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Reveling in Richonne

#15: The Listening (6x10)

This is a small thing but nothing is small when you’re in the dumpster lol. Because some things are so subtle on this show, you can sometimes wonder if maybe you’re adding more to the story than what’s really there. I used to wonder if I might be drawing too much from what I was seeing. Now I don’t worry too much cuz I’ve learned that we’re pretty darn spot on and accurate with our observations and speculations. 👌 🏽Like I said Richonne is the gift that keeps on giving so there really is that much to analyze.

So like how I just gushed in the last post about how Rick clearly had Michonne on his mind all day, it should be pretty obvious that he did, but some people could just write it off. That’s why I’m grateful for this scene when Rick’s in the car with Daryl and Jesus on his way back home, cuz we get confirmation that, no, we aren’t making this up. Rick’s been seriously thinking about Michonne.

The scene starts with Rick and Daryl giving serious sibling vibes when Rick jolts the car to force a sleeping Jesus to lean on Daryl. It was super cute but even better was that Rick starts to open up a bit too. He mentions how he realizes Michonne and Daryl and Glenn (😭) have been trying to tell him to essentially be more open. To me, his mention of Michonne in this scene was verbal confirmation that he truly had been thinking about her that day. So here’s my take on what I think he’s been thinking about her:

He had been doing some reflecting about the past, which you know from him telling Daryl that at the beginning, when they arrived at ASZ, those three knew to be more open than he himself was willing to be. You can tell he’s been thinking for awhile about what the right thing to do was and what’s right in general. He was thinking about the words and opinions of the people that mattered to him most, and I just know that as he thought about it all, Michonne’s positive influence in his life was the thought he kept coming back to.

I really think as he was doing this self reflection he had to be realizing what was right in front of him all this time. He was finally accepting that one; ASZ was the right place for them all this time (of which Michonne showed him) two; it’s okay to let people in, and most importantly, three; that he could and should let in the woman who showed him, and has been showing him, the right way. 

This car scene is significant because it gives us a little insight into Rick’s mind. He was finally understanding that Michonne was right, like she so often is, but not just right about ASZ, she was right for him as well. Double entendres y'all. 😉

Michonne was the right woman for him all this time and I think he knows this in this car. And it’s so cute and hilarious when he tells Daryl “So shut up, cuz I’m listening now”. I feel like that was him saying, “As much as I’ve been fighting it, I’m finally listening to my heart now.” He was finally listening to his heart about a lot of things, but you know full well his heart had one name most on it’s mind. 

Whatever happened in those two months must have broke that ability R&M had to sort or pretend like they weren’t perfect together, so now he’s at a point where he’s much more willing to just let his feelings (that have been brewing for so long) out into the open. He can’t overlook it anymore. Hallelu! 

People say it was the look on the couch when R&M realized they wanted each other in a romantic sense but I really do think the look on the couch was when they realized the other person wanted them.

I think they both knew they themselves had feelings way before then. Somewhere amidst all the events of that day, the two month time jump, and even seasons past, they had become aware about the attraction and love they felt and the couch was just when they realized it was mutual and they realized that all the love they felt would be reciprocated. Why is their relationship so extremely beautiful? 😭

Plus I love Rick’s playful brother move of once again forcing the car to push Jesus onto Daryl. 😂  I love that Daryl gets to experience what it’s like to have a healthy brother relationship. Cuz don’t get me wrong, I loved Merle’s character and Michael Rooker was brilliant in that role, but Daryl and Merle were definitely a little dysfunctional. And now Daryl gets to have this playful and loving brotherhood with Rick. It’s great.

Rick was just in total family mode this cannon episode and I was here for it. Like in the morning he was dad, during the day he was brother, and now it was time for him to go home and more officially become husband! 😊

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