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Nightmares - Jughead Jones

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Please do #145, #153 and #179 with Jughead? I just got to say as well your writing is incredible

#145 “Stay, please”.

#153 “I have these weird feelings…”

#179 “Kiss me. Right here, right now”.

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Your family told you that they would be taking a short trip just to get out of Riverdale for a few days. It was a small trip so you thought you’d be fine on your own. It turned out you were anything but. The first night, you stayed up on the Internet researching murder cases similar to Jason Blossom’s. You fell asleep around 3 in the morning, plagued by the images of known killers and blood stains. So when Sunday rolled around, you were exhausted. It had been two days of no or little sleep and you didn’t think you could go another day without some rest.

“Why am I here again?” Jughead asked, wandering around your room as you set up a sleeping mat for him. You let out a groan and looked up at your friend.

“You’re here because I need to know that if a murder breaks into my house they’ll most likely kill you first because you’re closer to the door.” You pointed the sleeping mat you were setting up and gestured to the door to emphasize the closeness. Jughead just rolled his eyes and shed his jacket and flannel.

“This wasn’t a sleepover type setting where I would spill my undying love for you? I had my lines and everything.” You rolled your eyes and continued to set up his sleeping mat. “Kiss me. Right here, right now.” He chuckled, “very dramatic right?”

“You should be writing a soap opera not a crime novel.” Jughead laughed and you smiled at the cheerful boy. You stood up, looking at the clock and groaning. “Alright, this mat isn’t inflating so it looks like we’re sharing.”

“What?” You glanced at Jughead whose eyebrows knitted together in confusion. You rolled your eyes and pointed at your bed.

“We are sharing my bed.” His jaw tensed at your words and you gave him a look. “If you’re going to be a baby about it you can sleep on the floor. Just don’t leave. Stay, please.” You looked at him pleadingly, hoping that he’d get over whatever was blocking him from staying.

“Alright,” he said finally, walking towards your bed, “but only because you look exhausted.” You gave him a weak smile and crawled into your bed.

“That’s because I am exhausted, Jones.” You settled under the covers as Jughead took off his shoes and flopped down on the other side of your bed. You flipped the switch to turn off the lights and the mysterious darkness surrounded the two of you.

“So where’s your family?” You turned over on your side to face Jughead, whose face was barely visible in the moonlight. The shade made his features look harder and sharper than they truly were but his eyes remained soft when he spoke.

“On a small getaway. I wanted to spend some time alone. I was doing fine until I stayed up watching crime documentaries and was too scared to sleep.”

“Nightmares?” The way the question fell from his lips sounded like he understood.

“Yeah,” you said, blushing a little at how terrified you seemed. You felt the mattress shift and noticed that Jughead scooted a little closer.

“I get them too,” he whispered, and you smiled to yourself. “I have these weird feelings…” he paused, “that one day I’ll wake up and everyone I love will be gone because I couldn’t stop whoever killed Jason.” Your heart broke at his words. His dreams went beyond your blood stains and faceless pursuers; Jughead dreamed of an unimaginable loss he could not control. How tormenting that must feel. “I know it sounds dumb, it’s just what happens. It’s become so common that, when I wake up, I’m not as scared anymore.”

You reached out a tentative hand, brushing it against his face soothingly. “That’s horrible, much worse than my nightmares.” You felt his hand grab yours, pulling it to his chest. You could almost feel his heartbeat in his chest from where he had placed your palm.

“It’s always either Jellybean, you, or my mom that I lose in my dreams.” His voice was quiet now, but not because he was tired. “I go to sleep fearing that I’ll have to see you die again like a few nights before.” You cuddled closer to Jughead, so close that you were both sharing the same air. Your hand still rested against his chest, his hand still holding it there.

“You won’t lose me,” you whispered, “I’ll be right here.” You felt him nodded against the pillow and you let out a sigh. “And to think I was the one that called you over here.”

“Y/N,” he said as he closed his eyes, “if you tell anyone that this happened I won’t sleep over ever again.” You let out a small giggle and Jughead smiled in the moonlight. His closed eyes made him look peaceful, his eyelashes fanning out against his cheeks

“Go to sleep Jughead. Your secret is safe with me.” You whispered and Jughead exhaled out his nose quickly.

