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What it’s like watching SMC

“Omg! I love Sailor Moon Crystal!”

But then all the 90s anime only/Anti-SMC fans appear and are all like:

And all the haters just make you feel so

But then you find someone who likes SMC too, which is honestly hard to find.

But then they say that they only like Season 3, and that the first 2 arcs were an abomination to the Sailor Moon Franchise.

‘Shooting star!’ I shouted without glancing in his direction.
‘I know. I’ve seen it, Lilia.’ It was dark, so I couldn’t really see his face.
We were just lying there for… 2 hours? The grass was not that smooth, but it tickles. I like how it touches my skin. It’s cold but comforting.
'You should’ve made a wish. Or did you?’ I asked him. He didn’t answer right away, but instead held his hand up high.
'I did. Just now.’ He whispered.
'What was it? What was your wish?’ I got excited. I even got up and sat while waiting for his answer.
He slowly sat up and exhaled deeply.
'Lilia, can I kiss you?’
I don’t know how to respond nor react. I just sat there with my eyes and mouth wide open. It was a sudden question. Like a bomb who just went off. The silence was deafening, it was weird. And there, I can slightly see his eyes. It was…soothing. Solacing. I threw away all hesitations and I pressed my lips against his slightly cold lips. His breath was warm and he tastes like home.

'They were right, wish upon a star and it will come true.’

—  Kisses and dreams

lmfao wHAT is wrong with me instead of telling this woman i dont know how she stained her own pants and its not my business i felt accused and guilty so i made up some lie like oh maybe a friend left them here and shes like well they are the right size and the right brand and im like… maybe a friend borrowed them on accident like…!? now what why lie now what do i say 

Cause coordinated outfits are my ultimate weakness. 

may the power couple force be with you. 

A change of plans.

In light of the recent events in Orlando, I’ve ended the #GishwhesTakesTumblr hunt early. It’s a bad day for games. We still have lots of prizes to give away and donations to make to charities, but we’re going to distribute them in a different way.

Instead of a game, we are going to let you give the remaining prizes away to people who have made a difference in your life. From now until 4pm PDT, today (Sunday), I’m inviting you to nominate someone you know who has had a profound and positive impact on in your life to receive one of our remaining prizes. (We still have show props, signed scripts, iPods, lots of stuff.)

So here’s what you do: Tell us about a particular person on Tumblr who has made a difference in your life and why they deserve something special. We will read your submissions and select the stories that move us most. Those selected will not only get something from us, but they will also be able to choose a charity that we will contribute to on their behalf. 

Please tag your posts #GiveLoveToday

I’m also postponing my tumblr Answer Time until tomorrow at 4pm.

- Misha


Joignez-vous à la croisade de ceux qui croient au genre humain
Pour une seule barricade qui tombe cent autres se lèveront demain.
À la volonté du peuple un tambour chante dans le lointain
Il vient annoncer le grand jour et c'est pour demain. (x)


Happy Birthday | matzsuoka

“Seirin… Fight!”

  • <p><b>what she says:</b> i'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> bighit that piece of shit has done it again. they done it again on my pretentious theorist ass which was certain seokjin's short film will be out but bighit got me again by releasing yoongi's instead. i should've seen it coming but they did another shit. yoongi's logo merged with jimin's and random ass clips of jimin's motherfucking bathtub made a cameo and there was whistling so is this yoonkook or yoonmin or are they going for yoonkookmin because i surely am not making any sense to myself. furthermore, his fucking short film is called first love what am i supposed to let my gay ass mind wander into when you merge yoonmin's logo together. and the last fucking circle is still untouched and i don't want to think anymore i am tired of expecting things and being proved wrong. i should live my life without expectations.<p/></p>

make me choose: rivailleackerman → red wedding or purple wedding


One Piece Ladies - Viola

Episode 632: “A Dangerous Love! The Dancer Girl - Violet!