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Can you make a story where taehyungs best friend loses a bet so they have to wear a vibrator all day during school that taehyung controlls and can turn on and control how fast or slow it goes when he wants thanks :))))))

Black Panties:

You stretched out your stiff joints as you rolled over in the cocoon of sheets that were on your bed. The big comforter sliding off one side as the sheets trapped your legs into the confines of the ends. You didn’t want to wake up, but the soft sounds of ‘Boys’ by Charlie XCX alerted you that your alarm was going off. Rubbing your hands over your face you sighed softly, cracking your eyes open and damn near falling out of the bed as you gasped and yelped with fright. Taehyung was sitting on the edge of your bed smirking down at you as he watched your frightened state clearly unaffected by the inhuman noises you were letting out of your mouth.

“Taehyung! What in God’s name!” You cried out detangling yourself from the covers to place them over your chest covering up your breast that were spilling out of your tank top. Taehyung gave a boyish grin that lit up his facial features and brown orbs that seemed to melt you in every time you looked at him.

“You did give me a key to come over whenever I wanted. Besides, it is time for me to tell you the punishment that’s in store for you.” Taehyung boasted proudly sticking his chest out and you groaned falling back against the soft sheets letting them flip up around you, your eyes slowly falling back closed.

“Five more minutes.” You grunted but Taehyung wasn’t having it. He crawled onto the bed and started to tickle you with his fingertips running up and down your sides causing your loud yelping noises to come back full fledge. Your body squirmed under him as your arms pushed out to attack him but he dodged every attack that you had in store for him. He straddled your waist laughing down at you, his blonde hair falling into his eyes as he let his own deep chuckles wrap around the both of your ear drums causing you to shiver because his everything was intoxicating. “Mercy!” You called out and finally he pulled back smiling down at you both of your breathing ragged as he plopped back down on his ass and you squirmed to sit up, if your hair was disheveled before it looked like a tornado landed on top of your head now.

“Go get ready bed head.” Taehyung teased as he ruffled your hair combing through the locks but also gripping at your hair causing you to gasp and look at him.

“it’s too early.” You slapped at his shoulder and he pulled you onto his lap before you stood up and pulled down the booty shorts that you had on. Taehyung had no problem sliding his hand up to caress your ass cheeks as he watched you walk away into the bathroom.

You stood there and started to brush your teeth and wash your face doing the main things that would help you get rid of your sleepy state. You started to mess with your hair running your fingers through it and combing it out, fixing it to make it look presentable for the day. You didn’t feel like putting on makeup or anything that required extra work because you had also stayed up late the night before and now you were dreading every making such a decision. Once you walked back out to Taehyung your eyes finally look in what he had on. Black skinny jeans that had rips at the knee and a long sleeved blue sweater. His newly dyed blonde hair was getting him attention for sure and you always being around him saw how he ate that shit up.

“So, having a good morning blondie?” You teased him as you went to your closet to look for some clothes frowning because you didn’t know what to wear.

“I did. Also, I wouldn’t wear anything too tight if I were you.” Taehyung stated and you groaned softly to yourself, deciding on leggings and a T-shirt of your favorite anime. You walked out with the clothes in your hand and saw that Taehyung had just finished making up your bed. Your heart swelled as you watched the male, he took care of you and it was times like this where you questioned why you two kept the title of just best friends. You did everything together. Even each other. The thought made your cheeks tint pink but you waved it off as you sat the clothes down onto the edge of the bed standing in front of them watching him. Taehyung saw you and he came to sit by your clothes smiling up at you gripping onto his backpack.

“I told you not to make a bet with me. I know things and I have people that tell me things. And you can imagine how happy I was when I heard first hand that our biology quiz was canceled for today.” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows and you groaned inwardly. You had been on his ass all week about studying for the test on Friday because you didn’t want him to fail. Both you and Taehyung had the same major so he was always in your classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and you wanted to help him out. But he insisted that there would be no test today and for you to calm down. One too many insults back and forth between the two of you; and your mouth was opening a bet being placed on if there was a test today or not. The bet went for a range of things. If he won you had to try out these new panties that vibrated and if you won he had to wear a skirt to class all day and not complain about it.

“Shut up, just because you know things it doesn’t mean you are always right.” You said bitterly and Taehyung mocked you nodding his head as he pulled his backpack onto his lap unzipping it and taking out the new package for you. He undid it and slipped another package out and your eyes watched as he placed the vibrator into a little opening compartment where your pussy was going to be resting and your legs lightly buckled. Your pussy tingled as you thought about it, your heart rate slowly starting to pick up as sweat prickled at your temples on each side of your head. Taehyung held up the remote and smiled happily before handing over the black panties.

“It doesn’t matter if I am always right or not. I was right today so be a good girl and put on these panties or I will spank you.” Taehyung threated you and you slowly started to strip.

“You make that sound like a bad thing, but I don’t want to be late for class once again so I might as well take my loss.” You grumbled out your complaints as you started to peel of layers of clothes until you were in nothing. Slowly, you stepped into the panties and pulled them up your legs before your bra and then your clothes. It felt snug against your pussy and the part that you dreaded the most had come true. The bullet pressed against your clit the most. You sighed to yourself before you searched for your shoes keys and your backpack.

“I’m going to drive today.” Taehyung stated and you nodded your head knowing that he had a motive up his sleeve so you weren’t going to question him about it.

Once you were at school, you got out of the car and walked beside the male towards your first class. It was like any other day but you couldn’t help the nervous feeling you felt swirling into the pit of your stomach wondering when he would turn the panties on or use them against you. The thought alone had you wanting to run away from him and hide, he was ruthless when it came to things like this.

You were in the classroom before you knew it, your mind finally focusing onto the task at hand. You loved English class, it was the only class you were the best at and it helped that you occasionally dabbled in writing yourself though it wasn’t that good. The teacher came in wearing a dazzling smile on his lips that made your heart stop along with the rest of the student body in that classroom. Once he started to talk you forgot about everything including the stupid lost bet between you and Taehyung. Taehyung himself did not like the fact that you were drooling over your professor because the male also flirted with you.

“Raise your hand if you can tell me what kind of emotion Shakespeare must have been facing when he was writing this story.”

Your hand went up immediately and the teacher smiled, his eyes training on you as he turned to face you stating your name. As soon as your lips parted Taehyung had fished the remote out of his pocket and turned the vibrations up to the medium setting. A soft moan left your lips as your mouth stayed perched open from surprise. Some of the people in the classroom laughed finding it funny and others finding it ‘cute’. Some girls who had it out for you sneered their noses up at you finding what you did to be an insult. Taehyung himself felt very proud as he watched you stammer over your words and try to get your answer out.

“Thank you very much for that explanation. Anyone else?” The teacher asked avoiding you for the rest of the class period but honestly you could care less. Your hands gripped the edge of the desk and you pinpointed the vibrations pressing it down against the seat so that you could rock your hips against it gently to not alert anyone else of the vibrations that were present. In no time, your orgasm was swelling in your stomach, your mouth falling open again as you started to pant, the sweat starting to prickle at your forehead and neck, you were sure your juices were slipping past your bottoms and landing on the seat itself. You were shifting to get it to press harder against you but the moment you thought you’d cum, the vibrations were cut off. Your body jolted violently against the seat and you covered it up by reaching down into your backpack as if you suddenly remembered you had to get something out. Looking up at Taehyung you watched him tap the remote against his knee before he pushed it back into his pocket.

