so this is the thing i feel gets overlooked about itachi

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No offense but do you believe that Itachi has the right to sacrifice other people lives? And believe it is admirable thing? I like Itachi but for myself I consider this wrong on his part. I don’t stand for everything he does like you do. Sorry I know you mentioned your blog is place where you stated your opinions not for discussion but I need to understand more of your view on Itachi and his arc.

No offense but I have the feeling that every time I’m asked about Itachi my reply isn’t satisfying because it doesn’t follow tumblr “fiction and reality are the same thing” mentality and it doesn’t use the words “wrong”, “problematic”, “unacceptable”, which is never gonna happen.

(under the cut, pro-itachi, anti-antiitachis)

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Hello! 🙈 Can I get a scenario of being Itachi's and Sasuke's little sister and leaving Konoha to help Sasuke get revenge on Itachi? Thank you very much!

I know this isn’t exactly what you asked for, but as I had said before I like to stick close to the plot line of Naruto as possible. Any thing that seems too outrageous to throw off the plot, I have a hard time writing for. But still I hope you enjoy this and thank you for the request. 

The Red Night

What was that sound? You hazily thought as you stirred from your slumber. You didn’t want to get up, but you fought through your drowsiness to figure out what that noise was. It was soft padding of someone’s feet on the hardwood floor. There was a sound of drawers being opened and shut. Then distinctly you heard the sound of a zipper.

You then forced your eyes open to your dark bedroom. There was no sense of danger that you could feel as you groggily got up. You lived alone with your brother and realized the noise was coming from his room. Looking over at the clock you saw it was only 1 in the morning. Squinting your eyes, you wondered why your brother was up so late or up so early.

He never really slept well and neither did you at certain times. You were a light sleeper whereas your brother, Sasuke, avoided sleep due to the nightmares he would face. You wouldn’t be surprised if he was up, but were rather curious with all the small noises.

Coming into his room, there was only a small lantern lit. Sasuke stood by his bed packing his backpack full of items from his drawers. He did not turn when you entered and you were cautious before announcing your presence.

“Brother…?” You softly called to him.

He looked back at you over his shoulder, his eyes dull.

“Go back to bed,” he stated without authority as he continued with his task at hand.

Your face clouded with confusion as you came around to him, seeing his backpack with supplies.

“Where are you going?” You questioned, concerned.

“I’m leaving,” Sasuke mentioned, his tone flat.

“This late?” You remarked baffled, raising your voice. You always got annoyed with his vague statements. “You can’t have a mission this late,” you reasoned, trying to read your brother’s face.

Sasuke simply finished packing and zipped up his bag. He swung it over his shoulders turning from you, ignoring your inquires.

“Hey! Stop! Talk to me. Where are you going?!” You pleaded, as you grabbed his arm.

He shrugged off your arm. He turned off the light in his room as he looked melodramatically into the darkness.

“I’m going to fulfill my dream.”

Immediately you knew what he was talking about. He had been melancholy a lot lately, ever since the chunin exams. Something had been eating at his mind and he had grown quieter towards you. You hadn’t been sure why, but now, you knew this was on his mind. He had plans to kill your oldest brother. Your oldest brother that had betrayed your whole clan. Still you didn’t understand why Sasuke had to leave right now to do it.

“How? Stop giving me the short replies. Tell me straight out,” you requested, firmly.

“I’m going to Orochimaru’s.”

Sasuke didn’t flinch at your tone. He was expressionless. His mind was already decided.

“What? Are you crazy? He’s the guy who cursed you,” you reminded, appalled at his idea.

Sasuke’s eyes narrowed as he took yours in. “He has power that I seek. This curse mark… is really not a curse at all. It has shown me how much stronger I can be. If I want to get stronger, I can’t stay here in the Leaf,” Sasuke stated with resolution.

Looking into your brother’s dark eyes, you knew you couldn’t talk him out of it. However, you would be damned if you let him go to a creep like Orochimaru by himself. You were going to go to. You needed to protect the last remaining part of your family you had left.

“Alright. Give me a moment. I’ll go get my bags.”

You turned to head back to your room when Sasuke caught your arm this time. You looked back at him with confusion and saw the hardness in his eyes.

“No. This is my dream. I need you to stay here,” Sasuke directed with authority.

Your eyes narrowed at him, glaring. You wretched your arm out of his, turning back to face him.

“I’m not letting you go by yourself! You’re all I have left,” you confessed, heatedly.

“That’s exactly why you are staying here,” Sasuke charged.


“I can’t make this anymore clearer. You’re not coming with me,” Sasuke declared, the heat of his own glare not fazing you.

You shook your head fiercely, getting upset. “Don’t do this. We have to stick together.”

“Itachi only wanted me to come back and face him. He had charged me to avenge the clan. That’s why I have to do this alone,” Sasuke expressed, his voice even.

“It’s my clan too! I get a right to avenge them as well!” You argued, hating how your brother was shutting you out.

“He spared your life because you are weak. He saw that you would not amount to the pride of the Uchiha. You don’t even possess the sharingan. You can’t fight him,” Sasuke stated, the hard edge of the truth ripping into you.

“And neither can you!” You countered, the hurt in your voice evident.

You didn’t know why you couldn’t awaken the sharingan and many had speculated that maybe the gene wasn’t passed down to you. It had always hurt you when others brought it up. You had tried many of times to force it, but it never came. Now to hear your brother cast you aside because of it hurt deeper than any blade that had pierced you.

Itachi may have overlooked you because of it when he had decided to slaughter the clan. You had hid and ran from him when he appeared before you covered in blood. You thought he had given up the chase on finding you, but maybe he was never interested in killing you in the first place. You had stayed crouched in your hiding spot until morning came and the whole compound was still.

You soon heard murmurs of others investigating the massacre, but you were too scared to even move. Tear streaks were still evident on your face and your body was shaking when they found you. They tried to console you the best they could. You had learned of your whole clan being killed and you were all but joyous when you saw Sasuke again. You clung to him, realizing you wouldn’t be alone. He was shaken up too, but he was your safety net.

