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On the one hand, my girl became a disco star and I love her. But on the other, everybody damn else loves her too.

You’re MY Girl Pt.1

Series: Tom Holland Imagines

Relationship: Tom Holland x Reader

Request from @jyttoaudios: I was wondering if u could make a smut where you and tom are friends with benefits and he gets all sensitive over the fact that your starting to see someone and it leads to to a lil angst and a lil sum sum us know what I’m saying hmmmmm

A/N: hopefully you enjoy Pt.1 xx- Mikayla

[Reader’s POV]

    Rolling over you get out of the bed quietly. Picking up your phone and unplugging it off the charger. Bending down you pick up a shirt slipping the article of clothing on. Looking back at the bed, your longing gaze breaking as you exit the bedroom. Your feet padded against the flooring slightly as you headed towards the stairs. Memories of last night flashed through your head sending a throbbing sensation down to your core.

   Yawning and stretching your arms as you made it down each step slowly. Your body exhausted from the night before. Tessa’s tags jingled made you look over. She was standing on the couch now looking at you. A happy smile on her sweet face. Walking over you press a kiss to her head and rub her ears. Seeing a happy Tess when you woke up always made your day.

   Tessa jumps off the couch and follows you towards the kitchen. Clicking the power button on your phone to see it’s twelve thirty. Turning on the coffee pot you lean against the counter. Your hip slightly digging into the counter which you regretted quickly. A twinge of pain makes you stop leaning against the counter and lift your shirt up.

   Your skin was tinted purple with long bruises from where Tom’s fingers were last night. The skin sensitive and dark in some areas. A loud sound comes from the coffee machine indicating the coffee was ready. Moving your coffee mug you grasp the handle and pull it out of its home. Pouring the hot liquid in the cup your phone starts ringing loudly.

   Putting the coffee away you reach to grab your ringing phone. You were afraid the sound would rise upstairs and wake Tom. Almost dropping it out of quickly grabbing it you let out a sigh of relief when it doesn’t fall. Hitting the green button you raise the phone to your ear. A smile on your face after you saw who was calling.

“Good morning, you still on for today?” He asks as you reach for the dog food. Placing it on the counter you grab Tessa’s bowl.

“Yeah, I’m at a friends house so I’ll have to go home and get ready for tonight” Filling up the bowl you see her waiting by her water bowl. Tail wagging happily as she awaits her food. Setting it down you pat her head and she starts munching away.

“I bet you’ll look gorgeous no matter what” his voice was deep from him probably just waking up. He’s the one you’ve been calling when you couldn’t talk to Tom. It was hard just being friends with benefits with Tom. You wanted a relationship aspect.

“Oh stop it Leo, you’re such a charmer” you giggle taking a sip of your coffee. The caffeine rushing through your system to wake you up. The two of you had plans to meet at a coffee shop to just have a relaxing date. Coffee was perfect because you had to work on a term paper that night anyways. If you had tea you would want to wind down and procrastinate longer on your assignment.

“I can’t help it you’re absolutely stunning, I don’t know how anyone can pass you up” he chuckles making you smile. You couldn’t help but blush at what he says.

“Alright well I’ll see you soon okay?”

“Later love, see you soon” the line ends with a beep as you set your phone down on the counter. Tessa barks loudly making you turn around to see Tom walking over shirtless and in sweatpants. Your eyes traveling down his body admiring his abs.

“Good morning love, you’re up early” Tom grins sleepily walking towards you. Reaching up he runs his fingers through his tousled curls. His bicep flexing as he did that motion. Tom is irresistible with that body of his. Placing your mug by the sink it clinks against the countertop.

“I have plans today, I needed coffee to wake myself up even more” you explain as he gets closer to you. Backing you against the counter with nowhere to go. The feeling of your heart beating faster and faster started making you uneasy.

“I thought we were going to spend the day together since I’m back in town?” the warmth of his hand against your cheek was soothing. Leaning your face into the skin of his palm you let out a sigh.

“Well I made plans before you came back, I’ll be home for you tonight isn’t that fair enough?” it was unfair that you had to revolve your plans around him. You were the one always having to wait for him to come home. With this friends with benefits situation and adding that he’s a celebrity made it feel like a one way street.

“You always spend the time I’m here with me an-”

“I have to go get my stuff so I can leave” Brushing past Tom you head back towards the stairs. He smelled heavenly and you needed to leave as soon as you could. He was too damn tempting for your own good. That’s probably why you go back to him all the time. You just couldn’t stay away.

  Walking into Tom’s room you see your clothes littered across the floor. Your heels were on separate sides of the room. Not even remembering how they got there. Taking off Tom’s t-shirt you pick up your dress off of the floor. Slipping it on you then pick up both of your heels. Putting them you groan realizing this looks like a walk of shame.

   Rolling your eyes because of how it looks you grab your purse that was at the foot of the bed on the ground. Grabbing it you take a cursory glance of his room. Just to see if you left anything. Leaving the room you make your way down the stairs. Your heels clicked once they made contact with the wood flooring when you reached the bottom.

“Have fun on your date” Tom’s voice comes from around the corner. Turning the corner you see him holding your phone. The screen lighting up with notifications on the screen.

“You didn’t go through my phone did you?” snatching it out of his grasp you see Leo’s name on the messages. Your eyes scanning the messages quickly checking he didn’t say anything. You were pretty sure Tom didn’t know your password.

“That you two are meeting at our spot? No I didn’t go through your phone but I did answer it” your eyes widening at what he just said. He could have said something to Leo and you have no clue what it could have been.

“Fuck you Holland..” you grit pushing him away from you. His bare chest firm under your palm.

“Well you did last night.. Might I add you weren’t complaining either” his cocky smirk plastered on his face. You wanted to slap it off so hard, your hand was trembling by your side.

“I can’t believe you’re acting like this.. It’s like you’re envious Tom” the tone that voice had was flat as you glared at him. He rolled his eyes crossing his arms, biceps bulging when he did that.

“I’m am not.. Who is this guy anyways?”

“I don’t have to tell you anything Tom.. I’ll see you tonight” taking your car keys off the hook you leave his house. Closing the door a little harder than normal you take a deep breath. Making your way across the street you walk down the sidewalk towards your car.

   Pulling your glasses out you put them on. Unlocking your car you get in and take off towards your home. Your phone was ringing but you just ignored it. At the moment you didn’t want to talk to anyone because of how frustrated Tom made you feel. All the time it was an array of emotions.

“I can’t believe he answered the goddamn phone” you mutter to yourself as you turn the corner and proceed down the road. Your phones loud ringing makes you emit an annoyed growl. Reaching over you pick up your phone off of the seat.

“What is it Tom, I’m not going back to your house for a -”

“Uh love.. It’s Leo is everything okay? So you really were at a guys house?” his question making your heart drop. This is exactly what you wanted to avoid.

“I just crashed at his place is all, I got too drunk to drive home” you lie gritting your teeth after cause lying was the thing you hated the most.

“I’ll see you at the coffee shop later, just wanted to check on you after what he sa-”

“What did he say?” the sound of your voice rose a bit from your nerves. You hated every second of what’s happening at the moment.

“That you stayed the night with him in his bed”

“Of course he would say that” you huff out resting your phone on your shoulder as your cheek was pressed against your phone. The position keeping it in place as you made your way home. You normally had to drive around for a while before going home. Paparazzi loved to follow you around and it was fucking obnoxious. Sadly that’s what you get for being in any proximity of Tom.

“I’m sorry what he said Leo, we just go way back and Tom’s a little asshole alright?” quoting Mackie as you get out of your car once it’s in park. Leo says his goodbyes before you hang up the phone holding it in your left hand.The gravel next to your driveway crunched under your heels as you walked towards your front door. Fishing out your keys from your purse you put the key in the lock.

   Turning the key you twist the handle opening the door. It creaked as the door moved with you walking inside. The heater doing it’s job welcoming you into warmth. Today was a chilly day in London and you were glad your heater wasn’t broken. It had a tendency to break when you desperately needed it the most.

    Your dog comes walking up to you with a happy bark. Kneeling down you ruffle her ears. Her spotted tongue sticking out from the side of her mouth. Pressing a kiss to her head you stand up and walk to the kitchen. Pictures of you and Tom from when you first became friends were around your house. Especially the ones of the events you went to. Along with your family you had photos with Tom’s family.

    Picking up Kayley’s water bowl you hold it under the sink as you fill it up. Her tags jingle making you look over. She was jumping up and down, her long tail wagging in excitement. She was a year older than Tessa but bigger due to being a Rottweiler mix Lab. The two of them were best buds whenever you would have Tessa over to watch her if Nikki couldn’t.

“C’mon love let’s go to the closet and pick out an outfit for tonight yeah?” after you set her bowl down she follows you upstairs. Kayley of course made it up the stairs first as always. She sat at the top waiting for you to make it up the stairs.

   The lighting of the coffee shop was dim thankfully. Your migraine had grown over the span of time that you were home. Tom was trying to lure you back to his place. All he wanted was a hookup and today you just wanted to be with Leo. Locking your door you one more time you turn and head towards the doorway.

