so this is just funny speculation

So I’m sure that a fair number of people have seen the above post (sorry I don’t know who the op is but credit goes to them. I got his off of pinterest orz), and it got me thinking and overanalyzing, right? And so I keep asking “Where in the hell were the Gems getting the money to pay for the house before Greg became a millionaire?” And so then I start remembering stuff and so here’s my theory, and it gets more profound than just where the Gems are getting money. The Crystal Gems are the freaking Founding Mothers of America.

So for one, Rose Quartz has a giant penny in her armory. I’m still not entirely sure what to make of it, as when I googled “Giant penny”, most of what came up were pannels of a Batman comic where one was used as…a restraining device? Decoration? I’m not sure? Anyways, that’s most all that came up adisdes form a massive work of art that was one giant penny made up of thousands of smaller pennies. My inital thought is, however, that it was bestowed upon Rose Quartz as an honor. (Unliss she just uses it to roll over enemies in battle, which is actually what came to mind the first time I saw the episode lol.) 

But far, far more importantly, we have seen Pearl on coins in the show. Legal tender type coins. 

Pretty famous image, if  I’m not mistaken. (I also could have sworn up and down that I saw a screenshot one time that had a coin in it that had Opal on it, but maybe it was fake. I can’t find it anymore.) 

Now people don’t ge tput on coins unless they heavily influenced American history. (granted I’m hella salty that Andrew Jackson is on our money and Marquis de Llafayette is not, but ya know, whatever.) On top of that, the visage of a gem takes the place of our Illuminati (or whatever it is) pyramid and eye on our own American Dollars in the world of Steven Universe.

Gems were clearly influential somehow. To America specifically, as they see fit to place them on the legal tender.

Now, back moreso onto how the Gems get money, in “Rising Tides, Crashing Skies”, Mayor Dewey freaks out at the word “cover” when talking to Raynaldo, shouting “Cover up? What cover up!? SECURITY!!” I thought this was just a gag at conspiracy humor at first, because it just added to Raynaldo’s whole conspiracy reality and it was funny. But thinking about it now, seems like it’s far from just a gag. 

(also sorry the subs are in Spanish, lol. They just happened to be the most convenient videos I found.)

So this bit’s just speculation for the most part, but like, what if the American Government is supplying the Crystal Gems with money because they basically owe it to them. I mean, the spent over two hundred years since the country was founded likely without asking for anything in return, then here they are suddenly needing to build a house and pay light and water bills and groceries and APPARENTLY give their new son a smartphone. And it’s no tlike they can exactly turn down the 6,000+ year old women and the 5,000+ year old girl who was born inside your borders that also happened to liberate your entire nation from its oppressive colonizers from far away. Sounds like something right up the Crystal Gem’s alley imo.

What if what Dewey was trying to cover  up was the fact that Beach City’s taxpayer dollars were going to housing a trio of jobless women raising a son that they can’t afford on their own because they don’t even need to eat and therefore don’t even need jobs?

Idk it’s a fun thought. And it explains a lot. If nothing else just spread the word that the Crystal Gems are the Founding Mothers of America ok because this calls for its own musical

I’ve seen a lot of posts on my dash lately that are by fanfic authors, or reblogged by fanfic authors, speaking out about readers’ hesitation to leave comments. It is one of the primary struggles of being a fanficcer: you have no idea how your story is being received if readers don’t communicate with you. It doesn’t matter how many kudos, views or bookmarks you get–at the end of the day, the whole process becomes to feel hollow. Like you’re not worthy of anyone’s time. Like your writing doesn’t have merit. Or isn’t valid.

And it makes me really sad. People write fanfiction for a variety of reasons–maybe it’s to hone their writing skills in hopes one day that they can write a novel, maybe it’s a stress reliever, maybe it’s to have fun playing in a fandom they love. There is so much joy to be had in fanfiction, and it’s really tragic to see that joy be quashed.

But I also see the other side. Commenting is hard–a lot harder than fanficcers give credit. I’ve seen a lot of posts that argue “it only takes 2 seconds of your time to comment”. And while there is truth to that statement, it only comes after a lot of practice. 

Providing any kind of feedback is nerve-wracking. When it comes to fandom, fans are used to spitballing their praises and criticisms into a void; there’s a million in one chance that they will ever actually interact, one-on-one, with the creator of something they love dearly. But with fanfiction, you have the creator on the receiving end. They will see your comments. They will be affected by it. And that is kind of scary. 

A lot of readers genuinely don’t know what to say. They might not know how to approach the author of a story they genuinely love and tell them just how much they loved it. They need time to process what they’re feeling, and by the time they’ve processed it, they’ve already clicked away from the story. That’s not their fault, that’s unfortunately how an online platform functions. It’s easier to like than to comment. It’s easier to leave kudos than to comment.

But fanfiction isn’t a one-way street where the writer creates something and the reader consumes it. It’s part of fandom, and therefore it’s part of a greater conversation. Fanfiction has something that not a lot of professional writing spaces have: the ability to directly communicate with the people who are reading, and reacting to, the story. And comments are the heart and soul of that.

If you are a reader, here are some things you can try:

  • Open another tab to the story you’re reading and scroll down to the comment box. Use it to take notes as you’re reading, so you don’t have to summarize everything once you get to the end.
  • Copy and paste a line of a fic that really gave you a huge reaction, and then write down what your reaction was (i.e. “OMG that was so funny!”, “Ahhh, noooo, I can’t believe that’s happening!”)
  • Keep track of parts that made you laugh or smile and point them out.
  • Talk about the characters and why you love them.
  • If it’s a multi-chaptered fic, speculate about where the story may be headed.
  • Don’t worry about making your comment perfect. A comment that boils down to “OMG I LOVE IT” is just as valid as a three paragraph rumination about the story as a whole.

If you’re a fanfic writer, here are some things you can try:

  • Support other writers. Read and comment on their work as much as you can.  If you want people to read your stories, you should do your fandom the courtesy of reading their stories.
  • Engage with other writers. Writing communities–both online and off–are difficult to build, but they can provide the support you need to feel good about your writing. So open the conversation. Find other writers in your fandom. If you can create a small group of fellow writers who are happy to read anything you write (and you return the favour), then you are much more likely to feel supported as a writer because you have a community that has your back.
  • Engage with your readers. Commenting isn’t as easy as it looks and, as I mentioned before, fanfiction is a two-way street. If someone leaves you a comment, you should thank them for their time and thoughtfulness.
Canon Klance foreshadowed by Allura/Lance?

ok this post is more speculation than meta, so keep that in mind, BUT it’s very possible that we’ve just gotten klance foreshadowing in s4.

from Jeremy Shada’s interview for Den of Geek:

What was it acting/watching “The Voltron Show!” where the Voltron characters perform in stages shows?

[J]: That’s one of my favorite episodes. It’s so funny especially in a season or two where there’s a lot of very serious theme stuff happening. It’s great to have an episode like that to add a lot of levity and breather time. It was so much fun seeing me and the other cast trying to act badly for certain lines.

