so this is my gift to you

FAM CHOI YOUNGJAE IS LITERALLY BOYFRIEND ASF. It was so sweet he helped her and talked to her. And even tried to make her feel comfortable. I would have been staring at him nonstop. He is such a gift. Sadly I didn’t get to watch this part of the Live fanmeet because the persons thing cut out. But I did watch most of it. My heart was so happy. He’s amazing.

But did y'all see my other bias booty in those leather pants?!?!?! And THOSE LEGS.

Now BamBam’s extra ass. I should’ve known he was gonna do this shit again. 😂😂 What is this his 3rd time? I cannot. But she got him back by pulling him towards her like he was literally shook. That’s what you get. 😋

I can’t wait to seriously meet them. I would kill to be their friends tbh. They are so relatable and goofy and friendly it makes me happy.

Credit belongs to rightful owner. This is not my video.

Extremely thankful and emotional that ed feels comfortable with sharing very personally things with us, especially from his childhood because that is not involved in his current fame. Things like the photograph and castle on the hill music videos make my heart so full with the idea that ed shares these incredibly personal pieces with us. Thank you ed for trusting us with these little gifts from your personal life xx

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Hello! I love your prompts so much, you have an amazing gift! My request is angsty, so feel free to deny it. An exlover comes to the rfa party after learning of MC's relationship with Jumin, shoots his gun at Jumin, but MC jumps in front of him and takes the bullet instead? Forgive me for my English, and please deny if you don't want to write this. If you do however, thank you very much.

Thank you so much, this is so sweet omg! 

Also, this is like shark week but with angst but we only having happy endings in this household

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy and have a terrific day!


Music drowned the ballroom, a bouncy, uplifting beat drenching your ears as you trailed about. 

Your husband walked beside you, a tender arm weaved about your waist protectively. 

The party was just as extravagant and as successful as before, voices full of thanks and compliments fluttering by as you went on.

“I think you did a wonderful job darling,” He hummed in your ear, pressing a fond kiss to your temple. “You worked very hard.” 

“Thank you!” You beamed. “I’m glad you think so.” 

“Although I do sincerely hope that this means you won’t be staying up until early morning trying to reply to emails.” 

“I was a bit all over the place…wasn’t I?” 

“You were doing your best. But I must admit that I do miss having you fall asleep in my arms.” 

“I miss it too.” You snickered. “So we’ll just have to do something about that won’t we…” 

Your voice drawled as you noticed an odd figure trudging amongst the crowd, muted gray eyes glued onto you. 

“Love?” Jumin drew back your focus, furrowing his brow with slight concern. “Is something wrong?” 

You blinked rapidly in an awkward manner, finding the odd gaze to have disappeared in the swamp of people. “No, it’s fine. Just thought I saw something.” 

“I think perhaps the stress is getting to you.” He murmured. “Maybe a dance will help?” 

He knew you barely knew how to dance.

It was obvious by the small grin tugging at his lips. 

“And what kind of dancing?” 

“Hopefully the sort where I’m able to sweep you off your feet.”

“You did that a long time ago you know.” You let him lead you to the dancefloor, his arm pulling you closer to him as the crowd grew thicker. 

“And I can’t help but still be in awe at that.” A soft glaze shimmered in his eyes as he glanced towards you. 

It was an odd thing.

He would look at you as though you sprinkled the sky with stars, or lit up the sun in the morning.

As though you were everything. 

He held you gently, leading you carefully as the two of you danced.

He’d mutter each step quietly under his breath to you, giving your hand encouraging squeezes as you progressively improved.

Whenever other people would come to take either you or him as a partner he’d simply tighten his grip upon you, shooting daggers at them.

Nothing seemed wrong.

Perfect even.

Yet you couldn’t help but notice the same eyes following you as it almost circled you. 

It was getting closer.

It was unsettling.

The anger and malice dripping from the gaze left you chilled to the bone. 

Yet it had to simply just be some sort of trick in your head right?