   Opening the door you head inside the cozy warm building. Shrugging off your coat and slinging it over your arm. Looking around your eyes scan the room for Leo. His dark hair was the first thing you saw. Leo’s eyes met yours and a smile raising to his face. His smile infectious as one rose to your face. He truly is a handsome man with his ocean blue eyes. Those eyes that made you feel as if you were drifting out to see the longer you looked into them.

“Hey love, can you believe the weather outside?” his accent thicker in person than on the phone. Setting your coat down on the chair at your table you give him a peck on the cheek.

“I’m honestly glad I brought a jacket” realizing it’s a jacket Tom bought you instantly making you mentally face palm yourself. The barista keeps looking over at you making you uncomfortable. She knew you came here with Tom often.

   As time went by the more and more you found out about Leo. Sure you two have been talking for two months but now you seemed to find out even more. He told you about the adventures he went on when he traveled last summer. That was one of your favorite things, traveling. You wish you could’ve traveled with Tom but his manager didn’t want people getting the wrong Idea.

   Which made it harder for you because you fell for Tom. Feelings took over and destroyed your thoughts on being friends with benefits. You never truly knew how Tom felt about you so you just kept letting that arrangement continue. The longer Tom was away the more you felt alone. That’s a big reason why you started trying to find someone. When you finally met Leo you thought things could change. After today you knew it was going to end badly.

“Now what was it that you really wanted to talk about, you said you needed to be honest with me about something” Leo hands you your coffee that he ordered for you. Earlier you sent him a text of what you wanted.

“I wanted to explain more about earlier and why I was really at Tom’s house”sweat started to form on your palms. Nerves were kicking in on how you were going to explain this. Praying to God he would understand everything.

“So you took him to our place and in our spot?” the familiar voice making you freeze in your spot. Your eyes wide seeing Leo’s facial expression turn into confusion. Looking back you see Tom in a black coat and his curls slightly messy from the wind. His fingers run through them smoothing down a bit.

“What do you mean by our?” Leo questions raising an eyebrow looking between the two of you. Before you could say anything Tom has a smirk on his face. That damn fucking smirk.

“As in her and I come here, this is our spot and you coincidently choose our spot before she came here?”

“Tom stop it now, go home I said I’d see you later and now is not later” you huff standing up so you’re now looking up at him. Some people looked over and some had their phones out. The last thing Tom needed was drama being started.

“So this is the famous Tom Holland” Leo says bluntly standing up from his seat. You looked over at him questioningly because you never mentioned Tom’s last name.

“Yeah I am.. Oh darling.. You forgot these in my bed last night” Tom reaches into his pocket pulling out your red lace thong. A gasp leaves your mouth as you snatch them out of his hand. Reaching for your purse you put them in there. Your cheeks were flaming from embarrassment.

“Is that what you wanted to tell me about? That you’re sleeping with him?” Leo’s tone was flat as he looked down at you. His figure was a bit taller than Tom’s so you felt like he was towering over you.

“Are you mad she was calling my name out last night and not yours?” Tom sounded so smug as he brushed the back of his fingers against your cheek. Tom’s lips press against yours in a quick kiss. Your hands naturally going to his face , his jawline against your palm. Tom pulls away from the kiss , his fingers still holding your chin. Looking over you see Leo looking pissed off at the two of you.

“ Why you lil-” Leo lunges at Tom making your fight or flight instincts kick in. The name that comes out of your lips surprises you. Stepping in front of Tom, Leo’s fist ends up hitting you instead. A whimper of pain escaping your lips as Tom pulls you into his arms.

“I-I’m so sorry” Leo looks panicked as he sees you rubbing the sore spot on your shoulder. Tom’s arm rubbing soothing circles on your lower back. All that was happening you were shaking like a chihuahua.

“Ever come near her again and you won’t like what I will do, got it?” Tom grits out at Leo, his body tense as you leaned against him.

“If I would have known you were whoring around with him I would have never considered dating y-”

“Get the fuck out of here before I beat the fuck out of you for hitting my girl” his voice lashed out at Leo making the coffee shop go silent. Leo mumbled something before taking off towards the entrance.

    Looking around there were people with their phones out. The barista comes over telling people to please put their phones away. She sticks her arms out standing in the way blocking people. Tom’s finger lifted your chin so you’d look up at him. His eyes looked concerned as he gazed down at you. A bit of your heart shattered as you looked at him. Your chance of a normal relationship just went out the door.

“C’mon darling, let’s go home.. We need to talk about things”

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smut for pt. 2 

Originally posted by dynode

Bill shows the reader how pleasure can be punishment.

Warning: SMUT.

This is my first piece of writing and I hope you enjoy. Although I am using Bill Skarsgård; this does not represent him personally. Only his looks are being used, the rest is just from my imagination. 


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Billy Hargrove Imagine- Mysterious Boy

Originally posted by xananeedscoffee


Okay, as I said I would, I wrote a Billy Hargrove imagine.  I tried change him up a little a make him more charming rather than douchey.  I understand his character is supposed to be antagonistic and that is why I tried to change him a little to fit my narrative.  I hope you all enjoy this!  Feel free to send in requests if you have any.

Warnings: Sexual innuendoes/references, mild language, and mild violence

*Any type of abuse is a serious thing whether it be child or spousal.  If anybody is in a situation where they are under these same conditions I urge you to get help immediately.  No one should ever be getting or ever get abused.*

The obnoxious sound of your alarm rang through your ears pulling you from your slumber.  You quickly shut off the ringing and rolled out of bed heading straight to the bathroom.  Your morning routine was pretty simple; brush teeth, blow out hair, get dressed, then out the door to head to school.  Once you finished your hair, you slipped into a tight pair of high waist jeans, your Ratt tour T-shirt and leather jacket, and high-top sneakers.  You took one quick glance in the mirror before heading out to your 1984 Corvette.  Tossing your backpack into the passenger seat, you started the engine and were off.

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The Laundry Fic

Pairing: Amazing Phil & Daniel Howell (Phan)

Genre: Fluff, Light Smut, Head-cannon?

Word Count: 1800

Inspired by:  So we all know from Dan’s latest video that he spent his early years of Uni travelling down to Phil’s flat to do ‘laundry’. Here’s that fic. (Despite the title, I promise it’s not one of those fics). 

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bts - angry sex

requested :)

angry/jealous sex


“god. I cant believe you jin!” you yelled as the two of you stormed into your shared apartment, jin slaming the door behind him.

“well i cant believe you either y/n!” he retorted back at your, practically throwing his shoes off.

the two of you went to a dinner that night with the other members. the whole car ride to the fancy restaurant was strangely quiet, but you didnt ask jin about it. when you guys got the restaurant, he barely spoke a word to you. 

you were talking to jungkook beside you when  you heard jin speak, “yah! namjoon, i know y/n looks like a slut tonight but keep your eyes up here.” your eyes bulged out of your head as he finished his sentence. you looked down at your dress, sure, your boobs were kind of showing, but you wouldnt call yourself a slut. 

you angrily stood up and walked out of the resturant, hearing jin groan from behind you as he excused you two from the table for the night. 

so now, the two of you stood facing eachother, eyes narrowed at each other, breathing heavely. 

“i cant believe you would call me a slut in front of your friends.” you groaned, your hand coming to rest on your forehead. 

instantly, something clicked in jin. his head turned to the side a bit, and his eyes scanned your entire body. “ well that’s just what you are isnt y/n? a slut.”

you were about to snap at him, but was cut off by him pushing you up agaisnt the wall behind you. 

“ you like the feeling of all these peoples’ eyes on you dont you?” he spoke lowly into your ear as his hands roamed your entire body. “ you like knowing that all those little boys were imagining doing things to you- dirty things.” your breath hitched in your throat at his words. his lips sucking on your jaw and neck as his hands moved underneath your dress. “those are just little boys though y/n, let me show you what a man can do to please you.” 

Originally posted by aestheticpinkjoon


there your boyfriend was, sitting on the couch that you left him on earlier that day. by just standing in the doorway you could tell that he didnt do any of the chores you told him to do. 

“so yoongi, is all of the cleaning done?” you asked him as you took off your shoes, causing him to jump a little due to not hearing you come in. 

“uh no.” he responded, taking his feet off the coffee table. 

you sighed, “of course you didn’t, im the only one who needs to clean.” you walked into the kitchen and saw the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. 

now you heard yoongi stand up from his position and come into the kitchen.”what?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowed as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“i said that i’m the only one who ever cleans around here.” you repeated yourself, preparing for the fight that was about to begin. 

“i clean around here.” he stated, coming closer to you.

“really when? because i havent noticed.”  

he then pushed you against the kitchen counter, his hands on the counter behind  you so you couldn’t move. “i do the laundry, i clean the bathroom and i sweep. so i do clean around here.”

the closeness between  youtwo, made you almost forget what you were fighting about as he spoke those words. “fine, you do help a little, but not doing the chorse i tell you t-” you were cut off by him basically smashing his lips onto your own. 

“shut up and let me fuck you now yeah?” he said as he pulled back quickly, you only gettign enough time to nod before he’s ripping both of your clothes off and fucking you abruptly on the kitchen counter. it was messy, and it really did not help get your apartment any cleaner. 

