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Ashlee, I'm sorry to message you on anon. I don't have a tumblr, but I just can't stop crying. I wanted so badly to believe the bears were a good thing and that we weren't being trolled. Notbecause of H&L but because as an eternally confused and self-loathing queer person they gave me hope. Then I saw what another Larry blog said about knowing it was a crew member & Jordyn's tweet & that Briana account. I'm supposed be an adult but I'm just so lost. Sorry. You don't have to publish this.

Sorry, devastated anon again. I know there was a small chance it was actually H&L behind the bears and that a crew member was more likely. But why is it okay to goad and hate queer people so much? Why don’t they want us as fans? Nobody ever wants us.

Dear, sweet, darling anon. The rant that’s about to follow is not, not, not directed at you. If I could wrap you in my arms and tell you it’s all going to be alright, I would do it without batting an eye. But I’m going to say it here and now.

Those people are full of shit. Jordyn can go back to the depths from whence she came and I’ll help send her there myself. She’s a despicable, disgusting human being and you should pay her no heed or mind. This is a person who has threatened and harassed people, intimidated them, lied consistently (and in such obvious ways that she can’t keep them straight later on), a person who bought a fucking rainbow bear at Build-A-Bear just to claim SHE was the one behind the Bears. Fuck that. And fuck her. 

What people are trying to tell me is that a crew member spent thousands on costumes and accessories. A crew memeber had a fucking Rolex (sure Jan!). A crew member tweeted a home emoji from Louis Tomlinson’s Twitter account? Yeah. Okay. People have short fucking memories. 

Listen to me, okay? If you take nothing else to heart, take this: Louis and Harry LOVE you. They love you SO much. They respect you as a queer person and a member of THEIR peer group, THEIR community. They have seen you and heard you and they know your struggle because it is THEIR struggle and OUR struggle. We stick together. And no one will EVER convince me those Bears were trolling. No one will EVER convince me Harry and Louis are that low of human beings. You just can’t do it, just like you can’t convince me there’s a baby or that Louis Tomlinson fathered it or that he isn’t still deeply in love with and committed to Harry Styles. You can’t do it.

Those Bears -deleted Twitter account or not- were and still are and will continue to be a beacon of hope and acceptance for all of us. Those boys love you, they love you so much. I try to never speak in certainties, but I’m telling you as sure as I sit here they love you, okay? Please be safe. I love you, too.

BTS Reaction to accidentally calling you (crush) ‘jagi’

EXO OT12 Version by Admin Mocha

FULL REQUEST ASKS: You are their crush, they are your crush (neither of you realize your reciprocated emotions). 

- Admin Audrey

Jin: Seokjin would be at your home helping you prepare dinner, multi-tasking three steps of a recipe at once. His mind would be so scattered that he would say without thinking, “Jagi, can you pass me the fork over there?” You would stare at him in a pleasant surprise before grabbing the fork for him, waiting for him to realize what he had just said. When it dawns on him, he would start laughing in embarrassment, his hand flying up to cover his mouth as he averts his gaze, his face starting to burn at his mistake. His heartbeat would speed up uncontrollably, and he’d apologize hesitantly, only to hear you say, “It’s okay, jagi, why should we be embarrassed about our pet-names for each other if our feelings are the same?” He would be so surprised but so delighted to realize your indirect confession.

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Suga: Yoongi and you would be preparing for the winter vacation, bundling up for the unevitable cold. He would glance over at you and adjust your scarf casually, murmuring absentmindedly - “Aren’t you a bit too cold, jagi?” He would realize immediately his mistake and pause, eyes widening and his hands dropping as he backs away for some distance, averting his gaze to avoid meeting your surprised expression. He would chastise himself harshly, calling himself a stupid-poophead and various other insults as he tries to calm his fast heart. From time to time he would glance over at you when he thought you weren’t looking, wondering what you were feeling and if it had affected you at all, if this relationship was going to fall apart because he had broken the friendship that he had cherished so carefully, in the fear that you wouldn’t reciprocate his feelings.

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J-Hope: Hoseok would be waiting for his stylist to return from her break, allowing his friends - including you - to infiltrate the rehearsal room. Everyone else would leave for a meal or a snack and it would just be the two of you there. To break down the slightly-awkward tension, he would pick up a random prop and place it on his head, then one on yours and grin. “How do I look, jagi?” he asks jokingly, then realizes what has just slipped from his lips. He’d raise a peace-sign to his face quickly and play it off, too embarrassed to admit what he has done and not wanting you to feel uncomfortable. He would continue pretending that he had meant to say it, acting as if the two of you were dating with kissy-lips and sparkling eyes. 

