so this is really sappy but yeah

like. thank you for being my friend. i know we won’t ever say this in person unless we’re too drunk to hold it in and i know if we do we won’t talk about it in the morning but every time you’re next to me i feel like you radiate invincibility. like if i make stupid mistakes you’ll find a way to save me. like i’d do anything to make you happy. like. buddy you’re weird and sort of abrupt and sometimes too honest but i look at all of these traits you hate and i just. really love them. so yeah like don’t ever talk about the fact i told you this or that i got sappy or that once i cried telling you how much you’d be missed but know it’s true. if you died i’d be, like. super pissed. i don’t know. i love you, is all. don’t make, like, a thing out of it.

Simmtember Day 7!

I was struggling with a commission painting, so I did some quick practice. \o/

EDIT: I kinda realized that I made Grif a bit too skinny so I went back and fixed it. Sorry about that!!


so I love @arieryn ‘s nic so much

I’m in a sappy, sad mood so have some cute lil hc’s about a sleepover with big boi @ ur place, yeah?

-He shows up with like 3 duffel bags full of shit bc he didn’t know what he should bring

-One of them is just filled to the brim with balloons for balloon animals

-Jiffy Pop! You guys pop it together, and his eyes light up every time a little kernel pops in there

-You make a blanket fort together, and though he doesn’t really understand the concept, it’s the best damn blanket fort you’ve ever seen

-He paints your nails!!!! It’s like 2am and he’s just like “i was…. looking online and…. sometimes people paint each other’s nails…. or do each other’s make up…. they called it a makeunder or something like that”

-After he paints your nails you insist he does your makeup like his, and his face lights up like a Christmas tree

-You guys watch a bunch of cheesy rom coms with your head in his lap

-You start getting sleepy and Penny’s just like “is your battery running out?”

-You yawn and he kind of loses his shit so you have to be like “nonono it just means I’m tired”

-He drapes a blanket over you and you fall asleep with your head in his lap

-He kind of just watches you sleep for a while like “dat my human” before closing his eyes as if he were sleeping too

Bonus: you wake up to the smell of smoke, only to see him struggling with a blackened pancake in a pan so you offer to cook and he’s like “NO I GOT THIS” and opens one of his duffel bags to reveal it’s juST FUCKING FULL OF CANDY

Counterfeit Feelings / Jin x Reader

Originally posted by lavender-kills

Their happy ever after was just starting. And then he went and ripped her heart out without realizing the damage and leaving her in doubt. Was anything she experienced with him real?

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Warnings: strong language, cheating, A LOT of angst

Words: 4k

Request:  Heyy Could you do a scenario about Jin ? Where the reader find her fiancé (Jin) cheating on her and he saw that he’s been caught. He wants to still be with her.

Thank you @like-duh-hello for this request! Hope you enjoy! 💕           

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Valentine’s Day with Tom Holland would include...

Originally posted by tomhollandislife

N/A: Special headcanons to celebrate Valentine’s Day - I don’t write for celebrities usually, so please, don’t insist. Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you guys <3