Originally posted by jiminwhyyougotnojams


he was furious. beyond angry. he wasnt your normal sunshine that you and everyone else has come to love. his face was blushed red from yelling. veins in his neck were very prominent. his eyebrows were furrowed and he looked extremely hot. sure, you didn’t like him being mad at you but, he just looked so damn good. 

he sighed, “i cant keep yelling anymore y/n.” he said and sat down on the couch, his head in his hands. 

“then dont.” you smirked, coming closer to your boyfriend.

“what?” he looked up at you.

“fuck me instead.” now the both of you were smirking, the fight leaving your guys’ minds as you climbed onto his lap. his hands immediately gripped onto your waist, and you starting to grind down onto his member. his lips attached themselves onto your neck, biting harshly, making sure to leave marks. soft moans fell from your lips as your tilted your head back and closed your eyes. his hands now letting go of your hips and starting to rip off your clothing instead. 

your breaths mixed together for the rest of the night. his roughs, still kinda angry thrusts made you forget everything that happened a few hours before. 

Originally posted by parkjewook

rap monster

you have never seen him like this before. his nosrils flaring, his chest moving fast from heavy breathing and his eyes narrowed at you. his hands were even flinching at his sides. 

you guys had been fighting for almost a hour now, over somethng that didnt even matter anymore. you were furious at him, you wanted to keep fighting with him, but as his previous actions faded away and turned into lust, you knew it was over.

“come here baby girl.” he demanded, anger still laced in his voice. you followed his command and walked the few steps towards him until you were directly infront of him. “i think youve been quite mean to daddy tonight, maybe you should make it up to him, and he might do the same to you.” you nodded in response, his words fading your anger away and filling it with lust. “good. now strip.”

Originally posted by bexsblogposts


jimin rarely got mad, but he did get jealous- extremely jealous. so, when he was pushing you back into his bedroom and away from the boys, you werent really surprised. 

“jimin, what is it now?” you asked, your arms crossing over your chest. 

his eyes scanned your body before responding, “look what youre wearing.” 

your head and eyes looked down to see your outfit; your sleeping shorts, that you guess are pretty short, and a tank top. 

“all of the boys were looking at you, biting their lips, scanning your body.” he spoke as he walked closer to you, pulling your hips into his. thats when you felt it, his hard member poking into your hip. “they want you baby, but they cant have you since youre mine. only mine.” 

“yes jimin, i’m only yours.” you smirked at him, loving where this was going. 

he smashed his lips onto yours and pushed you down onto the bed, him landing softly on top of you. his hands went up the sides of your body roughly, and his hips grinded into your own. 

“i want you to be extra loud this time, make the others remember who you belong to.” he whispered into your ear before biting down onto your neck, a loud moan leaving your lips instantly, “thats it baby, be loud.” 

Originally posted by louizlake


he was pinning you onto the bed, his whole weight on you so you couldnt move. you had made him mad, so you were expecting this. 

“youve made me very mad kitten. i think you should be punished.” his raspy voice spoke. 

almost instantly, you were stripped from your clothes and sprawled over his lap on your stomach. his hands roamed your ass before giving your right ass cheek a quick slap. the fabric of his jeans rubbing against your stomach since he was still fully dressed. “count every spanking or i start over. understand kitten?” he asked. 

“yes daddy.” you responded. 

your punishment went for another 19 spankings, your ass red as hell and tears streaming down your face in pleasure and pain- a feeling  you loved. 

“youve taken your punishment very well kitten. i think its time for your reward,” taehyung said, a smile spreading across his face as his long fingers started to play with the lips of your pussy. you bit your lip, trying to hold in your moans from the pleasure he was giving you. suddenly, a hand came down on your sore ass cheek, causing you to yelp out. “stop holding back, let me hear your pretty moans y/n.” 

with that, for the rest of the night, all that was heard were your moans and screams of pleasure and other erotic noises. 

Originally posted by jimin-bts-trashs


he glared at you from across the club, not believing what you were doing. you knew he was watching, it was all apart of your plan. angry jealous sex is what you have been craving recently, so that is what you will get. 

you were standing infront of jimin, your hands running up and down his thighs as you leaned over a little, trying to push your boobs into his face.

“uh y/n, i dont know what youre doing, but i think you should stop.” jimin spoke to you, a bit taken a back and frightened. he saw the way jungkook was looking at the two of you and it was not good. 

“nono jimin, its all part of my plan. i need really good sex tonight.” you reassured jimin, a smirk almost instantly spreading across his face, 

“well i think its working because hes coming over here now, and he does not look happy.” suddenly, you felt a warm hand grip your wrist and spin you around.

“y/n. its time to go.” jungkook spoke calmly, but you could see the way his eyes pierced into yours, and how his jaw was clenched, that he was beyond pissed. you nodded to him and followed behind him as he started walking towards the exit, but not before smirking and winking back at jimin. 

as soon as you were outside, jungkook pushed you up against the brick wall outside the club. 

“you should know how i feel when men look at the way jimin hyung was looking at you like that y/n.” jungkook growled lowly into your ear, his hands griping your hips. “you’re mine. no one looks at whats mine like that.” you were about to respond until his warm mouth bite down on your neck, the cold fall breeze instantly cooling it. “im going to have to mark you everywhere so everyone knows whats mine.” 

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The Game (Ethan Dolan)

part two: read the game part one here

Musical Inspiration: Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova; Too Good at Goodbyes Acoustic by Sam Smith

Originally posted by tuesdaygirl8055

I walked over to my couch putting on a movie I’d already seen a thousand times. I just got comfortable when my phone lit up with a text from Ethan.

Ethan: Sorry I haven’t messaged you Grayson and I hung out today, hope your evening is free babe.

: oh geez, for what? hopefully nothing near water this time!

Ethan: remember when I said I had some tricks up my sleeve? well you’ll see tonight princess.

: well what should I wear?

Ethan: well nothing would be preferred, but something dressy will work I guess (;

: seriously Dolan remind me why I like you again?

Ethan: you’ll see tonight beautiful pick you up at 7:00.

I smiled looking down at my phone. I had an hour to get ready. I went to my closet trying to find the perfect thing to wear. Ethan was winning this game but I wasn’t going to be the only one falling. I decided on a white pencil skirt and a black and white checkered shirt with black heels. I quickly took a picture sending it to Ethan.

: this work for tonight babe? (;

Ethan: are you trying to kill me? Damn baby I won’t be able to keep my hands to myself.

I laughed reading his text. Suddenly there was a loud knock on my door. I checked the time seeing it wasn’t 7:00 yet, Ethan must be early. I couldn’t fight the smile that appeared on my face as I opened the door. However, it wasn’t Ethan standing on the other side but Grayson.

“Grayson, what are you doing here?” I asked letting him inside my apartment.  

“Ethan is going on another date with that girl, so I thought we could have a movie and pizza night, but it looks like you already have other plans. What are you so dressed up for?” He asked setting down the pizza he brought.

“uh, it’s um.” I stuttered but I was choking on my words.

“wait, do you have a date?” Grayson asked staring at me.

I could literally feel the air getting caught in my throat.

“me, a date pfft, real funny Grayson.” I said awkwardly rubbing the back of my neck.

“then what are you all dressed up for? You look really pretty by the way.” He said taking a seat on my counter.

I glanced at the clock, 6:50. Ethan would be here in 10 minutes.

“uh we were going to have a girls night, but you know what I can just cancel.” I said running over and grabbing my phone. I quickly sent a text to Ethan.

: Grayson showed up at my place wanting to hang out, what should I do?

I quickly got a reply from Ethan.

Ethan: just ditch him, tell him you already have plans.

: I can’t just ditch him Ethan, he bought pizza and a movie already.

Ethan: well I planned out a whole date…

“I mean if you had plans, it’s fine. I’ll eat this pizza and watch a movie by myself.” Grayson said.

I felt bad. I didn’t want to disappoint Grayson or Ethan. I wish I could be in two places at once!

“awe G, I don’t want you to be alone.” I said frowning.

I quickly sent another text to Ethan.

: I don’t want to disappoint either of you, I’m so torn E.

I seriously didn’t know what to do. my phone vibrated with another text from Ethan.

Ethan: I was really looking forward to tonight. :(

I frowned looking at his text.

“It’s okay, I can tell you really want to hang out with your friends tonight, but you’re mine tomorrow so don’t make any plans!” Grayson said suddenly standing in front of me.  

“are you sure G?” I asked still feeling horrible.

“I’m sure.” He said smiling.

“tomorrow we’ll have a best friend day, I promise!” I said giving him a big hug.

Grayson wrapped his arms around me giving me a tight hug.

“good, I miss my best friend!” Grayson said laughing.

“I’ll always be here for you G, no matter what.” I said punching his shoulder lightly.

He smiled before picking up his pizza and walking to the door.

“have fun tonight, but not too much fun.” He smirked waving goodbye.

I waved goodbye before pulling my phone out and texting Ethan again.

: get your cute butt over here and take me on a date

Ethan: but what about Grayson?

: I told him I had plans and he understood. I mean if you don’t want to go on our date now..

Ethan: I’ll be over in 10

 I smiled as I quickly ran out the door pushing the elevator button. Of course with my luck the elevator wasn’t working. I took off my heels skipping down the stairs. I was out of breath when I finally made it all the way down the stairs. I walked out the door seeing Ethan standing there with a bouquet of roses this time. Ethan had on a dress shirt and dress pants, honestly he looked extremely handsome.

