so this is for all the people who followed in the past 4 5 months

So umm… yeah… this is a thing that just happened!!! OMG!!! I literally cannot believe that I’ve finally reached 1000 followers but it is real… and it took me only… oh about… 3 years, 7 months, 22 days to get here??? Honestly, even though it is a bit surreal for me, I cannot say ‘THANK YOU!!!’ enough to all of the people who have followed me, it’s been a very long journey over these past 3.5 years - I’ve changed my url about 4 times (5 if we’re getting technical about my very first url that lasted 3 days! :p) and to all of the people who have stuck around even after all the changes, you are awesome followers!!! to all of the new people who I’ve met in these last few weeks, this would not have been possible without ALL of you, so you are also awesome followers!!!! *happy dances* 

In honor of me reaching the 1k mark, I am going to do a Follow Forever pretty soon, but I also wanted to do something else as well, so be on the lookout for my next 2 posts!!! this is all for you!!! *hugs* ^____^