break that cool persona and get a teensy bit flustered
  • Because just like Semi with an eyebrow piercing is the most attractive thing you’ve ever seen, you with any kind of piercing is the most attractive thing he’s ever seen
  • But really, you’re the most attractive thing he’s seen no matter what and he makes sure you know that every day
College Student!Guanlin AU

kind of rushed but I tried my best. all the punctuation that seems like it shouldn’t be there is there purposely, trust me. odd amounts of commas and semi colons are kind of my thing. enjoy and don’t forget requests are always open !!!!!

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-part of a group of rlly popular boys on campus

- only joined for the food
- and the bitcheZ AYE AYE AYE
- no just the food
- the whole thing is like supposed to be a brotherhood but he only really can have lasting conversations with maybe three members at best
- jihoon is everyone’s translator
- “..whaddya say guanlin?” *guanlin mumbles so quietly it sounds like a breath* “he said no thanks”
- in reality is just kinda awkward
- has his own fanclub amongst students, most female but a lot of male students as well
- has lineups to watch him play basketball w/ seongwoo + daniel in his free time
- really doesn’t understand why everyone loves him so much
- every valentine’s day leaves w a moUNTAIN OF CHOCOLATES
- mistaken for some cold prince but is just afraid to say something wrong by accident
- he meets ppl and is kinda quiet nd they’re like o god o god and he’s like o goD O G O D
- you don’t rlly get all the hype surrounding him????
- like yes he’s attractive and good at basketball but he seems to you kind of rude and mean and you vow not to fuck with lai guanlin
- and you don’t
- until one day somehow he decides to sit right beside you in the lecture hall and youre like ???what
- he doesn’t even make eye contact w/ you he just pretends like he didn’t just invade your personal space and you’re PISSED
- you mutter something under your breath along the lines of “i’m sorry was every other chair taken?” and he lOOKS OVER
- his face is so expressionless you’re saying your prayers like this is it for you you’re dead oh my god mom i’m so sorr y
- he coughs slightly, looking at his paper instead of you
- “uh, the floor was wet and i didn’t want to slip but i c-can go if you w-”
- “n-no its alRIGHT SORRY”
- nothing else is said and u can hear seongwoo cough out “awkward” from a row behind you
- the rest of the class he doesn’t speak, except for turning around to ask someone behind you for a pen because his ran out of ink
- the day after that he tries to sit next to you again, but this time yoo seonho wedges his way between you two and claims the seat next to you
- he immediately attempts to strike up a conversation, and is about fifteen times more likeable than guanlin
- you two hit it off, and seonho doesn’t even stop talking for the teacher, which pisses the professor off to nO END
- you barely get any work done, but do manage to learn seonho’s life story and a good deal of guanlin’s
- “and then guanlin slippe-” “i saID DONT TELL THIS STORY”- apparently guanlin opens up more when seonho is present, and despite the fact you still don’t rlly like him you don’t hold yesterday against him
- the day after that, you don’t really expect much
- the night before you spent cramming for a test in a different class, and you were spent
- you get into the hall late, and all the desks–including where you usually sit–are taken
-you kinda just curse and go sit over off to the side where it’s quieter and has a fifteen percent higher chance of you falling dead asleep
- you sit in the desk up against the wall, so you have somewhere to rest your head
- as soon as you lay your head against the wall someone slams a pencil case down on the desk beside you, and you jump
- guanlin sits beside you, and seonho beside him
- dont they have friends??????????
- speaking of, then ong seongwoo and kang daniel–two other boys with strong fanclubs that have members throwing glares at you–decide to join as well, bae jinyoung and lee daehwi scampering behind them
- “when did i become this popular??”
- “when guanlin started li-sAT NEXT TO YOU WHEN HE SAT BESIDE YOU OW OW”
- most of the lesson goes off without any problems, until daniel taps you on the shoulder
- “yo, party this friday at jaehwan’s place,,,,,you in???”
- you were rarely invited to parties, let alone parties on the scale you knew this one would be at, and so you agreed
- guanlin just mutters and goes back to his papers–face rllyyyyy pink
- fast forward to friday,,,,,
- daniel and seongwoo said they’d pick you and a few other people from your dorm so you’re like :-))) alright pal
- the car ride is crAMPED
- you’re forced beside daniel and have to listen to him talk and talk and talk
- at one point he gives up trying to start conversations with you and starts yelling up to seongwoo who’s driving
- seongwoo yells back and at one point he turns around while still driving in an attempt to swat at daniel who said something seongwoo didn’t like
- when you finally get there after much hardship and almost car crashes–courtesy of daniel–it’s barely past the time the party was supposed to start and there’s already teens spilling from the mouth of the house into the front yard, music obnoxiously sounding from somewhere close to the doors
- when you turn around to make a sarcastic comment, everyone’s gone
- you–despite your better judgement–make your way inside the house and try to find anyone you know
- that turns into you wandering around a house for fourteen minutes until you accidentally trip and fall on someone
- you land on the floor beside them, but didn’t manage to fully knock them over
- you’re saying goodbye to your loved ones in your brain bc you thought you heard kang dongho over here and o fuck he’s kinda scary
“o h my god i’m so sorr ry are you alright this looks bad can i help you are you hurt,,,,o G od i didn’t see y-”
seonho yells from across the room at you like there aren’t enough people looking at you
- the guy you ran into kinda just glares at you and you’re offended but not offended enough to say anything
- seonho, on the other hand, is the opposite
“aRe yOu tryiNg to fiGhT //OUR// Y/N???!?!!!?//!!?? GUANLIN HYUNG HE’S GOING TO TRY AND FIGHT O UR-”
- you and guanlin are mortified
“ignore him!!! i’m so sorry!!!!!!!”
- the senior just apologizes back and turns around, and guanlin has to physically drag seonho out the door and down the street a little
“seonho let’s go get food”
- “you’re right,,,,y/n must be hungry”
- you come bc you really didn’t want to be at that house anymore,,,,,even though you were barely there you realize why you rarely go to parties even when invited
- you all walk to a variety store and hang out in front like the cool cats u are
- ….more like you wanted seonho out of the store so he wouldn’t spend any more of YOUR money
- at some point seonho wanders back in with ten more dollars courtesy of guanlin which leaves the both of you alone
- “are you okay?”
- until he spoke up you were silent and eating your little cracker snack, so you kinda gulp and turn to him in shock
- “y-yeah, are you okay?”
- good going
- you fucked it up
you’re nervous because under the neon lights of the variety store realization hits you like a truck
- lai guanlin,,,,,is,,,,,criminally attractive
- he chuckles and looks out to the traffic
- “it’s going better than i had planned”
- planned>????
seonho sticks his head out the door of the variety store
- “ are u done yet”
- guanlin stands up w/ his fist raised
- “ OH Y E A H????? WATCH ME<<”
- he takes a deep breath and says abnormally loud
- he clamps his hand over his mouth realizing what he just done gone and did
- “i like you too, lai guanlin”

Consequence | Confession Part 2

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A/N: Well… I tried. There’s not much to say except I really don’t love this. I re-wrote the whole thing six times over and this is the reincarnation I hate the least and I can’t write it again or I’ll go insane. So, here it is, and I hope you like it more than I do. (M’srry)

Summary: Everything has a consequence, it all depends on what you do that determines whether it will be worth while, or a mistake.