You nearly shoved the thought out of your mind until you saw a finger tap Jumin’s shoulder.

You lifted your gaze and froze.

The very same eyes were in front of you.

Belonging to your ex.

Jumin knew of him from stories you’d tell, but you’d done your best to remove all physical reminders of him. 

Yet you’d never truly forget his face. 

His murky blonde hair was slicked back, his sharp, angular features emphasized more and more. 

“May I steal her away for a moment?” 

His voice was so honeyed. 

It would always lighten whenever he’d speak to you, controlling all of your emotions and motivations until you nearly never saw him in a negative light.

It was always your fault.

And he had been flawless.

Your husband caught the disdainful look in your expression and leaned you closer against him. 

“No, I’m afraid not.” 

“And how come?”

Your heart beat hurriedly like a drum as his voice continuously flooded into your ears. 

He needed to leave.

He couldn’t be here.  

“Is no not a sufficient answer?”” 

“Well, it’s certainly not the answer I’ll be taking.” He remarked, folding his lips. “After all, you’ve stolen the love of my life.” 

The atmosphere shifted.

Jumin was silent, ushering you behind him as his voice lowered. “I beg your pardon?” 

“Did I stutter?” The man raised his brows, arrogance oozing from him. “I’m sure she hasn’t forgotten about me. I’m known to be a memorable person.” 

“It’s funny how I don’t even know your name then.” 

“It doesn’t matter if you do. But I’d be a bit heartbroken if she didn’t.” 

You hid your face from him, tears brimming in your eyes. 

“I’m going to have to ask you to leave,” Jumin growled, a low rumble emanating from his throat. “I don’t think you’re wanted.” 

“Oh, I’ll leave, as soon as you let her go.” He said. “You’ve been a very good interim while I was gone, but I’m afraid we’ve recovered from our ‘break’.” 

His words left a cold emptiness inside of you.

“It’s time to come home.” 

“You are not going anywhere with my wife.” Aggression poured in Jumin’s tone, his hands clenching into fists. “But you and your delusions will be walking out of that door right now.” 

“Are you not even going to let her decide? I’m sure she’s missed me for ages.” 

Your breath hitched, shifting closer to your husband, burying your head between his shoulder blades. 

You didn’t even have to speak for him to understand.

“If she missed you, she wouldn’t have married me.” He snapped. “I thought even that much should be obvious to you.” 

“Oh right, right…” He slipped his hand into his pocket, tentatively fiddling with something. 

He was debating. 

“And someone as powerful as you couldn’t possibly have forced her into it I’m sure.” He sneered, sarcasm clear in his tone. “I’m sure she just absolutely adores the cold, spoiled, and disgusting businessman.” 

That struck something with you.

It was no longer fear or sadness.

It was anger.

It erupted like a firework, your head lifting in his direction.

“Get out.” 

He stared at you in surprise. “W-What?” 

“Get out. Now.” 

“Well, now I’m sure something is seriously wrong.” The man retorted, his voice raising. “Because I know you would never say something like that to me!” 

That’s when he revealed what he was hiding. 

A pistol. 

He held it, finger hovering over the trigger as his sight darted between to two of you. “So what did he say to make you have the audacity to say that to me?” 

You were stunned.

“Stay behind me, do not move. No matter what.” Jumin whispered to you, fear flashing upon him for a moment. 

But you couldn’t do that. 

“No-you know what? It’s fine! I’ll just get rid of him and we’ll go!” He gasped, his voice falling apart by the second. “Just the two of us.”

And as he raised the pistol, his finger pressing backward against the trigger, you rushed forward. 

You pushed Jumin away, a sudden pain coursing through your body like a bolt of electricity. 

The bullet rang like a shock wave, smashing into your shoulder. 

And for a moment the world stopped. 

You stumbled awkwardly, nearly falling had it not been for your husband catching you, entangling you frantically in his arms. 

