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↳ DATING A SKELETON! - Dan and Phil play: Undertale #3

the reason i want Lance to be the black paladin is because it would be so good for him, and not JUST Lance, but the rest of the team too. say what you want about Allura being a better candidate, and while it would be logical to have her lead, she already has her leader traits fleshed out. but something she and the rest of the team really need to learn, is supporting each other.

we all know Lance is really insecure about himself, and suddenly being thrusted into the role of a leader would be very overwhelming for him. he will need support from his teammates to help him get through this and have him learn to believe in himself. this means the team will have no choice but to learn to support Lance and accept him as a leader figure. they will have no choice but to start taking him seriously and not brushing him off. they will have to learn to respect him more than the teammate that cracks jokes and flirts around with aliens. they will have to learn to respect his choices and follow his lead. everyone will have character development if Lance becomes the black paladin. he is the best option, he can make a wonderful leader if people would give him a chance and the time to develop. 


Really? What you gonna do?

The Dingles kidnapping and being kidnapped since ever™

The Missing Seasons

I was thinking about YOI, as I do every waking moment of my life, and I noticed something I thought was odd at first. I mean, I had noticed before but had written it off for the most part and put it in the back of my mind, but: Victor has a missing 6 seasons of skating. 

 We know from flashbacks that he was a junior world champion by the age of 16 

and that he was very well known by the age of 15/16 

(you can find a fan-translated version of that magazine here)

However, he only has 5 Senior Grand Prix medals and the same number of Senior World Champions. The Grand Prix medals at least are confirmed as consecutive in the show (but I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to extend that to World Championships)

meaning that the ages of 17-~22 are completely missing. 

(So. Do I have a point or am I just pulling out the obvious? Both.) 

 Anyway, I was running through the possible reasons for this, and my first thought was writing error, but the creators care too much about the show to make such a glaring mistake. And then I remembered a line from episode 4. A line that was brought up so casually and quickly moved past for things that were more important at the time, so I had nearly forgotten about it. 

You haven’t suffered any major injuries, and you’re younger than I am.“ I thought the wording was odd when I saw it for the first time. Victor is comparing Yuuri to himself. ”You haven’t suffered any major injuries,“ implying something kind of angsty: Victor has suffered a major injury. It makes sense. It accounts for the absent years. Maybe he had to temporarily retire to take care of it, and then work his way back up. The line from episode 4 works perfectly with that narrative. Yuuri is a major Victor Nikiforov fanboy; he would know about anything that happened to Victor during his career, so he wouldn’t react strongly to the line. 

 The only question I have left is, what happened to Victor?


my roommate had a photoshoot with my majestic princess, max. is he not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen ever?

long time no uhh…draw. I am feeling physically and mentally better woo! I only threw up twice today instead of…. a lot of times yesterday! (I don’t know the exact number of times i vomited yesterday but it was a lot. I could barely move)

Anyway have a quick doodle of my bbys bc im actually in the mood to draw and i don’t feel super sick

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hi i know you mostly draw mchanzo but if u could draw junkrat that would be great hes my fav and id love to see him in your style <333

anon i love this junk boy s O muCH

Because I’m feeling sappy and thankful...

I just wanted to like thank you guys for giving me a chance and sticking with me since I started writing on here for you guys. Never did I ever imagine I’d end up with 2,365 followers on here, never did I imagine that I would make such incredible friends and have a group of followers who genuinely care about me and are excited for my next story. 

I’ve been writing and reading fanfiction for years, I have always written it for myself as a way to practice my skills but I never intended to ever share it with anyone. As a reader of fanfiction I have always found writers that I love, found stories that are an incredible adaptation of the source material and have anxiously awaited the next update or the next story from a writer. I never thought that I would be a writer like that for other people. Every single time I have someone tell me that they have notifications on for me, they ask to be tagged in fics or they just tell me they enjoy my work I get so unbelievably happy. 

I have been lucky that my work has been so well recieved by you guys and I am grateful to you all every day for sticking around and not being scared off by my ideas. I’m blown away when I’ve gotten some nasty anonymous messages and then so many of you quickly jump to my defense and tell me not to listen to them. You guys are the greatest and I am just so damn lucky. 

There are a few people I wanted to thank in particular:

@daveeddiggsit I started reading your work long before I even made myself another tumblr (I had deleted my old spn one) and found you by looking through the hamilton tags. I was blown away by you and immediately bookmarked your blog on my phone so I could check for updates and new stories every day. I never imagined that I would end up being such good friends with you. Thank you for being there when I need you, being someone to scream about Daveed with and just being an amazing friend

@imaginebeinghamiltrash thank you for being such an amazing friend. We talk daily and I absolutely love talking to you as much as we do. You make me smile, you cheer me up when I’m sad, you remind me to sleep and eat when I forget and you help me when I doubt myself. Never stop being as amazing as you are. 