Word count: 3,881

Warnings: Nothing really, you’re safe.

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Pairing: Isaac x Reader (thx for requesting love)

Warnings: none ;), just me crying in the club over how Isaac wasn’t in the last season

Summary: Isaac finally gets the nerves to ask Y/N out on a date, due to a bet.

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: oml this has been in my drafts for ages so I’m sorry for you sweets (whoever requested this lol I’m too lazy to check) but here it is finally!! hope you semi-enjoy?? it kind of ends abruptly so dm me if you want me to finish it ;) also sorry loves for not posting an imagine for a while, so here’s one to hold you over until my next one which I’m v excited to post ;))))))



(this fic starts in Isaac’s p.o.v. and transfers to Y/N’s p.o.v.)

It feels as if the whole room goes silent as that melodic song passes her lips, the one that she calls her laugh; all other sounds in the room blurring except that damn laugh. That goddamn laugh. Even the obnoxious chatter from the cafeteria can’t pull me away from focusing on the happiest sound that exists, my eyes searching every inch of the room to find her angelic face.

It doesn’t take me very long before I see her bright eyes somehow finding my own for a slight second, causing me to look away embarassedly and quickly rush to my usual table with Scott and Stiles.

I plop down at the table, incoherent swears tumbling from my mouth, for the hundredth time, muttering how dumb I was for not pushing my nerves aside for once and just talk to her. I angrily stab my fork into the school’s spaghetti,  shoving it into my mouth.

“Why don’t you just ask her out already?” Scott asks, bringing me out of my angered daze and sliding across the bench to situate himself in front of me, Stiles sitting next to him.

Stiles and I look at him with wide eyes, shocked expressions being an understatement. 

“Isaac would never,” Stiles scoffs, ripping open the plastic bag of chips in his hands and eating a mouthful.

Something in me switches, maybe it was my wolf instincts or maybe my animosity towards Stiles, but I bitterly growl at him. “Bet.”

Scott looks at me, impressed, while Stiles sports an expression of disbelief. “You wouldn’t,” he laughs unsurely. “Would he?” He asks quietly to Scott.

“Watch me,” I say, confidence radiating off of me. I pull my shoulders back, getting up from the table and taking careful, long strides towards Y/N’s table.

As one of her friends talks about some date she went on over the weekend, Y/N’s eyes drift to me, ignoring the conversation. A sort of mischievous glint sparkles in her eyes that watch every step I take carefully, a small smile spreading across her kissable lips.

“Lahey?” She questions, just as surprised as I was about by my sudden confidence to actually speak to her. Her friends subsequently look up from each other, smirking while they look back and forth between me and her, whispering things like “finally” and “thank god”. 

They knew too? Was it really that obvious? 

One of her friends laughs, the blonde with dark green irises, getting the attention of the other three girls sitting at the table and declaring that she needed to use the restroom. All the others proceed to say, “me too,” giggling and giving Y/N and I some privacy. 

I smile gratefully at one of the girls as she gives me a thumbs up, sliding into the seat in front of Y/N. I look down at my hands for a few moments, my confidence slowly starting to dwindle. I rub my sweaty palms against my jeans, then look back up to her. 

Y/N looks back at me intently, urging me to speak, yet with a demureness about her that made me so much more attracted to her (if that was even possible). She shyly pushes some strands of her hair behind her shoulder, her soft smile still gracing her lips. 

“So, erm, Y/N, I um…” I look off into the distance behind her, feeling the words I had planned to ask her fall into the void. 

“Yes, Isaac?” She queries, a shift of impatience in her noticeable. 

Did she actually want this too?

“Would you, wanna, like go on a date with me?” I ask, wetting my chapped lips with my tongue and biting on my bottom lip. 

“Of course, I mean, yeah,” she answers quickly, fidgeting with her fingers. “I’d love to, Lahey." 

"Okay.” I reciprocate her anxious happiness. I pull out my phone from my back pocket, clicking onto my contacts and typing in her name, then sliding he device over to her.

Y/N looks at me questioningly, and I’m quick to explain. “To set up the details.”

She nods, smiling up at the ceiling. “I should’ve assumed that,” she laughs. “I’m so dumb.”

“No,” I intervene, disagreeing. “You’re not dumb. You’re at the top of our class, Y/N. There’s literally no possible way for you, out of all people, to be dumb.”

She looks at me stunned, but flattered, a hint of a red rosy color displaying on her supple cheeks. My eyes widen, realizing how I just exposed how much of a stalker I was. 

“Thanks,” she laughs, her fingers reaching up to her earlobe and tugging on her gold hoop earring, a habit that I’ve observed she does when she’s nervous. A small sigh of relief slips past my lips and my tense shoulders relax.

I stand up, giving her one last charming grin and telling her that I’d text her later.

“Woah, he actually did it?” I can hear Stiles ask in the distance. 

Hell yeah I did.



“Y/N, I can’t believe he actually asked you out,” my friend says, as I look at my outfit in the wall length mirror, twirling to see all the angles of the black dress.

I smile brightly, just the thought of Isaac could get me happy if I was being completely honest. “I know,” I say, looking into my box of jewelry for some type of necklace to compliment my outfit. “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this day.”

“Oh trust me, I do honey.” I push her playfully, laughing. 

“Do you think I’m trying too hard?” I ask, clasping the pretty silver chain around my neck.

“Not at all,” she assures, standing beside me in the mirror and smiling.

“Good, because this has to be perfect.”

“Speaking of perfect,” she looks down at my phone, the sound of an incoming call ringing. “Your soulmate is calling,” she teases, handing me my phone.

“Haha, I guess I’ll have to resend that offer of being my maid of honor, huh?” I play along.

“Nooooo, I’m being your maid of honor and I’m absolutely going to embarrass you with this exact conversation,” she promises, sticking her tongue out at me.