It’s also a totally meta episode because we’re just poking fun at ourselves. Poking fun at the character archetypes of each person. Like “Loverboy Lance”, Keith is emo, Pidge is smart, Hunk is kind of dopey and hilarious, and Shiro is the hero. It’s also great getting to see people playing those comic lines; even people that don’t usually get to do those.

okay, so he said it’s totally a meta episode, how is that any evidence for klance?

uhhh, i don’t know, maybe the fact that Allura literally played Keith the entire episode?

now, look, i’m not trying to downplay the Allura/Lance dynamic; it’s abundant that he still very much has a crush on her. even Jeremy acknowledged this in that same interview:

When you’re with someone for that amount of time and you’re in these crazy intense situations I think he sees her strength and leadership and he definitely completely respects her for that. It’s great just seeing them bond as these great friends. He still definitely has a crush on her but I think you see that respect for her has grown over time.

but he literally acknowledged Lance’s crush on Allura and their progression into friends in the same sentence. keep in mind that this isn’t new information - we’ve already seen Lance and Allura grow into a stage of mutual respect, especially in s3 and s4:


seeing this alongside Jeremy outright stating that episode was a meta episode, meaning it was meant to hold subtextual meaning, makes me pretty certain of a few things:

1) Lance has a crush on Allura at this point in the series, but it won’t stay this way. we know this from their interactions in s3 and s4, and we can expect their relationship to grow into a friendship, both from the canon material and from conclusions drawn from Jeremy’s interview.

2) Lance will fall in love with Keith. as The Voltron Show was a meta episode, the subtextual layer is crucial to the understanding of it. yes, Lance has a crush on Allura right now, but his crush is turning into a friendship. we know Lance is going to get a love interest eventually, though, so who might it be? Oh, i don’t know, maybe the person that his canon crush is playing on this episode that is supposed to hold a deeper meaning, Keith.

I’m just saying, it might not be that much of a reach after all to take all this from the Voltron Show episode. It might have been a lighthearted “filler” episode, but it might have also heavily foreshadowed Lance’s future love interest and future canon klance.

Do y’all really think Janet Jackson is a gold digger?

If you pay any sort of attention to pop culture (especially Black pop culture) you’ve probably already heard the big news that Janet Jackson is divorcing her third husband.  Most people between the ages of 35 and 60 (and those of us who had older siblings) have at least some passing relationship with the Jacksons, so a Janet Jackson divorce just after having a baby is kind of a big deal as far as celebrity news goes.  And how do most of us handle celebrity news?  We speculate and make jokes!  It looks like the most popular opinion is that Janet waited five years for the divorce so she could cash out.

I made a joke about it too because I thought it was funny, but that was before I realized that was the going opinion out here on the Internet.

Y'all.  Janet Jackson is worth almost $200 million by herself.  She doesn’t need any more money.  As for receiving $500 million in a divorce – why would Wissam do that to his fortune?  A prenup is there to protect your assets, not give half of them away.  I can’t see these filthy rich people with all the legal advice in the world going into an arrangement where she would get half of his fortune after just five years of marriage.

I think it’s far more likely that they were just incompatible and she stuck it out long enough to have a baby.  Imagine you’re Janet and you’ve always wanted a child.  You’re getting close to 50-years-old and time is definitely running out on having a healthy baby, and now you have this guy with a lot of great qualities.  He’s handsome, he’s driven, he’s funny, he’s intelligent, (I don’t know this man, I’m just making up things you might see as a positive in the father of your child) and you love him.  You don’t really want to convert to Islam, but you’re not all that tied to being  Jehovah’s Witness anymore (I don’t know what Janet is at this point, but that’s how she grew up) and it seems like a minor trade-off for this guy you love.  And then it’s gets old.  You don’t want to cover up all the time.  You’re Janet Jackson!  One of the biggest sex symbols of all time and you had to go on tour fully covered from neck to ankle.  

I think Janet had her baby, tried one more time to work it out with Wissam and make the marriage work, and then her issues with him were magnified because she now has a son to think about.  Nobody worth $200 million plans a divorce a year in advance (which is what would’ve had to have happened with the timing of her pregnancy) just for a bigger settlement.  Janet always seemed to me like she desperately wanted the perfect husband and perfect child to have the perfect family life, so I just feel sad for her going into her third divorce.  

Lams trip to the future
  • Laurens: Listen to this article I'm reading! Hamilton liked Laurens so much that historians speculate if they were lovers.
  • Hamilton: Well when we get back we'll have to change that, it's just not proper. Speculate??? Really.
  • Laurens: Well what would you rather it said? Hamilton liked Laurens so much that Historians know them to be hard core lovers, who love each other and write essays together and sleep together and eat together and are just all around super hardcore. Did I mention they're lovers?
  • Hamilton: That sounds about right.
A Sudden Change (Chen)

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Request: Hiya! I’d like to put in a request for a Jongdae scenario? (Because our boy deserves all the love) were Y/n is a host on Knowing Brothers and is known for being cheeky and loud and hyper. She and Jongdae have been dating for quite a while and only those in SM knows. So when EXO comes she’s suddenly really quiet and shy…. Thank u very much xxx

Of course coming on the show was always a fun part of your week. The precious maknae and only female member of the cast of Knowing Brother. You were known for just being a bit of a frisky and funny person. You had hit on many of the male idols that have come onto the show. Well many people who watch the show speculated that when it stopped 50 or so episodes in you were in a relationship. But you still threw your compliments out here and there and were still very forward. Today you weren’t so much though. You were in your normal spot behind Janghoon when the door slid open. 

Your facial expression instantly changed as you saw that it was EXO, you were in the middle of a sentence and they were all looking at you while it happened and they found it rather enjoyable. To many it might seem like you were star stuck but honestly you were very shy to act out infront of a certain member who had captured your heart. Kim Jongdae. SM and people within the company knew you were in a relationship but passed that no one was aware you and Jongdae were a thing.

“What happened there?” Kyunghoon asked. “Just been awhile since that I’ve been attracted to the guests” you inform “also been a long time since the room has had handsome faces” you continued as EXO bursted out in laughter. “You just don’t like older men” Heechul says sending a smirk. Jongdae was 25 while you were 26 nothing big “we both know that’s a lie. My last boyfriend was 38” you say as he laughed. “You have a current boyfriend then?” Janghoon asker as you had gotten yourself in a corner. “EXO is here” you say standing up changing the topic before sitting down and changing your seat so you were hidden behind Janghoon instead of the empty seat beside you.

You laughed and smiled at the comments made by everyone but your mouth had been closed the whole time. Jongin had taken a seat beside you instead of Jongdae as you guys were attempting to be professional. “I though you and Chen would sit beside each other” Heechul says “they’re each others favorite members of each group” he continued as he saw the look you had. “Chen is your favorite member of EXO?” Hodong asked as you nodded. “I really appreciate his-” you cut yourself off once you and Jongdae made eye contact, the room filled with laughter “I’ve never seen her like this” Soogeun comments as you turned away.

