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Hi there, i don't know if you're still doing song prompts for Supercorp or not but if you are can i suggest the song Perfectly Perfect by Simple Plan please?

i am always taking song + AU prompts omg thank you! sorry for the wait btw!

This week’s biggest headline reads “10 Surprising Things You Don’t Know About Kara Danvers,” and if that isn’t the biggest irony in the world Kara doesn’t know what is.

Lena buys the magazine that runs the story like the asshole she is. She has it resting on the mantel when Kara comes home, tumbling in so exhausted she almost misses it altogether.

“Lena,” Kara huffs when she spots it, shoving the offending magazine into her pocket as she makes her way into the living room. “What’s this?”

Lena looks up from the book she’s intently reading, eyes crinkling in amusement. “Your latest interview, duh,” she says. “It’s a pretty good one.”

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Who else dad is weird like this 🙄
  • *in another world at another time*
  • Me: *gets text*
  • Dad: Hey, who's my favorite daughter?
  • Me: Dad?
  • Dad: Hey there, dear. 😉
  • Dad: Last time I checked I was. 😂
  • Me: *out loud* Oh my god!
  • Roommate: Please stop screaming, I'm in a very intense debate about the merits of socialism with an online friend, and I can't concentrate with you making such a racket.
  • Me: Socialism? Aren't you incredibly rich and vain?
  • Roommate: I'm a Trotskyist, you fool.
  • Me: Who cares! My dad's alive!
  • Roommate: I wasn't aware that your dad was dead?
  • Me: Neither was I. I thought he had just abandoned me and my mom all those years ago. I have quite a story about it. When I was about 14, my dad took me on a road trip to go to IHOP for a delicious breakfast. After we had finished, he got up to use the bathroom and never returned. He left me stranded in a strange IHOP two states over.
  • Roommate: You traveled two states away to go to an IHOP?
  • Me: I mean, it was a road trip.
  • Roommate: How do you know it's your dad?
  • Me: Check my phone, it says dad right there. Of course he's my dad.
  • Roommate: It could be anyone.
  • Me: There's no one else in my contacts with the name dad, other than my dad, ya goober. In fact, with every new phone I've gotten I always added his old phone number to the contacts in case of a moment just like this.
  • Roommate: Even still, don't you think it's suspicious that your father is contacting you via text nearly a decade after he abandoned you?
  • Me: No.
  • Roommate: Not even a bit?
  • Me: No. *buzz* Oh, he texted me again!
  • Dad: Hey, who's my favorite daughter?
  • Me: Me, of course! 😘
  • Dad: No.
  • Me: What?
  • Dad: You're my fifth favorite daughter.
  • Me: I don't understand.
  • Dad: I have six daughters and you're my fifth favorite one. The sixth one died in a scuba diving accident.
  • Me: So I'm your least favorite daughter?
  • Dad: No, don't think of it like that! You're not my least favorite daughter, you're just my least favorite LIVING daughter. 😉
  • Me: That doesn't make me feel better.
  • Dad: Ah, it doesn't matter. You remember me, your dad, the big wacky goofball! 😝
  • Me: I remember you trading my bicycle for coke.
  • Dad: It's a thing of the past, my daughter who I love the least. I don't want to worry about the past, let's meet up and discuss the future.
  • Me: OMG You want to meet up? Where?
  • Dad: IHOP, for old time's sake, but this time let's make it the one in town.
  • Me: *out loud* Oh my god, I'm meeting up with my dad!
  • Roommate: I'm right here, you don't have to yell.
  • Me: I'm so excited. I'm reconnecting with my father. Most girls can only dream of this moment.
  • Roommate: He honestly sounds like a terrible person.
  • Me: People change.
  • Roommate: Yeah, sometimes they become worse.
  • Me: You're just overly pessimistic because you're a goth and also a Trotskyist.
  • Roommate: Eh, I can't deny it.
  • *later at IHOP*
  • Me: *waiting at table* I can't wait to see my dad again. I wonder what he looks like. I bet he's a businessman now. Oh, or maybe he's a priest. *notices commotion at the front of the store* Hmm?
  • Waitress: Sir, please wait to be seated.
  • Disheveled Dude: I'm meeting up with someone, you flighty broad. There's not much time. Get out of my way.
  • Me: *internally* At least that guy isn't my dad.
