so this is my very own screenshot


Besides everything that I have going on the side, I want to raise some awareness about a specific person. 
I am not usually one for drama but when it concerns friends and mutuals I have VERY STRONG FEELINGS on art theft and reposting! Especially when I can help it!!

There was a post floating around here:

I instantly recognized this as Simika’s wonderful artwork and I was irritated to see it on here. Just because you put a tiny source link does not mean it is okay to repost without permission! Unless permission is explicitly given you should. not. do. it.

So I messaged this person, you can see the conversation I had with them. They seemed…… ok? Very formal, but all that did was sugar-coat their really selfish intentions. I ended up speaking with Simika about this, as you can see from the screenshot below, as they are one of my mutuals…. I got clear instructions to ask them to take it down. So I sent the screenshot. This very “formal and polite” person who “takes art theft very seriously” blocked me shortly afterwards. They did not take the post down.

… What to do? I’m furious. I cannot report artwork that isn’t my own and Simika does not know English. If maybe you can send them an ask asking them to take down the artwork… I do not suggest attacking, that is never acceptable, but there is a lesson here as well….. Just because you source does not make it okay to repost….. Especially when the artist says so.

it is such a problem, I am frustrated and unsure what to do at this point.


Okay I’ve finally gathered enough courage to officially announce my very own SpinOFF in development. Excite!

VERGE is going to be a fan prequel to OFF. You start playing as an aviator elsen from one of the new zones who is simply called ‘Pilot’, and as you explore the zones you gradually uncover the story revolving around the King, Hugo, the Guardians and the world itself.

I’ve been working on it for a while so here are some screenshots. (Click for captions)

Stay tuned! ❤️


hi im thiscrush. i go by the names zei/zura/lyra and i got involved in a  callout earlier and was falsely accused of helping people send rape threats here 

i have never met op or anyone else on the callout before. all the proof i have atm is under cut.  please reblog if you can.

EDIT: someone had been pretending to be me. op has removed me from the callout

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So you know…





I wanted to have my own but the show has it very low quality so this was a pain in the ass to draw over. 


enjoy chibi Zarkon for a lovely Voltron Day~! <3

(It’s like one of those screenshots redraw things?) 

ok, so real quick, just a few things: this is my own personal opinion and about my own preferences. We all like different things. So if you like k/l, great! I fully support that. And there are definitely plenty of people who are multishippers and love both k/l and s/k or ship s/k/l. But I mean, the short answer is…you won’t find any k/l on this blog. (I’m also using a screenshot of your ask so this doesn’t appear when you search k/l, because I feel that wouldn’t be fair to fans)

anyway, long answer: 

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My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Someone with apparently too much time on their hands and too much hate in their heart spent a lot of time on my blog today - They commented on at least ten or so posts of mine that were tagged as “trans”. 

I read a couple of their additions to my posts. A few were ridiculous, a few were insulting. All were very transphobic and hateful against the lgbt+ community. 

 I started to feel a bit hurt and upset (which, just as a quick friendly reminder, is a completely normal, human emotional response to getting insulted and not a sign of being a overly sensitive snowflake!), so i stopped reading - and just in that moment, i realized something. 

According to their blog description, the person identifies as trans. 

My very first thought was “Well, obviously a troll blog”. A fake account by a hateful cis person who wants to provoke trans people, to stir up hate and negativity against trans people, to be able to screenshot their own posts and use them on their own anti-social-justice blog as an example how bad trans people are… That’s not unheard of. The lengths people will go (and the amount of time they will spend!) to make others feel bad are astonishing. 

My very first thought might be the right one. “I hate trans people and i’m 100% against trans rights and i want to kiss Donald Trump on the lips for supporting anti-trans laws and i say this as a trans person!!” does sound quite fake. 

But what if it isn’t? What if the owner of the blog really is a trans person who is anti-trans rights? What would that mean for me (a person who is not cis) and the lgbt+ community? 