You hadn’t gotten over what Itachi had did to your clan, but you were even more upset to learn how your oldest brother had tortured Sasuke. Sasuke got to see everyone die as oppose to you seeing the lifeless bodies of your parents and running to hide. You were not tortured and only mildly stalked before believing Itachi couldn’t find you. However, you wondered if he ever wanted to find you in the first place.

You had held questions like that back, knowing the topic of the massacre always got Sasuke on edge. Sasuke had a vivid image of your brother. It brought maliciousness out of him and you could feel the dark energy pooling out of him at the thought of Itachi.

Even now, as Sasuke stood glaring down at you, you realized you could sense the same ominous energy exerting from him. You knew you couldn’t take back what you said. Sasuke was no way near ready to face Itachi and that was the sole reason he was leaving.

“I may not be able to fight him yet, but I will be,” Sasuke assured, determined.

He passed you, bumping your shoulder purposefully as he made his way to the door.

It only took you a moment before you rushed to cut off his escape and block the door. However, Sasuke was rather quick and seem to anticipate your move. He gripped your arm, pulling you to him as he hooked his leg behind yours. He made you trip and fall to your back. You landed with a thud, lying on the ground with the wind knocked out of your lungs.

It had all happened so fast that you barely registered the poof, before looking up to see a cloud of smoke in the place Sasuke once was. Your head hit the floor once again in defeat. A single tear left your eye. You knew he was gone and you wouldn’t have been surprised if Sasuke had left a long time ago and this was his way of saying good bye.

Anger and hurt both filled you as your eyes colored red for the first time.

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It's sad the Naruto ending was just about ships and most people only talk about that but forget stuff like the Hyuuga slavery,Orochimaru,Uchiha massacre,Danzo's Root,using child soldiers,Nagato's village and so on.Like there's more to life than ships

A lot of people only focus on their ships instead of the actual plot and themes of a series. I don’t mind shipping, hell, I got a few Naruto ships, and others in other fandoms, but why only care about the romantic subplot? Especially that it’s not a shojo. There is much more interesting things than just this. I honestly find all of the elements you brought up, plus Akatsuki and the Warring States Era and the Founder Era, and basically EVERYTHING besides romance interesting and full of potential. The panels Kishi wasted on wanking Itachi/Naruto and the spin-offs that only focus on the brats just a waste. It could’ve been used to develop the world building. I want to see more of the Shinobi World, the point of view of civilians, how exactly Root function, the Daimyos and Feudal Lords being present and then, in the end, everyone working to change the shinobi system.

I’ll take NH as an example. I used to ship it, believing that with development (both the ship and Hinata), it could work out. I wanted to see Hinata grow and become a strong woman who will become co-leader with Neji and stop the slavery, while supporting Naruto who, with the help of Sasuke and his friends, will change the world. But the other shippers only cared about Naruto fucking Hinata and after the ending, I gave up on it. Shippers usually wear pink goggles and refuse to accept reality. They only care about their stupid OTP becoming canon and don’t give a damn about the plot nor the characters. Of course there is exceptions, but most are like that, as you can see. Another example is Tobirama. When I gave a look to his fanbase (I’m a fan but I refuse to have anything to do with his fanboys and fangirls), instead of heavy analysis of how complex and realistic his character is, I found stupid fur collar jokes, sass (he IS badass and sassy but why focus on just that?), fanboys getting whiny about his haters and generally completly overlook his flaws and even his qualities, only focusing on why the hell he wasn’t married and how innocent he is from all blame. I don’t like when people act like he’s the root f all evil, cause he’s not, he has his faults but he isn’t responsible of everything bad in the shinobi world, but completly whitewashing him? Saying he did nothing wrong? Exaggerating his paranoia over the Uchiha? Completly misunderstanding his personality? Hell, this is an insult to his character and I avoid his fans’ side as much as his haters’ side.

In short, I think people should stop getting so delusional and butthurt over their ships and focus more on the actual story, especially when the series ISN’T a romance. 

{Naruto Fanfic} Leaning Towards the Sun, Chapter Four {SasuNaruSasu}

A/N: Just a reminder that this fic takes place in the mystical world of AusPan, where names etc. are in Japanese, but it’s clearly in the southern hemisphere because it’s Summer in December and Winter in June >_<.

Also, there should be one more chapter after this, and an epilogue. Also also, this chapter killed me and now I’m dead, oh god @_@. 

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Once again, Sasuke was spending hours at a time just wandering around aimlessly, without any actual destination in mind; he just went wherever his legs took him. Here in London, he had no real responsibilities- no studying, no work. It meant a lot of free time, so…he walked.

He got lost a fair bit. It was cold, and rainy. And there were a lot of people around, no matter where he went. He didn’t mind that; those things didn’t bother him. But it occurred to him that he’d come full circle, and despite all the progress he’d made in the past two years, he was back to where he’d started- wandering aimlessly, drifting, floating. He was in limbo, and he didn’t know what to do about it.

Naruto had kissed him. It probably barely counted as a kiss; it had only been a few moments, and it had been so light, so gentle- nothing, really. But it was still a kiss, and Sasuke could still feel that warmth on his cheek. He still remembered, vividly, what he’d felt like, standing there in Naruto’s arms on that day.

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im gonna try to keep this short [failed] as to WHY this is complete and utter bullshit

gonna throw this out there now, i did like the movie for its MESSAGE not the bullshit narusaku assumptions, it did have its crappy moments but nothing’s perfect, moving on

where in road to ninja was there a POSITIVE narusaku moment? go head and try theres nothing positive in narusaku’s favor in this movie, NONE and here’s why

we get off to a bad start anyway, everybody’s got their parents to recommend them to become Jounin’s but Naruto and when Naruto trys to interrupt Sakura from being too hard on her parents she tells him to mind his business, wow so positive, but how is that an argument? dont worry there’s more

fast forward to Sakura’s argument with her parents as she leaves the house she runs into an already depressed Naruto and drags him off on an ‘escape’ date just to avoid her parent’s, hell even Naruto said it himself!

he’s well aware he’s being used as a decoy, yet this counts as positive? get serious but dont worry, there’s more

this by far is my most hated scene of the movie and if you watched it you can already guess what it is, the SWING scene omg that was just AWFUL i admit if SP wanted to paint Sakura in a terrible light they did a GREAT job at it, Naruto is already feeling shitty about his situation and everybody having familys and just look at what she says

are you fucking kidding me!? do i even need to explain why that’s bad for narusaku? just look at him!