“Chen’s high notes are insane and I truly appreciate them” you say as it was the only way the words were coming out at this point. Your face was on fire as everyone was laughing at you. Jongin’s hands clapped on your back as you turned back around. “If you had to date a remember of EXO who would it be?” Heechul asked “where’s the hammer” you comment as you get up. You looked around every member. You were trying to pick if you were to be serious or not. The boys knew who you wanted to pick and even Heechul but you didn’t want to be teased too heavily. “I would date Chen” you spike seriously. “I know the member of EXO well, they took care of me at one point before I debuted and Chen and I had developed a good friendship ever since” you tell. “You’re producing so much heat right now” Jongin comments as he ruined the moment. Your hands soon made contact with his chest and shoulders as you were once more being laughed at.


By the end you were happy that your team had won the obstacle course. “Why were you so shy?” Sangmin asked once the filming ended “she didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of Chen” Heechul spoke as it was obvious. “They’re dating” he then whispered among the three of you. “What?” Sangmin yells as you groan.

You had left and gotten out of the school uniform. When you opened the door you nearly had a heart attack when Jongdae was there. He let out a laugh as he and you shared a smile and his arms wrapped around you. He held you close before pulling back. “You were so cute today” he cooed as he cupped your face and squeezed it. He leaned in and gave you a loving kiss “I want to go public soon” he told you as you nodded “I just want to hold your hand in public and take you on dates” he continued as you pulled out your phone. You pulled your camera up as you leaned in and pressed a kiss onto his lips as it snapped a picture. “That’s for personal” you comment as you two sent each other smiles. He didn’t realize you took a picture of it until it showed up on your SNS later with a cute little ‘😏’ on it. It didn’t say much but said enough at the same time which was good enough for him.

We have to go!

Hello!  So this isn’t speculative or anything but just a funny sweet little drabble that takes place after the events of Season 5.  It’s slightly NSFW.

Felicity lays in the bed relaxed, feeling the mild aftershocks from the vibrations that rocked her body cocoon her in a warm laziness.  She keeps her eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of all her nerve endings firing.  Dimly aware of the hands gripping her waist, the scratchy beard currently making its way from her center where it had recently been feasting.  Lips placing small kisses on her stomach then inching slowly up her torso.  She peeks an eye open and sees the sheets still draped around Oliver’s head, shoulder and chest obscuring him from view.  Felicity sighs happily, one hand still tangled in the hair on his head, the other arm loosely draping a shoulder.  

“Not a bad way to start the morning,” she murmurs.  He doesn’t reply, too busy kissing her breast, pulling the nipple into his mouth before licking it lightly.  In response, she arches her back slightly and he slides his arm in the gap holding her to him.  She lets her head hang loosely back, her mouth parting slightly, breath quickening, feeling small bubbles of excitement starting to re-form.

He presses an arm down into the mattress, pulling himself up and out of the sheets, so that he can lean down and kiss her on the mouth, sliding his tongue into hers, nipping at her lip gently.

“MmmHmm” Oliver rumbles against her mouth.  He pulls away and she opens her eyes to see him looking down at her smiling.

Felicity blushes, for some reason, the intensity of his blue eyes focused on her makes her suddenly self-conscious, “What?” she says.

“I love the way you look right now.”

“Why, because I look like a woman who’s been well satisfied?” Felicity teases.

Oliver laughs, “a little.” Then he shakes his head, his eyes softening, “because it’s just for me.  When we’re alone, I’m the only one who gets to see you like this.”

Oliver leans down, kisses Felicity again.  Felicity wraps her arms around him, pulling him down on top of her, luxuriating in the feel of his muscular form pressed against her softer form.  

She turns her head to the side as Oliver trails kisses down her jaw line to the nape of her neck. She stares at the alarm clock ‘7:45am.’ It takes a moment to register.  SHIT.  7:45 AM.

“Is that the time?” She asks, panic making her voice rise into a squeak.  Oliver doesn’t respond, merely grunting as he continues to suck at her neck intently.

Felicity slaps at his shoulders, scrambling to get out from under Oliver.  “Oh my god, why didn’t you tell me it was so late!”  Ignoring his murmured protestations, she bounces to the edge of the bed, evading Oliver’s arms as he tries to pull her back into the warmth of their nest of sheets.  “I’m serious. If we’re late again, he’s going to kill me!”  As she stands, Oliver flops face down into the sheets in defeat.  Felicity rolls her eyes, not that he can see her now.

She scurries around the room, gathering clothes, and Oliver props an arm on the bed and watches her, “You’re not going to be late.”  

“Easy for you to say,” Felicity retorts, “Mayor doesn’t have to be in the office until he wants Queen!”  Felicity disappears into the bathroom.

Felicity’s heels click down the stairs just as Oliver pours a cup of coffee into a metal tumbler screwing on the lid tightly.  She throws down her coat and purse, sticking a piece of toast in her mouth as she struggles with the clasp on her bracelet.  Oliver walks over taking over the clasp closing duties, then pulls the toast from her mouth and bites into it himself.  Felicity smiles at him, still harried and distracted, “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”  He pulls her towards him, kissing her on the lips, her fresh clean scent enveloping him.

“C’MON!  We’re going to be late…AGAIN!”  William stands between them impatiently looking at them in disgust.  He’s already dressed with his backpack slung around his shoulders.  

Felicity’s eyes widen as if to say, I told you he was going to be mad.

Oliver bites his lip struggling to keep a straight face, he turns to William asking, “Did you eat breakfast?”

“Yes, I ate breakfast.” William huffs picking up Felicity’s things and practically throwing them at her as he attempts to steer her to the door. She lets him.  “We’re going to be late.”  He repeats insistent and annoyed.

Oliver hands Felicity her coffee and pulls William into a quick hug, which he accepts for a moment before squirming out of the embrace to pull open the front door.

“Hey.”  Oliver says stopping them. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Felicity and William look back at him blankly and Oliver leans forward giving Felicity a kiss.  

William sighs loudly, “Are you kidding me!”

But, Oliver ignores him, smiling at Felicity, “You have a good day.” And then he leans down and presses his mouth against the small swell of Felicity’s stomach.  Oliver places a kiss on her belly, whispering, “and you too little one.”

Felicity smiles, shaking her head at Oliver.  “The baby is like the size of a banana.”  

Oliver straightens still smiling and leans in again to kiss her mouth, when William’s frustrated voice breaks through, “We have to go!”  Oliver and Felicity exchange an amused look and abort the kiss.

“Okay, Okay!” Felicity capitulates, “Let’s go.”  William charges through the door and before Felicity walks through, she murmurs, “Demanding and bossy, I wonder where he gets that from.”

Oliver squints at her, “Funny.”  But when she turns to look over her shoulder at him and grins, he smiles good-naturedly back.

BTS Reaction to Being Shipped With You


Seokjin would try to be serious about the situation, but would end up being a giggly mess because you were so cute and he really did like being shipped with you.  It all started at an award show where he and Hoseok were hosting part of it along with you and a member from your group.  Seokjin made it a point to be a pure gentleman to you and unbeknownst to him, you were flirting back.  Touching his bicep while laughing meant nothing, obviously.  When the segment was released, fans of yours and his picked up on the giggling and immediately began spreading the news around that you two would make the greatest couple.  Seokjin became very aware after he saw the tweets and tried to play it off cool, but also very quickly found his way to Namjoon and began telling him how great it was.

