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One Piece Ladies - Viola

Episode 632: “A Dangerous Love! The Dancer Girl - Violet!

ok but what if they made the seelie court kiss between two other characters so they don’t have that weird clace incest thing? like imagine simon eating the faerie food by mistake instead? i mean it makes sense, we’re talking about simon “clearly i have made some bad decisions” lewis here. then, when the seelie queen tells him that the kiss that will free him is the one he most desires,  clary is like “ugh okay lets get this over with” and the queen says “uhm no honey he doesnt want you.”(except in a more seelie queen-ish way) and the queen points to where jace is standing and jace just kinda gives simon the strangest look (hey, it’ll please the jimon shippers and just having them look at each other wouldn’t really get in the way of clace or sizzy) before moving out of the way because he’s blocking the view of izzy. like they can make this a cute sizzy moment instead with maybe a weird jimon eye sex bit before hand, instead of gross incest. also, it can start some drama with meliorn and simon if he’s still dating izzy when it comes time for this scene

Permanent hiatus

Hello lovely people, 

I’ve made my decision.  Since many of you said that you’d like me to leave this account as an ‘’archive’’ instead of deactivating it, I decided to do so. This is for all the people who like to look at posts that are on it. 

I already explained reason for why I am doing this in one of my previous posts. If things ever happen to get better in my life, I might return on here. Maybe next year? November will be the month when I’ll be able to see what next. Who knows what tomorrow can bring. The way as it is now, I simply neither have will nor I am capable to full-time lead an blog. I hope you will understand. Thank you everyone for all the nice moments. Maybe we will meet on here again? One day. Until then, please stay happy and healthy everyone. I love you all and I am sorry. 

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You sell this plan and give fitness advice but you're like 15 so I feel like you don't really know what your talking about. Also since you don't study it at college or anything, how were you able to make your plan?

I’m 18 but ok 😂 I’ve been on my fitness journey since I was 13. I have more actual hands on experience than most “trainers” who just took a couple month course to call themselves a personal trainer. I myself would rather take advice from someone who has done it themselves for years, lost weight and made progress instead of just being stick thin their whole life and not really battling anything at all, and is helping hundreds of girls with her fitness plan. Hate all you want, but remember, me and my followers are the ones making the results while you’re hating away into oblivion and irrelevancy. 👍

By the way, *you’re 😭😂

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Oh I'm sorry! Since you don't take individual character requests, would you be willing to write a headcanon of some cute times with the EITM guys instead? I'm really sorry &gt;.<

Idk was this what you wanted ;p

Miyabi: “Common let me just cuddle you for five seconds!” Ashley whined. She had just made the daring request to cuddle Miyabi’s fox form, and he was not about to give into something so embarrassing. “No,” He said again, locking eyes with Ashley’s sad ones. He felt himself waver and before he knew it Ashley was holding his fox form tightly to her body.

Chikage: “Chikage please?” Ashley asked again. He couldn’t believe that she wanted to go for a ride in  the sky, taking in the fact that she was so scared about it last time he took her up. Her pleading eyes on him felt like his skin was burning as he gently took her in his arms and soared in the sky. “Thank you,” She said, nuzzling into his chest. Thankfully she couldn’t see how red his face was getting as he went faster.

Shinra: “Absolutely not.” He deadpanned as Ashley limply held the magazine out towards Shinra. “Really?” She asked, or more so accepted as she walked into the living room, “Miyabi I was wonder-” Was all she had to say as Shinra rushed out and grabbed her hand, pulling her towards the door and to the god forsaken couples spot she desperately wanted to go to. “Thank you!” She beamed, griping his hand tightly as they left the Shrine. “Yeah, yeah…” He muttered, trying to hide how embarrassed he was.

Kyoga: “Kyoga please?” Ashley asked again, brush in hands. Kyoga was adamant about not letting her brush his tail. It was one thing about scratching behind his ears, but than she would call him cute and that wasn’t his favorite word choice. Although, he could not hold strong against her puppy eyes and found himself being brushed. 