The man gave a horrified expression, his jaw dropping before rushing off in a troubled dash.

“MC, why did you do that?” He almost whimpered, staring with terror as blood soaked your clothing. 

“I had to make sure you’d be okay…” You gasped, grinning gently as he tipped his forehead against your own. 

“Well let me make sure you’ll be okay now darling.” He was barely able to maintain a sense of calm, his words stuttering and breaking with the terrified tears dribbling down his cheeks. “But you need to promise me that you’ll stay awake. Stay with me. Please.” 

You nodded, reaching up to wipe the tears away. 

“Don’t worry. I’m going to stay right here with you.” 

And despite all that occurred you still managed to make him smile.

Because he knew your words were absolutely true.

Dance and Move BeatBelle and BeatBo {Follower’s Gift?}

Hi, guys! I hope you are all doing awesome :) From one of my previous posts, I had a couple of asks about this, and I wasn’t going to release it since part of the foot looked weird. But I really want to share with you, especially since I haven’t really posted a follower’s gift yet. And you guys are so sweet, so this will be in honor of the 400+ of you!! So yeah, I fixed this mesh to the best of my ability. Then I decided to make the BeatBo(the green one), so now your little babes can have either or..or both of course!

Four different swatches: Pink off (top left), Pink on (top right), Green off (bottom left), Green on (bottom right)

You can locate Dance and Move BeatBelle and BeatBo in “Kid’s Decor”, and I think I put it down as a toy at the last minute. So check that category as well, because I was too lazy to go back in game.

Please remember- basic TOU and ENJOY <3 

So much wild speculation with the recent super-short dgm chapter.
Also I’m groggy and congested so my patience is nil. Here’s a rant if you just wanna scroll on past.

There are very few things fans /actually/ concretely know and this is by merit of Hoshino being incredibly private.

-Hoshino’s health is a running issue and every so often she requires time off to recover. She also had a wrist injury. General public does not know specifics.

- DGM bounced around Jump magazines like nobody’s business. This suggests organizational issues possibly between demographic or scheduling rather than any kind of ownership legal battle. Again the general public does not know specifics.

-Hallow would have kept her quite busy, but the reason for the one issue break has not been confirmed. General public does not know specifics.

-Hoshino’s Insta was very much public, and it was lovely to have her sharing things! She decided to shut it down after expressing her disappointment in a promotional poster for Hallow that she did not approve as well has her stated discomfort over leaked images. Beyond Hoshino’s own words we don’t know anything that would have went on behind the scenes.

-I have seen zero confirmation or sources stating that this most recent chapter, and others previously, was meant to be part of some mega chapter. You know my line here by now blah blah general public. As much as I would love for it to be true that a mega chapter was on the table, I feel like spreading word about this supposed extra long chapter is just setting people up for a bad reaction if it’s not the case.

The one thing I vehemently agree with is “Chill out and give Hoshino a break”. 13 years this manga has been going. 13 years of so many breaks and speculation. With Hallow there’s been, from what I’ve seen, a huge boost in interest. Hoshino has worked incredibly hard as much as she can for 13 years.

Spreading rumors about her health, business involvement, and her intent just feels like doing her a disservice.

I’m just /frustrated/, like wondering and airing questions is one thing…but spreading things as facts with no source just seems to confuse and frustrate people even more - especially when things don’t turn out as predicted.

I just wanna be super stoked for a full-sized chapter in April, and keep stalking a release date for that gorgeous Lavi statuette that was announced.

Can we just go back to excited for anything new that we got rather than having to figure out a reason behind everything? Plz?

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On a lighter note, imagine what happened after the finale. Eun Tak is still a teen at this point and I'm just going to assume she has parents who care for her in this life. So then one day she'll have to bring her 1000 yo goblin boyfriend who is physically in his mid/late 30s home to her parents. Most awkward meet-the-parents ever. Poor Shin, hasn't he suffered enough lmao. ALSO, have you seen the news that TVN is going to release 2 special episodes of BTS and interviews and stuff? I'm so happy.

