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Curious about your thoughts, so people are dragging harry in a similar way as they were dragging t*ylor for being all talk and no helpful action. While I know there's big differences between them that's not what I want to get into, I want to know your thoughts on why for example it's "justifiable" or w/e to hate on harry for tweeting, but not hate on liam louis niall for saying nothing. Like, is he not marginally "better" on balance on that issue just for being publicly vocal/aware at all?

i think it’s really gross that people are hating on harry for tweeting when 1) he was either literally on a plane yesterday and could not attend a march or 2) has been secretly in la for a week and could not attend a march because that would give away his location and ruin their staged lax arrival.

taylor swift is a white feminist who only speaks up about issues when she can also use them for her own gain. she was mute throughout the entire election when she could have used her voice and her platform to condemn trump and help educate her fans (especially those from more conservative places in the US). she’s only speaking up now because she knows it’ll make her look good and won’t alienate any of her fans (which condemning trump would have done). she also uses feminism as a weapon when people criticize her (that whole amy poehler/tina fey thing or her lying about the kanye song).

harry has a history of speaking up and supporting a number of marginalized groups and is genuinely a good person who wants to use his position and his influence to create positive change. there is no world in which comparing him to taylor swift is even remotely fair.

that being said, i’m super wary about your last sentence because it’s not nearly as black and white as you’re making it sound imo. being publicly vocal about social issues has become part of harry’s image at this point (one which has also bitten him in the butt before). he’s never had his image used to push 1dhqs homophobic agenda the way liam and louis have (the attitude interview and of course all of @louis_’s no homo comments over the years).  unfortunately where this band is concerned, social media is a terrible barometer of any of the members actual thoughts or feelings.

i don’t think people should be hating on any of the boys about this. would it be great if they all had actual agency over their public images (which extends to their social media) and could be free to support the causes they actually want to? yeah of course. but as things stand right now … i think it’s far too complex to make any kind of concrete judgments. 

consider this: SMH & one direction

i just wanna talk about smh and 1d ok im so sorry this wasnt supposed to be this long i have no control 