Naruto is even getting fed up with it, and how does she respond? she doesnt realize her wrongs in saying that to someone who lost both their parents RIGHT AFTER HE WAS BORN and apologize, no, she ACCUSES him of taking her parents side and has the audacity and stupidity to say this

are you kidding me!!!????? did SP completely forget the manga!? because i cant believe Sakura would be that STUPID! do i even need to tell why this is fucking stupid? at the very early stages of the manga when they all still friggin genin Sakura said similar things about Naruto infront of Sasuke and what did he say?

nuff said…im fucking done with that scene, that was NOT positive in NaruSaku’s favor and im gonna leave it at that

fast forward to the AU world in which Sakura has everything she wanted, she doesnt have her parents to nag and yell at her and tell her how to take off her boots how to do this do that

and Naruto can clearly see that Sakura’s enjoying it and not really trying to get home

while she’s enjoying herself and her freedom how does Naruto feel? he wants to gtfo and go home

but does this change anything? NO, even when he encounters his AU parents hes beyond all furious and hurt because of course he wants his parents back but not as phony’s, and yes Sakura does appear sensitive, but not really, because the only time Sakura got her shit together and wanted to go home was on HER terms when SHE got lonely and missed HER parents for once and got played by Sasuke, yeah i feel the positive in that decision

oh but wait, we have this lovely scene here

ah yes, she rushes to Naruto’s house after realizing she was wrong and that she’s ready to go home but what does she find? now HE’s happy with HIS family in this fake world just like SHE was happy without HER family in this fake world, oh how the tables have turned, if it wasnt obvious, NOW NARUTO DOESNT WANNA LEAVE EITHER

then we get THAT lovely scene, looks happy doesnt it? NO! now Sakura wants to leave and Naruto doesnt even though they dont say it and they part ways, Im sorry but am I the only one who has yet to find anything positive? oh right

he saved her, gee i wonder how many time’s he’s done this in the anime and manga? get serious, no matter what Naruto will ALWAYS save Sakura as well as anyone else who needs it, but yes, this counts as positive but NOT in a romantic way, after all Itachi saved her too

but in the end everything goes back to normal and Sakura reconciles with her parents and apologize, Naruto smiles happy for her and brings up the date again but Sakura responds that she just BEEN on a really long date with him, AGAIN back to the negative, how the fuck was that a date? and just because it was comic relief does NOT make it positive in their favor sorry, and even though Sakura learned a lesson for her own situation and to appreciate her parents more, what about her lesson towards Naruto? did he get an apology? was she there for him after this? did she even give a pep talk? NO

know who was there for him and apologized?

Iruka muther fucking Sensei, he understood Naruto, he was there for Naruto, he APOLOGIZED to him for being hard on him before, he COMFORTED him by being there when he got home saying happy birthday and the words Naruto’s always wanted to hear when he came home 'welcome back, Naruto’

Im sorry but THATS what Naruto needed and Sakura gave NONE OF THAT during this movie!!! and dont get me wrong this isnt anti Sakura after all this is a movie and it ISNT canon and everything of Sakura officially as a character is 100% in the manga so i DO like Sakura and this isnt to bash her in any way

but i hate when people whether their pro narusaku or anti narusaku or whatever call this an narusaku movie because it WASNT, this movie had a much deeper meaning and message thats often overlooked, and that was the value of parents, to appreciate your parents because no matter what they will ALWAYS be there for you and when their gone its a pain you cannot imagine untill you’ve lost them and once you have you will always miss them

but it doesnt have to mean your alone, because even though Naruto thought he was alone and had no one, who was there for him? Iruka, but nothing can ever take the place of your parents, even so there are STILL special people out there who have a place in your heart and can lift you up when your feeling down

NaruSaku as a pairing was NOT pushed in this movie nor glorified in any way, SP did not promote NaruSaku they DESTROYED it, the message was family NOT narusaku

and for those of you who say this destroyed SasuSaku too, two words for you

chapter 700


This is gonna be long.

I’m on the mobile app, so I can’t not see this foolery when visiting the NH tag as there is no block function, so I’m saying something, because it needs to be said.

“I, personally, am sure that NaruSaku is going to happen because of the volume of development they share together.”

Right from the jump you’re using hyperbole and mistaking “screen time within each other’s vicinity” as development

Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure NaruHina is going to happen because of this volume of actual, intimate, mutual development they share together:

External image

More on that later.

“And not only that but all the things they go through together bring them so close, it creates this intimacy between them that no any other couple in this manga has.”

You are horrendously wrong with this statement. Naruto and Sakura have NO INTIMACY. They’re close friends, yes, but the “things they go through together” amounts to one single issue that in itself is detrimental to the idea you’re trying to push here: the absence of Sasuke. It is detrimental because while they tended to make bold declarations of “bringing him back together next time” every now and then, there are no scenes outside of Sakura first revealing her fears of Sasuke leaving [the non-romantic date yall hilariously try to use as evidence] and Naruto being happy because he feels they are getting closer to Sasuke [the context yall will forever overlook when fapping over the feeding scene] where they actually seek each other out and bond over their shared desire to have him back with them. And on top of that, their reasons for wanting him back destroy you. Sakura’s desire is fueled by her romantic love for Sasuke, and Naruto, of course, with his friendship. You claim that no other couple has the intimacy Naruto and Sakura share, and in a manner of speaking you’re correct, because Sasuke & Sakura and Naruto & Hinata have far MORE intimacy than NaruSaku could ever hope to have. Its Sakura to whom Sasuke opened up about the night of the massacre, its to her that he expresses his need to test himself. Its for her that he tears the Sound 3 to pieces, and stops his rampage with her contact. He deems her precious enough at the point of the Gaara fight to risk sacrificing his life and ambition if it meant her safety. For all you claim of NaruSaku’s “intimacy”, Naruto was largely oblivious to BOTH his teammates’ situations throughout the exam. And he was still oblivious to Sakura’s desire to prove herself all the way up to chapter 632, while Sasuke picked up on it all the way back before they stepped through the exam doors. Sakura is a bit more attentive, but most of her “intimate” knowledge of Naruto is either stumbled across while researching the Uchiha Massacre for Sasuke’s sake or by virtue if being a member of Team 7, and all of it is public knowledge as of Hinata’s return in the Hunt for Itachi Arc. And speaking of lil Miss Hyuuga, its with her that Naruto is able to show his insecurities and doubts, and she has enough of an intimate understanding and empathy to be able to uplift his spirits when the time calls for it. Its Hinata whom Naruto squeezes hands with and smiles softly toward while thanking her for having been by his side for all this time.