Well, nothing. 

There are ridiculous, mean, hateful people in any group or community of people. There are mean blonde people and mean people with green eyes and mean people who own a dog - And yes, there are mean people who are trans. 

That does not mean that being blonde, green-eyed or a dog-owner automatically makes you mean. The actions of a few individuals don’t make the whole group of people who share one trait with them a bad group. It just means the few individuals are bad. 

Neither do the hateful views of one trans blogger say anything about trans people in general. 

They’re just that - the views of one person.  

Don’t forget that when you deal with such situations. It’s just one person. 

With all my love, 

You Tumblr Mom

PS: Okay, they did not literally say they want to kiss him on the lips, it’s a slight exaggeration for emphasis. A slight one. 

Meta: DRRR, Shizaya, and Monstrous Romance

Alright. Shizaya. I should begin this by saying a couple of things: first of all, in the interests of time, much of this will be freeform more than pulling up specific examples from canon or screenshots or quotes or the like. Shizaya is one of my very top OTPs and I’ve spent a lot (possibly too much) time thinking about their dynamic, so a lot of this is built upon conclusions built on conclusions built on conclusions. It’s meta all the way down, folks. Also please note that much of this will be heavily colored by my own perspective here; I’m not trying to be unbiased or objective as much as to ramble for some extended period about my own take on one of my favorite ships. So take several grains of salt with you before we embark on this. It’s also going to be a mess. I’ll try to break it out into more-or-less cohesive sections, but I have a lot to say and I’m not sure even where to start so I’m just going to give it to you all at once. Hopefully it’s more fun than overwhelming.

With that I’ll jump right in!

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anonymous asked:

Imo ther evasiveness of gay issues isnt cuz they wanted to portray love deeper than romance. Or cuz of Japanese indirectness cuz they aren't indirect with the het themes. It just seems like BS homophobic double standards imo. wat's ur opinion? (2)

Hi and sorry for the late reply! I’m finally trying to answer the questions I received. I’m glad that my note could help explain my point in a clearer way.

I am going to write about the topic of “depictions of homosexuality in Japanese fiction”.
Important note: Not being inside the creators’ mind, I cannot tell whether they actually think Victor and Yuuri are romantically in love or not, but I am explaining why in my opinion they wouldn’t explicitly portray that in the series even if they were in love.

Under the cut because it’s not directly translation-related.

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I got a bit sidetracked from going through the episodes, but I’m ready to talk about my favorite ghost villain, the queen of my heart Desiree.

Ember’s a really close second (which is why I like using icons of her), but Desiree’s my absolute favorite of the full ghosts, and I happen to consider her very underrated and underused by the show.

Her history isn’t quite as well-known as Poindexter’s, so I’ll take a bit of time to cover that first. (warning for lots of screenshots)

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Daydream Generation Screencaps

(aka I wanted to test my bluray rip by screenshotting it)



We can all agree that Ruby chose the red balloon and Sapphire the blue, maybe? Hopefully!

Now, this may be a longshot, but I’m gonna throw it out there, anyway:

What if Ruby misses some ruby company? I mean, rubies seem to be around other rubies a lot from what we’ve seen and, though it’s been over 5000 years without, maybe it’s still kinda hard to be the only ruby in the crew. It could be that Ruby was excited to have one of her own gem type on board after so many millennia and jumped at the idea of getting some balloons! Sapphire, not wanting to get The Bae™’s hopes up, decided that they should grab a less joyful gift.

You see, what I’m trying to say is that I’m very upset over Garnet popping the balloon instead of at least someone using the helium to make their voice a higher pitch.

C: I don’t know if I’m being extra or what, but i find it very annoying when my friend wants to go through my phone. She will go through my music playlist, my photos, my screenshots, my videos, my apps, my social media accounts, my messages, my contact list. She stay wanting to play with my phone when she have one of her own. I don’t feel the need to go through her phone so why is she asking for mines? We been friends for a long time, but when she does that it makes me cringe.

