so this is the results lmao

i can’t stop fucking thinking about my english prof talking about the queer historical significance of the word “sweet” as a deliberate indicator of homosexual love and how that relates to both edward ii and gaveston, as well as hamlet and horatio. so, because shakespeare was likely totally knowledgeable about codes that queer men were using (cos like duh obvs), the inclusion of “sweet prince” at the end of hamlet is in all likelihood a completely deliberate indication that hamlet and horatio were in love

i’m???? so gay for literature and history lmao

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I love the way you draw Ishimaru so much! Can you please draw him with Mondo?


ya here you go man 👌👌👌 sorry for taking a bit to getting around to this (btw thank you!! love drawing the hall monitor)

Looking for a sugar daddy who pays me in orbs

Another Transparent Team Urameshi + Puu Edit 

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>>The Marks We Make<< Chapter 6 update!!

wow okay so idk how, but @wittyy-name lost her mind and wrote an even longer chapter than usual lmaO, idk how the fuck she does tha t buT..
8′))) things happen

This one was rather tricky to work with and thus its not as smooth as i’d like it to be, but in the end i rather like the result

Dreamworks let them fight or something PLEASE 

(original poem)

beary scary 


The needle turns in our compass heart…

                   Do you ever get the feeling it’s pointing to the start of something so much bigger, so much better than us?


here ya go anon, have a park doodle i threw colour on. 

i saw the trailer this morning, and there was a shot of marinette looking at ice cream…in the bg, was nino. and like maybe an inch of alya’s hip so it looked like she might be standing close to nino. soooo….i drew this as a result of you both lmao. 


The Many Faces of Draco Malfoy: which one is YOUR favorite?