so this is like what 3..4 days late

A temp I barely knew was actively trying to get me fired behind my back.

This happened a while ago but decided to post today as she rang a member of the office and used the threat of unfair dismissal claim if she wasn’t given a good reference. Not sure if it belongs in here or not.

TL:DR An office temp I’d spoken to a handful of times conspires to have me fired without my knowledge. It’s a very long story so be warned it’s a bit of a vent.

So, we had a temp covering maternity leave that turned out to be a bit of a nutjob. She was EA to Deputy CEO and seemed to think this gave her some sort of status. We’ll call her the temp. I’d spoken to her twice maybe three and was incredibly nice; I make it my business to be nice to everyone. What she didn’t know is that from about a week after she started I knew she was sending daily complaints (all unfounded and untrue) to my manager about me. My manager and I get on socially and professionally and he was dumbfounded by her doing this. I still have no idea, why she did it to me either and until today I’d put her out of my mind.

We are talking 3 or 4 complaints a day and asking for stuff to be taken further and why wasn’t I getting warned/reprimanded, whatever?

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To the upcoming freshman babies:

1. Dress comfy. Not everyday has to be “dress to impress day.” Frankly, more people are gonna be focusing on cramming studying in before the next class to really notice.

2. Wear comfy shoes. Most likely you’ll have a short passing period and you really don’t want to be late to class.

3. Some teachers are okay with being alittle late if you explain your situation, but some teachers are demons from the netherworld so just be careful and see what teachers are which during the “new year” buff time.

4. DONT SKIP. Honestly, where would you go? What would you do? And there are cameras and adminstration everywhere, do not take the risk. Just go to class. You’d be occupied at least.

5. Be polite to the lunchladies, more than not they’ll let you slide if you don’t have enough lunch money for lunch.

6. Always carry change for lunch/snacks for vending machines. ( About 3$ is fine. )

7. Study.


9. S T U D Y. Even the day before is fine, just do it at least once.

10. Sleep. Don’t stay up all night on an assignment. You can always finish it in the morning, during free time in other classes, on the bus, in the car, etc., etc., etc.

11. COMMUNICATE. Talk to your teachers if something in class isn’t working out, I.e, getting to class on time, getting to ANOTHER class on time that’s after that particular one, needing an extra period/lunch/few hours to finish an assignment/ homework. TRUST ME, they aren’t like last years 8th grade teachers. They actually listen.
Yes, even the mean ones.

12. You don’t have to make friends the first month.

13. You don’t have to make friends the first 2 months.

14. You can ask to work solo, if you explain the teachers will most likely let you.



17. Lunch isn’t as scary as you think. If you get to school earlier and know where lunch gets held at, scope out the land and see what looks good for you.

18. Alot of the upper classmen understand, you can talk to them anytime for advice, where to go, such and such.

19. Hygiene. Carry deodorant, perfume, lotion, gum, breath mints, whatever.
Just carry it.
ESPECIALLY, if you have p.e.

20. Hydrate.




23. Stay away from the guys with beards and mustaches/gotees.


25. Overall, just be careful. Adapt. The teachers are right, you’re not in middle school anymore.


Welcome to M'gann M'orzz Appreciation Week!

With M’gann’s hasty and unexpected exit from the show last week, we thought it would be nice to organise something to celebrate and remember her by. She deserved a hell of a lot more than she got, and though we can’t change the show, we can appreciate what we did see of her, we can imagine what else her character might have done or might have become, and we can ensure she is not forgotten.

The Appreciation Week will be held from the 3rd to the 9th of March. All fanworks are more than welcome: gifs, graphics, fan art, fic, meta, headcanons, and so on. Each day’s theme is intended as a guide and can be interpreted however you like! And late submissions are totally okay!

DAY 1 (March 3rd): Favourite scene
DAY 2 (March 4th): Favourite quote
DAY 3 (March 5th): Favourite character trait (OR M'gann + colour*)
DAY 4 (March 6th): Favourite badass moment
DAY 5 (March 7th): Favourite relationship(s)
DAY 6 (March 8th): A fitting quote or lyric**
DAY 7 (March 9th): What’s next? (OR Free day)

* for example [x]
** for example [x] [x] [x], or you could use this as a fic prompt or to inspire some thoughts.

Remember to tag your posts with #mgannmorzzappreciation (in the first five tags) so we can reblog them here!