  • dex grew up with sisters (let me have this he has a bunch of sisters ok) so not only was he completely unable to escape one direction he was not allowed to get away with any sort of ‘bands that have mainly young female fanbases are not real music’ misogyny that lots of teen boys and adult males have 
    • so he likes 1d he doesnt advertise but he had to listen to them a lot so he knows their entire discography and what they have some good songs ok bro 
    • so yeah they find their way into his workout playlists so fucking what man they’re fucking hype songs 
    • his fave is niall bc hes chill and just wants to drink beer and play his guitar and listen to dad rock and he’s irish (dex is irish and is grandma loves niall bc she’s irish and what a sweet young lad) he’s not like die hard niall stan but he knows all of the 1d discourse from his sisters debating (im willing to listen to other opinions my back up is louis bc hes a punk) 
    • he save up one year (and got help from his fam) to get tickets for his sisters to see a wwa concert as a birthday/christmas/every holiday present bc theyre expensive and they dont have a lot of money 
      • his mom technically bought the tickets he just helped pay for them and the girls surprised him with a ticket for him to come with (mama poindexter: well i cant let them go alone who’s gonna watch them you have to go make sure they dont get arrested for doing something stupid) dex played it cool but it was such a fun concert and so fun to hang out with his sisters tooo
  • nursey now is a goddamn hipster u cant tell me he isnt into a bunch of british alternative bands and bc of his brit music phase he knew about one direction from the very start at the x factor stage (he definitely mentions this all the goddamn time when they start becoming popular but he chills out through the years)
    • hes been to at least one concert for every tour (he even got tickets to the madison square garden show) - he went to every concert with his sister but it was his idea to go and she was just there to keep an eye on him
    • also a big reason he got into the band was zayn like heres a pakistani muslim boy who’s super talented with these white dudes and that representation is super important (i also hc nursey as muslim or at least partially but zayn is a brown muslim boy killing it so yeah its awesome) 
    • but nurseys fave tho is harry especially when harry is a total hoe with long hair and jewelry and those red carpet looks like nursey is in love but also in awe bc those sparkly boots and that floral suit like those are iconic Looks™ and nursey loves it bc gender isnt real and he loves hoe looks (zayn is like 1.5 tho bc nursey is in love)
      • nursey tries to serenade dex with little things one day when they’re chilling by the pond on the grass and dex punches him bc nursey is making him emo even when he knows dex doesnt have emotions (in public in front of people who can see him cry)
  • bitty likes them they’re no beyonce but theyre fun and attractive and yeah hes gonna have some fun dancing to them he isn’t really up with all the drama and disc*urse until the boys have 1d nights and they watch this is us and the concert dvds bc he learns a lot 
    • he loves 2013 era harry and all the time liam (that boy is thicc and bitty 100% does not swoon)
  • holster like come tf on holster loves them he unironically and passionately loves one direction completely unashamed he does not care for your opinions and no one makes fun of him bc he’s a 6′4 fucking big ass hockey player who could drop kick u across campus if he wanted to
    • he claims he doesnt have a fave but he would die for all of them 
    • his fave rotates seasonally and he has a different fave for each era 
    • he went to the tmh tour and he’s gone to every tour since - he goes with his sisters bc its a bonding topic for them he sits at the edge of the floor or at the end of a row on the sides bc hes so tall he feels so bad and he tries to stay out of the way of the little girls behind him but hes nice to them and talks to them and so they like him even if hes a giant
    • but really he and his sisters are so close bc they have a lot of similar interests and they talk about pop culture stuff and its hard to keep intouch when hes away so much but they have group chats about 1d and tv shows and stuff so its so nice for them to keep up a strong bonding time 
  • ransom is a britney bitch and holster dragged him into 1d. he’s in it for the memes and the drama really. (he likes the songs and thinks its fun but he wouldnt have been a fan and gone to concerts if it wasnt for holtz)
    • holster takes him to the wwa concert and they have a blast 
    • holster also drags his ass to see this is us opening night (they both cry)
  • chowder just loves everyone and he doesnt understand why people hate 1d (or other pop artists with majority young female fan bases that ppl hate bc misogyny) when theyre so fun he’s not an active /fan/ until smh has team bonding nights involving one direction jam sessions and concert dvd watching and drunk history
  • on such 1d nights they put on one of the dvds and it accidentally turns into a drinking game (mainly drinking bc this part of my god did u see that !!! THAT NOTE CHANGE !!!! and ZAYN WHY !!!! and other painful parts) and some of them *cough* nursey dex and holster *cough* get possibly the most drunk they ever get bc of this 
    • theres loud awful drunk singing along and some sobbing (this is definitely not based off of any sort of personal experience whatsoever nope never done this before) 
    • after the movie when everyone is so drunk they talk about 1d history which is how the veterans teach the others about the exciting drama and disc*urse  
  • lardo is a bad bitch who is tough as fuck and manages a division I mens hockey team and every single one of them is afraid of her. AND she would not let any bro tease her for liking one direction bc why the fuck not. 
    • she has plenty of their songs thrown in arting playlists and in pump up playlists 
    • and she knows theres nothing better to cheer holster up when he’s having a rough day than a 1d dance sesh 
    • dont forget where you belong is the first song on her team bonding playlist bc its a love song to ur bandmates which transfers very well to love songs to ur teammates 
  • shitty unapologetically loves 1d and boy bands and girl bands and he supports all things that young girls love but are not taken seriously bc girls like them 
    • he’s written at least 3 papers/projects on the misogyny surrounding young girls and their interests and involvement in fandom and also boybands (he tries to fight all guys who disrespect girls’ interests and the power of teenage girls)
    • he’ll randomly show up to a 1d night bc obvi he’s in that gc and he’s ready to party and express emotions and dance and talk drama 
    • he loves harry bc “THAT FLOW MAN!!! HIS FLOW IS SO SICK!!!”
    • he cried when harry posted the pic of the hair he chopped off and cried when he saw the another man shoot where harry was defying all sorts of societal norms it was beautiful and his flow is still so nice even this short its ok it’ll grow back better than before
  • one friday night the lax bros sneak over to try to prank the haus and peak in the window and see half of the hockey team in the living room drunk off their ass singing loudly to a one direction concert on the tv - holster and nursey jumping around attempting to dance along, ransom clinging to bitty on the floor crying about a ‘hiatus’, bitty soothing ransom, dex forgetting about the drink in his one hand to drink rum from the bottle, shitty naked (not surprising) and slow dancing with a life sized cut-out of harry styles with tears streaming down his face (more surprising), and chowder lying on the couch singing through mouthfuls of pie 
  • they walk back to the lax bro house without executing the prank and they never mention it again
bl/ind and trans ppl