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Rap Monster: The pair of you would be out shopping for new clothes and wander into a mostly-empty store. He would rush to the hats section with eager and immediately slip one over his head. “Jagi, this looks great, right - ah!” He’d be unable to control the embarrassed grin that breaks out over his features, letting his hands cover his expression to hide from you, the person he has always admired and grown to love. “I’m so, so sorry,” he’d murmur, letting out an ‘aaaaa’ shortly after to compensate for his embarrassment. “B-but, u-uh - does this look good?” “You’d look good with anything on, jagi,”  you respond teasingly, causing him to start ‘aaaaa’ing again.

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Jimin: He would be listening to the latest comeback song on his phone, then stick an earbud into your ear and have you absorb the sound of his vocals. “Jagi, how does it sound?” he asks you curiously. His jaw drops and he blinks multiple times as he replays his words in his head. He would stand up quickly laughing, clapping his hands and bending over in pain as he forces the words out: “Did - did you just hear me?” When you hesitantly nod with a slight smile on your face, he’d continue to laugh, releasing his embarrassment through a happy positive vibe. But soon after, he would sober up and try to switch the subject, not wanting to face a confession that might end up breaking his heart. “So - is it good?”

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V: Taehyung would be practicing his choreography in front of you, getting tired and unfocused as the night wore on. He would do a complete 360 and start to throw around heart-poses and kissy-lips as he dissolves into the Taehyung you know. He would twirl around to the beat of the music and end the chorus with a finale heart, laughing while saying, “Am I not the best dancer in the world, jagi?” Realizing what he has said, he would laugh even louder and continue to dance, letting the comment slip into the past and hoping you wouldn’t be bothered by it or bring it up again. “Ah - did you just call me -” you start to say, but he cuts you off with a loud ‘whee!~’ as he twirls once again.

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Jungkook: The Golden Maknae and you would be hanging out at a cafe or bakery, choosing some sweets and treats to bring home for the boys and staff. He would offer to buy you one to eat right now, in addition to the one you had chosen for when the pair of you returned home. “Ah, this one looks yummy, jagi!” he would say excitedly, pointing at the case. But you wouldn’t even notice it because in the next moment he would be recoiling from the glass with his hands flailing about his head at the realization of what he has said, freaking out from having said such a thing and wishing he could turn back time immediately. It’d be cute to see him in such a confused and unorganized state, but he would sober up when you say: “Can we share one, jagi?”

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Story Time!!!!

So today I got kicked out of class (I’m in high school btw) because I “made a political statement at an inappropriate time.”
So I was in class and I said black lives matter and my teacher really says to me “No, all lives matter” and I look around the classroom and ask everyone if she really just said that to me. And I was talking to my friends in the hallway about this fuckery and she calls me into the classroom and says these words “Denali, you shouldn’t be a coward and you should tell me what you’re thinking instead of talking to your friends. And you should have a respect for ALL human life. And that causes a separation between the races. And there will be no divide here. ” For one my name is DAMALI and she probably collects candles. So I told her off and I raised my voice cause I was pissed, and teachers come crawling out their rooms because I’m obviously upset. I said “Don’t tell me I should have a respect for human life because I already do my mother raised me right. Everyone’s life has the same value as mine. But do I see people like myself represented in a positive light in the media? No. Also, there already is a divide within social media and the world so ignoring that makes you look ignorant. And trying to correct me and tell me all lives matter was dismissive and disrespectful of what I stand for, what I believe in and my experiences. So don’t tell me all lives matter I know that. Do you?” And so another teacher told me that I needed to apologize and I told her I wasn’t because she said something completely out of line and needed to be put in her place. And my mother was called and told that I had started a commotion in the school. So yeah today was the day I realized that many white people only see things through their scope of the world and it needs to be broadened, so if putting an old, candle collecting, fupa having white in her place is the way o have to do it… I will.

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So first I will say tots best blog ever I love everything about it so convenient. If I'm bored before class it's just like YESSSS I can go read dirty Sterek smutt. x3 but anyways I've been into the Alpha Stiles and I was wondering if there are any more of the ones where he's like known as the bad ass alpha nobody wants to fuck with.