This is a FUCK customers, fuck management, and a I Love This Particular Customer So Much

Yesterday (09/13) was my first day working for the home of the Mac’s that are Big, I have previous experience working Point of Sales (PoS), so I opted to train there first….tho the decision was made mostly cos the grills terrify me. I will put off cross training there as long as possible. Preferably for EVER.
Not a Holy Terror of a day, but it was still not great. I made mistakes (no one told the shift managers they were gonna HAVE a trainee, they had no idea what to do with me, and my trainer didn’t actually know how to train, she was just the person who happened to be scheduled to work front counter that day), but nothing World Ending. I got confused on one order, cos the lady was asking questions I didn’t know the answers to. I politely explained to her it was my first day, I wasn’t sure of the answers and if she didn’t mind waiting a moment I could ask someone else who DID know. (at this point my trainer was playing food runner for the drive thru as they were backed up, she’d felt safe leaving me alone since the inside was basically empty then)
I step over 2 feet, ask the manager that’s free, she answers, I finish the order.
The SECOND I hand her her change, this lady points at a little sign on the register “What’s this? You didn’t ask me this!”
It was a sign telling Customers that if the employee doesn’t ask if they’d like to add a 4 piece nugget for 1$, they get it free.
I didn’t KNOW we were doing that, I wasn’t told I was supposed to be asking that. I explained that to her, that it’s my very first day, offered her the free 4 piece.
The rest of the transaction went like this:
Me: *handing her her order* “Sorry about that, ma'am!”
“Oh, sweetie, that’s okay, it’s not your fault you’re stupid!”
Me: “Have a great day!” (internally: you are so fucking lucky I can’t afford to jump this counter)
By the time I got home I already hated my life choices that led to me working there.

Skip to today’s shift (9/14)
I got left on front counter completely by myself. A manager literally told the other counter girl “It’s his second day, leave him, he should know this. You can do food runner today.”
Like…WTF MATE? I’ve literally had 3 hours of experience so far. It’s my SECOND. DAY. I know jackshit. But sure, we’ll let the newbie handle all front counter interactions for the day. 3 hours is PLENTY of time to have a handle on this shit when I’ve never used a touchscreen menu system in my life until yesterday. What could POSSIBLY GO WRONG?
Thankfully it wasn’t awful. I made more mistakes (not one of which was forgetting to ask about adding a 4 piece, I learned that lesson QUICK LIKE A FLUFFY TAILED BUNNY), held my own with the late lunch rush. Handled a couple drive thru customers coming in cos something was missing from their order. Was a good day in all.
Enter the Best Lady Ever.
She has coupons. She gets them from her work. She knows exactly what she wants, how she wants it. And she is in an INCREDIBLE mood today.
She hands me her coupons immediately, tells me which sandwiches she wants for them (they were BOGO’s), asks if she can add extra sauce if she’s using coupons (apparently she can, the screen let me do it!), gets a small fry as well, is ECSTATIC to add a 4 piece for 1$.
I fumble a bit with how to apply the coupons (this is the first time I’ve had an order with any), but get it figured out pretty quick like.
As I’m reading her order back to her, I notice there’s a bug the size of the end of my thumb on her shoulder. I bite my lip and go “Ma'am, can I…. There’s a bug on….” and point at her shoulder, she leans her head as far from where I’m pointing as she can and goes “Oh my goodness where? Can you see it still?” So I reach forward a little, she nods, and I grab it, throw it on the floor and squish it. And she is SO. THANKFUL. apparently she’s terrified of bugs. I just saved her life.
We finish the order and she looks at me, smiles, and asks “Is this your first day?”
No ma'am, it’s actually my second.
“Well, you are just doing a GREAT job, being this new. Thank you so much and you have a blessed day darling.”
Thank you very much, ma'am. Enjoy your lunch! I hope we see you again soon!

I said that line to every customer we had today. I only meant it once.

That lady gave me the strength to make it through the rest of my shift.

I also didn’t get out on time. They somehow FORGOT to schedule anyone to take front counter after my 3 hour training shift. When I realized I was a half hour over my scheduled time, I looked at the manager that DOESN’T scare me and said “I….was supposed to leave a half hour ago…”

She hits me with this look of Absolute Desperation…. sighs….and says softly, reluctantly…. “Thank you for staying….you can leave now….”

I go, grab my stuff from the cubby hole that they call an employee break room ((that we’re not actually allowed to be in when on break?) go to clock out….and the second wave of the early dinner crowd starts coming in the doors. The lady at the front of the line looks at me expectantly. I smile brightly, tell her “Someone will be with you shortly ma'am”, and continue clocking out. I then immediately went into the bathroom and changed out of my uniform so no one could ask me to do anything else. And I am so very thankful I’m not scheduled to work again until Tuesday.

what its like being late on your period
  • day 1: this is glorious there is no red volcano of blood and sad feelings erupting from my vagina
  • day 2: beauty
  • day 3: ok wtf is happening
  • day 4: fuck mother nature where are you
  • day 5: AM I PREGNANT
  • day 6: *googles how to tell if pregnant*
  • day 7: well im a virgin so hello there jesus

Another Asgoriel Appreciation Week: Day ??? (I mix all up so let’s count now)

I am physically unable to do everything, so I mixed.. uh… Counting: Day 2 (fashion) ((they’re choosing a hew sweater for Chara)); Day 3 (firsts) ((It is the VERY FIRST shopping for Chara, look at the excited cheld :3 Also it’s the first time they go for walk to the capital)); Day 4 (family) ((LOOK AT DEM) Asgore forgot what humans should better wear, Toriel TRIES, and they both are like: “WHAT DO WE DO NOW????” and the children are having fun)); Day 5 (favorites) ((My favorite thing there… They are a full, happy family, loving each other, maybe it reminds me of my family, or I wish to have so..)  