“wow you look so beautiful.” He said walking up to me.

“damn E, you clean up nice.” I said rubbing a hand down his arm.

“shall we?” He asked offering me his arm.

I laughed slipping my arm through his. He led me to the car opening my door like a gentlemen. He ran around getting in the drivers seat.

“so what do you have planned?” I asked.

“it’s a surprise.” He said smirking at me.

“last time you said it’s a surprise I almost drowned.” I said laughing at the memory.

“but you didn’t did you?” He said joining in on my laughter.

“no some guy saved me before he went all asshole on me because he was jealous of his twin brother.” I said smirking at him.

“that guy sounds like a douchebag never heard of that guy.” Ethan said laughing.

“how was hanging out with Grayson by the way?” I asked concerned for my friend.

“it was good, I missed him. He really adores you, you know that right? I don’t know where he would be right now if it wasn’t for you.” Ethan said looking at me.

Grayson and I met when he was going through a really rough time. He was really unhappy and he struggled to find the joy in things. He says I talked him out of it, I don’t know how but I was happy I could help him.

“He’s pretty great too.” I said smiling.

“but not as great as me right?” Ethan asked with his signature smirk.

“oh I get it. that was like a joke, except not funny.” I said smirking at E.

“I was starting to think you ran out of insults for me.” He said pulling up to a stop sign.

“you know being a bitch is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.” I said earning a laugh from Ethan.

“we’re here.” Ethan said turning off the car.

We were at the entrance to the woods.

“are you planning on killing me? Can I at least get a head start?” I asked him seriously.

Ethan laughed before getting out of the car. He walked around opening my door for me.

“trust me, you’ll love it.” He said offering me his hand.

I took his hand intertwining our fingers. He led me down a path which was not easy to walk in heels by the way.

“Ethan where are we going?” I asked laughing as I almost tripped over a stick.

“babe that’s the fifth time you asked me, we’re almost there.” He said laughing too.

Finally I saw a clearing come into sight.

“oh my god, Ethan it’s so beautiful.” I gasped as I looked at the sight before me.

“you think so?” He asked staring at me.

I walked around looking at how much effort Ethan put in.

“Ethan, no one has ever done something this nice for me.” I admitted wrapping my arms around Ethan’s neck.

“I’m glad you like it.” Ethan said kissing my forehead.

I leaned in resting my head on his shoulder. Ethan wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug.

“I thought a lantern lit dinner and then a little star gazing, does that sound good to you?” He asked making me look up.

“it sounds perfect.” I said smiling.

Ethan led me over to the table pulling out my chair.

“How long did all this take you?” I asked once again admiring Ethan’s work.

“I wanted to impress you, is it too much?” Ethan asked nervously.

“E, it’s perfect.” I said grabbing his hand.

Ethan and I ate dinner and talked about little things. I never thought in a million years I’d be here on a date with Ethan Dolan. I also never imagined that I would be falling for him. We were finishing up eating when Ethan pulled out his phone and a little speaker.

“E, what are you doing?” I asked.

He ignored me as he plugged his phone in to the speaker and started scrolling through it. Suddenly my favorite song was blaring through the speaker.

“how did you know this was my favorite song?” I asked.

“I uh heard you singing it the other day.” Ethan said smiling at me.

I could feel my cheeks burn with embarrassment.

“Falling Slowly sort of describes us right now.” Ethan said extending his hand for me.

I smiled taking his hand. He pulled me off the chair and in to his arms. I wrapped my arms around his neck while he wrapped his around my waist. We swayed back and forth to the music wrapped up in each others arms.

“sing to me.” Ethan said smiling.

“I can’t sing Eth.” I said laughing.

“please, you have a beautiful voice.” He said leaning his forehead on mine.

“falling slowly sing your melody, I’ll sing it loud.” I sang lightly making Ethan smile.

We stopped dancing as the song stopped.

“this has been the most perfect date I’ve ever been on so thank you Ethan.” I said shyly smiling down at the ground.

Ethan grabbed my chin making me look up at him. He leaned in putting his perfect plump lips on mine. He cupped my cheek deepening the kiss. I put my hands in his hair lightly tugging at the end of it. I pulled away running out of breath.

“you make me crazy.” Ethan said breathing heavily.

“hopefully in a good way.” I said laughing a little but I was still quite out of breath myself.

“in the best of ways.” He said pecking my lips once more.

Ethan pulled out a little blanket spreading it on the ground. He spread out on the blanket before offering me his hand. I took off my heels and sat down relaxing in to him. He wrapped his arms around me and we cuddled on the blanket staring at the stars.

“wow it’s so pretty.” I said looking at the twinkling stars.

I glanced over to Ethan but he was already staring at me.

“the stars aren’t the only beautiful thing here tonight.” He said smiling at me.

“yeah, I think you’d beat them in a beauty contest.” I said smirking at him.

“I was talking about the beautiful girl beside me. It isn’t just her looks, it’s her personality too. I didn’t use to like her because she wasn’t afraid to tell me off but the more I got to know her I found out a couple things. she’s extremely loyal to the people she cares about, she puts others before herself, she has a very good sense of humor, and she has the cutest laugh, that’s the kind of stuff that makes her truly beautiful, and I was really blind to it before.” Ethan said looking at his hands.

I couldn’t help the blush that spread to my cheeks as I watched Ethan.

“that reminds me of this boy I used to hate, I thought the only thing he cared about was hooking up, but it turns out he’s got a lot of depth to him. He’s super romantic, he laughs at all my jokes, he’s actually a really good kisser, but he constantly worries what others think and he shouldn’t because he’s pretty damn near perfect.” I said making Ethan finally look up at me.

we stared at each other for what felt like hours but in reality was only a couple seconds.

“did we just have a break through?” I asked giggling a little bit.

“I think we did.” Ethan said laughing.

Ethan and I talked for a little while longer.

“we should get going, it’s getting late.” Ethan said showing me the time on his phone.

It was midnight.

“you’re right, I’m supposed to hang out with Grayson tomorrow, but don’t get all jealous now.” I said sticking my tongue out at him.

“you’re never going to let that go are you?” He said rolling his eyes.

“nope, now race you to the car!” I said before getting up and sprinting towards the car.

I could hear Ethan quickly catching up to me. I couldn’t control the laughter that spilled out of my mouth. It was always fun with Ethan, he didn’t even have to try. Ethan finally caught up to me, grabbing me and throwing me over his shoulder.

“let me down you loser!” I said smacking his butt.

“smacking my ass makes me want to hold on to you longer.” Ethan said laughing.

He got to the car, setting me down on the hood. He stood between my legs rubbing his hands up and down on my thighs. I grabbed the back of his neck pulling his lips to meet mine. Ethan immediately kissed me back slipping his tongue in my mouth. He pulled away both of us again out of breath.

“told you I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands to myself.” Ethan said smirking.

I rolled my eyes before playfully pushing him away from me. He helped me hop of the hood of the car and opened my car door. I slipped in with the biggest smile I’d ever worn. He drove home in silence, but it was perfect. Our hands were intertwined, and every so often we would glance at each other with a smile. I was kind of sad when he arrived at my apartment complex. I went to thank him for the date again but he cut me off.

“don’t thank me, you deserve it. you deserve to be happy, you deserve to live a life that lights you up, don’t ever forget that.” Ethan said.

“goodnight E.” I said leaning in and pecking his lips.

“don’t have too many dreams about me tonight.” He said laughing.

I couldn’t fight how happy I was as I got out of the car and walked in to my complex. I bit my lip thinking about Ethan’s lips on mine. He was perfect, dangerously perfect. It wasn’t just one thing it was everything about him. It was the way he clenched his jaw when he was concentrating, or the way his eyes light up when he laughs, or how he does that little cute half smile.

“ah I remember being young and in love.” A voice says from behind me.

I turn around to see an elderly lady waiting to get on the elevator I was blocking.

“I’m sorry.” I quickly apologized before entering.

“It’s okay dear, first loves are always the greatest.” She said walking in as well.

“how could you tell?” I asked her.

“that smile says it all, but beware first loves are the best but also the hardest to let go of.” She said before getting off on her floor.

Her words sunk in. It was just a game after all, a game that I was losing terribly at. I didn’t care about the game anymore, all I cared about was Ethan. I craved his kiss, his touch, his presence. I craved him because I was in love with him.

“I’m in love with him.” I said slowly.

It was weird and wonderful at the same time.

“I’m in love with him.” I said surely this time.

I just hope he’s in love with me too. I didn’t sleep much that night, my mind was too focused on the thought of Ethan Dolan. A loud knock woke me from my half-slumber. I got up and opened my door to see Grayson.

“thought we could grab some breakfast, my treat.” He said smiling.

“let me change quick.” I said smiling at him.

I quickly put on some jeans and a sweatshirt before walking back out to meet Grayson.

“I’m starving let’s go” I said earning a laugh from Grayson.

Grayson drove us to a local diner where we always ate breakfast. If they had a worlds best pancakes award it would go to that diner.

“how was your night, did you have fun?” Grayson asked taking a bite of his blueberry pancakes.

“it was great, in fact probably one of the best night’s I’ve had in a while.” I said smiling.