  • Disheveled Dude: Oh, there she is. *runs and sits at my table* Oh my god, is that my little girl. You've grown up so much. You look way too much like your mom. It's bringing back some really bad memories. I'm sorta regretting. Just joking. Hahaha. WHERE THE FUCK IS OUR WAITRESS, I'M TRYING TO EAT HERE!?
  • Me: What a coincidence it is that the horrible man making a scene at the front of the restaurant is my dad...
  • Disheveled Dude: What's with the distant look on your face? You're acting like you saw a ghost. Haha, maybe you do think I'm a ghost. Hey, sorry about leaving you at the IHOP all those years ago. Kinda got bored of the whole dad thing. JESUS CHRIST, CAN YOU GUYS FUCKING HURRY UP AND GET US A WAITRESS. F-Fuck. *wipes sweat off forehead*
  • Me: Dad?
  • Disheveled Dude: WHAT!?
  • Me: *jumps in seat*
  • Disheveled Dude: Sorry, I've been really on edge recently. *nervously looks over shoulder* Where the fuck are these waitresses?
  • Me: Dad... *gets teary eyed*
  • Disheveled Dude: Oh god, are you gonna start crying on me.
  • Me: *sniffles* I'm sorry, I just missed you so much.
  • Disheveled Dude: Yeah, yeah, I missed you too. Time to move onto the next thing. Inheritance. Uh, I'm gonna die eventually, so you can have all of my money. *put suitcase stuffed with cash on the table and pushes it towards me* You can just have it now, for all I care. I mean, you never know when I'm gonna die.
  • Me: Dad, I don't want your money. I just want to spend time with you.
  • Disheveled Dude: Well, you can spend all the time in the world with me once you accept the fat wads of cash in this suitcase. I just need you to say verbally that you're accepting this money from me as a legitimate form of inheritance.
  • Me: Dad, please. I just want to talk to you.
  • Disheveled Dude: Come on and take the fucking cash, Elizabeth.
  • Me: My name's not Elizabeth.
  • Disheveled Dude: Okay, whatever. Take the money and clearly dictate that you are accepting the entirety of this money as a legitimate form of inheritance from your loving father. You can use it for college, you're college aged right. Or prenatal care. I don't fucking know. What shitty kid doesn't want FREE FUCKING MONEY!?
  • Me: *stands up from seat* Dad! You're the worst ever! I hate you! *runs out of IHOP sobbing*
  • Disheveled Dude: Fuck, I knew that wasn't going to work. *notices how dark it is outside* It's almost here. I wasted so much goddamn time. I'm never going to get rid of this thing. FUCK!
  • Waitress: *nervously* I can help you now, sir.
  • Disheveled Dude: Oh, so now you show up. I'm not so hungry now. In fact, I've lost my entire damn appetite.
  • Waitress: I'm sorry, sir. It's all my fault. I'm so sorry.
  • Disheveled Dude: Which one of those cars outside is yours?
  • Waitress: The red one.
  • Disheveled Dude: That broken down piece of shit?
  • Waitress: Yes.
  • Disheveled Dude: Guess, there's no other choice. It'll have to do. Give me your fucking keys.
  • Waitress: What?
  • Disheveled Dude: *points gun at waiter* GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING KEYS!
  • Waitress: *drops keys on the table*
  • Disheveled Dude: *tosses wads of cash at the waitress* That's easily $200,000. Go buy yourself a better car. You might want to make it quick. *runs out of IHOP*
  • Waitress: *watches disheveled dude speed off* Why is it so dark outside and where did everyone go? I guess it doesn't matter now, though. $200,000. That's a lot of money. I wonder what I'm gonna do with all this? I'm so excited that I'm lightheaded. The future is so bright now.
  • Wall of Darkness: *encroaches*
What went down in Antibug
  • Chloé: ok so imma be the most bourgeois person ever
  • Chloé: hey, maybe that's why that's my last name!
  • Chloé: huzzah for subtle social commentary
  • Vanisher: hey so you know those shoes you hate?
  • Chloé: yeah?
  • Vanisher: bye bye shoes
  • Chloé: NOOOOOOOO
  • Vanisher: and you know that photo of yourself that you kiss every night before going to bed?
  • Chloé: if you so much as breathe on that I will end you
  • Vanisher: ok maybe I shouldn't have gone there
  • Chloé: yeah stick to stealing shoes
  • Vanisher: ok can do
  • Vanisher: bye bye other shoes
  • Chloé: NOOOOOOOO
  • Ms. Bustier: hey so if Chloé's being haunted by some kind of magical ghost or unicorn or something, does that mean she won't be in class
