so this is how i'm spending my day

  • partner: I love you
  • me, thinking: I love you more than anything you're my whole world you've lived in both my heart and my thoughts ever since we first met and every day I think wow how lucky am I to love someone as wonderful and dazzling and amazing and beautiful as you you simply take my breath away whenever you walk into a room with me your presence is so comforting and I literally want to kiss you and hold your hand all the time and I'm so excited to spend forever with you
  • me: that's gay
  • someone: are you excited for this night out??
  • me: more nervous than excited
  • someone: are you excited for college??
  • me: more nervous than excited
  • someone: are you excited for anything??
  • me: more nervous than exci

I mean if Magnus is so in awe of Alec giving him a gift what else can Alec do that hasn’t happened to Magnus in a long time? Let’s say making a meal.

They had plans to go out one night but an emergency happens in Spain that leads to Magnus spending pretty much his whole day there and texts Alec that he’s too tired to go out, rain check?
When he eventually portals home after an exhausting day he smells something wonderful wafting through the loft and finds the table set up complete with candles and a small bouquet and Alec in the kitchen just finishing up making their plates.
Magnus just stands there in wonderment and Alec smiles when he sees him, gives him a hello kiss and tells Magnus to go freshen up.
Magnus doesn’t remember or even if anyone has ever made him a meal like this and after receiving that gift he’s falling even more for this Shadowhunter and wonders who he should thank to have this angel in his life.

Benjie and Luna knows how to spend this awful day. Snuggle close with a friend and stay safe.

Waking up to the news of the American election… I have no words. I’m so sorry. Stay safe.

Here in Sweden there’s a raging snow storm and both my partner and I are home from school/work. Basically all public transport is cancelled and we’re closed off until the storm passes.


It’s Valentine’s Day, I’m gonna spend my whole day wrapped in a blanket, but I’ll present you w when I looked good so that’s how you think I look today👍🏻

I’m so emotional. Today is the day we’ve been building to for years!!! Omg I’m a mess 🙃

They will become husbands! Robert and Aaron will get married. they are soulmates and today they will stand up and tell each other and all their family and friends that they want to spend the rest of their lives together! ❤️

If I even begin to think about how far they’ve come, how much this mean I think my heart will completely melt. ARRRRR!

Journal Entry #92

Iggy is still sulking even after we let him sleep in. How does one man sulk so hard for so long?

Or maybe he just sensed that Prompto’s picture was going to turn out so awful. Seriously, that lighting is impressively bad. Eh. Who wants to see Iggy’s face anyway?

I guess we’re spending a few days in Caem until Iggy gets over his strop. The downtime will be nice, the BEDS certainly are. At least I’ll get to spend some time with my sister and the cats. And maybe by the time we leave I’ll have convinced Sir Fluff to stop following me everywhere. It’s cute until you step on his tail for the HUNDREDTH FUCKING TIME and he yowls at you like he’s being murdered. I had to CARRY the little shit up the lighthouse!

i forget how to be excited for things. i spend so much time with fear bubbling up in my throat. all of the things i used to love either feel numb or like a well of anxiety. when i was seven i loved school, i loved new things, i loved meeting people. everything now is too loud and i’m so tired and i don’t know how to fake normal for more than a few hours at a time.

(Also shoutout to everyone who’s high-key tired of seeing love and couples and romance everywhere, but feel bad or guilty about openly expressing how much you dislike it bc you don’t wanna ruin everyone else’s vibe, I feel ya & we’re in this together ^^; )

I’m extremely proud of how this turned out! :D
I decided to try and draw a LIMBO background and I love the results, Limbo is like one of my favorite platform games and I would definitely recommend you to check it out if you haven’t. Hope you like it as much as I do! <3

Also Valentines is getting near, so I might make like a valentines card lol?!

Anyways have a nice day/evening.. oh and Happy Early Valentines Day people, spend it with your special someone… OK that was dumb…

Operation Serenity

I’ve proved two things to myself today.  1) I really have gone a bit mental and 2) Yep still not able to write a one-shot.

I know I said I’d do it and then @cinemastill upped the ante with a dare.  So here it is.  I give you AAU Vs. Keller - I’ll pop it under a read more just to save y’alls dash.

AAU Vs. Keller


“I can’t remember a night shift that’s been this quiet in ages,” Fletch moaned and massaged the back of his neck.

“Ai, FLETCH,” both Bernie and Serena turned on him.

“Hush,” Bernie commanded.

“You’ll jinx it,” Serena finished, “and Lord knows we could use a calm night.  I don’t know about you but Hallowe’en left me ragged and I for one am not looking forward to the Christmas rush.”

“Right, sorry,” Fletch raised his hands in front of him, “it’s just there are only so many times I can inventory the supplies before I go right bloody mental.”

“Be happy we have supplies Fletch,” Serena said drily as she looked back down at her charts.

Bernie wandered over to where he was standing.

“Hmm, that does look fascinating,” she smiled. “Good to know the NHS is keeping us hip deep in gauze, tweezers and………latex.” She quirked her eyebrow at Fletch as she fingered a pair of  disposable gloves.  

She grasped his arm and steered him away from Serena, “You know when I was with my unit, when everyone was going a bit bonkers during a lull there was this thing we’d do….”

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Lay off on the Longing

me: I have written a ficlet and satisfied yet another customer.
also me: you ruined a perfectly good prompt is what you did. Look at it, it’s got angst and insecure Dean!

based on this prompt

tags: fluff, longing, cuddling, domestic destiel, literal sleeping together, established relationship

Cuddles on the couch, with Castiel.
That was the total summary of how Dean Winchester chose to spend his first day off in weeks.

And now, here he is, hours later, still wrapped up with the angel. They’re in their bed, going to sleep, Cas curled towards him. Dean’s eyes flutter open the slightest bit and he watches his breath ruffle Cas’s hair as he exhales. Dean smiles and sighs, resisting the urge to bury his face closer to Cas’s head for fear of disturbing him.

“Nnnhh,” Cas grunts. Dean waits for more of a reaction, sure that Cas is awake even though his eyes are still closed. He looks really adorable like this; pre-frown wrinkle lines staining his features, as if he’s trying to think very hard but he’s too sleepy to do so. There’s some wiggling between them and Cas’s arm flops its way upwards until it’s patting or maybe weakly swatting at Dean’s face.

Dean laughs softly, “Is there something wrong with my face?”

Cas grunts again.

Dean shifts and whispers along the shell of Cas’s ear, “Use your words.” Castiel’s face twitches and so do the corners of Dean’s mouth. Cas’s fingers press down like they’re weakly trying to squeeze his face.

“Use your words or get your goddam fingers out of my eyeballs,” he whispers again. Dean is well aware of the playful tenderness that coats his voice.

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Prince of Lies Meets the Queen of the Waves

The Avengers take a day off to spend time at the beach. The day they pick just so happens to be the same day as a surf competition. The beach is teeming with people watching the top ten surfers duke it out on the waves. One surfer in particular caught the eyes of a certain raven haired Prince of Lies.

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I want to make a version of that meme where Kim is like “I’m like dropping hints that _____” and then I’ll put “I’m like dropping hints that I hate ****” and that’ll be the name of the creep who’s obnoxious and gross and creepy because I’m so bitter and angry that I had to spend the entire day dealing with them like bye get out of my life