“They bond over so many things in common, be it a catalyst from other people or they, themselves being their own catalyst to each other that I can’t stress enough.”

More hyperbole. They don’t actually bond over much at all actually. I get where you make the assumption, off of instances showing that Sakura actually gets a kick out of pranks or that she’s as much of a pervert as Naruto and Konohamaru, but you’re making the mistake of assuming they actually make a connection over such moments when they themselves never make such.

“Sakura and Sasuke and neither Naruto and Hinata go through what Naruto and Sakura go together.”

You’re right, they actually kept moments focused on each other rather than a third party.

“Sasuke has always kept Sakura out of his business.”

Correction: Sasuke has always TRIED to keep Sakura out of his business, but constantly ended up telling her his thoughts and plans and intentions anyway, using language making it pretty clear she has become someone significant to him despite what he would prefer in his quest for vengeance. Both Naruto and Sakura broke through his barriers in their own ways. Naruto fed his desire to test himself and desire for friendship and brotherhood he felt he needed to cast away in order to achieve his ambition, Sakura fed his need for an open ear he’d denied himself since his mother was killed.

“The only character he has remotely felt close enough to share important things about his quest or personal feelings towards a certain situation is Karin.”

Read closely, I’m about to explain why this is a truckload of bullshit you pulled out of your ass.

“Karin was there when she led him to the path towards the fight with his own brother, Karin was witness to his tears along with Taka when he found out about his beloved brother, Karin has that exclusivity in Sasuke’s life which Sasuke never allowed Sakura to have. At most, Naruto, but Sakura… never. That was Karin. She is the only one who Sasuke, in his own twisted way, considered opening his heart to.”
Note nowhere in your statement is it made that Sasuke opens up to Karin directly about ANYTHING. In all you reference, she simply happens to be present while he’s doing whatever it is. Karin leading him to Itachi is a consequence of her sensor ability alone, she was nothing more than a tool, a means to and end, as was Suigetsu and Juugo. Sasuke did not treat Karin any particular way, especially nowhere near the intimacy he did Sakura in part 1. Karin witnessing his tears is irrelevant because it didn’t do anything for their bond. Even the fight versus Bee needed to link to Team 7 as a general “comrades protect each other” theme rather than anything “intimate” between Karin and Sasuke. Again, Sasuke did not want to open up to Sakura, but found himself doing so anyway. With Taka, he tells them his intentions as a leader to his subordinates, they follow suit and that’s it. He has never opened his heart up to Karin, I dunno where you get this from. I think you’re making his gratitude during the Bee fight and apology upon his decision to join the alliance into something it clearly isn’t.

“On the other hand, you have Naruto and Hinata. Yes, Hinata supported him in silence from her very younger days. But she didn’t went there to tell Naruto that, she didn’t scream her lungs out to show her admiration and support, the admiration and support that Naruto needed in order to get close/closer to.”
Hinata supporting him from their younger days, and her making him aware of that isn’t the significance of their bonding nor is it a detriment that “she didn’t went there to tell him that” or “scream her lungs out to show her admiration and support”. This just shows how horrendous and bias your reading comprehension is. For one, 615 renders any argument over Hinata not voicing her support for Naruto from long ago null and void because Naruto himself acknowledges she’s been there for him since day 1 with a fond smile and a hand squeeze. Secondly, Hinata was able to show him her support without screaming her lungs out: by offering her answers in the written exam, by offering him medicine after his defeat of her teammate, adopting his nindo and giving her all with his inspiration [note the eye contact and smile before Naruto remarks on how amazing she is, after which Lee remarks on how similar she is to him (which is hilarious in that Lee could have put himself in the group right along with them but compares her only to Naruto) and SAKURA remarks on how she was always looking at him, which falls right in line with his introduction of her to reader, curious as to why she always looks away WHEN HE LOOKS AT HER], and most of all restoring his confidence with words such as “When I look at you, I get an intense feeling in my heart…as if I could do anything….that’s how I begin to feel…” Shit, NH kills you by Hinata’s dialogue with him alone. But yea, Naruto acknowledges Hinata for having always been by his side in his most intimate moment yet, a moment so significant its placed on a VOLUME COVER, more on the insanity of the arguments against that later.

“This is why people like me are certain of Naruto and Sakura becoming the main couple. Because they share a certain type of intimacy that no other characters share among themselves, besides, maybe NaruSaSu.”

If you mean a generic friendship plagued by hyperbole by virtue of them being main characters, then maybe. But couple? Sakura vehemently disagrees and Naruto will think you’re joking.

“Naruto is this closed individual who while looks for recognition, he doesn’t go his real way, he isn’t that verbal about it, although he made all those pranks. Those are little kid mentality. But the Naruto we all knew is/was more closed.”

Seems you’re heading down the typical road of trying defend Naruto’s lack of actual effort in pursuing Sakura. Sorry not sorry, but its doomed to fail.

“He didn’t want anyone’s rage nor pity in regards to his status as a jinchuuriki. For example, solely this should give you the reason to understand why NaruSaku has the biggest probability to happen.”

I don’t see how this is the case when the grand moment where he reveals to Sakura he’s a jinchuriki, not only is his delivery matter-of-factly and devoid of any ceremony as would be expected of a significance revelation between a man and his future bride in a fictional work [as was, well, Hinata’s confession], but Sakura already knew about it by extension of research done for Sasuke’s sake, and when its revealed the circumstances of his extraction she reacts with the exact pity he did not desire and promptly rejected. And as said previously, the circumstance of his jinchuriki status and Akatsuki’s threat is common knowledge upon the Hunt for Itachi Arc, and hilariously enough it is Hinata placed with Naruto specifically for his protection which in hindsight foreshadows her actions the very next arc. Meanwhile, Sakura is placed solo and meant as a tease for the cliffhanger of whether she’s found Sasuke before Deidara and Kabuto reveal themselves. Naruto and Sakura don’t interact significantly that entire arc, or the Immortals’ before it for that matter.