“Ouch!” Grayson said shoving me playfully.

“oh shut up you goof, you know I always have fun with you.” I said throwing a blueberry at him.

“geez I can’t take you anywhere.” Grayson said before popping the blueberry in his mouth.

I laughed at him throwing another one at him.

“you seem different.” Grayson said stealing a strawberry off my plate.

“what do you mean?” I asked stabbing his hand with my fork as he reached for another.

“I mean you just seem happier.” He said quickly stealing another strawberry.

“I’m not going to be happy if you keep stealing strawberries from me.” I said glaring at him.

Grayson laughed raising his hands in defense. We finished eating our breakfast, I ended up giving Grayson the rest of my strawberries. He drove me home and we sang to Kid Cudi in our loudest most obnoxious voices. Grayson was obsessed with Kid Cudi, it was kind of adorable. He pulled up to my apartment shutting off the car.

“so uh E and I are having a party tonight, and I would really like it if you came. I know you don’t like Ethan but we can ignore him and just hang out and..” Grayson started rambling.

“of course I’ll come G.” I said cutting him off.

“great, I’ll see you later tonight.” Grayson said giving me a hug.

I got out of the car walking back to my apartment. My phone lit up with a text from Ethan.

Ethan: Grayson and I are having a party tonight, you in?

: G just invited me so yeah I’m in.

Ethan: but that means we can’t hang out right, cause you don’t want Grayson to know.

: Ethan it’s not that I don’t want him to know, I’m just not ready to tell him yet. We can still hang out we just have to make it seem like we still semi-hate each other.

Ethan: I can respect that. I’ll see you tonight.

: see you tonight!

Ethan: oh and Y/N?

: yeah?

Ethan: I semi-hate you (;

: I semi-hate you too <3

I laughed before laying on my couch. I ended up falling asleep due to the lack of sleep from the night before. I woke up a couple messages on my phone from Ethan and Grayson. I opened Grayson’s message first.

Grayson: party starts at 6:00 at the warehouse, don’t worry there will be other girls there

I checked the clock, it was 5:00. I quickly sent a text back to Grayson.

: okay thanks G, see you in an hour.

I opened Ethan’s messages next.

Ethan: Grayson is annoying me.

Ethan: he’s trying his best to make this party perfect.

Ethan: I mean I’m the life of the party.

Ethan: all I have to do is show up.

Ethan: he told me to clean my room.

Ethan: the party isn’t going to be in my room.

Ethan: tell him to stop, I’m begging you.

Ethan: Y/N stop ignoring me I need attention!

Ethan: I feel like a clingy ex-girlfriend.

Ethan: I’m going to stop now.

Ethan: I still semi-hate you by the way.

Ethan: okay goodbye see you later.

Ethan: that was my last message.

Ethan: I mean this message is my last message, goodbye.

I couldn’t stop laughing as I read each text. I typed a reply feeling tears roll down my cheeks from laughing to much.

: dang E, why you so obsessed with me?

Ethan: you make it hard not to be (; I have to get ready, catch you later cutie.

I quickly picked out a pair of jeans along with a sweater and cardigan. I curled my hair and applied some light make-up before heading over to the twins warehouse. I got there a little after 6:00 because I hate showing up early for parties. I walk in seeing a lot of teenagers and hearing loud music.

“Y/N!” Grayson called over the music.

I looked around finally spotting him. I ran over giving him a hug.

“who are all these people?” I asked looking around the room.

I only spotted a few faces I knew like David Dobrik, Zane Hijazi, and Toddy Smith.

“most of them are Ethan’s friends.” Grayson shouted over the music.

speaking of Ethan, I didn’t. see him anywhere. I shrugged my shoulders following Grayson. Grayson and I hung out with David, who brought his girlfriend Liza, Zane, and Toddy.

“you guys are crazy.” I said, my side hurting from laughing too much.

“crazy in love.” David said earning a smack from Liza and making me laugh some more.

“oh my god I’m going to pee myself if I don’t go now.” I said getting up from where we were sitting.

“can I join?" Toddy asked wiggling his eyebrows.

"that’s a solid no.” Grayson said throwing a pillow at Toddy and Zane.

I smiled walking away from the boys and Liza. I heard conversation happening near the bathroom making me stop. I peered around the corner seeing Ethan with a girl.

“seriously Ethan, you ignore me for a week and now you don’t want to kiss me. I’m your girlfriend Ethan.” the girl said crossing her arms across her chest.


“I know, I’m sorry. Come here babe.” Ethan said kissing her.

I could literally hear the sound of my heart breaking. I took a deep breath trying to prevent the tears from falling. I cleared my throat making Ethan pull away from the girl. He looked at me his eyes going wide in horror.

“Y/N I..” Ethan started but I immediately cut him off.

“save it Ethan." I said pushing past him.

I fought through the teenagers finally reaching the front door. At this point tears were streaming down my face. How could I be so stupid? It wasn’t real, none of it was real.  

"Y/N wait please let me explain.” Ethan shouted catching the attention of everyone including Grayson.

I got out the door as quickly as I could but not quick enough. Ethan caught my arm stopping me.

“please let me explain.” Ethan pleaded.

“Ethan, I don’t want an explanation. It’s my fault. I was so stupid for thinking that this was anything but a game. It was just a game after all right, I was the stupid one who let myself fall in love with you. You know I knew you were going to break my heart, but a part of me really hoped you wouldn’t.” I said feeling embarrassed.

“it wasn’t just a game for me either. I mean I had a girlfriend the entire time but I swear everything I said and everything I did, it was genuine.” Ethan defended.

“well congratulations Ethan you won the game but you lost me.” I said walking away.

part three maybe?

if you missed ryan potter’s live story tonight about him landing the role of beast boy among other things:

  • his favorite colors are purple, pink, and forest green
  • referred to turtles as his “spirit animal” followed by “turtles are lit”
  • so obviously, he hopes gar shifts into a turtle at some point
  • he thinks it would be super cool if cassandra cain was introduced to the dctv universe
  • he plans to do his own stunts
  • he’s excited for JL and especially gal gadot
  • that’s a woman to wonder at”
  • “if y’all hating on turtles you can get off my live”
  • can’t rate the robins in terms of favorite because he loves them all
  • spent last 22 years of his life playing video games, reading comics, watching anime, & going to cons
  • confirmed himself to be harry potter’s third cousin twice removed
  • favorite character from young justice was aqualad and enjoyed his storyline with his dad
  • while watching the judas contract, says, “okay damian, calm down”
  • when he heard the news of getting the role, he was too tired & jetlagged to react
  • he did facetime his mom and she flipped
  • “we are not gonna talk about death note in this house.”
  • thinks that tom holland killed it as spiderman
  • likes waffles, pancakes, and french toast all equally
  • “is live-streaming the judas contract pirating? this is definitely illegal streaming”
  • would read issues of the walking dead after high school in the store because he was broke
  • to a friend in the comments: “i can’t respond to your meme, im live”
  • been living in his apartment for eight months and hasn’t fully moved in
  • gave a shoutout to finn from stranger things because they have the same agent
  • doesn’t know anything about the show so far other than that he was cast!

ended the live with:

  • i’m finna be beast boy
"Sasuke or Minato?" Asked by Greenzonne | [caps]

**SMUT**So yeah here’s some smut and I honestly am not really good at writing smut but yet I tried my hand on it. Hope you like it and it gives you major feels just it like gave me. Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts about it ;) Plus reblog if you like it

Harry’s been at the studio the whole day working on his second album. Despite the fact that he just came back from his first tour, he decided to start working on his second album immediately. You didn’t mind it though, yet you did. You expected your husband to spend some quality time with you before he starts his work and that did not happen.

You wanted nothing much but to have him near you and have his full attention and that did happen but only during the nap time because he had this habit to hold you and sleep. He always said how sleeping without you felt like. Lonely, cold and dark. Plus you wanted to start working on your first child and Harry was making it impossible to happen.

Impossible because he always return home tired and in ‘mood’ to have sec or make. You sometimes found yourself wondering that do people actually change after getting married? Hopefully not.

So today, you had to prove your weird wild thoughts wrong. You had to get your old Harry back. How? Well path of happiness passes through the stomach right? So you prepared a delicious English meal with some rich wine that he adored.

You yourself got dressed in a black lingerie that exposed your curves so sexily that were enough for Harry to take you right there. Giving your make up a last touch, you sprayed some perfume on your neck. The cold water droplets caused goosebumps on your skin along with the ring of doorbell indicating your husband was home. Rushing here and there you grabbed your silk cream robe and wore it before padding down the wooden stairs.

“There you are!” You smiled and engulfed your husband as soon as his face came in your view. He instantly wrapped his arms around you coming inside and closed the door with his feet. You felt him tuck his face in your neck. His nose inhaling the scent that you had on and breath hitching in his throat.

“You smell so wonderful” he whispered against your skin. He pulled away and admired your face. His eyes grew darker with every passing second as his breath became uneven. Yes he was drowning into you.

“Is there something I forgot? Any special event?“

“Oh no!” You laughed shaking your head.”