  • Chloé: nice try, you can't get rid of me that easily
  • Ms. Bustier: dangit
  • Ms. Bustier: did your ghost/unicorn thing at least not follow you to class
  • Chloé: no she defs did
  • Vanisher: *does nothing whatsoever*
  • Chloé: um Vanisher can you do something?
  • Chloé: they're not gonna believe me otherwise
  • Vanisher: *suddenly does nothing at all*
  • Chloé: dangit you're cleverer than I thought
  • Vanisher: *punches Chloé in the face*
  • Chloé: AAAAAAAA
  • Vanisher: haha gotcha sucker
  • Tikki: um Marinette, should we do something?
  • Marinette: nah, she's just bothering Chloé so no biggie
  • Marinette: it's not like she's planning to use her invisibility to overthrow the mayor and take over Paris and eventually become ruler of the entire world
  • Vanisher: ooh good idea!
  • Marinette: dangit I thought I was gonna have a day off
  • Ladybug: so Chloé, pls explain in a few simple words what's going on
  • Ladybug: so Butler Guy, pls explain in a few simple words what's going on
  • Butler Guy: Chloé impersonated you in an interview and Sabrina botched it and got akumatized and I was Big Mustachio
  • Chat Noir: what was that last part?
  • Butler Guy: Sabrina botched it and got akumatized
  • Chat Noir: no, the part about Big Mustachio
  • Ladybug: wait, Chloé impersonated me?
  • Butler Guy: it's simple, me + beaglepuss = Big Mustachio
  • Chat Noir: do people actually say that name out loud or
  • Ladybug: this really isn't relevant
  • Chat Noir: no but it's hilarious
  • Ladybug: so anyway let's go find Vanisher
  • Vanisher: HEY GUYS
  • Ladybug: or maybe she can find us
  • Vanisher: that's the more likely possibility
  • Ladybug: so if you're the main villain then why was this episode called Antibug
  • Vanisher: I thought it was called Vanisher
  • Ladybug: nope sorry
  • Vanisher: wow, Hawkmoth is such a double-crossing jerk!
  • Vanisher: so I don't even get my own episode?
  • Vanisher: I have to play second fiddle to somebody?
  • Ladybug: yeah, to Chloé probably
  • Vanisher: excuse me while I go end Hawkmoth
  • Hawkmoth: and, deakumatized!
  • Sabrina: dangit
  • Ladybug: now I'd better go antagonize Chloé
  • Ladybug: *antagonizes Chloé*
  • Chloé: wait so I get to be a villain AND overshadow Sabrina's only akumatization?
  • Chloé: *transforms*
  • Chat Noir: oh noes
  • Ladybug: oh yesses
  • Ladybug: I have been waiting to wreck akuma Chloé for so long now
  • Chat Noir: but you're about to detransform
  • Ladybug: welp have fun fighting her
  • Antibug: bring it cat boy
  • Chat Noir: I didn't ask for this
  • Antibug: *wrecks him*
  • Marinette: wow I expected him to last a little longer than that
  • Marinette: ummmmmmmm
  • Marinette: so what do I do now
  • Marinette: is that a threat?!
  • Tikki: no, I was just describing Chat Noir's predicament
  • Marinette: right
  • Marinette: here have some cookies
  • Tikki: coolio
  • Antibug: so anyway Chat Noir, why shouldn't I kill you?
  • Chat Noir: bc you need to get my Miraculous?
  • Antibug: oh right thanks, imma get that first
  • Chat Noir: why do I open my mouth
  • Ladybug: I am here at a convenient time!
  • Antibug: no way is this plot that convenient for you, lemme check
  • Ladybug: psych, I'm not here at all!
  • Antibug: dammit
  • Chat Noir: and I got away
  • Ladybug: and now I'm actually here
  • Ladybug: lucky charm!
  • Antibug: anti charm!
  • *marbles happen*
  • *giant freaking anime sword happens*
  • Ladybug: why are you laughing?
  • Chat Noir: bc it's hilarious
  • Chat Noir: do you see that giant freaking sword
  • Chat Noir: and then you're supposed to beat that with marbles or something
  • Chat Noir: you have the suckiest superpower imaginable
  • Ladybug: this isn't good for my morale, you know
  • Chat Noir: sorry
  • Ladybug: *beats the giant freaking anime sword using marbles*
  • Chat Noir: WHAT
  • Jacques the Pigeon: did you just throw a sword at me
  • Ladybug: sorry
  • Antibug: anyway now imma defeat you guys
  • Antibug: *is defeated*
  • Antibug: oops
  • Antibug: bye guys
  • Chat Noir: we're a team, right?
  • Ladybug: *walks by Chat Noir in slow motion to dramatic music*
  • Chat Noir: how are you doing that
  • Extreme Close-Up shots: *happen*
  • Chat Noir: what is this even
  • Ladybug: I don't know, it's hella awkward