OMG haha that would be so fuckin hilarious xD Okay… headcanoning time (is that even a word? lmao) because you made my day with this!

  • Shin would totally be the type of guy who would come in a suit and tie and bring a huge ass expensive gift like a painting xD while Eun-Tak tells him to just be himself (but that’s it.. that is Shin being himself lmao)
  • While eating… Shin would casually use his powers to levitate the pepper shaker to him while her parents look in disbelief at what just happened and Eun-Tak gives him the death glare
  • Shin would switch between his historical and modern tone… especially when he asks her parents for MARRIAGE xD and Eun-Tak would shout in shock and say they’re just dating to look good in front of her parents (but silently low-key be all gushy and happy inside) 
  • And Eun-Tak’s parents would faint when Shin asks for permission for her to move in with him while he will take care of all of her education expenses. But Eun-Tak will most likely say “no” cause she loves her parents making Shin all sad and it immediately starts to rain outside their home xD 

Idk… these were the few ones that immediately popped up in my head lol… ahh… I just love these two together so much. And YES I’ve read of the special episodes and can’t wait to watch them… even if they end up being just recaps >.<

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Got a late Christmas gift from Shawn. It took awhile to get here, but it was so worth it. I’m so happy to have the mental illness artwork book in my possession now. Along with another amazing print. I can’t wait to get both of the prints I own now framed. When Shawn Coss started doing the mental illness inktober, it meant a lot to me on a personal level. To see an artist bring about awareness in such a way, was so great. Every one of his pieces was beautifully done and spoke great volumes. Art is so important. Thank you babe, for the late gift, and thank you, @shawncossart for making such amazing artwork ❤

Admit it ! Some of y'all feel lost, stuck or alone. Some of y'all lack the motivation to keep going. The truth is that’s normal and ok. But what’s not okay is allowing yourself to stay in one spot and comparing yourself to another when you have so much potential and so much talent, the world needs to see. Honestly I’ve been there. Sometimes I still slide back in that space and then I tell myself “ I think the fuck not ” you are different we a are different & feel lost because we are all one piece of a huge puzzle meant to come together to change, influence the present and the next generation to come. So it has always puzzled me why people mocked those who choose the creative path, don’t they know we indirectly control the minds of the future. I am black man in a white mans world, on top of that I’m an artist. To my fellow artists who feel alone. I offer this gift. My safe place & soon to be yours as well. - SaintHaven 🌹. It’s a community for black artists FUBU! In a white mans world where they fear us, so they shot us down because they fear the true power we posses if we came together. We are artists we have the power, as Nina Simone said how can we call ourselves artists of our work doesn’t reflect the times? I’m here to say SaintHaven 🌹 is a community where we as black artists can freely work together, learn, grow, motivate each other’s crafts and network. This has been something I’ve been working on since 2013 my start of college. It’s not a project it’s something I’d like to brand and make into and company based on finding happiness in yourself and as an artist.
—  SaintHaven Co Creator

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Just a quick question! :) (other than birthday sex lololol) what do u think the members of nct would like as a gift on their birthday from their s/o...? Idk if this counts as a request....... if it does u can totally ignore this haha

A/N: Kekking at you, you’re so cute
This just counts as a simple question^^ It basically turned into what I would suggest getting them and just my opinion.
- Admin Finn

I think none of them would care much what it is, the meaning would be more important, the fact that you bought them a gift would be what mattered. [That being said, you can’t buy them trash…]
I think all of them would greatly appreciate something practical, something like earphones [who doesn’t lose theirs?], a cooking utensil of some kind [for those who cook], clothes [who doesn’t like clothes-], cologne, etc…
They’d also enjoy more meaningful non-material things such as maybe a pair of train/plane tickets to your hometown, a party, etc… [!!!Also things that relate to your hobby/profession, like if you are an artist, an art piece, something you made by hand!!!]
They all have a great sense of humor too, so ‘gag-gifts’ would be fun too! Silly things such as a feminine apron or an avocado.