I roll my eyes, placing my finger up to my lips, motioning for her to be quiet as I pick up Isaac’s call.

“Hey, Y/N,” Isaac’s cheerful voice rings through the speaker. “I’m outside now, so whenever your ready.”

“Okay, I’ll see you in a minute,” I reply, gathering my bag and waving a goodbye to my friend, going outside.

Before the phone call ends, I hear a ‘damn’ uttered from Isaac’s end of the line that doesn’t fail to make me look down to my feet while walking to his car, doing my best to keep the blush on my face hidden.

Isaac jumps out of the car, rounding the vehicle to open the door for me chivalrously. I smile at him, taking in his outfit lacking his signature scarf; he was wearing a pair of dark wash jeans, a black sweatshirt, and black vans.

He runs back around the car, slipping and falling, but then jumping back up and acting like it never happened. Once he gets back in the car though, he starts bursting out laughing, breaking the ice. I join him, putting aside my original plan of ignoring it for his sake. We both laugh for a solid five minutes, the type of laugh ending in sore stomachs and watering eyes.

We smile at one another, then Isaac grabs the wheel, pulling his car out from the  side of the curb, driving until he reaches a red light, then stopping and turning to me.

“I forgot to tell you…” he says, scratching he back of his neck endearingly. “You look really gorgeous right now, well I mean, you do all the time, but especially right now.”

A big smile adorns my face. “You look good too, Lahey.”

“Thanks, but I don’t think I’ll ever look as good as you.”

Requested by @pheelingsofphancy

AN:  Just going to put it out there that I’m horrible at doing smut so I don’t even try.  For future reference, if you’d like to request something like that, sexual content will always just be implied! 

Also, I apologize if parts of it are kind of weird.  I had to change some of it around midway and I tried to make it work! 


You and the crew were in Savannah, Georgia investigating what was considered to be the oldest building in the state; The Pirates’ House.  After going through the history of what used to be a gathering place for seaman, criminals and unsavory characters, and figuring out where you’d place all your equipment, you were all excited to get this night started.  

You and Zak wandered off on your own, getting a more in-depth look  at the place.  You’ve always had a fascination with old buildings and the history behind them, and maybe that’s what got you into ghost hunting.  Partly, anyway..  It wasn’t until after you met Zak that you started to be more open minded about hauntings and spirits, it was something you were always on the fence about, but since working with the crew, and experiencing certain things, you found yourself intrigued by the spirit world.  

Wandering down the old spiral steps into the cellar, you looked around at the chipped walls and white paint, chills running up and down your spine.  “It feels very eerie down here.”  You commented, glancing at the wooden barrels spread out in a row.   Zak walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, something that was a bit out of character for him when you were on location.  “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.”  His voice was low, almost a whisper in your ear, causing you to wonder if it was now his hot breath that was giving you chills or if it was still the vibe of the place.  

“What are you doing?”  You asked, placing your hands on top of his.  “We could have cameras on us.”  You warned, also hoping no one would walk in on you two.  Not that they’d really be able to make out what was happening right away.  It was dark, but with the infrared cameras and the night vision, it wouldn’t take much to see you two.   

“I don’t know, I just felt like holding you.”  He turned you around so you were now facing him.  “You know, we’ll be alone for a couple hours.. We could do whatever we wanted down here.”  “What are you talking about? We’re working”  You hoped he could hear the confusion in your voice, wondering what had gotten into him.  “You’ve never wanted to do anything risky?  Join the mile high club?  Have sex in a public bathroom… a haunted cellar?”  You could definitely hear the mischief in his, which was oddly turning you on. You were silent for a moment, thinking about all the things that could go wrong, but there was a deeper urge in you screaming at you to ignore all of that and just go for it.  

“We have cameras down here, there’s no way we could do that  without being recorded.”  The professional side of you protested.  “We could slip in the corner, no cameras.”  You paused again. He could tell you were thinking. You pushed him back gently, letting him know that you were down for it.  “It’ll have to be a quick one..”  “Yeah, of course.”  He walked backwards until his back met with the wall, his hands finding your face and pulled you in for a kiss. 

“Damn these pirates.  Being a bad influence, even when they’re dead.”  He chuckled at your comment before you both collapsed to the floor, not paying much attention to the cold hard floor beneath you.  

level99eevee  asked:

Hi! I really love your blog and you seem super sweet, so thank you for your awesome work! ^^ If your requests are open, how about your personal headcanons on some of class 1a's pets? What kind of animals they have, or how they treat them? Or pets they WISHED they could have? Anyone you can think of/want to write about!

AAaHhsjsjs thank you!

Aizawa: definitely a cat. most likely a v sleek black one

Aoyama: Either a really giant fluffy Persian cat or a hairless cat. No inbetween.

Mina: a rabbit and she named it Sir Hopsalot

Tsuyu: uh frogs of course. But she loves all kinds of semi aquatic life and so she also has various reptiles and whatnot

Iida: definitely a golden lab and he named it like a really precious old man name (Harold or Arnold maybe)

Ochako: She doesn’t quite know the breed but she rescued the bb as a stray puppy and it’s name is Bubbles

Ojiro: He has two, a dog and a cat. He’s got a maine coon cat and a fox terrier dog

Kaminari: a hamster

Kirishima: a girl German Shepard (named Lacy)

Koda: all of them

Sato: a Great Dane!

Shoji: A bird, definitely. Probably a macaw. He likes teaching it tricks.

Jirou: Probably a snake and a cat - named after rock band members

Sero: He has many tanks of different kinds of fish

Tokoyami: I’m feeling a gecko or two. He really likes the colors (he was considering getting an all black one but this SUPER CUTE blue one crawled up to him and went up his arm and he was like “…..I guess you’re mine now”

Todoroki: he’s never considered himself as a good pet owner so he never got one until he rescued this tiny baby squirrel with a broken leg. He took it to the vet and nursed it back to health and he tried to set it free but it wouldn’t leave him, so they hang out now.

Hagakure: she really wants a mini pony, so she’s saving for it (she’s gonna name it Lucky!)

Bakugo: He’s got a chinchilla. No one makes fun of him when he’s acting like a pet mom to it for fear of death. It’s name is Lord Explosion Murder Jr.

Deku: a Jack Russell definitely

Shinsou: a cat. A really really fluffy cat.