Orgasm denial was your biggest kink, so it only helped you become more wet because you knew the more worked up you got the more the orgasm would be when you were finally allowed to cum. Taehyung was thinking the same thing, he waited for twenty minutes to pass before he turned it back on the lowest setting this time, letting it soothe your puckered pink clit but not give you enough to make you cum like you wanted. As the class was winding down you gathered your stuff happy that Taehyung had once again turned off the vibrations and let you pack up as he did so as well. You were both walking down the hallways to go towards your next class when you felt the high vibrations of the panties press against your clit. Crying out you fell against Taehyung reaching out blindly for him as the sensitivity overtook your pussy. Your hips rutted against nothing and Taehyung wrapped his arm around your lower back pulling you towards him. You looked so beautiful with ragged breath and disheveled hair. Your body starting to coat in sweat as you trembled from the pleasure that he was giving you. Taehyung led you to class, slowly walking with you but the shifting of your weight only added in helping the bullet tear up your clit.

The moment you were in your next class you held onto the edges of the table, bending over to drop your backpack down you felt as if your very spot itself was being fucked. Your legs gave out and you fell against the floor as Taehyung turned off the vibrations. One of your fellow classmates came to check on you, wanting to see if you were okay and once you assured her that you were fine your high slowly came down. Your legs wobbled a bit but you were able to make your way into the seat your heart rate calming down a bit.

It drove you crazy the whole class. You sat in the front of this class where Taehyung sat in the back. The whole class period he drove you crazy giving you, an intense two minutes of the high settings watching as you gripped onto the desk so hard that your knuckles changed colors only for him to deny you and shut it off. And then repeat it for a longer period with the volume on low. You couldn’t even count on your hands how many times he had denied you in the past hour alone. Your eyes were so close to rolling back at one point that you had to shut them and wince, squeezing your legs together you heard the teacher speaking to you asking if everything was okay. It went that way for every class period. Of course, you had breaks throughout your classes where you went to lunch or the library to study and hang out with friends where Taehyung became bolder, doing things like gripping at one of your legs to push them apart letting the bullet tear up your clit as your nails dug into his arms. Your cheeks had become swollen from how much tears you had shed over the course of the first half of the day.

Your biology class was the worse. As soon as the teacher started to explain why she did what she did Taehyung made sure to turn the vibrations on for ten seconds on maximum only to shut them off and let you rest for five seconds. You were frustrated, beyond mad at all the teasing. You were fed up and you needed the pent-up energy to be released. Your hands gripped onto the table again in the middle of the classroom and you started to cry, your body shaking from the ruined state it was in. Your pussy felt so sensitive it was hurting to even close your legs. It was throbbing and you knew there was a puddle in your seat. Shifting your legs down against the spot, you let your leggings take up the wetness, hearing your teacher once again call for you, you eyed her with a pained expression.

“Do you need to go to the nurse dear? You don’t look so well.” She said with worry written on her face.

“I- don’t feel so good but I really can’t miss class.” You whined softly letting your tears fall down your face making it seem like you were just upset behind the thought of having to leave class. Your teacher gave you a gentle smile as she shook her head.

“I am sure that your syllabus will show you the work for next class assignment. You can always email me and I will assist you in any way possible.” Your teacher stated and you nodded your head slowly wiping your puffy eyes and stuffing your belongings into your backpack as the vibrations were shut off.

“Yes Mr. Kim?” The teacher asked Taehyung and he cleared his throat sitting up and trying his best to keep the shit eating grin from his face.

“May I take her to the nurse? She doesn’t look like she will be able to get there on her own if she’s in that much pain.” He pleaded waiting for you to stand up and brace against the table worried that you were going to fall if you didn’t. Your teacher typically didn’t want anyone to walk out of class but because you looked as if you needed a helping your hand. She gave him a nod when concern on her features as she watched you sling your backpack over your shoulder. Taehyung moved to scoop you up in his arms carrying you out of the classroom walking down the hallway as he smirked at you, he was being a bit too nice to you but as soon as he started, it ended. Taehyung sat you down and turned the vibrations back on medium as he watched you.

“Stand up and walk to the bathroom.” Taehyung demanded and you gazed up at him with an incredulous look on your features shaking your head left to right. “Stand up and walk or you won’t cum for a whole week at least not with me.”

You puffed your cheeks and nodded your head standing up you took slow steps to the bathroom that was around the corner and down the hall. It was torturous for you to walk all that way and Taehyung stayed behind you teasing you with shifting the remote settings from medium to low. You pushed open the door harshly and Taehyung followed you turning the vibrations up on high. He watched you run for a stall before your legs gave out and he chuckled. He was a bit sadistic when it came to you and it knew one day he would have to learn how to control it but today was not that day. He pushed the stall door open watching as your body pressed against the wall, your legs wobbled and you were crying looking at him need in your eyes, unruly lust there as well. The sight made Taehyung’s already hardened shaft feel as if his pants couldn’t get any tighter and the amount of blood that rushed there almost made his head sway as well. He gripped both of your backpacks hanging them on the little clip that was behind the stall. He locked the stall and he moved towards you in the tight space spreading your legs wider with his own. His hand reached down to feel the drenched soaking wet fabric. He looked in your eyes as he pressed the vibrations hard against your clit watching you yelp out in pain more than pleasure.

“My poor baby does it hurt?” He teased as he felt your hips react before he moved to shut off the vibrations once he knew you were close again. You nodded your head, your hands reaching to pull him closer, you knew what he wanted and needed.

“Please Taehyung.” You spoke your voice barely a whisper. “Please fuck me, I need you deep inside of my pussy. I know you miss it. I miss feeling you. I miss having your thick dick buried deep inside of me stretching me out as you fuck the shit out of me. I want you to ruin me. I want you to make me cum. I don’t think I can take anymore. My pussy hurts so bad but I still want you, I need you to make this better. Only you can. Please Taehyung, please Daegu.” You called him that nickname when you were needy or wanted to get under his skin because you knew he loved it and he could never say no. Pressing gentle kisses against his lips and soon all over his face. Taehyung growled against your ear as you started to suck and nibble on his lobe. His hands gripped at the sides of your hips yanking down the leggings from your body. Next the panties followed, he was so eager that when he picked you up by the back of your thighs, your bottoms rested against your ankles but he never took them off.

“Hold them up.” You nodded your head grabbing at your bottoms holding them with your hand, Taehyung started to unzip his pants and pull out his hardened shaft that was throbbing and warm in his hand. The tip angry and red, little beads of precum already on the tip from how worked up he had made himself all day. He moved to press his body against yours, resting your legs up against your chest. Your hands had to move up to grip onto your bottoms making sure that it was easy for the both of you to get this quickie on. Taehyung grind his hips against yours, his thick appendage dragging up and down your pussy lips grazing your sensitive clit and you whined more feeling something real against you this around. Taehyung coated his shaft with your juices and slipped his member down against your dripping opening. He slipped inside of you with ease your juices making the perfect lube from how wet you had been all day. Taehyung let his hands grip onto your thighs, his nails digging into the flesh as he started to deeply grind against you. He fucked you deep and hard, bottoming out instantly to help aid his thrusts. Your body moved up and down against the wall as Taehyung ate up your cries, the lewd sounds of your squelching pussy could be heard in the bathroom. Taehyung started to jackhammer inside of you, fucking you so fast and hard that you could barely get out any word moan or phrase. Your eyes rolled back as you held onto the bottoms above your head your toes curling in the shoes as he snapped his hips against yours. The bathroom door swinging open along with the animated chatter of voices let you both know that you weren’t alone. Taehyung moved to press his lips against yours, his tongue slipping past your parted lips. He sucked eagerly on your tongue searching the roof of your mouth and around the insides of your cheeks. Your spit mixing as he ground his hips in deep circles against you angling himself to find your spot. Your muffled cries were almost heard by the girls that were chatting, peeing and fixing their makeup discussing dinner plans for after class. Taehyung had you in a state of ruin, he was good at picking your body apart and making you feel on cloud nine. Your back was arching against him as your pussy eagerly squeezed him deeper inside, being so used to being molded and fit perfectly for him.

