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It’s so hard to understand what traveling does to your brain unless you’ve done it. It’s like a drug that completely opens your mind. You become addicted to the feeling of change and leaving your comfort zone. You learn so many new things about yourself and most importantly you become so aware of the beautiful and breathtaking world around you.
Take your time when picking the pedals off of your delicate little flower. Once they fall off, they are gone forever. So before each one becomes one of history, take a moment to really take in all of its beauty, for our flowers only have so many pedals.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Language goals

Went to the bank without event thinking about it, handled my issue without the use of any English, and I only had to look up one word in the dictionary.

Then got some new contacts, asked them how quick they could be deliverd, got some dailies to tie me over until they arrive because they dont have what i need in stock.

Then I had some problems printing some papers so I asked the ajussi which settings to use for the results I wanted.

Some simple interactions which I would have either put off or started with the question “do you speak English” before BUT I did it now without thinking twice about it.



@sleepyshirota and I have been talking about stargazing and first kisses regarding kuromahi for 2 hours in a row and my bff made this drawing based on it. ain’t it beautiful? *///////* 

i could talk about how much i love kuromahi all day, tbh. they make me so damn happy, I can’t find the right words to say it but ahhhh just.. let me scream about these two for the rest of my life

Thanks a bunch @canthydefromthelicht for drawing this!! We both love it and we’re hella happy that our tweets inspired you to made such a beautiful piece of art <33 

Practice (NSFW/ANGST)

We’ve been talking for so long. Now, we’re finally here in person. I taste pain and regret in your sweat. You’ve been waiting for me. …I can tell that you’ve been practicing…

Fem!Reader x Gladiolus Amicitia
Inspiration: Practice by Drake
Part 1 of 2
Word Count: 2170
Disclaimer: +18 MA/ Explicit Sexual Content/ Mild Angst/ Language/Mentions of abuse/Proceed at your own discretion

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A/N: So I’ve decided to do a series of Disney inspired au’s, possibly like four/five of them so you have that to expect! This first one is inspired by sleeping beauty but in the star wars universe; a few things are different and some are the same (like the name change) so there’s that. Also, the planet Daenia is completely made up so don’t bother looking it up. Enjoy and feedback is welcomed! P.S. there is a shift in pov but that’s only in the very beginning.

Warning: None

Word Count: 7.4K+ 

The sound of muffled voices echoed throughout the palaces walls, royal families from all throughout the galaxy gathered in celebration. At the center of attention, the noble king and queen of the wondrous planet Daenia sat on their thrones. A warming sensation spread throughout their chests, the first baby of the royal couple had been born and everyone was there to celebrate her–princess y/n.

Although, not even a week old, she lied quietly in her crib, softly cooing as the sounds around her didn’t seem to bother; it seemed only natural that the noises didn’t disturb her. With the life she’d soon have of being royalty, balls and celebrations were going to be constant.

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The Simple Things Aren’t Always So Simple - A Little Patience

Word Count: 1582

Warnings: Smoking, drinking, mentions of divorce (kinda lame, really)

A/N:  So my dear good friend @spntrista tells me in great detail about a dream she had about Jensen. It has inspired this series. Let’s all remember that this is FICTION and I do not in ANYWAY condone cheating on your spouse or partner. This is simply a work of fiction, please regard it as such. I mean no disrespect to Jensen or his family. Thank you.

The Simple Things Aren’t Always So Simple Masterlist

I couldn’t believe the life I was living right now. I was Jensen Ackles’ nanny. I wasn’t just the nanny, I had been sleeping with Jensen for more than a week and it was phenomenal. Everything about this man was unbelievable. He was a good cook, he was an amazing dad, he was a great listener and an attentive lover.

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House of Hospitalities

Author: Lolita_MonsterBoo

Warnings: non-con (not between taekook)

Summary: A palace full of liars,
A house full of secrets,
A friendship that might be toxic,
There’s so many peculiar things in this House of Hospitalities.

»Inspired by Blood Sweat and Tears MV«

Notes: THIS WAS SOOO GOOD EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT. This author has a way with words and they never let me down. They’re so horribly underrated? I think they deserve a bit more popularity in the fandom because they pump out so much good content. Their plot and writing is highly addictive in all their stories, please give them a try.


Who’s Doing Dishes?