i figure that BLI is pretty tolerant when it comes to binary trans people. the issue comes up when someone doesn’t want to identify as either male or female. it has nothing to do with religion, of course, nor with ““biology””– chromosomes or genitals or whatever– it’s just that BLI believes that it’s too confusing for citizens to have more than two set genders floating around. bad for productivity. BLI already divides everything into a binary, all black-and-white, so gender has to be as well. 

gender EXPRESSION isn’t really policed or anything, if you’re dmab and you wanna wear a dress BLI doesn’t care. they only get involved once it’s a question of gender IDENTITY, of pronouns and legal names and markers on documents.

if you get cleared by your BLI physician, the company is more than happy to provide you with hormone therapy through their Gender Reassignment Program. it’s just another set of pills, after all. any surgeries are optional, but still covered if wanted. but to get access to any of these, you have to identify as either male or female, and you have to exhibit “strong enough” dysphoria (evaluated by an appointed professional). 

anyone trying to assert that they don’t want either of the two gender markers to be used is obviously misguided. that’s a problem. that’s inconvenient. they get assessed, and if they are found to exhibit dysphoria, then they are prescribed a mandatory transition to the opposite gender. if they are not found to exhibit enough dysphoria, then they are sent away and continue to be marked as their assigned gender. 

in contrast, gender’s seen as a lot more fluid once you get out of BLI’s clutches. some joys get out there knowing they’re trans, but some, it never occurs to them until they’ve spent some time in the desert. they’re able to explore themselves more once they’re out of that cage, and settle on what they think suits them best. overall, though, labels and such aren’t so important. lots of joys don’t settle things any further than a set of pronouns.

mbti aesthetics

INTJ: intricate scaffolding

INTP: scratchy tv monitors

ENTJ: lightning, electricity

ENTP: carnivorous plants

INFJ: healing crystals

INFP: vining flowers

ENFJ: ripe fruit

ENFP: birds in flight

ISTJ: sacred geometry

ISFJ: quilts edged with lace

ESTJ: a bright marquee

ESFJ: garden succulents

ISTP: artistic graffiti

ISFP:  splattered paint

ESTP: colorful finches

ESFP: tropical fish

I should be studying.

But a thought I had while playing FFXV for the first time came back to mind.

Spoilers coming for after chapter 9 and I’m on mobile, so I can’t figure out html.

Consider yourself warned lol

So, we know what happens to Ignis but we don’t know how. Anybody else wonder if he was blinded by his own glasses? Like… something happens that causes his glasses to shatter into his eyes? It would be incredibly dark and painfully ironic to have a character that needs his world “crystal clear” blinded by his own device for clarity. Then the glasses he has until chapter 15 would be the spare they talked about earlier in the game.

Let me also say that the pattern and texture of the scarring looks more like a burn or something blew up in his face. So I’m probably almost definitely lol wrong. But what if?
Maaaan I’m so excited for his DLC. I need to know omg.

Anyway. Just a thought. What do you all think?


║I learned how to make gifs, I’m rather proud.
*whispers* here @theplagueofstars @ofnoconsxquence, for you two and your amazing portrayals of this garbage jesus. let me know if you want them larger or cropped differently and (assuming tumblr can handle it) i’ll get them to you. ║

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Okay now how about ghost nursey watching over his husband and Amie? Because it still hurts!