My SS Analysis (Part One)

 SasuSaku. A canon pairing between Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura.

I posted earlier that I wanted to do one of these, so here this is!

This is an analysis for only part one, not for Shippuden. It’s too long for one for Part One as it is.

I spent a long time on this and I’m really proud of how this came out. In this I’ll be addressing some, if not most arguments against the ship and I’ll be using the manga and databooks as well; not the anime. I’m getting the manga translations an screenshots from Kissmanga.

I’ll also be doing this with an open mind, while inputting my own thoughts as a shipper of SS.

Now, let’s begin.


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Okay, pumpkins, lets sit down for a second and discuss something—or rather, someone.

I will not be saying anything below that is not true.

I will not be saying anything below without /screen shot evidence/ of this truth being said.

The screenshots in the post are extremely graphic but I have experienced the straw that broke the camel’s back and I refuse to keep my mouth shut anymore than it already is.

So let me just add some warnings.

[[ Eye gore, gore, surgery, tumor, rat death, broken bones, bones, idiotic behavior ]]

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So I had this idea since making that collage of multiple Antis, and decided to make a few versions of it (: I like to think Anti really is very sassy, a very sassy archangel I guess lol the wings are more of an aesthetic tho 

Anti screenshot is courtesy of @trash-septiceye (hope you don’t mind me using them in my edits <3 )

*I do not own the images used, just did edits and collaging; plus like/reblog if you save/use :*

Ok, tell me if this isn’t creepy or what. Somehow, last night, as I was going to sleep, my phone recorded almost half an hour of video, on its own. This is the first screenshot of the video, me turning off my bedside light. Then a half hour of darkness. At first I was too creeped out to listen to it. Then I decided to listen to bits of it, fast forwarding in chunks of five to ten minutes or so. The first part is what you’d expect. Breathing, light snoring, silence. And then, right before it ended, you can hear voices. Like someone having a very quiet conversation. Then my voice, agitated, barking out a word or two. Then it cuts off. It couldn’t have been anyone next door, because no one lives on the other side of that wall.

I’ve listened to it a few times now, with the sound turned up all the way on my earbuds, and let a couple co-workers here listen, but none of us can figure out what the voices are saying, or what I am saying. So of course, now I’m totally creeped out. And so are they. FUN!

This is why we don’t speak up

This is a developing situation. Hopefully it will be resolved before it turns any nastier.

Here’s the long and the short of it thusfar. There’s plenty more detail but you get the idea.

I belong to an rpg themed group.

Some one posts an article about how it’s ok to admit that there’s an issue within your hobby (referring to the naysaying that springs up every time anyone talks about harassment and abuse within the gaming community).

The shitstorm of naysayers descends, with a small group of individuals pointing out that some of the naysaying is in itself harassment, or that the naysayers are not actually qualified to be naysaying. For example, a white man does not know what it’s like to be a black woman. The naysayers scream that that they’re being discriminated against and reverse racism and sexism etc.

I’ve withdrawn a lot from the gaming community because of this stuff, but every now and again I speak up for a bit and then give up.

Soon after there’s an admin post saying that “advertising posts” are not allowed. After some persistent questioning it’s revealed that what this actually is is a ban on posts about “real life”, “outside” issues (because apparently harassment within the gaming community has nothing to do with the gaming community).

I point out that this is basically flipping off everyone who’s been harassed or abused, and that predators thrive on a culture of silence. The admin gets very upset.

A couple of others post mansplainy naysaying responses along the way. After a while I give up. It’s clear this group isn’t safe. There was also pro gamergate sentiment, which is pretty much a gigantic alarm bell to any woman on the internet who values her safety. I leave the group.

Two members of the group then send me direct messages. People I do not know in any way besides the group and have made to my knowledge a couple of replies to on threads. One is a long mansplainy rant about how i’m being sexist towards him and how he’s really the victim here. The other isn’t so bad, at least they were trying to be polite.