Uh maybe that’s it…  Headcanons everywhere and I am very late =-=‘

Anyway, Another Asgoriel Week is held by @asgoriel-stuff​ and created by @georgetheblob​ and @kanaking​ :P

Scene correlation guessing...

So I look at the production stills and the trailer footage from The Defenders and I keep thinking about Matt’s part in the hallway fight that undoubtedly will be the signature scene (even if Matt looks like an idiot wearing Jessica’s scarf) of the show.

But then I wonder, can we guess what other episodes certain scenes will happen in? One guess would be with the stills that depict Matt and Karen having a late night meeting in the Bulletin office.

The guessing I’m doing here is that this Matt/Karen scene probably takes place in episode 3 or episode 4, and clearly on the same day as the big hallway fight (thank Charlie Cox for trolling his castmates in that interview), given that Matt appears to be wearing the same suit and tie in the picture above of him in Karen’s office as he is in Midland Circle and the Chinese restaurant:

I’d guess Matt’s visit to Karen probably happens right after the whole meeting with Jessica, Luke, and Danny in Midland Circle, going to the Chinese restaurant, the four of them meeting Stick, then the five of them having to fight their way out after being threatened by Alexandra. This timeline is pieced from the fact that what we’ve seen in the trailer shows Matt following Jessica to Midland Circle in late afternoon, it’s already dark by the time the four of them get to the Chinese restaurant, and it’s clear in the pictures that Karen is working very late since the only lights on are the lamps in her office (and the newsroom is completely dark).

Since in the second trailer, we have Danny saying “ They’re hunting our friends and families. And they are not going to stop there,” in the Chinese restaurant, it stands to reason that Matt would want to keep Karen safe (since this is the Hand and they kidnapped Karen once before), so upon leaving the restaurant his first instinct would be to go warn her, which is why he looks agitated and weary, and also ask her maybe to dig something up on Alexandra. 

In fact, this might be followed up right away by a scene at the 29th Precinct, given that the shirt Karen is wearing in the picture of her at her desk…

…looks like the same one she’s wearing here standing next to Foggy in the precinct. (bluish-gray, sleeves end just above the elbows)

All of course, speculation. And I think the Karen-Foggy image is probably from the same sequence as the set of images of Misty talking individually with Matt, Luke, and Claire.

Best of Friends

Cullen Appreciation Day 3 or 4- Post game Cullen or Family

Dad Cullen fluff - 112 words

Cullen liked to listen to his daughter babble. Sometimes—walking in the fields around their home, or late at night when neither of them could sleep—he would carry her with her head resting against his shoulder, and she would speak almost nonstop in her own, secret baby language. Sometimes, he would pretend to understand her.

“Ba, ba.”

“Is that so?”

“Ba bah boo.”

“How interesting.”


“You don’t say.”

And then, like she knew what he was doing, she would laugh—the most ringing, joyous sound in existence. Laugh and wave her chubby arms. It made him laugh too.

Cullen’s daughter was only eight months old, but they were already best of friends.

(This series is based on what I think Jack is like and would be like so far. I had already completed this series based on what I’ve seen from the first episode of Supernatural Season 13, therefore please forgive me if he turns out to be out of character.)

Part 10 – Bedtime

Characters: Jack and Reader

Word Count: 265

Warning: Fluff (Perfect way to end the day right?)

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | <– Read the entire day!

It was pretty late when you got your laundry done, but you weren’t about to complain. Jack had gone to bed and you finally had some normalcy back. Having Jack around was exhausting, much more than having a little baby waking you up every hour. You crawled into to bed and immediately knocked out.

Hours later, movement came from beside you. You woke up to see Jack crawling in. You groaned inwardly wandering what the hell he was doing here in your room, getting into your bed?

“Jack, what’s wrong?” You yawned.

“I’m scared,” he replied.

“What? Why?” You instinctively moved over to give him some space. He slithered in making himself comfortable.

“I had a bad dream. You got hurt,” he confessed, sadness evident on his face.

“It’s okay Jack. It was a nightmare. It’s not real,” you assured him, taking a hold of one of his hands in yours. Jack stared at the physical connection thinking about how soft and warm it felt. He liked it.

“I feel safe here,” he admitted.

“Good, because you are.” You gave him a sweet smile.

“You look really pretty like that.”

“Like what?”


“Thank you Jack. Now let’s go to sleep, okay?” He nodded at your request. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Y/N.”

You turned on your side, facing away from him when you suddenly felt his arms wrap themselves around you, your back pressed up against his chest as his breath fanned the back of your neck. It was impossible for you not to smile.

Jack may be an idiot, but he was cute none the less. 

Bonus <–Just a bonus chapter because I wanted to :)

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* = smut

Thomas Jefferson x Reader:

Rough Day At Work? *
 - Thomas has been stressed at work lately, so you take it upon yourself to help relieve his stress at work. 

