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Where Have You Been All My Life? - Part 1 - Dad!Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Pairing: Dad!Stiles Stilinski/Reader AU

Word Count: 9,945

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Oral (Both Receiving), Public Oral, Edging, Orgasm Denial (kind of?) 

Notes: Part 1 of 2 for Dad!Stiles. Because I legit am sitting at a total of 17.5K and have more to write. Sooooooo you get two parts. If you know the movie Bad Moms, that is the inspiration for this. So, it might have like… hints of cheating but they are getting divorced. So, I think we good?

@thelittlestkitsune and @savage-stilinski are the best and kept me company while I wrote. And they proofread while they went for me. Because I make lots of mistakes! 

You sat at the kitchen bar, the mug of coffee in the yours spewing wisps of steam from the brown liquid. Your eyes stared into the contents, watching the ripples from the small movements. Your fingers ran along the ceramic, unable to focus on any one particular thing.

All you could remember were the events of the night before.

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Changlix / Kiss me again

Pairing: Seo Changbin x Lee Felix
Plot: Felix can’t get enough of Changbin kissing him.

A/N: I was inspired by the post above. They are just so cute!!! (The video isn’t mine but the gif is.)

Changbin didn’t mind it. At least that’s what he tried to tell himself. He was conflicted. On one side the thing he wanted to do for the rest of his life was to kiss Felix. But on the other side it hurt. 

“Hyung, can you please kiss me again?” Felix would ask and Changbin would do it. A quick innocent kiss on the cheek, then he would look somewhere else to hide the blush on his cheeks. 
He was always just about to kiss him properly. A long and deep kiss on the other boy’s lips. He wanted it so much, but also feared it. Changbin would ruin everything with it. Felix didn‘t like him like that. And with a proper kiss Changbin would ruin their friendship, Felix would probably hate him.
But with every time the younger asked for a kiss, it got harder for Changbin to resist. 

One day they both were alone, practicing Felix Korean pronunciation, because the others were all busy too. Felix was learning fast and completed a rap part without any mistakes.
“Really good, Felix.” Changbin praised the younger, with a proud smile. The younger’s eyes light up. 
“Can I get a kiss again, as a reward?” Felix looked at Changbin expectantly. The older male gulped. He tried to resist the urge to do as requested. His eyes were on Felix lips. Changbin had to compose himself to not do anything stupid. 
“No.” Felix pouted at Changbins harsh answer. 
“Come on, Hyung. Don’t I deserve it?” 
It hurt Changbin to see the other boy so sad. 
“Come on just a quick kiss on the cheek.” He told himself. But why were his eyes wandering to the younger’s lips. Could he for once control his hormones? 
“Please, Changbinnie!”
Before he could stop his actions he gripped Felix’s shirt and pulled the younger one closer to himself. Now he had to go with it, so he connected their lips. It was not a passionate kiss, it was just sudden…and what the fuck was he even doing.
He opened his eyes. When did he even close them? 
Felix looked at him wide eyed, shock written all over his face. Changbin finally composes himself and moved away, ending the kiss. 
None of them said a word, Felix was still in shock, looking at the older. 
The silence was killing Changbin. Why did he do that? He completely messed up.
“Yeah…” He coughs awkwardly. 
“That’s enough practice for today.” Changbin said before quickly grabbing his stuff and running out of the room, to get as far away from Felix as possible. 
He was able to fuck up in any way possible.

Changbin had avoided Felix for some days now. In practice he would always talk with one of the other guys and as soon as they were done he would leave. 
The others were noticing too but didn’t ask questions yet. Changbin was grateful for it. He didn’t want to talk about what happened.
Besides the fact that it was pretty new to him too, he didn’t know how the others would react. The only thing he had figured out was that he was in love with Felix. But Changbin had no clue if he was gay or bi. He didn’t even know if he liked boys in general. The only thing Changbin was certain about was that he loved the younger rapper. 