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Hello! I absolutely love you're blog!!! Keep up the good work!! In celebration of the summer season, could we have a scenario where Izuku or Todoroki is saved by a lifeguard s/o? Maybe they got hurt under water or something and need saving?

Ah yes, summer the season of heat and bugs.(੭ु´͈ ᐜ `͈)੭ु⁾⁾ Lol. Sorry, summer is like my least favorite season cause it easily gets over 100 degrees F here. Best thing about summer tho is swimming and no one questions why I’m eating ice cream! Seasonal prompts are fun to write no matter the season so I’m writing both! Their s/o is going to be their crush in this scenario

One moment Izuku was swimming at the deep end of the pool and the next he was sinking fast, as a cramp had made its way to his leg. You had been watching him out of the corner of your eye the whole time, talking to him occasionally when he swam over to you, so you had seen when he had gone underwater for longer than usual. Following protocol, you rushed to his aid. 

Izuku was panicking, he was sinking fast and much as he tried, he couldn’t swim back up. Unable to hold his breath anymore he opened his mouth, water rushing in at an unbelievable speed. Suddenly he felt someone grab onto him and pull him out of the water. He found himself laying by the poolside, head in someones lap, coughing up water. Someone, presumably his savior, was leaning over him. Blinking multiple times to rid the blurriness of his eyesight he finally noticed it was you leaning over him, a worried look on your face. Izuku also noticed that you had been calling to him but he hadn’t heard you until now, “Deku, are you all right? Do you want me to call someone for you? Deku?”

Flustered, Izuku could feel a bright red blush rushing to his cheeks as he tried to sit up quickly. You held him down, worried about him pushing himself too hard and the fact that he would have most certainly bumped his head against yours if he had been able to get up as quickly as he wanted to. “Whoa, Deku, don’t force yourself to move so fast yet, you almost drowned.”

“R-right…sorry, _-____. And thank you. .A-ah for saving me. .”

“Just doing my job, is all.”

Izuku swore his heart skipped a beat when he noticed your smile, you looked as brilliant as ever and he felt himself falling harder for you after you had saved him. You slowly helped him up, “Now, lets sit you down somewhere to rest for a bit. I’ll stay with you for a little bit to make sure nothing is up.”

Not trusting his voice he nodded quickly, gratefully following you. As embarrassing as he found the fact that he almost drowned, in front of you no less, he was glad to have you by his side. 

Todoroki was an accomplished swimmer, as his father never let him be anything less. His father had reasoned that he should be ready for any situation as a hero, so if there was ever a flood or anything similar he’d be ready. As much as his father tried to prepare him, there were some things that would be difficult to prepare for no matter the situation. 

He had been feeling a little out of it for a while but Endeavor still forced him to a local pool for training. The pool was a part of a private gym that his father always frequented so that is where he was always taken. When Todoroki got to the pool he had actually been quite surprised to see you there in a lifeguard uniform. You noticed him easily when he walked in, not many people came to swim early so your shift had been rather slow and you were happy to have a friend around. 

You waved at him, a small smile upon your face, until you noticed the judgmental look his father was sending you and you quickly stopped, looking away uncomfortably. Todoroki could feel himself grow angry at Endeavor, but there was little he could do. Endeavor gave him strict orders to train only and that he would check on him later as he trained elsewhere. As per his orders, Todoroki swam for some time until he felt himself grow extremely light headed. Then everything went dark. 

He was staying in the water longer than usual, which worried you immensely, deciding it was better safe than sorry you dove in after him. Needless to say, Todoroki was surprised to find himself being pulled out of the water by you. You easily pulled him out of the water and laid him next to your sitting form. Todoroki held himself up on his elbows, completely surprising you with the fact that he was awake and pushing himself up. 

“What happened, Todoroki? You were out cold a second ago.”

He shook his head, unsure how to answer. You pressed your hand to his forehead, bringing your face close to his. Todoroki could feel the heat rush to his cheeks, luckily leaving only a small blush. 

“It doesn’t feel like you have a fever. Could be wrong though. You didn’t look your best when you came in, are you sick?”

“. .Possibly.”

“Then you shouldn’t be here! It’s a danger to your health, you should stay home and rest.”

“My father wanted me to train.”

“Well he’s stupid for forcing you. Come on, lets go find him, you need to get home.”

Todoroki became anxious, not wanting you to meet his father, so he shook his head quickly. “It’s fine, you don’t have to.”

“But I will, he can’t put you in danger like this in the name of training.” You pulled him up slowly, not wanting to overexert him. Seeing as you weren’t going to take no for an answer, he let you take him to his father, curious as to how he would react and happy that you were standing up for him.

Red Lips White Lies

Quick Info- Dean meets a woman in a bar and discovers there’s more to her than he ever thought possible
Word Count - 1230
Warning -  Smut, Language, unprotected sex, alcohol

It’s smut Saturday apparently…hope you enjoy…

I’m sure there’s mistakes…my betas are at a class reunion or off with no wifi…

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Red Lips White Lies

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You're not funny

(A/N): send me all your Tasha requests! I love her so much!