Pairing: Hoseok (bts) x reader

Genre: Fluff, so much fluff, drowning in the fluff (and also marriage!au)

Word Count: 1011

Summary: Once the pot has been emptied and the pleasure of a delicious home cooked meal has been enjoyed through to its end, one final, burning question remains; who will do the dishes? Buckle up for this thrilling story that, through all of its shocking twists and turns, seeks to answer this heaviest of questions.

Inspired by this lil thang


You and Hoseok both let out sighs of content as you leaned back in your chairs after what was quite possibly the most delicious meal either of you had had in weeks.

“How’s that for a good, homecooked dinner ,huh?” You bragged, made more proud by the sight of the empty pot sitting between the two of you on the table. You’d both cleaned it out completely.

“Well why do you think I married you?” The man joked, raising an eyebrow sassily in your direction.

“For my fabulous good looks and my charming smile.”

“Well, I suppose that too.”

“And what a gentleman you are to do the dishes for me after I put so much work into this fantastic meal for both of us!”

Immediately upon hearing your sly statement, Hoseok’s eyes shot wide and he brought his hands up in front of him to refuse.

“oooh, no no no. I did them last night!”

“And I cooked.” You crossed your arms stubbornly, but grew a little curious as a familiar mischievous grin spread across your husband’s face.

“Okay, I’ll do the dishes. If you can catch me before I catch you!” And with that, the grown man sprinted off like a little boy into the rest of the house, his laughing continuing for a moment or two before everything went dead silent, likely as he made an effort to conceal himself for the game ahead. A smirk not unlike his crossed your features. Oh, it was on. And he better be ready, because you were playing to win.

You made a point of noisily walking the direction he had gone, bumping into the table with a thud as you did, before silently turning back to the dining room and taking the other path out in an attempt to flank him. As you crept noiselessly along the hardwood floor of the ground level, avoiding all of the creaky spots, you stealthily peaked your head into the office to survey the area for any signs of hostile activity. Just as you stepped fully into the room, you heard from somewhere back in the living room and a little above you a creak that split the silence like a knife. You wheeled around on your heels and shot towards the stairs just in time to see his white crew sock fly around the corner, just behind the rest of him. You’d missed your chance to catch him with his back to you, but now he was cornered. There was no other way down but through you now. Practically tasting your imminent victory, you crept up the stairs behind him, turning the corner to check for any signs of him. As you scanned the area, your eyes fell on the closet to your left along the wall. The door was closed. It shouldn’t be closed, you’d left it cracked when you went upstairs earlier to put away your rain boots and no one had been upstairs since. Your smile grew as you put all of the pieces together. He was planning to hide there, and then when you went into the bedroom just past it to search for him, he would jump out and catch you. Not today. Not on your watch. Your fingers curled around the doorknob slowly as you deliciously savored the moment of Hoseok’s sweet, sweet demise. Once you were ready, you swung the door open, ready to sing in victory, only to see before you an empty closet. Your nose scrunched in confusion. That doesn’t make any sense-

“Wha-“ You squeaked as two big hands grabbed your sides and spun you around on the slippery wood floor before a familiar feeling pair of lips pressed themselves onto yours. Before you knew it, Hoseok had pulled away and was smiling widely down at you in pride.

“Gotcha!” He laughed at your dumbfounded expression.

“But- the closet door was…”

“I closed it to make you think I was in there.”

You looked up at him, your jaw hanging open and your eyebrows furrowing in mock indignation. He laughed again at you.

“I knew it would work. And now guess who’s doing dishes.” He said with his eyebrows raised playfully as his finger came up to poke the tip of your nose “Yooouuuuuu” He sang.


“Please what?”

You stood up on your tippy toes to give him another peck on the lips with your hands clasped behind your back.

“Please can you do the dishes for me?” You batted your eyelashes dramatically up at him as you gave him the best doe eyes you could muster. And those were some pretty good doe eyes. Good enough that you could see his resolve quiver just a touch, enough to give you the determination to keep going. You leaned up to give him another peck. He cracked a tiny bit more, but kept up his façade fairly well.

“Nope, I won.”

You smiled up at him just a little as you brought your hands up to hold his cheeks, before leaning up to give him another kiss on the lips.

“Please?” You pleaded quietly, barely above a murmur. He stayed silent and narrowed his eyes down at you suspiciously, barely managing to fight off a smirk. You smiled more.

“Please?” Another peck, this time pulling his face down to meet you.