“Then what is it? Why do you look so inviting? I mean you do all the time but it’s just different today? Plus I smell great food"

“Oh it’s just I missed you, I haven’t seen you a lot so yeah just thought to treat you tonight.” You smiled tucking a lock of curl that managed to sneak down his perfectly set hair. Had an interview seemed like.

“But I’m not much hungry you see” he said with hungry eyes. You knew what he was referring to but playing won’t be bad. So you poured and whined like a baby holding his shoulder.

“But I made it with so much of love!!” You said. A chuckle escaped his lips as he saw the childish look on your face.

“I’ve some other plans in my mind. Would fancy to eat something else right now”

“And what is it?” You asked raising an eyebrow and standing with attitude with your hands on your hip. Giving you one more dark chuckle he leaned in closer to you ear. His hot breath fanning over your lobe.

“Your pussy” he said before connecting his mouth to yours hungrily. Your lips smacked together and you sucked and nipped on each other’s lips. His tongue traced your bottom lip asking you to open your mouth that gladly did. His tongue touched yours and gave you a taste of his delicious mouth.

His hand gripped the back of your thighs giving it a good squeeze before lifting you up and throwing on the couch in a one swift motion. You robe already rose up exposing your lacy panties that made Harry growl with hunger.

He sat in front of you on his knees. His hands gave your exposed legs a good rub before taking your robe off roughly. The sight of your boobs exposed in the net lingerie could make him cum without even a touch.

“So beautiful. Shit” he said and attached his full lips on your neck. His scruff rubbed against your skin with every kiss he stole. Making sure to leave purple marks behind decorating your skin. He licked down your collar bone and stopped when reached your boobies. A grin Covered his face as he groped them and gave a good squeeze that made you mewl.

You nodded and bite your lip. The feeling was so good and erotic. His hand kneading your breasts was one of your favorite moment of his and the other that came, and that is him sucking on your nipples like his life is depend on them. His left hand squeezed your left breast with his right one held it, his mouth sucked on your erected nipple and leaving them every second with a pop sound.

His lips were swollen already and his drool was all over them along your breast. Leaving to move on with a heavy heart, he trailed kisses down your stomach that rose with his every kiss. It was difficult for you to sit still with his lips working on you. He pressed his hand on your belly, pushing you down.

You tangled your fingers in his hair as he stopped above your lacy panty line. He had a mischievous smirk plastered on his face as he tilted his head to look at you. Your hair were all over the couch, messed up. Lipstick smudged. Cheeks tinted red. You looked a complete sex goddess to him. His heart was filled with love and hunger and he wanted nothing more but to feast on you like a hungry beast.

“You look so good pet. So beautiful ” he said pushing his right index finger in your mouth. You hungrily sucked and twirled It around your tongue before he took it out and sucked himself before lining it in front of your wet lace covered core.

“Harry don’t tease baby.” You panted.

“Lick me"

“Say louder"

“Jesus Christ! Just fucking eat that pussy out!!!” You said eagerly. Your panting state made him chuckle before he pulled your panties aside revealing your glistening pussy to him.

“Fuck” Harry muttered under his breath before opening your folds with his thumb and index finger. You were dripping wet that made him so proud of himself knowing he was doing his job right.

Without any further ado he lowered his head leaning in front of your throbbing core. He nudged his nose in taking in your sex aroma.

“Fuck. Jeez you smell so fucking good. I’m gonna eat it so bad.” He growled and you felt his tongue licking widely on your center. His long us flipped your clit multiple times. You gripped his hair from one hand and your boob from the other that Harry dint seem to like and replaced your hand from him giving your boob a good squeeze.

“Shit” you Moaned and rolled your hips against his tongue.

His lips started sucking on your clit making filthy noises. But you didn’t mind them. You loved them. It showed how much of passion Harry holds for you.

“You taste so goo poppet.!!!” Harry said slapping your pussy not too harshly but hard enough to send electric vibes through your body.

“All for you. It’s all yours baby” you said holding his hair. Your words assured him that it all did belonged to him. Your body, your soul all belonged to him. He owned you. You were his and so equally he was yours.

When you guys got married, you both promised to devote yourself to each other. You promised that every single thing in your body wasn’t yours anymore but was owned by each other. And he thanked God for him. He promised to him that no matter what, he always will hold you through the dark. He will always be by your side till his last breath. He was yours for ever.

Harry smiled to himself but your moan dragged him out. He smiled soon replaced with a smirk as he inserted one finger in you with rings on. He knew how much you loved when he fucked you with fingers that had rings on.

You cried out in pleasure when he inserted one more finger and pumped them in. His tongue still working and sucking on your clitoris. The moment was of complete bliss. He threw your leg on his shoulder to give himself better access to your center.

His saliva dripped down his mixed along with the juices of your core. He looked marvelous settled between your core.

“Good yeah? Feeling it baby?? Gonna cum for me yeah? Let me taste you?” He encouraged you whilst his finger pumped inside you and lips on your pussy. And soon you did felt the coil inside your stomach burning up with a knot.

“Fuck fuck I’m coming I’m coming” you cried laying your head back on the couch and you felt yourself reaching your orgasm and spilling it out.

“There you are sweetness” Harry cooed cleaning you up with his tongue as you laid there exhausted and all sensitive.

“You alright petal?” Harry said as he stood up and sat beside you pulling you too his chest. You smiled and nuzzled your nose in his neck. He now smelled like sex.

“Yeah. Never been better.” You said.

“Think we can have some fun on the bed too?”

“Fuck yes!”

Why Do You Build Me Up?

Summary: Tom has, unknowingly, been stringing Y/N along. Making her feel like there could be a chance between them.

AN: this is based on build me up buttercup by the foundations i suggest listening to this song because the plot of this fic is based on this song and also because it’s amazing

Tom Holland x Reader

// Masterlist //

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

“You’re here? As in you’re home?”

“I am. Just for a couple of weeks before I’m off to shoot another movie.” Tom’s smooth voice rang in my ear.

“Oh, um, wow. That’s great! I-I’ve missed you.” Tom and I have been close friends for years. I can’t deny that, in those years, I started to develop feelings for him. He and I would flirt sometimes but nothing ever really came from it. No matter how much I wished there would.

“I missed you too, Y/N.” I blushed. “How about this? I’ll come over tonight. Just you, me and a movie. Sounds good?”

“That sounds amazing.” I bit my lip to stop myself from smiling so widely.

“Great. I’ll be over at 10.”

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doarecords  asked:

Reddie prompt: The Losers walk in on Richie and Eddie in an embarrassing position.

okay !! disclaimer: i set every reddie fic to be when they’re 16/17ish just for my own comfort xx

“So, what’s the plan for tonight, Big Bill?” Richie obnoxiously bellowed in an accent Bev called an “English wanna be”.
The Losers stood in the parking lot of the school, Bev and Richie sharing a cigarette. Bill, Stan, Mike, Ben, and Bev would eventually all pile into Bill’s mini van after Bev decided the cigarette was cashed and threw it to the ground, stomping the last bits of life out of it while Richie protested all the while.
Eddie opened the passenger side door to Richie’s car. “C'mon Rich, I’m getting chilly and I do NOT want to catch a cold-” Richie cut him off by throwing his leather jacket over the top of Eddie with a thwunk.
“There, shweetheart, all cozied up now?”
Eddie tore the jacket off of his head and reluctantly put it on. “Suck my dick, Trashmouth!” He stuck his middle fingers proudly in Richie’s direction.
“That’s for later!” Richie snorted as he laughed and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.
“Beep beep asshole!” Eddie shouted from inside the car.
Bev smirked at Richie with one eyebrow raised. He pretended not to notice her and turned back to Bill. “Anyway. What are we doing tonight?”
“Well, it’s Friday. So m-ma-movie night at my house?” Bill offered.
The Losers unanimously shook their heads in agreement. Bev flicked the cig onto the ground despite Richie’s dismay and slid into the passenger seat of Bill’s car, followed by the others. Richie slunk down into the driver’s seat and turned on the heater for Eddie, feeling if the vents were warm enough and pointed at Eddie correctly.
“See you at 7, Losers!” Bev sneered from her rolled down window as Bill peeled out of the parking lot.