Request: Would you like to write a Natasha imagine where you both are best friends cause you both share the same story. So one time during a mission you see someone aiming at her, ready to shoot. Then as the gun went off, you jump in front of her, taking the bullet. When Nat sees you laying there she first starts screaming at you for doing this but you give her a simple joke before passing out. A few days later you wake up and see her all worried but you tell her that nothing won’t separate you two :)

Warnings: injury, swearing

Originally posted by dianaofthemyscira

   Nat and (Y/N) were adorable, everyone thought so. They had a very affectionate platonic relationship and to say it was envious would be an understatement. The two always had each others back, no matter what, it’s the way they rolled and they always had. They’d spent their entire lives together, through the torture, the red room, the abandonment, and everything else in between. 

   Unfortunately, always having each other’s back usually led to some awkward sitatuions.

    Most times one of the two would end up putting someone in the hospital or they’d be the one getting injured but it had never been this bad. The Avengers were on a mission, Hdyra versus their team and they’d been doing a damn good job at it too. 

   They were nearly flying through the mission, taking names, getting shit done it of course the Avengers couldn’t have one good mission, the world was too cruel for that.  

    It had all happened so fast, one minute (Y/N) saw the sniper preparing to shoot then the next they’d pushed Natasha out of the way, taking the hit themself and suddenly Natasha was cradling their head as blood pooled from the gaping hole in their side. 

    “Oh my god,” Natasha breathes out, her icy orbs suddenly filling with emotion. “You fucking idiot,” She whispers, “do you realize what you’ve done? There’s no way we can patch you up here and-" 

    "Hey Nat,” (Y/N) whispers, their eyes glazed over as the puddle of blood beneath them began to grow bigger. “Did you hear about that girl who lost her left side? It’s okay, she’s all-right now,” (Y/N) smiles softly, their eyes fluttering to a close. 

    “(Y/N)!” Natasha scolds, “this isn’t the time to be making jokes, you’re bleeding and-” But (Y/N) doesn’t hear a single word as they slip out of conscience, the world around them melting away. 

    A dull pain in (Y/N)’s side is what pulled them from their sleep, their eyes slowly fluttering open before closing against the harsh lights above them. A small groan push pasts their lips as the world around them spins slowly, the feeling making them nauseous.

    “Woah,” a familiar voice whispers as a warm hand grips their neck, keeping their head steady. “Be careful,”

    “…Nat?” (Y/N) questions quietly, confusion written across their expression. 

   "Yeah it’s me,“ Nat sighs, relief flooding through her veins as her beloved friend finally woke up. (Y/N) hums softly, a small smile rising to their lips. 

    "How long I been out?”

    “3 fucking days (Y/N), 3 days of me worrying about your ass not waking up.” (Y/N) hums again, their lips parting softly.

    “Come on, we both know you can’t get rid of me that easily. Well hey, I am all-right after all,” Natasha groans, rolling her eyes in distaste. 

    “You’re not funny, you scared the shit out me (Y/N)." 

    "Didnt you hear me, I’m all-right-”

    “You’re still not funny, now shut up before you bust your stitches.” “

   You love me,” (Y/N) states as they give Nat a smug smile.

    “Only when you’re not being a reckless smart-ass.”

    “…but that’s me all the time," 


