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Little blue prince, hanging out in the moonlight

He’s pretending to read but he’s really just staring at Keef <3

(from Watercast by the lovely @fishwrites)

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cry out [RIJF'16]


fher43’s posted about vampire SH and I wanted to do something bout that..

Hyuuga clan, a family of elites that secretly work under the government. No one ever clearly knew the job they do. They’re often associated with things that goes “for the better of the people”. A phrase that often never really stand by its words. 

There were rumors that something went wrong at the midst of conducting an experiment. A bacteria fed up on their blood, they, in turn, would drink blood to make up for the loss, as cure still cannot be found. They became blood-sucking folklores called vampires.

Hyuugas are a bunch and the bacteria spread wildly. Humans began to fear. Would they be just feeding on each other’s blood in the end?

Infected people did not have the ability to spread the bacteria and only the Hyuugas can because of their long exposure to it.

Uchiha Vampire Hunters Association.

The Uchiha formed an association to terminate wandering vampires, wandering Hyuugas to be specific. It was quite hard to spot one, their eyes that’s once platinum were turned to common dark browns.

Captured vampires were put through verification tests first to confirm one’s lineage. Common person? put him in a cell. Hyuuga? terminate it.

Uchiha Sasuke, second son of Uchiha Fugaku, the head of Uchiha VHA. He was a boy of anger and grief. His mother and brother, infected with the hideous sickness, they refused to feed on their own kind’s blood and slowly they got weak and died. It was a torture to see your love ones suffer, especially with such young eyes.

For revenge or just because, whichever the cause, he joined in the association.

A rainy night, he was scouting the streets. A young girl in a coat was sitting in an alley, soaking wet. He approached her, “young lady–”, it was a vampire! She was pale, her eyes looked tired.

“A-Are you going to kill me?” it came out rough.

“I…” he couldn’t answer it. Her question made him realize she was a Hyuuga,“come with me.”

He managed to bring her to his brother’s old house. He decided, he wouldn’t kill her… maybe…

this was supposed to be longer but I’m lazy so yeah.. he was planning to torture/murder her but then decided not to and then blah blah blah they will be close and sweet and love each other then they get caught, sasu got arrested and his father had him witnessed the death of his love and he swore he to her ashes he would create the cure. and btw hinata lived a lil longer without human blood cuz she drinks blood from farm animals nearby. Sorry this was lame but whatevs..

*tired pigeon noises*

Hey guys, I wanted to steal a second and just address the fact that I haven’t been consistently posting for the past month or two. I know 80% of people probably don’t notice or don’t care enough to fuss about it, but for the 20% who do, just for the record, I wanted to emphasize that I am not missing posts out of some disrespect for TPG’s fanship. I never want to miss a post, and feel awful about it every time, but sometimes it’s simply unavoidable.

As my comics suggest, I’m juggling (badly) full-time school w/ part time work. Some days, I just can’t spare the time to draw up a comic, which takes me 4-6 hrs on average. Other times, I make the push for it, and it turns out so crappy that posting it just to post anything would be a waste of your time and a worse insult to your readership than posting nothing at all.  So I miss posts.

I have had good and bad months, and we’re working our way through a bad one right now. Please bear with me and I hope you continue to enjoy TPG.

P.S. Nobody has actually given me flak about it, instead, all I ever hear is support, understanding and patience. I am so grateful, thank you.