Daveed Diggs x Reader:

Red [fluff & angst]
- People do crazy things when they’re in love. Daveed never thought he would be the one to do any of it.

Inspiration: “What does it feel like, to lose everything?

Pt.1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 [FINAL] - (work in progress)

Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

Breakfast *
- Oak and the reader’s personal life is a little more interesting than his friends think. 


Memoriae [angst]
- Eliza will never forget what happened to her, not for a second. 

The Bad Boy |Min Yoongi| (7)

Summary: You’re the good popular girl of the school and then there’s Min Yoongi, the bad boy. You both have family problems, considering people think your life is perfect, so once you get detention with him you click.

Warnings: Cursing, Angst, the same shit like always

A/N: Sorry for the very late upload. I was super busy!!

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Word Count: 1,885

“I like you” He blurted out and you choked on your coffee.

“What?” You asked.

“I like you” He repeated.

“Like…a friend?” You asked.

“I like like you” He replied.

“Oh” You said looking.

“It’s okay if you don’t feel the same way” He said.

“No it’s not that…I need to go. I’m sorry” You said running out and leaving him by himself.


That was about 3 days ago. Yoongi thought he fucked up everything, so he went back to his old ways. He would throw the parties during school nights, come into class late, smoke, drink, even come to class still tipsy or hungover. But, he didn’t hook up with random girls like he did before because he only wanted you.

“What happened between you and Yoongi?” Jisoo asked.

“Nothing happened” You replied.

“Oh come on. Something happened. Did he like get you pregnant or something?” She said.

“Oh my god no” You screeched throwing a pillow at her.

“Then spill” She said.

“On Friday we went to the diner and he confessed and I kinda ran away” You said.

“You ran away after he confessed?!” She shouted.

“I didn’t know what to do. My mind was blank” You replied.

“Did you come back at least?” She asked.

“No…I just left him hanging” You replied.

“Idiot” She muttered.

“Can we change the topic?” You asked.

“Yeah yeah go” She replied.

“I found an apartment. It’s a little farther than school but it works” You said.

“What about your parents?” She asked.

“I tricked them into signing the consent form. I’ll tell them I’m moving out but they’ll approve since they’re never home either way” You replied.

“Yay more sleepovers” She said.

“I’m moving tomorrow, you need to help me” You said.

“I gotchu my girl” She said.


“Is that all?” She asked loading the last box into her car.

“I guess so” You replied.

“When you’re parents come back to see your room empty, they’ll be so pissed” She chuckled.

“Well, I need a getaway from them and a normal life. Only choice I had” You said.

When you arrived to the building, it looked familiar but you didn’t think too much of it. Jisoo helped to bring your boxes upstairs before leaving so you could unpack. Your boxes were in the hallway outside your apartment, so you wanted to get a quick move on.

“Y/N?” A voice asked. You turned around to see a hungover Yoongi in your hallway.

“Yoongi” You said.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“Oh I’m…moving in” You replied, mentally slapping yourself for picking the same building.

“Oh. That’s cool I guess. See you later” He said walking into his apartment.

It took you 2 hours to unpack and organize everything. Once you were done, you crashed on your couch. You knew this place seemed familiar and now that you were neighbors with Yoongi, there’s no way you could avoid him now.

“Jisoo you won’t believe what the hell happened” You said over the phone.

“Something always happens with you” She said.

“Yoongi is my neighbor” You said.

“What?!” She shouted.

“I know! It’s crazy. I’m never gonna be able to avoid him” You said.

“Oh my god it’s like true love, I ship it” She said.

“I hate you sometimes” You said.

“You love me” She said.

“Ugh, I don’t know what I’m gonna do now. Like do I talk to him or something?” You said.

“Well you could go apologize” She said.

“You’re no help” You said.

“I’m always a help. I need to go. Tel me what happens after” She said before hanging up.

You build the courage to stand in front of Yoongi’s door and knock. He opened it almost immediately. He eyed you up and down before locking his eyes with you.

“What do you want?” He asked in the normal dick tone.

“Can I come in?” You asked in reply.

“Why? So I could say something you run away again? No thanks” He replied.

“Yoongi, please” You said and he sighed letting you in.

“Are you drinking again?” You asked looking at the scattered soju bottles.

“Why the fuck do you care?” He asked in reply.

“I’m sorry for running away on Friday” You said.

“It’s fine. Doesn’t matter anyway” He said.

“It’s not fine and I feel bad. So I’m sorry” You said.

“Then why did you run away?” He asked.

“Because my mind went blank. It was like a bomb in my face. It was just unexpected and I didn’t know what to do” You said.

“I’m supposed to be the dick but you made the dick move” He said and you chuckled lightly.

“I guess it was kind of a dick move but I really am sorry.” You said.

“But how do you feel?” He asked.

“What?” You asked in reply.

“Do you like…like me back or something?” He asked hesitantly.

“I knew I liked you since I went to your party” You replied.

“Oh” He said.