“Please, please, please?” You asked cutely, a peck in between each ‘please.’ You moved from his lips up to his nose, up to his forehead, and down to both of his cheeks before making your way back to his lips. Soon enough he cracked completely and let out a laugh, grabbing your wrists to pull your hands down to his chest and holding them both with one hand as his other hand went up to cup your cheek gently. He finally gave you a proper kiss, and you hummed sweetly in satisfaction as both of you smiled into the kiss.

“Alright, how about we do them together?” He compromised as he smiled down at you after pulling away.

“Sounds good to me.”


Well this was a blast! If anyone wants me to do this for any other member that I write for, hit me up and I’d be glad to!

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Day Five Hundred Fifty One.

some days, i revel in the sheer energy
that little ones bring forth
filling the room with their laughter 

sometimes, the sun shines just right
thawing my numb toes
as i enjoy the cloudless sky

some nights, i can’t fall asleep
there are too many thoughts flying
and i am far too excited to contain them

today, i woke up
and simply remembered that
i’m so lucky, just to be here

It's getting to that time of year again...

You know the time I’m talking about. When all your shows and and you’re left with a brain full of crazy speculation that needs an outlet that’s more than day dreaming to yourself while you hang out the Landry you’ve been neglecting for the past three weeks.

Well I have great news because the NCIS:LA hiatus fox exchange will hopefully be running again this year.

I’ll be looking to change the process for it a bit this year because although writing 15,000 words in the space of two weeks was an awesome time for me last year, my law degree and full time work probably won’t allow me to commit quite so much this year.

Fear not, the basic concept will still be the same just you might not be writing for a specific person. This will hopefully make it more broad so it’s easier to be inspired. There’ll still be a fix for everyone though!

Let me know if you’re keen to participate again this year by liking/replying to this post or messaging me here, or on my main blog @ncisabbylover. If there’s enough people to run this crazy thing again, I’ll start getting organised!

(Special thanks to @aprylynn & @raccoonsmate4life for letting me know you were keen for another round and your offers of assistance. Knowing that people are excited at the prospect of another exchange has really motivated me to get the ball rolling)

Reaching For The Sun


Prompt: High

Word Count: 507

I was really excited to write this! I was actually pretty inspired by the entry of @kingkuchiki for this week’s prompt. So this entry is derivative of hers! Thanks Tiff, for inspiring me to write something other than smut for this event lmao

Rukia loves high places because she hates the dirty ground.

Throughout the entirety of life, she had encountered too much filth: blood, sweat, screams - these impurities sullied her soil and polluted her world. She always strives to be strong and ignore these blotchy stains on what should be her beautiful universe, but she just can’t seem to make herself comfortable in this disgusting dimension. She hates the memories (nightmares) she’s made here. Though Soul Society was brimming with justice and hope, she felt detached from that pompous system. Like she was floating above, aimlessly, in search of respite.

When she reaches the highest branch of the tallest tree she can find, the sky seems so much more captivating. She stares up at it, begging for its endless turquoise clarity to suck her into salvation. Oh, and the warmth. The unbelievable warmth of being just a few feet closer to the sun, like its rays kiss her skin. She almost wants to take off her clothes and bathe against that seductive heat.

She almost falls in love with the sun.

Was that why Kaien was so attractive to her?

Her now-deceased mentor was kind and chivalrous. He encompassed goodness, and that untampered purity of character was exactly what she’d been looking for amidst the shiny, social grime of nobility and the Goatee’s plastic society. Being around Kaien was like leaving her hand out in the sun for too long; addictingly consoling.

But Kaien lacked the potency of the sun’s heat. He was but a glimmer of a distraction.

She was still desperately cold inside.

That is, until she meets Ichigo.

‘Rukia, you’re screwing it up more!’ the orange-haired student barked at her as he leaned over her back so that she was up against his chest. She was attempting to fix the faucet. The blasted contraption refused to still its flow of water. She was twisting it round and round, until Ichigo decided he had enough and he had to take matters into his own hands. Rukia, not one to give up, pushed back against his chest to try and shake him off of her.

'You fool!’ she growls. 'I’m fine! I know what to do, just-’

'Know what to do? Know what to do?! You’re going to drown us all!’

Although they’re fighting, his brash voice and erotically warm body against hers makes her smile. She purposely puts up a fight because she’ll do anything, anything to feel him on her or hear his voice because he’s her personal sun sitting on the lonely sky of her deep-seated regrets. He’s warm and bright and vibrant, the only colour in her greyscale world.

He’s human and her feelings are forbidden, but those very feelings keep her going.

When Ichigo loses her powers, the Captain-Commander makes it very clear to her that she is to not see him.