  • a fur coat [he mentioned once he felt wealthy being able to wear the fur coat in Limitless, so as a gag-gift it would be funny, of course don’t spend a lot of money on it since it’s a joke.]
  • some new cooking utensils they/he doesn’t have to make his life easier
  • a bunny? [another possible gag-gift… pets actually are good for health and stress, so I think he’d actually grow very attached to it.]
  • a surprise party [this would take a lot of planning around his schedule as well as his family’s, but I think he’d be very touched if you hosted a birthday party for him and invited his family and brother as well.]


  • couple rings [Tae is pretty cliche, so I think he’d find them really cute and make you swear to always wear yours.]
  • whatever new & cool products febreeze has released as of late
  • some t-shirts [to lowkey replace the ones you steal from his closet on occasion.]
  • a massage


  • a sad movie [make it your favorite sad movie- Mark said Yuta’s a pretty sentimental guy, the type to cry at movies, I think it would be a cute bonding experience as a couple to watch together.]
  • some food he misses [I’m not sure what, but I’m sure there’s some kind of food he misses from Japan-]
  • beauty items [he takes a lot of pride in his face and for good reason, a collection of little things such as moisturizers, face masks, etc… would make him smile.]


  • a date [a simple date alone would make him happy, no matter where you went or what you did, you’d find a way to make it extra special~]
  • stuff to make his life easier [whether it be cooking utensils, or the laundry detergent you had noticed he had run out of, he’d appreciate anything to make his life easier, tho he’d probably feel guilty.]
  • a humidifier [to keep the air in his room from being arid, I hear it’s good for singer’s vocals as well-]


  • a jacket? [to keep him warm, he’s so precious.]
  • some books [both in Korean and some in Chinese- if he ever feels bored, he’ll have something to read, and if he ever wants to study his Korean he’ll have a way to do so at his level.]
  • some food he misses [I’m not sure what, but I’m sure there’s some kind of food he misses from China-] 
  • a diary [it sounds cliche, but Sicheng seems to keep some of his deeper thoughts to himself often since he can’t communicate well, I think it’d be a healthy outlet to encourage him.]


  • two plane tickets to Canada
  • a mixtape [highkey Mark is into mixtapes and no I don’t mean the ‘rapper’ ones, I mean the ones ppl used to pass around in the 80s and 90s- a collection of songs, maybe it’s meant to express your love or maybe just song recs, but I think he’d hold it very precious knowing you made it and listen to it often.]
  • some food he misses [I’m not sure what, but I’m sure there’s some kind of food he misses from Canada-]
  • a party


  • a meal [cooked by yours truly]
  • body-care items [such as chapstick, vaseline, face masks etc… just to make sure his “erotic” body is taken care of, he’d appreciate the thought and probably take care of himself better.]
  • a vacation [again, a lot of planning, but if you could manage to plan out a weekend vacation, even just a city away, he’d love it as long as he was with you.]


  • some food he misses [I’m not sure what, but I’m sure there’s some kind of food he misses from the U.S.-] 
  • shoes [you could go the casual route or the fancy route, either way we all know his shoe size now, so use it to your advantage]
  • a party [he’d be really touched you took so much time to organize such a fantastic gathering.]


  • two tickets to a Beyonce concert
  • some food he misses [I’m not sure what, but I’m sure there’s some kind of food he misses from Thailand]
  • some hats [he likes caps, so finding some cool ones, whether they are from your hometown or just good-looking I think he’d enjoy them and wear them often.]
  • a massage

If you can’t tell I’m a pretty bad gift-giver tbh

Let the Police, Your Mom, Your Dog, and everyone else know this.

I’m 6′5″ and 210 pounds of muscle and rage. I have trained for 14 years in a martial art invented by a Jew to fight against anti Semitic rioting. I’ve trained for over a decade in a handful of other martial arts, many styles and covering many domains. I’ve trained cops and trained with Blackwater mercenaries and that’s a God damned fact.

