so this is my very own screenshot

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Someone with apparently too much time on their hands and too much hate in their heart spent a lot of time on my blog today - They commented on at least ten or so posts of mine that were tagged as “trans”. 

I read a couple of their additions to my posts. A few were ridiculous, a few were insulting. All were very transphobic and hateful against the lgbt+ community. 

 I started to feel a bit hurt and upset (which, just as a quick friendly reminder, is a completely normal, human emotional response to getting insulted and not a sign of being a overly sensitive snowflake!), so i stopped reading - and just in that moment, i realized something. 

According to their blog description, the person identifies as trans. 

My very first thought was “Well, obviously a troll blog”. A fake account by a hateful cis person who wants to provoke trans people, to stir up hate and negativity against trans people, to be able to screenshot their own posts and use them on their own anti-social-justice blog as an example how bad trans people are… That’s not unheard of. The lengths people will go (and the amount of time they will spend!) to make others feel bad are astonishing. 

My very first thought might be the right one. “I hate trans people and i’m 100% against trans rights and i want to kiss Donald Trump on the lips for supporting anti-trans laws and i say this as a trans person!!” does sound quite fake. 

But what if it isn’t? What if the owner of the blog really is a trans person who is anti-trans rights? What would that mean for me (a person who is not cis) and the lgbt+ community? 

Well, nothing. 

There are ridiculous, mean, hateful people in any group or community of people. There are mean blonde people and mean people with green eyes and mean people who own a dog - And yes, there are mean people who are trans. 

That does not mean that being blonde, green-eyed or a dog-owner automatically makes you mean. The actions of a few individuals don’t make the whole group of people who share one trait with them a bad group. It just means the few individuals are bad. 

Neither do the hateful views of one trans blogger say anything about trans people in general. 

They’re just that - the views of one person.  

Don’t forget that when you deal with such situations. It’s just one person. 

With all my love, 

You Tumblr Mom

PS: Okay, they did not literally say they want to kiss him on the lips, it’s a slight exaggeration for emphasis. A slight one. 


Besides everything that I have going on the side, I want to raise some awareness about a specific person. 
I am not usually one for drama but when it concerns friends and mutuals I have VERY STRONG FEELINGS on art theft and reposting! Especially when I can help it!!

There was a post floating around here:

I instantly recognized this as Simika’s wonderful artwork and I was irritated to see it on here. Just because you put a tiny source link does not mean it is okay to repost without permission! Unless permission is explicitly given you should. not. do. it.

So I messaged this person, you can see the conversation I had with them. They seemed…… ok? Very formal, but all that did was sugar-coat their really selfish intentions. I ended up speaking with Simika about this, as you can see from the screenshot below, as they are one of my mutuals…. I got clear instructions to ask them to take it down. So I sent the screenshot. This very “formal and polite” person who “takes art theft very seriously” blocked me shortly afterwards. They did not take the post down.

… What to do? I’m furious. I cannot report artwork that isn’t my own and Simika does not know English. If maybe you can send them an ask asking them to take down the artwork… I do not suggest attacking, that is never acceptable, but there is a lesson here as well….. Just because you source does not make it okay to repost….. Especially when the artist says so.

it is such a problem, I am frustrated and unsure what to do at this point.


hi im thiscrush. i go by the names zei/zura/lyra and i got involved in a  callout earlier and was falsely accused of helping people send rape threats here 

i have never met op or anyone else on the callout before. all the proof i have atm is under cut.  please reblog if you can.

EDIT: someone had been pretending to be me. op has removed me from the callout

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Okay I’ve finally gathered enough courage to officially announce my very own SpinOFF in development. Excite!

VERGE is going to be a fan prequel to OFF. You start playing as an aviator elsen from one of the new zones who is simply called ‘Pilot’, and as you explore the zones you gradually uncover the story revolving around the King, Hugo, the Guardians and the world itself.

