so this is my very own screenshot


Okay I’ve finally gathered enough courage to officially announce my very own SpinOFF in development. Excite!

VERGE is going to be a fan prequel to OFF. You start playing as an aviator elsen from one of the new zones who is simply called ‘Pilot’, and as you explore the zones you gradually uncover the story revolving around the King, Hugo, the Guardians and the world itself.

I’ve been working on it for a while so here are some screenshots. (Click for captions)

Stay tuned! ❤️


So I had this idea since making that collage of multiple Antis, and decided to make a few versions of it (: I like to think Anti really is very sassy, a very sassy archangel I guess lol the wings are more of an aesthetic tho 

Anti screenshot is courtesy of @trash-septiceye (hope you don’t mind me using them in my edits <3 )

*I do not own the images used, just did edits and collaging; plus like/reblog if you save/use :*

dank-owski  asked:

Hey there, wcif the shorts Marley was wearing in that little fluff beach post? And also, so. freaking. cute. I love your writing style so much honestly, I wish I could do such frequent updates with my own but I guess I just kinda lost motivation. Speaking of which, how do you keep your motivation for setting up screenshots for and writing 'Finding Marley'?

You can find those totally adorable shorts right here! Oh my thank you, so much!! There are three main things that get me motivated/keep me motivated to write:

1. My followers! They are the sweetest. Every like, reblog, ask and reply I get makes my heart sky rocket, and their constant support makes me want to update as much as I possibly can 💖

2. My own love for the story. I am very invested in my characters and because I haven’t actually planned out the entire story, I’m excited myself to see where the story goes 🙂

3. The satisfaction I get from creating a post/photoset that I’m actually really proud of. I’ve always been quite a creative person, I’ve always liked to write, but whenever I tried to sit down and write something real, I could never do it. Finding Marley (and the sims in general) is an amazing creative outlet. Basically, writing the story makes me happy 😊 

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Hello just wanted to say hi! And that I really like your blog. I wanted to ask you how you discover playchoices?And who is your favorite character in general?(except Darren) Have a nice day/evening Kisses from France

Kisses from Manila! And thank you! I shall call you French Anon 😊

Thanks for the ask! I’ve never been asked this before. I discovered Choices in the App Store. I was searching for Choose Your Own Adventure type of games. I’m a big fan of Alter Ego and Lifeline, plus other text-based CYOA apps. I also loved Cause of Death and Surviving High School.

So I stumbled upon Choices and saw The Freshman. I got HOOKED.

I started playing in September last year. I loved it so much but didn’t know anyone else who played the game. I found a forum, but didn’t like the interface of the site (very 90s heehee). Then I decided to create a tumblr account for my Choices screenshots and stories, and discovered that there are sooooo many fans of the game! I followed the hashtag #playchoices and the rest is history.

My favorite character, aside from Darren as you pointed out, is Dominic Hunter. Aside from him being so hot (no pun intended), I like how he is learning to balance the discovery of his new power with staying grounded.

Thanks for the ask, French Anon!

I’ll post this question to the fandom too! How did YOU start playing Choices?

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Hi!! I'm hoping you can help get the word out about this. Theres a person on the site Redbubble, username charmangel who has stolen peoples artwork & is selling it, I've tracked a few artists down & informed them but I'm having trouble finding others. Im not very visible in the fandom myself so i fear if i just post about this on my own blog it won't get as much reach which is why I'm reaching out to others in the fandom.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen this happen on Redbubble but I don’t really know what to do to stop it :CC

Everyone just make sure that if you buy something on Redbubble that the shop doesn’t look fishy. Because with that user there’s a mix of different things (including screenshots? How weird) that they’re selling and it’s obvious that the art is too different to be from the same person.

So just be careful!

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I don't know who else to talk to about my dumb da sims. I have the random preg mod (so it's anyone's guess who get the kid) and for the second time in a row Fenris has manage to impregnate Anders with twins. This is the second time. I can help but imagine a very smug Fenris, while Anders is both thrilled and horrified at another set of twins. I was prepared for 3 kids not 4. Fenris is too virile for his own good or rng really likes him.