As soon as the girl’s left he pulled back. Rotating and slamming his hips harder against yours, causing the walls of the stall itself to shake lightly and sound off from the force. “Are you going to be a good girl and cum for me? That’s right wrap that pussy around my dick you little dirty slut. You fucking drenched out your panties, and leggings I should have stuffed them in your mouth and made you fucking clean them, now look at us. You’re lucky that was our last class for the day or I would have had to take you home and spank your pretty ass before fucking you into my mattress. Who’s my good girl?” he asked slapping your ass.

“I am.” You mumbled in the mist of your moans.

“Who?!” He shouted growling as he bit on your bottom lip pulling it with his teeth.

“ME!” You wailed out as your head shot back so hard it lightly hit against the stall.

“Good girl now fucking cum before you get us caught.” He demanded continuing to pound away at your G-spot. You didn’t know if anyone could hear you shouting out his name during incoherent shit but you had a feeling that the people passing by hinted at what was going on unless everyone was in class which you hoped they were. You gave into his command. Basking in the feeling of his dick penetrating you at just the right pace and spot, your stomach tightened up and the fire slowly consumed you until you were cumming with silent cries of pleasure that Taehyung swallowed as he kissed you again. Feeling your cum on his shaft, the male couldn’t help but immediately follow you. He had been waiting, his balls had been tightening to the point where it hurt but he had to wait to cum because he wanted you to cum first and now you were both meeting your end. Taehyung buried his face into your neck holding onto you as your hearts beat into one another. Slowly your highs faded and he was pulling out of you, even going so far as to dry your leggings with the automatic dryer in the bathrooms as you kept a look out at the door. Soon the both of you were walking back towards his car hand in hand as the both of you gloated in pleasure.

Arguing the Case For Dennis Reynolds’ Return

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is not known for being a kind show to its characters. We’re supposed to derive enjoyment, or at least a sense of schadenfreude, from seeing how miserable the Gang’s lives are and how rarely they achieve happiness. That said, making Dennis leave now, after the events of this season, seems needlessly cruel to me–and not just to the characters, but to the show’s audience, as well.

Dennis Reynolds is a rarity among television characters. To see a mentally ill character depicted so boldly, his disorder named and his characterization consistently written to match that diagnosis, is a very unusual thing to see in television. And for that diagnosis to be borderline personality disorder, instead of the more commonly-seen depression and anxiety, makes it all the more meaningful, especially to mentally ill viewers who don’t often get to see themselves depicted so honestly on television.

It’s been so wonderfully gratifying to see the arc of Dennis’ mental health throughout the show, culminating in him going on meds this season and making real progress in dealing with his emotions. It sends a message of hope and recovery to other people suffering from mental illness and disorders. After all, if a person as “irredeemable” as Dennis Reynolds can seek medication and therapy to improve his mental health, surely the rest of us can as well.

On a narrative level, it seems a shame to ditch Dennis permanently now that he does have this more profound level of emotional depth. His outburst about his “big feelings” in The Gang Tends Bar was an incredibly touching thing, and very faithful to the experiences of real people who have BPD. With so much more depth and room for Dennis to grow now that he’s able to admit and talk about his feelings, sending him away the way he left tonight feels like a cheap ending to one of the most satisfying character arcs I’ve ever seen on television.

This isn’t the only reason I ask the writers to consider bringing Dennis back, however. There is another reason having him leave now is unnecessarily cruel to the audience, especially the (surprisingly large!) LGBTQ following that Sunny has attracted.

As early as season 3, subtext has been laid that, not only is Mac gay, but that he’s in love with Dennis. What started as a simple, joking “I love you” in The Gang Gets Held Hostage has become so much more.

We all thought it was doomed to staying in the realm of subtext forever, though; one of the main conceits of Sunny is that the characters will never develop and improve. Thus, it would be impossible for Mac to ever truly accept himself and come out of the closet as the series wore on, made evident by his false coming out in the season 11 finale.

But then, something incredible happened. We complained about how cruel it was to out a character and then force him back into the closet when that’s a narrative that’s all too common in real life. Sunny is cruel, but it shouldn’t be needlessly so, and in a year that went on to bring so much worry and strife into the lives of LGBTQ people, putting Mac back in the closet felt like salt in the wound.

The incredible part about our complaining is that the writers listened. Charlie Day recently said in an interview that bringing Mac back out of the closet in season 12–permanently, this time–was the right thing to do, considering the social climate we’re living in right now. Furthermore, he said that they did it partially because of the feedback they received after the season 11 finale. They defied the show’s main conceit to do right by the LGBTQ community.

As momentous as Mac’s staying out is on its own, it brought with it an exciting new possibility: the possibility to confront his feelings for Dennis head-on. His closeted status was the only thing ever really stopping the writers from really delving into it before. And, as we’ve seen from the second half of season 12, they’re not at all afraid to explore the topic in a more indepth way, as Mac’s PTSDee dream sequence and his heartfelt gift to Dennis in The Gang Tends Bar showed. More interesting than even that, though, was the possibility that Dennis might return those feelings.

More than once, we’ve seen that Dennis does care about Mac much more than he usually lets on. And we know that Dennis is probably bisexual, both from statements made by the showrunners at ComicCon and from Dennis’ behavior within the show itself. Since Mac came out in Hero or Hate Crime?, the possibility of Mac and Dennis’ relationship existing in a more romantic context has been explored, culminating in the two of them actually pretending to be together in tonight’s season finale, and all-but open confirmation that Mac is in love with Dennis.

This is why, I believe, it’s so needlessly cruel to permanently remove Dennis from the equation now. I do not mean to imply that I want to see Mac and Dennis in a happy, committed relationship–that’s never been the Sunny way. But it seems unfair to me that Dee and Charlie got their moment of romance in The Gang Misses the Boat, when Mac and Dennis have it torn away from them just as it becomes possible for them to have it in the first place. At the risk of sounding like an impassioned young gay man, it hurts to see a romantic relationship between two men dangled in front of me and then torn away like this. More than painful, it’s practically queerbaiting, an incredibly harmful practice that’s sadly all too common in today’s television landscape.

On the off chance that anyone involved with the writing of Always Sunny reads this: firstly, thank you for getting this far. Secondly, I urge you to consider, again, the social implications of making Dennis leave forever just as he makes a huge breakthrough in his mental health and just as it becomes possible for his relationship with Mac to be explored in a more romantic context. Dangling Mac and Dennis in a relationship (literally) before viewers, only to yank that away, is incredibly painful to watch, especially for us young LGBTQ viewers who often struggle enough with staying positive just living our daily lives. And I personally know a great many people with BPD who have found themselves in Dennis– which isn’t something they can say about many other TV show characters.

