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totally forgot to post these before, but I went for an interview at the aquarium (!!!) yesterday and my hair was p much perfect (and it matched my dress too!)

Hello New Follower!

I just want to say a big, huge, warm WELCOME to every single one of you New Lovelies, and ask the most wonderful person I know to blow kisses at all of you (he’s happy to!) (go figure!)

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I’m so happy to have you!! I sincerely hope you’ll like it here!


Zine email updates+Charms update

I’m sorry for being so spammy about this!! A lot of people were having problems receiving it so I’m :’-(

Anyway though, I sent out my last email of the most updated zine PDF (if u never got my 2nd email) and everyone should get it this time! If you didn’t, then you might have misspelled your email (which a few of you did but it’s ok!!). Just message me or e-mail me here or on Also check your spam boxes as well!

As for the charms, I just emailed everyone right now for updates! Lmk if you have any questions :-)

june hiatus

Firstly, thank you for following this blog.
i said it many times already but i’ll keep saying it - that it really means a lot to me, every reblog/like/retag people leave on my posts, i read them all and i really appreciate them

anyway for next month, i will be away at 修羅場 (lol)
lately i don’t feel confident in my work, so i’m going to do a bit of grinding away from social media (here + twitter)
(so if you have any messages for me, please drop it in my askbox and i will read it when i get back!)

but i’ll be back in time for kunikidazai week (which btw is gonna be super awesome and i’m super excited for)

Thank you for reading, and see you in july!!

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OMG !! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE RBB & SBB MASTERPOST !! I can't believe that actually happened hahaha like... wow... just wow haha it was on their actually stage shows and everything. And then in LM concert! I finally got what it meant in freddieismyqueen vid becuz srsly wtf was going on there, why was it there XD omg those bears are just gold. And I only read the brief concise explanation of it all. Mein Gott, are they rly coming back? i really hope they do so I could experience the magic too

haha no problem! That masterpost is pretty good, isn’t? Yeah those were good days. I’d wait every show to get a pic of the bears and wait to see what people would find out lol it was amazing. Idk nony, I do hope they come back, I miss them :( 

29/05/2017, 6:32a.m.

[a short BNM fic]

[hiding this under a cut because woojin’s situation is actually quite serious; also because I am insecure about my own writing]

“I’m dropping Woojin off at the clinic to get more meds, will be back in 15 minutes, so change into uniform and get ready, okay?”

Before his last word hit the ground, the manager is already running back to the driver’s seat. Daehwi shuffles towards the van door and clutches Woojin’s hand before jumping off.

“Hyung, take care.”

Woojin looks out from his one good eye; three faces stare back at him. Youngmin with his concerned gaze, Donghyun with a reassuring smile and Daehwi slightly pouting, as if he could make Woojin’s shingles go away by just sheer power of disapproval.

“Got it,” Woojin whispers. “See you guys soon.”

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Anyways… s/o to my eyeballs for being useless and deciding not to process my phone screen very well, even after I upped the font to “extra large,”
thank you… it’s not like I needed to see today

My heart goes out to the parents driving home without their children. To the teenagers with an empty desk beside them at school today. To the best friends who turn to make a joke to someone, only to remember they’re not there. To the teachers who call out the register, only to stumble on a name. My heart goes out today to all those affected by this horrific, barbaric and heartbreaking attack in Manchester.

Imagine: At some point, Taako becomes obsessed with mirrors. Not in a vain way, as people keep accusing him, but because he catches a glimpse of his face in the mirror out of the corner of his eye and it hurts and the hurt is gone and then he’s just looking at himself in the mirror, trying to figure out what just happened

It’s usually only a few minutes at a time, but those minutes add up until it’s hours per week and days per year just looking for something he can’t find.

He laughs off any comments, usually - “Have you seen my face, my dude? It’s perfect! Of course I like to look at it.”

It’s not just the possible return to his cooking show that makes him hesitate in Wonderland when he has to sacrifice his beauty.

After they beat Wonderland and settle down for the night, he pulls out the Pocket Spa again - and for the first time in a long time there’s no ghost in the mirror out of the corner of his eye.

(A day and a drink of ichor later, he finally remembers who he was trying to find in his own face.)

headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

(ref cr. mbc)