Well, at least it’s just Anders having the kids? :P

I got my Anders and Fenris sims pregnant at the same time with each other, so that was quite the trip. I’ve even got screenshots of before and after each conception… which sounds a little weird, but it’s the Sims, right? ;D


[Moscow 1989]

Again something little to keep myself reminded that I can keep dreaming of my own short movies about my OCs, because of my little patience …and keep enjoying making fake screenshots meanwhile. (Also fill up my aesthetic desire for soviet urbanism in winter.)

Zachary is very young here, around 25yrs old and he just lost a place to squat in where he spent over 5 months, trying to prove himself that he can be a solo mercenary. Someone burned the old house down and now he’s butthurt and too cool to accept help from his (best) friend, Gavril who offers him to come back to the family (group of mercenary mutants situated in Moscow at that time).

Our dear Vlad will have to spend a night or two squatting in boiler rooms of the surrounding housings… before he realizes he can’t survive the harsh winter like this and eventually responds to Gavril’s offer. And he will not regret it <;


So I’ve been tagged by @bibi-loves-books . Hihi I love these tagging games.

You just basically post a screenshot of your lockscreen and home screen plus the last song you’ve listened to.

I own two phones, one is my business phone, the other is my personal phone. I really, really love the theme on my business phone, the one with the cherry blossoms. It has that minimalistic effect yet very classy. Hahaha and I’m not planning on changing themes ever.

So there you go. You can do this too if you like. I’m tagging @shiningscarletmoon @omgsniarf @schmidte17 @seigibathala @madara-fate .

That being said:

I’m also not one to use faceclaim icons exclusively, btw. I enjoy exploring various alternatives. For example, I have a set of these funny faceplate-gifs made for me by the awesome @socks192 (Who also takes commis for such faceplates. *hinthint* *nudgenudge*)

I also have a huge set of icons made from in-game screenshots, mostly created for me by the sweet mun of @aithreachas. And I also plan to paint my own set of icons with Sebastian in his chantry-robes some day.

Out of these options (including the faceclaim), I usually pick whatever I personally feel fits the mood of my reply in that moment and yes I’m always open for people offering me more alternatives. (Other screenshot-icons, new possible faceclaims, more icon-art, anything really) But this fandom has made me very careful of allowing any anons to take influence on my blog. So if you make suggestions for change, make them off-anon. Chances are higher, I will feel inclined to agree with you and not misunderstand your intentions.

Thank you

[Screenshot of an IM: “So your gonna completely ignore that Kara herself explicitly said herself she is not gay just so it works for your own head canon thats fine but it would be very inconsistent of the show to go there”]

Firstly, umm, yes I am - that’s how fandom works. I’m trying to imagine how good it must feel for you to be so represented in the popular media that you don’t have to constantly reframe the characters you love and relate to so that you can see your own truth reflected in their stories. Maybe canon is enough for you, but that’s not what it’s like to be queer and in fandom - seeing ourselves represented in canon depictions of our characters romantic and sexual storylines is not a luxury we have. Yes, we ignore it when our faves say that they’re het - of course we do. I have no interest in a canon that is tedious and heteronormative and doesn’t include me. Fun fact: A lot of fanfiction and headcanons come about because the people who love the show - the fans - are not satisfied with canon, so we write new worlds and stories for ourselves. That’s literally what fandom is for people like me most of the time.

In terms of the second part of this, you’re right, and you’re not the only one who has told me it would be weird or inconsistent if SuperCat became canon.

Yes, yes it would.

It would be inconsistent for a mainstream tv series to represent queer viewers, because most media is pretty consistently heterosexual.