“Yeah…I’ll get going” You said and running out quickly before he could speak.

“Aish this girl loves to run” Yoongi chuckled to himself.

You went out to the supermarket and bought yourself some food. You were going to look for a job later in the week to get some extra money because you would spend the money you have now. 

You cooked yourself a huge meal, considering that you didn’t eat the whole day. You were eating kimbap with kimchi and you heard a knock on the door. You hated being interrupted while you were eating.

“Yes?” You asked.

“Well someones grumpy” Yoongi replied.

“I’m eating” You said.

“Ohhh what did you make?” He said walking past you.

“Nothing for you” You said.

“Kimbap. My favorite” He said taking bite.

“Yah! I made that for myself. Now all I’ll eat is stupid ice cream for dinner” You said.

“I want dessert too” He said eating more kimbap.

“You’re not eating my ice cream” You said crossing your arms.

“I wasn’t talking about that kind of dessert” He said smirking and looking you up and down.

“Oh…oh my god” You screeched hitting him.

“And I thought you turned somewhat bad after moving out” He chuckled.

“Doesn’t like first time sex hurt?” You asked.

“I’m not a girl I wouldn’t know” He replied shrugging.

“Right” You said.

“This kimbap is really good” He said.

“I know. Everyone likes it” You said.

“Well aren’t you confident in your cooking” He scoffed.

“I’m confident in a lot of things” You said drinking your soda.

“Like sucking dick?” He asked and you chocked on your soda.

“Are you crazy?” You coughed.

“I’m messing with you…kind of” He said.

“Idiot” You muttered.

“My parents said they want to meet you again” He said.

“They did? When?” You asked.

“In…an hour” He replied.

“And you tell me this now” You said.

“Whoops” He shrugged.

“Why do they want to meet me?” You asked.

“I don’t know. My mom was all like oh she’s such a nice girl I want to get to know her more” He replied in a girly voice.

“I’ll go. Just because I’m nice” You said.

“Go get ready” He said.

“You’re wearing that aren’t you?” You said pointing to his outfit.

“Leave me alone” He muttered.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to wait here for me” You said.

“Why? Don’t want me to see you naked?” He smirked.

“You can if you want to” You replied and quickly widened your eyes and put your hand over your mouth.

“You just” He pointed at you.

“I didn’t” You said.

“You did!” He laughed.

“Oh shut it!” You said.

“Kitten’s a lowkey freak” He said hovering over you.

“I smell the soju from your mouth” You said.

“Don’t change the subject” He said.

“I’m not” You said.

“Show me the freak in you” He whispered leaning in.

“I should go get ready” You said before walking away.


During the rest of the break, you spent more time with Yoongi. His parents enjoyed your company, so you spent more time with them. You’re parents were mad on why you moved out but understood soon that it was because of them. You and Yoongi would have sleepovers at each others houses and it was pleasing to you. Even though you both knew each others feelings, you were still friends and nothing more. 

“Why are Jimin and Yoongi at our table?” You asked Jisoo from distance.

“I invited them. Come on” She replied dragging you over.

“You smell like cotton candy” Jimin said kissing Jisoo on the cheek. You felt like gagging.

“You guys are such a cringe worthy couple” Yoongi said.

“Least we didn’t fuck before officially going out” Jimin said and shrugged.

“What?! Yoongi you had sex with someone?!” Jisoo shouted.

“Calm your tits” Yoongi said rolling his eyes.

“He didn’t tell you? He got laid by little Ms. Goodgirl over here” Jimin said pointing to you.

“You guys had sex?” Jisso asked you, but you were too busy giving the death stare to Yoongi, who regretted telling his friend.

“I need to go print some stuff out” You said getting your bag and walking away.

“Y/N wait” Yoongi said running after you.

“Don’t touch me. How could you tell Jimin out of all people about what we did?” You asked.

“I didn’t mean to tell him like that. He’s my friend. I’m sorry” He replied.

“I don’t care if he’s your friend, Jisoo’s my friend but you don’t see me yapping my mouth.” You said.

“It’’s just Jimin, he isn’t going to do anything” He said.

“It’s like you don’t know how you were known to fuck the whole school” You scoffed.

“What are you talking about?” He asked.

“Well don’t act like you don’t know” You replied.

“I don’t know at you’re talking about…at all” He said.

“Jimin’s the one that spread he rumor” You said.

“What?” He asked.

“He spread the rumor that about you fucking every girl” You said.

The next thing you knew, Yoongi was storming back to the outside cafeteria where Jimin and Jisoo were.

“You were the one that told the whole school that I fucked all the girls?!” Yoongi asked angrily pulling him up by his collar.

“Woah woah calm down” Jimin replied.

“I’m not going to calm the fuck down. Because of you, everyone was disgusted by me” Yoongi said.

“Oh please, you know yourself that you would fuck every girl so you might as well say that you did.” Jimin smirked.

Everything happened so quickly that you didn’t notice that the whole school was circled around. Yoongi was so angered by it that he punched Jimin in the jaw. You were in shock, this was because of you so you had to stop it before it got out of control.