“What secret is that?” His voice sounded tired, he was drifting off into sleep quickly. You smiled and closed your own eyes.

“That you’re just as scared as the rest of us.”


Do you know what DYAD’s done to her? What she’s become?
                                                       Back on your feet again thanks to Ira’s help.

  • Vegeta: You are in for a surprise.
  • Trunks: Am I?
  • Vegeta: Having a kid changes everything. There's burping, the midnight feeding, and the changing.
  • Trunks: Did YOU do any of that?
  • Vegeta: No. But I hear it's terrible.
  • Vegeta: Then you spend years trying to corrupt and mislead this child, fill his head with nonsense, and still it turns out perfectly fine.
  • Trunks [grinning]: So, you think I'm up for it?
  • Vegeta: You learned from the best.

overwatch: favorite skins

ra & nomad


Request: Imagine being a very tense person. You are the opposite of Peter, where he has no care in the world while you do. Peter helps you by teaching you how to not be so tense about everything. Something bad happens and you’re like “I told you so”, but then everything turns out fine, and he’s like “I told you so”. Please and thank you. 😊

Warnings: none

“Hey! Alec, don’t do that, you can get hurt!” You warned a younger Lost Boy who was dangling carelessly from a tree.

“Let the boy play,” Peter shrugged off the dangers of the boy’s actions.

“He could get hurt, Pan.”

Peter only shrugged. “If he does, then he learns his lesson, but he won’t get hurt.”

You rolled your eyes at him, not replying. You were the overly-caring mother on Neverland. Always watching out, always tense about everything. You never wanted anyone to get hurt or injured. You always tended to those who did. But nonetheless, you were extremely tense unlike Peter.

“Oh! Kip, don’t play with swords! It’s real and can hurt you or someone else,” you panicked, running to the boy with a huge iron sword. You took it out of his hands, setting it down against a tree.

“Pan!” Kip complained. “She took my sword!”

Peter rolled his eyes, getting up from his spot. “Come with me, Y/N.” He grabbed your hand, dragging you away from the playful Lost Boys.

“Where are we going?” You asked, tensing up your body.

“I’m going to teach you how to relax and be careless for once,” Peter scoffed.

You looked at him, skeptic. He didn’t understand. If you weren’t careful, you could get hurt. That’s how it worked. Play dangerously, and someone will get injured. You couldn’t stand seeing others hurt, even if it was an accident. It always pained you to see someone in any kind of pain. So the best way to prevent was to be overly cautious. 

“But Pan…” You whined.

“Relax, Y/N. It’ll be fine.”

Peter took you to this ledge on Neverland. Below was water slamming onto the side on the cliff. You gulped at the sight. What did Peter have planned?

“We’re going to play tag,” he simply said. You gave him a confused look. “We’re going to run around this cliff, and play tag.”

“No, Pan, one of us could fall and get hurt or die.” You explained to him. 

Peter shook his head at you. He didn’t reply. Instead he tagged you and ran towards the ledge. You ran after him, calling his name and telling him to get away from the edge. 

“Tag me, Y/N. C’mon, you can do it!” Peter urged. You chased him, huffing out air. 

You eventually tagged him and he started chasing you. You let loose, having fun. You started laughing and becoming careless. You forgot about the cliff, and chased Peter around until you tagged him. You two continued doing this for a while until you tripped and fell off the cliff.

You screamed as you grabbed onto a big rock sticking out. It was a few feet down from where you just were. There you dangled, screaming and crying already. You could die. Your life could end right now if you let go, and didn’t want that. You feared death so much.

“Peter!” You cried out. “I told you so! I told you someone could get hurt!” Your voice shook along with your body. 

“Relax, I got you.”


To answer your question, Peter swooped down and lifted you up. He flew back to the top of the cliff, setting you down. You were perfectly safe and didn’t get hurt.

“I told you so,” Peter looked at you. “You didn’t get hurt, and you had fun.”

“Yeah, but–”

“You had fun, Y/N. I’m not going to let anything bad happen to you, okay? Get that through your head. Nothing will harm you as long as I’m around, and I’m always around. Even if you can’t see me. I’m the trees, the wind, the dirt. I am everywhere and everything. You won’t get hurt on my watch.”

