so this is what happens when you draw without thinking

“When confronting the canvas titled “John’s Room,” it is very challenging to separate the pure artistic value of the work from the enormous emotional baggage it carries. Of course, the “John” of this portrait is John Lennon - who was an art student in his pre-Beatle days - and McCartney has managed, as brilliantly as he mimicked a ’30s crooner in “Honey Pie,” to replicate the naive style of Lennon’s now-classic minicharacter drawings.”I often think of John when I look at this one,” McCartney says, gazing off dreamily. “John used to always do those funny little men, you know? And I would often sketch John when we worked together, often without him knowing it. It was so easy doing John because he had glasses, those sideboards - what you call sideburns - and that long, aquiline nose.” The painting’s genesis came “really when an accident happened on the canvas and, suddenly, I began to see John’s face in the work emerge, especially that familiar nose of his - it was a good chance,” recalls McCartney. “It was a really light moment because I was not intending to do John, but his form emerged from what I was scratching out.” At one point during the evening at the Waldorf-Astoria, McCartney answers a random question with, “No, I always felt much closer to John.” Out of the mouth of anyone else, “John” is just a name, a mere monosyllable. But when the name is uttered by McCartney, the ghostlike presence of John Lennon suddenly descends on the evening. Lennon’s name, so simply invoked by McCartney, takes on the power of a talisman, conjuring up an entire shared cultural scrapbook of images defining musical collaboration and the purest of camaraderie. McCartney owns the pronunciation of “John” the way Katharine Hepburn made “Spensah” Tracy her own.” - Interview with Paul McCartney, 2001


I have recently discovered Topp Dogg after watching the “Kpop stars try to pronounce western names” video and I’m in love. Every member is so incredibly talented and I’m listening to their songs on a loop. 

Hansol is one of my favorites I’ve watched every video of him and I admire his dance skills so much; he’s amazing.

This is my first time drawing him and, as it usually happens to me when drawing someone for the first time, the features are not 100% correct, but I hope to improve with time.

Let me know what you think!