  • Tom is young and tbh he doesn’t have so much experience on this whole dating thing
  • So on his first Valentine’s Day with you he decides that it’s better to make simple and nice things that he knows you will like rather than plan a fancy night where things can go wrong
  • He spends half of his day working with his Marvel team, once his next movie as Spiderman is in production
  • But he sends you tons of messages - which makes his manager and Kevin Feige call his attention to the meeting they were having a couple of times
  • “I’m so sorry, I swear I’m right here with you guys now”, he says, as you reply to his message, making him blush
  • Through the messages, he apologizes to you for working on such a special day
  • And promises you that once he’s done with work, he’s all yours
  • And that’s exactly what happens
  • Tom goes to his home and get ready for you
  • He puts your favorite shirt, just because he knows you will notice and smile
  • He calls you minutes before leaving, and says that he has a surprise for you
  • Which is a little gift that he knows you will love it
  • So Tom leaves his place, with the gift on his jacket pocket, and goes to your house to pick you up
  • He hugs you really tight when he sees you, kissing your lips a few times before saying “Happy Valentine’s Day, love”
  • Tom drives you to a small gig of a band you like - a place he knows people may recognize him, but won’t do anything bigger than just shyly wave at him
  • You sing every song with him, hugging him on the slow ones
  • Then your favorite song comes up
  • And Tom feels proud to sing it at the top of his lungs as he holds your hands and hugs you from behind
  • Once the show is over, you can’t stop smiling and fangirling about the band
  • “Did you see the guitarrist? He was freaking awesome! I wish I could play like that”
  • “Oh, so now you wanna learn how to play guitar?”, Tom teases you, and you laugh
  • He then takes you to eat something - aka pizza
  • And you’re the one who order the pizzas
  • “But I don’t know what you wanna eat, Thomas!”
  • “Anything is fine, love. Although I would love you forever if you order a pizza with a lot of cheese”
  • Tom tells you about his day, how he’s excited about the new Marvel movie, and how he can’t tell you anything about it
  • On the other hand, you tell him about your day, a little problem that happened with a family member, and how you were missing him
  • “You saw me two days ago, you must really love me”, he jokes, with that beautiful british accent
  • You and Tom eats a lot of pizza, laughing at each other’s jokes, talking about movies, bands, TV shows, etc
  • And yeah, it’s something pretty simple but ends up being one of the most incredible nights of your life
  • On the way to his car, he stops and buys you a flower from a lovely old lady on the street
  • “I’ve always wanted to do this”, he laughs, as he gives you the red flower
  • “Oh gosh, you’re so sappy!”
  • “Hey!”
  • Tom then buys some ice cream too, and drives you to your home (where it was planned for him to spend the night)
  • At your place, you put a playlist you made with Tom to play on the radio, while he takes off his jacket and get two spoons on the kitchen, for the ice cream
  • You leave him for a moment, to get his present
  • “Look, babe, I was going to give you this later but it’s almost 1am and I can’t wait anymore!”
  • Tom gets surprised by how big the box is
  • He opens right away, and you can see his eyes shining when he sees a brand new guitar inside it
  • “Holy shit, love!”
  • He hugs you and gives you a lot of little kisses - all with a huge smile on his face
  • “I’m now ashamed of how little my present for you is”
  • Tom gives you the box that was on his jacket, and when you open it, you see a beautiful necklace with a spider web as a pendant
  • “Not silver, white gold. And guess what?”, he says, and he pulls a necklace from inside his shirt - with the same pendant
  • “Oh my god, Tom! This must have been so freaking expensive!”
  • All the hugs and sweet kisses then turns into a hot make out session
  • Which turns into slow and awkward sex - your first time with him
  • And the night (more like morning lol) ends up with both of you eating ice cream and Tom singing an acustic version of “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur with his new guitar
  • All for you, of course
Something I Can Turn To

For @taovol​, have a birfday Shance fic!

“Shouldn’t he be in a pod?” Keith asked, voice heavy and wary.  His gaze tracked over to where Shiro was still sprawled out on the table, the bright red marks from the attack still visible.  The whole thing seemed to be making him nervous.

Lance couldn’t help but agree.  And he tried hard not to, just because it was Keith.

Coran shook his head.  “No, no, the pods are for injuries.  You know that.”

“He looks pretty injured to me,” Pidge pointed out.  “Those marks are going to bruise badly.”

That made Coran flap a hand.  “A bruise isn’t worth the strain of a pod, even one that large.  We’ll get him some salve to clear that up sooner.  But that’s not really your objection is it?”  He gave them a sly look, brows rising.

He was right.  It wasn’t.  Their real objection was that Shiro was currently kicking his legs, trying to sit up despite the fact that he’d nearly been eaten by a plant not an hour ago.  Hunk was struggling to keep him down.  Normally he wouldn’t stand a chance, but right now…

Right now, Shiro was high as a goddamn kite.

(read more below)

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anonymous asked:

headcanon that the first time Eddie and Richie kiss is when everybody else is asleep at a losers club sleepover

this is canon this is fact this is history (they’re aged up in this so)

*send me headcanon/moodboard requests*

- they usually have sleepovers at mike’s barn but this time the barn’s dirty so the losers have to relocate and pick somewhere else, plus it was nearing december getting a bit too chilly to sleep in an old barn
- god knows why they chose to go over richie’s
- but his parents wouldn’t home until late
- they had another “buisness meeting” and the house was pretty big so that’s where they decided to have their weekly sleepover

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lucy-on-art  asked:

Oh big huge question. For the family AU does Shiro's twin, Kuro, exist there? Have he meet Keith and tries to flirt with him cause I love jealous Shiro lol.

[The Voltron Family] Shiro had a twin brother named Kuro, who was part of the airforce. He and Shiro were different but alike in some ways, especially with the fact that both of them were fond of Keith. 

The first time Kuro met Keith was when Shiro introduced Keith to the whole family during their first year of dating. After introductions, he took Shiro aside as Keith helped prepare dinner with their parents.