I effectively tell the mansplainer to go to hell and block him. Then look up one of the other mods of the group he came from and report his actions. The mod asks for a screenshot, telling me that they only need the message he sent, since the issue was that he followed me out of the group despite me clearly saying I was done. I send screenshots, and make it clear that I’m fine with saying I told him to go to hell. I’m told action will be taken and assume it’s sorted.

Next day, some one I know within the group is telling me that the upset admin is publicly lying about what I did and said. Claiming I “doctored evidence” and refused to share my side of the conversation, and “shat on” his integrity.

Knowing that the membership of this group contains people who don’t respect basic boundaries, that there’s pro gamergate sentiment, and that this individual is willing to publicly lie about me, and knowing that the group contains links to my profiles - I can honestly say I’m genuinely scared. I’ve been shaking for the past three hours. Because I know what can happen to those of us who speak up.

I’ve contacted the mod I sent the screenshots to and asked for them to publicly state the facts. Whether that will help, I don’t know. The truth has never gotten in the way of a witch hunt before.

I never thought I’d be at risk of my own baby gamergate.

This is why we don’t speak up. This is why women, non binary people, people of colour, people with disabilities and health conditions, anyone who doesn’t fit a very specific demographic are thought to be so rare in the gaming community. Because we’re harassed and abused, and when we dare to talk about it, it gets worse.

Clearly we need to talk louder.

youngboppang ig story update:
-hongwon-ah, can you delete your past SNS comments even if it’s not all of them!? i am worried because there are people who screenshot every bits and parts of your pastㅠㅠ and also there are people who even screenshot your comments on your friends’ profiles so be careful..
-i don’t need to be careful. if i delete bits of my past with my own hand, then i am killing myself. and i die as a scaredy-cat. thank you so much but you don’t have to worry about that at all.

More News

Sometimes when things are looking up, they instead decide to take a nosedive into a dumpster fire. I regularly joke about having bad luck, but lately I find myself trying to figure out who cursed me.

I found out from the recovery lab a short time ago that my data is not able to be recovered after all. It’s my own fault for not backing up, but I’m still really discouraged and overwhelmed. I was told that my data was easily recoverable, so I took for granted that it would be.  

I’m devastated because I lost everything, including my sims, over 40GB of cc (some of which has long disappeared), my writing, artwork, pose wips, screenshots, plus a huge library of poses that I’ve downloaded and sorted. 

I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do. Right now I very much want to give up, but maybe I’ll feel differently in a day or two. I decided to post the incomplete drafts to Tender Prey, because I don’t know when I’ll get back to it, if at all.

I wanted to thank everyone for sticking with me over the last while. I’ve met so many awesome people on here and I appreciate and love you all so much. This isn’t goodbye, I just need to get my head straight. 

xo slanes

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Coming back to the game, I’m broke. I’m beyond broke. When I left the game I gave my personal house, my FC/house, and all my gil away to someone(s) that were very deserving of the items and I do not regret it. But, with 4.2 adding new wards for housing, here I am levelling a new FC and trying to raise enough money so that I may once again get back to where I was. Or, at the very least, own a small plot of land somewhere in the world with my FC. With no preference on location, I have my sights simply set on raising the money.

* each mood board will come with an in-game item during gil trade
** do not mention the mood boards in-game during gil trading, please

  • SALE! 500k donation per mood board (tips accepted, ofc!)
  • If you would like help taking the screenshot I am readily available
  • Payment = ½ upfront, ½ once WIP is confirmed
  • Examples Found Here

Message me on Tumblr Messanger and let me know you’re interested in a GIL commission. I will need from you your character’s:

  1. Interests
  2. Colour Scheme
  3. Aesthetic Tag/Tumblr (if applicable)

Reblogs would be great! I do these for real money, too!