Sacrifices by niquess (1/1 | 7,403 | G)

Stiles spluttered, coughing on his own saliva. Choking for a few minutes, his face was flushed and red. Finally picking up the fallen phone, stiles was unsure of what to say.
“it sounded like you said you wanted- “
“I do, I want you”

The Alpha pack are in Beacon Hills - but they want someone unexpected. What will Stiles do? Keep it to himself, or make the ultimate sacrifice?

The Better Alpha by buffylover (3/? | 7,436 | NR)

Stiles was banished from the Hale Territory for college. For his own safety Derek said. But Derek never makes good choices and Stiles is bitten by an Alpha.

Who knew his life would be so good?
There are going to be lots and lots of flashbacks. they will be between the ****** symbols

A Turn Of Luck by AlexTheShipper (1/1 | 3,170 | PG13)

Derek Hale was about to be auctioned off to the highest bidder when a pale man with moles led him off stage. Aparrently the cops were here to stop the omega trafficking ring, as if Derek was ever that lucky.

ąćęłńóśźż by gallusanonymus (1/1 | 1,986 | PG13)

“Are you always that loud? You might gave me an idea or two.” This Derek guy? He’s freaking smooth. “Did you think that I’d let you sleep alone after what has happened ealier?” Derek asked, suggestively rocking his hips, letting Stiles know what exactly was on his mind.

“How did you even… Did you get here throught the window?”

“It was open.”

Or: The very Sterek story on how a book can complicate everything, and how Derek saves the day. Again. What a hero.

here comes trouble by grimm (4/4 | 105,833 | NC17)

All Derek wants is one day where he can sleep without worry of being woken by gunfire, without the threat of death hanging over his head. He wants a full stomach and no pain clinging to his bones, no ache in his feet from months of running. He wants a shower, a safe place to put his head. He wants his family, the healing comfort of pack. He’ll never have any of that again.

One of my favorite memories from Auto Assembly 2014 was when Townsend Coleman joined us in lamenting that there was no Season 4. He said something along the lines of “I’m so disappointed, because Sentinel was gonna be the big cheese and have all this power and now we’re not gonna get that”. 

And what a perfect thing that was for Mr Coleman to be disappointed about. 
Why was there no season 4.


Some Valentines cards/gifs to send to all your faves!! 

And for me to give all you as a thank you for a thousand followers!!!💖💖💖


One has always said that they would be the instigator of a giveaway. I recently asked what people would like to receive as a result of the aforementioned generosity. So for my giveaway I shall include:
Jewelry such as earrings, chokers, necklaces, rings and wrist wear
Tarot cards
General spoop
And a lucky winner shall receive £100 in cash.

This is unequivocally genuine. However everything that will be ‘given away’ shall be relating to the gothic subculture.

This giveaway shall commence in the middle of this year (possibly before).
Yet if any one person has anything else that should be included then by all means, privately contact myself and your wish shall be fulfilled if enough requests are made.

OKAY so, regarding ‘selfish, narcissistic’ Karamatsu

with the comment made by fujita that he’s only nice because he likes to see himself as being nice still going around and a lot of people taking this the wrong way or not knowing what to do with this information, fun fact- unless you were born with it (like me, probably), narcissism usually stems from extremely low self esteem which usually stems from mistreatment and once you become a narcissist, it tends to grow stronger and harder to break out of if said mistreatment continues, since it’s more of a defensive mechanism to help deal with being disliked and to mentally block it out and ignore it because it hurts too much to accept 

we’ve seen him be blatantly mistreated by his brothers so first of all there’s that but second of all, the whole ‘being kind because he wants to be seen as kind’ thing is how literally 90% of narcissists act because for one they tend not to understand how others feel and for two, their primary concern is being liked/likable out of a deeper rooted fear of rejection, further mistreatment, etc 

go back to the scene where he confides in oso about people calling him painful and notice how he doesn’t understand it, he doesn’t like it at all, and it very clearly bothers him- he tried to change himself right then and there and was extremely relieved when oso told him he didn’t HAVE to change for once

image is important to a narcissist but for most, it’s, again, because they want to be likeable and fear further rejection- for most, it goes deeper than just trying to be better than others or whatnot 

and on that note, notice that more than anyone, choromatsu and todomatsu are the ones who tend to put the others down for the sake of looking better- karamatsu hasn’t done this (yet, at least) so obviously he’s not that type of narcissist 

he genuinely WANTS to be nice but can only do so in the 'if I do this, people will like me more’ way because one, he probably doesn’t even understand true kindness since it’s rarely ever shown to him (even in kun, he tended to be the punching bag) and two, honestly, as a narcissist myself, I’ll tell you- it’s literally impossible to stop thinking about your image, it’s literally impossible to do a single thing without wondering how people will see you for it