Kuro: You’re dating him? *frowns*
Shiro: *nervous* Yeah, I am. I realized that I don’t really care about gender when it comes to Keith and—
Kuro: *cuts him off* He’s so pretty.
Shiro: *blinks in confusion* *smiles* Well, yeah, I prefer to describe him as handsome but I do agree that he’s pretty physically. He’s really wonderful on the inside—
Kuro: *smirks* You really like him.
Shiro: *chuckles* *scratches his nape* Yeah, a little bit too much actually. 
Kuro: *stares at Shiro and then stares at Keith’s who was chatting with their parents* *smirks* I kinda get it. I mean, if I’d choose a guy too, it would probably look like him. He seems like the type who’d be good in bed and—
Shiro: *eyes widens* He’s asexual!
Kuro: *blinks in confusion as he looks at Shiro* A what?
Shiro: An asexual. He’s basically not into that. We don’t do that.
Kuro: Oh. Is it… by choice or?
Shiro: *shakes head* You don’t really choose to be ace, Kuro. Keith is just like that and I respect that. 
Kuro: Huh. Your first boyfriend and you can’t even touch him. What a pity.
Shiro: *shakes his head again* It really isn’t. *looks at Keith* If you get to know him, I’m sure you’ll get me. Keith is so much more than anyone I’ve slept with. So so so much more. *smiles fondly at Keith who’s very unaware*
Kuro: *eyes Shiro* You love him. You gonna marry him?
Shiro: *looks at Kuro* *shock* What? T-that’s too early! We just started dating!
Kuro: *snickers* But you DO wanna marry him.
Shiro: *rolls eyes* Kuro, please.
Kuro: You owe me 500 bucks when I attend your wedding. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll try to get to know and bond with the future Mr. Shirogane. *winks*

Shiro paid Kuro 500 bucks on the day of their wedding and Kuro hadn’t laughed so hard in his life. Kuro got to know Keith and liked him an awful lot. He got to see what made Shiro choose him from all the other girls he had dated and why he stuck with Keith through all those years. 

Kuro had a crush on Shiro’s husband and Shiro knew that.

The kids loved their Uncle Kuro, so whenever he visited, the house turns into chaos because he would share “war stories” and the kids were always at awe that their great Uncle Kuro had defeated all the aliens.

Pidge: *sitting on Kuro’s lap* I knew aliens were real!!!!
Kuro: Of course they are, green bean. Who said they weren’t?!
Pidge: *pouts* Daddy Shiro said they weren’t real.
Kuro: Pffft. He’s a liar. They’re very real alright.
Lance: *sitting on Kuro’s other lap* Uncle Kuro! Can you tell us more when you piloted a warship?
Hunk: Yes!! And how you went BLAM BLAM BLAM!!! *giggles* 
Kuro: *laughs* Of course, so—

They got interrupted when the main door opened and Keith let himself in, finally home after a long day at work. The kids all ran towards him and gave him pecks on the lips as a greeting, welcoming him home.

Lance: Uncle Kuro’s here!! *points at Kuro in the living room*
Keith: *sees him* *smiles* Oh, you’re here early. I thought I was supposed to pick you up at 7pm?
Kuro: *stands up and walks towards Keith* Yeah. My br—
Shiro: *peeks out from the kitchen* I picked him up at the airport instead since I was free anyway.
Kuro: *rolls eyes* Yeah, that. 
Keith: *chuckles* Well, doesn’t matter. We’re preparing your favourite for dinner. So just gimme a few hours, I hope you’re not hungry yet?
Kuro: *smiles* *is touched* Awwww, Keith. *hugs Keith tight* You’ve always been my favourite person.

And to everyone’s shock, Kuro cupped Keith’s face and leaned in to give Keith a peck on the lips. The kids were just delighted that their Uncle Kuro gave their Daddy Keith a welcome home kiss too. Shiro, however, was just in complete utter shock.

Shiro: KURO!!!!!! *very very scandalized*
Kuro: *laughs* What? 
Shiro: That’s my husband that you just kissed on the lips!
Kuro: It was a dry welcome home peck on the lips, Shiro. Merely innocent. *rolls eyes fondly* The kids did it too! So I’m pretty sure Keith doesn’t mind. *looks at Keith with a huge smile*
Shiro: Well, that’s true I guess, but—
Keith: *laughs* *shakes his head as he looks at his husband* It’s fine, Shiro. No harm done. Plus, Kuro’s family.
Kuro: See? *smirks* *gives Keith another peck on the lips*
Shiro: KURO!!!!!
Kuro: *laughs even harder as he hugged Keith really tight* Ah, damn. My brother is so so so lucky to have you.
Keith: *hugs back* *chuckles* Don’t tell him that or his head is going to get big.
Kuro: *leans away to look at Keith fondly* I always knew you’d be so good to him, that’s why you’re my favourite. *kisses Keith’s forehead*
Shiro: *separates them* Alright, alright. Enough bonding time. We’ll have to prepare dinner now while you babysit the kids.