I’ve been working on it for a while so here are some screenshots. (Click for captions)

Stay tuned! ❤️

Meta: DRRR, Shizaya, and Monstrous Romance

Alright. Shizaya. I should begin this by saying a couple of things: first of all, in the interests of time, much of this will be freeform more than pulling up specific examples from canon or screenshots or quotes or the like. Shizaya is one of my very top OTPs and I’ve spent a lot (possibly too much) time thinking about their dynamic, so a lot of this is built upon conclusions built on conclusions built on conclusions. It’s meta all the way down, folks. Also please note that much of this will be heavily colored by my own perspective here; I’m not trying to be unbiased or objective as much as to ramble for some extended period about my own take on one of my favorite ships. So take several grains of salt with you before we embark on this. It’s also going to be a mess. I’ll try to break it out into more-or-less cohesive sections, but I have a lot to say and I’m not sure even where to start so I’m just going to give it to you all at once. Hopefully it’s more fun than overwhelming.

With that I’ll jump right in!

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anonymous asked:

Imo ther evasiveness of gay issues isnt cuz they wanted to portray love deeper than romance. Or cuz of Japanese indirectness cuz they aren't indirect with the het themes. It just seems like BS homophobic double standards imo. wat's ur opinion? (2)

Hi and sorry for the late reply! I’m finally trying to answer the questions I received. I’m glad that my note could help explain my point in a clearer way.

I am going to write about the topic of “depictions of homosexuality in Japanese fiction”.
Important note: Not being inside the creators’ mind, I cannot tell whether they actually think Victor and Yuuri are romantically in love or not, but I am explaining why in my opinion they wouldn’t explicitly portray that in the series even if they were in love.

Under the cut because it’s not directly translation-related.

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We can all agree that Ruby chose the red balloon and Sapphire the blue, maybe? Hopefully!

Now, this may be a longshot, but I’m gonna throw it out there, anyway:

What if Ruby misses some ruby company? I mean, rubies seem to be around other rubies a lot from what we’ve seen and, though it’s been over 5000 years without, maybe it’s still kinda hard to be the only ruby in the crew. It could be that Ruby was excited to have one of her own gem type on board after so many millennia and jumped at the idea of getting some balloons! Sapphire, not wanting to get The Bae™’s hopes up, decided that they should grab a less joyful gift.

You see, what I’m trying to say is that I’m very upset over Garnet popping the balloon instead of at least someone using the helium to make their voice a higher pitch.

C: I don’t know if I’m being extra or what, but i find it very annoying when my friend wants to go through my phone. She will go through my music playlist, my photos, my screenshots, my videos, my apps, my social media accounts, my messages, my contact list. She stay wanting to play with my phone when she have one of her own. I don’t feel the need to go through her phone so why is she asking for mines? We been friends for a long time, but when she does that it makes me cringe.


i told my mom that i want a black sweater. she refused saying that it was stupid and will not fit me although i would stay at home. so i wanna see some sims in black sweater cuz i love it!!


  • put black (you can also choice another color - i generally love sweaters but black for me more cute) sweaters on your favorite/founder/another sim!
  • take a screenshot (editing entirely depends on you)
  • post with the tag #blacksweatertag or/and @sycsh also leave a link to this post please ??
  • tag at least 3 person

                                                      thank you for listening.

i am very shy about tagging someone on my own so you can just say that i tag you !!!


So I had this idea since making that collage of multiple Antis, and decided to make a few versions of it (: I like to think Anti really is very sassy, a very sassy archangel I guess lol the wings are more of an aesthetic tho 

Anti screenshot is courtesy of @trash-septiceye (hope you don’t mind me using them in my edits <3 )

*I do not own the images used, just did edits and collaging; plus like/reblog if you save/use :*

simplesparklysims  asked:

Do you have tips for starting a legacy? Also, do you edit your pictures?

Hi! I’m honored you came to me for that as I feel like my blog is a mess and I’m not an example to follow. ahah But I do have some useful stuff for you.

@sandy-sims actually put a lot of efforts into some guides very useful that I still go through from time to time. I definitely recommend to give it a look to any simblrs. :)

Basic tips I’d like to add & I’m probably just repeating but:

Tag your legacy posts with ts4, sims 4 legacy, sims 4 to get visibility. Tumblr only shows your post in the first 5 tags so I use those tags first.

