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I meant to make this post when my blog turned 1 but I just made a little post saying thank you to some mutuals so I wanted to do one for every blog I follow and that makes this site from hell actually fun, it took me 2 months but it’s finally here. I’m really lazy and this was a lot of work but I did it!! I’m really thankful that I met such wonderful people and that you guys actually put up with this mess of a blog and me lol. If your url is bolded it means we’re mutuals and i love you very much!! We might not talk much or at all but I want you to know that I appreciate all of you, I’m just bad at talking to people and keeping conversation sometimes. Even if we’re not mutuals I want to thank you for having great blogs and always bringing nice and positive things to my dash. This is kind of a follow forever for my sideblog too I guess ( @jeoninluv ) This is the second part because tumblr didn’t let me do it all in one

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Beach-y Joseph things:

•His hair tousled by the wind constantly, it’s got that coarse salty sea spray consistency after being out on the boat all day
•Lounging around in just a brightly colored, unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt and swim trunks
•Lazy days laying around in a hammock on the beach, margarita sitting beneath him in the sand
•No matter how much sunscreen he applies he’s going to turn a faint shade of red by the end of the week and MC has to come thru with that sweet sweet aloe vera gel
•Getting really excited about finally having reservations for Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville restaurant
•Going into those overpriced seaside gift shops to look for an anchor souvenir to take back home
•Driving along the board walk, windows down, The Beach Boys on full volume
•Feeling nostalgic and renting a surf board like the good ol’ days, but wiping out more than he’d like to admit
•Getting dragged into a game of beach volleyball but he’s really bad at it
•Having a vacation diet that consists of mostly lobster, fruity beverages, and dessert
•Keeping Christian and Christie from tormenting the washed up jellyfish on the beach
•Taking the MC out to a fancy restaurant on the water
•Getting up early to watch the sunrise over the ocean


I was tagged by @reueluv to post some selfies :D

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cool writing tip

heyo so here’s a thing that i came across in a book about writing many years ago that helped me IMMENSELY:

while you are writing, ask yourself, am i explaining these things because the READER needs to know them, or because I need to know them?

it’s extremely common, especially if you’re not a writer who outlines first, to start off your fic with long-winded paragraphs full of exposition. where are we? who are these characters? what’s their relationship to one another? if it’s an AU, how does their situation differ from canon? it becomes a little textbook summary of the conditions in your story.

if you read back over it, you may begin to realize that the purpose of that usually very long and out-of-place–looking paragraph was actually to explain to yourself what the fuck was going on.

to a reader, this kind of exposition can easily become information overload. it feels like being lectured, not like a window into another world. so, once you’ve made sure you know what’s happening, you can edit or rewrite those parts to reveal the same details more organically: through dialogue, action, and character interactions. it’ll make the flow of your fic much more natural and dynamic!

Who Your Pokemon Rival Would Be Based On Your Rising Sign
  • Aries Rising: Bianca
  • Taurus Rising: Silver
  • Gemini Rising: Trevor
  • Cancer Rising: Cheren
  • Leo Rising: Gladion
  • Virgo Rising: Hau
  • Libra Rising: Barry
  • Scorpio Rising: Tierno
  • Sagittarius Rising: Shauna
  • Capricorn Rising: Hugh
  • Aquarius Rising: Blue
  • Pisces Rising: Wally

namjoon + touch 🤝

namjoon doesn’t really like touching. he’s a man who keeps to himself and is more of a logical advice giver than a reassuring hugger. even to his members. he leaves the latter role to hoseok or jimin to fill.

but sometimes he leaves his right hand on the parking handle when he drives because you’re leaning with a hand over his to browse through his sound system. or he lets you hold onto his arm when you peer over to whatever he’s showing you on the phone screen.

jungkook is usually the one who obsesses over smells but you smell absolutely divine and he’d be down to buy out the company of your perfume/shampoo so only he can have the rights to smell it. and he loves when you silently take a seat next to him and he feels so fucking big next to your smaller height and tiny hands.

but he swears he doesn’t like touching

there are certain things that you just know as an adult

like what scuba diving is,
that people singing the Happy Birthday song at you are to be avoided at all costs,
and how to drink wine without making a face like you’re sipping rancid grape juice because that’s not the point of the exercise

souichi-kun  asked:

hi! is there a place, tag, or way to talk about the p5/danganronpa AU?? im really into it and would love to throw around ideas/do art/hear from others abt it

Sure thing! The tag is #dangan thieves AU but please tag me if you could so I know there’s new content! And so I could reblog it for others to see! So far we’re just having one-on-one convos with each other on chat XD Feel free to PM me too if you’d like! 

So far the squad is @annsparksthegmr for story co-writer, @kitucan​, @killr-cupcake​, @ministarfruit​ have contributed art and profiles (thank you so much I love you!) There are also others working on the dr1 and ndrv3 cast!

I’ll also be posting the first draft for the first palace tomorrow so look forward to that! I’m also looking forward to talking to you!!

if anyone’s planning on anything for this AU feel free to reply to this post!