“Oh my god, Namjoon, do you think they like me?  Everyone is saying that it’s obvious we like each other!  Y/N is so cute, I hope they likes me!”


Yoongi would try not to think anything of it.  He didn’t want to get his hopes up, his courage up, eventually ask you out and be denied.  And yet, after fans began shipping the two of you based solely on your similarities, Yoongi was extremely and secretly excited.  He never said anything about it, too afraid that his crush would be revealed and you wouldn’t like him back.  That was, until he was on Weekly Idol and was show a clip of you blushing as your group mates teased you about the popular ship.  “So, Yoongi,” Doni spoke, “It seems Y/N is very fond of you, is there anything you would like to say to them?”  Yoongi was red in the face, but Jimin pushed him forward and so Yoongi had to speak.  Yoongi swallowed the lump in his throat.

“Ah, Y/N is very wonderful.  I enjoy their music and hope that we can get closer as time goes on.  Whether through music or … other things …”


You made it known from the very beginning that you were a fan of Hoseok,  More specifically, from debut, you would describe your ideal type very close to him and if asked if anyone fit your description, you would name Hoseok.  As time went on, Hoseok began getting more interested in you and watching your videos to see what you were like.  Already, fans of yours were shipping the two of you together and Hoseok was aware of that.  Soon enough, Hoseok liked you back, but never spoke up about the interest.  He was too nervous.  After some time, when BTS was at an award show, the two of you finally met in person.  You made it clear that you were amazed and Hoseok knew that he had to speak if he wanted the conversation to go anywhere.  And he was absolutely gonna act cooler than he really is.

“Hey, Y/N.  You look really beautiful tonight.  How about we exchange numbers, so we can talk more? 


Namjoon would not say much initially about being shipped with you especially because it would most likely come from a collaboration.  In fact, it happened when you were a featured artist on Namjoon’s title track of his newest mixtape.  With a music video and behind the scenes video, fans immediately saw how comfortable you were with each other.  Namjoon wouldn’t say anything about the ship, believing that it was all just typical fan speculation.  However, after a concert where you two performed together, Namjoon began thinking differently.  Always, he saw you as beautiful and funny, but when you two went out to eat afterwards, Namjoon’s opinions increased.  If he wanted, he would date you, but not make it his duty to entertain fans with the ship of comment on it at all.  It is his personal life after all. 

“Hey, Y/N I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you and was wondering if you want to date me?  You can say no.”  *smiles*


The reasoning behind your and Jimin’s ship was that fans believed he was always describing you anytime he was asked about his ideal type.  Fans from both groups believed he was describing you.  However, along with that, came fans who were very sure he wasn’t.  Although you pretended not to know about the possible crush Jimin might have on you, you were actually very aware and wishing the rumor was true.  Truth be, you sure did think Jimin was cute, and the rumor made you more and more interested in him.  Not only were your members shoving the idea of you to together down your throat, but you were also flirting with the idea.  While watching an interview with Jimin, you were baffled when the hosts began pressuring him to tell everybody if it was true that you like him.  Now, you definitely did not like that they were pressuring him, but you also wanted to know.  He blushed and said:

“Yeah, I do like them.  They are incredible.”


You and Taehyung were both in a drama together and because your characters were together romantically, obviously fans would start shipping you.  You two also would run lines together outside of work which warranted many people thinking that the two of you were already dating.  However, your relationship with Taehyung seemed purely platonic, even though you wanted more.  In fact, you flirted with Taehyung very obviously, but he never seemed to reciprocate the attempts.  The shipping still continued, though, and many people were incredibly sure that you would start dating, but you did not think Taehyung would ever.  On the last day of filming, you and Taehyung were off to the side, waiting for the main characters to finish up and watching attentively.  No talk on set.  However, actions speak louder than words and when Taehyung slowly grabbed your hand, you couldn’t help the gasp that came out.  He then whispered:

“How about we make those dating rumors true?”


During idol olympics, Jungkook and Jimin had been fooling around and jungkook ending up cutting up his knee.  He was bleeding slightly, but it wasn’t bad enough to need a paramedic.  It was his own fault anyways.  However, you were always prepared and such the parent that you were able to give jungkook a couple band-aids to stop the bleeding and cover the scratches.  When you handed him the band-aids, he was smiling so big and apparently both of you were blushing so hard that many fans began shipping the both of you.  At the end of the day, Jungkook and you exchanges numbers and began talking a lot through the next couple weeks.  In no way did you two publicly advance the ship, but people still found reason to think you two were more than friends.  Except you weren’t, until one night you got the text: 

Hey, do you wanna go out for dinner?  Like, as a date?

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So I go off tumblr for a couple days and come back to see all this sprousehart stuff and I'm so lost pls fill me in xx

Previously on LiliCole Sprousehart: We’ve been speculating whether Cole lives with Debby Ryan or not, and if thats why Lili is there all the time. Cole took her to Antelope Valley that she posted about wanting to go to just before he went there the last time for a photoshoot! She had a lovely dress on and they played Lana Del Ray and Weeknds new song Lust for life that has very Sprousehart friendly aesthetics and lyrics. Cole liked a funny Lili picture on Reddit. Lili posted a picture from a room with loads of polaroids and we all went crazy to see if there was a picture of Cole there. Lili went to a Marie Claire event last night with Mads and Cami and left early. 

Next week on LiliCole Sprousehart: Will Cole upload photos from Antelope Valley of Lili? Will they sneak away somewhere else? Will KJ continue his daddy antics with Lili? Is Lili moving in with Debby Ryan? ARE THEY GETTING MARRIED AT A LANA DEL REY CONCERT? And: is Cole going to PaleyFest? Tune in! 

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Would you give me some book recs for fantasy? But, y'know, with some casual gays sprinkled in there? 🙏🏳️‍🌈

Sure! And rather than try to split this up by fantasy subgenres or or any of that nonsense (because, really, what’s the point? Fantasy is a gorgeous sprawling category that encompasses everything from Lord of the Rings to Percy Jackson) I’m going to rank these by what’s really important: how gay they are.

a good level of background gaydiation:

  • The Broken Earth Series, N.K. Jemisin - This is, I will admit, a fantasy book that does not feel like a fantasy book right away, because the magic is understood by the characters as a science more than anything else. I don’t think the m-word is even mentioned until the second book, The Obelisk Gate. It doesn’t read like a standard fantasy book at all, more like apocalyptic sci-fi, but Jemisin’s writing is unusual and gorgeous and she’s telling an important story of oppression. The oppression is based on magic rather than race, with those who can perform orogeny (basially earthbending) being considered monsters and subject to government ownership, and Jemisin the pain that generations of that dehumanization can cause, and the repercussions that come when someone finally decides to do something about it. Plus, it’s a fantasy world where almost every important character is black or brown, written by a black woman. How often do you see that?
    • The Gay: The gay really is casually sprinkled here; it’s presented in a very matter of fact way and really isn’t the focus of the story. One character’s backstory involves being in a happy poly relationship with a gay man and a bi man, and among the supporting cast is a trans wlw. The society in The Broken Earth is, obviously, deeply flawed, but being queer or trans doesn’t seem to be much of an issue.
  • The Graceling series, Kristin Cashore - Graceling, it’s indirect prequel Fire, and it’s sequel Bitterblue are probably some of the best fantasy YA books in existence, at least through a feminist lens. Cashore starts with a simple conceit in the first book - in this kingdom, some children are born with two different colored eyes and the magical ability to be Really Fucking Good at something. Graceling’s main character, Katsa, is really good at killing people. It doesn’t sound that deep, but all three books end up being about young women learning to define themselves rather than being what their society expects them to be. I especially adore the way Cashore handles teenage sexuality; none of the girls are shamed for being sexually active or losing their virginity. 
    • Graceling: Katsa, who as I said is super good at killing people, runs away from her douchebag uncle who makes her kill people for him, falls in love with Po, aka the only male YA love interest who has ever mattered, and fights some evil. 
      • Gay Rating: 0/10, only implied with two supporting characters
    • Fire: Fire, who is what’s known as a Monster - her hair and eyes are unnaturally colored, people are hypnotically drawn to her whether she wants it or not - becomes involved in some bangin’ political intrigue and some epic slow burn romance. 
      • Gay Rating: 3/10, Fire is technically bisexual but this is brought up exactly once and then never mentioned again.
    • Bitterblue: Bitterblue, whose father was a hardcore evil dick and also a king, is struggling to rule her kingdom and help people move on from her father’s cruelty. More political intrigue! 
      • Gay rating: 7/10. Male love interest is bisexual, supporting characters include nice lesbian couple, those two guys that you thought were gay in Graceling are totally gay and so in love.

Harold, they’re lesbians:

  • Carry On, Rainbow Rowell - Excuse me if you’ve already read this but holy fucking shit I will never in my life pass up an opportunity to promote this book. It’s a cleverly meta Harry Potter parody, that actually incorporates a lot of tumblr-like speculation about what Hogwarts would look like if the kids actually acted like kids and insisted on incorporating modern technology and values into magic. It also constructs its own world, system of magic, and characters in a sufficiently interesting way that it doesn’t feel like a cheap ripoff at all, is funny and emotional, and also THOSE BOYS ARE SO GAY. 12/10 SOMEONE HOLD ME.
  • Huntress, Malinda Lo - If you’ve been on my blog a while you may remember I have some mixed feelings about this book, but I understand that just because it’s not my cup of tea doesn’t mean it’s not for everyone. Huntress has two girls Going On A Quest and begrudgingly learning to like each other and then REALLY liking each other, all set in a world that interestingly blends East Asian culture with fairy mythology. 9/10, they gay.

I haven’t read these yet but I want to:

  • Ash, Malinda Lo - Sitting on myself right now, described by multiple people as “Cinderella but bi”.
  • The Seafarer’s Kiss, Julia Ember - Mermaids! Loki! Magic! Girls falling in love!
  • Labyrinth Lost, Zoraida Córdova - Witches! Ghosts! A bisexual love triangle!
  • Poison Kiss, Ana Mardoll - Evil fairies! ESCAPING from evil fairies! Bisexuality and polyamory!

(this list is super light on mlm main characters, there are no trans mains, and there are no ace characters to be seen, so if anybody has any recommendations for fantasy involving those identities, please let me know!)

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What do you think of slowbeef theorizing that pewdiepie is just trying to "get out of a contract" rather than just pointing out the blatant anti semitism and back pedaling.

I don’t know the terms of Pewdpie’s contracts with Disney and YouTube, so it’s hard to speculate. I suppose it’s possible he may think he can create more value for himself as a free agent than tied to Disney and put behind a paywall on YouTube (one which no one I know pays for or even talks about), and so he’s sabotaging the partnership.

But based on his history I find it a lot more likely that Pewdiepie is just going back to his old ways. While the anti-semitic content is a recent development, his humor has always relied extensively on making crass remarks about people being grievously hurt. Once you think rape is funny, I suppose it’s not such a jump to think that genocide is funny, and I imagine neither subject is one Pewdiepie has ever had to seriously think about.

If you’ll recall the retsupurae video about Pewdiepie actually stirred up a real furor about the rape jokes to the point where he actually lost a sponsor. Do you remember the video he posted to make amends? It was one of the most insincere and condescending apologies I’ve ever seen. Felix’s need to be crass and offensive seemingly trumps his desire for money, so from the day he started associating with “respectable” media something like this was probably bound to happen.

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The last time any on here heard about H&L still being together was last year. This year nothing. And it’s almost 11 months old. A lot can happen in 11 months!

Okay, I’ve been ignoring all the anons about this subject, but here we go (it’s gonna be long).

You’re right, a lot of things can happen even in one day, but I think it’s naive basing our belief only on rumours or receipts, because anyone could say anything (unless this person is someone we really trust and know for sure knows something). It’s subjective, you know?

But I believe they’re still together for a lot of reasons, things that no one said, things that I can see. And I’m gonna mention only some of them:

  • The two weeks rule is still a thing
  • Sweet Creature is a thing (Have you read the lyrics, anon? Have you seen the way he sings it?)
  • Just Like You lyrics video and all the hints in it (George Michael’s story?)
  • They’re always MIA at the same time
  • They always pop up at the same time
  • Their family and friends are linked to each other, somehow (Gemma, Lottie, Lou, Antonio, their bands)
  • Their family and friends keep liking things about them (Waseem, Antonio, Clare liked some Louis’ pics from his The Observer photoshoot, for example, and Steve liked Harry’s post about his album, as well as Bebe kept talking about Harry)
  • Harry constantly mentions Still The One
  • The public separation and difference between them is pushed so hard
  • Their interaction on social media doesn’t exist, despite the fact they’re both under Sony
  • They’re both under Sony. Only the two of them
  • Their promo never happens at the same time
  • Louis had the proudest and fondest smile while talking about Harry acting in Dunkirk and saying the beautiful things Nolan said about him
  • They both interact with Larries (Harry, who doesn’t use twitter very often, followed two Larries today) and I don’t think they would do it if they had broken up. I mean, why encouraging them?
  • Louis took a day off promo for Harry’s birthday
  • Harry was in serious difficulty when they asked if Sweet Creature was about Louis and he said “I think the fun thing in music is you get to write a song and that’s all that you want to say on it and you don’t necessarily have to explain it much more than that. But I think if you really listen to the lyrics, I think you can work out whether it’s about that or not and I’d lean towards no”. Why should it be fun when people speculate about a song saying it’s about his ex? Why saying that we can get who the song is about if he said “And I’d lean towards no” then?  Why not saying just “No, that’s funny, but no”? Why being so uncofomrtable? And, again, have you read the lyrics, anon? Have you seen the way he sings it?
  • The way Harry looked at the footage of One Direction singing Little Things (a performance where the spouses serenaded to each other) when he was on the Quotidien
  • They’ve always been there when they needed each other during difficult times
  • The black and white pic on Louis’ instagram is clearly taken by Harry, look at the pics he took in 2014/2015
  • Louis wrote ‘Home’ for three times when a fan asked him to write something random for her

And a lot of other things I won’t say because, anon, I’m not here to convince you, if this is what you’re looking for. These things had happened until two days ago. They always happen.
As for me, I believe they’re still together, nothing has made me think they may have broken up.