“Because if this intimacy they have together. Naruto didn’t feel at ease neither receiving nor giving too much affection, so when he was put in one of those situations, he decided to shut it off.Cut evil from its roots.”
What the shit? His unease doesn’t come from this mystical intimacy you claim they have, it comes from his childhood of being by himself, by consequence he’s by default somewhat of a loner, you see proof in chapters 350 and prologue to Road to Ninja that despite desiring bonds and being good friends with his fellow rookies, he has a habit of staying to himself, not actively seeking out company. This causes awkward moments such as his parting with Gaara after that rescue arc, and alot of his social ineptness in general despite being so damn friendly. Sakura wasn’t offering affection, she pitied him because he was burdened with a terrible “curse” that could only be lifted through death. But when that threat finally landed on his doorstep it was Hinata who stepped in to do whatever in her power to prevent his existence from being extinguished, setting off a chain of events that turned that curse into a blessing, all in a sequence that this “intimacy” you claim exists had nothing to do with.

“Naruto never really was opened to talk to someone about his status as a Jinchuuriki and for him to talk about that stigma, it hurt and at the same time, didn’t wanna burden anyone with it. But the fact that he shared this secret with Sakura, via the whole Chiyo talk [Rescue Gaara Arc], speaks volumes.”

This would be the case if it was treated as this great significant revelation or meant Sakura would have some kind of role in his protection but instead that duty fell to someone else.

“He didn’t felt comfortable with talking about it, but he felt comfortable enough to let Sakura know what’s happening to him, because she’s one of those precious people you want to have all those things cleared.
So he shared his pain with her. It’s an intimate level that one has to undergo through many phases and processes to open Naruto like that.”

He mentions his jinchuriki status because they were facing the threat of Akatsuki, and yea, as his teammate she needed to be aware of what she was getting into, but this isn’t indicative of any significant “intimacy”, especially not on the level of Naruto breaking down his insecurities to Hinata before facing Neji. It could have been considered “intimate” if it led to Sakura playing a significant role in the threat of Akatsuki to Naruto, but again, his defense fell to another girl.

“And the only one who was able to do so, besides Sasuke, as I said, was Sakura, not Hinata, not anyone.”

Again, his jin status is common knowledge as of the Hunt for Itachi. And Hinata has taken the role of Naruto’s protector in that regard, not Sakura.

“Probably this is why he didn’t accept Sakura’s confession besides his own complexes and walls he keeps high.”

He didn’t accept it because it was a flat out horrendous lie. You can’t even try to sit here and infer there was anything deeper to it on his end than what it was.

“Because he wants to know the truth, wants to know how Sakura first feels before actually considering having a great time/relationship with her.”

He does know how she feels. He said it how many times in response to Sai’s explanation of her motives.

“This is why he reacted to the confession that way. Because they have gotten to a level of intimacy that he can’t lie to her, but neither she can.”

Oh she damn sure can and he is hardly eager to share his inner frustrations with her, except where Sasuke is concerned.

“It has to be all about honesty, support, confidence. And they have it all through the experiences they have undergone.”
In all honesty, they’ve hardly actually experienced anything “together”, at least not over Sasuke & Sakura and Naruto & Hinata on this intimate level you speak of. I mean I get how you’d jump to the conclusion that this is the case due to them being close friends and teammates and thus around each other so much, but actual canon context disagrees with your assessment.

Honesty, Support, Confidence? Sounds a hell of a lot more like NaruHina to me.

“Yes, sometimes they don’t have all of that, but this is what it makes them real and a relatable couple, as well as, most probable couple to become cannon.”

Being real and relatable has everything to do with personal preference and nothing to do with canon probability.

“Because in order to be together with someone, you need to build a certain intimacy between you two, something that connects you deeper than any other aspect of your life with your other friends and family and acquitances.”
Too bad their “something” is the temporary issue of the loss of Sasuke. Wanna know SasuSaku’s “something”? Sakura’s desire for Sasuke to embrace a future of happiness with Team 7, and hopefully with her intimately. NaruHina’s “something” is much the same, of them helping eachother down their respective paths that are all too similar to begin with, and Hinata’s desire for “forever” coupled with Naruto’s general desire for love and affection. SS and NH have something pushing them together, NS does not.

“And Naruto and Sakura have that.”

Didn’t I just say they don’t?

“This is why they can be considered canon material.”

“Because when life will be over and they’re gonna be old, they can remember together how it felt for him to be a Jinchuuriki, because it was something he had felt intimate enough with Sakura to share. Not with Hinata, nor Ino, nor TenTen. Sakura.”
I’m pretty sure that offhanded revelation is gonna be reeeeaallly low in the list of Naruto’s most significant memories of being a jinchuriki, whereas his bonds with fellow Jinchuriki, training with Jiraiya, battles with Pain, Obito and Madara, Hinata’s confession and sacrifice [which actually manages to be referenced multiple times and thus can be labeled significant] and meeting both his parents and bonding with Kurama himself will take top spots.

“And she could understand him, she could understand what it meant to be a human and want to be a human and only seen for a beast. Because she has been herself there too. Under different circumstances but he knows how it feels as well.
She only wanted to be seen as a girl like any other girl, not a forehead everyone makes fun of. Because she’s a human also and she gets hurt because of their bullying and critical thinking and usage as a mean for their own entertaining.”

Sakura understands Naruto because she understands, on a maybe, indeed, smaller scale, what it means to be seen like something, a piece of something you can have a use for, not for the human you are, for the human that has feelings and for the human which feeling’s can get hurt and suffers if you shun them down or bicker them.”
I don’t think you realize you just trued to bring up Sakura’s forehead insecurity in attempt to support the idea of Naruto and Sakura having a level of “intimacy” that Naruto and Hinata do not, when Naruto and Sakura never bond over her forehead, its entirely insignificant to their bond, its Ino that helped her overcome her insecurity with it forging their friendship and when it comes to relating to Naruto’s pain from being a jinchuriki the only ones who remotely understand are Gaara, the other jinchuriki, Sasuke, Iruka to an extent, and Hinata herself. In fact, its the suffering as a result of being a jinchuriki that is the source of Naruto and Hinata’s intimacy and growth of such to begin with.

