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What are your expectations on their reunion scene in avengers infinity war?

tony: new number who dis

“You obviously still care for me if you’re still on the phone with me.”

After three years of sexual and psychological abuse, I finally got the courage to end things with my boyfriend. It was the day of my graduation from college. He was supposed to drive the four hours with my parents to attend. I told them all if he showed up, I would call the cops. I stayed on the phone with him because I knew what was going to happen next. I stayed for so long in this toxic relationship because I had to prepare myself for the outcome. I finally decided my needs outweighed his. This was the last thing he said before I hung up on him.

A couple of hours later, his sister called and told me no one could find him. The police told me to stay away from my apartment. I stayed at a friends house that night. In the early hours of the morning, before dawn, I received a call from his sister who had informed me he was hospitalized after three failed suicide attempts. He has no memory of me ending our relationship. I informed his entire family that I would be dropping all contact with all of them and to not update me on his condition anymore. They all told him to give me space, that I told them I still loved him. Except his father, who told me none of it was my fault and that I made the right decision. He was proud of me for finally leaving.

I will never forgive him for what he did to me during the three years of our relationship and for taking one of the happiest days of my life, and ruining it. 

My eyes are filled with trees, my soul full of sunshine, the warm smell of early morning summer lingers on my skin. The moon has said goodbye, and the sun said her Hello’s.
I feel like a stranger, but it feels so comforting.
This is a new day. And I have changed.
—  This is it. This is what people wait for their whole lives.

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I'm trying to stay positive after the mess of the last few days and I can't stop thinking about all the evidence we have, everything we saw with our own eyes, the incredible amount of time they spend together off set and how their closest people behave (eg Cait's sister liking their pic on IG just a few days ago). But how can she be talking about Sam now if just a couple of days ago she said it was just acting? I saw the pics with Tony and I see nothing at all there. These two are so confusing!

Trust your own eyes and what you feel. Also, don’t give the troll headspace - easier said than done, i know, but it’s an important thing to try and hold on to.  Much of the weekend stank of troll.  Also, lest we forget, she’s the one who dug up any and all information about Tony and when I say dug up I mean basically found out his name then wrote a biography for him.

I also see nothing between them in the pics.  And no, not looking through shipper goggles.  I see nothing there because there isn’t anything there - look at things like the Writer’s Block panel, there’s a video on YouTube that focuses mainly on Sam and Cait.  There is an intimacy there, a communication there between them that they have.  Now, had Sam been with her at the star ceremony of course we would not have had them making out and acting like love struck teenagers - it was an industry, work event and they are professionals - but I believe we would have seen them connecting on some level, engaging with each other.  Sam looks at her, checks in on her, her likewise with him.  Micro expressions I think I saw someone call it.

I think a lot of the interviews over the past few months have been confusing - or at least, we’re the only ones made enough to read them all and I think they have merged together.  As has been said before by @cb4tb and @sherrigamblin, these interviews aren’t for us.  We’re hooked on the line already.  These are for casual passer-bys, who might read or hear and think ‘Oh!’

My rationale is this - she said she was with someone but wanted to keep it for herself.  How is sitting in the front row of the star ceremony for a double oscar winner keeping anything to herself?  It makes little logical sense to me.  Sam said if they were together they wouldn’t necessarily say they were, he also said that it wasn’t really anyone’s business (i.e. it’s our business not yours, keeping it to ourselves…)  Their friend groups do seem to be merging.  Casual co-workers wouldn’t especially have that happening.  There are the unguarded moments that they don’t think or know anyone sees (the hug before the Writer’s block panel).  i could waffle on.

For me, there is far more compelling (though perhaps circumstantial) evidence for her to be with Sam than anyone else.  It makes sense.  Not because I desperately want it to be - if I am wrong, so be it - but logically, I can’t make it work any other way.  And I have tried, believe me.  The pieces just don’t fit together any other way.