@and-peggy-yall you are the past version of me, one of my closest friends on this website and I love you so much. You’re always the best to talk with, you made me sob because of the outsiders which I still love and hate you for introducing me to it. You’re so supportive and I can’t thank you enough for being such a great friend. 

@hamiltonsquills you are there for me every single time that I talk about being unhappy about something on this blog and I love you for it. Thank you for being such an amazing friend and caring so much about me I love you mon cher. 

@wrotemywayoutimagines my darling little sibling, thank you for always being there when I need you, thank you for standing up to hateful anons for me and just being an incredible friend. 

@love-doesnt-discriminate thank you for being there every time I need encouragment or cheering up. You are an incredible friend and I love you for it. 

@adothoe thank you for being someone I can have fun with and joke with. Thank you for being an incredible person and friend. I love you. 

@secretschuylersister thank you for being the kindest person, for helping me when I was insecure about my writing and always having something lovely to say about me and my writing. You are amazing person and I love you

@fragmentofmymind thank you for being there for me, for being super, super nice and approachable. Thank you for being such a great friend, i love you. (Also i know we haven’t talked in a little bit I feel very bad about that and will message you soon just know that I love you)

@musicalmiranda Thank you for being someone I can talk about obsessions with books with and being there to encourage me when I needed it most. Thank you for being a great friend.

@tempfixeliza I know we’ve only spoken the one time but I can’t tell you how grateful I was when you came to me and helped me when I was so insecure about my writing. It was incredibly kind of you and I’m very grateful for it. 

@anonnymousefangirl thank you for being there to stick up for me, indulging me with STTTG questions and being there for me when I need it. You’re amazing and I love you.

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omg arfglglglgll ur Hanzo comic is so cuuuuute :33333cccc (and omfg Hanzo + Sym being friends give me life)

thank yOU so much omG!!!! also sym & han being friends is such a fav tbh 

Satya “i dont understand what you mean by ‘social skills’” Vaswani and Hanzo “I would rather climb a wall than have social interactions” Shimada

Congrats, Snake!
  • Finny: Guys, guess what I just heard!
  • Bard: What?
  • Finny: Mr. Snake appears in the mobile game along with Mr. Sebastian and the young master!
  • Mey-Rin: Really? Congratulations, Mr. Snake!
  • Bard: Wha?! No way! Good job, Snake! Why didn't you tell us?
  • Snake: Um... I don't think anyone will play my story because I look strange... Says Dan.
  • Bard: it the silver hair?
  • Snake: ...N-no...Says--
  • Mey-Rin: I found it! Look, doesn't he look grand?
  • Bard: Wow, you're right! Talk about high class!
  • Finny: So cool!
  • Tanaka: A model Phantomhive servant.
  • Snake: *blushing*

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Hello! Could I possibly request some sfw and nsfw headcannons for a poly relationship with Keith, Lance, and their S/O?? Thank you, and I absolutely love your blog, btw!!!

uuhm yes hello is this the ER? … why am i calling?? becasue ive finally considered a Klance x me ship and it has broken me sufficiently please i need assistance yes thank y ou



  • the day it became official, Lance would not shut up about it, and Keith was such a blushy mess, and would sneakily try and hold hands with you  a lot, and You get Lance to be quiet but pulling him into a group hug. Keith is just so happy and Lance is just so happy too and they both express it in opposite ways. 
  • Lance likes to set up dates every weekend, sometimes theyre a surprise sometimes theyre not, but all of them are unique and special and intricate and just so lovely. usually end in cuddling in bed together reminiscing about stupid jokes that were mad or cool things youve seen.
  • In return for Lance’s great date planning, you and Keith band together to treat him to the best day or relaxation and company ever. you’ll give him foot rubs and share a bath mabey and let Lance give you both face masks to try liek he’s always wanted. probably paint each others nails because its what Lance wants to do and so it happens because it’s Lance’s special date day. 
  • If anyone doubts the relationship theres this group empathy/telepathy thing that kicks in and you all get so defensive of the others’ honour and even more in love than be fore its beautiful honestly. 
  • Lots of casual hand holding and stupid inside jokes. still the same petty arguments and sometimes you have insult war’s but its all out of love 


  • The first time you all got sexual together it was a mess. not the good mess either. a lot of pauses and confusion and worrying that everyone was satisfied and getting an equal share and that it was all good and stuff. it took a while to get a good system. 
  • early on it was discussed that everyone would feel most comfortable if sex with involving all three, but it was also explicitly understood that there would eb no grudges held if something happend between just two of you. Trust is really important, and jealousy is understandable. it only took a few weeks for it all to get settled in with no more worry.

  • Youve probably had sex in the dining hall more than in the bedroom tbh. There’s just something about the rush of possibly getting caught or being heard that really strikes the three of you, and the first time, Coran actually did find out pretty easily thanks to Lance’s inability to be quiet;;; didnt stop you tho.