I’m still here, larrying

Mr. Laufeyson's Ward

TITLE: Mr. Laufeyson’s Ward


AUTHOR: goddessofmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you are living in the late 1800’s and your parents pass away due to a tragic accident. Leaving you an orphan, you are sent to a miserable orphanage. Then, a mysterious and harsh man named Loki visits the orphanage and takes you on as his ward. He brings you to his crumbling mansion in the English countryside, where you face his cruel intentions, and eventually discover that you care for him much more than you’d like to admit.


NOTES: It’s been quite a long time since I updated, and I hope you’ll forgive me with this new chapter. As always, I love to hear your comments & thoughts. Thank you ♥︎

He had left a note addressed to the servants saying that he aimed to be back in a week or so. However, the master hadn’t stated the reason for his sudden departure, and I knew I was in no position to tell them of the actual motive of his journey.
In his note, Mr. Laufeyson additionally mentioned that he would manage to catch a ride on one of the public carriages from the village that was heading towards his destination, but I was wise enough to know that this was far from the truth.

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I feel the need to share the distinction between my Dark and the actual Darkiplier. I made my Darkiplier before A Date with Markiplier came out so I had a lot more freeform interpretation from the few silly appearances we had of Dark. But now we have a LOT more information on Dark and it’s clear he’s different from my own ideas of the character.

I love them both. They are quite an interesting breed of character that I’ll never stop exploring. As any of you who follow me know, I’m a huge fan of alternate universes. And in their own ways, they are alternate universes of eachother. So I’m going to keep to my Dark while maybe even drawing and speculating on Marks version of Dark. ;> just let me know if you had a specific one in mind from now on.

Kella is Real + The Truth Behind Abel & Bella’s Break Up:


While the thoughts/feelings/motivations of the ‘characters’ within this post are speculatory, all the facts (dates, rumours, and sequence of events) are things that truly happened and in the order they are depicted. 

I am inclined to believe the story I have uncovered and know it is based on fact, but it is speculation so you may take it as a fiction. If you have no sense of humour and/or don’t like conspiracy theories- why are you still reading this? I have no sympathy for your butt-hurt feelings.

This post is lengthy- at nearly 3k words. Enjoy.

A Little Backstory:

Kendall and Bella have been friends at least since 2013, Kendall stating in a podcast with Mario Testino in May 2017: “Bella and I were actually really good friends since high school, and hung out everyday in high school before either of us started working. It’s just funny because a lot of people don’t know that Bella and I have been friends for like five or six years.“ No one realizes how long they were friends, or how close they were/are, because they weren’t ready to come out with their love yet.

Regardless, Kendall’s dates would actually put their relationship at starting in 2011/2012. We certainly saw them hang out off and on in 2013 and 2014 but in 2015 they basically didn’t see each other at all except for the beginning of the year. And what happened at the beginning of 2015? What’s his face and Bella started publicly dating.

According to my own break down (linked in the faqs) Abel and Bella began their ‘relationship’ by at least December 2014 and slowly from then Kella began pulling back and then stopping almost completely after Abel and Bella were spotted together in Coachella.

2015 & the Peak of Abella:

Abel was cool with this at first because “hey, he got to come up with a hot model girlfriend” and that looks good for his image. But Bella is pretty fucking snazzy and he started developing a legitimate emotional attachment about a year in. I’m not saying there was never any true feelings between her and Abel- but it was always Kendall in the back of her mind and it was no secret that she came first for Bella. What they have (had) was for fun and for both of their images and rising careers- that were soon to blow up. Their feelings go back and forth through time, Abel’s seems to get stronger and more confusing while Bella isn’t sure if she can stand being separated from Kendall like this and she’s nervous she may be leading Abel on. Abel, however, thinks he’s helping her get over her dead end relationship with Kendall and can actually give her what she needs (lmao). He thinks there’s a chance and begins to fall for her.

That’s why KenGi rose so quickly at the end of 2014 and through all of 2015- Kendall and Bella would need a common thread to communicate through, Kendall more than anyone. She needed to know how Bella was and how their relationship was going, who better to get this from than her own sister? 

During this time, Kendall has on and off ‘flings’ with other guys (Harry, A$AP Rocky) that she never confirms or denies or seems interested in enough to be more than friends with- but it’s enough to get people to say she’s seeing somebody. This is to help cover up that she’s holding out for Bella, not so much for the media, but for Bella herself. Kendall can’t be there for Bella the way Abel says he can, and Bella isn’t sure she’s ready for that either. She thought Abel was sweet and “knew” that their relationship would never pan out. It was hard for them to keep their distance, though.

Bella upped her fashion show number in September 2015 because she missed Kendall and over the months they’d spent apart, she thought she had reached a good place with Abel- they were public, hand holding in candids, and she’d filmed a music video for him after all- they were steady. She thought she could handle being around Kendall again. This of course, was a big mistake and the begin of the downfall for Abella. Seeing her again brought everything back and since she’d thought Abel knew where he stood with her and was only in it for the image, she decided to have Kendall back again.

The Beginning to Middle of 2016:

Bella makes it clear that she’s still bound to Kendall by randomly going with her to Rome in the beginning of March, just a few weeks after Abel brings her to the Grammys with him. This is a show of his commitment to her, to try to say he’s serious, but Bella thinks it would be time in their relationship for this anyone. However, only a few days before the Grammys, a story breaks about how they’ve been supposedly talking about kids and marriage! While this was a made-up story, Bella felt that Abel planted it to try and start a conversation about being more serious and it freaks Bella out.

She goes to prove that she’s still very much in love with Kendall- both to Abel and to Kendall, who is worried Bella lies when she says her feelings for Abel aren’t real- and she is lying- because they were real, only fleeting. Abel reacts to this by setting himself up to be at the Met Gala and walking the carpet with Bella- he’s still trying to prove he’s better for her, that Kendall isn’t willing to take the risk of showing her off and he also doesn’t want to see Bella and Kendall alone at the Met together like he did the year before. His resentment for Kendall grows stronger after this.

Over the summer, Bella is busy non-stop in Europe and Abel takes advantage of the free time Kendall doesn’t have by being with Bella. He goes off to England to see her Dior Cruise show and spends the next week with her in both London and then in Paris- but it isn’t enough. Flash forward a bit to the beginning of August, Kylie’s birthday and the trip to the Bahamas where the two are next to each in almost every photo we got and in general living it the hell up together on their first legitimate vacation in forever. Abel of course is pissed, he’s started to develop actual feelings for Bella a year ago and had thought she was returning them, he’s in too deep for his own good and Bella is practically out of the water. He invites her to spend nearly every moment in August with him at his home in LA. Bella says in her GQ interview that she was practically living there for the month. He keeps it completely lowkey, trying to get her to spend all her time in LA with just him and away from the limelight, Kendall, and her family that he has started to suspect knows about them.

