so this is the best one out of all the ugly ones

how i write
  • ‘okay so oh my god, i’ve literally got the best idea for this fic, it’s so unique and i bet no one ever thought about it’
  • writes like one paragraph
  • *forgets about it for 3 months*
  • opens it later with even more ideas
  • ‘oh my god i know the best way to follow up this fic ha ha i’m so smart’
  • writes like 5 lines
  • deletes like 855 lines
  • ‘i feel like i’ve used this word a lot’
  • rereads so many times that the text has lost all it’s meaning
  • ‘nope you used ‘said’ last time and ‘spoke’ before that. use a different word for said’
  • lines turn into complex statements
  • trying to figure out if the person who reads it can figure it out
  • breaks! 
  • blames writer’s block even though i got too much inspiration
  • trying to stop myself from indulging in too much fluff
  • more breaks!
  • ‘my fingers hurt’ word count - 67
  • ‘who set out the rules for upper case first letters after the full stops? that shit is stupid and tiring?’
  • sucks at describing the scene
  • ‘it was a warm and dark night, like black ink that’s been boiled on a low flame’
  • sucks more at adjectives and adverbs
  • ‘the pretty woman pretty much hated the pretty girl and her pretty sister’
  • really sucks at writing angst 
  • ‘tim loved tom but tom thought he liked jim because it was prophesied’
  • reads prompts for fics and is like
  • ‘i can work so much with this. i got it down. it’s good. i got the perfect idea’
  • repeat 

I really want Kit Purrson to be a sphynx cat. 

One of these. Like listen:

  • These guys are the most affectionate, loving motherfuckers. They live in your lap. They purr constantly. They’re always down for play time. They’re actually ridiculous in the best way.
  • They are just. so loud. Kent could have full on conversations with Kit, with her chirping back. He absolutely would do this.
  • They wear clothes. Imagine the ridiculous wardrobe Kit would have. Imagine the amount of glitter and ribbons that would be involved.
  • Everyone that came over would be freaked out and claim she was ugly and Kent would be outraged every time. Eventually all rookies are warned never say anything bad about Parser’s cat ever.
  • I just really want Kent to have one of these warm snuggly balls of enthusiastic love. The personality is perfect for Kent. Fight me.
A very Ugly Fluffmas

The first of the fluffmas prompts I’m working on, sorry this is so late!

For @aya-eisen, I hope you enjoy it! <3

Prompt; ugly sweaters


“I’m not wearing that.”

Gajeel bit back an exasperated growl as Levy folded her arms over her chest, stubbornly ignoring the sweater he held out to her. He couldn’t deny that it was the gaudiest thing he’d ever seen, but then again that was the point of these things! And since it was traditional to don the sweaters for the Christmas parties, they had to wear the ugliest ones he could find. If she thought she could refuse, she had another thing coming. After all, there was a low-key bet as to who would walk in with the best of the worst, the prize being free booze the rest of the night. And that wasn’t something he was about to pass up this year.  

Not after what happened last year.  


Never again.  

Not with Titania that drunk.  

He hoped that she would be distracted this year so that the party from hell wouldn’t be repeated, but with their luck he and Levy would be dragged there for another hellish night. Better to be drunk off his ass and never remember than to suffer nightmares of a fire dragon slapping his naked butt.  

Resisting a shiver of dread at the memories, he scowled at the blue haired mage. He held out the offending sweater closer to her, and dodged her hand when she swiped it out to bat it away.  

“Look, it ain’t gonna kill ya to wear it for one night,” he reasoned, and gestured to his own sweater. It matched the one in his hand, and needless to say it was a glittery, sparkly mess that would put Ichiya to shame. Levy frowned as she stared at the abomination he wore, her lips pouting when she considered the sweater again. He sighed dramatically, tossing the sweater on to the couch.  

“Alright, you’re not leaving me much choice but to do this,” he growled, looming over her. She blinked suspiciously, then began backing up as he lifted the hem of his own sweater up high and approached her.  