Momo: Pet rats! She’s got four or five and they are her babies

@lonelywalkingpotato asked:  Yay! Could you do a HC on how RFA+V+Saeran react to genius fem!MC? Not Saeyoung kind of “707” genius, but has literally created new mathematical formulas, one of the fundamental contributors on the subject of quantum physics, etc. Genius female leads are MY guilty pleasure because WHY DO EVERY OTOME GAME HAS A DENSE MC WITH A HAREM. WHAT. (Also, thank you for the offer on messages, I might take that up if you don’t mind sometime later c:)

RFA + V & Saeran reaction to an MC who is a scientific genius!

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!!! Art Commissions Open !!!

Hello everyone! So something major happened recently with my family and we really need help financially, so I’m opening up art commissions! Message me if you’d like to request a commission, and please help me spread the word! 💙

Prices (USD)

Chibi: $10.00
Add another person: +$8.00

Bust: $15.00
Add another person: +$10.00

Half body: $20.00  
Add another person: +$15.00

Full body: $25.00
Add another person: +$20.00

Art Examples

These are some other art pieces/commissions I’ve done to show what kinds of styles I can do. Anime is the default style for these commissions. I can do styles like Diabolik Lovers, Sailor moon, Hetalia, and pretty much any other animation style if you request it!

However, I can also do semi-realism (Overwatch, LoL, etc) so if you’re more interested in those styles just include that in your message and based on the details of your request we can negotiate on a price adjustment together!

Things I will not do
-Hard NSFW (I really suck at anatomy sorry guys 😂)
-Furry related fan art
-Complex machinery (transformers stuff/things like’s meka suit)


Ok, so here’s how the payment process works! Like most other commission artists I will ask that the money please reaches my PayPal after we’ve talked about your commission (characters, style, posing, etc) and before the drawing is completed/sent. This helps prevent an artist working hard on a piece only to have a customer backing out of it last minute. Depending on how many people are in the drawing and the style of it, some commissions could take up to 12-24 hours of straight work, so please keep this in mind! I will send you the finished product ASAP after I receive the payment, and tada! We’re finished with business and I will thank you excessively! 😂 

Again, simply send me a message if you’re interested in a commission! I can draw you, you and your s.o./favorite characters, AUs, OCs, OTPs/ships- anything you want! Thank you all so much in advance, and if you can’t buy a commission a simple reblog to help me spread the word would be greatly appreciated! ☺️


Falling In Love With You
Plot: How you meet Tom Holland and fall in love
Word Count: 1.6k
Author’s note: Hope you enjoy this imagine if you request please send them in!

When I first met Tom Holland, I was 16 and it was a movie premiere for in the heart of the sea. My family had known the Hemsworth family before I was born. Chris, Liam and Luke were like my annoying older brothers. Liam was the prankster with me, Luke kind of just was around and Chris was very protective of his “little sister” a.k.a me. When he invited my mom, my best friend and I to the premiere I couldn’t say no. So we all go dressed up in semi fancy dresses and got all dolled up. We get to the premiere and Chris’ manager finds us, they lead us to our seats. When the film starts Chris with a few other people give a little speech about the movie and tell us to sit back and enjoy. Chris sits next to me on one side and someone I didn’t know sat on the other side of me.

*After the film*
Whoever was sitting next to me was no longer and I was bummed I wanted to meet the person. We all walk to the after party I laugh at something Chris was talking about and as I am turning around I run into a taller figure. I wait for impact with the floor but never feel it. I looked up and saw a boy around my age. He smiled down at me, I looked up in his eyes and my heart stopped for a minute. He snapped me out of my daze by standing me up.
“Hey are you ok?”
“Yea I’m good thank you for saving me.” I laugh
“Yea no problem couldn’t let a pretty girl like you fall.” I blushed so hard
Chris comes over and says
“Oh I see you have met Tom, he was one of the people I worked with on set.”
“Oh nice to meet you Tom I’m Y/N.” I put my hand to shake his.
He puts out his and grabs my hand for a shake,
“Nice to finally meet you too I have heard so much about you from Chris he would never shut up about his little sister from another mother.” I chuckle
“That’s me he’s a handful for sure but I love this big goofball.”
Chris smiles down at me and laughs he wraps his arm around my shoulder.
“Have fun you two, Tom watch over this one she’s a crazy one.”
Tom laughs he tells Chris he will and Chris walks away. I spent the whole rest of the night getting to know Tom. We talked about everything our childhoods, our hobbies and anything we could think of. Tom was the sweetest person I have ever met, towards the end of the night he drove me home seeing my mom and best friend left two hours ago. He walks me up to my door,
“I had a great time tonight Y/N”
“Me too Tom”
“We should hang out again, i’ll be in town for the next week.”
“Yeah I’d like that you have my number so just give me a call.” he nodded and gave me a hug. He kissed my cheek and told me good night

*Two Years Later*
I’m sitting at home on my couch when I get a text from someone.
TommyBoy❤️- Hey baby I am on my way to the train station I should be at the apartment in an hour.
Me- I didn’t know you were coming?!
TommyBoy❤️- that’s the point baby it was a surprise pick me up?
Me- Of course bub see you in a bit
I was so excited Tom has been doing promo for Spider-man Homecoming and I couldn’t of been more proud of my boy. He has become one of the greatest superheroes and he’s living out his dream. It gets lonely out here in LA but it’s alright Tom is doing what he loves I won’t be the one to stop that. I go to college as Tom is doing stuff for his movies, it helps the time fly. I go to my room and change out of my pajamas to some sweats and a tank top. I get in my car and start the drive to Union Station knowing it will take about thirty minutes to get there. Once I get ten minutes from the station I decide I need some coffee so I go to a drive thru Starbucks. I get Tom his normal order and then I got a frappuccino as I’m leaving Tom is calling me.
“Hi baby.”
“Hey tommy what’s up.”
“I am almost pulling into Union.”
“Ok I just got us some Starbucks I’m like five minutes away.”
“Ok baby i’ll see you in a few.”
“Okay bye bub.”
We hang up and I go to my car,I get to Union in a minute and I walk inside and stand by the entrance. Tom texts me that the train just arrived and he should be to the front in a minute. I turn around looking outside of Union Station watching people walk around looking for an Uber. I obviously started to daydream the next thing I know I feel someone’s arms wrap around my waist. I jump a little before turning around already knowing who it is.
“Tommy!” I yell getting excited
He smiles down at me and pulls me closer to him, I tightened my grip around his waist as I snuggled my head in his neck.
“I have missed you so much.”
“Me too baby how have you been.”
“Alright I’m constantly busy with school and work but it’s alright.”
“How’s school going still irritating?”
“Is that even a question?” I laugh at him
“I guess not.” He smiles at me
We start walking towards my car and I pop the trunk open, Tom puts his duffle bag in the trunk. He comes to sit in the passenger seat,
“So what’s the plans for today baby.”
“I was thinking we can just chill at the apartment then get some take out?”
“Or my beautiful girlfriend we can go to a drive thru movie they are playing your favorite movie.”
“And what movie would that be bub.”
“Breakfast Club baby.”
I smiled big knowing he remembers that.
“Ok bub we can do that.”
He smiled and said okay we have to leave by 5 to get to the theater by 7. He puts his stuff in our room when we get to the apartment. We sit in our room for an hour before he goes to take a shower. I get changed into a off shoulder top and some jeans. I lightly curled my hair real fast, I did a soft eyeshadow I swiped some lip gloss on. I slid my sandals on, I sat on our bed and went on my phone waiting for Tom to be done. Ten minutes later he comes out in just a towel, I see him out of the corner of my eye. I can see the water still going down his chest and I started to blush. I had to look away because if I didn’t the things I could’ve done to him was not innocent. He gets his clothes then heads back to the bathroom with a smirk on his face. That fucker knew what he was doing to me. I shake my head and he comes out a few minutes later with grey long sleeve shirt and some blue jeans looking so cute. He smiles at me,
“Let’s go baby I’ll drive.”
I smile at him, I grab my bag and my phone. I grab his hand and we head out of our apartment. Tom opens my door before running to the driver side and started up the truck.