This month with him, of course, means nothing to Bella, because Kendall is the love of her life.

The LOVE Bracelet and “Abel” Necklace:

Moving forward to September 29th and the first sighting of the LOVE bracelet. Now, I didn’t notice this until I was looking through old posts but Bella actually starting wearing her Cartier bracelet before the trip to Japan. I had thought that he’d given it to her as a birthday gift and did it early while they were on vacation, but that doesn’t make any lick of sense for him to give it to her over a week before her birthday and a week before the vacation! But, guess who is in these September 29th candids- that’s right, Kendall! The first time we see the bracelet it’s while Kendall and her are out and about in New York. Kendall doesn’t go to Japan nor does she go to Bella’s birthday. This was an early birthday celebration for the two of them. They both skipped Paris fashion week to loiter around New York together after all- out of sight and out of mind of the real action across the seas, it was the perfect cover up and Kendall gifted her the bracelet as a show of her love.

Bella immediately feels bad about this bracelet, though. She knows  Abel is in love with her now- he joined her on the trip to Japan (her mother says she had a shoot then) to make up for the fact they never gone on a legitimate vacation like her and Kendall have. Even if he knows it’s not real he can’t help himself, but there’s nothing Bella can do anymore. She’s got her head on Kendall and Kendall alone so she’s not removing the bracelet, and she lies and says she bought it herself though Abel knows the painful truth. In an attempt to make up for it to Abel, she buys a necklace with his name on it, a token to him for their relationship, to wear along with the bracelet. This necklace doesn’t appear until after Japan, though, two weeks after getting the bracelet. The jeweler who made them posted photos of them after they were first made (before being sent to Bella) on- you guessed- September 29th, the same day we first see the bracelet.

Both the necklace and bracelet would only last a month though- Bella and Abel break up the first week of November- TWO DAYS AFTER KELLA GO TO A LAKERS GAME TOGETHER. One of the only few public outings we go to see of Abel and Bella was a Lakers game in April, which Bella made a point of saying that Abel pulled strings to get them courtside sets, and her she was - courtside at a Lakers game with Kendall just 6 months later. This was something special to him, one of the only “cliche dates” they ever went on was to see this basketball game. It feels like an absolute stab in the heart to him and this is what breaks him. 

He can’t handle it anymore- having to constantly feel like he has to prove himself to a girl who is clearly devoted to someone else. He always knew this, always tried to keep it in mind, but it;s too much to bare anymore and he can’t handle the thought of seeing Bella and Kendall together- in person- during VSFS so he calls it off and immediately alerts the press that they’ve broken up with one another. Unable to give the real reason, he settles on scheduling differences and tries to pretend he’s not heartbroken though he still loves Bella and knows that he’ll miss her.

Abel and Selena

Bella and Kendall were intent to continue to keep things on the down low- that’s why this whole mess started after all, was they wanted to be private. They don’t see each other after VSFS until New Years Eve- which they spend together in LA. This, for some reason, bothers the hell out of Abel, who spends NYE alone working. Last year he had Bella with him in Miami and then she went with him to Los Vegas, after, and now he gets no one at all. It’s the first time he sees them together on their own free-will and he snaps, he thought he’d be able to move on but seeing that they’d started off the year together strikes a nerve.

A bit less than two weeks later- we get him and Selena. He’s flaunty and extra for the cameras (just as he feels Bella and Kendall are) and makes sure he’s seen, he wants Bella to feel like he can move on just as quickly. He doesn’t need Bella, he doesn’t love her, he can move on quickly and find someone else, too (though technically Bella never had anything to move on from!).

There’s really not much Bella can do about the media driven drama of it all, Abel has a leg up on her and she doesn’t want to risk him exposing everything between her and Kendall. But if he can flaunt, then so can she.Kella is lit now more than ever. Bella goes and gets tattoos with Kendall and they go to non stop parties- including Yams Day where Abel has to see them in person once more. They fly out alone that night on a private jet with one another to spend a week in Paris of all places- walking every show together during Haute Couture fashion week. Towards the end of their week in Paris, Abel and Selena are seen leaving D&B- Selena wearing Abels necklace. For those who don’t know, the suspicions of Abel and Bella began in March 2015, when Abel posted a photo of Bella (without her face showing) wearing an “XO” chain on instagram! Bella returns to New York and two days later- Abel has decided to have a European-paparazzi stalked excursion of his own in Italy with Selena. This time it’s a true vacation that he never had with Bella, trying to prove once more that he has moved on (though clearly he hasn’t! Get yourself together Abel!)

During New York Fashion week, Kella are going party to party and walking more of the same shows, again, all without Gigi or really any of their other shared friends- it’s just the two of them for the most part being cute as hell. Mutual friend, Daniel, lets them use his apartment as a cover up since he lives in the same building as Gigi, no one would suspect a thing. Now they’re in London together again, flying out together and going to more parties and clubs with one another, Kendall is shooting Bella for something- a dream she has always had but wasn’t able to do with Abel leering over before.

Well, why chose Selena? His choice is to get back at Kendall and Gigi more than anyone. Kendall “stole his girl” and ruined his only chance at love while Gigi acted like one of their biggest supporters when she was lowkey helping Kella the whole time. Who better than the best friend of Taylor Swift?! To bother Kendall, it’s the best choice for the moment considering Taylor’s beef with Kim/Kanye and his own upcoming “beef” with Justin. It’s a slight annoyance to Kendall in his mind though she hardly even cares, let alone realizes, since it’s not her beef with Taylor and Selena isn’t actually Taylor, either. Part of it bothers her due to the “beef” it causes between Abel and Justin- and Kendall loves Justin- but it barely goes beyond an irritation. Gigi is slightly bothered by it since it seemingly puts her in a place between Taylor and her sister but in reality, Gigi and Selena were hardly friends either and unlike Abel, she knows how to act like an adult and not hype up unnecessary drama.

This revenge was only ever real in his head and he’s quickly realizing that this, hence the increase in candids- the ones of them on the yacht, taken on the 11th but planted to be released on Valentine’s day another desperate stab at Kendall, trying to mock her for the Hendall candids the year prior. Bella already had plans to spend the night with her secret lover but she responded to Abels stunting by posting on instagram that Kendall was her Valentine this year, showing off their candy rings and all!

Part of why Kella kept things on the low was out of respect for Abel, after this Bella decided “screw it” and things got hay-wire. Anwar is the first to unfollow because hes known about everything all along- he’s practically Bella’s best friend and he’s chill with Kendall, too, and has been spending more time with her lately than he ever did Abel. Anwar is also mad Abel is trying to ruin his sister’s happiness and encouraged Bella to not hold back on the Kendall loving. Yolanda and the rest of the friends/fam were more sympathetic, Abel was in love and it must hurt- but as Abel continues to go out of his way to make a fool out of Bella they begin to cut him out. Abel is pissed and unfollows everyone because “what the fuck- how do you pick Kendall over me?” He was great, wasn’t afraid to show her off now and then unlike Kendall- though he’s wrong about that because now that Bella has been stripped away from her for so long, Kendall is making up for lost time, as we’ve been seeing.