“Gajeel, what -?” She was cut off as he whipped it over her head, pulling his sweater firmly over her petite form. Her squeaks of protest were muffled as he tugged till her head popped out of the collar, stretching the sweater to accommodate the both of them. Then, he wrapped his arms around the squirming girl, lifting her off her feet and hauling her to the hall mirror that hung just outside their bedroom.  

Once there, he settled her gently on the floor, but still kept the sweater snug around her. He motioned her to turn till she was facing the mirror, where she crossed her arms under the sweater, pouting as he pulled the sweater down.  

“There, see? It’d look good on you if ya only gave it a chance,” he muttered, ignoring her annoyed huff as he began nuzzling her neck. He had to stifle a triumphant laugh when he started peppering her neck with kisses, for her heart started beating loud enough to hear it. She couldn’t hold back the moan when he hugged her closer, lavishing her skin with his lips. As his tongue swept under her earlobe, he could smell the perfume that he’d seen her dab on herself, and bit back a groan of appreciation as he drank it in. He could feel heat grow in his cheeks as she pushed back against him, her head listed to the side to give him more access to her skin.  

He nearly growled as he pulled back regretfully, trying to ignore the sudden tightness in his pants as Levy panted, recovering slightly from his administration. As she glanced up at him, he merely smooched her forehead, then grinned evilly at her.  

“Tell ya what, Lev,” he chuckled, and she gulped, suspicious of his intent. “I’ll reward ya with whatever you want if you wear the sweater.” He grinned, pleased with his proposal. She, however, was not. Her lip stuck out again, and she furrowed her brow mulishly.  

“Don’t want to.” She huffed, and he nipped at her ear.  

“Come on, one hour?”  



“… Fine.”  


Bump Uglies [DIBS 18]

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They were all stuck in a run down house, used by druggies and squatters, and the only room without a broken window, and blankets, was this dilapidated servant’s quarters, that could barely fit Sam and YN, let alone the three of them.

Dean didn’t mind sharing the space, but he knew just by the look on their faces, that they were itching, just itching to get each others’ clothes off, and as he went to leave the room, to squat in one of the other bitter, cold, rooms, YN pulled him down to her and wrapped her arms and legs around his torso.

“Nuh uh, not leaving us Winchester,” she pulled him closer, “you’re my best friend and I won’t allow you to die of hypothermia out there.”

“I love ya, kiddo, I really do, and I love being the third wheel, it’s so fun.  This isn’t sarcasm, no, definitely not,” Dean rushed, “but I can’t stay in the same room as you two when you know, bump uglies and whatnot.”

“One, that was sarcasm, two you’re never a third wheel, and three, we do not do any of that butt stuff,” YN squirmed uncomfortably.

Sam guffawed.

Dean blanched.

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“So you’re stuck with us, so get to cuddling,” YN waited for Sam to cover his brother and girlfriend with all the sleeping bags and blankets they had, before pulling himself closer to YN to absorb her warmth.

“Gnight, guys,” Sam yawned.

“Yeah, yeah, just don’t go mistaken me for Sam during the night,” Dean snarked.

Yn was ready, “your ass isn’t as hard as Sam’s, don’t worry.”

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party (Avengers x Reader)

Characters: The Avengers

Word Count: 

Warnings: Just two slightly offensive sweaters, nothing bad ^-^

A/N: So in celebration of Christmas, I decided to write this one shot. It isn’t my best but I wanted to do something for Christmas!

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Jacob Lessio vs Lucy Heartfilia

So, I am extremely worried about the Spriggan 12 all being back in general, but one that stood out to me is Jacob. 

In the latest chapter, he says this after discussing his failure to defeat Fairy Tail with Ajeel:

He’s pissed the fuck off that he was defeated. Now technically, Lucy, Natsu, and Master Makarov all defeated him, but there is one person that is to to blame entirely for his defeat. 

Lucy Heartfilia. It all started when she kicked his ugly mug across the guild hall, shown here:

Ah yes. I love that panel. Anyway, she then reveals that she was able to escape with her celestial spirits help, meaning her magic overpowers his on a defensive and probably offensive scale.

At this point, Jacob is only a little pissed off,he still thinks he can win against this naive little girl. But in truth, he is naive.

