so this was good in my head

when im writing
  • aries: i get so febrile can you have a cold shower
  • taurus: your voice sounds like caramel in my head
  • gemini: now to decode the puzzle
  • cancer: why do you care so much :(
  • leo: i just want you to be happy and love yourself
  • virgo: bundles of nerves spark from my fingertips
  • libra: the wind blows through me , it's hollow but sweetly
  • scorpio: this has to be good i dont want the lord of the underworld to be angry at me
  • sagittarius: they already know this shit better than me
  • capricorn: how do they do that
  • aquarius: why doesn't this make any sense
  • pisces: feeling so much i'll spew rainbows
Getting over you was a graveyard shift I was forced to take. Once the house was too quiet to distract me any longer, I would remember. I would cycle through my memories of you trying to file them correctly in my head. What was good? What was bad?  The clock tick-tocked away the night as I tried to understand the hurt I was feeling and figure out whether or not you were as great as I thought you were. Sometimes there was no understanding, only heart palpitations and darkness I couldn’t see through. With every evening though, the fog in my mind would lift ever so slightly, and now it’s gone. Now, I place my focus where it really belongs - on myself.
—  NaPoWriMo Day 28 - Graveyard Shift // Maxwell Diawuoh

Good Enough || Clay Jensen

Clay Jense x Reader

This is my first ever imagine, though I’ve written stories before. So take it easy on me. This was not a request. Just a idea for a dabble bouncing around in my head.


You know Lainie doesn’t like you. Clay always insists she does, but you can see it in her eyes. That cautious fear that surfaces in her gaze when she realizes Clay has brought you over again.

You don’t blame her. She isn’t the first decent parent to find you questionable. She doesn’t know most of the stories about you are lies. She doesn’t know you only hang out with other questionable kids so you can avoid going home.

She doesn’t know how much you care about Clay, that you’d never hurt him.

It all comes to a head when they catch you in Clay’s bed this morning. You had snuck in countless times before, but this time Clay forgot to lock the door. You were tangled up together under the blankets, but your clothes were still on.

Thing is, Clay loves you, and he knows you hate to go home. Knows you love him too and feel safer squeezing into that single size bed of his. You love how playful he can be, how quirky he is, how he’s unapologetically true to himself. Like no one you’ve ever known.

And his heart, you love his heart. You have never known anyone more good and kind than Clay.

So when Clay tells you not to worry, he explained the situation to his parents- you believed him, but the dread in your heart knew this wasn’t over.

You were right. After eating over at the Jensen’s, you were clearing the table when Lainie stopped you. When she finally got you alone.

With a heavy sigh, she laid it all out there. Her concerns over your influence on Clay. Her fear things are moving too fast.

You know she’s worried you’re sleeping with Clay. Your heart sinks, because you wish you could reassure her you’re not, but you know your skin probably still smells of Clay from when you guys headed to your house after school to “study”.

Tony had cautioned you to go slow with Clay, because his experience level is different. But Clay loves you and you love him. You don’t regret any of it, but now you feel guilty.

Lainie isn’t rude or accusing, it’s fear you see in her eyes.

“I just don’t want to see him get hurt.” She explains.

Hurt by you, is what she doesn’t say. You nod slowly, numbly, your heart somewhere down in your stomach.

You manage to hold yourself together until Clay walks you home that night. Impulsively, part of you thinks you should just end it. The self-destructive part of you, but then he turns to you with that crooked grin, his hand still gently holding your own.

“Is everything ok? You’ve been really quiet since dinner.”

You stare into those soft blue eyes that have been the source of everything good in your silly little life lately and your throat tightens.

You rush against him before you can stop yourself, wrapping your arms around him.

Your face buries in his neck as tears burn your eyes. Maybe his mom is right, maybe you don’t deserve to be with someone like Clay. Maybe you would only ruin him.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Clay questions, concern thick on his breath as he holds you back. His warm safe arms wound securely around you.

You hold on, remembering all the times he’s made you laugh. All his soft kisses that made you feel special. Every time he asked you if it was ok as if you were important enough to ask for permission. That stupid bike and his crooked grin.

Clutching him tighter, your heart raced. What the hell were you suppose to do…

My daughter Ann’s platonic friend Nate got a DUI and his parents were furious at him and kicked him out of the house at midnight. He came over here and spent the night in Ann’s room. I didn’t know so I poked my head in the door and seeing this black hair and thinking it was Ann’s childhood friend and our “other daughter” Dianne, I said: “good morning sweetheart want some waffles”? He has only met me once before. His reaction was priceless.