They had a free day, when Chan texted Changbin that they had an extra practice. At least he had something to distract himself with.
He arrived at the same time Felix did and they only shared an awkward glance before looking anywhere then at each other. In silence they went to the practice room.
They were surprised to only find Chan there, no sight of the others.
“Are we too early?” Felix asked the leader.
“Please don’t hate me for this!” They were both confused by Chans answer, who stepped around them and was at the door quickly. 
“Wait Chan No!” Changbin panicked, when he realized what the other male was planning, but he was too late. Chan had already looked the door. 
Changbin could see the horror written all over Felix face. 
“Chan what are you doing!” He tried to steady his voice, but he was scared too.
“I don’t know what happened between you two, but I won’t open until you have talked about it!”
“Nothing happened!” Changbin tried to convince the leader. 
Felix didn’t know why the elder’s words hurt that much. He had the feeling that he didn’t know anything anymore. The whole last days were just confusing.
“Yeah sure, then you will stay in there forever!” The leader wasn’t satisfied with Changbins poor excuse. 
Changbin took a deep breath and turned around to face Felix. The younger looked expectantly but also scared at the same time.
“I’m sorry that I kissed you. It was a mistake!” Changbin rambled, not meaning it. But Felix didn‘t know. The younger had expected it, but it still broke his hearth.
“A mistake.” Of course, why should Changbin really like him?
“Wait what you two kissed…” They both flinched at Chans loud voice. They had totally forgotten that the leader was still in front of the door.
“I guess you two need a lot of time then.” he chuckled.
“Could you maybe leave?” Felix didn’t mean to sound that harsh, but he was angry. Angry at himself, believing that Changbin had meant the kiss.
“Yeah sure. But if you two don’t discuss this, you will stay in there for the rest of your lives.” Chan said before they heard his fading footsteps.
Neither Changbin nor Felix said a word. The room was awkward silent. What was left to say? It was a mistake like Changbin said.
“Like I said…I’m sorry, it was a mistake.” Changbin regretted his words instantly, but Felix probably hated him already, maybe somehow he could save their friendship.
“You can’t do things like that!” Felix voice grew angry, but he looked like he was about to cry.
“I know…I don’t know what got into me. I just…you asked for it.” Changbin tried to reassure his actions, but he knew that it would not work.
“I didn’t!” Felix defended himself. 
“I can’t stop thinking about it!” frustrated Felix sat down leaning against the wall. Slowly Changbin walked next to him, leaving enough places between them.
“I’m sorry. It’s not like I’m in love with you or anything…” Changbin didn’t know if he should cry or laugh at his words. Probably the biggest lie he has ever told, but the truth wouldn’t help him in this situation.
Little did he know how much his words hurt Felix. The boy couldn’t hold back his tears anymore, quickly wiping them away, so Changbin won’t see them.
Changbin didn’t notice the state the younger was in, because he avoided to look at him. He felt to embarrassed. He has no idea how to explain his behavior without saying the truth.
“It was just a joke…!?” Changbin wasn’t sure of his own words, but everything was better than the truth.
Felix only chuckled in disbelief, turning towards the older. 
“Are you serious?” His voice was low and composed. Changbin finally looked at Felix, flinching at the sight of the other. Felix gaze was pricing right through him, his face was covered in tears.
“Do you really think you can kiss me like that! I thought…I thought you like me!”
Changbin gulped trying to steady his voice before answering.
“I’m sorry, I get that you’re weirded out by it…”
“No, that’s not the point!” Felix literally screamed. 
“I just thought you liked me too, Hyung…” He added quietly, looking away.
Changbin didn’t think he heard the younger right.
“You like me?” 
Changbin eyes widened at Felix statement. He liked him back!
He quickly leaned toward Felix grabbing his chin and forcing the younger to look at him. Changbin closed his eyes before he connected their lips. 
Felix was taken aback by Changbins actions and hesitated to response to the kiss. He gently pushed the older away.
“Is this a joke again?”
“No…I lied earlier, because I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable…I like you Felix.” 
Changbins words made the younger smile and he leaned in initiating the kiss this time. The older moved his hands on Felix cheeks wiping away the tears and deepened the kiss. 
It might have been not be a perfect kiss, both didn’t really know what to do and it was a bit awkward, but for them it was a perfect moment and their first proper long kiss.
That was until someone suddenly opened the door. Changbin and Felix quickly jumped away from each other blushing furiously.
Chan looked at them amused.
“I see you two made up. You are allowed to leave but you can also stay!” He winked at them before leaving them alone.
“He could have knocked. Not really polite.” Changbin muttered embarrassed.
Felix smiled at the other, moving closer again.
“Kiss me again, please!”
“How can I say no to that?”