walk on the pier with dino
  • so it’s not just a pier
  • it’s like downtown and it’s a beach + pier + there’s a bunch of little shops under tents set up along it 
  • the shops are only by the front of it though because not many people walk all the way down it bc is long
  • anyhoo
  • you and dino went there accompanied with minghao, jun, coups, joshua and vernon just for a good day
  • and you all had to take taxis there and yeah you could have taken 3 so you all had room but didn’t want to spend more money
  • so you went in the same taxi as minghao, vernon and dino
  • vernon on the left, minghao in middle and dino on right side
  • and minghao was like lol why are u coming in here it only fits 3 people
  • and you try squishing in to prove him wrong but,, it only fits 3 people 
  • and you’re like shoot hm sigh I’ll just sit on dino’s lap
  • because you and dino like each other and are dating but shh the guys don’t know the dating part they just think you’re good friends :-)
  • and minghao again is like lol the front seat is too close your legs won’t fit 
  • but you fit and hes like oh okay
  • and for some reason the taxi driver just doesn’t care at all and is like “buckle up kids” and just starts driving
  • and the drive is fun 
  • the driver is quiet but you guys are all talking and laughing
  • it’s a cloudy day which makes baby dino a lil tired
  • so he leans his head back and by habit rests a hand on your hip
  • and you look back at him bc he usually does that when he wants something
  • but you just see his eyes closed and it’s osossoo cute
  • so you take hold of his hand and pull his arm around you and kinda fidget with his fingers
  • and he just links his pinky with yours and his other fingers are resting against your tummy
  • and you lean back against him too and keep talking but quieter with the other boys
  • once you all arrive there you kinda split up because coups and china line wanna go to the beach, joshua and vernon wanna go to the shops and you and dino went wherever the rest didn’t go aka the pier
  • and when you were far enough that they wouldn’t notice you hold dinos hand again which u love because
  • so soft
  • so soft
  • and in his other hand is a blue one of those polaroid cameras
  • and about halfway down the pier he starts taking pictures with it and he’s quiet and shushes you because he “needs to focus”
  • and he’s new with it so the pictures turn out dark and kinda crappy bc he doesn’t know which settings to use when yet
  • and you’re like ugh let me help
  • and play around with the settings until you’re sure it’ll be okay and take one from where he was standing wanting to make it as similar as his to show him the contrast
  • and hes like whoa!! ur so good at this !! and at everything !!!!
  • and you’re like heehjrhehehehehh yeah
  • he keeps pointing at stuff for you to take pictures of because he thinks of you as some professional photographer now
  • and just because the day is dark the photos are kind of dark and ur like 
  • sorry baby i know you’re so excited but these r not good
  • and hes like NO THEY’RE PERFECT 
  • because you took them
  • and that makes you smile which makes him smile
  • and he feels a couple drops of rain start to come down and hes like ohh no
  • and he’s like ahh it’s raining!! you’re like oh we should head back
  • he like WAIT
  • “let’s take a picture together”
  • and you’re all :))) okay!!
  • and so you stand beside him and he’s leaning against the wooden railing on the side of the pier smiling
  • and you smile too and take it and hes like yay!! another!!
  • so you wait for it to print and hand it to him bc he’s holding all of them
  • and you just smile again but he turns his head to kiss your cheek and just stays like that until you take it
  • and you’re all !!!!!!!!!!! inside because it’s the first time he did that !!!!!
  • and you’re like hehehee do it again
  • he caresses one cheek with his hand and kisses your other like a million times
  • and you take another picture of that
  • wait for it to print and take it out
  • before turning your head and kissing his lips and managing to take a picture of that too
  • and then you’re both blushing messes
  • and he’s just like 
  • “I know which picture is my favourite
  • “maybe we should do it again just in case this one gets ruined”
  • “dino it’s okay”
  • “but it’s raining what if-”
  • “dino it’s okay”
  • and coups comes up out of nowhere and is like kids it’s raining time to go !! 
  • and same thing happens on the ride back as the ride there except this time with sneaky little kisses hehee

You don’t realize how  h u g e  it was when you saved my life four years ago.

I’m Sorry

Could you do a Newt x reader where Newt gets really hurt in a battle and the reader goes full on revenge and uses the death curse on the person who hurt Newt cuz she thinks he’s not gonna make it?