I love being a dad lol.

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Demi!Percy dovetails so nicely with my personal headcanon that Percy is both really really good looking and completely oblivious to the fact that he is. Like, he knows he cleans up well and that people treat him differently when he does, but he thinks it's because they're going "that person is important, I should show respect" and not them going "whoaaa damn."

i’m so sorry, this is a great ask, but since i looked at it at work, all that’s been running through my head is You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful starring Vox Machina

ANYWAY i’m also pretty fond of the idea that Percy knows that he looks Good when he tries, but it’s from a purely aesthetic point of view, because obviously no one just looks at a person and feels like having sex with them? that sounds made up. and slowly, only after the context starts to click given his new relationship with Vex, Percy starts picking up on the fact that strangers have occasionally had impure thoughts about him based entirely on his looks and - oh, flirting, he’s been accidentally flirting with people. but up until then, Vex spends a lot of time standing just over his oblivious shoulder glaring fiery death bc Percy Does Not Get It and Cannot Be Stopped

Comfort (High School!Jimin)

Plot: High school!Jimin cheering you up

Word Count: 636

A/N: so this was requested by an anon that experienced this and I just wanna say that rejection sucks ass but it doesn’t mean that you’ll never find someone, it just means that that person isn’t right for you so hopefully this helps cheer you up, it wasn’t clarified who the drabble was with so I just went with Jimin bc for some reason I’m in a mood to write something with chim but if you’d like to see it with another member, let me know!! The link for this is high school!Jimin (here) which involves young!Jimin (here) also I didn’t plan this but I’ve been listening to “All in My Head” by Tori Kelly while writing this and I feel like that song fits the theme of this?? it’s a really good song either way

Jimin hated seeing anyone upset. He knew that it was natural and that some days just sucked. He had those days every now and then where nothing seemed to go right or he was just in a bad mood. But that didn’t mean he liked seeing you upset, especially when he knew the reason was your crush. You had had a crush on someone for a while now and you had finally built up the courage to tell them.

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I’ve been making a real effort to get healthier lately –  working out, eating better – but mentally, I’m not doing so hot. Today I just can’t get negative thoughts out of my head. I’ve got too many personal and professional problems right now and I just can’t get in a good headspace. 

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Anytime you say flips a table I die laughing cause I'm picturing it in my head lol anyway I also agree dad Gabe is life and I raise you him adopting him when he turns 18 and Jesse tries being strong but in the end he is a crying mess. Jack stands in the background fond smile on his face as this all unfolds. If he happens to take a video of all of it, even Gabe crying too so be it. But then I raise you Ana filming jack filming them and Jack is to crying. He feels like a dad now too.

i am smoll but mighty and here to McFlip all the tables.
but i am also weak af for dad!gabe and will now weep openly

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Do you know any good blogs for aspiring strippers?

Ohhhh man I halfway don’t want to because there are so many and I love them all and don’t want anyone to feel left out! All of the blogs run by the strippers of tumblr are amazing imo! I could recommend literally everyone that I follow but off the top of my head, these are some of the blogs I’ve been following for a while:

@hashtag-stripper-problems she is so active in the tumblr stripper community and her posts are great!

@gothicstripper I’m not sure if she’s currently dancing or not, but her work posts are great.

@kathereal Her pole videos are absolutely incredible and she is such a great person and I love her 😭

@canofmixxednuts MY BABY!!! Sweet, funny, and always keeps it 💯

@stripperina Idk how active she is anymore but her blog is a great resource and her pole videos are incredible!

@raincitykittyy She’s so positive and beautiful, and she has a lot of work related posts. Her “strip ask” tag is very informative and I would recommend any newbie check it out. I’ve been following both her and stripperina since I was researching before becoming a stripper myself!

@clarawebbwillcutoffyourhead I don’t believe she’s stripping currently (pls correct me if I’m wrong!) but she is so lovely, and her blog is such a great source of sex worker news and sex work activism and I strongly recommend giving her a follow.

There are a shit ton but I’m half asleep because I’m about to take a nap, so my brain isn’t 100% on lol. So if you’re a stripper, or wanna recommend another blog, please do! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

just a little heads up i won’t be on much if at all tomorrow! busy busy day! waking up at around 3:30 in the morning to get ready to head out to the flea market and set up a stand so i can make some $$$ that’ll be until at least noon, and possibly even til 3pm, and then after that my anxiety ridden ass has to drag myself to an interview in the evening :/// still not sure how that’s gonna go but we’ll see. i will probably cry afterwards like i’ve been crying the past few hours LMAO. not sure why i’m saying all this but uhh yeah i have my queue filled to post tomorrows so that’s good…. 