Enemy | College! Jungkook [+18]

prompt | “ i’d rather be your enemy than any friend you think i would be ”


in which jeon jungkook just wants to sleep with you, his enemy, without a word

warnings | majority of this is just pure smut so please do not read if you do not like mature themes

a/n | heavily inspired by the weeknd’s song enemy. criticism is always welcomed, as i barely write smut and would like tips and pointers. enjoy!

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when the sharpest words wanna cut me down
i’m gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out
i am brave, i am bruised
i am who i’m meant to be, this is me

Chance Encounter | 04

Character / Genre / words: Christian Yu ( DPR +IAN / Yu Barom ) x reader | Fluff, Slight Angst |  14,069 words

Warning: Drama. Slight mentions of violent behaviour (kinda, not much, you know me)

a/n: inspired by the infamous DM mishap which happened to me some time ago, so I decided to just write the whole thing down as a cute reminder. | I have no idea why the chapter just keeps getting longer, but this was technically chapter 4 and 5 combined because I have no idea how my brain works anymore. I’m so sorry for the long wait, I hope you enjoy this as well :)

➽ Chapters: Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03 | Part 04

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3. warm sunsets full of love

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 2.7k

Genre: Fluff (So much sweetness your teeth will probs rot)

Author’s Note: Inspired by a post made by a blog that no longer exists, this was so long overdue, but wow, I finished a series!! (sort of, let me just have my moment here). Hope you enjoy the cheesiest three part series I will ever write, and thanks for reading!

First in the series: sweet raspberry lemonade in the summer
Second in the series: fleeting goodbyes and hasty kisses

Music Recommendation

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So Wrong

The sins
I often make
To find my
Daily solace
Are worth their
Weight in torture
If it means
More time
To write

Even while
Losing sleep
At the hands
Of honest demons
Who employ their
Subtle influence
By the curse
Of feeling

And wash
All sense of hope
With threats
Of being
And keeping lines
For legacies
Left unknown

What I’m meant
In days
That have no pleasure
Or faith
With cherished whimsy
Which speak
To what
I dream

Or believe
I’ll even need
As a man
Who lost his
To make some kind of
For a woman that’s

As brutal
As it suggests
About what
My phrase
Has gifted
In fear and excess agony
Such poems
Allow to

Though I seek
No recompense
For a heart
That’s always
Or mistakes
I once committed
On behalf
Of being right  

When little
Does heaven know
I wake for
These abuses
At the hands
Of those who
Love me
And inspire words
So wrong.

- J. Pigno

Happy birthday, norbertsmom!!

@norbertsmom, we got a request for a gift on your behalf from the very dear @mega-aulover for your January 16th birthday. To honor your special day, @booksrockmyface has written this story just for you!

Title: Been Watching You, Dad

Gift for: norbertsmom

Rating: G

Author’s note: Heard you like fluffy fics with kids. The song Watching You by Rodney Atkins came on the radio and it inspired this one a little. Happy birthday, dear! Thanks to thesaltywinteradult for pre-reading (everything).


“Um, Reed, where did you hear that word?” Peeta asked.

Reed looked up from the flour he’d spilled all over the floor. “I heard you say it, Dad.”