Shiro took Keith’s hand and they went to the kitchen.

Keith: Shiro…
Shiro: *turns around to face Keith and pouts*
Keith: *pulls Shiro in and kisses him passionately* 
Shiro: *kisses back as he runs his hand through Keith’s hair*
Keith: *pulls away* You’re the only one who’s allowed to kiss me like that.
Shiro: *smiles and turns really red*
Keith: So relax will you? *smirks* Pecks are innocent kisses that can be shared within family, so no need to be jealous, big guy.
Shiro: *sighs* Okay. But that’s Kuro and he’s had a crush on you since then.
Keith: Yeah, I know. 
Shiro: *gapes* YOU KNEW?!!
Keith: *chuckles* Yeah. It’s not a secret. He told me way back then.
Shiro: And you didn’t do anything about it?
Keith: It’s just a crush, Takashi. I told him I was in love with you and he even made fun of me how sappy we both are. *laughs* I paid him 500 bucks at the day of our wedding because he knew back then that we were going to get married after three weeks of dating.
Shiro: HE WHAT??!!!!!!!! HE DID THAT TO YOU TOO?!

Kuro gave Keith a third peck that night as a goodnight kiss and Shiro just rolled his eyes as he interlaced his fingers with Keith as they walked towards their bedroom. 

Kuro: *shouts from his room* USE PROTECTION, KIDS!!!!
Shiro: *smirks* Better wear earmuffs tonight, brother. The walls aren’t soundproof. *winks*
Kuro: *eyes widens in fear* *gasp* Kids these days!! Have you no shame?!! You have children on the same floor! Have some consideration! *closes his door*
Keith: *glares at Shiro* Really? You just had to do that? *raises an eyebrow*
Shiro: *laughs* Have you seen his face? 
Keith: *rolls his eyes fondly* You silly goob. 

So many Squips!!
I went through and drew my favorite Squips, most from askblogs but some from other blogs as well.
@sassy-tic-tac I already drew theirs but here it is again!
@askfluffslikeus Making Squip a cat makes perfect sense.
@ask-the-squipsitter Making Squip a babysitter also makes a lot of sense.
@clacomics I love this design for Squip so much!! (Maybe because I like Keanu Reeves. We’ll never know)
@twosquipsandababy I found this blog and now I’m in awe because it is so cute!
@buzzmorechill You know, I never thought bugs and computers would go together so well.
@askthehellishtrinity I don’t think Script is ever going to let the “Muse with cat ears” incident go.
@bemorebeta Another very cute Squip blog!
@softsquip This was the first askblog about Squip I followed. I will always love it.
@emotional-tictac This emotional computer is so sweet I hope they get better.
@squip-filth This blog makes me question a lot of things, like how a computer can be sexy.
@immadeofmath Math, the most annoyed out of the group. (Maybe)
@trash-cass This blog doesn’t post a lot of BMC stuff, but I really love their Squip design.
@askyourupgrade A Squip and their adult host in love? More likely than you’d think.
@ask-sappy-squips (sorry I wrote down the old name) This blog is so cute! Musica is learning a lot.
@askthesquips This blog made me realize just how many flavors of Mountain Dew are out there.

So, yeah! There’s a lot of Squips on tumblr. (I may or may not be thinking about making an askblog too) (I have too many AU ideas)

Do not repost!!

Milkshake | A Valentine’s Day One Shot

I know it’s a day early but here we have one in which Harry fucks up because I hate Valentine’s Day and we don’t need any extra sappy-ness, ok? It’s hard enough being permanently single without having a special day to rub it in my face.

“Date night Tuesday, yeah? For Valentine’s Day?” Harry says as you lie your head on his chest. There’s a show on the telly at the end of the bed but neither of you are really paying attention, more interested in the whispered conversation you’re having. He’s been home for a while but soon he’ll be gone again and you wish you could keep him by your side like this forever so he could never leave. But Gucci clothes don’t buy themselves, do they? Oh but yes they do, you reason, when they’re sent to him for free.

“Gotta be seen to be wearing ‘em, makes everyone money,” he justifies with a small giggle.