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‘My clothes look good on you.’ - Jackson/Stiles

“My clothes look good on you,” Stiles comments with an impressed face.

Jackson, however, isn’t impressed. “It’s just plaid, Stiles. Everyone looks dumb in plaid. Even me.”

Stiles shakes his head. “Nuh-uh. You look almost hot. I would say you look hot, but then it would go to your big ass head and I’d never bring you back down to a bearable level.”

“Ha ha,” Jackson says sarcastically. “You’re so funny.”

“You love me.” Stiles smirks.


“A little bit.”

Jackson is quiet for a moment before softly admitting, “A little bit.”

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I wonder if this "Emma's in an asylum" scenario is going to be similar to/parallel the AU finale in Season 4? She has her memories, but, like in the Tower, she's prevented from escaping? And then Henry shows up (could be alone or not) and helps her escape?

That’s a good theory! Could possibly be… 

Before that picture came out, I thought it might be different from the first curse where everyone (including Henry) didn’t remember anything and Emma was the one that had to convince them. 

I’m wrong, obviously, like I always am LOL *Seriously, never take anything I have to say too seriously :D

She could have her memories, but has been convinced that it’s all been in her head, that she’s delusional, and that’s why Henry has to convince her again. 

There are literally so many ideas flowing through my head after seeing that photo (Terminator… Buffy) I’m honestly so excited for the show!

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I love your art so much, I literally would sell you my right hand for a tiny piece of your talent. Can you share any tip for an idiot that have been trying to become an artist for like 8 years but is that so bad, It fisically hurts? :'v

Hello my friend! Thank you so much ♥

First of all, don’t say something like that!! Even if someone is ‘born with talent’, a talent is nothing if it’s not polished with the right amount of exercise.

I am one of the biggest examples. For years, during my teenager years, I always drew however I liked, without even looking at the basics, tutorial or whatsoever. This resulted in me growing up with so many mistakes I still do (and I am trying to improve) that are difficult to fix because they’re just memorized in your hand and head. While I see people both younger and older than me that started or made a good use in the first stages of the basics and now are jumps ahead of me. Sometimes it hurts, knowing that I could’ve been even more better if I studied the basic when I was younger, but you learn everyday so there’s no need to give up. 

The biggest tip I can give you is always the same as everyone else: you have to practice. You have to practice following good tutorials and finding which style suits you. 
I have made a bunch of tutorials on male torso but first of all I think you should work before on mastering how to draw the whole body together and then go in detail 

It might be that you’re trying to master a style that probably doesn’t suit you. this doesn’t mean that you have to give up, just that it might take more time to master it because maybe you’re a bit uncomfortable with it. It’s just a supposition, though! 

Since it looks you’ve been drawing for a lot of years already, you can maybe try to redraw something you did 8 years ago to see how much you’ve improved, and if you can find the mistakes in your old drawing. 

Understanding the dynamics of the body and the face is very important. I don’t mean exactly that you have to draw perfect anatomy (I also don’t, and a lot of other pro artists have their own weak points), but mostly how to make the whole drawing feel dynamic. as if it’s ‘moving’. You have to be able to give the feeling that the character(s) is doing that movement, it doesn’t have to be static (unless that’s what you’re drawing in that moment). Dynamism is what’s most important when drawing. This is a thing very difficult to explain, but there are a lot of good tutorials out there that talk about dynamism in drawings if you google it. you can take infos from all of them or you can try to find the one that might fit  you better. it’s up to you!

I am sorry if I wasn’t particularly helpful… Your question is a bit vague so I couldn’t accompany it with drawings on tips because I’m not sure what you want to improve in your drawings

I hope you can find your way soon!

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hi mia im very sexually active with my bf of 6+ months but have never given him head bc im nervous that i won't be very good at it. help?? how do suck dick lol :(

Okay so there’s this post going round on here that says “first of all, you gotta really WANNA suck that dick”, and that’s the most important thing. If you don’t really wanna give him head cause either you’re still too nervous or you don’t like giving oral in general, there’s no use in it, cause every sexual act is supposed to feel good for everyone involved and you shouldn’t ever feel pressured into doing something you’re not really up for, okay? So if you feel like you’re not ready yet, it’s alright, and it doesn’t matter if it’s been six months. But if you wanna suck that dick and you’re just a little scared of doing it wrong, with a healthy amount of nervousness that usually occurs when we try something we never did before, it’s all good.