high school musical iii sentence meme
  • "This is the last time to get it right."
  • "Right now I can hardly breathe."
  • "This is the last time to get it right."
  • "Push harder!"
  • "I'm saving for a new fuel pump."
  • "Mmhm. Save faster."
  • "I want one of everything."
  • "What, are we celebrating or something?"
  • "Your room is way cool."
  • "You were in my room?"
  • "We should hang out tonight, man!"
  • "You're the second girl I've ever had up here."
  • "This place is so cool."
  • "Did I just say that?"
  • "I'm proud of you."
  • "It's a thousand one hundred and fifty-three miles from here."
  • "I wish it would all just stop. At least just slow down."
  • "I wish this moment was ours to own it and that it would never leave."
  • "Where you are is where I should be too."
  • "I'm looking at you and my heart loves the view."
  • "Right now there's you and me."
  • "Tomorrow can wait."
  • "Is this a pirate's wheel?"
  • "Oh! Very cute."
  • "Don't break him."
  • "She's so sweet."
  • "What are you? I mean, who are you?"
  • "I noticed on the board that you're in need of a personal assistant."
  • "How do you know my schedule?"
  • "One packet of sweetener?"
  • "If you own any orange, get rid of it."
  • "Don't be the last to pick up your tickets."
  • "Whats the lunch special in the cafeteria today?"
  • "I was thinking I'd select something modest."
  • "I'm moving into the library."
  • "We've got a yearbook to edit."
  • "This is our last chance to do something together."
  • "Oh, yipee."
  • "It's about all of you."
  • "Genius."
  • "I'm already packed."
  • "They got my letter?"
  • "Nice, guys. That's pretty funny. So, who's the big comedian?"
  • "Hoops all the way."
  • "I'm going to be the President of the United States of America."
  • "Golly gee, how adorable."
  • "What do I want? Gosh, I wouldn't know where to begin."
  • "How can you think of food at a time like this?"
  • "He seemed surprised to me."
  • "Imagine having everything we've ever dreamed."
  • "A part for me?"
  • "Sound exciting?"
  • "With you we can win."
  • "Don't you want it all?"
  • "I want it all."
  • "They're gonna love me!"
  • "When Broadway knows your name, you know that you're a star!"
  • "She wants you on the show."
  • "We want it all."
  • "We're twins. They have to take us both."
  • "I don't know. Just do it."
  • "I need you right away. Look up."
  • "This has two weeks detention written all over it."
  • "Which one do you think I should wear?"
  • "I've never been asked to a prom. But this kind of sounds like an invitation."
  • "I've never been to a dance. Much less a prom."
  • "Take my hand"
  • "Keep your eyes locked on my eyes."
  • "Won't you promise me, we'll keep dancing where ever we go next."
  • "Can I have this dance?"
  • "Together or not our dance won't stop."
  • "What we have is worth fighting for."
  • "You know I believe that we were meant to be."
  • "So does that mean yes?"
  • "Where's our clothes?"
  • "Yearbook opportunity!"
  • "You think I'd be spending all of my time up there if it wasn't for you?"
  • "Why is that so hard to admit?"
  • "I still have decisions to make too."
  • "I interrupted something, didn't I?"
  • "Speaking of homework."
  • "Be careful, they're still hot."
  • "Hey, what's right is right."
  • "If that's what you call an invitation, you'll be dancing with yourself."
  • "I'm asking you to prom."
  • "I'm sorry, I can't hear you. It's so loud in here."
  • "Will you please be my date to the senior prom?"
  • "Guess now it's official."
  • "I don't think we have the choice."
  • "It's gonna be a night to remember."
  • "Hey, you've been in there for an hour."
  • "Stop doing that!"
  • "The difference being, I can actually carry a tune."
  • "Want to go to lunch sometime?"
  • "Your mom must be so proud."
  • "You can't get rid of me that easily."
  • "This better be good."
  • "I've got a lot things I have to do."
  • "Whatever happens, I know I've got you."
  • "I'll pick you up eight."
  • "All I wanna do is be with you."
  • "Nothing can break us apart."
  • "There's nothing we can't do."
  • "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."
  • "The boys are back."
  • "I just want my future to be my future."
  • "For the record, I was a much better super hero than you."
  • "Gonna wake up the neighborhood."
  • "No one can stop us now."
  • "That's not what I wanted to hear."
  • "Why? So I can whoop your butt again?"
  • "You should be celebrating, not keeping a secret."
  • "Your future is calling loud and clear."
  • "Maybe I'll stay here next year."
  • "I mean, I get it that he's your first crush but..."
  • "There will be other guys."
  • "Not everything has to change."
  • "We've already proved it works."
  • "I realized I haven't offered my congratulations."
  • "I don't know what you're talking about."
  • "You really didn't know?"
  • "The only thing that could possibly be holding her back would be you."
  • "Special delivery! Margarita pizza, just the way you like it."
  • "What's a picnic without chocolate covered strawberries?"
  • "Is that what you were trying to tell me?"
  • "You gotta go. It's the right thing to do."
  • "Nothing is gonna slow down."
  • "You don't have to say anything else."
  • "I'm a lot better at goodbyes than you."
  • "I guess I should have known better."
  • "Just walk away and don't look back."
  • "It my heart breaks it's gonna hurt so bad."
  • "I don't think I'll survive a goodbye again."
  • "Let's rise to the occasion."
  • "There's nothing to tell."
  • "Just trust your heart."
  • "I want my own thing so bad I'm gonna scream."
  • "I'm gonna fight to find myself."
  • "It's like nothing works without you."
  • "I know I'm not supposed to be here."
  • "You seem very comfortable up there."
  • "You're easier to dance with than her."
  • "I just showed my mom the tux."
  • "We need to talk."
  • "It's taken me two weeks to be away from you."
  • "I don't think I can do it. I think I've run out of good byes."
  • "She's not coming back."
  • "Everybody knows you don't bring the girl with you after high school."
  • "And hey, look, I am right there with you."
  • "I don't believe this."
  • "What is it with you and trees?"
  • "You look handsome."
  • "Take my hand. I'll take the lead."
  • "You know I'll catch you through it all."
  • "My heart is where ever you are."
  • "What are you? Some sort of muppet gangster?"
  • "Ew! That is so gross."
  • "High school wasn't meant to last forever."
  • "Aww! Cute pants!"
  • "Oh go for it. Save the day. Whoopee."
  • "That's my dress!"
  • "But you were so loyal, so sweet."
  • "You should try it sometime."
  • "Surprise!"
  • "You did it. You graduated."
  • "I choose the person who inspires my heart. "
  • "I picked a school that's exactly 32.7 miles away from you."
  • "I never thought I'd hear my dad say that."
  • "We really are all in this together."
  • "Who says we have to let it go?"