Personally, I fall in love with the pictures first so I think editing is key to attract other people. Settings, lighting in your game + editing your pictures.

If you don’t have access to topaz or photoshop, I recommend inspiring yourself from these simblrs who use free app & I really enjoy the way their pictures look.

Queue your legacy posts from 12 am to 12 am (number of posts to your discretion though) so your posts can reach people in another timezone.

I suggest you don’t use the reblog option too much. It’s my personal liking but I don’t follow people who reblog a lot because I like seeing original content. You can always make a side blog for reblogging the CC or the posts you like and don’t want to forget though, that’s what I do. I personally just try to keep my blog reblog-free so people don’t see twice+ the same stuff on their dash.

Never forget you’re doing a legacy & having a simblr because it makes you happy. If you enjoy yourself, followers are naturally going to come. Post what you like, from personal to sims related. I don’t know if I’m the only one but I actually really enjoy reading nonsims from the people I follow. I feel like I’m connecting a little more with them.

If you have any other questions, don’t be afraid to come to me! ❤️️

Me: Super into a game, posts screenshots and custom content, stories, etc, like a maniac. Speaks to everyone about everything, brainfarts ideas, makes up new characters one after another, comes up with a story, etc.

Also me: Very quiet, doesn’t bother anyone, doesn’t talk to anyone, quietly plays a game by myself, has periods where there aren’t many posts, etc.

With this I want to say that I never mean anything bad with how I am. Sometimes I’m just less on people and stories, and a bit more off on my own, playing in my little bubble. But I always treasure my friends and all the people I talk to.

Callout Post



i can’t believe i’m doing this but, here we go

so long story short, this one person by the username @/zoethecrocpot joined a groupchat i was in and as this person is very close to turning 18, we consider this rather sketchy, this is just a warning to any minors who come across this person

((sh///ota//con / lo///lico//n mentions below the cut))

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Ok so Wicke gives you explanations of all the ultra-beasts in the post game after you catch them. Here’s what she says about Nihilego: (pardon the repeated speech bubble, there were an odd number of screenshots and it would’ve looked weird to have just one hangin out there)

So it activates a person’s main deepest/’native’ traits, like what we saw with Lusamine, and then tries to use those traits to it’s own advantage. 

Now here’s what Guzma says about when the Nihilego was possessing him:

So that’s interesting. I can’t imagine fear was very useful to the Nihilego, so maybe that’s why Guz could escape its possession and it didn’t cling to him like the one that fused with Lusamine.

But also.

Dear Pokemon company: When can I get DLC to take my new Necrozma to Guzma’s house and vaporize his dad with a prismatic laser? Please respond ASAP, thanks

You know, when I first started watching Haikyuu!! I really didn’t like Oikawa Tooru. I thought he was obnoxious, cocky, and condescending. Ironically, he turned into one of my favorite characters so far. I like complexity in a character. It’s one of the reasons why I love Sasuke in Naruto (in the beginning I didn’t really care for him either, esp when he left the village and turned his back on his friends etc) but it all comes from the same thing: thinking you’re not good enough as you are and that you need to work, work, work, to get better. Of course Sasuke and Oikawa are nothing alike besides their inferiority complexes.

I see that a lot in Oikawa, hell, he even believes that himself. Which is why I love the friendship he has with Iwaizumi. For a guy who seems so pompous, arrogant, and talented at first glance, he doesn’t really have anyone super close to him except Iwa-chan, and at first glance Iwa-chan just seems mean. But really, you can tell he deeply cares for Oikawa, and probably yells and screams because that’s the only way Oikawa will listen…That’s how much his insecurities can blind him.