*1 hour and ½ later*
Finally we get to the drive in movie theater. We have twenty minutes before it’s going to start. We open up the bed of the truck and lay out the pillows and blankets that we are going to lay on when the movie starts.
The movie finally starts I wrap myself in the blanket as Tom pulls me in between his legs, I lean my back against his chest feeling his warmth surround me. He kisses my temple and snuggles his head in my neck.
“I love you baby.”
“I love you so much Tommy.” I feel him smile in the crook of my neck before lifting his head out of my neck and watching the movie. I must’ve fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is Tom waking me up and the credits were rolling.
“I missed it Tom I’m so sorry.”
“It’s ok baby you must’ve been really tired to fall asleep during your favorite movie.”
He gets out of the bed and starts cleaning up the blankets and pillows. I get off the bed and help him clean up. We start to head home and I check my phone to see what time it was and it was only 8. I sighed knowing that I didn’t mess up the whole night. We get home in 45 minutes due to there being no traffic.
“What do you want to do baby?”
“Let’s get into our pajamas and we can watch some netflix?” He smiles and we head up to our room.
We get changed into our pajamas, Tom just puts on some sleeping pants and no shirt. I put on my cotton sleeping shorts and one of Tom’s shirts. We crawl into bed and Tom flips on netflix. He turns to me and says
“I love you so much.”
“I love you so much more.”
He kisses me, he tells me to sleep and that we will be having another adventure tomorrow. I nod my head and he pulls me towards him so I can rest my head on his chest. I smile in content knowing he was home.

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TenSemi headcanons? :D


  • Goshiki’s official unofficial dads
  • Were set up by Ushijima and Reon, who got sick of their pining and set them up on a blind date
  • Ice cream dates!!!! So many!!!! It’s actually kind of concerning, where are they getting the money!!!!! 
  • Tendou’s parents adore Semi and believe he’d be a good influence on their son(much to his chagrin). Semi’s parents were… skeptical of their son’s choice of boyfriend at first, but they’ve learned that for all of his utter shitiness sometimes, Tendou really does want the best for Semi~

Thanks for the request! <3

Call Me Oppa (Jungkook X Reader)

Anonymous asked: Hiii there can i request a Jungkook fluff in which the girl and him are kinda dating and theyre at the same age so she doesnt want to call Jungkook ‘oppa’ but him really want to hear that. Thank you so much i realllllyyy like you guys and your lovely stuffffs

A/N: So Sorry that this is late! This may turn into a semi-smut because, meh. And I kind of added a bit of jealousy hehe~

Genre: Fluff/Suggestive-Smut ;) ;)

“Hey guys!” You say, inviting your guests inside. Ever since you started dating Jungkook, you had been very open to inviting his/your friends over for weekly hang outs. You learned a numerous amount of embarrassing things about Jungkook (which he hated) from them. “Jin oppa!” You said, taking the plate of food from him. Jungkook twitched at the words. “You okay?” Taehyung asked him, noticing his actions, “I’m fine”

You and Jin were in the kitchen, cooking and talking. The other guys were all in the living room laughing and chatting away. Jungkook kept side eying you and kept glaring at Jin. He couldn’t help it. He was getting a little jealous at how close you and Jin were. But who was to blame? Jin was the one that introduced the both of you in the first place, it was no wonder why the two of you were so close. But even so, he didn’t like it.
Taehyung was the only one to notice Jungkook’s behaviour, tapping him on the shoulder he said, “You sure you’re okay? You seem kind of mad today” Jungkook sighed in defeat, “I get pissed when she calls other people oppa!” He said a bit louder than he would have wanted. “She doesn’t even call me oppa!” “You’re basically the same age” Taehyung told him. Jungkook pouted and turned the other way, “so, you’re telling me you want her to call you oppa?”
“That’s kinky” Yoongi said from afar before coming to join them, “well.. I mean, I wouldn’t mind…”
“You totally want her to call you oppa” Yoongi said, “Hyung shut up!” He laughed as he left to get a drink.

You came back from wherever you were and told them dinner was served. You took a seat beside Jungkook and Jin. All 8 of you had a wonderful time. You joked and laughed and chatted away, not even noticing the time flying by, “Oh my! You guys better get going!” You say, cleaning up the plates, “I can help” Jin offered, “No oppa, I got it” you smile at him. Jungkook gave you a glare and you looked at him innocently. You looked away and smirked to yourself. Little did he know, you heard his conversation about him wanting you to call him oppa. You always knew he wanted you to call him that. You just liked teasing him and pissing him off.