“Yeah but I still don’t understand why they give the free stuff to the very people who can afford to pay for it? This is how rich people stay rich, you know? They don’t have to buy anything for themselves. I read that Lady GaGa got given a £10k place to stay for the Super Bowl for free by Air BnB, I mean, what the fuck?”

“Are you saying you don’t like the dress YSL sent you?”

“That is completely beside the point, Harry. Entirely. I can’t afford it, you can.”

“Oh, of course, sorry, I forgot you can’t afford anything with your multi-millionaire fiancé,” he rolls his eyes.

“Nope. What’s yours is yours until you get that ring on my finger,” you tease.

“Still think we should skip the big wedding and jus’ go t’ Vegas.”

“Your mother would kill us both,” you laugh. “And why Vegas, of all places? Could go anywhere in the world on our own and you choose Vegas?”

“When we’re in LA sometime…quick flight to Vegas, married an hour later, done.”

“Gosh, remember when I thought you were romantic?”

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ok guys,,,, let’s get into this bc i blame @sonhoedesrazao and ed sheeran for this!!! so,,, while reading this, maybe head over to spotify, or apple music, or napster, or pandora, or whatever u guys use these days to stream music and listen to ‘happier’ by ed and cry :):) (but also like, read this. please.)

so,,, I truly believe that Sonja didn’t just stay with Even because she felt obligated, and i have serious problems with how she handled Even falling for Isak but I truly think that she was in love and worried and scared,,,, so the thing she feared most was losing him, and i guess that’s why she tried to convince everyone, but mostly herself, that it “was a manic episode”, but she knew this goes on too long now, “he cares //too much//, this is not a manic episode, but i really really don’t wanna lose him” 

so defaulting it to “it’s a manic episode” was so much easier than thinking even really was falling for someone else, and that feels awful,

  • so just imagine you’ve been with someone for four years, through ups and downs and probably through him being diagnosed with bipolar,,, and then see them fall for someone else
  • she probably felt something like “i stayed with him through the worst and this is what i get?”, it’s an awful thing to think but a natural reaction and i think that’s mostly why she acted and reacted the way she did in the show
  • she’s a strong woman, because just think about that phone call with Isak in ep10 where she tells him to “just be there for Even”

okay long story short i am getting off the point of this post, which is the song:

  • it takes months for her to feel better, or like, not that hurt anymore and all the while she sees Even glowing,,,,
    • Sonja going onto Isak’s instagram bc,,, she knows she shouldn’t but she can’t help herself, she can’t let go yet and she sees them together and it’s like a punch in the gut,,,
    • one picture maybe even has the caption “the sun” or “my love” (bc,,, we all know Isak is sappy af when it comes to Even) and she tears up because yeah that’s exactly what Even looks like, so much happier, he does
    • the first time she sees them out in the open together she can’t help but change the street side because it hurts too much and she’s actually really surprised how much it hurts because she thought she’s handling all of this pretty well, and she’s going out and talks to her friends but seeing is something else,,, or another time:
    • Sonja almost running into them on the street because it’s not likely to not meet each other and Even has his arm around Isak like he used to do with her, and then she thinks about how long has it been since he held me like that? like he couldn’t stand away from her? and then she realizes,,, yeah Even might have left for Isak but they were broken for a long time and then she slowly starts healing and then
  • imagine that they meet up one day (when they’re both ready) and talk about it all, because she left when even was still depressed and she must’ve felt terrible, and when Even gets better and Isak tells him one day that,,, Sonja helped him, and he’s thankful for that and also a little melancholy because four years is a long time and it’s not like he was faking it all the time so they meet up and it’s hard and it hurts and there are definitely some tears on Sonja’s side but it’s a closure for both of them
  • and Sonja realizes that “you look happier, you do” and “you were /always/ that force of life, if you can say so, you were always beaming, but now you’re glowing” like yeah she realizes even more that Isak is good for him and the thing is, she loves Even, and it was so hard at first being away from him but now she can honestly be happy for him and accept that they were important to each other and they always will be but that they have to go their separate ways now

anonymous asked:

hc's for what the paladins do/how they react to lotor capturing their s/o on a mission the day before their wedding was supposed to happen?

