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5 Things I’ve I’ve Learned While Writing My First Manuscript

Hello and welcome to my first blog post! I’m Laura – an aspiring writer, as you may have guessed by the title of this post – and I, like many others, have made a lot of horrible mistakes and revelations with my first manuscript. While I’m only halfway through my first draft, being the masochistic, self-embarrassing person that I am, I thought I’d share what those lessons were.

1.      The first line is hard.

It’s even harder when you put all this pressure on it that you really don’t need. It’s just a collection of words, just like the rest of the novel.

Don’t fret.

2.     Don’t go back and edit.

There were so many times when I finished a chapter or a scene and then realized: Shit. That’s not how I mapped that character. Or, oh my god, I just missed out a HUGELY important part of that character’s backstory.

What I’ve learned is that it’s the hardest but the best thing you can do for your novel to just. Keep. Pushing. Through.

You’ve got to grit your teeth and remember that this is what second drafts are for, because if you go back and rewrite something every time you notice a mistake, you’ll never finish the stupid thing.

3.     Outlines can be really fun. Or they can be torture.

This lesson is kind of unavoidable as a newbie writer. If you’ve never outlined your book before, you won’t know what sort of outline you like. So you could get 20,000 words into the story (like me), realize you screwed up your outline because you did it on Word instead of post-it notes, and lose your damn mind.

“Why is everything so disorganized!?” You scream, before slamming your head against the keyboard for the millionth time.

Take a deep breath. Stop writing. Redo your freaking outline.

4.     Finish ALL character construction before you start writing.

I didn’t take this step seriously because I didn’t take my writing seriously in the beginning; it was just something I was dabbling in which I hadn’t done in years.

But if you’re considering writing a novel, you have to finish all your character construction 100% before you can start the novel.

A lot of my characters have half-finished outlines. So sadly, I’m gonna have to take a break from all the fun writing I’ve been doing to map them out halfway through the story.

5.     Don’t be too hard on yourself.

I’m actually pretty good at remembering this lesson, but I think every writer finds it invaluable.

You don’t need to be the next F. Scott Fitzgerald in the writing world to have an incredible work in your hands – or, well, your head.

Remember that it’s okay to make the above mistakes, and many more (seriously, I could list hundreds). Just push the negative thoughts away for a moment, and keep tapping at that keyboard. Good things are bound to come out of it if you work hard enough.

So that’s all I’ve got to say on the subject. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to talk about once my novel is finished and once I move onto the editing phase for my novel. Thanks for reading this far and I’d love to hear some feedback!


when they were kids they looked exactly the same- the only difference was taako’s bangs, when they weren’t pushed back like Lup’s- and they’d flaunt that.

Things change, people change. 

edit: let it be known im hearing the conversation in like… taako’s soft voice + bittersweetness 

(I totally HC that Lup is just… naturally more charismatic/outgoing/etc (more likely to actively get in trouble rather than be dragged into it), so she stands out more on her own. Taako made up for it with flair and performance.)

Humans Are Weird: Eclipse Edition

While watching the NASA livestream today, I learned that Earth is the only planet in our Solar System that is able to have eclipses. What if aliens don’t have eclipses? Imagine how terrifying it would be for them.

“Human-Jane, your planets’ star is disappearing! ”

“It’s okay, Tyrridian-Sedderkt. It’ll come back. Stop looking at it, you’ll hurt your eyes.”

And what about the ones whose planets do have eclipses?

“Human-Steve, you’re going to burn your ocular sensors! ”

“Thanks for the concern, Fejnil-Gybnu, but relax. See these glasses here? They’re made so that people can watch eclipses. ”

“Wait… you mean your species regularly stares at the corona of your star?!?!”

“Well, we don’t get eclipses that often, only have one moon, but yeah. ”


I walked through mists toward the sound of laughter, merriment and the songs of the north. The mists soon cleared, and before me lay a great chasm. Waters thundered over its brim, and so deep it was, I could not see the bottom.
A great bridge made all of whale-bone was the only means to cross, and so I took it.

Battle of the Costumes - Jonsa vs Jon3rys

When a couple looks good together many things work combined to make that happen. The lightning, the angles and mainly their costumes. Now I’d like to point it out how the show makes easy choices to make Sansa and Jon look great together and Jon and Daenerys look not so pleasant to our eyes.