I know that, as young LGBTQ people and as young mentally ill people (and oftentimes, both), we are not the core demographic for Sunny, and I know that we never will be. However, I also know that the showrunners do want to do right by us, and that they do have our best interests at heart as allies. It is with this knowledge that I ask, if any of you are reading this, to consider bringing Dennis back in season 13, whenever that may be.

I know that Sunny will not have a happy ending; it completely goes against the show’s thesis. But Mac coming out for good in season 12 has proven that the show’s thesis can be defied in special circumstances, especially when it’s for the greater societal good. I am not asking for Mac and Dennis to get married, but I am asking you to consider the cruelty of resolving more than a decade of Mac’s romantic feelings for Dennis in this way, just as it became possible for them to become something more. And more than that, I am asking you to consider the impact Dennis Reynolds has had on the lives of so many mentally ill people, who almost never get to see themselves represented on television as accurately as they have with Dennis.

I trust all of you as artists and writers, and as well-meaning and thoughtful people in general, to consider my words as you move forward with planning for season 13. Again, if you made it this far, thank you for listening, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds, whatever that may be.

obviously I’m literally six months late on this, but in my obsessive binge-reading of every sunny blog I come across I keep seeing that post saying that charlie’s behavior in dennis’ double life is totally out of character and terrible writing and if I keep seeing it eventually I am going to break my neck from cocking my head too far to the side, so here we are

the fantasy sequence in the gang saves the day is. a fantasy sequence. literally an animated fantasy sequence, in which the waitress is first shocked by the rats but gets over it immediately when they make her a wedding dress. this is a fantasy that has nothing to do with the waitress as a person. because charlie isn’t interested in the waitress as a person. he’s built a whole fantasy around her that has nothing to do with her. he doesn’t refer to her by name, ever; he calls her “the waitress” just like everyone else on the show does. in his fantasy sequence her defining characteristic is being a waitress. well, that, and the general idealized feminine trait of unconditionally accepting everything about him while having no needs of her own, of course.

remember in flowers for charlie when she’s complaining about her boss? she says, I mean, he thinks that being a waitress is, like, what I am, and I’m like, “That doesn’t define me, dude, okay? Like, I’m saving up to open my own nail salon. but charlie also thinks that being a waitress is, like, what she is! (that’s also the only time the nail salon idea is mentioned. and the only time I can think of that she mentions something she’s interested in pursuing, other than a romantic relationship with dennis. charlie ignores it entirely.)

the other thing that happens in that scene is, of course, charlie becoming disenchanted with the waitress in no time at all, because now that he thinks he’s smart she strikes him as unbearably vapid. again: she is an idealized fantasy figure for him. the moment he can’t ignore the gap between his fantasy and reality he’s no longer interested.

(stepping back and looking at it from a story-telling perspective: person gets the thing they want, it’s exactly what they imagined and they’re super happy about it… is not an interesting story. it’s an ending. person gets the thing they thought they wanted and it turns out they were wrong gives you something to work with. they wrote charlie finally sleeping with the waitress because they were twelve seasons in, and something needed to change, so they’d have new potential storylines to play with.)

one of the things that works best about this show, in my opinion, is the clarity of the divide between what the characters are saying, and what the show’s saying. that’s how their social commentary works. that’s how they can center a show around terrible people, and play with really controversial and offensive material, and yet it turns out compassionate. and with this storyline in particular I think it’s key to think about what the show’s saying.

let’s say after convincing the waitress to sleep with him charlie was totally happy and everything was great. what does that say about the twelve seasons of him literally stalking her that preceded? it says, he was right. he knew they were meant to be together. she was wrong to reject him all those times. maybe he went too far but his heart was in the right place.

is that really what you want the show to say? does that really make you feel better about it?

instead, the show said: over a decade of stalking is not romantic. charlie’s “love” for the waitress has nothing to do with the waitress as a person. he is only interested in her as a fantasy. the moment that fantasy is overshadowed by the reality of her as an actual person, he can’t handle it.

that’s exactly what I want the show to say, personally. there are plenty of stories that minimize stalking, and frame it as romantic, and reward male characters for persistence in pursuit of their love interests. sunny didn’t resort to that, because it is ultimately unflinching in its depictions of awful human behavior. it is honest about its characters in a way a lot of media isn’t. and that’s what I like about it.

Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 4]

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Summary: [part 4] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomas have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggest an aliance by marriage.

16+ ONLY

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As It Seems: Chapter 4

Table of Contents

Según Parece: Lista De Contenidos

Summary: You and Dean finally upgrade from the under-the-mattress storage to an actual car where you get caught up on the rest of the team

Word Count: 1984

Warnings: None


~Reader’s POV~

“Aww, they’re so cute, aren’t they?”

The light assaulted my eyelids and I groaned and turned away from it as much as I could, which just elicited a pained grunt from the person beside me. And just like that, everything came hurtling back to me.

“Oh my God, Dean. I’m sorry!” I tried to open my eyes so I could carefully extract myself from this coffin without hurting him more, but let’s be honest here, at the moment I was positive that the attack of light on my optical nerves was just as painful as his gunshot wound. We’d been in the dark for… who knows how long. We’d both fallen asleep a few hours after we passed through the checkpoint without any problems. It could be years later. Centuries, even.

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Disclaimer first - I'm not negative or angry + very pleased will all the lovely TFW we are getting and one thing I'm disappointed in - Is it just me or is Dean/Cas independent! relationship kinda gone-ish, 80% of all the emotional talks are always on TFW as a whole, never just Dean/Cas, even if Sam isnt there. Dean isn't ever refering to Cas in any emotional way singularly anymore (your OUR best, best friend WE've ever had, glad he cares about US, WE dont leave family behind etcetc) and cas too

Yeah, the big declarations have been all like that but having seen the whole “I love all of you” thing, I feel like they’ve been building up to actually have a family first, which is something I guess is way more important as a long term investment.

Something I’m always coming back to is that horrible isolation of Carver era. Well, I’m currently watching season 7 and at that part where they’ve now finally lost everything and it’s just Sam and Dean and not even the car. Like, Hallucifer and hunting and the Leviathan problem are literally the only constants they have from their old lives. Wow. :P

Carver era sort of puts a bit more of a fragile shell around them by giving Cas back, making Crowley a frenemy, and at least has some outside people like Charlie and Kevin even if they get killed off, but then also the wayward daughters characters who survive it, so there are at least some people to hold them accountable… During that time Cas is their only main constant family and even then terrible stuff is always happening to him and he’s always leaving, so he’s not really around except for little hints of what might be, and Cas picks up so much trauma from that too… 

I don’t know, looking at it from as outside a perspective as I can manage, I think with Mary back, and Cas MEANT to be a member of the family but needing serious integration into the family unit (12x03 with that little conversation showing Mary and Cas are struggling with the exact same thing) the show has to actually believably glue these people back together, and even Sam and Dean have huge splits that have barely been addressed (like Dean apologised for the ridiculous “sam hit a dog” grudge they started Carver era with in like, 11x11, I think? Which means they’d been actually on good terms for like maybe 12 episodes when Mary comes back :P) never mind Cas’s ocean of trauma and Mary being dropped among them out of the blue.

There’s been a real theme of teamwork this season in the big confrontation fights - 12x06, 12x07, 12x10 and 12x12 definitely all had teamwork fights taking down one big enemy together, and I may be forgetting some stuff but it’s more than enough for a pattern that they want to show the characters working together as a large and well-functioning unit - and within that, good dynamics, which they’re still working on especially for Mary, who (as we suspected she would) has only really SOLIDLY bonded with Cas because they’re both outsiders - Dean and Sam fight okay with her by their side but they need to work on interpersonal stuff (and I LOVED the shot this episode of Mary and Dean back to back with a wall between them).