Ooooh drama


  • he would be so pissed at everything and everyone
  • would really blame whoever it was that was supposed to have your back
  • like seriously, he would make a huge fuss
  • and then he would focus on blaming himself. if only he had gotten to the scene a minute earlier, if only he had made you stay back, if only he had been in your place instead.
  • tomorrow you were going to tie the knot. Tomorrow. Now who knows if he’ll ever see you again?
  • langst, so many tears oh my god
  • but when everything boils down, he’ll be really determined to find you


  • okay i know i said lance would be pissed but keith is a different kind of pissed
  • keith is a find them now pissed
  • keith is a you-took-a-break-that-means-you-don’t-care-about-them pissed
  • he would be so mad that they had taken you right from where he was
  • he would want to go after them right away
  • who cares abt the rest of the time tbfh like he really doesn’t
  • he would want to go to the scene as soon as possible
  • and when he gets there? lotor my prince is gonna get it


  • remember when hunk wanted to save shay?
  • yeah like 10 times more focused than that
  • He is so focused, like don’t even bRING UP another location like nAH He has to find you NOW
  • he would be so sad because you guys were so close to getting married and now that’s gone
  • he is really a sappy person inside so this would really make him sad
  • he focuses really hard on the mission at hand, like so much
  • you are the world to him, and he wants to see his beautiful (groom/bride) to be as soon as possible
  • so yeah nobody get in his way 


  • okay so you know the eye of the storm?
  • yeah that’s him while they’re looking for you 
  • he would have done everything that he could to prevent you from getting captured but it evidently wasn’t enough
  • so he turns his focus to finding you
  • while they look for you, he seems pretty calm and collected
  • he mostly helps allura and coran with navigating and finding you and lotor’s ship
  • and he would be so focused, like don’t even try to tear him away.
  • you are his fiance, and he doesn’t want anything to change that like you dying
  • so when he gets to the ship, he is brutal
  • like seriously, he would be so mad and ready to fight, but in that shiro way, where he doesn’t back down at all
  • you are so lucky tbh like wow he is husband-material marry that boy


  • so pidge doesn’t have anything fancy with her bayard,
  • it’s not the strongest, or the fastest, or the longest reaching, and she isn’t very confident with her fighting skills
  • so when you get captured, she would feel really bad
  • she’d be thinking that there should have been more that she could do
  • she would be really focused on finding you, like shiro, but at the same time, she would be so sad
  • like wow, she really does lose everybody. her dad, her brother, her mom if this war doesn’t end, and now you
  • god somebody give this girl a hug
  • she could be crying but she’s still working because if she doesn’t find you…
  • she’ll never forgive herself.
soulmate! im youngmin

just a note: i’m not going to be creative with this soulmate stuff, just use the “you’ll know it when you see them” concept (i’m so sorry @ asker idk if you wanted me to create a whole au)