“Yoongi just let go of him” You said pulling him back.

“Let me go and let me finish this dick off” He said.

“Please” You begged and his face softened before letting Jimin go, who then just fell to the ground.

“Hey! You can’t just beat up my boyfriend like that”Jisoo shouted at Yoongi.

“Shut the fuck up” He said before walking away with you. 

“Do you have class?” He asked.

“No. I have free periods after. I’ll probably just catch up on some sleep” You replied.

“You could come over and sleep with me” He suggested.

“Yeah I slept with you and you told your friend” You said.

“Are we still not past this?” He asked.

“Yoongi just…leave me alone” You replied.

“Let me drop you off” He said.

“I’ll walk. I need the fresh air” You said.

anonymous asked:

Hi, First of all: I love your blog, you are amazing and I am a jikook trash (with proud lol) So, I have a question, if jikook weren't doing laundry, why Jimin wanted to talk about how late they went to sleep? Isn't a little stupid talking about the subject if they were doing "other things"?

ok let’s get ready for some bs theory leggo >:D

Yeah I noticed it too and it seemed like they were talking about something else and it was a really random cut (perhaps along the lines of a convo like “did you see whatever last night or what’d you do last night”) And Jimin just happened to mention “Weren’t we the ones to stay up the latest?”, just casually nbd. So they checked. Asked what time. Ok 3-4 am fine. Whatever just a day in a bro’s life. Normal questions you’ve been asked and genuinely answer without thinking much. (e.g. “YOOO I STAYED UP UNTIL LIKE 3 AM WATCHING ANIME SO MUCH REGRETS LOLOLOL” so nbd. people disclose their late night activities all the time.)

 But it was Hoseok who made a big deal out of it with “WHAT WERE YOU GUYS DOING WHY.” as if it truly didn’t make sense for them to stay up that late. And surprisingly, it was Jungkook who replied not even Jimin and as soon as he did the entire group just had this wave of massive understanding wash over them which was the sketchy part (as referred to in my other post XD). Like wouldn’t they haven noticed all their clothes were clean? Or why did they not question the time the laundry was being done?


If someone pulled that shiet on me I’d be like “dudes. why the fuq are you doing laundry at 3 am? on our vacation. like chill and get some rest yo wtf.” they literally could’ve done while they were cooking or anything that had that long evening. or done it in the morning idk. unless this a korean thing? IDK. I DON’T GET IT. 

hoseok’s rxn was weird–he kind of hit jeon and jeon lowkey defended himself. and den fuqing kim namjoon had to say he heard the sound of the washing machine and i’m like >.> yeah ok bruh. 

anyways they played it off real nice but unless jungkook truly is obsessed with laundry…i got no other explanation LOL.

Long time no see! Sorry for being so MIA recently (for the past 6 months oops) - I’ve been focusing on school & work a lot lately, but I’ve still been making fitness and health a priority of course! Here’s an update on my diet currently: I’m vegan & I don’t eat processed sugars, white bread/pastas, and junk food (even if it’s vegan!) This just means no fries, Oreos, potato chips, chocolates, - on top of no animal based products, etc. This also means I have a lot of meals like this one!!

This is a basil stir fry with spinach & kale, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, and mushrooms, with roasted garlic. And I’m pretty sure there’s some whole wheat pasta hiding under it 😋

As of my workout regime, I’ve been weight lifting a lot lately, instead of doing an endurance based cardio regimen. I feel like I’ve been through every diet & every workout guide there is, and so far they have all worked in different ways. Here’s what I’m doing right now: I’m doing one leg day and one arm day a week. I start each day with a ten minute warm up on the treadmill or stair climber, and end each day with a 5 minute ab workout. For training my muscles I just try to increase my weights steadily (one or two pounds every other week for arms, 3 or 4 pounds for legs) and I use a variety of exercises. I typically spend about an hour at the gym each time. Since I’m only at the gym three or four times a week (sometimes I do yoga, sometimes I do a stretching day, or just cardio) - i make sure to stay on my feet a lot outside of the gym. I got a new job at Whole Foods which has me on my feet all day & I’ve been walking a lot around Portland.

So far I’ve been feeling good, no stomach aches, very little bloating anymore. I’ve been vegan about a month and a half so far and it’s been a lot easier than I anticipated! The only drawback is that I’ve been breaking out on my face a lot more than usual but I’m going through some facial treatments and trying to figure out what’s the cause.

Anyways! It’s good to be posting again, hopefully I’ll send out another meal update soon! 😋❤️


DCTV Ladies Appreciation Week
↳ Day 3: Favorite Relationship(s) [Part 1 - Platonic] || Chloe Decker’s “Tribe” - Lucifer

“So, you’re saying, if I called you guys, you would drop everything and come and have a drink with me?”
“Mm-hmm. ‘Cause that is what girlfriends do for each other.” 
“Yes, especially during tough times.”

