so this is their thing now

Wow, I can’t believe Blizzard introduced Jetstream Sam to Overwatch!

Jokes aside, I love Hanzo’s new skin.

I really hope to get it before the end of the event!

((By the way, I’ll tell you something.

Months ago I thought about this Metal Gear!Au with Cyber!McCree and Cyber!Hanzo, but I couldn’t think of a cool design for Hanzo.

And guess what Blizz made now?
I’m so happy! ‧º·(˚T∇T)‧º·˚ ))



Dan and Phil around the world polaroids 2/??

So I saw a thing that said Leo would like cooking because he wouldn’t even need a stove or anything he could just use his fire, so of course I had to.

Time Travel Snippet

People seemed interested, so here’s a little teaser:

The trees were thick, branches slapping against his cheeks no matter how he pushed them aside, but it was so pleasingly quiet. Empty, but not eerie. He had no watch, no cellphone, so Adam didn’t know how long he walked. All he knew is that by the time he saw a clearing in the trees, his feet were begging for a break.

So it was his annoyance that kept him from realizing something was amiss when he left the forest. Adam didn’t notice the surprisingly green fields, the lack of cars, the sudden grey clouds that covered the sky. Instead, he focused on the unrecognizable barn and how it was definitely not Blueberry Hill, the orchard he’d have run into if he had only stayed straight through the forest. Somehow he must have gotten off track.

Adam weighed his options. From a distance he could see a man working in a herd of cattle. He hated asking for help, especially from a random Henrietta stranger, but he saw no other option. If he was lucky, Blue would be near done with her shift at Nino’s and could come get him. As he walked down the hill and to the farm he recited a speech in his head. Hello, Sir, my name is Adam Parrish. I got lost in the woods and I was wondering if I could borrow your phone.

The man didn’t notice him coming over the sound of the cattle. Adam had to clear his throat twice to get his attention. The farmer turned to him, the frown on his face quickly turning contemplative as his eyes scanned over Adam.

 “Hi,” Adam said.

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anierous-sunblade  asked:

Can you draw small kid primarch Roboute studying under his adoptive father?

It is sketch and it is messy, but at least it has cute doggo on it?


the prickly feeling of change bringing rooms of silence

if i write a poem that believes in itself enough to say
“yes i am tired of silence, then suffering”

from a different room i can hear it calling
“i will be okay, probably, i hope”

few thoughts on exo'rdium[dot]

The hotel we’re staying now at has really fast Wifi unlike our past ones so I was finally able to watch TED[dot] fancams properly :) a few thoughts:

✨the new VCR was RLY thoughtful. the snippets of the members in the different eras, the throwback to their old albums / singles, the transitioning from they never know -> angel…they really paint how much these boys have been through and what they’ve achieved appropriately. also, I liked the EXO-CBX references on top of EXO as a whole.

✨I’m personally glad that Sehun didn’t reveal his abs. I hope people aren’t mad at him because he “promised”, I sincerely think that it’s been established many times that he’s not comfortable with it, he’s shy about it and it’s not even in his personality to do it. And I’m glad they also said he’s been eating a lot, please just let this boy eat his favorite food and be happy. Abs or no abs I still love him. I saw a fancam of his Lady Luck solo and I’m really wondering why people bother about his abs so much when there are other things that showcase his many talents :/// but of course this is just my two cents worth.

✨ it was a good decision adding For Life into the set list. I think this was a very appropriate song for their 5th anniversary and even tho it’s technically sung for Christmas, it’s the message they’ve been trying to send across to us as fans all along. And the fact they prepared their own project for the fans?? We’ll walk with you and be together with you too, boys. 💕

✨ the lightstick ocean / mechanics were simply…wow. Even if you aren’t a hardcore stan of EXO you can’t deny that the entire concert was so theatrical and well choreographed. I’ve had mixed feelings about the fandom itself but I’m rly proud to be an EXO-L after seeing this ocean.

I’m definitely going for the encore concert next year via the Global Package to experience it myself. I just love these boys so much and they deserve the world. Thank you for this era boys, I’m really looking forward to the new one 💕💕💕

Girls having fun~


OK CONCERNING THE WHOLE HEADCANON THING IM WRITING THAT PPL KEEP ASKING ME ABT, i was talking to @chompiee abt a ~love confession~ and then @cryptidsp00n abt the aftermath of said confession concerning them kissing

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