  • i feel like youngmin is a lowkey dreamer about all this soulmate stuff
  • like he’s always wondering who it is and worrying about how he’ll meet them and his first impression
  • but also being cheesy like imagining your life together and all that
  • but lowkey about it because he’s supposed to be a Cool Rapper and doesn’t want to get teased
  • once he got caught sleeptalking and woojin never let him live it down
  • “youngmin hyung, remember when you were practicing your marriage proposal to your soulmate in your sleep? i sure do.”
  • “shut up or i’m telling rhymer you’re slacking”
  • “i should have taken a video of it, dang”
  • he would totally be the type to write notes to his future soulmate
  • but ever since woojin caught him sleeptalking he started hiding it like,,,,,, at the bottom of his laundry hamper or something
  • googles “how to deodorize a book”
  • he’s forever beating himself up about the day he met you because he just came from practice and he had like 2 hours of sleep the night before and he just got out of a fucking dogpile with the other bnm boys because they were fighting over who had to go out and buy them all dinner
  • later on you tease him about it but like he still looked cute cmon
  • you can probably guess who ended up at the bottom of the dogpile
  • so you’ve been sitting in the store for a while alone eating and don’t notice him walk in at first because you’re on your phone
  • and then you hear a nice voice ask for 10 boxes of chicken to go in this cute busan accent and ur just like
  • “,,,,,ok who needs 10 boxes of chicken how fast is ur metabolism” not out loud ofc
  • so that catches your attention and you look up from your phone and your food
  • and that’s kinda when you feel it
  • you realize your soulmate is in this very room
  • youngmin feels it too and he goes into full panic mode
  • thank god he already finished his order because with his luck he would’ve been so nervous he would’ve ordered like,,,,, boxes of ketchup instead of chicken or something
  • so you two start looking around the store for one another (because you don’t really feel it until you actually see each other that’s how the soulmates thing works)
  • it doesn’t take long because he’s just right next to the ordering counter
  • i don’t wanna be cheesy and say it was Love at First Sight or anything
  • but like it was cmon let’s get some cliché in here
  • and youngmin was going to wait at the counter for his food but now he’s walking to where you’re sitting
  • he’d get there and the whole time you two are kind of staring at each other
  • a few other people around the store are watching you two
  • “yeah you bet those two are soulmates should we get out before any sappy shit happens”
  • youngmin stays standing and stares for a couple more seconds after getting there
  • you’d have to get him out of his daze
  • “hello,,,? my name is y/n”
  • “oH RIGHT HI my name is youngmin…… uh i think that,, i think you’re my… uh…….”
  • adorable nervous lil paca would probably blush and if he has long sleeves pull at them or ruffle his hair
  • you would have to break the truth to him
  • “soulmate? yeah i am, or at least i think so.”
  • youngmin would say something stupidly too straightforward like “oh,,,,,, i’m really glad you’re my soulmate- wait is that weird is it too soon i’m so sorry”
  • “oh no, it’s okay….uh,,”
  • awkward silence
  • honestly the whole ordeal would be so cringe
  • but endearing enough that you two laugh about it later
  • you two are interrupted (but you can’t really be interrupted when you’re not speaking can you) because youngmin’s order is ready
  • so he excuses himself and returns with like two huge plastic bags of chicken box sets
  • even though the tension is so thick between you two you don’t want him to go and he doesn’t want to leave you
  • but he knows the boys are going to get on his ass soon if he doesn’t bring them dinner soon i mean they are like starving lions all of them
  • you were just sitting there with your almost finished food and he was standing next to your table with his bags having a staring contest or something
  • so youngmin is finally able to think rationally after another minute
  • “if it’s not too far from your place, you can come with me to my agency–i forgot to say i’m a trainee–and meet the other boys??? i was kind of here to grab them dinner but then i saw you and- well maybe afterwards i can take you back home,,,, it shouldn’t be too far from here right?”
  • he’s so nervous he doesn’t know if you’ll agree
  • but of course you do because i mean you should get to know him better
  • the walk there is short, a little over five minutes but as soon as you get out of the store the conversation never stops
  • it’s amazing how much you can learn about someone in five minutes if you talk really fast
  • by the time you two get to the practice room you two are like best flirting friends or something (does that make sense)
  • you helped him carry a bag and he held ur free hand how cute
  • you two enter the practice rooms and oh god hell breaks loose
  • the rest of the bnm boys are YELLIN at you two and chasing you down to crowd around you it’s actually really scary
  • they’re just really energetic together and excited for their hyung and you learn to love it
  • you get bombarded with so many questions
  • woojin is a kind enough friend not to tell you everything he knows on the first encounter and youngmin is so grateful he gives him extra chicken
  • but don’t worry you’ll learn all about it soon enough
  • but yes you sit and talk to them during their dinner and youngmin walks you home afterwards
  • you two exchange numbers the whole schbang
  • gonna stress the fact that i don’t think youngmin is the type to do first date kisses a kiss on the cheek is the most ur getting sorry not sorry
  • but yes dating him is fun and you guys are together forever like soulmates are
  • the rest of ur lives together is history !!

red-paladin  asked:

did shiro and keith ever break up during those 8 years of dating before they got married? like ofc not because of something serious but because keith was dumb and thought shiro deserves someone who can give shiro what he can't. but then shiro convinces him how much he loves him and how he doesn't care about any of that stuff. GIVE ME THE ANGST CATHREL xD

[The Voltron Pre-Family] The Time Keith and Shiro Broke Up Part 1 (Part 2)

Shiro felt like he didn’t have the will to live anymore. He didn’t want to sound a bit over dramatic, but it was dramatic. One minute he was at Keith’s door, ready to hang out with his boyfriend, the next minute, Keith was breaking up with him. It didn’t make sense. It all happened too fast.

“I’m sorry, Shiro. It’s just not working out anymore. Us, being a thing.”

What made it even worse was that, Shiro didn’t even get to say anything. Keith just said he didn’t want to see him anymore. His boyfr—ex-boyfriend—was being utterly unfair. And that was how he found himself crying on his bed while looking at the ceiling because he was confused and hurt. 

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Ok so it’s Father’s Day where is all my Magnus Chase headcanons and shit??? 