This is another costume analysis I’ve decided to share because I like to write them and It seems you like to read them. I guess (?)
So here we go.

The first thing I want to state is that D&D want us to look at Jon and Sansa and see Ned and Catelyn. It’s not a coincidence that Jon and Sansa scenes parallels Ned and Cat so much. It’s so intentional that even the costumes are created to resemble them.

At season 6 April Ferry was the costume designer during Michele Clapton’s absence from the show, and I believe the only instructions D&D gave to her was to make Jon and Sansa parallel Ned and Cat through costumes because that’s exactly what she did.

As soon as Jon decides to leave the Night’s Watch his clothing went straight for Ned’s.
He wears a grey gambeson, black pants and and the very same brown leather armour Ned used to. His hair is very similar too. We look at his new hairstyle and see a young Ned.

For Sansa, since she’s escaping Winterfell with Theon at the beginning of the season, she still wears the dress from season 5, with the collar and style Catelyn used to wear. Sansa style is pretty much liker her mother since season 3. After the Red Wedding, Sansa wear patterns and accessories very similar to her mother’s too but since her reunion with Jon things are a whole new level.

I love how the show played with the concept of the “Jon’s sister in gray arriving at the Wall” Melisandre sees in her flames in ADWD. Although the show never really told us about this, they clearly remembered it and made it happen. The lightning  of this scene helps a lot, as they reunite and we see them together for the very first time, the color of her dress and his leather armour mix and they blend beautifully when they embrace.

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hey spanish / july 2016 / Karolina Koryl


“So I’m your huntress and thief?”
His hands slid down to cup the backs of my knees as he said with a roguish grin,
“You are my salvation, Feyre.”


ABCs of SeokSoon

⮡  D: Dumb and dumber ()


There are so many things I love about this. Jack, going straight to Dean when he gets a break in the case. Cas knowing immediately that Dean will not react well to being woken up. Dean waking up, ready to shoot. Jack not reacting negatively (i.e., with his powers because he feels a threat) because he’s clearly not afraid of Dean. Sam jolting awake and being so adorably confused. Sam and Dean sharing glances across the space between their beds like two kids at sleepaway camp. Cas’ complete lack of surprise at Dean’s grumpy nonsense. Dean’s casual demand for coffee as he puts the gun back under the pillow and snuggles down while he apparently waits for said demand to be filled. I love everything about it, and the only question left is: Who made the coffee for Grumpy Bear? {13.06}

“Looks like you made the wrong choice.”

I am so fucking excited that Dark’s back, you don’t even know. I’ve always loved his character, and I got really sad when Mark reduced him to a sniveling emo vampire. BUT FEAR NOT, as it seems to all have been a ruse. The real Darkiplier is here and I am SO HAPPY. This event and video really made this Valentine’s Day great for me, and is one of the only times I’ve ever looked forward to it.

Where Law and Chaos Came From: a D&D History Lesson

I’ve seen a few interesting posts about Dungeons and Dragons alignments that all share two interesting commonalities:

1) They think the two-axis system of Law vs Chaos and Good vs Evil is too restrictive for people who like to roleplay.
2) They try to redeem the two-axis system by redefining Law and Chaos in ways that make sense to them personally.

Good and Evil aren’t usually a topic of debate on these posts - it’s easy enough to play a character as generally doing the right thing or as being a total bastard. Discussion on acts of more debatable morality (e.g. torturing a villain for vital information, killing an innocent person by accident, sacrificing one for the good of all) tends to veer towards whether the action itself qualifies as good or evil, and not whether good and evil themselves need to be redefined. Conversely, I’ve seen Law and Chaos rewritten as Community vs Individuality, Tradition vs Cultural Mutability, Authority vs Anarchy - all interesting ideas that tend to reflect more on the person writing them than the actual purpose of the Law vs Chaos axis.

I’m not saying these people are wrong, but that these players (as well as the fine folks who wrote the 5e Handbooks) are placing too much significance on the purpose or intention of Law vs Chaos. The historical secret is that Law vs Chaos alignment never had any deep meaning behind it - or, at least, it never had any meaning deeper than the Pittsburgh Penguins versus the Vancouver Canucks.

I’ll explain how, but it requires a bit of a history lesson. The idea of Lawful and Chaotic alignments - as well as a number of other cornerstones of Dungeons and Dragons - came from a different game: a miniature wargame called Chainmail. It’s time for a deep dive.

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