anonymous asked:

i saw you were accepting prompts. what about a fic set in neverland? you can choose if its a canon divergence or not

I am and you are the first one to send me one, so thank you!!!

A Neverland fic that could be a canon divergence but consider it as a missing scene from around 3x02

~1400 words

He sat on a fallen tree, scratching his hook in the brown, mud-like ground and occasionally swatting the bugs away that came to terrorize them. Emma was seated not far from him on a large, mossy rag spread across, protecting her clothes from getting even filthier. Her eyes kept reverting to his figure, scrutinizing his nonchalant posture.

“Why are you here?” she wondered.

The volume of the question was too loud to merely be a question to herself and Emma doubted that it was. But it was also too quiet for Hook to understand.

“Come again?”

His hand traced the metal to get rid of any crumbs of dirt remaining. Hook teared his attention away from his curved attachment and transferred it to Emma. His characteristic eyebrow went up.

“Why are you here?” Emma asked again, her voice more firm and demanding this time.

“To help you get your son back.” he said after a pause and slowly, trying to clarify something he had explained the instant they all set foot on his ship and began their desperate quest. Something that had echoed several times during their journey.

Emma tried to settle for that answer, had been attempting for some time, but it was Hook. Her mind kept mentioning his reputation. He wasn’t supposed to be helpful and generous, he needed to be selfish and annoying and just eye roll material. Nothing more.

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A Daydream Away - Michael Clifford Imagine


btw i imagined michael in this in his white hair/skunk hair-ish phase just me doe

if you listen to the song while you read this it makes it 1000000x better ok 

REQUEST WHATEVER WHENEVER I LOVE REQUEST AYY okay sorry here’s the fuckin thing

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anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompts: Bonnie being the one who witnesses/causes Damon to become free of the Demon that's possessing him.

As I always remind my readers I don’t watch TVD, so I went, watched the scene of Enzo’s possession and wrote this for you (crossing my fingers that it doesn’t suck too bad):


He’s  cleaned up the place for her, because she’s special. Pretty Bonnie, anchored to a corner of his mind like dead weight, judging him for his fun every damn moment. It is not that hard to ignore her, but it would be so much better if she was not there. It gets distracting sometimes; he’s carving patterns on a naked chest, making holes in the sole of their feet and there she is, legs crossed and unimpressed at his artistic ways.

She’ll be the masterpiece of his life.

Enzo fought him for her – he wanted to kill her himself, but he’s not worthy of her. So he chained him up and left him in the truck of their car. No, Bonnie is something he needs to do alone (oh, there are many ways he would have liked to go at that).

Even magic-less there’s something about her that can change night into day, and he likes his nights long and peach black, thank you very much.

She’s sitting on a chair, wrists tied behind her back and the makes a groggy sound as she comes back to her sense. She shakes her hair out of her eyes and her eyelashes raise up and he can see it well, the tone of green that starts confusedly at him.

“Hi, Bon-Bon,”, he says, roosted on the concrete, staring up at her, playing with his favorite knife, anxious to play with her like a spoiled brat with the greens in his plate. She’s not green at all, she’s honey and chocolate and the memory of her blood makes his mouth water.

She’s so oddly calm it only excites him more, “Hi, Damon”. Oh, this one must be such a fierce thing in bed.

Close,” he says, ““It’s been so long…isn’t it?” .

“You didn’t even write,” she adds, making him grin. It’s incorrect, really. He wrote her once, she didn’t even bother reading the written proof of his disastrous try at selfness. At least there’s no other witness of his embarrassment but himself.

And even if things had went differently, she won’t be alive for long.

“But I sent pictures,” he piques, “Did you get them?” he asks, knowing that she did. It’s fun. Stefan and Caroline and Bonnie tried to trace him down, but they were always one step behind, and then he decided to turn the table on them and make them become the prey. Well, not all of them. Just the most special. The one that always talks in the corner of his mind, ruining his demon’s good time with the wrong background music.