Every day after that, she climbs up the highest tree she finds.

The higher up she goes, the closer she feels to Ichigo.

Happy - Carl Gallagher x Reader

Requested by @yungramona
sad reader, tiny bit of cussing, Carl being adorable (What more do you want? cx)
pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader
Description: Carl notices that you were upset and has his mind set on making you happy again
A/N: I wrote this one first because I had inspiration, but I’ll get the one before out soon. Also this is cute. Why is Carl so cute?

Carl knew how unhappy you were the second he saw you open the door. The two of you always meet up at a certain time at your house, it was like clockwork or a cute ritual the two of you shared since you started dating. He always walked you to your house to pick you up, and then the two of you would walk to his house.

The whole entire walk to the Gallagher house was awful. You hadn’t said a word since you left. Just a simple “hey” and a kiss and you didn’t want to talk any more than that. You knew even if you opened your mouth he would know the cause of your problems. It was a blessing and a curse when it came to him.

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Tales of Mable and Hogan.

Characters: Rob Benedict x Reader (I swear I have no intention of adding Rich in but that sneaky little fucker might appear.)

Summary: Inspired by this post and my wonderful friend @thewhiterabbit42 who has joined me in the Rob trash.  So Rob has begun to write some erotica, turns out he’s not that great at it.

Word Count: 1069 words (childish giggle ‘69’)

A/N: I can only apologise for this.  I’m so sorry (not at all sorry). I now challenge @thewhiterabbit42 to write a part 2 x

Originally posted by bookwormirmak

Sitting at the table with the manuscript in your hands you could feel his intense blue eyes watching your every movement.  You were trying your best to keep a straight face but you had begun to wonder if this was some elaborate joke.  Your gaze flitted over to him where he sat with an expectant look on his face and you cleared your throat before you began to read it again…

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prettytransboy  asked:

Sometimes I look at your art and I'm like screaming because you're so talented and wonderful??? I love your work a bunch (ah related or not) because your art style is MY SHIT, and you inspire me to work on making art too! Although it isn't something I wanna do professionally, it's fun and I'd love to be able to do half as well as you. ❤ - Michael Rose

shit I’m lost for words. I’m honestly not sure what to say but thank you?? You’re too kind!!! ♡

berryserene  asked:

Hey Witter! Love your blog! I was just wondering if you have some tips on coming up with prompts. You're one of the most prolific prompt writers I follow, so maybe you could give some advice?

//Heyo! Thank you!

Some general tips:

Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration. Our worlds are shaped by things we hear and see. 

Some of the prompts I post are from conversations I’ve had. They also come from conversations I’d sometimes think about my characters having or thoughts they might have had.

Test yourself one what you think when you see specific words. I started this blog by having people send me in single words and I’d fill them out that way- admittedly, they were very rusty at the time, but I like to think I’ve improved since then.

Don’t stop those fingers. If you’re typing, let them go! You might not like a prompt you’ve made, but it’s not because of the content it holds, then post it. Being insecure is a common experience, but it won’t get better if you don’t put it out there.

You can’t always wait for motivation, so get to work. I have a problem where I don’t like working and my best prompts usually come from my motivated moods, but I can’t always sit around for them, since they’re so few.

Read poetry and song lyrics or quotes. Sometimes sparks of inspiration branch from there.

Even if it’s basic, it’s something. “Hey, what are you doing?” is a very common question in most conversations, but you can spice it up. “Hey, what are you doing? That goes over there.” or even “Hey, what are you doing? Where’d my door go?” Just add on!

I hope this helps!

shestheauthor  asked:

I've been here for a while, and I just wanted to say that I really do love your art and your multiple sorts of styles. You've really inspired me in a way to just become better with art and I thank you for that. I guess it's about time I joined the soul train, and although mine is broken in some places and fragile, I know you'll take care of it. Please have a wonderful day and I hope everything goes well in the future.

Thank you so much for sending this in! Hearing i inspired someone to pick up the pencil again makes my day. 
I want to keep this blog as a place where you can get to and feel a positive atmosphere of creativity about it, in a way hearing i am doing things right makes me incredibly happy! 

I have seen you around always liking my posts! I’m so glad we finally got to exchange a few words, i really appreciate your support on this blog, it means a lot!

And about your soul don’t worry, Satire really looks after her soul jar so it will be as safe as ever i can assure you.

I hope you had a great day today too! Good luck in this upcoming week.