Hey Guys! so I realize its been a long time since i posted a fic and i apologize. I went into this really depressive state where i couldn’t bring myself to write and then stuff happened with my mom and its just a big mess. Hopefully i’ll be able to write more. Again im really sorry. I don’t know how this fic is gonna turn out because i haven’t written in so long so if it’s crappy then I apologize. 

Warnings: Mentions of blood, a swear and OOC!Newt

“You’re not going”

“Newt come on!” you shout. 

This was the second time today you’ve had this argument. You Newt was a high priority target after Grindelwald escaped. You got the owl while you were in your flat in London. MACUSA and MOM thought it was best Newt went back to New York, hoping that Grindelwald would assume he went back to England. Of course, you wanted to come but Newt wasn’t having it. 

“I’m not letting you endanger yourself just for me!” Newt yells throwing his arms to his hair. 

“Well, I’m not letting you go in alone” you counter. You hold a glare, the I'm coming with you whether you like it or not one. 

“Fine,” Newt says finally giving up, “But please promise me that you’ll be careful” Newt whispers taking your face in his hands. 

“Always am love” you reply nuzzling your face into his neck.

 With one last regretful look, Newt takes your hand and disapparates to the docks. Newt wouldn't stop fidgeting the whole boat ride. His brows furrowed and his back hunched over like he was in deep thought. 

“Hey, everything is going to be okay Newt. I promise” you say taking his hand and rubbing your thumb in a comforting matter. 

Newt looks up and gives you the best smile he could manage at the time. His smile twitched a bit. You could see the worry in his eyes and it made your heart break. You just wanted to take every worry from your sweet Hufflepuff and make it disappear. 

“You don’t know that” he answers. “Yes well, I’m trying to be optimistic” you shoot back earning a light chuckle from him. “You always were the optimistic one”  

He pulls you closer to him and buries his nose in your neck. He didn’t know what was to come but he knew that he would keep you as safe as he could. As soon as you stepped off the boat Tina appeared with some other Aurors and took you and Newt back to MACUSA. 

“I wish you were here under less serious circumstances Mr. Scamander” Tina says as you walk through MACUSA.

She leads you to the Presidents Office. Madame Picquery stands along with a couple other Aurors. 

“Mr. Scamander, you saved us from Grindelwald and we’re here to return the favor” Picquery explains, “You’ll be staying with Ms. Goldstein. Undercover aurors will be monitoring the building 24/7″  

Dinner was mostly quiet, other than the normal small talk it was silent. Everyone’s mind racing and trying to stay calm. You’re the first one to get up and go into the case to try to take your mind off of things. 

When you come back he’s in your shared room. His jacket strewn on the floor and his bow tie undone around his neck. His hair all ruffled and eyes red. “Oh Newt” embracing him you whisper reassurance all night. 

A loud crash sends your heart racing and your hand to your wand. Looking over at Newt he’s still sound asleep. You’ve always been a lighter sleeper. You wait and listen for another sound. You debate waking up Newt, ultimately deciding to just shake him a bit. It’s probably nothing but you know Newt would kill you if you didn’t say anything. He half wakes up when you shake his shoulder 

“Newt, I heard a loud crash but I’m not sure it’s dangerous. I’m going to check it out” 

“Not without me” he mumbles sleepily grabbing for his wand. 

Stifling a laugh you guided Newt’s hand to his wand. He stood up and followed you, a little noisily as he was still half asleep. 


Looking around nothing seems out of the ordinary. 

“I guess I got all worked up for nothing” turning to face Newt, he had a horrified face on. 

Tilting your head you follow his gaze down to your stomach. Eyes widening as you see blooding seeping through your shirt fast. you let out a quiet oh before walking towards Newt only to fall. Newt catches you and brings you slowly to the ground. He rips part of his shirt sleeve and holds it over your wound.

 A dark chuckle reveals a man holding a bloody knife. He throws down the knife and pulls out his wand. Newt scrambles up and points his wand, “Expelliarmus“ and the attacker is disarmed. He puts his hands up and a wicked smirk on his face.  