even typing all of this, I feel I look pretty silly since I’m defending a fictional character but I don’t mind since this is all in good fun and I’m MOSTLY doing this because so many people have such an incorrect view of narcissism that I hope to fix a bit (not to mention, I was requested to give my opinion)

anyhow, as others have been saying, karamatsu’s no ANGEL, but so many people are taking this 'fake kindness’ thing the wrong way, thinking he has secret malicious intent or something- wanting to be kind to improve your image doesn’t make you ‘fake’ and in fact, he’s not even doing it for bragging rights or anything, he just wants positive attention and likely thinks someone will eventually believe 'he’s a nice guy, I like him and I’ll be nice in return' 

that’s basically THE ultimate goal for a narcissist because most NEED the attention, they NEED others to like them and want someone to notice them/approval so badly they’d do almost anything- and when this doesn’t happen, this is where the real narcissism kicks in and they’re able to tell themselves that everything is fine because THEY like themselves, they’re able to stay in their own little world where everyone really does admire them instead of just falling apart 

'that kind of narcissism’ is actually really sad

on top of that, karamatsu wasn’t like this in kun and it’s been canonly said that everything he does is deliberate and he never lets his guard down- so honestly it’s impossible for him to be kind just out of the goodness of his own heart because he’s too hyperaware of himself and of how everything he does affects how others see him 

knowing THIS, he still /chooses/ to be kind, he wants to be seen as 'that’ kind of guy and still manages to show genuine concern for others at times, even if at other times he overdoes it but sticks with it because he doesn’t want to further damage his image

with his brothers (and others, probably) always insulting him, it’s very likely that he even feels he HAS to try to mask his less than friendly side, he can’t afford to do anything wrong when they already call him shitty and haven’t stopped despite his best efforts to prove otherwise- he’s stuck and doesn’t understand why things aren’t changing but despite all of this, he still /tries/

so you have to wonder why he acts like that, where this narcissism even came from, and why it’s specifically a trait HE has out of all the others- narcissism is just so much more complex than most think

and again, this kind in particular is really sad- I’m quite sure he became a narcissist in the /first place/ as a direct result of how he’s treated

looking at esp kitty again, you can see the clear differences between how he and Ichimatsu, for example, are treated- since the brothers show more concern for him, Ichimatsu seems to be a bit more comfortable with his insecurities to the point where he doesn’t even bother hiding them, despite the fact that he has trouble expressing his emotions 

whereas the exact opposite is true for karamatsu and he’s developed narcissism likely as a direct result- he feels the need to hide his flaws to appear more likable and also probably so he himself doesn’t have to directly acknowledge them

it’s also been canonly said that karamatsu is a sensitive guy who tends to cry a lot/cry easily if he acknowledges his true emotions which is even more of a reason for him to use his narcissism as a front and something to hide behind

all of this being said, he may use being kind as a way to tell himself ‘I’m such a nice guy’ and boost his own ego but there’s no way he’s just faking all of his kinder actions with malicious intent 

also I want to point this out- fujita’s view of karamatsu is his own /personal opinion/, the actual writer of the show has said this about him:

so who really is karamatsu? ultimately that’s up to you to decide and hopefully more about him will be revealed in the future but for now it’s rather hard to say when he’s already perfected the art of hiding his true self and pretending to be someone else

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What did you guys think of the teaser for Astro's new MV teaser

The concept looks so fun and happy! We are all excited about it! Since we will be so dedicated to them and seeing it all the time, it would be nice to constantly be around bright happy things! Yay ^^ From only one line we can tell its going to be a bop and a haLF - Astrodaily Crew

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(Us dancing to the one line the teaser provided)

Pansexuals are definitely part of the lgbtqa+ group right?  

We have big family plans for Valentines Day. Just like family, lots of family, we’re going to have a fun weekend.

Kerry Washington

I fixed the numerous grammar mistakes in that quote, as it was reported in this story. Unreal.

But let’s get to the interesting part. So Kerry… I very much appreciate the sincerity since there’s no actual husband and you specified that your mother watched Scandal with you last night, so clearly family is around, but… unless like me you celebrate your BIRTHDAY on February 14, then FAMILY is NOT what Valentine’s Day is about. Specifying this for those trying to as usual spin. LMAO. And it’s not like Kerry doesn’t know. She said this FOR A REASON.