Everyone left. Jungkook was Watching Tv on the couch while you finished up washing the dishes. You could tell he was mad. You planned your next move as you dried your hands. He was flipping through channels when you suddenly came behind him, massaging his shoulders, “Did Kookie have a good time with his friends?” You said sweetly.
“Maybe I would if you stopped calling Jin ‘Oppa’”. He said, You showed a face that faked your sincerity, “It’s only proper, Jungkookie” you said as you moved your hands down his toned arms, “Is my Kookie mad at me?” You whispered into his ears. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back so he could see you. You kissed him on the forehead, “Jagi” he whined, “this isn’t fair”
you just smiled before asking, “can I get a hug?”
“No.” You pouted at him and he gulped. He found every single one of your actions extremely adorable and tried hard not to hug you, “Please?” You whined. He was doing surprisingly well. By now, he usually would have you pinned down somewhere. So you played your cards, “Oppa” you said, massaging his arms. His eyes shot right at you, “Y/n needs her Jungkookie-oppa” He snapped at your words and before you knew it, he pinned you down on the couch. You had him right where you wanted him. You instantly flipped the situation so that you were on top, straddling his hips. He stared at you with hunger, “again..” He said quietly “What was that? I didn’t hear you” you teased, smiling, “Say it again” he said louder so you wouldn’t ask him to repeat it again. “Oppa” you slid your hand down his built chest. A low groan emitted from the back of his throat, “Y/N…”
“What is it, Oppa?”
“I love you so fucking much, but if you don’t do anything in the next three seconds, you’ll pay.”


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Hi there! :) for the acts of intimacy prompt thingie, can I request the ♣: Back scratches prompt for rebelcaptain? :D xxoo

Sorry this took so long to get to, I seriously rewrote this with three different ideas so many times before I was semi-happy with it. And this got kind of out of hand, due to a headcanon AU I have about Jyn/Cassian recruiting for the Endor Strike team, but here goes :) I may post to AO3 later, just haven’t come up with a good title. Bleh.

Words: 1128

He’s antsy, and Cassian never gets antsy. Always stoic, his actions controlled. Now he’s uneasy, fidgety, like there’s something caught under his tunic. They’d just returned from their recruitment mission, the most important one to date, and he insisted he speak to the new recruits before they met with their General, Han Solo, alone.

She huffed, not wanting to leave his side when he most certainly wasn’t himself, but eventually she complied, walking far enough away from him but still remaining in earshot.

Draven had pulled Cassian from Intelligence years ago, perhaps the most empathetic act the man had ever committed, well —- if she didn’t know that Mon Mothma had actually been behind the suggestion.

She suggested he focus his efforts on recruitment, both of them, actually. After all, they were the “faces of the Rebellion”, who better to send into the field than the two of them?

“I’d be a crap recruiter,” she had remembered joking to Cassian, “but if you insist.”

“You say that, but you’re living proof,” he had replied, and well … she had him there, didn’t he?

His back is towards her now, but she can tell he’s nervous, on guard or —- something, as he talks to the recruits. They’re scared, she can tell. None any older than she was when Saw dumped her, most probably having nowhere else to go. They’d hung onto Cassian’s every word back when they picked them up.

The Rebellion, the Alliance, the Cause. She hadn’t seen him that impassioned since Scarif, his words stringing together effortlessly. Their gaze on him fixed, unbroken. It wasn’t just because of his name, though they’d had to of known his name, her name — everyone in the galaxy knew “the heroes of Scarif.” But when Cassian had something to say, he made his words count.

And if it was because they were heroes or not, his words or simply who he was, they agreed to help, to ride back with them to the Rebel Fleet — to join the Rebellion.

He jerked suddenly, and she couldn’t help but laugh at how awkward he looked, attempting to stretch a hand behind his back without anyone catching wind. She sighed, realizing now why he’d been so antsy. A recruit eyed him curiously, then wandered to meet hers. She raised a brow in reply, and the recruit quickly yawned, eyes focused back to Cassian.

There’s a moment of silence from the group as his next statement falls; instilling fear. Not of him, but of why they’d been brought on, why she and Cassian had risked their lives to bring them back to the Rebel Fleet. She knows what he’s said, doesn’t even need to read his lips. Instead, she eyes the recruit’s faces — some blank, some frightened – but all rendered speechless.

She can’t blame them, she’d reacted the same just a week ago.

“A second one, a second Death Star,” he’d breathed into her temple, the words splintered with fear. It jarred her from sleep, the look of terror in his eyes.

The weight of his forehead pressed to hers; the heaviness, the defeat in his tone. Years before there had been hope, her father’s message, and a flaw to exploit. Now what did they have? She fought with how to answer him then, to comfort him how he’d done for her in the hangar, before Rogue One, before Scarif.

She had her answer now. In front of her, watching as he talked to their new recruits, those that would eventually join the Endor Strike team.

As his shoulder quirks to the side, again, she decides enough is enough. Her mouth tightens, settling into her ‘Sargent Erso’ face. The recruits fall silent as she approaches, the air growing thick with a mix of unease and astonishment. She’d been experiencing that a lot these day, and she can’t stand it.

Her hand slips along Cassian’s back, trailing down the leather of his jacket. It’s a measured touch, stopping short between his shoulder blades. He flinches, and relaxes once he realizes what she’s doing. She scratches him there, flicking her gaze up, catching his eye briefly. It’s quick, but she finds that they’re thankful, happy. It’s hard to believe she once thought those eyes were mindless, that there wasn’t humanity buried deep beneath his tactical facade.

And perhaps he’s thankful for more than just the scratch, maybe her presence at his side helps in some way, as she sees the recruits still standing in front of him, silent.

One in an Imperial flight suit raises his hand, barely above his head. Cassian nods.

“Cassian, sir,” he began, “before, you were saying you had something, to defeat the Death Star.”

“We had a message from her father, Galen Erso,” he took the opportunity to wrap his hand behind her waist, mirroring her own grasp at his back. “Brought to us by an Imperial pilot, Bodhi Rook, now Captain of the Rogue Squadron. That message was all we had to go on, that and her father’s word.”

“That was it?” It came quick and he hadn’t meant it as rude, but she felt her arm unravel from Cassian’s back, stuck firm at her side in an attempt to calm herself, forcing her breath to slow.

“Yes,” she interjected, feeling Cassian squeeze at her side gently. “And we know how to destroy this one.”

A week ago they hadn’t known, the Death Star looming over them on the beach all over again.

“Endor,” Cassian finished, pulling the tips of her fingers in a tight squeeze, before letting go of her completely. “The shield generators, for the Death Star. That’s where they are, and where you’ll be. If you’re up to that.”

A week ago they found out about the second Death Star, a week ago all hope was lost.

“Well,” Jyn said, eyes bouncing from recruit to recruit.  “Are you all up for that?”

The recruits hurried to salute, some nodding while other’s audibly confirmed their commitment. Jyn looked up at Cassian and smiled, reminded of when he’d cobbled together their own group of volunteers, those that what would eventually become the Rogue One team.

Here they were, doing it all over again.

As the recruits hurried to follow Cassian, leading them to the command room, Jyn ran to his side again and leaned into him, gathering his hand in hers.

“Think we can talk Solo into letting us on the Strike team?” Jyn said quietly.