Yukinojo: Yuki was dreading the long await beach trip that Ashley had been talking about for weeks now. But there was no way he would let he go alone, or worse, with the other ayakashi in the house. He found himself in the very hot sun, and even under the shade of the umbrella was blistering hot. Ashley walked over and sat next to him, “I really appreciate you coming with me Yuki.” She said, smiling, as she leaned her head on his shoulder. Somehow, just this gesture, made the whole trip worth it as he felt his cheeks get even hotter. 

Samon: The relaxing walk in the park soon turned into Ashley begging Samon for a piggy back on the way home, “Please Samon~” She cooed, hugging his arm even tighter than she already was. Samon wondered how she had no clue what she was doing to him as she happily jumped on his back. “Wow it’s so high!” She sad as she snuggled into his back. Thank god she couldn’t see him blush.


Zodiac’s Diary….

Got up. Contemplated surroundings. Made breakfast goods.

Considering learning some basic vienoisserie actually - I’ve always been fascinated by the chemical compounds in dough and the way that layering and different heating methods can give you so many completely different things. Like a croissant! Magic!

What was I saying?

Oh yes. Cooking.

Well I suddenly had the feeling there was another skill I was meant to be doing but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

Instead I put my finger on the giant mug tree that has appeared on the middle of my pod.

Pod is such a nice word. So round and poppy!

Anyway - I couldn’t think even with the mug tree helping so I made some more breakfast goods. Still no vienoisserie. But I just can’t shake the feeling there’s something I’m missing….


Zodiac also did not build any martial arts skill and will be relying on challenge and relationship scorings should he be in danger at the next elimination. He also ade three batches of breakfast food in one day.


So keiko is kanon now and most of her weapons are now on the charahub page. Since she is Quite A Spoiler for Makoto, I just decided to dump a whole bunch of things I’ve been keeping in my sketchbook.

Pre-bleached-hair-makoto’s look (well mostly hair) is still not finalized; a bunch of the sketches of them were placeholders (and really old, so its ugly). but anyway there’s all that and dont pay attention to my weaponry bs

Bratz Webseries Ep1 Selfie

I think the new webseries is really cute! What I liked most is that they actually made fun of the fact thier heads(they also noted how large their feet were) were so large they needed selfie sticks just to fit their entire head into frame and also for this reason that they decided to create the photo booth. I think it’s great they can make fun of themselves because it shows they know some of the criticism they get for their looks and instead of being discouraged, they just roll with it like a Bratz always does. Now some of the jokes were hit and miss for me, but overall I think this is the beginning of a very cute and funny webseries.

Just a thought, but...

you know how Juvia usually goes ecstatic when Gray is involved (for the most part - I’m not hating - please excuse my wording)?? Well, what if Mashima’s made it that way so that, if/ when the Gruvia moment-of-the-century comes, we see Gray giving her a speech about how all the women for whom he’s ever cared have died protecting him and he doesn’t want her to be the next, and she takes in a more mature kind of way? Like, hugging him for reassurance or something instead of going all, “Gray-sama cares for Juvia!” and it just highlights their character development and increases the intensity of the moment?

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I hope this doesn't sound weird, but I love how much you love your own artwork! Too many artists nowadays are too down on themselves about their art, so it's really refreshing + uplifting to see someone who's really proud of what they've made (as you should be!) That really inspires me, so thanks for that! <3


being positive about your work is so important tbh and ESPECIALLY if you’re going to try and sell or market your work like

people will be so much more enthusiastic about your work if you are also enthusiastic please try to break habits like saying your work is crappy or shitty practice taking compliments gracefully instead of trying to downplay them 

your work may not thrill you (god knows everything i make isn’t a masterpiece, theres some stuff ive drawn that’s popular that i really hate lmao) but it does thrill someone, and its that much harder to enjoy something that’s weighed down in the artist’s negativity 

art should be something you enjoy first and foremost!!! 


Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are property of Rooster Teeth
Language, canon typical violence
Pairing: Yorkalina
Rating: T
: ( the-crimson-question ) Fic idea for you, Rena. Bad dudes capture Carolina and make an AI based off her brain like her dad did with Alpha, doesn’t take due to 2 AI going crazy, but as a side effect, they get one based off of York instead, like what happened with Tex so Carolina has her own version of the Director and Tex going on. Have fun with that *lightning and evil laughter is heard from Arkansas*

A/N: Crim is a terribly evil person who almost made me want to start another multicahpter RvB fic before Divided was even over. Like. Just rude, dude. You cannot give me ideas this juicy, this good, this wonderful. It’s just not fair.