Like idk Magnus celebrating Blitz as his dad


you know

he can’t really spend time w/ Frey and Blitz was basically is parent when Magnus was homeless??

like imagine him showing up to Blitzen’s Best with a bunch of sappy cards and presents like a new fancy hat or mug or something

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Fic request for anon

An anon wanted a RichJake fanfic with with “Jake calming rich from some kind of panic/breakdown because hes scared how people will feel about him being so different from when he was controlled by the SQUIP”

So here it is :00

Title: Through The Door

Words: 1339

Fandoms: Be More Chill

Pairings: Richard Goranski/Jake Dillinger

Characters: Richard Goranski, Jake Dillinger

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one and only.

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requested by anon.

smuttttyyyyy mafia boss yoongi one shot au where he treats everyone he knows like shit and doesnt care about peoples lives or his ones except for the reader ( his loving girlfriend ) annnd min holly 😌😌😌😌 with body worship dirty talk light phone sex while hes at his office or safe house whatever and just fluffy stuff with his gf he only loves her and min holly 😂

genre: implied smut/fluff fluff fluff kinda? fluffy enough to make me wanna punch myself in the face fluff

Yoongi was a seriously dangerous man, a leader of the mafia, if anyone messed with him or his people, they would never reappear on the streets. He didn’t care about anyone’s lives, not even his. He treated everyone terribly, lord knows how you ended up with him. He only cared about you and Holly, most of the time you and Holly were the only ones at home, wondering if Yoongi would be okay.

You met Yoongi whilst walking down a somewhat dodgy alley, a random drunkard started hitting on you and suddenly Yoongi appeared and knocked him out. “Thank you but you really didn’t need to do that for me.”, you told him as he walked you out of the alley and towards the main road. “Don’t worry about it, how about I just take you home?” “I don’t know who you are, for all I know you could be the leader of the mafia.”, you light heartedly joked. “What if I was?”, Yoongi seriously replied. “I dunno, you seem nice and good looking, to be honest I wouldn’t care.” “Good, now, sweetheart, let’s get you home.”

After he dropped you off, he got your number and drove off. The two of you went on a date to a patisserie and he fed you your favourite cake before taking a stroll in a park with you. It was only the first date but he already held your hand and kissed your cheek. “I quite like you.”, he told you when dropping you off after the date. “I’ll see you again some time, sweetheart.”

Sweetheart soon turned into babygirl or my love, you never complained about his pet names for you; you had a soft spot for them, that sweet spot was also the sweet spot for Yoongi. You had never seen Yoongi at work but you knew he was the opposite of how he was with you; you had heard from his men that he was an ass, a total dick but you could never associate the horrible names with Yoongi.

Tonight was no different from other nights, Yoongi wouldn’t be home til later and Holly was asleep already despite it being 8pm, he must’ve really gotten tired from the walk. You turned on the TV and watched whatever was on to pass time and to keep yourself company, all that was on was sappy dramas and a few decent variety shows, so you knocked yourself out with one of those and some popcorn.

Halfway through the show your phone rang and you hurriedly picked up. “Hello?”, you said. “Hey, babygirl, you got a minute?”, Yoongi asked over the phone. “Yeah, always do these days. Where are you?” “I’m at the office, I’ll be home around 3am but until then I’ll keep you a bit of company for a bit.” “How do you plan on doing that?”, you laughed as you turned the volume of the TV down. “Oh, I’m gonna tell you what I’m gonna do to you later tonight, my love.” “What would that be?”

“I’m gonna make slow, sweet love to you, babygirl. I’m gonna make sure every inch of your body receives my love, especially you ass and pussy, oh, I fucking love squeezing and spanking your ass.” “Mmhmm, what else babe?” “I’m gonna eat you out so good and I’m gonna play with your beautiful tits while my dick is inside your beautiful cunt.” “I love your cock babe, I already can’t wait for tonight.” “I don’t wanna make you wait babygirl. But I got some work to do, I’ll see you later tonight sweetheart.”

Before you knew it you moved yourself to your closet and changed into nothing but your black silk robe that Yoongi had gotten you not too long ago. Mafia leader or not, Yoongi was as fluffy as a marshmallow when it came to you. He would always hold your hand when you were together in public, the two of you looked like any other couple would. He would kiss you good morning and sometimes attempt to make you breakfast in bed. Then he would go on walks with you and Holly, reminding you that he loved you and he was grateful for your existence and for the fact that you walked down the dodgy alley. Bad guy or not he was the good guy in your heart.

  • jungkook: *spots yoongi and hoseok buying tickets to a super sappy and romantic movie*
  • jungkook: hyung! uhh,, you like romance?
  • yoongi: honestly i came here only because hoseok really wanted to see this movie for so long so yeah.
  • jungkook: *under his breath* w h i p p e d
  • yoongi: *heards it* *sighs* i know