"She understands, he understands. They have gotten at that level of intimacy in this manga, that I couldn’t stress enough and this is why I will never be capable of seeing other pairing other than NaruSaku become cannon in terms of literal romance subplot of the manga.”

You and those who agree with you are truly in their own little world. Its almost depressing. Almost.

“ Maybe SasuKarin as well,”

Ok where’s Seto with his side ship crusade

“since Karin is the one who can literally understand the loss, the great loss Sasuke feels inside and the great cry that lies within his heart.”

Karin actually doesn’t have any better a clue than Sakura, as she wasn’t present for either revelations of Itachi’s truth. At least in Sakura’s case she’s actually concerned with Sasuke’s motives, Karin can’t seem to make up her mind whether she wants vengeance for him almost killing her or to rape him where he stands. Actually, I can’t even bother to remember if she’s there on the battlefield or not she’s been that insignificant.

”Because Karin has experienced the same loss and cry within herself, like Sasuke has, that’s why she can understand him”
Ok now you’re just making stuff up. Karin has never expressed any such empathy with Sasuke.

“and that’s why, probably, Sasuke considers her “the strongest kunoichi” and “his favorite”.
Oh so now cover text matters eh? Just FYI, you’ve got it all the way twisted, the side text isn’t even from Sasuke’s POV, and its an observer making the assumption that she’s one of the strongest simply because she’s a member if Taka, but in manga you see where her actual talents lie. And there is never and statement of her being his “favorite” but “one of his chosen”, as in a member of Taka, and again, she was only present for her sensor and healing abilities, nothing at all sentimental.

Now to tie it up by discussing the ridiculous arguments against the significance of the Volume 64 cover.

External image

The “its just a chakra transfer” argument has been demolished to hell and back so I won’t get into that.

“NaruSaku has had plenty of covers before!”

No they haven’t. Naruto and Sakura have appeared on covers together sure, but they are not “NaruSaku” covers. They are all simply Naruto, the hero, and Sakura, the heroine, in generic poses and may or may nit have some semblance of a reference to whats contained in the volume. They are not interacting on these covers, like Naruto and Hinata clearly are here in a direct reference to a memorable moment within the volume, with the eye contact and making sure their clasped hands are seen above the under layer of the series logo.

Show any non fan any “NaruSaku” cover next to volume 64 and ask them who the guy in the orange’s girlfriend is. I’ll wait.

“Don’t forget Neji! DON’T FORGET NEJI!”

On the contrary, Neji’s presence on the cover does absolutely nothing to take away from the fact that Naruto and Hinata are on the foreground, interacting directly in an intimate manner that’s heavily implicative of their bond on its own reaching a significant point, that being Naruto acknowledging Hinata as having been by his side all this time and Hinata making good on her vow to be by his side holding his hand in 573. Even inside the chapter, what you overlook in your desperate attempt to cast a shadow over what’s obviously a significant moment in Kishi’s Hesitant, Up and Down Love Story us that before he takes her hand, thanking her for always being by his side, he’s looking her in the eye as he remembers the very words Neji says in his dying breath: “Hinata-sama is willing to die for you.” I don’t need to tell you this is in reference to her confession and sacrifice versus Pain. She just made a rousing speech about honoring her cousin’s sacrifice and not falling to despair and making his death be in vain, once again coming to his aid, and you cling to his death as a shadow over their bond when its meant to be a shining light. No, Neji did not “die for NaruHina”, but his passing for damn sure isn’t a blight on their relationship, it brought them even closer, and if you really want to claim that to be unromantic yet turn around and insist Naruto and Sakura’s wangst over missing Sasuke makes them “most probable after ignoring ALL the context, you’re a damn hypocrite.

Told you it was long. And I’m much too tired to debate it further but anyone feeling froggy WILL get no mercy.

anonymous asked:

How do you think Sasuke's story would have gone if he were never told the truth about Itachi?

Sasuke didn’t even imagine his life after Itachi’s death. Everything he lived for, everything he trained for, everything he planned, ended with his revenge, with Itachi’s death. There was nothing beyond that.

In the anime (ep478) he’s shown on the ground, beside Itachi’s dead body, falling into unconsciousness and saying: “Niisan, I’ll be seeing you soon”. I always headcanoned that he would have wanted to die after Itachi, and that scene validates it. If someone objects that it’s something added by SP, let me remind that (cap309, or ep52 or 53) when Naruto yelled at Sasuke that Orochimaru wanted to use his body as a vessel (thus implying the death of his identity, his consciousness, at the very least) Sasuke clearly replies: “If I can obtain the power to defeat Itachi by giving myself over to Orochimaru I would gladly give him my life many times over”.

(long post ahead)

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So I have a pretty huge problem with how the Uchiha massacre was handled in Naruto. The narrative didn’t give it the importance and significance it deserved, and all it is right now is a convenient plot device and yet another chapter in the epic Shakespearean tragedy that is Sasuke’s life. And that’s not okay. 

So… let’s look at this objectively. You have a clan that’s widely regarded as the village’s most prestigious, especially with the Sharingan, and somehow also systematically and actively oppressed by the village. We can write this off as the Uchiha clan being so strongly feared because of how prestigious it is, but that doesn’t explain why the entire clan had to be segregated from the rest of the village.

You even have a Hokage who actually encouraged in this oppression. Now I happen to love Tobirama as a character, but this is a flaw I can’t overlook. Yes, he had every right to be as cynical as he was, since the Uchiha were directly responsible for some of the hardship he had to face, but that still doesn’t excuse his blatant discrimination toward them.

In the same vein, no one would have accepted Madara as Hokage, and Madara’s actions arguably influenced a lot of Tobirama’s. Because of Madara’s actions – one person’s actions – the entire clan had to be persecuted. And Tobirama’s justification was something along the lines of: “Not all Uchiha are like that!” I don’t think I need to tell you how problematic that is.