“Richie, will you just pick a goddamn outfit so we can go?” Eddie asked impatiently, pretty much stamping his foot in the most adorably irritating way.
“Yeah yeah, give me a sec.” He muttered, glancing in the mirror one last time before turning back to Eddie. “Let’s get jiggy with it, Eds!” He exclaimed, throwing his arm around Eddie and making his freckled face hot and red.
He led Eddie out of his house and into his car, opening the passenger side door for him. “In you go, dearest!” Richie helped him into the car jokingly and Eddie crinkled his nose in disgust. But it wasn’t really disgust. It never was with Richie; but he would never give Trashmouth Tozier the satisfaction of knowing that.
The short car ride to Bill’s house had Eddie fearing for his life, as he always did when Richie drove. He wondered why he even let Richie drive him anywhere.
Richie’s car lurched to a stop in front of Bill’s house and Eddie clutched his stomach dramatically. “I’m gonna puke, Rich!”
“Oh shut up, Kaspbrak.” Richie rolled his eyes and walked over to the other side of the car and opened the door for Eddie, which had become a habit at this point.
Eddie sat still as stone in his seat, arms crossed and staring straight ahead through the windshield.
Richie sighed dejectedly. “C'mon, Eds.” He murmured, lightly pulling at his arm.
“Give me a minute so I don’t throw up!”
Richie chuckled and Eddie saw a glint of mischief in his eye, a look Eddie knew all too well. He quickly pinned Eddie to the seat by straddling him. “Oh, sorry. Does this make it worse?” Richie grinned down at Eddie struggling to get up from under him.
“Richie! It’s not funny! Stop it!” He screamed, wiggling under Richie’s weight. Although he was pretty skinny, Richie was taller than him and his lanky arms had a little fiery fight in them.
“Take a joke Eds!” He laughed hysterically, beginning to tickle him mercilessly.
He screamed. “Stooooop!” He yelled through hearty shrieking giggles.
Richie finally stopped, stretching his arms out onto the seat behind Eddie, trapping him still.
They paused. Their noses were almost touching and for a moment, Eddie saw something different in his eyes. He couldn’t place it. All he knew is he felt butterflies more than he’s ever felt in his life.
Richie’s eyes bore into his as their breathing shallowed. It felt like for a second, time stopped. Everything around them suddenly didn’t matter. It never mattered; not right now.
“R-Richie…” Eddie trailed off quietly.
Richie took a deep gulp of air, like he was about to go underwater, then collided his lips into Eddie’s.
Eddie’s eyes widened in surprise as his best friend kissed him, before eventually shutting as he leaned in to the kiss.
Soon, the forceful kiss became millions of other kisses. Eddie didn’t know what was happening exactly, and Richie didn’t really know either, but he did know that he’d been dreaming about that moment since he was 13.
“G-guys?” Bill’s voice called out in shock from across the road.
They quickly tore away from each other and Richie shot up and out of the car.
The other Losers trailed behind Bill on the front porch, eyes wide and mouths shut.
Eddie stood up, slamming the car door behind him. “What movie are we watching tonight?” He asked casually, his face redder than a ripe tomato, trying as hard as he could to pretend that his friends didn’t just witness their little encounter.
Bev tried to stifle a laugh and didn’t succeed. “The exorcist,” She choked out, trying not to crack up out of pure shock.
“Alright my good chaps, what are we all standing around for?” Richie put on his half-hearted british guy voice. “Pip pip and tally ho friends!” He swung his arm around Eddie and skipped inside along with the other Losers. Richie had a knack for making awkward moments into eye-rolling moments, making the Losers forget about everything for maybe just a few seconds.
But that moment… Eddie would never forget. Richie either. Just thinking about Richie made Eddie’s insides toss and turn, but in a good way. A way Eddie Kaspbrak has never felt before; not about a person.
When he cried in 6th grade because his mom screamed at his P.E. coach that Eddie was just too “fragile” for it, in front of the entire class, he was mortified. And Richie had held him in his arms while he cried into his chest, running his fingers through his hair gently. He had felt it then. Or when Richie spit in Henry Bowers’ face, which resulted in a black eye, when he called Eddie a fag. He had felt it then too. Or when Richie wrote out Eddie’s notes for him every day when he broke his arm, making sure they were nice and neat like Richie’s were. Stan would have been proud.
So, he guessed he had always felt it. But only for Richie. Which made him feel… uneasy? He didn’t know. Maybe he liked Richie; you know, in that way.
Are you fucking crazy, Eddie? He thought. No, of course he could never have a crush on Richie. His best friend. How cliché could he get?
Eddie snuck a quick glance at Richie, contently watching the girl on screen writhe and speak in tongues. Maybe he did like Richie. And maybe he’d have to learn to live with that, or at least try.
Richie turned to Eddie unexpectedly, making Eddie gasp in a sharp breath.
What are you staring at, asswipe?“ Richie snickered to himself while the other Losers ignored him.
Nothing.” He shot back.
But it wasn’t nothing. It was never nothing.

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Change of plans | Steve Harrington

Steve x Reader

Summary: Spending the night with Steve, your boyfriend of three months, goes better than you planned.

Fluff, implied smut

Being with Steve Harrington could be rough sometimes, him always wanting to be around, whether it be just so he knows you’re safe or to hold your hand in need of affection. You’d known the hair-perfectionist since middle school, but only got together the past few months after the gate was finally closed. You figure all you both needed was a small push, and unfortunately the world possibly ending was that - huge - push.

Which, brought us here. Steve standing at your door with a bag of KFC and a grin on his face. “Sorry I’m a little late, this couple took forever in line and-” You grab his arm and hank him inside, closing the door quickly. “Keep it down, my parents are sleeping. I can’t deal with another talk.” You shudder, the memory of the last time Steve came over and your mom walked in on you both making out. God, the talk she and your dad gave you..

Steve seems to remember as well, laughing to himself, “Yeah, okay. Anyway what’s the plan tonight?”

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Chapter 4: I want you to want me because I’m me // Shawn Mendes


Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Author’s note: So there’s a little bit of swearing in this because Shawn gets mad

RecapIt’s silent, and my cheeks heat in embarrassment from my outburst. He grips my chin softly, forcing me to meet his hazel eyes. He’s close enough that I could kiss him if I wanted to. I hold my breath waiting for his response.

Leaning close enough that our noses brush he whispers, “I’ll take my chances”, then he’s gone and I’m left standing there wondering what the heck just happened.

“Ever since the rebellion at your school you’ve been acting strange.” My sister, Steph, breaks the silence in the car. It was our ‘sister bonding time’ that our Mother makes us do every 3 or so weeks. Today we were driving to the mall, grabbing some lunch and doing a little window shopping.

I stare out the window, the harshness of the grey buildings broken up by the flash of evergreen scrubs. 

“I’ve been a little distracted.” I tell her. I wasn’t ready to tell her yet that I had found my soulmate, and that he wasn’t keen on me.

“You know you can tell me. If something was bothering you, you can tell me.” She sounds so sincere and my gaze flicks to her. Even though she says this I feel like sometimes she just wouldn’t understand. We were polar opposites personality and look wise- except for the eyes. We both had the same wide blue eyes with a rim of gold surrounding the pupil. 

Steph’s ginger hair was in ringlets today, her blue eyes framed with long lashes. She was a mix of both my parents while I looked remarkably similar to our Dad. When I was younger I thought that she took all the beauty from our parents genes and I was stuck with the brains. 

“I just… I don’t want to talk about it right now because I feel like if I do, its just going to make it seem more real.” I flip the air con on, a stream of chilled air hitting my rosy cheeks. “And that’s what I’m trying to avoid. I don’t want it to be real.”

She hums, taking a left onto Marion Street. “It sounds like you need a break from everything.” 

“I do. I really, really do.” I laugh, tucking the strands of hair that fell in my face behind my ear.

“Jace invited me to go to the club with him tonight. I think you should come.” Jace was Steph’s soulmate. They had met when they were both 14 and had immediately formed a close relationship. Steph was now 20 and their 6 year bond was another reason why I believed so strongly in the soulmate system.

“Are you sure he wouldn’t mind me tagging along?” I ask hesitantly, fiddling with my seat belt.

“Of course not! Jace will understand that you need a serious pick-me-up from what ever quarter life crisis you’re going through.”

I laugh, Steph’s giggles accompanying my own. 

“One more thing before I agree to this.” I pause, meeting Steph’s blue iris’s and it looks like I’m looking at a replica of my own.

“What is it, little sis?” She says cheekily, slowing the car to a stop as red shines from the traffic lights. 

“You have to ask Mum if I can go tonight. I don’t want to face her wrath if she says no.” 

I had no clue what to wear. What if I wore the long sleeved dress and overheated? The maroon dress looked great on me but I had no shoes that went with it. Deciding to go with my gut, I wear the black sleeved dress, slipping some slightly heeled flats on as I go.

“Y/n, hurry up.” Steph calls, walking as fast as her heels could carry her, rushing to open the door where Jace had been ringing the doorbell for the past 5 minutes.

“I’m hurrying.” I snap at her, pressing a quick kiss to my mother’s cheek as I pass her, Dad was still at work.

“Have a fun time girls!” Mum shouts before we shut the door and I wave at her before closing and locking it.

“Thanks for not making me wait at all.” I hear Jace mumble to Steph, her girlish giggle making me want to run back inside and under my bed covers. I did not plan on being a third wheel tonight.

“Thanks for letting me join you guys.” I say to Jace, cutting off what ever conversation they were delving into.

“No problem Y/n.” Jace grins at me, and I could see why Steph was so obsessed with him. Tall with blonde curly locks, he was a stunner, and when he smiled, his whole face lit up. Together, they looked like they should be on the front page of every fashion magazine.

I get in the back seat, tuning out Steph and Jace’s loved up conversation and the car begins to move, the city becoming a blur.

We were let into the downtown club with no dramas. When Jace told me we were going to the South Side Club, I was surprised. It had a reputation for good liquor, loud bass and housing members of the libertas.

I didn’t say anything, didn’t mention that my soulmate was apart of the alleged rebellion that wanted to destroy everything I believed in. Maybe it was a good thing that my match didn’t want me. We were from two different worlds and a relationship between us would surely never work.

That thought alone fed the multiple drinks I sculled back. I didn’t count how many I had. All I knew was that the more I had, the less I thought of him. 

