so this is unatural for me

So I needed scrubs for my upcoming story and decided to release them!

Things you should know before downloading:

~Comes in 35 swatches which are Wildlyminiaturesandwhich’s UNATURAL sandwhich colors.
This includes the hat shirt and pants for both MALE & FEMALE! :)

Don’t be a jerk and claim as your own.
if you use tag me so i can see it! (obviously you don’t have to, would just love to see it in someones game!

together in a zip: SFS
individual: SFS

So my campaign has an alchemist gnome, a human rogue, a human sorcerer (me), and a 63. Year old human fighter. We were attempting stealth into a castle, when the fighter and I failed our checks. The guard noticed this and aprehended us. It went like this:

Guard: Who goes there!?
Fighter: Oh… This isn’t my spongebath…
Me: I told you, grandma! You’ve gone senile! Let’s get you home.

We did deception rolls, I got an unatural crit and she also beat the guards insight roll. We went on our merry ways.