“Me?” Peeta thought a moment and then nodded. “Well, it’s not always a very nice thing to say. So, we’ll both try really hard not to say it anymore, okay?”

Reed nodded. “But can I be like you, Dad?”

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anonymous asked:

who are your top 5 fav bbs writers??

Haha why hello! ^.^ I’m not the best judge of these kinds of things, and there are so many great ones on this site, but I can mention a few!

@etherealvibespls : The stuff that is written on this Tumblr is…ah I can’t even put it into words. She’s amazing, like, no joke. I know she’s probably going to kick my butt for complimenting her so much, but trust me when I say all of her work is just inspiring. When I want to melt my heart into a puddle of goo, she’s the one I go look for. I cannot give her enough praise. Seriously, if you haven’t read her work yet, you haven’t seen the best of the BBS boys yet.

@sparktheblaze : I feel this one is a no-brainer? The AU stories are always entertaining, have creative plots, and I was totally drawn in by the OhmToonz Underground racing story. They know how to catch someone’s attention with a simple or complicated prompt. And they are really good at giving back to the community by doing polls and prompts for their writing! 

@go-big-or-go-hoe : Even though she tries to say I’m her senpai, I really feel she holds her own! I can see all of the efforts she puts into her work, and I believe that her Gang AU was one of the first stories I read on Tumblr for the BBS fics. She needs more love! ^.^

@chinxino5 : She’s got this really fun story going right now called “Cute” which took a cliche kind of prompt and turned it onto its head. I really feel like she cares about her characters and writing. It’s not just about making the boys do what she wants them to do; she takes their personalities, relationships, and backgrounds into account with each new piece she adds. Plus, I really loved the snipped with Brock and Brian in this story! ^.^

@@bananabussquad-er : So I was introduced to her stories on WattPad, and I really enjoyed going through them! She’s got a little bit of everything in each story, and I feel like it makes reading her stuff always an adventure. It’s not just the same pairing or the same feeling. She’s got a DBD MiniCat 3 part series that is super fun to read. Marcel had me dying in it! Seriously, check it out! You won’t be disappointed. 

I feel like there’s a ton of others that I’m missing. >.< These were just the five that popped into my head. And if you know of any others, let me know! I love reading about the boys just as much as I like writing them. Thanks for the ask and the support! 


stars and butterflies and midnight hand-holding. originally inspired by this song although not sure how much of that is left in the final image. so feel free to enjoy out of context

also let me say i read all your guys’ tags and sweet words and that’s like.. a major part of fanarting fun for me ^^ (and only source of feedback!) keep on being great!

(and if you’re not being great.. maybe.. stop? :< )

King of my Heart

Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 2.5k

Author’s Note: Since I’m bad at inspiration, this is also based off a song. It is very loosely based off of King of my Heart by Taylor Swift. The song doesn’t really have a big story behind it, so I guess it’s more based on the concept of that song. 

Tagged: @letmeletmetrashyourlove

Summary: Steve Harrington kind of just wedged his way into your life, and you’re so glad that he did. 

You weren’t expecting someone to just waltz into your life like it was no big deal. You were honestly happy being by yourself for a while. Having been in a few relationships, one after the other, you were happy to have these many months for alone time. Hanging out with your friends, having no one there to drag you down, was the happiest you’d been in a long while. That was until you met Steve Harrington.

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Unexpected Guest (Part 7)

Prompt: Imagine working a party and seeing a mysteriously handsome man who captures your entire attention. There’s one catch: you’re engaged to a different man.

