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Do you think Fives will ever settle down with someone permanently in this AU? I know he's currently taking care of Echo (which I may add is the cutest thing ever and it's a good parallel to his personality in the show good job 10/10) but I'm wondering if he or echo will ever get married or have a serious relationship.

Thank you! ;3; I guessss it’s been kinda in my head that eventually they end up with romantic partners and go their separate ways? And now that I think about it, Fives would be a really great/interesting dad (imo) so he probably ends up with kids. But at the moment no one (actual character or OC archetype) really inspires me enough to make them an attached partner or child to Fives or Echo. Possibly partially because I’m projecting and want to hold on to the idea of it being a non-issue that they’re mid/late 20s and still Extremely Single. >w>;;;;

(But dang now I’m kinda taken with the idea of Fives having a kid in the near future, because if any of them were to have a baby out of wedlock, it would be Fives. Plus the whole “two bros and a baby” trope can a pretty good one. But then again, babies kind of consume your life and adding one tends to ruin sitcoms. Maybe I just need to get some nibbling babysitting shenanigans up in here…)

PS, Very tangentially related, but since I’m here: The song “Honey, I’m good,” always makes me think of DV Fives. He’s passionate and impulsive, but loyal and dependable when it counts.

PPS, I just remembered that I did touch on all this about 8 months ago. Seems my opinion hasn’t changed much XD But here’s the post if you’re interested~ 

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Your fic... where Slav whistles though his little beakmouth... is making me so happy right now :,} That's the cutest image ever, all the other images can go home

I’m rather partial to the headcanon that Slav whistles. He strikes me as someone with a noisy mind and when actually content, it helps to have something to keep him preoccupied. 

In general, I’m quite proud of that fic, especially since it was my first time writing a new character (Slav) and it felt like one of those times that the character really just kinda sang to me. There’s this interesting thing where Slav is a restless individual but not, at his core, a high-strung one; he can be that way, but much like Shiro, it’s a property of triggers. 

Writing him in a context with a complete absence of triggers, he’s rather calm, actually, if kind of offbeat in the sense that his mind tracks patterns so quickly that he often kind of skips ahead or takes things directly at face value. I was trying to capture the attitude he had when he was talking about Shiro’s arm. 

“Does it bother you that you have only one?” suggests the idea that patterns, symmetry, and order are significant and important to Slav, and sometimes he thinks on that level before he registers ‘no, this person probably doesn’t wish his traumatic loss of limb was symmetrical.’

In other ways, though, Slav is “wise” in a sense that Shiro could really benefit from, which is what originally inspired that talk. Slav is much more aware of his own issues, and much more accepting of them. Shiro isn’t just suppressing his issues, on some level he hasn’t really taken a deep look inside and figured out exactly what he’s suppressing.

I think that’s a level of nuance sometimes missed in fanwork and analyses. I know I missed that, initially. But it kind of makes sense. Shiro hasn’t really had the time for quiet introspection. A lot of his situation, he’s had to try and manage or prepare for the next situation rapidly, focus on other things. He doesn’t realize most of his symptoms until someone calls attention to him or he trips on them- suddenly having flashbacks or panic attacks. Anxiety? Skyrocketing stress levels around certain stimuli? Would be even harder to pin down but I can imagine him having a surge and then afterwards being sort of shaken by it, like “whoa, wait, where did that come from?”

And even when sometimes he does have the time for it, I feel like he’d be a little cautious to do so, subconsciously, because… he’s not going to like what he finds. “So getting abducted by the space empire may have messed with my head more than the amnesia and this might be a semi-permanent fixture of my personality going forwards” is not exactly a fun game to play with yourself.

But Shiro really needs to think about this more. Especially because his reflexive, reactionary “come on don’t do this to me right now” is getting him nowhere.


“i’ll show you how genuinely cute i can be”
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Blue blue singing along to her mommy makes my heart melt!


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