To my eyes the TFW (and Mary) dynamic is clearly top priority and really important for the story they want to tell, and I’m loving the fragile way this family is being built and the exploration of the dynamics (now we’re getting later in the season I’ve seen people comment that Mary and Sam got a bad deal, but honestly for the first like 6 episodes of the season I was contemplating devoting my blog entirely to their drama and just forgetting Dean and Cas completely because I was so into what was going on there, and find it really weird people weren’t picking up on that because I thought all the subtext about Azazel coming between them was brilliant use of the characters and it just all suddenly paid off and I probably yelled louder about a Yellow Eyed demon showing up than I did about the whole “I love you” nonsense. :P There’s a part of my soul which is always going to be seasons 1-2 of Supernatural all on their own >.>)

But I think there’s still a ton of DeanCas this season, just underneath the main message they’re pushing, all the stuff like Dean and Cas just being prioritised when it comes to stuff like of course when the season starts Cas urgently gets back to Dean immediately and the story starts with them together. Of course Sam waits with Lily Sunder while Dean rushes off to help Cas. Of course Dean gets all weird and pissy about Cas working with Crowley and Sam like has nothing to do with this, at all. Of course when they get out of prison Dean is phoning Cas urgently to come get them, and sits in the back of the car with him. Of course he’s the one having the angry feud about caring too much vs being reckless after Cas invites his cosmic consequences. Of course when Cas is dying Dean is the one who rushes over to check on him and subtly all through that sequence is the one with the most focus on ALL the reaction shots, and the centre of the drama. 

And the little things like of course Dean phones Cas here, asks him to stay for breakfast there, is the one to hand him a beer and pat his shoulder, holds on just that much longer when he and Sam haul Cas to his feet (which I think is the perfect 1 tiny moment to demonstrate the whole thing of Dean just caring that little bit more even though Sam and Cas easily and happily could consider each other family at this point)

It’s like… Even when they’re not strictly telling us a story ABOUT Dean and Cas alone there’s just a little bit extra something going on between them, constantly, like, they just drift next to each other, or end up paying way more attention to each other? Like Dean at the diner in 12x12, Cas’s presence and the Mandy thing ends up this itch he has to scratch, he can’t stop bringing it up - weirdness between Dean and Cas derails the conversation repeatedly, and from both Cas and Mary’s POV we see Dean almost, like, fixated on Cas’s presence, while he’s all brotherly and annoying to Sam vying for attention complaining about the wifi, Dean just snores at him and goes back to I think just trying to get a rise out of Cas. 

I wouldn’t say any of this is really doing anything with them because the emotional arc right now is Family and creating a plausible version of Supernatural where it’s not two lonely angry brothers and sometimes people who help them and peripheral people they love but don’t, like… function in this way. Not in this whole promised dynamic of how that group exorcism went down in 12x06, or how Sam and Mary and Dean took on a Prince of Hell to save Cas (and even Crowley proved he has his own strange seat at this table there)… But they’re certainly keeping a sort of ongoing feeling there, that there’s just something extra about how Dean feels about Cas, and as usual, with 12x10 especially, the story about angels and romantic love is repeated and used between Dean and Cas, like, that’s all still there… I don’t know, every time something ridiculously small happens like Cas shows up and Dean rotates his entire body to face him on instinct, I’m like, yeah, we’re still existing in a story where Destiel is a presence

The ER.

Characters: Dean, Reader, Charlie, Ellen, Sam and a mention of a few other SPN characters.

Pairing: Detective!Dean x Doctor!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, blood, some angst. But just for a hot moment. Then it’s fluff, promise.

A/N: it’s an AU because I love those.This was sitting unfinished in my drafts for a while and today inspiration struck. Thank you for reading! You like, let me know because I looooooove feedback!

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Tattoo - Fred Weasley Imagine

A/N: hello dearies! sorry I haven’t posted a bunch of requests! this was a pretty crazy week but I have all weekend off!!! :D so I swear I’ll make it up to all of you by posting your requests! they’re coming! :) in the mean time… here’s the next one in line! :D

transparentnerdfire submitted: Hey :) I was wondering if you could do an imagine with Fred weasley where the reader got a tatoo of 3 birds on her right hips ( sorry if it’s too accurate that’s only because that’s mine ^^) and he get confused because he doesn’t know what? Sorry for my awful english it’s not my first language :) But feel free to refuse my request if it doesn’t inspire you :) I love your works btw ❤️❤️ lot of love xx

I loved this request! xD although I didn’t know what your tattoo meant exactly so I gave it a meaning… hope you don’t mind :P

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

Your name: submit What is this?


“(Y/N)” Fred complained for about the tenth time making the girl giggle.

“Yes, Fred?”

“Are you almost done?”

“No” she simply said as she continued working on her essay.

“But I’m boooooored” Fred said dramatically tossing himself on the couch.

“Then find something to do” (Y/N) told him.

“But George is in detention! And Lee is out with Alicia” he complained.

“Don’t you have any more friends?” she asked laughing.

“Well, yes, but… I’d rather be with you” he told her.

“That’s sweet, but I have to finish this, love. Shouldn’t you be working on your essay too?”

“Would you believe me if I tell you that I’ve already done it?”

“No” she simply said.

“Then why do I even bother?” he said plopping himself on the floor and sitting next to his girlfriend. “Are you done now?”

“No” (Y/N) said trying not to laugh about how adorable he was being.


“No” she repeated with a small laugh escaping her mouth when she felt Fred’s lips press against her shoulder and making their way to her neck. “Fred” she warned biting her bottom lip.

“Yes?” Fred said pretending to be confused as he kept on placing kisses along her neck.

“I have to finish this essay” (Y/N) said trying to push him away.

“So? What’s stopping you, love?”

“You’re distracting me” she said as Fred stopped and pouted at her.

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Black Sheep Pt. 2

Summary: You’re Charlie’s little sister, but you’re the black sheep of the family. So when Valentine ropes in your family, you aren’t exactly on board.

Word Count:1748

A/N: So I had to look up Charlie’s last name, according to the comic book that the movie was based on, Charlie’s last name is Hesketh, so that’s what we’re using.

A GIANT thank you to @writingwithadinosaur . She has been a constant help with everything lately, and her suggestions made this chapter SO much better. She is a wonderful person and writer, and I am so glad to call her my friend (and my Roxy!)

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The two of you stopped just before the party room, taking up on opposite sides of the archway. Music was blaring, and lights were flashing; Valentine had pulled out all the stops.

“What’s the plan?” you ask, checking the magazine of the rifle you’d picked up. It was nearly full, good thing because you hadn’t thought to pick up a spare.

“Sorta making this up as I go, love,” Eggsy smirked at you.

“Okay,” you sighed, thinking for a minute, “I’m gonna go up to the second level then. I’ll try to get a clean shot at the control room.” Your aim was much better than your fighting abilities. Though you could throw a proper punch, you’d had more practice on the receiving end.

If your brother was a filthy wanker, your mother was a simpering fool, and your father was an utter bastard. Though you’d grown up with a “proper” childhood and been taught all the things a “lady” ought to know, your most valuable lessons had been at the hands of your father. While your mother had left you with nannies and tutors to learn all you could about the ridiculous things that “ladies” should know, your father had taught you a bit more. Like how to hide bruises, and learn to walk off a birdshot in your leg.