“We’re going whether he wants us or not, if we have to take our ship in,” he said, that casual confidence beaming from his eyes. “Besides, we do know someone familiar with Imperial ships.

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hi!! I just wanted to tell you that myeynl is my favorite fanfiction of all time. Possibly my favorite piece of literature of all time!!! Anyway, I just wanted to spread some love and tell you how much it meant to me. I was wondering whether you have ever considered publishing it on lulu ? I would love to buy a copy to have and keep forever and I'm sure I'm not the only one!!

Aw, thank you!

I… have never considered it – I don’t agree, generally speaking, with published fanfiction (whether as fic on Lulu or pulling it and changing the names) to the point where I was the anti-published-fanfiction POV person on a fanfic panel at Comic-Con a few years ago – but…

I am facing a lengthy period of not getting paid because of surgery and bedrest, and if people would pay money for MYEYNL, I am at the point where I would sell out and do it. But only if people would actually be interested in paying money for a thing that they can still access for free on AO3, because I definitely do not plan to take the fic down from there because that’s not fair. Maybe I’ll finally write that most-requested outtake of the H/L wedding as an epilogue and stick it in the hard-bound copies or something as a kind of “supporter thanks”?

I don’t know. I genuinely don’t know whether anyone would be interested (besides you, dear asker!) since it’s SUCH an old fic and I’m not active in 1D fandom anymore.

Not to be obnox, but: reblog if you’d be interested so I can gauge whether to put time into writing a supporter-thanks epilogue wedding scene and formatting it in InDesign and stuff?

@fille-lioncelle @1d-fics @lululawrence @spottedtich @annejamison (tagged because of posts semi-recently about MYEYNL in the tags; no pressure to reblog!)

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Omg Hiiiiiiiiiii!! I wish you the very best on your new blog! Anyways, how would the Shiratorizawa boys react if their s/o is multilingual and tends to change languages mid sentence? Best of luck 🍀

Hello! Thanks so much for the kind words, I really appreciate it! Also, as a bilingual person, I feel this request deep in my bones. 

(I’m just gonna go with your second language being English here??? Hope you don’t mind???)


  • Very confused 
  • “Please speak normally, I can’t understand what you’re saying” 
  • Finds it cute when they get excited and start switching languages, but also very frustrating because he’s so confused for the love of god please stop


  • Like Ushijima, very confused
  • Does his best to pick out the Japanese words mixed in with their gibberish to try and at least vaguely understand
  • This usually does not work, and he ends up just nodding enthusiastically and smiling/scowling whenever he deems appropriate 


  • A good bf, does his research and tries to learn at least vague English
  • Actually kind of likes the sound of their gibberish language, it sounds cool to him 
  • Genuinely tries to understand!!!! It usually doesn’t work but it’s the thought that counts!!!!


  • Speaks moderate English, so he understands them a lot better than the others
  • Sometimes responds unintentionally in the same way
  • Ends up being influenced by them and starts talking like that with his friends by accident(they are not amused)


  • Somehow even more confused than Ushijima? 
  • Spends most of the conversation just trying to process and translate what they’re saying, rather than listening to the words
  • Almost starts screaming when he first hears them speak when they’re excited (”I’M SO CONFUSED (NAME) PLEASE STOP SPEAKING LIKE THIS AHHHHHH-)


  • Kind of affronted, honestly
  • Pretty close to rage quitting but keeps it together, if only bc they’re cute
  • Like Reon, tries to do research, but usually ends up giving because why the fuck are this language’s grammar rules so stupid


  • Amused, mostly 
  • Likes hearing them talk funny, he think it’s adorable, quite frankly
  • Picks up on some Japanese here and there, but it’s mostly just gibberish to him, so he just responds in hums and grunts(not that that’s anything abnormal)


  • Only slightly less close to rage quitting than Shirabu
  • “Babe, you’re doing it again” “SHIT” 
  • Honestly, he’s just gotten used to it by now so he just responds normally whenever it happens and he can understand it tbh

I kind of exaggerated the switching part but I hope it’s still alright ^^;; Thanks for the request! 

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Wahhhhhhhh. Can I ask for some fluff for my beautiful boy, Semi?!?! How about him asking the team for help on surprising his s/o with something special just cause?

Ugh, I suck at fluff.

Everytime Semi looked at you, he would fall in love all over again. 

You were so kind, so precious, so loving and you were his. You always had a smile on your face and you cared more about others than you did yourself and he wanted to give you what you deserved and more.

Sitting in his room with soft music playing in the back, Semi thought of all of the things that you liked and wrote down lists of things that made you happy. It took him many days to plan the perfect surprise but if it was for you, he’d run across the world just for you.

“Hey, I have a request,” Semi states as he gathered the team together after practice. “I’ve been wanting to give (Name) a surprise and I planned it all out but I could use some help.”

The next day was a warm and sunny day so you decided to have lunch outside where the nice breeze could blow through your hair. You wished Semi could have been able to enjoy lunch with you but he said he had to finish some work in class.

Sighing, you opened your bento and started to enjoy your meal when you see Goshiki walking towards your direction. “Oh, Goshiki! How are you today?” You ask as he takes a seat by you. 

“I’m doing good! Thank you for asking,” He responds with a small smile and you chuckle at his adorableness. “I have something to give you,” Goshiki says as he takes out a small envelope and hands it to you. “I have to get going, but open the envelope, it’s important.”

You nod and watch as he leaves before you carefully turn the envelope around and smiled at the familiar hand writing, “To (Name),” You read before you gently open the envelope.

Inside, there was a photo of you and Semi on your first date with a note inside, “These are my favorite memories with you with much more to come.” You melted at his words as you glanced back at the photo of the two of you.

The next envelope you got was from Shirabu in the hallway when you were trying to decide what drink you wanted from the vending machines. A small envelope appeared in front of your face and as soon as you took it he walked away.

Shrugging your shoulder you opened the envelope to see another picture, but this time it was just a photo of you smiling. Looking inside, you took out the note and read it, “My favorite part about dates are when I get to see your smile.” You chuckled and blushed, “He’s so cheesy..”

Throughout the rest of the school day, you had gotten 5 more envelopes from his teammates which all contained letters and a photo of things he loved about you.

“Ushijima? Have you seen Semi anywhere lately? I haven’t seen him all day,” You ask the taller male as you found him heading towards the gym after the last bell rang.

Ushijima looked down at you before he turned around, “He’s in the gym; you can follow me, I’m going there as well.” 

Nodding, you followed beside him and made some small talk with the quite male until you reached the gym. Walking inside you see Semi’s back facing you and a smile formed on your lips. 

