so this is unatural for me


so @doing-that ‘s Tiefling Watch inspired me to draw my best creation…….tiefling june from refuge (what the fuck is her last name @ griffin) 

some increasingly messy doodles that quickly turned into my personal au where june joins the bob because she wants to learn more about the chalice and what happened, and then after she learns all that, to help stop it
(click thru fr captions :) )

So I needed scrubs for my upcoming story and decided to release them!

Things you should know before downloading:

~Comes in 35 swatches which are Wildlyminiaturesandwhich’s UNATURAL sandwhich colors.
This includes the hat shirt and pants for both MALE & FEMALE! :)

Don’t be a jerk and claim as your own.
if you use tag me so i can see it! (obviously you don’t have to, would just love to see it in someones game!

together in a zip: SFS
individual: SFS

why did i hate my eyes sm why did i try to widen them in photos and in general i would open my eyes more so theyd look bigger and id try to go abt my day like that even when i felt tired of holding them open at unaturally yk and idk why i did that i would think i looked better that way and its not until like a few months ago that i stopped doing it and started taking pictures of me w my eyes lookin chinky n droopy n nearly closed n shit bx rhats just what i look like n how my eyes r !! n wow who was i !!(2(2 why did i let white ppl make fun of me sm n eurocentric beauty standards pressure me into thinking my ethnic features made me ugly ?? why did i hate my nose for so long and i STill lowkey hate it i hate how flat n big it is but u kno wat white ppl features r overrated n r not the ideal standard n im glad i am not white n dont have a long ass nose n big ass bug eyes n shit like wow ive come so far n i will never hate the features that connect me to my ancestors n history n culture n wow i luv being e asian anyway

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Emison fans are saying "Kill yourself" to Marlene King after tonight's episode. I find it rude and disrespectful. Twitter fans are so dumb sometimes.

Listen up children reading this: DO NOT FUCKING TELL SOMEONE TO KILL THEMSELVES! It is a show. About an evil stalker. It’s going to happen. Yes it’s sad because now Emison will get together in an unatural, gross and forced way, but this isn’t a romance show. Don’t expect fairytale endings. Read a romance novel if that’s what you want.

I think we all underestimated Marlene’s priorities for the mystery here. I’m quite enjoying the fact that AD is messing with these couples in this kind of way. To me it feels like a “fuck you!” to the twitter shippers who over the years have constantly ignored the writers storytelling and been so forceful about their ships being together. Well here ya go. This is what you demanded!

@localelderfrog i’m shouting u out because we’re both going through this

So my friend, Makenna ^^^, had this really freaky dream of a little girl who twisted herself in unatural ways and climbed onto her bunk bed.

I had a dream once where a little girl in a bunk bed also twisted herself in unatural ways and climbed down and grabbed at my hand.

I woke up afterwards, my hand halfway under my bed.

Once we both shared these dreams, we thought it was a really freaky coincidence and brushed it off.

She sent me a message and said that since we talked about those dreams, she has been getting scratches on her hand.

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I feel awkward for asking, and you can ignore this if your uncomfortable with it, but do you have any good, dirty drarry smut fics?

Hhaha nah im so comfortable with it 8D

I know loads tbh but have you read

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Hey, hello, can you please do a tutorial of how you painting your drawings ;A; <3 if you want to, of course. Forgive me for been like this but i'm really interested in how you do that because is an amazin job and i just want to learn about it~

Welcome to:

Jante’s lazy colouring tutorial. How to cheat your way to a finished drawing!

Of course there are many ways to colour and I usually pick different colouring-styles depending on what kind of atmosphere I want to create. This is my lazy colouring style. But it’s basically always the same. I’m not good at explaining, but it shows my working process.

(Sorry for English mistakes, it’s easier to explain the concept of colours and all in German lol)

1. Well I start with a very basic sketch of course:

2. Then I put another layer over this and start to sketch with the brush tool. (I use the default setting).

WOW a bit derpy hahaha. This is my lineart.

3. At first I always have 3 layers. Lineart is on top of everything, under it the coloration layer and then the background layer. I’m colouring on one layer. (I don’t recommend this lol)

Even if you don’t want a background (let’s say you want it to be transparent or blank) always put a background layer with a neutral colour (like grey) under your lineart because white is bad for your eyes. It’s bright and you’ll get a headache after a while.

I use the pen tool to put some basic colours on the lineart. It doesn’t matter if it’s messy. It’s important to use the natural colours of everything because I’ll shade in an unnatural colour after this and you still have to recognize it’s natural colouring somehow you know.

4. This guy is Jack if you don’t know. He’s from the game Bioshock and is running around in Rapture which is an underwater city. I gotta work with cold-colours (blue, green, pruple all that stuff). It gives an eerie and unsaturated feeling.

I’m using the pen tool once again to put some basic shades on it. You should know where your light source is or in this case light sources are.

So our key word for the atmosphere is underwater, which means I’ll pick either blue or green and see if it fits. AND HELL YEAH it will. Be adventurous and try different colours!! They don’t have to be natural.

5. Smooth it out with the brush and the water brush tool! (default setting)

6. The second layer of shading will be the background colour, but a bit darker. It should give the first layer of shading deepness.

7. There we go. We’ve got a little colour palette by now! Those will be the repetitive colours for this drawing. I used cold colours it’s nice to add some warm colours too so it doesn’t look boring.

8. So I circled the areas that need to be highlighted. This is a little cheat pattern if you are lazy like me HA I finished colouring the face so I finally coloured the eyes. Don’t use white for eyes, oook. It’ll look boring and flat. If you have an unatural light like here you gotta use something greyish + the colour of the light source if that makes sense.

9. We’re almost there my friend. Put another layer on top of the coloration layer and pick a cRAZY colour to highlight some areas. Sometimes I change the layer setting to screen or additon. But I wanted to keep the green colour so I set it on normal.

10. YES great! I am lazy and I’d say this is finished haha. Repeat the shading levels to your liking. Now there is time for details. Last step is erasing. It’s finished.

But white is really generic so here comes a sloppy background:

At this point I’ve like a gazillion unnecessary layers for the background. You may adjust the contrast, brightness, depths level after you’re done and put a texture over everything (I usually use a grey texture with a “grainy” effect and set the layer on “overlay”)

I usually like the lineart better than the finished drawing… OTL

This is the finished product

Sometimes I do livestreams if you want to know more. I’m not good at explaining this ahhh. I hope this is somewhat helpful!

So my campaign has an alchemist gnome, a human rogue, a human sorcerer (me), and a 63. Year old human fighter. We were attempting stealth into a castle, when the fighter and I failed our checks. The guard noticed this and aprehended us. It went like this:

Guard: Who goes there!?
Fighter: Oh… This isn’t my spongebath…
Me: I told you, grandma! You’ve gone senile! Let’s get you home.

We did deception rolls, I got an unatural crit and she also beat the guards insight roll. We went on our merry ways.