I believe that by whatever entity you believe in- God, the Universe, Collective Consciousness, Reincarnation- I’ve got a severe gift.

I will use that gift to it’s fullest extent if I so much as sniff a God damned fucking Nazi in my presence.


alright guys

  • First, I’m insanely overwhelmed by how active the simblr community is. The giveaway got a lot of traction and I’m really glad for that because it means more people have a chance to win a pack- which is A++++
  • Second, I’m also insanely overwhelmed by all the notes my first CC got. I honestly didn’t think it would be so well received so yeah also A++++
  • Third, I want to make a legit gift for my followers but I’m not entirely sure what to go with. I have some toddler bed recolors that I’m going to release anyway, but I know toddlers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea- or at least toddler bedding might not be. I might wait for the vampire pack and recolor some of those??? Not sure, yet.
  • Soooo if you guys have suggestions of things I could try to recolor that’d be great. Granted, I’m not super great at recoloring but it’d honestly be fun to try out some small requests and pick up some new skills along the way~~~ 
themagnificentmags replied to your photoset “you’ll have to pry this trope from my cold dead hands”

it’s so weird to see y'all just now getting into tf2 like… it was basically my first fandom way back when… welcome to the trash pit, friends, I’m so glad there are actual female characters now

I knew about it back in the day but never got into it until about 4 years ago. Ever since I’ve been following all the comics and updates and I love it. 

1000 followers?! WHAAAAT?!

You guyys! 😍 1000 of you following me?? How?? Thank you so much, you’re seriously the best! A followers gift is coming for you very soon, but sadly right now I have that stupid issue in my game AGAIN so I can’t save anything on my library :( But I promise I will find a way! You deserve this and more ❤️✨


“Brilliant…now, can you remove the little monster before it leaves me something in my hat?” – Jacob Frye

Super late birthday gift for @maddieautobot273

Guh, usually I am more punctual with these sort of things, but sadly, Tumblr doesn’t tell you when people’s birthdays are in advance for one, and for another, I got horribly ill all through the week, so doing anything was hard. X-x;

Hope it looks okay, hon. Much love for your support~. And I am feeling well, thanks. xD; Wasn’t able to respond because internet went down for one, but for another, I was finishing this.

This post is brought to you by my ~new wireless router~ which was a wedding gift from (fittingly) my Internet friends @veggielife, @runsforbrunch and @fromthebackofthepack. I thought my building just had terrible service and all this time the fix was within my means! (Is it a metaphor??) Apart from upgrading my internet experience, it also looks pleasantly space-age.

Yesterday I marched in the Women’s March of Chicago. It was awesome. To be fair I am responsive to the criticism that (a) it’s crazy that I considered myself politically aware for so long but have never participated in a march like this, and (b) marching is not enough. So I’ll just call it the kickoff of my new activism season and recommitting to my principles. We didn’t end up actually marching in the march because there were too many people flooding the parade route (!!!) but there was a kind of impromptu march as everyone left Grant Park. At night I went to an overly talky yoga class and then went to see “Rogue One,” which was an oddly appropriate fictional pairing.

Today I had an intense headache when I got up so I waited a few hours and then ran 7 miles. This was a good run; I felt pretty good and kept my pace hovering in the upper 11s. One thing I noticed was that I have trouble differentiating between when I am exerting myself heavily and when I am just warm; there were times on this run when I felt quite warm but my heart rate was square in the active band, so I knew I wasn’t really tired. I think I assumed they were always related – but they aren’t. I also routinely overdress in winter to alleviate my concerns about being out in the cold. For next weekend’s race (eep) I’m looking at high 40s/ low 50s so I’m pretty sure already what I will wear on the start line.

I just need to make sure to get plenty of sleep this week and try not to psych myself out. And make my race playlist!