“You know, I was wondering why I couldn’t just use the killing curse, but now I see the appeal. Its much more fun to watch your love bleed to death, and you can’t do nothing about it. A welcome back to New York gift from Grindlewald, Mr. Scamander” Newts knuckles turn white, 

“You bloody bastard” Newt snarled, he was seething with rage. He glances down at you. 

“You know. I could kill you right here. Right now. Your life gone in an instant” A deadly smirk, one never seen on Newt before and hell it was scary. 

“You wouldn’t. I know your personality” his voice shakes. 

Sure Newt is usually calm and doesn’t resort to violence but something snapped inside him. 

Avada Ke- Expelliarmus Newt’s wand flew out of his hand. 

He whips his head to see Tina and Queenie. 

Petrificus Totalus 

Tina grabs the collar of the intruder. 

“I’m going to MACUSA to turn this guy in. Queenie, help Y/n to the hospital and you” she shouts turning to Newt. “You are going to stay right here and think about what the hell you could have just done” With a pop Tina was gone.

 All the anger seemed to leave Newt when he see’s Queenie trying to wake you up. 

“Newt, I’m going to have to apparate there. Stay here like Tina said. I wouldn’t try to cross her, she’s very mad at you right now” Queenie explains. 

Soon enough Newt was alone in the apartment. His hands shaking. He almost killed someone. He let his emotions cloud his judgment. He could have saved you if he just woke Tina up. Tears formed in his eyes. Out of the corner of his eye he see’s Tina return. 

“Its late so im not going to yell because i don’t want to wake up the neighbors. But tell me, what were you thinking? That man could give us information on Grindelwald and you were going to Kill him? What got into you” Tina’s voice was tight and Newt could tell she was trying to control her anger. 

“I-I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me. I just, I saw y/n bleeding and I felt helpless. M-my sadness turned into anger.” Newt collapses on the couch, head in hands. The room was silent, only occasional sniffs from Newt could be heard. 

“I could have saved them. I-I could have just stunned him a-and got you. I could have gotten them to the hospital faster. Oh, merlin Tina I might as well have killed y/n!” Newt cries out. 

“Newt…” Tina knew that she was going to have to bring Newt in for questioning about what happened. But for right now, she’s just going to be his friend. 

“It’s okay Newt, Y’n could still make it.” Tina whispers, rubbing his back soothingly. 

Tina let Newt cry until he fell asleep. Newt wakes up praying it was all a dream. But Aurors all over made it a cold hard reality. Tina glances over to see Newt awake. 

“Newt. I think it’s best to get you out of here.” she says ushering him out. 

“How’s y/n?” he asks. 

“The healers did the best they could. Y’n’s resting. They lost a lot of blood. But they’re strong Newt” Tina says with sympathy. “You can go visit for right now but I need you to come to MACUSA later” Newt nods and disapparates. 

He doesn’t say much and heads straight to your room. Newt sits beside you and takes your hand. 

“This is all my fault” he whispers. 

“Better me than you” Newt’s heart nearly stopped.

 You were okay. He had so many things to say but settled for 

“I’m sorry” His hand caressed your cheek and more tears pooled in his eyes. 

“Hey, I’m okay. I’m still here” you whisper comfortingly. Newt opens his mouth to say something else but you bring your hand to his lips. 

“I’m okay and that’s all that matters love. Now, I’m very tired, care to join me?” You ask trying to lighten the mood. 

He manages a small smile and carefully gets in next to you. He’s still hesitant to touch you. That fear in the back of his head saying he could do something and hurt you. You notice this of course and you take his hand and rub it reassuringly. 

“We don’t have to cuddle, but please, just let me hold your hand.” you ask. 

He nods and gets a little closer to you. After you drift off to sleep Newt moves some hair out of your face. 

I’m not letting anything happen to you. Never again