I’m assuming that you meant 1P Germany or 2P Germany, so I went with the 1P. If I was incorrect then you can always send in a different request with 2P Germany. 

Looking at him across the table, you could tell he was on the verge of an anxiety attack. Sometimes these things happened to him, but you could tell today was different. Something was going to happen today, you just didn’t know what. 

“Luddy..This is great and all, but we can leave if you aren’t feeling well. I know crowded places can be stressful for you,” you said quietly. “No, no liebling, I’m fine,” He answered, sounding out of breath. 

Your brows creased further in worry. What was going on with him? What did he have to be so nervous about? 

“I just really need to ask you a question,” He said, staring directly into your eyes. “Okay then..ask away.” 

Ludwig took something from his pocket, and slid it across the table to you. It was a small, black velvet box. Taking it into your hands you opened it up, and nestled between two cushions there was a ring. 

“Oh..this is beautiful Ludwig, but you didn’t have to get me anything,” you said, smiling up at him. “Well it’s not really a gift as much as it is a proposal, “ He mumbled out. 

You looked up at him slowly. Was this it? Was he really proposing? You two had been together for years, and hadn’t discussed it very much. It wasn’t that it bothered you or anything, it just put Luddy on edge. 

“So..what’s your answer?” He asked, sounding even more nervous than before. 

“My answer is yes of course. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.” 

I really feel like Ludwig might propose really subtly; that or he’d try to be extravagantly romantic. I’m actually really proud of this lol Let me know what you all think. Also, for all of you Germany fangirls, I have some great news! I have a shit ton of Germany requests coming out soon, so get excited. 

-Admin K. 

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if you think "bi" means your "lady bits getting tingly" when looking at a picture of Scarlet Johansen, honey you're so wrong. And if you're kidding, please clarify because you could be seriously confusing someone who has no idea what's going on.

woah, now. i didn’t say that’s what it means. i said that’s when i realized, ‘hey, there’s something going on here when i look at this woman and i feel good about it.’

granted, this was almost 10 years ago when i watched the first movie i had ever seen her in (the perfect score). from then, i questioned how i felt and what it meant. i began finding many other women attractive when i started opening my mind to it. i’ve dated girls. i’ve experimented. i found that i enjoy dating, making out, etc., with girls as much as i enjoy it with guys.

my apologies if i offended or confused anyone.


So, as it looks like, I’m trying to get a bismarck party or parties together!

People who stick with it (aka, don’t drop out immediately after one run or sth) I will draw a little chibi commission for free!  Here’s your chance to get rewarded for nabbing bismarck weapons!

We will be reattempting on weekends until the goal is complete, so don’t get stressed to get them all down. I want these runs to be stress-free and fun for everyone! We’ll be going for 1-2 hours at a time, to prevent exhaustion. if people want to keep going, we can agree to take a break and then do so. If we don’t fulfill our goal on that day, we’ll be running again.

You don’t have to have farmed it before to come. As said I will be managing a majority of the mechanics, so unless you are a tank basically you just have to know what to do, and which mob to hit when. The minimum desirable ilevel for dps and tanks, I’d say, is i175 but if you can have a higher ilevel that’s better.

If interested, please reblog or message me with what times you’d be free to do this, and the job/jobs you’d go on!

(please help us I’d be really grateful)

So today in the CS fandom

We were given within the space of 4 hours:

  • Coordinated posts from Jen, Colin and Sean of Jen and Colin together with the same caption ‘Me and my shadow’.
  • In which picture, Jen is shown to be WEARING what looks like LIAM’S RING.
  • Just after this, the 5x12 ‘Souls of the Departed’ synopsis was released with the opening line ‘ After Hook sacrifices himself to save Storybrooke’ (Hell yes).
  • AND THEN, ABC release a whole article titled ‘Once Upon a Love Story: Emma and Hook’ which was a huge fangirly article about how epic they are. And they even said ‘From the moment they met, it was clear that Emma and Hook were destined to be together’. 
  • Not just this, but ABC even made their own Fanvid for Captain Swan, with the CS theme playing throughout the whole thing.

There’s more filming tonight at Garry Point Park, but I’m not sure if Jen and Colin are going to be there. Fingers crossed!

And here was me feeling like the CS fandom was a little dead today. I left Tumblr for 2 hours and EVERYTHING happened. I’ve been so giddy with excitement and happiness all evening! Love Colin and Jen, love Once Upon a Time, just GAAAAHHH.