Warnings: angst, fighting, negative relationships, flirting, language, smoking (cigs? Is that even a warning? idk)…

Word Count: 3942

Notes: Inspired by Gorgeous - Taylor Swift…Beta’d by my amazing @like-a-bag-of-potatoes and translated by her because she’s perfect. I’m so blessed to call you a friend, love. OFC/OC Jeremy

Forever Tags: @capsmuscles @cocosierra94 @essie1876 @magpiegirl80 @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @iamwarrenspeace @marvel-imagines-yes-please@superwholocked527 @myparadise1982sand @missinstantgratification @thejemersoninferno @rda1989 @marvelloushamilton @munlis @thefridgeismybestie @bubblyanarocks3 @random-fluffy-pink-unicorn @hardcollectionworldtrash @igiveupicantthinkofausername @kaliforniacoastalteens @feelmyroarrrr@kaeling


“I wanted to kiss him, Ida, what’s wrong with me?” you asked desperately as you paced in your office at work, the door closed so you and Ida could talk during lunch. If Bill showed up after work, you wouldn’t get a chance to discuss this with her. So you had to make the best of the time you could.

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A Dangerous Game

Characters: Tony, Reader, Bucky.

Summary: East meets West in a tournament to end all tournaments but with so much on the line for everyone involved is anyone truly going to come out of this a winner?

Word Count: 2222 words

Inspiration: The musical Chess.  

A/N: This is an idea that has been rolling around in my head for a while and I really felt I needed to get this out there so I can write other things.  A massive thank you to the wonderful and amazing @iwillbeinmynest and @littlemisssyreid for letting me bounce this idea around and reading each and every word I have written for this and making it better.

When it was first announced that the World Championships were to be held in the sleepy little town in the mountains, there had been a cry of bribery and corruption. And yet, here they all were.  The same people who had been so vocal in their opposition, journalists and fans all camping out in the small hotels.  The locals, in turn, had seized the opportunity to bleed the fair-weather tourists for all they could before they disappeared as quickly as they had arrived.  The real reason this place had been chosen for such an auspicious event that had the entire world watching, was because it was delightfully neutral.  There was enough tension as the American World Champion took on the Russian new kid. The setting and all those associated with the committee on this one had been hand picked for their fence sitting abilities.

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Lights Out [ONE SHOT]

Genre: Romance, Angst

Pairing: Baekhyun x OC

Words Count: 1,049

Foreword: He’s always happy, so bright and so full of sunshine and for him to come home like this is new to me.

Author’s Note: It’s me again! I’m writing another story which is inspired by EXO’s song called Lights Out and also on the recent news about our precious Baekhyunee. I hope other exols out there will find comfort reading this and to all people who will read this. I hope you guys will like this and hopefully love it! 

I turned around as soon as I hear footsteps, keys jingling and the door being opened. I feel relief when my boyfriend is finally home. But my smile falters when I notice Baekhyun looks so down, his usual bright glow isn’t there. I look at him and then he look at me back. His face looks so tired,  his eyes are full of eyebags and dark circles, he looks like he didn’t get enough sleep. My heart clenches painfully.

“Baekhyun are you okay?” I ask softly, afraid I might scare him away.

“Yeah love..” he said, voice trying to cover up his emotions. 

I hold his hand and intertwined my fingers with his. I squeeze his hand and look at him, worried filled my eyes. “Please talk to me baby..” I said, sounding too desperate. Baekhyun cupped my cheeks, eyes looking at me as if he was screaming for help but too scared to ask. He shakes his head, trying to convinced me that he’s fine, he’s smiling but it didn’t reach his eyes and I know this isn’t my Baekhyun, this isn’t my love.

When even breathing feels hard and tears rise up. Sometimes, you can hide in me and cry. You can do that because it will pass.

I tug on our intertwined hands softly and bring him towards the couch. Baekhyun takes a sit quietly. Too quiet. I sit on his lap and hug him close to me. “What are you doing?” he asks, voice small and confused. His arms wrap around my waist loosely. I sniff softly on his hair, already smelling my favorite smell of him. “Holding you..” I answered shortly. 

Silence. It’s the atmosphere that I’m not used to and will never get used to. Baekhyun relaxed on me, his shoulder deflating from being too tensed. Then I heard it, the long sighed escape from his lips and the following question that shattered my heart. “Am I bad person?” he asks softly. I pull away from the hug and immediately cupped his face, “Baekhyun you’re not.. Oh god baby you’re not..” I said reassuringly but it seems like it’s not a good help as Baekhyun’s face filled with doubt, insecurities and hatred on his self.

