so this looks yuck :(

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why are kangaroos so ripped

I got your first few asks; like, don’t worry. I’m hearing you loud and clear, and I’m just as scared as you are, but I simply do not know why kangaroos are so buffnasty and horrible to look at.

I’ve described them in the past as looking like “human men who made a bad deal with a genie to become perfect killing machines”, or “people who got botched plastic surgery to become their fursona”, or “trainers from the weight lifting room in hell”, but I’ve yet to discover just why that is.

They’re just real bad to look at, anon. Real bad. Sometimes I get so yucked out that I think god may have put those kicky little upright monster deer here to upset me specifically.

Also, are you the kid sending me death threats? Did you send me death threats because I didn’t answer your kangaroo question? I mean, no worries. I understand that when you’re in a compromised emotional state, you say and do things you don’t mean, and having to know that kangaroos are out there just… looking that way… certainly messes up my delicate emotional ecosystem somethin’ fierce. But death threats? Come on, man. I’m already out here sending myself death threats. That job is taken.

damn some of y'all are so salty over a STUFF pack lmao

From the new BPMagazine. Sorry for cutting off their heads at the top.

Mahiro: I’m working on my feelings.
Mitsuki: My heart is so far from the others.
Kujou: I’m… a sleepy guy.
Hiyori: My stomach is so cold… brrr.
Junji: I’m the only one looking at the camera!! (lol)

Kujou: I’m going to hang myself! I’m gonna do it now! Anyone…!? Mr. Kujou’s gonna diiee! I’m really gonna diee! Someone…!?

Mahiro: My posture looks so modest.
Mitsuki: I want to gather in darkness.
Kujou: Yuck, I don’t wanna live here.
Junji: We’re all crowding Mahiro! (lol) I’m going to start the meeting now.

Mahiro: “Don’t look. -Mahiro.”

Mitsuki: I’m either Liu Bei or a new emperor.
Hiyori: This guy here looks like he’s trying to be a Chinese emperor…

Mitsuki: My right arm is freezing…

Junji: I’m all tied up. It was really hard to play like this.

Junji: I shall grant you three wishes! What’s that? You’d like money? Hmm… Nope!!!! lol

Hiyori is now a stray Hiyori, looking for a new home.

Mahiro: I’m being held for ransom.
Mitsuki: In my tenth year, I’ve gained the ability to control fire.
Hiyori: This is just a Mitsuki shot. Go Mikkun~

Mitsuki: I’m being tied at the waist now.

Mahiro: We’re playing “sold into slavery.”
Kujou: We were both sold…

Kujou: Why is it Mr. Kujou is always the only one being put in positions like this!!!

Mahiro: Hey! Tighter! Come back here and tie me up tighter.

Kujou: Ain’t I strong? I’m so strong. Look, look!

Mahiro: Hey, tie me tighter.
Kujou: Hiyorin… how do I look? Does Mr. Kujou look nice?
Hiyori: I mean, I guess, but I’m not really into bondage.

Mahiro: HEY. WHERE AM I?
Mitsuki: I feel like a statue or mannequin.
Kujou: It’s curtains for you, asshole (Mahiro)…
Hiyori: The ropes are cutting into me and it hurts.
Junji: Ah, it’s too bad that it’s raining today…


went to Armadeggon Expo today in my (finally) completed Victorian Starfleet uniform. Rocked it and received many compliments from kind people. Plus my spur-of-the-moment hairdo turned out amazing.


the first times oliver queen officially (and unofficially) met felicity smoak.


Zain & Aaliya - Parallels - The famous backing you into the wall scene