Moving Forward:

Predictions of the future, to round this post out. Can’t have a proper conspiracy without a hypothesis.

Kendall is no stranger to gay/bi rumours, something she’s never commented on or addressed despite them being so prevalent (to the point of annoyance, though I suppose I’m only contributing). With all the shit she already gets and her desperation to not be associated with her family, Kendall keeps her sexuality to herself, not wanting it exposed and played out on television (especially after having to watch Caitlyn’s transition, she feels the reaction to her not being straight would be too much for her to bare).

However, there has been word that Kris wants to talk about someone in the family being bi on the show. Prediction is obviously that Kendall is the bisexual of the family and by the end of the year we will see the true rise of Kella, though we’ll begin to get some less than subtle hints during Met Gala, another end-of-summer vacation, and over the top alone time with them in September during the next fashion month. 

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hey adrian! re the finale, i've seen some speculation that mac will confess his feelings and dennis will reject him which to me just seems cruel and not very funny so i suggest an alternative: macdennis kiss for blah blah blah plot reasons and afterwards mac's like "oh, i felt nothing. i guess i'm over you" and dennis is all "haha i also felt nothing" while internally he's just like "oh...fuck" and s13 is him (pining after) trying to manipulate mac into falling back in love with him.

honestly? that would be EQUALLY bonkers and just as good in my opinion!! i support this

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what's going on on twitter?:0

mostly just shane talking to a particular fan of dnp’s who made a video addressing the potential harms of his speculation about dnp’s relationship. he pretty much maintains that he was just trying to be funny and that he thought the ship was just a fanmade conspiracy that had no truth to it so he didn’t even consider the possibility of speculating about something that could be real. he then said he’d make YET ANOTHER video talking about it soon. i want to give him the benefit of the doubt  … i guess … that he didn’t even think about them possibly actually being together and feeling pressured by this discourse. his apology seemed somewhat sincere. but then, as is inevitable w situations like this, there was a whole slew of responses from his fans and even dnp fans talking about how he shouldn’t have to be apologizing, how the phandom is too sensitive, too extreme, too overprotective, easily triggered, etc. etc. and that if fans should be able to talk about dnp’s relationship and speculate about it then shane should be able to. my last response was about this argument, bc i feel it absolves shane of any and all responsibility that comes with having the platform that he has. 

i just hate that this is such a big thing now. there’s no way dnp won’t see this conversation even if they somehow didn’t see the original video where shane talks about them. even if shane wants to claim  he had no idea dnp’s relationship could be real, his actions are what triggered all of this discourse…. to the point that he needs to make another video talking about it. another video that he’s going to make money from. like all of this back and forth is just profit for him and whether or not that was his intent, he is getting money and attention off of talking about two of his “friends’” private affairs and it’s all fucking bullshit and super gross imo 


In which Robbie Thompson speaks for all of us. (x)(x)

Say That Again? (Harrison Osterfield x Reader)

Request: @mimitossdr requested “Hii! Can I request an imagine with Harrison where the reader is from Bulgaria ( a country in Europe) and she is bilingual so he finds out and he thinks its hot/cute? You can google translate if you want.”

Warnings: None

Word Count: 730 (sorry if it’s shorter than you expected)

(Sorry if the Bulgarian isn’t perfect, I had to use Google translate and I don’t know how reliable it is)

You laughed alongside Tom as the interviewer pulled out the signature spidey sign with his hands.

You were doing an interview together to promote Spiderman: Homecoming as you played the lead female interest for Peter. You and Tom had become really close friends as you were constantly paired together to do interviews.

People had speculated that the two of you had been dating for some time now, but you just let the rumors go. Especially since you had harbored a little crush on his best friend, Harrison.

He was just so kind and funny, you found yourself falling for him in no time. And spending so much time with him off set, it wasn’t hard.

“So, Y/N,” The interviewer turned his attention to you. “I hear you’re originally from Bulgaria?”

You smiled, nodding. “Yeah, I am.”

“So did you grow up there?” He asked me.

“I spent a good part of my life there, yeah. I was born there and moved to the US when I was 12.” I informed him.

“Wow, so you’re fluent in Bulgarian then?” I nodded again.

Tom turned to look at you. “I didn’t know that.”

You laughed. “I didn’t think it was something I had to clarify, I did live there most of my life.”

Tom smiled. “Say something in Bulgarian.”

“Okay…” You thought for a moment then turned to the interviewer. “Обичам сакото, което носите.”

“And what does that mean?”

“I love the jacket you’re wearing.” You gestured to the Marvel themed suit jacket he was wearing and he laughed.

“Why thank you!” He exclaimed, brushing down the lapel of his jacket. “And unfortunately that’s all the time we have, so is there anything you guys wanna say to the fans out there?”

“Go watch the movie, it’s really good!” Tom said.

“И аз съм в него, така че си заслужава!” You added, in Bulgarian. (And I’m in it, so it’s worth it!)

Both Tom and the interviewer looked at you with confused faces and you just shrugged innocently with a smile.

“The Bulgarians watching this will understand, and that’s all that matters.” You grinned.

The interviewer laughed. “Alright. Well it was nice talking to you guys.” He said, standing up.

You and Tom stood also. “Thank you.” You guys shook hands and were led out of the room.

Harrison and Harry had gotten up from their spots off to the side and followed you guys out. The four of you headed out of the building, getting some fresh air before the next interview.

Harrison pulled you off to the side as soon as you got outside, allowing you two some privacy.

“Yes?” You said with a smile.

He smiled back. “So I’m trying to figure out why you never told me that you spoke Bulgarian.”

You crossed your arms. “Once again, I didn’t think it was something I had to say, I figured you guys knew.”

“Well, I didn’t. But you know,” He moved closer. “I’ve always found a girl who is bilingual to be pretty sexy.”

You bit your lip. “Oh yeah?”

“Mmhm,” His enticing blue eyes met yours. “I really like you, Y/N, and I have for a while now. The only difference is now I have the confidence to tell you.”

You grinned. “Аз наистина харесвам и теб.”

He chuckled. “Please tell me that means what I think it means.”

You laughed, placing your hands on either side of his face. His eyes watched you, challenging you until you gave in. You pressed your lips against his, feeling your eyes flutter closed. Harrison’s hands were around your waist, holding you to him.

You pulled away slightly, and rested your forehead against his. “I said, I really like you too.” You whispered, casting your eyes up at him.

He made like he was wiping sweat off his forehead. “Oh, thank goodness.”

“Finally!” You heard a voice call out and turned around to see Tom and Harry standing a few feet away from you two.

“Carry on, now. We don’t want to interrupt.” Tom placed a hand on his little brother’s shoulder, pulling him away from you, but you heard him speaking in a lower voice as they exited. “You owe me ten bucks.”