The “lessons” were mostly just punishments for imagined slights against your father or family in general, and you’d taken them. You had no recourse after all. You were just a “lady”; taught useless, outdated, frivolous things. You hadn’t any way to protect yourself, let alone fight back. Until the fox hunt.

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Thinking Out Loud- Part 4 (Carlisle x OC)

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Summary: When Isabella and her little sister Evangeline moved to Forks they had no illusion they would like it. Isabella hated it and all Evangeline wanted was to be left alone. But when they both met Edward Cullen, everything changed. Finally, Evangeline had proof she wasn’t crazy. He too could hear other people’s thoughts.

Pairing: Carlisle x OC / Bella x Edward

Please, note that I am French, so there might be some mistakes here and there.

I hope you like it!

Feedback is always appreaciated so don’t hesitate to leave a comment :D


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Bloom (3/?)

The story of Captain Swan’s pregnancy, told in many parts. Affectionately nicknamed “The Happiest Pregnancy Ever.”

In this chapter, Regina gives advice on how to blow off steam by blowing things up. Better than the townsfolk, right? Many, many thanks to @unfolded73 for the beta!


You can also read on AO3!

Chapter 3: Fireball

Emma was going to kill someone, and since she was Sheriff, she could get away with it.

No one would suspect her. She was Emma Swan-Jones: Sheriff, Savior, once Slayer and now Friend of Dragons. She was also the pregnant lady, and who would suspect the pregnant lady? Anyone with a brain, that’s who. Because it was her pregnancy that was driving her to consider homicide.

No, no, that wasn’t quite right. Her pregnancy wasn’t making her want to kill anyone, it was the way people reacted to her pregnancy that had her seeing red. People apparently went insane around pregnant women. It was as if she was giving off a magical aura that made them lose all sense of decency or respect, and that her belly was some weird homing beacon.

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All My Idols Ch 20: Night With EXO

“Oppa,” I deadpan glaring at the handsome unicorn.

His stern face doesn’t falter, he just continues holding the massive bundle of meat and rice held together by a piece of lettuce to my mouth. “One more.”

I groan but open my mouth to let him feed me once more. I cover my mouth while I struggle chewing, trying not to blush with all eyes on me. After I finally swallow it I open my mouth with a big sigh. Of course Lay tries to feed me yet again only to have the man on my other side push it away, a glare fixed on the younger man. And across the table the three youngest of the group are glaring as well as their hyung tires to spoil me with attention.

“You can’t just keep stuffing her face like that,” Xiumin scolds, “She could choke.” He places a warm hand on my back as he leans closer to scan my face, worry is obvious on his, “Are you okay?”

My heart stops in that moment, it takes all of my strength not to jump up and run away with excitement at the fact that he just touched me. I force myself to take a deep so I don’t end up screaming in his face but end up having to just nod, I don’t trust my voice enough right now.

“So are you going to be heading home for Christmas this year?” Suho wonders from across the table on the other side of a still glaring Kai.

I shake my head and wonder why everyone is suddenly so interested in my travel plans. But then I remember that it’s normal for people to go home and see their families on holidays, I’m just one of the weird exceptions who spent every holiday when I was in the states at work. “It’s was not in my budget this year.”

“That’s a shame. I’m sorry to hear that,” He looks down at his plate as if he’s embarrassed to have asked such an insulting question.

“So what are your plans instead?” Baekhyun wonders eagerly from the other side of Xiumin.

I shrug, “I’m not sure yet, I’ve worked every holiday for the last eight years, I don’t know how to handle it.”

Kai asks, “Have you told Big bang about it? I’m surprised they haven’t claimed you on that day.”

“Nope, I don’t have the heart to. They get so upset when I discuss anything involving me not being able to afford something.”

“They could afford it you know. Why don’t you just ask for a loan?” Suho is resting his elbows on the table.

“I’m not asking anyone for money. I can’t stand the idea of asking any of my friends for money, regardless of whether or not they can afford it. I can barely stand it when they pay for my food.”

“Our princess is so strong,” Lay coos next to me, ruffling my hair a little.

“Are you guys all heading home for the holiday?”

Suho shakes his head, “We’ve got a lot of things on our schedule going on around that time so we will be spending Christmas together like usual.”

“You guys work so hard you’d figure they would give you that one day off.”

They nod in agreement. I watch them pick up a more cheerful conversation topic, Chanyeol and Baekhyun are throwing food, though I’m pretty sure Chen started it from the cheeky grin that spreads across his face when Suho starts scolding them. The five that surround me are talking about performances; Kai is critiquing the other’s dancing, mostly poor Kyungsoo, who is the weakest link of the five. I shift into a more relaxed position since my legs are falling asleep with me sitting on them, I stretch my legs out in front of me. As much as I love old style restaurants where we sit on the floor it can make my back and legs ach sometimes.

I’m kind of in my own world when I feel someone’s leg against mine, at first I thought it was an accident, until both legs came back and tangled them with mine. To be honest, I don’t mind, I love skinship, but when I look to see whose legs they are I’m surprised to find Sehun staring straight back at me, as if daring me to say something. I’m going to have a heart attack by the end of the night with the way he’s staring straight into my soul, oh my god when did he get so attractive. I force myself to look away, but I know he’s still staring from the way he chuckles when a blush spreads across my face.

“It’s getting late,” Suho kind of complains as he stares down at his phone. “We should probably get Charlie home.” The whole table lets out a chorus of cute whines and I find myself joining in just for the hell of it. I’m having fun, regardless of the face that my heart is going to explode from all of my internal fangirling I don’t have the courage to hang out with the loves of my life that often I mean Xiumin.

“Come on Hyung, we don’t have schedule until after lunch tomorrow, lets have a little fun,” The youngest of the group begs, his legs wrap around mine tighter, something I find undeniably cute.

“We don’t know if Charlie has plan,” Suho reminds him.

I grin at him, “I’m free as a bird.”

Suho tries his hardest not to smile as sighs as if he’s caving to some unreasonable request, “Alrighty, but nothing too crazy.” We let out a loud cheer, most likely earning the attention of the people on the other side of the sliding door separating us from the masses. My thought is confirmed when our waiter pokes his head in a minute later. “Soju please.” The boy nods before rushing off to get it. When he comes back shot glasses are passed around and liquor is poured.

“To friends,” Chanyeol beams at me, we all clink glasses before downing the little cup of disgusting liquid, our glasses slam back down on the table.

“Why do I feel like getting the princess drunk is a bad idea?” Suho says as the voice of reason who is quickly quieted by the group surrounding him.

“If you think this is such a bad idea hyung, you can just sit back and baby sit,” Baekhyun sticks his tongue out at the older before basically climbing across Xiumin to clink his glass with mine and downing the shot. The two men on either side of me take turns pouring me drinks and ignore me when I offer to return the favor. I loose count on how many little green bottles are scattered around the room after a few more hours. Suho, who is undoubtedly the most sober out of us all, and that isn’t saying much, finally calls it a night when the owner tells us that most of the patrons have left. The 10 of us leave the restaurant is a fit of giggles and slurred Korean. It’s only 10 but I feel ready for bed and from the yawns coming from the boys around me I figure they are too.

With a giggle and a bit of a stumble I bow to them, “Thank you guys for dinner and a good time.”

“Let us take you home,” Lay slurs cutely.

I shake my head, “It’s fine.”

“We are not letting you go home on your own when you are this drunk,” Suho says.