“I have an eye for pretty things,” he says, one finger running along the curve of her neck, finding the little scars of his bite while the other hand  holds the knife. “You’ll make quite a pretty picture when I’m done with you. One these eyes will never forget,” he says, tapping his cheekbone with the tip of the knife.

“It’s all foreplay with you, I see,” she replies sarcastically, facing bravely his plans for their day together.

“Oh, I don’t disappoint,” he promises, smiling eagerly, turning the knife towards her.

Bonnie stares at him imperturbably, the bends her head so that her lips touch the point of the knife. Their eyes lock and he’s enraptured by the sick, almost erotic display. Bonnie opens her mouth, licks the point of the knife and her tongue bleeds. The red in her mouth shines and smells so deliciously he cannot help himself. He crashes his mouth against hers, tongue slipping easily inside, the taste of her blood makes him lightheaded, and hard and slightly feeling out of control. Like something inside is rebelling and screaming. He wants to tell him to shut up, he’s enjoying this, he’ll eat her out and then eat her alive and use her bones to clean his teeth but it feels like the ground under his feet is trembling and he must tear himself away from her with a groan.

“Damon,” he hears her call. It irritates how she thinks he can ruin his fun so easily. It irks him that she probably can.

“He’s not here,”

“He is,” she replies stubbornly, “Because I’m stuck with him.”

The grin on his face trembles and he decides he’ll get to the point faster than he had intended to, but really, Damon Salvatore is too much work when this one is close by and he’s got better things to do.

“My dear, you’re getting more boring by the second,” he says, placing the edge of his knife at her  neck, “And I think I’ll kill you.”

“He won’t let you,” she says, stubbornly. Maybe she’s just hoping, but his hand is heavy and fuck his sights blackens at times.

“He will,” he says, like he’s trying to convince whatever’s left of Damon Salvatore about how convenient this is for the both of them, “You will die and one day, when I’m tired of this body – which could be soon, if he behaves – he’ll be free to go back to dearest, dearest Elena. And what are you compared to the fair Elena?”

The breath itches in her throat and she swallows and she eyes become softer, “I don’t know,” she admits, in a low tone, “What am I, Damon?” she asks, “Even if you kill me now and go your way, I wanna know… I wanna know what was in that damn letter that weighted so much in my pocket, why you were so stubborn about the whole thing if in the end it is always so damn easy for you to get rid of me?” she asks, eyes glossy with tears she’s uselessly trying to hold back, “I really wanna know if you loved me even a little bit.” She admits, now crying freely, “If you’re somewhere in there Damon, come out and have the guts to tell me. You own me that much. Do you hear me, you bastard?” she screams between tears.

He bares his teeth, he just wants to bite at her flesh, tear it apart, bathe in her blood one second, and the next he’s pulled down,  one booted foot crushing his face to the farthest corner of Damon Salvatore’s mind until is cast away like he’s nothing more than a bad thought.

His limbs are too fragile and at the same times too heavy to move from the concrete. The only light of a naked bulb in the warehouse casts a halo on the top of Bonnie Bennet’s head for a moment.

If he’s fast enough, if only he can move from the ground and attack now he could enter her this time. Maybe Damon is too sappy for this life, but she’s something else. She’s fierce that one, there’s still a fire burning in her and it can become cold and dark and all his.

The demon raises to his feet, prepares himself to launch towards her when the knife flies towards his brain and pierce through him like through butter, right in the middle of where his eyes should be if he still had human form.

When Damon turns towards her Bonnie is trying hard to stop crying and the result is that she’s pitifully sniffling. Damon wants to say that he’s sorry, that he didn’t mean any of what left his mouth, that he would never give her up for Elena or anyone else in the world, but he can’t say a word. He’s tired and he can’t see much of anything but her. And it’s going to be okay, because he’s tired and he can’t see much of anything but her.

“You never even pay me a compliment, then the first evil demon that makes eyes at you gets the erotic show with blood and knifes. I’m offended.” he says, attempting a little humor.

“Idiot,” she accuses him, sniffling again.

He just takes her face in his hands, kiss her wet cheek, the salty taste of her tears is sharp enough to make him feel more like himself. And then he holds her tight. So very tight. And lets his fingers grip her hair, her mouth rest at the base of his neck, her scent of  honey and salt envelop him.

Hours later, when she’s sitting on the concrete of the warehouse and she’s curled up against his chest, asleep, he knows, “If you really wanna know…” he begins “I can’t remember loving anything in this world, more than I love your nagging voice and your judgy eyes and the way you can bring me back to myself”.

And now he’s really free.