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An important factor in this whole thing is Sam being the scape goat of it all. Since IFH where he talked most if I remember, it's been all Sam. He's been the one traveling and seen with certain people to paint a certain picture that distracts from his possible romance with Cait. Besides the bday pic Cait is as far removed as you or me. Pretty odd considering she's as equally part of the questionable costar relationship. Back to yesterday's interview--it was open ended wasn't it? (part1)

“have you ever had any nasty fan encounters?” Rik, Sophie, Tobias and Cait all stood waiting for Sam to answer. Cait even gave Sam a nudge on what to say so it’s clear she knew what the answer was going to be but it was still all up to Sam to answer. To me that is so unbelievably obvious to a set up it legit slaps you in the face. Maybe TPTB thinks Sam-Only female viewers will be happier hearing it from Sam rather than Cait? Idk but it’s obv having Sam deal w/ it all is their strategy.

I’d say it’s like 95% on Sam bc Cait is certainly not innocent in all of this. Besides the photo, she’s been complicit towards all the bullying aimed at shippers, much like Sam, and if you think the IFH was her idea (I don’t think I do) then she’s the one who made that video happen. it makes you wonder about him saying he’d do anything for Cait, doesn’t it? I can’t decide if that makes him romantic or what but it’s certainly not making him look too great in the eyes of his fans. And like you said, it probably does having something to do w the fact that Sam is the one they push as a single hunky guy - he’s supposed to be Jamie Fraser in real life too dUH - but instead all it’s doing is making him look like an utter jackass when he’s forced or whatever to throw his fans under the bus because they had the audacity to read into his body language/words/facial expressions with Caitriona. 

I agree it was a set up. I watched the interview again this morning and was shaking my head at how obvious it was. What I don’t understand is why the need to constantly throw shippers under the bus for being fans the way we choose to be fans. Who is it hurting? If Sam and Cait didn’t want shippers or didn’t want people thinking they were together, there are like 100 other ways that they a) could have denied the relationship without calling their fans crazy (see also Louis Tomlinson’s Larry denial, beautifully done), b) own the supposed significant others, claim them, at least pretend to be proud you’re “dating” these people and c) STOP ACTING LIKE LOVED UP NEWLYWEDS AT EVERY TURN. Shippers are not and have never been the ones to blame. It is entirely, in my opinion, on Sam and Cait’s behavior and actions, which is also why Cait is at fault here and not just Sam. Sam just happens to be the one who gets stuck saying stupid shit (and he can barely even say it gracefully or with any tact or make it at all believable) which makes fans rage at him. Sucks to be him, I guess. 

Moral of the story is: when you act like Sam and Cait act around each other, there are going to be shippers. there are going to be questions about the nature of the relationship. calling such people delusional and crazy is not only offensive but makes you look worse than the people you’re offending. 

I went off on a tangent sry about that :)