You must feel comfortable with that you believe.  You have to trust or not.  Your beliefs are your own and you don’t need me lecturing you.  I am not trying to convince anyone of anything either way.  This is just what I believe. I shall sit and wait and watch :)


04-05-2016 at Reading InternationalCity Cinemas in NY City

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7) “I have never been so in awe of an artist like I am of you. Thank you @flo_tweet 💙” (By shan27) 

8) “I just met and told Isa she was beautiful and she thanked me and said I’m so tiny and cute omg” (By Sanjana )

9) “She is a ray of sunshine and it was so cute watching her laugh lol. Love her to pieces and I was SO CLOSE to her. I’ve seen her three times now!” (By ohdalyz)

10) “#florence #florencewelch #florenceandthemachine #theodyssey (amymj85)

do ya’ll kat/aang shippers realize that none of us zutara shippers actually think that the whole “i’ll save you from the pirates” scene was romantic? like…nobody thinks that’s cute or romantic. literally nobody. it was gross and weird and nobody thinks it was cute….none of us “worship that scene”… what are you even talking about lmao

things that are awkward: 

being asked to evaluate teamwork after having done everything for your group project but your group members are standing right there and will know if you throw them to the wolves

Things about 11x20 “Don’t Call Me Shurley” #2

Man, it’s really tough for me to type this cause I love Rob Benedict and for that sole reason I never wanted him to play God in any way shape or form, but I kind of like how the show even now consistenly shows him to be a friggin self centered idiot. I expected this to get a meta heavy episode, but phew, just these few minutes in give a lot to to untangle and look at from different perspectives.

And I LOVE the change in sound (cause yes music is important as God himself said just minutes prior - so yes, I expect those train sounds to get a pay off in the end ;)) and change in his posture the moment Metatron brings up the Darkness, because that’s when he stops acting (another thing he did the entire time there and what he had expressed to adore) and gets real, shows his real face. And there is so much resentment there, so much unaddressed emotions.

“This isn’t her story, it’s mine.”

Storytelling that’s been a massive part of the past seasons, right down to how Dean himself started into the season in the “road ro far” recap, with saying he’s know how his story ends.

But you know why I love Chuck getting so up in arms here, why he dislikes that Metatron reminds him of the “details”? Because this is the very best example to prove that no other than the creator of this universe is an “UNRELIABLE NARRATOR”. And in the end, what one has to take away from this is - as we have known since the introduction of the Darkness and heard her side of the story - his entire universe is built on lies.

Well, Chuck, or… God, maybe if it’s your story and not hers, maybe you start telling your side of the story. The true story and not how you would like to think it happened and for whatever reason. No matter if it’s guilt, shame, jealousy or fear. Time to own up to your past and your mistakes…

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If it's not a bother, can I ask what you meant when you said you convert stuff rarely by changing the extension? Like how do you do it? Sorry if this is annoying I would just love to know how :)

ok so this is an .mkv file, i just right click > get info

highlight mkv and change it to mp4

then press enter and this window will pop up, just select “use .mp4″

and bam it works :p

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Hi! Either royai 43 or 39 for the drabble thing?

I had so much fun with this, thank you so much OWO


“Hawkeye,” Roy said breathlessly as he slid into the booth seat across from Riza.  “Hawkeye, I messed up.  Like big time.”

Sighing, Riza lowered the newspaper she had been pretending to read and looked at her superior across the table.  His cheeks were red and his eyes were wide.  She suppressed a smirk as he struggled to catch his breath.

“What is it, sir?”  Gasping for air, Roy held up a finger in a ‘wait’ gesture.  “Sir?”

Shaking his head, Roy met her gaze, eyes wide and slightly…fearful?

“So I may or may not have kind of maybe slightly agitated a known arms dealer and kind of made a questionably legal deal to fix it, and there may be like fifteen crates of illegal arms heading to an abandoned warehouse in the Eastern sector within the next eighteen hours,” he said, not stopping for a breath.

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The truest thing Obama ever said about PA was that all the manufacturing jobs disappeared so people cling to guns and religion, and he got dragged six ways from sunday for it, so idk what the solution is frankly because people ultimately don’t want to hear that their pet maladaptive coping mechanisms are killing them, but that’s basically what’s happening. And it’s not like I REALLY have a better alternative.

My cousin once asked me what kind of girl would I date.

I’m a freak when it comes to coffee, so it’s “the one who makes good coffee”, I said.

But then, I met you.

The “coffee-making” thing? You suck at it.

And that’s when I made an exception. :)

Confessions || Carlie
  • Catie:knew that after slipping up and telling Harley, that she had to tell Charlotte that she worked with Nora. Sooner rather than later. She knew keeping it form the other girl for so long but she had to know that what they had was something that real, that could handle that. And now, after the girl had left and come back, she knew they could handle it. That what they had truly was something special, something people wished for. She shook the thoughts as she made her way to her girlfriend's room. She pushed the door open and smiled when she saw the brunette. "Hey baby." She said as she walked over, pressing a soft kiss to her lips. "How was work?"