Yes good a happy ending we can do this folks!

(edit: no oops I messed up this is sad too)



“I wish your Papa was here today Amie.  He’d be so proud of you, starting at Samwell” Dex said, blinking back tears.

Nursey smiled proudly at Amie from beside Dex.  He was used to the fact no one could see him, but it still hurt sometimes, usually when they mentioned him.

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Had fun with Violet tonight. Made my zillionth knit pattern a few days ago and wanted to see it in action :)
Went for a casual business look. Violet can really rock any outfit <3
I really love that EA blazer, the only thing bugging me are those stripes on the sleeves. I disguised them as best as I could with the patterns, so they’re preptty invisible after removing the specular with Velocitygrasses mod, but I know they’re still there…this would be a good outfit to change up. Maybe add longer sleeves too… *writes mental note*

Me at dinner: *opens mouth*
Parents: yes we know you love Christopher Eccelson, Billie Piper, David Tennant, John Barrowman, Cathrine Tate, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Davrill, Jenna Coleman, Peter Capaldi, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, Uma Stubbs, Rupert Graves, Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Lin Manuel Miranda, Daveed Diggs, Anthony Ramos, Okieriete Onaodowan, Pippa Soo, Renèe Elise Goldsberry, Jazzy Jones, Christopher Jackson, Jonathan Groff, Mandy Gonzalez, Karen Olivio, Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Matthew Lewis, Tom Felton, Eddie Redmayne, Chris Pratt, Tyler Joseph, Joshua Dun, and if they are actors all their characters and if they are singers all of their music
Me: *shuts mouth*

cute flustered nerds

Bubblegum will never not be annoyed that Zigzag is so much taller than her lmao

I’VE WANTED TO DRAW THESE TWO TOGETHER FOR…. A LONG WHILE NOW. I mean, I’ve done it before, but now that they’ve actually interacted I have a BETTER GRIP ON IT I THINK. They’re just…. They’re cute ok…..

[Zigzag belongs to @alainaprana!!]
[Bubblegum belongs to me!!]

One of the best things I liked about Goblin is how they brought the idea of how someone becomes a Grim Reaper.

It is said that a soul becomes a reaper if he/she has committed a grave offense. It wasn’t stated in the early episodes, but towards the final chapters, it is revealed that the greatest of these crimes is to rob yourself of the life you should be living.

I loved how Wang Yeo apologized to the maid who aided his suicide, and finally had the realization that “perhaps the diety wanted us to walk in between life and death until we grow desperate for the life we used to have.”

i just remembered that dude on youtube who claimed that he got to read the script for tfp and that the i love you scene was about mycroft making fun of a crush that sherlock had on some girl as a child or sth i don’t even remember what it was exactly but

i just… don’t… understand why people do sth like that. there were actually people who believed him because he didn’t seem hostile and was like ‘well i just feel so sorry for you guys i just mean well you see’

and i find that even more disgusting than antis who are just straight up hateful? trying to lull people into believing you by pretending to be on their side. why would you ever do that. and there are anons out there again with the apple tree yard thing. I don’t believe that we’re gonna get anything tonight but why in the world would anyone go out and pretend like they work at wherever and put their conjecture in people’s ask boxes disguised as fact. does it make them feel special? does it make them feel important? it’s not helping anyone. even if someone actually knew, what would they achieve by crushing people’s hopes like.. 2 hours early?

maybe someone’s an expert on human psychology and can explain this behaviour to me i genuinely want to understand.

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uhm i dont get it, if you are used to the spanish voices then shouldnt you being able to see the variety in tones? :/. i think they picked the voices based on how the character look, really

I guess, but think about it this way, when you see the same thing over and over and over again, having a lot of (apparently) different voices, it all converts into a giant blur of voices.

It’s true that I don’t watch Spanish things anymore. I don’t watch TV, if I watch a show I do it on the internet and in their original language (English mostly), I also buy and watch movies this way.

It’s been a long time since I watched something in Spanish (only movies on the cinema and because I have no other choice).

And yeah, probably, but they should have choose voices based in personality and not only on how they looked.