There’s no “wrong” way to suck a dick. Luckily, all people with dicks like different things, some prefer sucking and licking and playfully pecking the tip over the “good old” up-and-down, so ask your boyfriend if he likes what you’re doing throughout the blowjob. Start off slowly, kiss his dick. A blowjob might not seem romantic, but it can be, cause it’s a very intimate thing, so show your bf affection by kissing the tip and beginning to jerk him off slowly. Spit on the tip, not only does that look hot, it’s also helpful for you cause it makes it all a little easier when it’s a little wet. Wrap your fingers around him tightly, pump your hand. I like to tease by sort of smearing the tip all over my lips like a lipstick, then I start by sucking the tip only. I don’t know if you’re comfortable watching porn, but mycherrycrush, who’s an amateur porn star that has nothing to do with the industry (all of her videos are home-made) has some great POV-blowjob videos that really taught me a LOT lol. Eye contact with your partner is hot, let him watch you, he’ll like it. From the point where you’ve teased him enough on, it’s even easier, just go for the usual head-bobbing and sucking and licking and take breaks to use your hands instead, too. Make sure you and your partner are comfortable the whole time, too. Don’t be scared to grab him a little “too hard”, it’s best to vary from loose jerking to really pumping him with your fist. Pay attention to his reactions to see what he’s personally most into.

You don’t need to swallow his cum, by the way, if you don’t like it. If that’s the case, maybe show him what he’s done by opening your mouth and presenting the mess before you get rid of it. 

Enjoy your first blowjob <3

Science and Sensibility Chapter 4:

     Even as Marcia Overstrand and Marcellus Pye parted that Friday afternoon, they couldn’t stop smiling. Marcia knew it was because of Marcellus, and in part that made her sad, for she knew he could never feel the same way toward her as she did him.

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while i agree that maybe you shouldn't tell your hockey bf what he did wrong in a game, "Unless you want to see the calmest, sweetest guy turn into the hulk" is not a good reason. (id go with that uhh it's rude to say that) like you shouldn't be afraid of saying things to your partner?? you shouldn't be afraid that they'll yell at you like holy shit?? i read that whole post and my eyes rolled so far back in my head

the post in its entirety is messy as hell but yeah u shouldn’t be afraid of your partner and you shouldn’t be afraid that your partner is gonna “hulk out” when given bad feedback for something. like. I’m tired lmao. I’m glad I haven’t seen anyone actually put stock in that list. I’m angry that the op of the list is basically covering their ears at the criticism they’re getting and saying “nah y'all are wrong I’ve got Experience and I’m Mature and u guys are too immature to understand” like miss me with that superiority complex sis. sorry I’d be nicer if they like, tried to understand how they’re wrong? but that’s not happening so.

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In that vid of Shawn petting that guys head can you imagine him coming home late from the studio bc he lost track of time and him seeing you sleeping on the couch bc you wanted to wait for him and he does that and ugh my heart


and he’s like “hey baby, let’s go to bed” and you’re trying to be like “no, i wanna hear about your day” but it comes out all jumbled bc you’re so tired and he just laughs softly and picks you up bridal style to your guys’ bedroom and says smthn like “we can talk about it tomorrow, let’s go to sleep love.”

OOH YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE FUN !! if you guys sent me “what would shawn do/how would shawn react” stuff !!!

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Hiya, thought I'd throw in my two cents. I myself am a Chicano (basically a boy born in the US from immigrant parents) and a very proud one at that. I myself have been fortunate enough not to be targeted by bigoted thoughts. But I have seen it happen to others. And it's just so disgusting. I honestly don't know what goes on their heads. Like do they want me to feel ashamed?! Well guess what I WON'T. I am proud. I'm happy for my differences. I am not what they describe.

good for u pal

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Headcanon: On the hottest day of summer, El invites all the kiddos over to play in the lake by Hopper's house. They all have a blast, except for Hop, who gets sort of frazzled or in over his head a little bit (maybe he calls Joyce for help idk)

So this got buried in my inbox, but I absolutely love it! What an adorable idea! I would love to see the kids gang up on Hop with water guns and/or balloons and just absolutely drench him. He’s a good sport, of course, but calls Joyce for “backup” and she can’t stop laughing when she arrives and sees him practically pinned behind a big oak tree and soaking wet.

Thanks for sending this my way way, anon! And I’m sorry it took forever to reply 💜💜