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I’m so in love with Yuki Behr you can’t believe!

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Les Amis de l'ABC and their imaginary friend
  • Their name is Tutti.
  • They’re officially part of the group. When Les Amis meet someone new, they introduce them to Tutti and ask them to say hello and not despise them just because they’re invisible.
  • Les Amis usually judge their new acquaintance based on their reaction to Tutti: did they smile and pretend to shake Tutti’s hand or give them a kiss like they’d do with a visible person? Or did they dismiss them as a childish invention?
  • They all get very excited when they watch horror or fantasy films and things start moving by themselves. Tutti is a star!
  • At the Musain, les Amis usually put an extra chair next to their table for Tutti to sit down.
  • Tutti is the one to blame for everything: “No, I’m not eating too fast, Tutti’s stealing most of my food.” “Damn it, Tutti! Will you stop hiding my keys?”
  • Whether they’re dating someone or not, all les Amis state they’re sleeping with Tutti. Most of the time they’re happy to share Tutti, but sometimes they argue about who’s more important for their imaginary lover: “So Tutti is coming to my home tonight *wink wink*” “What? They told me they were coming to my home!” “Well, yeah, you know, they just like me better.” “No way! I’m telling them to visit me before they go to you.” “Guys, I don’t think they’re visiting either of you because I was with them last night and they’re still tired out”.
  • The conversations about Tutti are very confusing for people who don’t know they’re invisible.
  • Nobody knows how, but Tutti has a Facebook account and it’s regularly updated with photos of mannequins, silhouettes, ghosts…
  • And of course, les Amis never fail to wish them a happy birthday.

so many posts sayin ppl hate monhell cause k*ramel or cause we ship supercorp

Buddy. Buddy. Buddy.

Lemme tell you this.

I hate monhell. Cause he’s a piece of fucking garbage.

  • Me: *Passes out while watching Youtube videos on my phone*
  • Me: *Wakes up a few hours later, completely exhausted*
  • Goes to plug in my phone: *very very tired*
  • Uses the bathroom: *Is about to pass out again*
  • Climbs back up to the top bunk of my bunch bed: *Still dead tired*
  • Head hits the pillow: *WIDE AWAKE*

Costume and Makeup for the Theatre: The Best Class I Ever Took Because Look At My Face

i keep trying to memorize every detail of the moments i live in. in the soreness of my legs from standing so long at a concert, the chill of the night, the patterns of a tablecloth, the oily texture in my mouth after eating fried bananas. i keep trying to memorize the feelings, the quiet contentedness, the laughter, the excitement. i keep trying to memorize the people, their smiles, the way they speak, what makes them laugh. i’m constantly on the cusp of the next part of my life and that’s just so.. strange. but it makes it so much easier to find happiness no matter what’s happening to me, in a way? because i’m already kind of looking at life with those rose-colored glasses of nostalgia, simply because i know these are times i’ll never be able to live again, and these are people i might not always have, and that makes it so much easier to appreciate everything i might miss later. 

So I know like 90% of the fandom is against black paladin Keith and like for the most part, I’m kinda iffy about it myself. But hear me out. Black paladin Keith… whose right-hand man is Lance. Lance acts as an advisor of sorts, whom Keith trusts, no questions asked. If Shiro isn’t going to listen to Lance, Keith will. Keith already knows Lance is capable and takes the mission seriously (even though he seems to take little else seriously. That’s not to say he isn’t serious, just he copes differently). They have already experienced first hand that working together yields success. And already we can see that when it gets down the nitty gritty, they fall into a harmonious efficiency, despite the air of competitiveness between them. Keith is the drive and the passion and Lance, the patience and positivity. Together they make an unstoppable force. A good team, if you will. 


tv aesthetic → the office

I’m not superstitious, but… I am a little stitious.

Did you know? If you catch a falling maple leaf, you’ll fall in love with the person you’re walking with.


the most precious boy !!! 😭💘