I click my tongue at him, “What do you expect me to do? We can’t all get a cab there and these boys can’t be left alone like this and I’m ready for bed,” I add with a little pout. “It’s not like you expect me to spend the night at your dorm.”

“Yes!” The beagle line basically screams.

“Sleepover with the princess!” Kai and Sehun happily join the cheer.

I bust into a grin, “Lets go!”

“Hold up a minute,” Xiumin stops the six of us from skipping away. “I don’t think that is a good idea.”

I pout cutely at the oldest man, forgetting about my fan girl side for awhile and decide to flirt up a storm, “Oppa don’t you think it will be fun? Or do you not like me?”

“Of course I like you Charlie, but-“

I cut him off by hugging him tightly, “So it’s settled we got the oldest hyung’s approval!”

“Did you just call me Hyung?” The cat like man grins.

“What do you prefer, Hyung or Oppa?” I tap my chin as I spin in circles. A pink-cheeked Kyungsoo, who looks really cute right now, catches me and I can’t help myself!

“Kyungie oppa! Why do you have to be so cute?” I whine and place my hands on his cold cheeks.

“Huh?” The pour owl boy looks to his hyungs for help but they are too busy laughing at his embarrassment.

“You,” I huff at the cute man, “You always mess up my list, always switching with Lay oppa for second place. You, young sir, just need to stay in your lane.”

“Okay, Princess, lets get going,” Sehun decides as he hooks his arm threw mine and begins dragging me down the street. Kai catches up and hooks on to my other arm.

“Where are we on this list of yours?” Sehun looks down at me with a pout. Glancing up I realize how short I am compared to the two handsome boys.

“To be completely honest, beyond where Kyungsoo oppa is at third place the rest of you are a um….cluster fuck.” I say the last two words in English, not sure what the right words would be in Korean so I try again, “I don’t have a set list past that.”

“Why not?” Kai is whining this time making me laugh.

“Because you are all so amazing that whenever I see a lone picture of any of you I’m like, ‘Wow he’s really hot’.”

Sehun chuckles, “Do you really?”

“You should see my tumblr,” I pause for a minute, “Wait no never mind, no you should not!” They let out a chorus of laughs at that. Our fun is interrupted by someone’s arms wrapping around my waist from behind and pulling back, away from the two boys. They turn around and glare at the giant holding me off the ground like a little doll.

“Hyung!” The two whine cutely. Baekhyun appears in front of me with handsome smile that makes me blush.

“We get you know,” The older man decides as he signals the giant to put me down. They each take my hand before walking right past the two maknaes, dragging me along.

“So any chance you could give us a hint on who is your number one?” Chanyeol asks me with his best aegyo.

I shake my head, “Not a chance in hell Oppa. You guys can figure it out on your own.”

“How are we supposed to know? Come on, give us a hint!” They both beg, making me laugh.

I pause as I try to think of the most vague hint, “We touched tonight.”

Baekhyun huffs as he stares down at our interlocked hands, “You’ve touched everyone tonight.”

“There are two people I haven’t touched.”

“One more hint!” Chanyeol coos.

Feeling a bit daring with the alcohol in my body I give them one more, “He was in the room when we ran away from super junior.”

They share a look as they try to think about the possible answers, I’m thank full they didn’t hear my earlier conversation with the youngest two that could have narrowed down their guesses. After a couple minutes of them thinking to themselves we reach their dorm. They two puppy like men lead me inside eager to show me their dorm. Twenty minutes later, after a full tour of their dorm we find ourselves on the living room floor laughing as Sehun tries to open another bottle of soju. We are sitting in a large circle, as expected Xiumin and Lay are on either side of me, while Sehun and Kai try to turn this into an oval by scooting closer to me.

“Take the hint,” I snatch the bottle out of his hand and give it to Suho.

“Hey,” The drunken maknae slurs with a scowl. “I was going to drink that.”

“I think you are done,” I snap back sternly.

“I think you are done!” He pouts.

I laugh at his cuteness, “Oh Oppa,” I coo as I try to crawl across the floor to reach him but I’m caught by Lay’s hands on my hips pulling me back to my spot.

“Where do you think your going?” Lay is pouting now.

“I just want to hug the him,” I slur.

“No, only I can hug you,” Lay suddenly wraps his arms around me and basically pulls me on to his lap.

A blush spreads across my face when the sweet man tucks his face in the crook of my neck, “Oppa.”

“Yixing,” Xiumin whines, “You can’t just hog her to yourself, you’ve been doing that for awhile now. It’s unfair. I want to see the princess!” My face is on fire at his words, he’s just drunk. He has no interest in me other than that I’m the princess.

“No Hyung, you can’t have her, that would be unfair since she already likes you the best!” Yixing glares at the older man.

I want to scream when the words are out of his mouth, I want to cry and run and do anything I have to do to get out of this place. How could Lay do that?

“I’m her what?”

Out of the Lion’s den

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A/n Isn’t the title the most creative thing in the world. Also a big thanks to @coffeestudyblr for being so awesome.

Into the lion’s den part two.

The last thing you remember before blacking out was pain, you don’t remember at the moment what that caused you that pain, but you knew that it hurt, you tried to think of what happened  but it slipped through your fingers before you could fully remember. There’s a loud ringing in your ear, but you were certain you could hear someone yelling. Trying to open your eyes was to much energy so you sat there and listened. 

“I don’t know who you’re talking about.” 

“Don’t play dumb with me girl! I know you read everything on that drive, so tell me where are the Winchester brothers.” 

“I swear I have no idea.” 

“Fine don’t want to tell me. Kick the girl, I can see her waking up.”

A hard kick came down on your stomach making you groan and lay your forehead on the ground from more pain. 

“Stop it! Please hurt me instead.” 

You knew something bad was happening, but you couldn’t bring yourself to get up and fight. 

“I’m not going to hurt you, because I need you. This girl though is nothing, no one will care if i eat her. See this is what’s wrong with you humans you let your emotions get to you. I don’t think you realize the potential you could have, if you just…” A loud banging came from outside the door. “You three go check that out,” Dick yells at the leviathans standing over you. You can feel them leave, one of them stepping on you as he leaves. “You see Charlie, you trusted that girl over there to protect you, and look at her now. Weak and beaten, think of it you could help me more than any other leviathan could. You could rule Earth with me.” He whispered into Charlie’s ear. 

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I Ship You

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader (mention of Castiel , Charlie and Crowley)

Warnings: Implied smut

Word count: 1232

Summary: You and the boys go to a convention for the Supernatural books because chuck thinks there is a ghost haunting the place, when you arrive you learn what ‘shipping’ is, and that different fans ship you with different people in your lives, and a few secrets come out.

You arrived at the convention Chuck had asked you all to attend, as much as you loathed the books that had most of your life written in them; you needed to work on a case and chuck had found you one. “This is the worst” you groaned as you paced towards the door of the building, “do we have to?” You complained.

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Amy was not a gym rat.  Not even close to it, but she found that she enjoyed working out a few times a week.  It started with going to a weekly yoga class with Penny, but Amy found that she liked how she felt when she was exercising.  Her mind was clearer, her moods were better, her stamina was better, she slept better.  She didn’t feel like she needed to lose weight, but with her impending wedding, even some results there didn’t seem like a bad thing.

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A love affair with life

So this is my last gift for @insanereddragon today :)

This is part of a verse we’ve been discussing for a while now where they’re civilian, Harry is/was a renowned  photographer and Merlin a very successful model who also happens to be his muse. Then comes along Eggsy, a young photographer that captures both of Harry and Merlin’s attention.