But yes I found this idea soul crushingly good

EDIT: So this has been in my drafts for a week and wasn’t published. OOPS.

She sat in the chair, glaring at the reflection in the one-way mirror. The neural scanner rested across her brow like a tiara. It reminded her of testing, of mental mapping, of Freelancer.

Her grip tightened on the arm rests as the beam of light circled her once more.

“Is this line of questioning necessary?” she asked during the pause.

“I’m afraid it is, Agent Carolina,” the unfamiliar voice said over the comm system.

He was a harsh questioner, he didn’t have patience or indirect lines of questioning. It was nothing like their sessions with the counselor. Carolina found herself very thankful for that.

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I'm so mad

my cousin asked me last week if i could take her to her appointment so I said yeah. Her appointment is today and she only reminded me half an hour before it. And she asked my brother to tell me instead of texting me herself???? And when I picked her up from her house, everyone who can drive is at home doing nothing. Why couldn’t one of them take her????? And I didn’t know where the place was so I told her to look it up and tell me where to go and she made me take this long ass way instead of an much shorter route. Honestly what the fuck, thanks for wasting my gas

[cw for transmisogyny and misgendering; brief mention of suicide/homicide in that context]

about two weeks ago in my store we caught a customer stealing on the security cameras. normal shit. unless we personally catch them in the act of putting something in their bag/pocket/whatever, we can’t really do anything except watch them closer when they come in next time to try to catch them for real. most of the time people just kind of let it go, because what else can we do?

the person caught stealing was a black transgender woman. my coworkers, including a manager on duty, did not just let it go. for several hours after the incident she and one or two other people made fun of the woman, calling her by the incorrect pronouns, using the t-slur, mocking her voice, calling her “man hands,” etc. i wanted to butt in but couldn’t bring myself to, which i regret and acknowledge as a marker of my own privilege.

so instead, i wrote a note and put it at the break table (where other notes tend to go) that basically said, hey, stealing is definitely shitty, but misgendering and making fun of a transgender person is a form of violence, which is ultimately way shittier than shoplifting some perfume. i added information about how trans people of color (specifically black trans women) have some of the highest suicide and homicide rates in the country, and that the microaggressions and violent speech contribute directly to this. i finished the note by saying that i wasn’t blaming anyone in particular because a lot of people just don’t know! (which is some bullshit but i wanted to be genial.) we need to be considerate and respectful towards all of our guests, including the lgbt ones. make it a safe space, and all that. i left the note anonymous. (considering i was the only one working that night who was not making fun of the woman, i shouldn’t even have bothered.) unsurprisingly, the next time i came into work (2 or 3 days later)  the note was gone.

fast forward to today, and i get called into the general manager’s office! (mind you, a different manager than the one previously mentioned.) she asks me if i wrote the note and tells me that i don’t have to admit it if i did, but i want to set things straight if i can, so i say that i did.

and you know what she tells me?

that it was out of line, inappropriate. starting rumors. being rude to my coworkers for not giving them the benefit of the doubt. that i hurt their feelings! that i need to leave my personal feelings behind when i walk into the store. that the note was too emotionally charged. that i should have handled it by going to a manager instead. (when i stressed that a manager was part of the problem, she said i should go to her. it wasn’t for several days after the incident that i even saw her.) that ultimately it shouldn’t even matter, because, after all, the customer *was* stealing.

she ends our “meeting” by telling me to think before i act and what boiled down to “don’t rock the boat”. the whole time i didn’t really have a chance to respond, to tell her that i didn’t think it was out of line at all, etc, but i could hardly speak without completely breaking down or lashing out. i wanted to quit. i wanted to scream at her. but i didn’t. i can’t afford to quit, anyway. it was the end of my shift, so i just… came home for the day.

and that too is such a privilege, to be able to come back to work for my next shift, at a place that clearly does not care about the wellbeing of so many people, so many of my friends and acquaintances and those who become statistics, mugshots, bodies, whose names we hear on the news with the wrong names and wrong pictures and wrong words. this is violence. this is transmisogyny. this is the tyranny of capitalism.

this is unacceptable.