Mae is Mentally Ill and (a) God is (Probably) Real

ok a thing I keep seeing on Steam discussion boards and in general is people saying Mae isn’t a) mentally ill and/or b) experiencing supernatural phenomena. so let’s fucking break it down

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Top Ten songs

Thank you @alverixorcustransfrogamorphus@missolitude , and @missy-poppins91 for tagging me!

Rules: if you can, list the Top Ten songs you are listening to lately, and tag ten mutuals to do the same.

This is difficult since I can’t enjoy anything like a normal person, so I listen to like 3 songs on repeat for days, or play whole albums/playlists over and over again. Anyway…

1. Forest Whitaker - Bad Books

2. Are You What You Want to Be? - Foster the People

3. Fallen Leaves - Billy Talent

4. Good Rhymes for Bad Times - Bears In Trees

5. West Coast - The Neighbourhood

6. Burn The Witch - Queens of the Stone Age

7. Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys

8. Glowing Eyes - Twenty One Pilots

9. Dance of Death - Iron Maiden

10.  Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold

I tag: @daggers-in-the-smiles-of-men , @aandtheuniverse , @error-464 , @shwag@matildaswan, @hacklesacademy , @cherrysconesandgoatscheese, @kateriverameliawolfe, @actuallyasinnamonroll, @cakeeatingwingedcat

Obviously, please feel free to anyone who wants to join! 

anonymous asked:

10 cute Kaisoo questions. :D 1) Who plans a romantic getaway? 2) Who has a vast knowledge about random facts? 3) Who sleeps on which side of the bed? 4) How do they celebrate Valentine's day? 5) Do they like to go on double dates? 6) Who would be lovey dovey drunk? 7) What would their baby room look like? 8) Who can't stop laughing at their own jokes? 9) Who would stay up really late? 10) Who is the competitive one?

This is super cute. Thank you so much for sending these questions, I had loads of fun answering them!

1)      Who plans a romantic getaway?

I think this is definitely one of Kyungsoo’s favourite things to do. Rather than planning activities, I think he really enjoys taking Jongin to new restaurants when they are on break. Since they are both massive foodies, I think they would both really enjoy romantic holidays where they try lots of different cuisine from weird and wonderful places. Of course, Kyungsoo loves the smile that forms on Jongin’s face when he is enjoying his food so he will always try and outdo himself with each romantic trip they take.

2)      Who has a vast knowledge about random facts?

This 100% has to be Jongin! He is an avid reader (when he has time) and he values learning and education a lot. I genuinely think that he likes to absorb as much knowledge as he can even when he is busy so that often leads him to learning lots of random pieces of trivia. I also think he likes to share these random facts with Kyungsoo and while he didn’t really enjoy school much as a kid, I think Kyungsoo enjoys hearing random trivia from Jongin because he always looks so animated when he’s sharing it. Kyungsoo can’t help but be excited too and rather than remembering the facts that he’s told, he engraves the soft smile on Jongin’s face into his heart.

3)      Who sleeps on which side of the bed?

This is an amazing question. I personally think that it doesn’t matter because Jongin will be attracted to Kyungsoo in his sleep. Therefore, whichever side Kyungsoo chooses to sleep on, Jongin will naturally gravitate towards it, so to answer your question, I think they both sleep on the same side ;).

4)      How do they celebrate Valentine’s day?

I think kaisoo are big on creating their own traditions. So, I think on Valentine’s Day they like to do things that they used to do when they first started dating, e.g. getting coffee together, watching movies together in their dorm room (because of course they still share. No one will convince me otherwise) while cuddling under a blanket and most importantly exchanging gifts. Jongin would probably buy Kyungsoo a plant, knowing how his boyfriend (or husband) likes to nurture things. Kyungsoo in return would likely gift Jongin a book, maybe a mystery novel because he knows how much Jongin enjoys reading them.

5)      Do they like to go on double dates?

I don’t think so. Kaisoo are such private people and I’m sure they are the same when it comes to their relationship. They don’t seem like the type of couple that enjoys spending time with others when they finally have some alone time to spend together. Especially when you consider the fact that when they are together kaisoo have a habit of ignoring everyone else in the room. They are very much in their own kaisoo bubble and the rest of the world could fall apart around them but they would never know, as they won’t be able to take their eyes off each other. I can imagine that would be really annoying for the other couple on the double date because they wouldn’t get any decent conversation from them. Kaisoo would be too busy talking to each other and getting lost in their own world. For that reason I think that they don’t double date. Also, I feel like if they went on one double date, all of the other EXO members will be begging for kaisoo to double date with them and their significant others and I have no doubt that Kyungsoo wouldn’t allow that :p.

6)      Who would be lovey dovey drunk?

Kyungsoo. Jongin hates drinking because he sees it as poison for the body (I love my boy) so he is unlikely to get drunk. Even if he did, I can imagine that he would just get really quiet and withdraw socially. Kyungsoo on the other hand I think would be all over Jongin, displaying his aegyo for his boyfriend. Jongin has also described his boyfriend (or husband) as a koala and a maltese meaning that Kyungsoo is incredibly clingy. I can only imagine that he becomes ten times clingier when he is drunk, when he has lost all of his inhibitions and doesn’t feel the stress of having to hide his love from the public. I really hope that he is a loveable and cute drunk, full of aegyo and smiles directed at his one and only ^^.

