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intersection (fake movie): pairing requested by @queenofmahishmati

Saranya (Kajal) and Raghu (Rana) are two ambitious, strong-willed young people. Both have planned out a path for their lives: degree, job, profit, fame. But in the scramble to get the most out of their professional lives, their personal lives have fallen by the wayside. When their life paths cross, will their disagreements help them gain a new perspective on love and relationships? Or will the head-butting between them be too much and leave their lives in disarray? 

so i work in a commercial printing centre and this morning a customer was trying to argue with me about a specific way to print a booklet after me telling them several times it wasn’t going to be possible and they were like “i want the cover printed on card and the rest printed on paper why is it so difficult” and i said “i don’t think you understand how printers work” and in that moment all i could hear in my head was jake replying “i don’t think you understand how they work, yours burned down” and needless to say i did not take the rest of that conversation seriously


some loser: idealistic characters are so unrealistic!! there’s no way they can go through terrible things and not turn cynical - and if they do, that means they’re totally stupid and na–

me: kbye

it is now noon and i still have a fluid mechanics test tomorrow but my mood is at 💯 for some reason now and i just spent 30 minutes thinking abt how if i started learning russian now maybe by the time i get a job and can afford penguins tickets on the glass i’ll be fluent enough to yell to geno in russian when he takes his dumb penalties so that’s my current status update

anonymous asked:

Could you do a scenario to how shinsou asks his s/o to go out with him? And also how he meets her if you dont mind

Shinsou hadn’t been nervous for anything since he applied to UA, but you managed to break that dry spell. Fuck you. Fuck you with your goddamn face and your stupid fucking voice and the dumb way you’re just so touchy all the time. He had to make it stop.
“A note, Hitoshi? Really?” He thought to himself, slipping an envelope into your desk and hustling back to his own with a quickness. No one can know he put that there. Not even you, unless you like it. Speaking of, you and your friends just entered the room. Time to put his head down and act like he was sleeping.
“Holy shit. [Name], is that a love letter?” One of your friends chirped over your shoulder. No going back now.
“Looks like it!” The other one enthused. “Read it!”
Shinsou heard the rustling of paper, and then “Out loud! Read it out loud!”
“Give me a second, damn!” Ah, the stupid fucking voice speaks for the first time that day. Wonderful. “Okay stop hitting me, I’ll read it! Uh, okay. ‘[Name], not much brightens my day more than talking to you and hearing you laugh. It would be…’ something something, this handwriting isn’t that good,” goddammit, his hand got shaky halfway through, could you blame him? “‘…if you would let me be your boyfriend.’ Aw, nice.”
“This guy sure has a way with words, huh?” Friend #1 muttered sardonically. Fuck off Friend #1, it’s not for you.
“Shut up, this is awesome.” At least you thought so. “Anyway, ‘if you feel the same, meet me behind the north gym after school today.’”
Both of your friends gasped. “Are you gonna go?!”
“Alone, yes” you answered cooly, and it felt like Shinsou could finally stop holding his breath. You’d at least heard him out! That was farther than he thought he’d get! “Y’all can’t come.”
“Aw, what?!”

School ended five minutes ago, and Shinsou was waiting at the gym like he said, trying really hard not to panic and run away. That would be douchey.
“Yo, anyone back here? Or am I getting punked?” Ah, there you were. Oh no. There you were. “Oh, hey Shinsou. What’re you doing back here.”
Oh great. “Um.”
“Wait, are you the one who wrote that letter?”
“That would be me, yeah… Did you like it?” His face was red, he could feel it. He couldn’t look at you.
“Huh, I dunno. It might take me a little time to figure that out, you know.”
“Oh.” This was mortifying, why did he do this?
“Tell you what. You meet me in town center on Saturday, aaand I’ll tell you how I feel about it then.” You were smiling.
Smooth [Name], smooth. “That’s — yeah. Okay.”
“See you then, Shinsou!”
You turned heel and trotted off to wherever the hell you go after school, leaving Shinsou red-faced and in awe. “See you.”