The more alcohol I consumed, the more I began to let loose. I was at the bar, on the dance floor, talking to the group of guys who looked like they had never seen a bar before- probably why they let me talk to them even after I had spilt my drink on one of them.

Someone was pulling me away from the granite counter top of the bar. I had sat down, starting up a conversation with the bartender who chuckled at my every second sentence. 

I groan, the flashing lights catching my eyes and I wince. 

“Come on Y/n, Jace and I are taking you home.” Steph’s comforting words fill my ears.

I walk beside her lazily. “I’m cool with that.” I murmur, resting my weight on her.

“How much did you drink? You smell like half the bar.” She wrinkles her nose and laughs, the sound pathetic even to me. We’re outside the club now, the cold wind nipping at my ankles. Jace has pulled the car around and he’s holding the door open as I climb into the back seat.

“No spewing in my car Missy,” Jace scolds gently. “Wait until you get home.”

I grin at him sheepishly, sending him a thumbs up I rest back into the seat and I close my eyes. Someone shakes me awake awhile later and I startle, Steph frowning down at me.

“God, Y/n you look smashed.” She helps me back out the car as its pulled up out front our house, slightly onto the front lawn. 

“I don’t feel smashed.” I giggle at her, clutching onto her arm.

“I’m going to Jace’s house so once I’ve let you in the front door I want you to go straight to your room, do you think you can manage that or do you want my help?” She sounds so strict and I salute her, nodding my head.

“I can do it boss.” I grin and she helps me up the front steps onto the small decking. Unlocking the door she holds it open for me and I lean on the wall, tailing my way into the dark house.

“Are you sure you will be okay?” Steph asks, worry in her tone.

“I’ll be okay Steph, Mum’s here and if I really need help I will go ask her.” I tell her, feeling a hint of sobriety. 

She looks at me skeptically and I shoo her, closing the door. I wait until I hear the car drive off before making my way to my room at the end of the hallway.

I grip the handle of the door, finding the small trip to the bedroom easier than I expected. When the door swings open, my lamps already on and the light stings my eyes.

“What the-” I don’t finish what I was saying, the sight of my soulmate sitting on my bed causes all my words to disappear. 

“Where the fuck where you?” He hisses at me, his eyes dark slits. Standing up, my Match marches over to me, the scent of his cologne wafting around me.

I hiccup, brushing past him leisurely. “Out.”

“It’s two O’clock in the fucking morning, I got here at 10 and I’ve been waiting 4 hours for you, wondering if something bad has happened to you, and all you can tell me is that you’ve been out?” He’s furious. Every word is coated with venom yet my mind finds no reason to take him seriously.

“I don’t care if you’ve been waiting. Why are you even here?” I groan, tugging off my shoes and placing them into my closet on the shoe stand.

“I was here to fucking talk about all that gooey shit you spilled out yesterday about soulmates.” He seethes, shutting the closet after me as I left it open. 

“Well I was busy, get over it.” I start to unzip the back of my dress when his hand stops my movement.

“What are you doing?” He breathes, and I shrug his hands off, my dress slipping slightly down my body.

“Changing into my pajamas, what does it look like?” I glare at him, forgetting that I was about to be nearly naked in front of my soulmate. I unzip it the rest of the way, my dress falling to the floor and I step out of it.

I open a dresser draw, my back to my match, and I take of my bra, chucking the large shirt over my head which falls halfway down my thighs. When I turn back to face him, he’s frozen, his eyes never leaving my figure.

He coughs, clearing his throat. “How much have you had to drink?” 

“Eh, a few.” I lie, tying my hair up in a bun.

He sighs, walking closer to me, stopping to see if I move away. I don’t.

“Where did you go tonight Y/n?” He asks me, a lot calmer then before.

“I don’t believe that’s any of your business Match.” I’ve riled him back up.

“Stop calling me that.” He demands me, his hands clenching.

“It’s not like I have anything else to call you.” I retort, closing the distance between us until I’m inches from him.

“What about calling me by my name?” He growls at me, his eyes black and the light illuminating the side of his face.

“I don’t know your name you dweeb.” I push his chest angrily, he doesn’t move an inch.

“How do you not know my name? I’m your fucking match.” His arms splay and I glare heatedly at him.

“I don’t know it because someone decided to skip the 20 questions stage of our relationship.”

“We’re not in a relationship!”

“If you don’t tell me your name then I’m not telling you where I was tonight, or who I was with.” My intoxicated mind speaks for me, providing me with words that will fuel the fight.

“What do you mean who you were with?” If its even possible, his anger heightens. 

“Sorry Match, but I can’t answer that.” I say smugly, crossing my arms.

“My names Shawn, now talk.” He spits at me, I was thankful my parents weren’t on the same floor as me or they surely would have heard us by now.

“Full name?” I question slyly and he takes a deep breath, trying to calm himself down before continuing.

“Shawn Mendes.”

“Good boy.” I praise him and he scowls at me.

“Fucking talk.”

“I was with my sister and her boyfriend at the South Side Club. I drank and danced and then they took me back home.” I explain to him.

“Of course you went there.” He says more to himself then to me. He turns away from me, rubbing his jaw lightly. “Did you see anyone wearing this jacket there?”

He points to the same jacket he was wearing the day I met him, the white Libertas phrase dim in this lighting.

“I can’t remember, I was too busy getting smashed.” I say dryly, and he rolls his eyes.

“I can tell, you smell like you had a bath in alcohol.”

I stare at him, watching as he picks up some trinkets off my bookcase, examining them, and then putting them back. It was weird to see my soulmate in my own room, where I spent my life. It was even stranger how easily he fitted into it.

“What are you doing here Shawn?” His name runs smoothly off my tongue and his shoulders tense as I say it.

“That’s not important right now. You’re drunk and you probably won’t even remember this tomorrow.” He says tonelessly, crossing the room to pull the bed sheets away for me to hop into bed. 

“Will you tell me tomorrow then?” I whisper, abiding and slipping under the covers.

“Maybe, you may not want to see me tomorrow.” He sounds tired and I finally notice the dark circles under his eyes. He moves the quilt so its covering me again and I snuggle into them further, letting him tuck me in.

“I’ll always want to see you, you’re my match.” I yawn, feeling my eyes flutter shut.

“I don’t want you to want me just because I’m your match.” He tells me quietly, flicking my light off and zipping his jacket up.

“Right, because you don’t want a soulmate.” I reply, feeling immensely tired after the night I had.

I’m not sure whether I had already started dreaming but I swear I heard Shawn say one last thing before he left.

“I want you to want me because I’m me not because you were told to.”

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mirror mirror (m)

“I was thinking about you pressing me against the mirror, making me w-watch.”

alternatively: incorporating the mirrors of Hoseok’s dance studio into your sex life has always been a longtime fantasy and tonight, it was finally coming true.

pairing: hoseok x reader
genre: smut
∟warnings: semi-public sex, exhibition kink, praise kink, spanking, minor hair pulling, face fucking, dirty talk, minor cum play, etc.
word count: 5,422
a/n: this is pure filth, i’m sorry

Escapades Masterlist

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anonymous asked:

BTS react to coming home and seeing you asleep in their clothes (xtra fluff plsss)🤗love ur stuff btw😘

thank you very much! here you go :)

He wouldn’t be able to handle your cuteness, his shirt was far too big on you and made you look even tinier than you already were. It’d remind him of how ethereal you looked while sleeping. His dimples would appear and he’d lean down to kiss you gently on the cheek.
‘Babe, you’re so adorable. I don’t think I tell you enough.’

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He’d shake his head fondly at you, simply staring at your sleeping figure and admiring how cute you look. He’d love how you looked so innocent, since he loved to take care of you. He’d sit on the bed next to you and stroke your hair, smiling uncontrollably and never wanting the image to leave his memories.
‘Ah, I was going to make dinner tonight. You’re too cute to wake up.’

Originally posted by hopejinji

He’d chuckle lowly so as not to wake you up, knowing how much you prize your sleep. Although he’d always say he’s not soft, you were always his weakness. He wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and would climb into bed next to you, wrapping his arms around you, planning to join you in sleeping.
‘Sleeping, again? That’s my girl.’

Originally posted by bangdulce

He’d try to keep quiet, he really would, but the sight of you curled up in a shirt that was huge on you was just too much. It was wonderful how you could cause him to be so happy without even moving a muscle. He’d simply smile and smile, emanating rays of sunshine in your direction.
‘Ahh, how so cute? So adorable.’

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His heart would melt at being greeted with such a precious scene. His eyes would turn up into crescents and his cheeks would round, not wanting to wake you up for how endearing you looked while you slept. Every time you moved slightly, his smile would reappear, even brighter than the one before it.
‘How did I get so lucky…’

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He’d let out a loud gasp when he saw how sweet you looked, swamped in a huge t-shirt of his. He’d even take a photo for him to look at when he felt sad, since the sight of you had warmed his heart. He’d be reminded of how absolutely smitten he was with you.
‘My baby is so adorable!’

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At first he’d be a little confused as to why you were in one of his favourite white shirts, until he remembered that you loved to wear his clothes for some reason. He took one look at your sleepy, slightly pouting face and decide that he didn’t really mind that the shirt was getting all crumpled.
‘That’s my shirt… ah, never mind. You look so cute in it.’

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