Fall asleep in my arms, don’t wake up. Morning will come again so you can peacefully dream at the end of this loneliness, just turn off the lights today.

Baekhyun smile slight while shaking his head, “But I am.. I hurt them..” he said looking away. I shake my head stubbornly while making him look at me by holding his face. “You’re not!” I said with a loud voice that Baekhyun looks so shocked with my outburst. I bite my lips while stroking his cheeks lovingly, “You’re not a bad person..” I said while hiding his face on my neck. 

Baekhyun snuggles his face deeper on my neck as if he was trying to hide. “I wasn’t careful on choosing my words.. now it’s my fault for hurting my fans..” he said, voice sounded so little and then it hit me. He was referring about the news of him. I close my eyes as soon as I heard sniffs, weep and his shoulders starting to shake. I feel my heart broke into pieces at this sight of the man that I love. I tightened my arms around his body while my tears started falling. 

When you lift your head, smile for me so you can forget your pain. So you can fall asleep with the small but precious memories.

“None of this was your fault love.. you didn’t do anything wrong..” I said, voice clear because I need to be strong for him, I need to be strong for the man that I love. I rub his back soothingly as I let him cry. “You have your fans baby.. they love you so much. You have your brothers, your family and you have me my love..” I whisper, hope filled the tone of my voice. 

Baekhyun finally pull away from me, face stained with tears and eyes red from crying. I wipe his tears softly, small smile formed on my lips. “You didn’t do anything wrong okay? And please.. do not hate yourself baek.. please don’t..” I said sternly while stroking his milky skin, eyes lock with his. Baekhyun nods his head but the doubt is still there. I pecked his lips softly which catch his attention, “You have me alright? We can conquer this together..” I said, smiling softly. Baekhyun smile, a genuine smile formed on his lips while nodding his head but this time sincerely.

Now you’re not alone. Don’t feel lonely anymore, morning will come again so you can peacefully smile at the end of this sadness. Just turn off the lights today.

I get up from his lap, my hand offers for him to hold it. Baekhyun shot me a confused look which makes me chuckles because of his cuteness. “Can I offer my favorite boy a cuddle?” I tilt my head while asking in a teasing manner. Baekhyun carry me instead which makes a laugh erupts from my mouth. He was grinning happily, too happy that makes me feel relieved.

That night, Baekhyun and I cuddles, watch movies, throw banters to each other like how we used to. That night, Baekhyun and I talk about anything, everything. That night, we fall asleep, holding each other close. And that night, I fell asleep knowing it’s the love of my life that I’m familiar with. 

Like the clouds covering the sky, if you get covered too then you, you. I’ll shine on you too.

anonymous asked:

Hi I’m sorry that anon was so rude. I think the general consensus is that you and your art are kind of amazing. Like actually kind of insane? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that kind of dedication and attention to detail before i stumbled across your blog- I immediately fell in love. Every time I take a break from tumblr yours is one of the first blogs I check but i digress. The decision to open up a nsfw blog is yours and yours alone, and whatever you choose deserves nothing but respect and love.

Thank you so much, really. It’s incredibly touching to hear that, and I appreciate you taking the time to say such kind words. When I hear that my art can really inspire people, my heart skips a beat. It’s really a blessing. Thank you.

Yes, eventually I will make a decision, but unfortunately it will be on my own time – so for those of your who are waiting, I understand that my incessant posting teasing the idea of a nsfw blog might be annoying or irritating, but trust me, I am hesitant with the decision (for reasons I would not like to discuss). However, I sincerely appreciate those of you who respect my ultimate decision regardless.

anonymous asked:

On the back of the excellent swap fic where Armand was the mortal and Daniel the vampire (forgot who wrote it, sorry!!) do you have any AU fic recommendations??