So is it really any wonder that the Uchiha clan decided to rebel? We were never given much insight into the coup d'etat they were planning, but Itachi seemed fairly convinced that it would have been extremely bloody and violent. Keep in mind that Itachi is not that reliable a narrator himself. We have no way of knowing whether the coup d'etat really would have been as bloody and violent as Itachi thought it would be, because the entire clan was massacred before any coup d'etat could realistically happen.

Now this is the genocide of an entire clan. This is huge… and the village just swept it under the rug. The only evidence I can think of to support this is Sakura’s role in the first few chapters of the manga. She blabbed to Sasuke how Naruto was as annoying as she thought he was because he didn’t have parents, and Sasuke rightfully called her out on her bullshit. But the thing is, as bad as she was back then, Sakura wouldn’t have been so ignorant as to forget such a crucial detail of Sasuke’s past – unless she didn’t know about it to begin with. This implies that the village saw the massacre as something so insignificant that it couldn’t be bothered to even remember it.

Fast forward a little bit to when Itachi came back after the invasion. Sure, everyone went out of their way to ensure that Sasuke didn’t learn of Itachi’s return, but after failing in that regard, no one bothered to stop Sasuke, to keep him from the utter failure he faced at Itachi’s hands. And even after that, no one bothered to help him when he was surely traumatized from the effects of Tsukuyomi and depressed about losing to Itachi yet again. Can you imagine how awful Sasuke must have felt to think someone like Orochimaru was the only one who’d support him in his goals?

That’s not even getting into the serious victim blaming that was going on. When Sasuke was losing it emotionally, all anyone ever said was something along the lines of: “You’re being unreasonable. You have no right to be this angry. Stop it.” Naruto and Sakura are excused because they were twelve and didn’t know any better – but Kakashi and Jiraiya are a different story entirely.

And even after the first botched retrieval mission, the village didn’t bother trying to bring Sasuke back again, unless it was on Naruto and Sakura’s insistence. I should point out that I’m not counting anime fillers in this. It would have been so easy to write Sasuke’s decision to defect – made hastily under less than ideal conditions, I might add – as a kidnapping attempt on Orochimaru’s part. And for three years, in the gap between Part 1 and Part 2, no other serious attempt was made to bring Sasuke back.

Fast forward some more to Naruto and Kakashi discovering the truth behind the Uchiha massacre. They should have immediately done some research to see if there was any credibility to Tobi’s claims. They should have taken action against the elders who propagated the massacre. For all the bullshit they spout about teamwork, they refused to lift a finger to help Sasuke during what they both acknowledged was a dark and difficult time for him.

And the icing on the cake? They couldn’t be bothered to tell Sakura, Sasuke’s other teammate, about any of this. And realistically, Sakura would have been able to actually do something with this knowledge, given her implied experience with all the red tape that comes with leading a village. I get that there was the threat of war looming above everyone’s heads, but with how much importance they placed on Sasuke before, whatever happened to “those who don’t help their friends are worse than trash”?

I urge you to examine the character Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter. Kurapika and Sasuke share very similar backstories, right down to the massacre of their respective clans and the occasionally bright red eyes, but Kurapika’s was handled with a lot more delicacy and tact than Sasuke’s ever was.

Hi, I overanalyze Nardo when I’m bored.

Thoughts and Conclusion on Arima Kishou and his character.

My thoughts on Arima Kishou.

(After re-reading Tokyo ghoul and looking at an internet fourm of people who were completely off about Arima calling him a killer that cares for no one but himself, and his glory).

Around the fandom, I’ve seen names such as “sadistic and massive”, “heartless”, “emotionless” and a lot of other things used for him. I think the generally idea about Arima is that he’s cold, cares solely for perfection, and has no real feelings, or emotion for anyone but himself. Maybe that’s understandable, given how he acts on the field, when facing ghouls.

This is probably the reason I’ve unfollowed a lot of people that are over obsessed with Arima. People portray him as so shallow that if, you didn’t read the manga, you’d think he was an emotionless, sadistic and massive reaper shinigami.

Again, I’m not going to doubt that Arima is heartless and unstoppable on the field, when faced against ghouls. But he’s not mysterious, heartless and uncaring like people portray him. He does care, he has a human side and human emotions.

During Tokyo Ghoul Jack, when Fura is put in danger, Arima is distracted because he’s worried which results in an injury. Also, around chapter 40 during the Aoigiri raid, Marude calls him to “brag”, about the mission and Arima is just concerned with everyone’s well being. Hm…and yes, remember the time Amon forced everyone to bow to him? He kindly instructed the group not to bow to him. He may not be 100% a people person, but he’s not the smug, quiet mysterious man that holds himself above everyone else. He’s not the Sasuke Uchiha or Levi (well maybe, but he’s doesn’t carry that complex), of Tokyo Ghoul. If I could compare him to anyone, it would be Itachi Uchiha. There are numerous similarities between the two, but I just don’t want to get into that.

Another thing about Arima is, if you look between the lines or contexts or whatever, it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t like all that glory that people shower his way. I wonder if he ever yearns for life as a normal an, not with the title “shinigami” hanging over him. In extension, I don’t think he actually likes being an investigator.

For his whole life, he’s been trained and crafted into this killing machine. I’m pretty sure the CCG has tries to wipe his emotions and makes him a blank slate, but he’s just so darn sweet and kind. And he looks like a harmless marshmellow. He’s probably never lived his own life, people have told him what to do from day one. I imagine how painful it must’ve been to go to Taishi’s school and observe how “norma;” students act. Even Taishi wanted him to be normal and live a normal life.


I don’t think he likes working for the CCG. If he had it his way, he’d probably be a librarian, or a book store keeper or something that involved doing what he loves. His face, shows it all. He’s dull, uninterested…the only things he can talk about other than ghouls are books. He’s just so shallow it’s sad.

And people hate him because he killed Kaneki. Well, obviously he didn’t kill Kaneki and that’s the thing. He may’ve terribly injured him mainly because that’s what the CCG made him out to be, a killing machine. But he saved Kaneki, he could’ve used his Kagune as a weapon but he decided to save him. And he does feel guilty for what he’s done. When Haise mentions that Arima’s like his dad, you can see the guilt in his eyes.

