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All That Matters

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genre: angst / fluff

characters: Min Yoongi.

word count: 10,332 (I didn’t edit anything IM SORRY)

a/n:  First off, I feel like my writing style is so strange in this and I’m sorry if it turned out weirdly…. I got carried away ^^’ Honestly this entire thing is just a big mess so apologies in advance but I hope you all still like it :’) Tagging @pjiminnie thank you for talking to me about all this and giving me advice hehe even though it turned out quite differently from what I had thought of originally ;-; also tagging @zephyoongist and @taesthetes I hope you guys like it! I hope you’ll enjoy it too anon (you know who you are, hopefully), sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted ;;;

warnings: very tiny hints of smut (not explicit)

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bet you thought i was dead huh (i kind of thought so too)

anyways, here’s a stress draw of the iberian brothers- i imagine them as a pair of troublemakers with an intense love/hate rivalry…


// roses are red, violets are blue, we’re twenty one pilots, and so are you //

happy valentines day <3 i know this is super cheesy but i love it. hope u all have a great day 


so it’s my birthday, and there are few things in life that dont remind me of nurseydex at this point. naturally, i ended up having a lengthy discussion with @softnurse about these two nerds + birthdays, and this headcanon-kinda-thing was born, so i thought i’d share.

so picture, if you will:

  • nursey Loves birthdays.
    • say maybe his parents were kinda distant and busy when he was a kid, but they always did their best to pull through for his birthday and threw these Big Parties almost to sort of make up for all the other occasions they had to miss
    • so to nursey, big birthday celebrations are the ultimate show of love and appreciation, and he loves passing that on to his friends

  • dex, on the other hand…
    • let’s say his birthday is some Super inconvenient day, like christmas
    • birthdays have always just been a nuisance to him, no one had the time to show up for the actual day, his family was poor and couldnt really afford any big presents or celebrations. 
      • and, it being on christmas, everyone else got presents on his birthday too, meaning that there wasnt much room for celebrating his at all

  • so fast forward until theyre both at samwell, and nursey starts planning these big-ass parties for all of his friends on their birthdays. and dex is so done like of fucking course he goes all out with parties does this nerd do anything lowkey Honestly
    • but he’s also sort of scared bc he doesnt Want a big party, u know? he’s never had big parties, he’s never had anything special, he’s never really been celebrated. and at this point he’s not even sure he wants to, bc he’s more or less gotten used to the way things are, and he can live like this just fine, thank you.
      • (deep down he wants celebrations, of course he does, but he’s got a stubborn streak the size of the fucking moon, so he’s not about to admit it) 

  • nursey will Not take no for and answer tho, and quickly takes to solving the mystery of his d-partner’s birthday
    • dex, of course, does everything in his power to keep it secret
      • this includes blocking nursey on facebook, deleting happy birthday texts more or less immediately, and bribing chowder into keeping his mouth shut when he accidentally finds out
        •  (he’s now officially chowder’s chauffeur for the rest of their college days)
      • it gets to the point where, even when they finally start dating, dex refuses to tell nursey

  • and dex’s plan is going Great, until it’s family weekend and dex’s sister shows up
    • maybe she doesnt know he’s keeping it hidden, maybe she just wants to be a piece of shit on purpose, who really knows, but one anecdote leads to another, and suddenly “oh that christmas was a disaster, mom barely remembered to get will a birthday present”. 
    • and oh. oh oh oh nursey has waited for this moment, he has Dreamed of this moment
    • dex is not happy
  • come december, and everyone’s packing up their things to go home for the holidays
    • dex has nearly forgotten about the disaster that is his insane party animal of a boyfriend knowing his birthday
    • nursey wont let him forget for long, though, and the night before theyre all supposed to head back, dex walks through the front door of the haus to find just about every samwell student he’s ever Looked at jumping out and yelling “surprise” at him
      • nursey’s in the middle wearing a party hat and a shit-eating grin
    • and look, dex knows nursey means well. dex knows he’s just trying to be a good boyfriend, and somewhere deep down he appreciates it. but in that moment all he can think about is the fact that nursey Knew he didnt want a party like this, nursey was Aware of the fact that dex doesnt want to do anything big for his birthday 
    • and he just gets so annoyed and angry and weirdly hurt, and just. turns around. walks right out of the haus again. goes god knows where (a friend’s dorm) and doesnt say goodbye to anyone else the day after before heading home.
      • nursey is confused and kind of terrified he fucked everything up