You took to heart what Peter said. He was being sincere for once. You felt safe. 

“O-Okay…” You mumbled. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me. Let’s get back to the Lost Boys, yeah? And have fun. Don’t be too tense. Let loose like you did with me right now.”

You nodded your head. You lifted your arms up for Peter to take. He rolled his eyes, already knowing what you meant. He picked you up, carrying you back to the Lost Boys. 

So I was reminded of Komari Vosa just now, and I did a mental tally and came to conclusion that Yoda’s lineage is… pretty bad at training Jedi.

Yoda: one known apprentice, Dooku, fell to Dark Side.

Dooku: Qui Gon - died a Jedi. Komari Vosa - fell. 50% effectiveness.

Qui Gon: Xanatos - fell. Obi-Wan - died a Jedi. 50% effectiveness.*

Obi-Wan: Anakin - fell. Luke - still a Jedi, doing the Jedi recluse thing and all. 50% effectiveness.

Anakin: Ahsoka - left the Order but didn’t fall. Let’s count it a success. 100% effectiveness. Ironic.

Luke: Kylo Ren - fell. Rey will probably turn out fine, but so far, he’s on par with Yoda.

*I didn’t forget about Feemor, but he was supposedly trained up by someone else and Qui-Gon took over late, so I don’t count him.

Also, I don’t list Luke as Yoda’s apprentice bc Luke rejected Yoda’s philosophy re:attachments, and Obi-Wan taught him first (for like three days, but whatever). Either way, it’s like 40% effectiveness, 50% if we count Yoda himself.

When I first played undertale I thought grillby was a candle monster… like, just his head and hands were vague flame shapes and came from wicks stuck in human-shaped wax.

Mmn, I think the fire elemental concept is more neat, but I still imagine his dad is a candleman. And his mom is a salamander.
He has a brother that is similar in construct but taller and with more exaggerated proportions. and melty!

I dunno. Just personal headcannons. But I really love my candledad.

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One for everyone involved in the Christmas episode, what was your reaction to subbing the episode? Thank you so much for the work you do!

Halalfej (Rita): I can’t decide what is intended to be serious and what should be funny. And I cried at the end. >__< As for the subbing… everyone was so crazy and I felt strangely calm. My computers decided to work fine, everything was going so smoothly… then it turns out something didn’t turn out as expected. But I didn’t get anxious, I believed in our team and turns out I was right, they did their very best!
OH DID I MENTION I’M TOTALLY SOLD ON MUSICAL EPISODES?? best songs: Plagg’s and the one that Bother Christmas sings hands down

Feather (Ari): So many songs, and they will definitely get stuck in my head. Songs are trickier to translate, but luckily Spacey did the French transcript for this one at the same time as the English subs. Having those for reference really helped.

Overall, it was really great working with the team again. Tons of energy and everyone worked really hard, thank you all and (sings) Joyeux Noël à tous !

Barbie girl (Abbey): Oh my god, that was the most stressful episode I’ve ever timed in my life, including both Origin episodes in both Korean and French. The time pressure to sub it and not do a shitty job was immense. I nearly lost the final timed file and that caused Spacey and I to nearly both die, but I managed to save it aha. Aside from all that drama and a few other things, it was nice to all be working together again, and I hope you all enjoy the subs. :)))

But yes, I really enjoyed the episode because, while it’s VERY stressful to release the thing in time and without any mistakes, it’s also very nice to have the team working on it ^^ A big shout out to Halalfej, Feather, Barbie girl and Tech Surgeon because I kept yelling “ARE YOU DONE YET” and “WHERE ARE YOU YOU LOSER I NEED YOU”

Tech Surgeon (Alice): It was kinda like a firework, quick, fast, explosive and your part was over before you know it because you feel like you are under so much pressure to do a good job but have to get the file out ASAP. This was my first time working on a release and tbh I did the least, but I get to experience it all over again next Monday with HOH sounds, styling and QC. The team have done a fantastic job and I am the most useless person in this list :) 

I am more salty over the fact my Pop-Tarts got burnt while I attempted to time the first 5 minutes. Whoever you are anon who asked for the ep, you owe me Pop-Tarts.