so this only has scenes that i own on dvd :(

Fun things about the Leverage episode commentaries

Hearing Aldis Hodge announce himself as DJ Chocolate Skittles or “Sexual chocolate!”

John Rogers telling everyone what he’s drinking at the moment.

The writers talking about the inspiration for the episode.

John Rogers reiterating, “Nathan Ford is not a nice man.”

John Rogers pointing out that the show never places a female character in danger or in a hostage situation and leaves it up to the guys to rescue her. Even in “The Carnival Job”, when the mark’s daughter is kidnapped, she is able to alert Eliot to where she’s being held by using coded language, alluding to an earlier conversation with him. (And yes, Christian Kane popped that balloon himself, looking over the shoulder of his own mirror image.) If the women don’t rescue themselves, at least they get to participate in it or land a blow on the bad guys or something.

Just the fact that every episode has a commentary. It’s mostly the writers, directors, and producers rather than the actors, but it’s so damned *informative*, hearing how they work up episodes as a writing team, what kinds of decisions a director has to make in a scene, how often Christian Kane did his own stunts (a lot) and fights (pretty much all the time). I haven’t enjoyed DVD commentary this much since I got Babylon 5 on DVD, and those have commentaries on only some episodes, since the DVDs came out years after the show aired. (Favorite moment in a B5 commentary: Patricia Tallman saying, of Delenn’s bone hairpiece, “It’s a very attractive bone.”)