Do you know what I think is beautiful?

Right before ComicCon there was all this drama on Twitter and Tumblr about some fans plotting to give Jensen lube as a joke to ‘pull him out of his shell’, which was gross.

But what happened instead? This absolutely beautiful candle tribute to the AKF campaign and to Jared by some hard working fans that literally brought him to tears and made international headlines and brought even MORE interest to a campaign that is super important.

So it’s beautiful that even tho there was the disgusting drama right before, fandom really can pull it out of the bag and do wonderful things. And that makes me smile.

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Thank you! This show made me paranoid about every little details lol. They really annoy me with the new characters like Rhys or the Justin Fix guy. There's really no time for this. Instead of wasting time like that I wish they'd bring back Noel, Jenna Cece & Melissa! They were so interesting & mysterious characters. I was so disappointed when I read in an interview (of one the producer I think) that they didn't have time anymore for Noel!!

what the hell do they mean they don’t have time for Noel?

how the fuck do you bring on a character who knew Alison as alive the whole time and probably knows more.. also has some type of connection to CeCe and Jenna but don’t fucking have time for him anymore? thats their fucking fault they wasted so much gotdamn time on simple stupid shit.

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no doubt what cate &amp; tyler did was selfless. they made the best choice instead of the easiest one. HOWEVER, they are obsessed with being birth parents to the point where idk how the adoptive parents (can't remember their names?) can even handle it. they don't understand boundaries at all. they have another daughter now that they opted to keep but leave so the can go do adoption events. idk. I guess I just feel for Nova because it's obvious they'd rather her be or at least look like Carly.

They regret giving her up and it’s sooooo sooooooooooo obvious


so i was on 4chan the other day to discuss Steven universe with many other anonymous posters and well one brought up a good idea for an ending, but i had no idea it was going to go that rout… please note that the only posts i made were the first post, the one with the picture of Greg’s van, and the one about the statue. Its amazing what we as people can do together. i swear someone posted the extended outro of love like you, and i almost cried. t made it worse by thinking that instead of Rose just singing it would be a duet with Rose and Greg

I understand the desire to go to a zoo and be near animals.

I really do. 

But zoos are made for PEOPLE. For ENTERTAINMENT. To the animals, it’s nothing more than a giant cage that will ALWAYS fail to mirror their natural habitat. 

So let’s support non-zoo conservation instead. Let’s support rescues, and sanctuaries and protected animal reserves. Let’s put aside our selfish desire to see animals up close because they are beautiful, and do what is really best for the animals. Don’t attend zoos. Do support efforts that put individual animal lives and species protection first. 

Yes, there are zoos that do *some* good work. No, that doesn’t absolve them from breeding/keeping animals for entertainment.


I made a Patreon page! If you don’t know what that means, it’s basically a kickstarter, only instead of pushing one big goal, you toss in like a dollar a month to support your favorite artists/writers/organizers. And in return you get rewards like new writings, photos and such. I have all the details regarding that stuff on the Patreon page itself, so go check it out! And keep in mind, this isn’t just for supporting organizing, it also goes towards supporting my writing and photography projects as well.

This isn’t gonna change anything regarding my work. In fact, it will increase my ability and output.  Any kind of supplement income I can get is much needed to fund travel, studio rent, supply cost,etc.  Just $1 adds up fast if enough people do it. I’m thankful of  the support, so even if you can’t donate, I’d really appreciate this being spread around.

I look forward to seeing how this goes and am thankful for the constant love and support of me and my work.

black love & solidarity,


the majority of taylor swift fans: yes that was a bad call on taylor’s part and she should apologize. she made a mistake and hopefully will learn from this.

the rest of the internet: taylor swift is the actual devil. let’s use this mistake she made as an excuse to excessively hate on her.

I never wanted to defend taylor but people in this website are being complete assholes and acting like she’s the only one to blame/was being shady. People are being such opportunist right now and I hate it and won’t stand for it. So yeah, I’ll defend the heck out of that girl, not because I agree with her but because, while what she said was stupid, it doesn’t justify the kind of hate she’s getting. People said she made it about herself, yet they continued making it about her instead of talking about the real issue.