He decides that the best plan for action is slicing her up.

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This is where Natsu steps in. Interrupting his previous plans, and throwing him entirely off guard. 


Lucy reveals once again how tactful she is. She tells him his comrades are in there, and she knows it includes Marin. That beautiful genius.

Yep. Here he is realizing this woman has completely fucked him over with one chess move.

Look at that. He’s got those black and gray anger clouds behind him. He’s beyond pissed off. He is furious.

Lucy throughout the entire battle was the main person obstructing all his moves, and in my opinion, the one who basically defeated him.

So I would imagine, he wants revenge. Served cold and with a knife. 


CRAIG: You mean Stan’s group?!

CRAIG: Hahaha, those guys are already freaks on their own, and now you want to bring their looks into the picture?

TOKEN: They’re pretty shitty people.

JIMMY: I dunno, I think Butters is p-p-p-pretty alright.

CRAIG: He only hangs out with them all the time because he’s too much of a gullible idiot to realise how terrible they are.

TOKEN: Honestly I think Eric’s the only bad one.

CRAIG: Are you kidding me? They’re all awful.

CRAIG: I’ll give you a ranking, hold on let me find some paper…

TOKEN: Kenny? Really?

CRAIG: Butters is too ugly to be number one, so Kenny was the first to come to mind. He only ever talks when he needs to and other than that you barely notice he’s even there. He’s the best of the five.

CRAIG: Kyle’s an asshole just like Stan is, but he’s at least the smarter of the two.

JIMMY: I think Kyle’s okay. Definitely better than S-s-ssstan, that whiny son of a bitch.

CRAIG: Heheh, yeah.

CRAIG: Poor Butters would have been higher up if he didn’t have such a butt face.

TOKEN: He’s kind of a weirdo sometimes.

CRAIG: Yeah, but so are a lot of people in this town so I let that slide.

TOKEN: Makes sense.

CRAIG: I added special effects on for his drawing.

JIMMY: P-penises?

CRAIG: Yeah because he loves them.

CRAIG: This was pretty obvious.

TOKEN: Yeah, he’s not the best looking guy around.

JIMMY: No comment here.

CRAIG: There’s no comment needed. Cartman is a walking dog turd.

TOKEN: Hahaha, you better watch what you say about Eric.

CRAIG: Does he even know about this blog?

TOKEN: Dude. Eric finds out about everything eventually.

CRAIG: Oh yeah.

CRAIG: Oh well, I guess. It’s not like he doesn’t hear this kind of stuff everyday anyways.

TOKEN: You’re right on that part.

CRAIG: So there you have it. A ranking of quite possibly the ugliest five guys in town.

JIMMY: I’d say it’s pretty a-aaaccurate!

CRAIG: Of course it is.

the signs + being lied to

Aries: Don’t even try to lie to an Aries. They are one of the best liars and will see through all your lies. They’re not ones to call you out on it, but don’t expect them to be honest with you if you lie to them.

Taurus: They probably won’t even trust you with anything after that. They’ll be extremely sarcastic and will make a game out of it, they’ll lie to you right back.

Gemini: They WILL call you out on your bullshit, they hate liars and they hate when people deceit others. It’s just best not to lie to or near a Gemini, unless of course, you’re lying for them.

Cancer: They don’t really want to cause problems, but will if you continuously lie or even hide the truth, and once they let it out, they don’t hold back, so don’t lie to a Cancer.

Leo: They will most likely lie with you to make your story sound more interesting, and they’ll dramatize everything so it’ll be funny.

Virgo: They will calmly ask you why you are lying, if you continue to lie they will be very upset and refuse to talk to you until you admit the truth.

Libra: They’ll nod and agree with you. They’ll laugh about it probably when you’re not around, and since Libras are calm people they wouldn’t want to cause trouble, so they won’t tell you to stop lying, but they’ll know when you are.

Scorpio: They’ll laugh in your face, they won’t hold back because it just isn’t their thing. They will also call you out and tell other people about your stupid, and obvious lies.

Sagittarius: They will probably just walk away, since they are pretty blunt people they will tell you, in front of everyone, how ridiculous you are being.

