so this is what armageddon feels like

Sleepovers with NCT Dream

anon asked: Am I allowed to request sleepover/slumber parties with NCT Dream? Just somethin cute n fluffy

okay so i’m not sure if this is like each individual member or with the group as a whole so i did…both? 

uh for each of them the other members aren’t present because just…assume that the specific member kicked them out for the night or they dont wanna bother member/reader haha

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Ok but Joker finding out Bruce is ticklish during a far more,, intimate situation



Bruce was lucky to be alive.

Standing next to the batmobile when it exploded - how and why were mysteries he still needed to solve - meant he now had a pretty good idea of what Armageddon probably looked like. And the fact that he’d managed to hobble away with nothing worse than nasty cuts and a whole lot of bruising almost sent him running to the nearest church.

But lying on the cot in the corner of the cave, Bruce didn’t feel very lucky. In fact, he was feeling extremely sorry for himself. Everything hurt, like someone had taken a sledgehammer and slammed it into every part of his body.

Joker had laughed when he first saw Bruce stagger into the cave. Bruce didn’t take it personally. He may be the only person whose lungs Joker didn’t want to rip out during a fit of boredom - although he wasn’t always sure - but the day the clown didn’t laugh at someone else’s misfortune was the day he also dug himself a hole and laid down to die.

But the laughter didn’t last long and Joker helped Bruce out of the suit, checking his injuries before he led him over to the cot.

They were now tucked up together nice and snug - the fact that the cot was only made for one meant nothing to Joker - and he ran his fingers through Bruce’s hair in that almost-gentle way that Joker knew Bruce loved. Softness with a sharp edge that always gave him a secret thrill.

Joker dug his nails into Bruce’s scalp just enough to make him close his eyes and sigh and as his other hand cupped his jaw, Joker leaned down to give him a kiss.

It was almost-soft and very slow and even though Bruce’s body ached and burned, it didn’t stop his arms coming up to pull Joker on top of him.

And that was all the encouragement Joker needed. He started kissing harder, fingers digging in just a little bit more and a sharp tug of his hair made Bruce moan.

Joker’s giggles vibrated against Bruce’s lips. “Feeling better already?”

Bruce replied with a noncommittal grunt.

“Oh, poor baby,” he said, fingers twirling the hair at the nape of Bruce’s neck. “What can Uncle J do to make it better?”

Bruce didn’t say anything. This was working pretty well to be honest but if Joker had something else in mind…

Joker’s hands went either side of Bruce’s head and he levered himself up. “Where does it hurt?”


A wicked grin spread across Joker’s face. “Then I’ll work from the top down.”

And he leaned back down to place a kiss on Bruce’s forehead in that soft-soft way that really made him weak.

Bruce closed his eyes again as the kisses travelled down his face and teased the corner of his lips. He moved to catch that mouth again but Joker dodged and slowly continued his path down Bruce’s neck and chest.

When tongue and teeth started teasing his nipple, Bruce let out a soft hiss and his back arched into the touch as much as it could. Joker looked up and giggled.

“Seems things are starting to look up, darling.”

He wiggled his hips for emphasis and although there was still clothing between them, it caused a hitch in Bruce’s breath.

Then a wicked grin spread across that lovely mouth and Joker continued where he’d left off, gradually moving further down, each feather-light press of the lips followed by a sweep of his tongue.

It felt almost good enough to make being hurled at a wall worth it.

Joker’s teeth grazed the line of Bruce’s hipbone and it made his cock twitch and then his tongue swept along his stomach and started circling his navel. Round and round it went and Bruce hoped Joker moved things along soon. He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take.

Then Joker’s hand came up and his thumb brushed against the spot of skin just below Bruce’s hip and a noise came from him that stopped Joker in his tracks.

He looked up again and his entire face lit up like a kid that’d found a new candy store.

“Brucie!” he gasped. “Are you…ticklish?”

Bruce’s eyes went wide. “No.”

Joker brushed the spot again, getting the same result.

“Ha, you are!” And Joker grinned like it was the best thing he’d heard all year.

“No, don’t-”

But Joker ignored him and dug his thumbs in on both sides, making Bruce squirm.

“J-Joker,” Bruce cried between fits of laughter. “Stop!”

“Make me,” Joker said, not even bothering to hide how much he was enjoying himself. Forget the year, this was his greatest discovery of the decade!

Bruce tried, he really did. His hands locked around Joker’s wrists and he tried to pry them off, but he was only an hour into recovery and didn’t have the strength.

“What’s the magic word?” Joker sang.


“Well, that’s not it. Although it is a good idea!”

He laughed and, with the tickling becoming unbearable and no end in sight, Bruce had no choice but to give in.

“Please!” He begged. “Just…just please stop!”

And although hearing Bruce actually beg was beyond a delight, Joker couldn’t resist one last bout of tickling before he let go and slid back up to eye level.

“It seems I’ve discovered Batman’s true weakness,” Joker said, his smile ridiculously and beautifully wide. “But what to do with such knowledge?”

“You,” Bruce said, catching his breath. “Are an asshole.”

“And you love me for it,” Joker replied, his smile - if possible - getting even bigger.

Bruce didn’t answer and his hand reached up to tangle in Joker’s hair.

“Come here,” he said as he pulled Joker down into another kiss.

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I should've worded that much different than what I actually meant to. So what I meant is... how would anyone feel if I decided to write the apocalyptic verse with our Vikings (and also as would my OCs be involved too). Apocalypse is more post nuclear Armageddon instead of any zombie one, especially since I never imagined the Ragnarssons with zombies. And because I think that zombies are a bit overdone with lots of that craze now, so no zombies - at least not for this one. Someone liked the idea.

I would love that! What say you, Heathens?

A very Arendelle Christmas (thank you for 200+)

A/N at the end.
Warnings: Elsanna, incest, fluff, christmas
Summary: Elsa and Anna are celebrating their first christmas since the childhood incident. Both are more than happy to have the day to themselves.

A very Arendelle Christmas

The smell of gingerbread and fir branches hung lightly in the air and each breath of wind carried the sweet scent further through the streets of Arendelle.

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