7)      What would their baby room look like?

Yellow. I think they would paint it a neutral colour like that so that they don’t force gender stereotypes onto their child. Jongin would undoubtedly draw cute cartoon penguins all over the walls and Kyungsoo would scold him for vandalising. Jongin would just say that the drawings will soothe the baby because he/she will always feel like their Kyungsoo appa is watching over them. Kyungsoo would want to build the crib himself and would take pride in it once it was done. He would attach a mobile to the cot that has bears (that have a strong resemblance to his husband) on it so the baby knows that his Jongin appa is always watching over them.  

8)      Who can’t stop laughing at their own jokes?

This is definitely Jongin. I think he probably cracks himself up so much that Kyungsoo gets bored and leaves the room. Undoubtedly when he comes back, Jongin is still laughing and repeating it back to himself again and again. But his smile is so precious that Kyungsoo just can’t hate him for it.

9)      Who would stay up really late?

I think they both stay up late as they are both such busy people. Kyungsoo would be busy practicing his script for his new movie while Jongin is busy in the studio practicing the choreo for their latest album as well as some new things that he’s working on. They both have such a strong work ethic that I don’t think that spending hours grinding away with work really bothers them much, as long as they can sleep in each other’s arms for a few hours.

10) Who is the competitive one?

With each other? Or with other people? I think Jongin is quite competitive with his friends. He always strives to be the best at physical activities like bowling, dancing and singing. While I think Kyungsoo really own works to better himself. I don’t think he compare himself with his contemporaries, he simply strives to be the best version of himself possible. A trait which I have no doubt that Jongin loves about his boyfriend (husband).

This was so much fun and fluffy. I have so many domestic kaisoo feels. This was a fantastic outlet for that. Thank you so much for sending these lovely questions to me, sweet anon.

Types of YouTubers’ reaction to BTS

“You guys have been requesting for me to react to BTS so many times. Like yall are crazy. So finally, I’m going to watch their most recent video.”

*Watches the first part of the blood sweat and tears dance*

“Wait wait wait hold up. Was that a girl? This is a boy group, right? What the hell…oh my god it’s a guy. He looks like a girl!”

“I’ve seen a few YouTubers do this K-pop react kind of video so I’m going to jump on the bandwagon. I don’t really know what it’s about though.”

*Sees the boys dancing*

“What….how many people are there?! What the hell! Why are there so many? Let me count…1..2….3..4….5. Holy shit that’s gotta be like 10 members.”

“Hey, guys! I have a video requested by one of you on twitter! It’s called BTS - Fire. Interesting name. Let’s check it out”

*Everything is on fire*

“Uh, why is everything on fire! What the hell why is that guy on fire. The plane is on fire?! Now the bike is on fire? They must really like fire”

“What’s up viewers! Apologies for the late update. But, I’m back! And what better way to start then with some Kpop!”

*Halfway through spring day*

“What is going on…? Like I’m so confused. What? Why is he on a train? Why is he alone in the snow? Why is his hair pink? Oh god, I don’t understand! Why are they sitting on top of a mountain of clothes?!”

These are all based on my personal experience from watching countless reaction videos. Be aware that they are being exaggerated for comedic purposes. I do not mean to offened anyone!

Part 1 of the YouTubers’ reaction to BTS :)

My BTS Masterlist

Ford has a glasses cleaner cloth in her bag at all times

for #omgcpwomenweek day 3: women of colour & day 4: wlw/femslash

  • that does not mean she ever has clean glasses
  • it’s a mystery
    • (she pushes her glasses up with her hands by the nose piece and often that slips and she touches the lens but is doing something at the time so will “get it later”)
      • (she never does)
    • (mystery solved)
  • seeing the spots on Ford’s glasses annoys the ever-living hell out of Lardo
  • to the extent that she will take Ford’s glasses while Ford’s hands are busy and clean them with the cloth she’s taken to carrying around 
  • she pokes Ford in the eye the first time she does that and tries to put her glasses back on 
  • they don’t talk about it 
  • but every time Lardo cleans Ford’s glasses she shuts her eyes tight while Lardo slides them back on, always waiting till Lardo says it’s safe to open her eyes 
  • one time, Lardo puts Ford’s glasses back on, being extra careful not to get the arms caught in Ford’s hair, but she doesn’t give Ford the all clear right away
  • “Is it safe?” Ford asks, half joking but not sure enough to open her eyes and check for herself
  • “Not yet,” Lardo replies. Ford feels the reply in a puff of breath on her cheek and when did Lardo get close enough for—oh 
  • Lardo’s also close enough to press her lips to Ford’s 
  • Ford only opens her eyes so she can find Lardo’s face and pull her back for another kiss