  • so, as christmas breaks drags on and he still hasnt heard anything from dex, nursey starts to realize that maybe birthday parties arent exactly an ultimate show of love to everyone, and maybe especially not dex, and Maybe he shouldve been more respectful of dex’s wishes
    • it takes a long, in-depth conversations about boundaries and communication with bitty, and a lot of enthusiastic encouragement from chowder, but in the end nursey decides to make the drive from new york to main on christmas eve, and ends up knocking on dex’s front door at like 11pm, running only on caffeine and anxiety 
      • dex opens up and is confused and a little frustrated to find this nerd showing up unannounced, bc really havent they had enough unsuccessful surprises
      • dex cant even say anything before nursey just starts running his mouth about how “im really sorry that was super uncool of me i know you didnt want any big celebration i just i really like you and i wanted to show you and i thought that was the way to do it but i realize now that that was kind of a shitty thing to do so im just like super sorry”
        • and then, when dex thinks he’s done talking: “so here’s what im thinking. if you want–only if you want–maybe we can celebrate your birthday together. here. just the two of us, just hanging out.”
          • and of course dex cant say no to that, bc nursey looks all cute and nervous and Unchill and it’s kind of funny and kind of adorable and so anyway that’s the unnecessarily long story of how nursey and dex end up spending christmas/birthdays together every year


  • when nursey decides to throw dex the surprise party, he recruits the help of the rest of the smh team to help with the planning
  • so there they all are, Big Tall Hockey Bros loudly discussing who to invite and how to decorate and what music to play
    • but in the background
    • in the background, a very quiet whiskey sits, staring at them dully as they all yell out increasingly excessive ideas without nursey’s enthusiasm wavering even once
      • “this is gonna backfire,” whiskey says calmly

  • come the day of the party, when dex takes a single look at all of them before turning around and walking out
    • whiskey takes one step forward, looks a quite frankly baffled nursey straight in the eye, and
      • “told you so.”

Just thinking out loud.

Like, Joel’s leaving really got me thinking about how people react to different situations.

And with Achievement Hunter, with Ray leaving, I remember there being such a huge backlash against it and people not being over it even to this day, and that backlash spread to extreme hatred of Matt and Jeremy being hired.  Lindsay is still getting shit on even years later.  Jack too!   And even when Jeremy got promoted to the big leagues of AH, people in the fandom were still comparing him to Ray, and believing that he didn’t have a right to be the 6th member of AH.  

And it’s so weirdly different with Funhaus??  Hiring Elyse turned out to be one of the best decisions FH ever made, and there was never really any major hate directed at her for being on camera (thanks in part to Bruce being a fucking police dog about it).  And now, she’s one of the most well-liked members both on Tumblr and surprisingly enough, Youtube commenters as well.  And when Spoole left, everyone was understandably upset but no one really hated him for it and we all kind of just accepted it as it was and moved on.  Omar got hired, and immediately everyone wanted to see more of him and see his personality and immediately accepted him as a part of FH.  And now Joel has just left, and even though we’re all very much saddened by it, we’re not outraged by his decision or or super pissed off, and soon enough, everything will start to feel normal again.

It’s just so strange how the fanbases are so radically different in terms of accepting change.  At least for my part, when someone is hired or leaves, it’s more of a “Okay…let’s see how this will play out, but I’m not going to comment until I either know the new person or have more information about the leaving person”.  I don’t know if it’s just a difference in levels of maturity between the AH and FH fanbases, or that FH has had more direct changes recently so we’ve grown used to saying goodbye and hello to people and know how to deal with it on a more professional basis.

Just thinking.