It would be inconsistent for Supergirl specifically to allow Kara to be queer in canon, not because she said “I’m not gay” - (Seriously, queer folks can be in the closet or not know it yet, that’s a thing - saying you’re not gay once is not an Unbreakable Vow. I have denied my queerness before, do you know why? Out of fear, because the world I live in is violently homophobic and we are pressured to deny our truths all the time.) No, it would be inconsistent because this show has teased with themes and metaphor around coming out and accepting yourself but hasn’t yet stepped up to the plate and given any real weight to it’s wishy washy position as a queer friendly show. It would be inconsistent to finally acknowledge that queer people exist in the world for a show that has over 30 named characters and none of them are canonically non-heterosexual.

It would be weird, yes, for me to put so much energy into shipping a queer age-gap relationship on the internet and then to see it blossom into canon. It would be weird. It would be alien. It would be unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Because as I said before - queer folks do not get that luxury.

It would be inconsistent and it would be weird - but it would be in no way unwelcome, neither to me nor any of the thousands of other femslash shippers in the world.

Do you know what you are if you never do anything inconsistent or weird?

Boring as fuck.

And if canon bores me you can bet your ass I’m going to create what I want to see instead.

Creators are fallible. I’ve not yet found the perfect character, perfectly executed in the perfect show. There are worlds I love full of characters who don’t do much for me. There are characters I love who are written into bullshit situations and bad plots. Dynamics I love between characters who bore me. Plot devices I love in worlds that make no sense.

The beauty of creative fandom is that we don’t have to be satisfied with what we’re given. We can take all these things we love, scrap the things we don’t, and smash them together in our own imaginings.

TL;DR: Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


Introducing Biscuit! My new bff! I was having a tough week and then my boyfriend surprised me with my very own paissa brat.

I named him Biscuit and now we go on adventures together. He is adorable and quirky and weird, I love him so much!

Tagging @paissa-brat because she began my love of the humble paissa with her own sassy one named Rolanberry. (^_^) 

The Rule

Anon Request:  So I’ve been felling sad today cause i miss my friends (i moved last year), and I dont really know how to cheer myself up, so i was wondering if you could please write a liam imagine where you see each other after a long time and lots of fluff? Thnx❤

A/n: Oh man, I’m a day late on this. I always try to do requests like this the day of, but I had an exam and work yesterday! I’m so sorry anon, hope you cheer up bc you’re loved very much!! And this is probably not fluffy enough bc I based it on my own experience with my best friend that lives across the country. It’s sucky and I just wanna hold them, but we do alright. :) 

You swiped open the new snapchat that popped up on your phone and snorted at the silly face that had taken up your screen. And even though the two of you had a very outspoken rule about not screenshotting snaps, you couldn’t help yourself this time. Liam just looked so adorable and you missed him so much; and if screenshotting pictures of him was the only way you could see his face on demand, well fuck the rule because you needed this. Your phone pinged with another snap and you opened it a little too impatiently. You smiled fondly at his frowning face and screenshot that too, despite the huge ‘NO SCREENSHOTTING!’ sitting at the top of the screen.

And then you’re phone was ringing with an incoming facetime and flashing Liam’s face across the screen. You answered with an innocent smile, “Yes, Liam?”

Keep reading

and here we have a very pleased dog (she peed in the car later and i had to get it cleaned, fuck)

the result of a conversation on twitter with @L_Un_known on twitter (who does not have a tumblr, but does very much adorable cullrian art so why not pay them a visit and give them some love <3)

Tovakiin’s Screen Edits!

Hey gang! So here’s the scoop. As many of you know, I’ve recently been going through a bit of a medical crisis. Unfortunately my insurance doesn’t quite cover all of my treatments and I just don’t have the strength to get a job at this time - putting me in a very difficult financial situation. 

So, after finalizing everything… 

Screenshot Editing Commissions are now open!

Basic Edit: $7
Included: Blurred background, color enhancement, basic PSDs.
Basic Edit Example

Extensive Edit: $14
Included: Blurred background, color enhancement, additional shading and highlighting, secondary coloring, multiple PSDs.
Extensive Edit Example

Extensive Special Effects: $20
Included: Blurred background, color enhancement, additional shading and highlighting, secondary coloring, multiple PSDs and special effect actions.
Effects currently offered: BokehFlames, and Aether.