Capricorn: They’ll find out the truth, then they will confront you for lying to them. It’s best to just be honest from the beginning with Capricorns.

Aquarius: They will lie right back at you, and even though some can be very bad liars, you’ll end up believing them. They hate dishonesty so don’t expect to stay friends with them after lying too much.

Pisces: They will know when you are lying, always. But they will most probably just ignore it, they don’t really mind it unless you are hurting someone they love.


Gratsu week :
day 2: Heart

Ok this one has an AU-ish side to it so the idea is that once you are in love with someone you can give them your heart and if it turns out they love you too you can make half of your hearts fuse together and then BAM your other half is always there with you . And so at the beginning of the thing Gray is refusing to fuse their hearts together because he is being secure . Everyone have beautiful hearts and Gray’s is so ugly and black and Natsu deserves better 

honestly, all audrey needed was to have a good ugly cry and a wee hug and told it was gonna be arite, that emma would come around, and when very suspicious info came out all she needed was a “maybe you’re right i’ll be a lil careful around zoe for a few days” like she was just humiliated at school by one of her best friends, she’s scared and feels alone and is really upset and has like one friend in the world and noah couldn’t have stuck a movie on and sat with her or talked things through? now i love noah with every inch of my soul but i’m so mad at him lmao.

People: We hate you!
Paramore: You are the only exception
People: You too bad for being our friend.
Fall Out Boy: I think you’re my best friend
People: You are so ugly!
My Chemical Romance: The world is ugly, but you beatyful to me
People: Nobody loves anything about you
Panic! At The Disco: I love all things you hate about yourself
People: There’s no fairytales. It’s just lie.
All Time Low: This real life just isn’t right, let’s fabricate
People: Nobody thinking about you
5 Seconds Of Summer: And i know shouldn’t tell you but i just can’t stop thinking of you
Peole: You’re ot good enough
One Direction: Baby you’re perfect to me

And you still ask me why I love music so much? You are fools, guys, i’m sorry.


YO TAYLOR THIS IS HANNAH flames-or-paradises AND SHE HAS BEEN MY BEST FRIEND FOR ALMOST TWO YEARS AND WE MET BECAUSE OF YOU and one time you commented on a post on my Instagram and made us both cry because you knew you made us friends and stuff but ANYWAY, she’s one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet and she’s so so so cute and she’s gonna be at the 1989 tour tonight (7/7)!

her seats are on floor, row NN seats 1-6 and she’s gonna have a light up skirt and and her little sister is gonna be very decked out. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU MEET HER. I mean I haven’t met her yet so I’d be very jealous but still, 10/10 recommend.

Okay so I work at a sno cone shop and today while I was on shift I couldn’t stop thinking about sand fam sno cone orders so here you go: 

Temari is pretty well-rounded, she likes to try different flavors but usually only gets one or two on each sno cone. She always makes sure the flavors coordinate together though. She likes fruity flavors the best. 

Kankuro is one of those little shits that gets 14 different flavors on one sno cone and its this ugly looking mound by the time they finish pouring all of them on. The flavors predictably blend together and Temari always makes it a point to say “I told you so” when it doesn’t taste good. Kankuro insist he loves the taste no matter how much of a trainwreck it turns out to be.

Gaara is loyal to one flavor and one flavor only. It’s something really odd and unappetizing like cinnamon, and it drives Shikadai mad. He consistently tries to convince Gaara to at least try a different flavor but everytime he tastes something else he just pauses and goes “cinnamon is better” and Shikadai SIGHS SO LOUD. 

Shikadai isn’t super obsessed with sno cones but he’s kind of similar to his mom in that he likes to try them all. Usually he sticks with sugary flavors like birthday cake or sugar cookie though. Sometimes he’ll go wild and get three or four flavors on one but he’s way better at coordinating them than Kankuro. 

Shikamaru is similar to Gaara in that he gets the same flavor each time, but he’s much less adamant about it. Sno cones aren’t really his thing, so he just gets lime, but one time they accidentally gave him the wrong flavor and he didn’t even notice.