I think the excellent swap fic where Armand was the mortal and Daniel the vampire (I’m using your words bc I haven’t had a chance to read it!! BUT I WILLLL) was @monstersinthecosmos‘ “quinque plus unum,” a gift for @sheepskeleton as part of the @vcsecretgifts exchange <3

[X @umawhen you find a really good alternative universe fanfiction]

BTW quinque plus unum inspired fanart! #i love it when fanworks inspire other fanworks <3  


(TBH I am not current with AO3, so this is a tragically short list, anyone is welcome to reblog/comment with more suggestions, preferably from AO3 bc that site protects its ficwriters. and Wattpad suggestions are also welcome.)

  • Signature Blend - Of course I have to start the list off with the collab I did with Rebness/@wicked-felina, Coffeeshop AU. Slow-burn longfic ;D  The Last Drop is technically a few scenes that didn’t fit into the main story, but could be read on their own as stand-alone AU if you’re looking for smtg shorter.
  • The Grim Brothers by Rebness/@wicked-felina​ - incomplete but it’s a fun little werewolf AU! I hope the author picks it up again someday *NUDGES*
  • @superhiki recently did a short fic fill for a prostitute/client au prompt, Louis/Armand, I hope there’s more to come on that *NUDGES*
  • Interview with the Frat Boy the_corinthian - This is a WILD ride, a college AU. It’s silly and unashamed about it’s silliness. A few of its tags say it all: #No Homo #Yes homo #Heavy Drinking #Drunk!Louis #General douchebaggery #several different and uniquely poor kinds of childcare
  • Interview with a Cannibal or Appointment with a Vampire by (?) - was a Hannibal/VC crossover, so not really an AU, but I can’t find it to link you. Might have been taken down ;A; REMEMBER TO DOWNLOAD AND SAVE FANWORKS U LIKE!!
  • The Hostile Takeover by StellaMachiavelli (@stellamachiavelliici) - is a legendary fic. “Lestat de Lioncourt is a high-flying businessman out for revenge on ruthless boss Santino, with the help of his best friend David Talbot. There’s just one complication: on Santino’s side is Lestat’s ex, Louis de Pointe du Lac.”
  • To Die as Lovers May by @goth-mabel inspired this fanart by @13bels, and I haven’t read this series of cis-swapped fics, but @13bels describes it: “very thoughtfully written, drama-filled as our vampires are known to be, and an engaging read, if it’s your cup of tea! Although, it does contain triggering content, so please proceed with caution and read the tags if you haven’t read it and would like to. I enjoyed it especially! I love seeing this trope be experimented with <3″
Birthday Gift ~ Adoration

Xolaria/Lucio for @ertes. Prompt from Day 4 of @thearcanaweek. 423 words.

Happy Birthday, Sam!! I haven’t known for a very long time, but I hope you know how much you mean to me. You’re inspirational, sweet, positive, and my personal role model - not only are you funny and intelligent, you care for every single person in the discord very deeply. It goes to show how truly lucky I am to know you! I wish you a very, very happy birthday~

Xolaria sat beside his bedside in the dark of the night, quietly worried - this had been the first time in awhile that Lucio had lost a fight. Even though his face remained relatively peaceful, the wounded Count caused the lavender haired apprentice much concern and made her consider how much she cared for him, despite how flippantly she acted towards him sometimes.

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2018 Project List

Tagged by @thesummer-soldier thank you! The Rules: List all of the projects that you want to do this year, and tag ten people to do the same


Okay, so my to-write list is currently around 20 fics, not including the fandom loves Puerto Rico auction and the Fandom Trumps Hate auctions. Highlights include

Brewer Bucky (aka Fox will write fic for every ridiculous job)

Leverage au

And a couple of inspired by favourite computer game fics :winks:


I signed up to make art for the Reverse Big Bang, and have 4 things planned, but will probably only manage 3. Also

Wendigo Bucky art for my fandom son @theprinceofprinces

MerBucky art because REASONS

Brewer Bucky art also REASONS

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