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Hello! Still flaying around about this episode... I was so shocked when Diggle shot Andy. I want to see the repercussions in his character... what did you think of this?

Hi!  It wasn’t so much that I was shocked as that my heart broke for Diggle. He’s been on an emotional rollercoaster, going from searching tirelessly for his brother’s killer to discovering that he was still alive to realizing he wasn’t a good guy to trusting him again to said brother being responsible for his friend’s murder, with Diggle carrying the burden of the guilt — and now, to protect his wife and baby, he had to murder his own brother. The emotional repercussions are going to be enormous. 

And that doesn’t even include the additional suffering he’s been through in the last two seasons. He lost his best friend (who he has been there for emotionally from the beginning of the show), got him back, lost him again to the League of Assassins, and then watched him kidnap his wife, leaving his baby alone in an apartment. After having left, Diggle had to deal with that man’s return, and was finally able to forgive him, just as he discovered his blood brother is still alive. He then went on to watch a woman who is practically his sister almost die by gunfire. Later in the season, he watched his friend actually die. 

I probably missed half of the emotional trauma that Diggle has been through since the beginning of the show. He’s been through so much, and yet, he’s always expected to be Calm Diggle, Yoda Diggle, Reasonable Best Friend Diggle, Olicity Shipping Diggle. Now, he’s going to be drawn towards the darkness. His character is being tested, he’s suffering tremendously, with all the guilt and grief and anger bubbling over the surface, and my heart absolutely breaks for him. I can’t wait and at the same time am terrified for what comes next. I don’t want him to suffer, I want to give him 600 hugs. 

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When asked about what signs help caps open up you said Pisces, cancer and Scorpio. I get Pisces and cancer but how on earth Scorpio? P.S I also saw your in the hospital, best wishes

Scorpio and Capricorn just understand each other on a cosmic level. We are so different its kind of like yin and yang. I also feel that we are the one f the only zodiacs that can handle the Scorpios emotions and through that understanding we begin to express our own. 

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Hey, no one else is really helping much with this SOOOOO (deep breath) I'm bi and have tons of lgbt+ friends and have no problem with my five-year-old sis hanging out with us, we're a clean group of gay middle schoolers. but, though mom claims to be fine with us, in fact she likes gay guys but hates lesbians, she gets mad and freaked out called me a slut n said i was sleeping with jess, bi BFF and my CUTE lil sis said she liked jessie so my mom sent me away for the summer, what about my sister?!

Just one thing… your mom are crazy O.o Your sister later will understand, and when she do, talk with her to talk with your mom about this, if she doesn’t care, your mom should too  !

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I have an idea for my story and I keep writing little bits an pieces down like dialogue, small scenes, character ideas, etc. but I have no clue how to start it so that makes writing it way harder than necessary. The beginning takes place in winter and its the last winter before an apocalypse/war. I was kind of thinking like a cozy little family scene on the first snow fall of that winter but like I said, I just can't seem to write it down or form it into an actual scene/idea/opening. Help! <3

I think you are on the right path by making a contrast between the first scene and the rest of the book. It creates a clear picture of what the characters have lost and maybe will never get back. So definitely keep going in this direction.

Now the first scene is always the hardest because you want to get the readers attention from the first words they read. Start by setting the scene, since you are aiming towards a cozy scene talk about the beautiful dwindling snow coming down from the sky, the yellow glow from the fireplace, … Stuff like that. Maybe even show the first signs of distress that they do not really understand and therefore do not think it is a big deal, things like the power failing and them having to put up candles (which will add to the cozy atmosphere), a distressing message on the radio that they turn off, … Then make the relationships between the characters clear: the playful daughter, the caring housewife, the boy in his puberty, the hardworking father, … This will show the different characters before the apocalyps and will create a contrast with how they turn out later. Maybe even give the characters something to remember one of them if one of them dies. 

The ending is something that is up to you, you can either end this scene with the first bombs dropping or just end the scene happily and use it as a reference point. Both can work depending on the rest of your story.

If you need some more advise you can always message me via the chat function but i think this covers most of it.

Hope this helped!

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why are people so mean to you :( i love your work

Aw, thank you! :) *hugs*

I think some people don’t realise how mean they come across and that sometimes a poor choice of words makes what they have said sound far nastier than they intend, but other times I think those people are just opinionated trolls who think the only opinion that counts is their own and the only feelings that matter are their own.

I’m not sure which is right. Maybe both.

But thank you - this message really meant a lot to me. I’m so glad you like my writing! 

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