I also unexpectedly see a lot of myself in Oikawa. I wasn’t born with any outstanding talents - everything i’ve ever done has been through hard work. I am also pretty unlucky and so it has always meant more hard work than average just to get going on something. But I also have a dream of my own: law school. And the only thing that’s currently in the way is the LSAT. I’m just not good at standardized tests. Multiple choice is tedious and annoying. Give me 60 page essays and I won’t complain at all and can get A’s after endless hours of research. Tomorrow I will rewrite it for the second time. I bombed the first time because I was nervous and kept comparing my progress with those around me. I spent every day of my summer studying and the October results didn’t even reflect the work I put in because I let feelings of inadequacy get in the way at the crucial moment. I’m surrounded by people who seem to just coax through life easily. Talented standardized test-takers who can get a 169 after one month of studying. Natural geniuses who don’t even have to put in half the effort I put in to excel and it honestly drives me mad. I have people around me who don’t do anything but party and they can land great jobs at elite companies without prior work experience. I started interning when I was 17 and always worked multiple jobs to gain experience and also pay bills. So I guess I related to Oikawa’s feelings of inadequacy and questioning of whether or not all this hard work will ever be worth it.

But in the manga, there’s a flashback that Oikawa has where his coach is talking to him saying how comparing himself to geniuses is useless but giving up even trying is even worse. And that talent might bloom eventually but without belief it definitely never will. And I think that’s probably why so many people like Oikawa. Sure, he’s good looking, funny, dependable, talented etc. but he is also hella complex and I guess that makes him one of the most “real” characters in Haikyuu!! We all feel inadequate at something. It might not be volleyball or even school. But it’s something. I respect characters (and people in general) who can finds ways to overcome their walls of destruction. Oikawa, I’m not sure has overcome his feelings. I think he’s just accepting of the fact that he’s just a little ahead of Tobio in other areas but he makes it known that one day he will be surpassed because Tobio is a genius. But, we will have to see how he reacts when and if that time comes…

This is turning into a really cheesy post. I just wish that Oikawa will be included even more in the story. I know that he can’t be a regular per sé, but I sort of want to know more about him. He is without a doubt the most complex character on Haikyuu (in my opinion) from his insecurities to pride, from his flirtatious ways to the so called girlfriend we heard about that dumped him, to the fact that he’s a pretty boy yet wears nerdy glasses as well and has some of the dorkiest moments on Haikyuu. Gahhhh I just want more.

Anyway, back to prepping for tomorrow. It’ll be my very own Game Day.


So…  I started playing Black Desert Online with a “humanized Chiss” version of my favorite Imperial Agent from SWTOR. 

Their system is very complicated but everything you do is rewarding in its own way:
- When you walk or run it levels up Breath (more stamina)
- When you carry trader’s heavy loads, you gain Strength (+weight limit)
- When you eat food you level up Health (+HP)
- etc

I really like it this far, so, fair warning, I might spam post a few* screenshots in here now and then… ;)

*quantity may vary 

His Royal Fangs

For @glamorous-revenge

With size comparisons being made and after reading a recent RP thread where Tamatoa’s appearance apparently has a gold tooth ((which I thought was only exclusive to the human form)), I decided to draw Tamatoa’s teeth not only to practice with mouths again, but that my muse Jess is secretly into his teeth. She would be a little flustered if he smirks and laughs while at close range or if she is inside his mouth.

So I drew Jess inside Tamatoa’s mouth after cleaning them. I had to use many screenshots of Tamatoa and my own mouth to do this. No really, my mouth is very similar to Tamatoa’s except that the gap between my two front teeth is a lot smaller than his. Based on the size comparisons Jay made, most of Tamatoa’s teeth are half the size of an average human. And I was told that his gold tooth was near the front, top row, on his right side…. so I tried my best. This was a killer to draw and I probably messed up.

Random Bonus: This came to me while I was drawing this, I remembered some of my friends comparing me to a pilot fish since I’m into giant monsters most of the time. What’s interesting about pilot fish is that they follow sharks and they have this mutualistic relationship; the pilot fish removes parasites from the shark and the shark protects the pilot fish. Smaller pilot fish would sometimes clean a shark’s mouth.

Granted, Jess is still a servant/prisoner, but I can’t help but compare her to a pilot fish.

I hope this is okay.


Suguelya sent me a few screenshots of her PS3 playthrough with Saroku (It won’t let me actually tag either of you! >o<x) and the scenery was so pretty that I got a bit carried away and wrote a fic. ^^;

Fluff ahead.

Disclaimer: The characters and settings in this story are from Tales of Vesperia and do not belong to me.

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