Additional Notes: 

  • You must provide your own screenshots!
    I cannot run around server to server be your photographer. Please send the screenshot in an attachment. If you’re not sure which photo you’d like edited the most, just send me a few and I will chose.
  • Please try not to send screenshots of your character in the deepest, darkest cavern.
  • If you are willing to donate any extra money to help me out, it would be appreciated, commission or no.
  • I cannot refund any money once the commission has begun.
  • Prices are calculated via how long an edit takes to complete alongside current minimum wage in my location.
  • All edits are done by myself in Photoshop CS6.
  • Please keep in mind that I am disabled. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was three and it is fairly severe in my hands. Edits like this take time for me as and can occasionally be painful. I will be as swift as possible with all commissions but please be patient. 

Thanks for your time! 

I currently am opening up 2 slots. Please send all commission inquiries to

Male dancer outfit concept?

So I was re-reading the thread about the males being able to have access to the dancer outfit we’ve seen. While I still support that in its fullest, I thought ‘maybe some people have problems with it because it comes off so femenine?’ While I am not one of those people, I thought to myself ‘I wonder what a similar but potentially more masculine dancer outfit might look like if they designed the males their own flowy one?

So I started messing around on my sai on a screenshot of my character. Please be forewarned that these are exceptionally sketchy and quick-ideas that I had. I don’t claim to be an outfit designer on any stretch xD

Also, I very clearly have no concept design shoe-wise, lol. 

And to the English Release: A Little Bonus Game for you all!

I told you to stay tuned until the English Release, so here we go! My little surprise up my sleeve just for you guys:

Nenilein’s Special King Crazy Dance-Off Contest!

My very own P4D Tournament, where I challenge you to beat my hard-earned P4D High Scores and you can win awesome little and sometimes even one-of-a-kind goodies for doing so!

The rules are simple:

  • At the start of each new week, I will post one of my P4D King Crazy High Scores on this blog.

  • You have one week to beat said high score with exactly the same settings I used (this includes Costumes, Dance Partners and Item Settings). No DLC content will be used, as to not disadvantage anyone.

  • You then take screenshots of your high score, the dance and the settings to prove you fulfilled the conditions and then reblog my High Score Post with your own screenshots. I will check through all reblogs.

  • At the end of the week, the person with the highest score wins!

IMPORTANT: While I will be using my Japanese copy of the game, you may only compete in this competition with an ENGLISH copy of the game. Further, if you also own(ed) the Japanese  version or got your copy of the game early, you are NOT allowed to enter! This is because the whole point of the contest is to have people who are new at the game try to beat the scores of someone like me, who has been playing it since it came out in Japan. If you also have had your share of experience with the game already, it would be an unfair advantage. 

Now, as for the prizes:

  • Comissions! Some of the winners will get the chance to get a commission worth 15€ or less for free from me! This includes translations, fanfic writing, artwork… I do a lot of stuff! The limit is your imagination!

  • Official Keychains and Buttons! Some little beauties I brought back from Japan are searching for an owner~.

  • Handmade Keychains and Stickers! The possibilities are sheer endless here! You can ask me to do any motive you want, it doesn’t even have to be Persona related. As long as it’s in my comfort-zone everything goes!! Some more examples of Artwork for Keychains/Stickers that I have made: 1

Some details: 

I will ship physical prizes out in normal letters, so I can guarantee 100% for their safety. Also, if you pick a physical prize, I will have to ask that you pay shipping yourself, since I’m kind of short on money right now and can’t afford to pay that. However, as I am going to send in normal envelopes it shouldn’t be too much. If you don’t wanna pay anything, going for a commission instead of a physical prize might be your best choice. 

That would be all first challenge will be posted soon!! I wish you all the best of luck, my friends! Dance, dance, DANCE!