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I had a bunch of teeth pulled a couple days ago and during the car ride home, since the novacaine (I think that's what it was) made me all loopy, I was apperently singing American Idiot and attempting to take the gauze out of my mouth, which didn't work and blood got all over my mouth+chin. So now a video exists of me, singing American Idiot+yelling "FUCK TRUMP" with blood all over my face and no idea what's going on.

Oh my god that sounds amazing and hilarious. If you’d be comfortable sharing it shoot us a link! (If no, I understand it is okay!)
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can yo do a fic where dan and the reader are at vidcon (as a couple) and dan gets dared to run around with her on his back! i love your writing btw!!!

Sometimes it was easy to forget you were dating a Youtube star. On usual days, the two of you hung out at home and he would film a video or work on a secret project that you always demanded to know more about and usually succeeded. When the two of you went out for groceries or dinner sometimes someone would come up to him for a picture or a small chat but nothing major, and people seemed to shun the two of you when you were together. His fans knew who you were, you occasionally appeared in a vlog or a video and the response to your existence had so far been pretty positive. And even though 6 million people and counting followed your boyfriend’s life, to you he was just Dan, the lanky awkward boy you fell in love with over a year ago. But here, in this setting, there was no denying who he was, and just how big his following was. Thousands of people had queued up to see him and it blew your mind that even one minute with him was worth so much to them. It warmed your heart simultaneously, you loved Dan and seeing him appreciated by so many others was wonderful. This was your first time at Vidcon, and you had wanted to stay out of the spotlight for most of it, but the fans weren’t letting you. They wanted to meet you as well, get pictures with you, and some even asked for autographs. It was all very strange and very new, but it made you feel happy inside and all the lovely compliments put the biggest smile on your face.

“You two are so cute together!” One of the girls squealed, folding her hands together as she gestured them to the two of you. You blushed deeply, looking over at Dan who had a very similar reaction. “Thank you.” You quickly said as both of you were too awkward to know how to react to that. You took pictures with her and she moved along, and the next girl in line walked up to you. Usually they wanted a small chat and a picture, put some people had come prepared with more than that. This girl had a basket with her, filled with little folded papers. “You take one out and then you have to do what’s on the paper!” The girl explained and Dan rummaged through the basket before taking one of the papers out and unfolding it. “Give the person closest to you a piggy-back ride.” He read out loud, letting out a playful groan before turning to you. “Well, come on then.” He said, gesturing for you to get on his back, and you giggled nervously. “Is that a good idea? Right now?” “Yes”, Dan replied, “I took a risk and now we have to do this. You know I can do it.” You did know, he’d done it before, but at a private party, not in front of a thousand people. “Alright then.” You let go and climbed onto his back, closing your arms around his neck so you could hold on as he held your legs. All the people in the hall yelled and chanted your names as Dan started to run around, faster than you had anticipated, and you couldn’t hold back your laughter as he did. He pretended to almost fall over once and got an ‘Oh!’ in unison from the crowd. You knew he was putting on a show for them, and you didn’t mind. You could see people filming, it wouldn’t take long for this to make it to Twitter. He eventually put you down, both you laughing and him slightly exhausted. “Thank you. That was all I’ve ever wanted.” The girl with the basket hugged you both. Dan smiled at you as she walked away, and you knew why he’d taken the dare, and it made you love him even more.


Added gag gem of Chantal Janzen’s last performance (dutch production) you might have missed so I translated this bit for y’all to enjoy! (x)


Watch this if you’re feeling sad. They are the most lovable cast ever. 

Making of of this video


This will be a constant work in progress but you’ll be able to find most of Taylor’s interviews through these links. You can find them on my blog’s main page under link ‘Taylor Library’.

Interviews with Taylor Swift:

you might need t o, plug in your headphones to hear this properly

Please look at Hoseok patting all the backup dancers backs one by one as they we’re leaving the stage ㅜㅜ An angel ㅜㅜ





this video has given me the powers to live forever