To conclude, Arima isn’t some “sadistic, massive, shinigami, emotionless, mysterious monster”. He’s the, read multiple books, drink coffee, kind, somewhat funny, guy. I hate that the CCG and the fanbase only focuses on the violent tendencies he has. He has so many qualities that are overlooked because of crazy fangirls that are on him more than Amon Koutoru ever was. I wish people could see the real Arima verses this completely inaccurate figure they’ve erected. 

And plus, the only time he smiles is when he’s around those he’s comfortable with. Those are some of the few times we’re allowed to see who he really is, not the person fans have made him out to be! SO remember, Arima Kishou has human traits and a good personality, he’s not cold an emoitionless!

The Future Hokage And Her Knight -- A quick prompt
  • SO I love these headcanons going around about Sarada being the next and the FIRST Uchiha hokage of Konoha. I think it's such a brilliant idea and a part of me thinks that Uncle Kishimoto might just be setting the stage for exactly that to happen!
  • I mean think about it... You are introduced to Sasuke's philosophy behind wanting to become hokage. You are also introduced to Sasuke's belief that Itachi would have made the perfect hokage. Not only that, we're told that no Uchiha as of this day ever sat on the hokage throne. Then suddenly in chapter 700, we see Boruto who hates hokages and wants nothing to do with them, yet Sarada is seen from the top high-rise of some sort judging him and overlooking the hokage heads. She hates the fact that Boruto can disrespect them so openly, which makes me think that she'll probably carry on Sasuke's legacy/philosophy and basically everything that sorta got put on the sidelines 'cause Naruto was supposed to become the hokage at the end (which is what we all wanted but please, let's not forget about Sasuke).
  • So with all that in mind, I decided to put together a little dialogue between Sarada and Boruto of how they want to follow their own individual dreams. I might end up doing a one-shot of this with better wording, but this is just a quick interaction between them. If Kishimoto ends up making her hokage, I would be so happy because Sasuke's final resolution would be complete! He'll be so proud of her I'm sure ;)
  • Hope you enjoy!
  • ------
  • Noon. Boruto and Sarada sit on the high-rise overlooking the seven carved hokage heads in Konoha village.
  • Boruto: I think you'll make a good hokage-ttebasa.
  • Sarada: *Surprised* What? *Turns skeptical* Why do you say that?
  • Boruto: Because you're smart. You're always impressing Aburame-sensei with the new jutsus you learn. And most of all, people seem to admire you. Tou-san said that that's what makes a great have people like you.
  • Sarada: *Sighs* I don't know what you're talking about. (Pause) I'm an Uchiha...nobody likes me.
  • Boruto: *Pouts in frustration* Well I like you-ttebasa! (Pause) And I'm the current hokage's son and I know when I see a future hokage.
  • Sarada: *Raises a brow* What about you? Aren't you expected to follow your father's footsteps?
  • Boruto: *Snorts* Nahhh. That's not my thing at all. *Taps his finger against his chin in thought* I'd rather be a captain of the Anbu Black Ops instead. A protector of Konoha and its high ruler. Kind of like Kakashi-jiichan . (Pause) No, maybe like your late uncle. What was his name? Oh yeah...Uchiha Itachi-san!
  • Sarada: *Snickers* You'd make a goofy captain.
  • Boruto: *Flares in anger* What??
  • Sarada: I mean that the Anbu are supposed to be silent, inconspicuous, and virtually invisible. You're too loud and boisterous... *Stares at his bright blonde hair* And not invisible at all.
  • Boruto: You know what?? I can be if I want to dattebasa! If I believe it, I can do it! That's what tou-san says all the time!
  • Sarada: *Shakes her head* Believing doesn't solve everything, you know. If you want to be an Anbu, you'll first have to learn extreme self-discipline and control, along with keeping a cool and collected mind...two things that you lack entirely.
  • Boruto: *Frowns dully at her* Ya know, I take back what I said about you becoming hokage. You'd be the meanest one alive.
  • Sarada: *Smirks* Hey, I only call out how it is. (Pause) But I think...I think if you really work at it...If you really are serious of following your dream and doing everything you can to become the captain of the Anbu, then I don't see why you can't be a really good one.
  • Boruto: *Blinks rapidly* Are you serious-ttebasa?
  • Sarada: Mhm. *Frowns* But first you'll have to learn to shut up and quit it with your stupid antics.
  • Boruto: Ha! *Folds arms* The fact that I can get away with my antics shows that I have stealth and speed, so I'm set to become one of the Anbu already. Well...kinda, sorta.
  • Sarada: *Chuckles* Well in that case...I suppose I'll feel better becoming the next hokage. Even if I'm an Uchiha.
  • Boruto: Tou-san said there never has been an Uchiha up there right? Well I suppose this is your chance to make history.
  • Sarada: It's more than that. *Sighs* I want to...continue papa's ideals and teachings. The things he once wished to change for the betterment of this village...I want to make it happen for him. For him, for mama, and for the people. You know my late uncle, his brother, thought the same way. But since I'm here now, I'll do my best to carry on their legacy and do what's good for Konoha and the Shinobi world.
  • Boruto: *Grins* Me too-ttebasa! I'll do my best to protect this village and destroy all enemies that disturb the peace! *Throws a thumbs up* And you can bet I'll be protecting Sarada-chan, the new hachidaime too!
  • Sarada: *Blushes* Fine. I'll guess we'll have to work hard then. Because I won't give up no matter what. *Stares out to the carved faces of the Hokages* I will be hokage someday. Shannarroooo, I so will!
  • Boruto: Yeahhhhh!
  • ----

#So this is the thing I feel gets overlooked about Itachi#he killed everyone#Adults and children alike#It was a whole clan he wiped out#All for the sake of Sasuke#This is why I don’t sympathize with him as a character#He killed men fighting back and babies that night#Mothers with their children behind them#It makes it hard for me to accept Danzo or the Third as anything other than very weak men#And makes it hard for me to interact with Itachi Muses#He could have exposed the whole plan#He could have killed Danzo there were so many other options and he chose to that#Mun and Muse are hard pressed to sympathize with him