This is just a little introduction and there will surely be more (either from me or Red) but when I cannot say.

I hope I did our little verse justice Red and yes, I totally had that written already when I complained to you I wanted someone to write it

A love affair with life

Merlin is about to leave the bedroom when Harry wakes up. Well, “wake up” might be words that are a bit too strong in Harry’s case, but he’s conscious enough to realise Merlin has left the bed judging by his pitiful whine and the way he’s reaching out with his hand.

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ethan, my baby (i talk loads now)


“Cal!” okay so he’s having a nightmare maybe???? about Cal??? ABOUT GUILT MAYBE??? ALSO if they show his chest and he doesn’t have his scar on it (i mean let’s brush past them forgetting once) i will not be a happy bunny

“Ethan’s grieving-” - charlie to alicia. Damn right he is and damn right if this trailer is anything to go by that’s all we’ll have for the next three months. ethan being v v hurt… so no different from any fanfics then…

they’re holding hands? so everything seems to be going okay between them for the time being but ethan still looks on the verge of tears WOW good on you george rainsford

the rest is in the ‘keep reading’ section because i just realised how annoying this will be to scroll past i am so sorry

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anonymous asked:

do you have any headcanons about how the family would react to them bringing girlfriends (boyfriends?) home? (besides fleur obviously we all know how great that went)

Oh my gosh, I saw this message awhile ago when you first sent it but I’m a flop of a human and forgot to answer it, hopefully this makes up for it!

  • Bill had his first girlfriend when he was near the end of his Fourth Year.  A Ravenclaw girl who played on the Quidditch team and was just as rebellious as Bill.  She had a nose ring and wore clothes that made some kids think she was weird or something.  She was opinionated and outspoken and had a tendency to use language not even Bill did unless provoked.  But he liked her and that was that.
  • Charlie was the first one to learn of this girl and he couldn’t help but laugh. His big brother Bill with a girlfriend?  His big brother Bill who tripped on his own shoelaces?  His big brother Bill who still had a teddy bear on his bed?
  • That summer, Bill asked his parents if he could have a “friend” over.  They agreed and arranged the day.
  • They were shocked when they realized this “friend” of their son was actually more than a friend.
  • Molly couldn’t believe her baby boy had a girlfriend.  He wasn’t even fifteen yet!  She could not be old enough to have a son with a girlfriend!
  • Arthur put on a polite smile and tried not to stare at her piercing.
  • Percy was quiet, mostly because this girl was kind of scary.
  • The twins made kissy noises every time the girl turned her head and Bill shot them a look that made even them cower.

  • Charlie was different and he knew it.
  • He just didn’t see what the big deal was.
  • When all of his friends and Bill and Percy, even, started noticing girls they fancied, Charlie wondered what had happened.
  • He had always had a lot to talk about with his friends, but suddenly he felt left out.  He just didn’t see the thrill.
  • It wasn’t that he didn’t notice if a girl or boy was attractive.  He could appreciate a good-looking person, he just never felt the need to act on it.
  • He had been friends with Tonks for a long time, and in their Fifth Year, Charlie finally decided to figure out what the big deal was.
  • He asked Tonks to a brunch date in Hogsmeade, and she accepted.
  • He considered her his “girlfriend” for a few months, and one day she went to the Burrow for dinner.
  • Charlie hadn’t told his family about his girlfriend, he didn’t have any reason to.
  • Percy let it slip while Tonks was there and Molly’s fork fell from her hand and Arthur’s jaw dropped.
  • Arthur recovered first.  He shifted gears and asked when all of this had happened.
  • Tonks - ever the chatterbox - said more than Charlie could ever manage to.
  • Molly was surprised he had brought anyone home, but had always agreed to support him no matter what.
  • Which is why she supported him when he decided to not bring anyone home again.

  • Percy was too shy to bring anyone home for a long time.
  • He knew how his brothers namely the twins would treat him and anyone he brought home.
  • When they found out about Penelope, he was proven right.
  • Once Molly caught wind of Penelope, she insisted he bring her home sometime.
  • The day came, and of course she wasn’t good enough for her boy.
  • She was a polite and intelligent young girl, but she wasn’t right for Percy.
  • Molly spent the night tossing passive-aggressive comments at Penelope, and Arthur spent the night trying to avert them.
  • Percy blushed the entire night.
  • He didn’t have many girlfriends after that, but when he brought Audrey home the first time, Molly tried to give her the cold shoulder, but Audrey dispelled every one of them.
  • That seemed to pass some sort of test, and Audrey was accepted after that.
  • Percy’s brothers loved her, even though she and Percy were complete opposites, they seemed to work together and she had a a fantastic sense of humor, so who were they to complain?

  • Neither Fred nor George brought many people home.
  • They were too busy with their jokes and later business for dating.
  • It wasn’t until George and Angelina officially started dating that his family really saw him with a girl.
  • Granted, he was still grieving Fred, but so was Angelina and that’s what made them work together.  They understood.
  • Honestly, the Weasleys were just happy George was laughing again.  They didn’t care who caused it, as long as they saw it again.
  • Ron.  Sweet, sweet Ron.
  • He had Hermione over for years and years, but he didn’t know what that meant.
  • At the time, it was just a boy bringing his friend home, but later it was a boy bringing his friend home.
  • Arthur and Molly knew it was a long time coming, they had even made a bet over who would admit it first.
  • When Ron announced that he’d kissed Hermione, Arthur slid his wife a galleon with a scowl.
  • Ron’s brothers cheered “it’s about time!” and Ginny whistled.
  • Hermione still had to pass Molly’s tests, even though Molly knew Hermione as well as her own children.
  • But Hermione knew Molly just as well, and knew just what to say to charm Ron’s parents as their son’s girlfriend.
  • Molly squeezed Hermione’s hand that night over tea and admitted she’d never really approved of Lavender, anyway.
  • Ginny was a girl of firey spirit.
  • She had a few different boyfriends and was proud of it.
  • Ron tried to make a big deal out of this, but Ginny never let it bother her.  He would be on the receiving end of one of her hexes if it did.
  • She brought Dean home one day, and Arthur was thrilled.  He wasn’t a muggle, but he loved muggle football and he spent the night grilling Dean about the rules and regulations of muggle sports.
  • She brought Michael Corner home one day and her brothers hated every minute of it.  They spent most of the night mocking him behind his back or muttering after any comment Michael made.
  • Arthur didn’t mind Dean, but he didn’t like Michael.
  • They were all relieved when she brought Harry home as her boyfriend, not that he wasn’t already there most nights anyway.
  • Harry was special to them, and the only one of their partners not to have to pass any sort of test.
  • He did, however, have a pretty scary “big brother” talk before their wedding.
But I'm A Cheerleader! - Chapter 2 (Aja x Farrah) - Millie

A/N: I’m trying to apply their roles from the cheer challenge to their characters in this, so I apologise if it seems cheesy or anything. Any feedback on this would be much appreciated! Also to all the actual cheerleaders out there, I do apologise if I’m not using the correct terms for everything, I literally don’t know the first thing about it lmao

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“Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory“ Review

I’m not known for reviewing movies (although after this I might do more), but you know what I am known for? Constantly ranting and raving.

This movie is an experience. There are some majors things I want to talk about, and when they’re good, they’re VERY good. But when they’re bad… they’re fucking bad.

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