“Semi!” Running over to the male, you quickly stopped when he turned around to reveal a small bouquet of your favorite flowers in his arms, “Sorry I haven’t talked to you all day, but these are for you.”

Blush filled your cheeks as you gently took the flowers from him, “Semi, you didn’t have to get my flowers.” 

“But I wanted to do something for you because you deserve it,” Semi responds as he kisses your forehead, “Did you like the photos and notes?” 

“I more than loved them, you’re so sweet; thank you.” The team cringes at the lovey dovey couple a few feet away but they were happy they could help too. Looking up at Semi, a playful smile forms on your lips.

“You know what I like about you Semi? You think about others a lot and you’re super handsome~” You state with a chuckle and Semi looks away with a tint on his cheeks. “I love you Semi~”

“I love you too.”

✨DADS’ REACT TO…a romantic cheesy night✨

“Dads react to dadsona setting a romantic cheesy night for them. Like candles and rose petals and semi ok cooking because dadsona can’t cook but he tries his best. And so when the dad walks into the bedroom they see dadsona lying on the bed with candles and rose petals wiggling his eyebrows. That kind of cheesy.”

[thank you @thefandomlivez for the prompt, I think it’s really cute, I’m sorry if I didn’t do your prompt justice. It might be a little long but enjoy, and feel free to send in asks/requests! This is probably when all the kids are still at school or something]

Having finished work early, they had decided to head home and see you. Work had been rather easy that day; no complications with anything and they were thankful for that. “Hey, I’m home,” you weren’t there to greet them, but they weren’t that concerned. Probably taking a nap or something. They noticed the steaming plates of food on the dining table as they walked further into the house, even with unlit candles on the table. You took safety seriously. The food was nothing special, just a plate of mac-and-cheese and a pre-roasted chicken from the grocery store. Nonetheless it was appreciated by them and they headed to the bedroom, when the sight of you on the bed blessed their eyes. You were in shorts, maybe booty shorts, and shirtless with a rose clenched between your teeth. Rose petals were scattered on the bedsheets while more candles were lit on the nightstand. You wiggled your eyebrows suggestively, then spoke in your most flirty voice you could muster. “Like what you see?”


He stood there, stunned for a couple of moments that were awkward for both of you. “You did all this?” he chuckled before scooping you into a bug hear hug. He was grinning widely and set you down properly on the ground. He kissed you softly, then pulled away to view you in all your glory. “Definitely like what I see,” he smiled. “Thanks,” you squeezed his forearm gently and he kissed your forehead again in return. “Love you,” he mumbled with his chin atop your head. “Love you too.”


“Bro, what are you doing?” he was a little sweaty but nothing too bad. His mixed expressions showed up on his face which made you burst into laughter before he pulled you up. “That ass is fine af, bro,” he gave your butt a little pinch and kissed your cheek. You swatted his hand away, blushing. “Are you hungry?” He gave you a little nod before taking your hand (after you had put on a shirt) and leading you outside to the dining table. With the plates and everything already laid out, both of you took a seat next to each other before Craig finished the entire chicken by himself.


“O-oh…” his face was a mess, cheeks and even forehead a dark pink. “You didn’t have to-” he struggled to find words but you sat up, then engulfed him in a hug. “It’s nothing much,” you laughed softly as you kissed his warm cheek. He was too adorable for you and he kissed you lips back, not sure what to do. His hands found a comfortable place on his waist and gently squeezed the extra flesh there. A small giggle escaped your lips as you jerked your body a little at the touch. “Shall we go have dinner? You can have the chicken,” he smiled at you sweetly, as you agreed and pressed your lips against his again.


“Definitely,” he sat on the edge of the bed, then leaned down to kiss you “You’re so sexy,” he low voice grazed your lips as he sat back up with one hand possessively on your thigh. “Well, thank you,” you smiled back. “You’re not too bad yourself,” he laughed at your teasing and squeezed your muscle adoringly. “Should I do this more often then?” you asked and laid on your back now, legs thrown over his lap. “If you want to. You know I’ll never mind,” he gave your thigh another quick squeeze before peppering kisses up your skin. A small gasp made him move your legs before settling between them and kissing your chest. “You’re too sexy,” he growled.


“Honey, temptation is a sin,” he joked. You took the rose out of your mouth and twirled it at him. “No one said anything about flirting, did they?” you asked as he gave you a kiss. “Galatians 5:19. The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery,” he said softly against your lips, then kissed you again, this time longer and harder. His hand slid over your abdomen before resting against your waist with a fairly firm grip. You didn’t do anything, happily moving your mouth against his as he crawled onto the bed and over your body.


“Wow, babe,” he said and stifled a soft chuckle. His lips quirked up amusingly, making your cheeks flushed slightly. “You look great. Did you plan all this just for me?” he ran his fingers through your soft hair and leaned down to peck your forehead. “Who else for?” you sat up and pulled him into your lap as you laid your cheek against his collarbones. He gently stroked your hair, making you hum lowly in pleasure. “Was this just for the views?” he teased. You snorted and wrapped your arms around his waist. “Of course not.”


“What are you doing?” he asked, leaning against the doorway with nothing less of an aroused grin. “Waiting for you, honeybear,” you winked. “Don’t call me that,” a low growl was emitted from his throat before he neared you and placed a rough hand on your bare skin, sliding it up to cup your chest. It was enough to make you already break out into goosebumps. “I’m going to go eat,” you whined as he pulled away, smirking down at you devishly. “Don’t want to ruin the main course by eating it first,” the tips of your ears burned as he said that and you couldn’t help but slap his thigh as he turned to walk away.

Someone That I [Wanna] Know Baekhyun Scenario

title’s on gotye’s song. that one where baekhyun falls for his ex’s roommate and kind of becomes a better person because of it. rated [m] for like the last four paragraphs but it’s not that graphic. 

“I’m not talking about having sex with her to get back at Taeyeon. I’m not even saying I’ll have sex with her at all.”

“Dude.” Minseok rolls his eyes as he finally puts his phone down and drags his engineering workbook over. “Just give it a while. If you want to be friends with her, fine. But just be friends for like, a month. You always rush into it and it ends up falling apart.”  

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“Friends of Friends” Part 7 (The End!)

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Part: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 /

NOTE: This part is NSFW! There will be some light smut :)

Just as I had reconciled with Jooheon and the dust of our ordeal had finally settled, he was swept up into their newest comeback. And like everything Jooheon did that he was passionate about, he threw himself wholeheartedly into it with as much fervor as the last one.

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