so this is disastrous


the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters

I thought Conservatives, the GOP, and the likes were against marching and protesting because it was "ineffective" and "disastrous"

So why is the#MarchForLife happening D.C. Washington?

Awkward Discoveries

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: In which Bucky finds something that belongs to you, and uses it to propose an offer.

You were pissed and anxious.

Pissed and anxious enough to completely trash the training room in the Avengers facility, and a few of the undeserving labs innocently located on the same floor.

Sure, you were having a problem that induced heavy duress, but you supposed that you shouldn’t have made so much noise…or such a disastrous scene after all was thrown and done.

You had a long day, and even longer few weeks with the regrouping of the team. Everyone being back together was great, but it was difficult emotionally recovering from the rift the accords helped create. In fact, it was such a burden you decided to retrieve your dependable companion to take edge off.

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They’re thunder and lightning, the two of them
Coming one after the other
Even if they’re a bit apart
He roars, softly shaking the whole universe
Not seen, but refusing to go unnoticed
She electrocutes the sky and disperses into a million sparks
Like a firework created by God himself
Together they jump from balconies
Swing chandeliers
Hold the stars and cling to them
When he would forget what he sounds like
She would crackle and remind him
And when she would cry out and the whole sky burned
He would scream with her so that she was not alone
They made a perfect storm
Intense and sometimes disastrous
But so beautiful they could fill rooms they weren’t in
And when they laughed
I think the angels could hear them
—  Thunder and Lightning
how to survive a blizzard

so my pal brooke @onethousandroaches​ got into harvard today!!! and to celebrate i wrote her this lil ficlet. she asked for fluffy nurseydex in the kitchen. ~500 words, gen rating

The snow was already piling up as high as the Haus porch, and the forecast called for another foot and a half before the day was out.

“C’mon Dexmeister, we gotta eat something. Bitty’s staying in Providence for the weekend, and we’ve got all these groceries. You’re the only one who can cook. C’monnnnnn…”

“First of all Derek, cool it with the pet names, someone might hear. And second, literally anyone can cook. Just find a recipe and do what it says.”

“As far as the pet names, Bitty’s not here and Tango and Chowder won’t be back till late. No need to worry. As for cooking, do you really trust me to operate a stove, Dexybug?”

“……Fair point. I’ll see what I can do.”

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NCT 127 wanting to cuddle when they're feeling down 😔

Taeil: Even though at the start of the relationship he’s going to struggle with any sort of physical contact, as the bond between you two strengths, his insecurities will fade away. You two may have started off as strangers, but now you’re the person he shares all of his thoughts and feelings with.

So, after a less than perfect day, Taeil has no reservations about seeking you out for emotional support. He’s going to throw his arms around your waist and bury his face in the crook of your neck, refusing to let go until you’ve heard every last detail about his disastrous day. “Y/N, you’re so lucky you weren’t there. The guy is a complete asshole, do you know what he said to me while I was in the studio today? He told me that I apparently…”

He’s one of the quieter members, but on days like these he needs to vent, and that’s just what he’ll do for hours at a time. Clear your schedule because you’re spending the rest of the afternoon in bed listening to Taeil talk, and talk, and talk some more.

Taeyong: We all know how emotional he is, and it’s not that he tries to hide it from you, but he still isn’t comfortable enough to seek you out. Most people can’t grasp his emotional complexity. What some people might consider to be constructive criticism, can be one huge blow to his at times very fragile ego and self image. He wants your comfort, but he wonders if he’s earned it.

You’re going to have to be the one to recognize that something is wrong and force him to open up. At first he might push you away, making light of the situation, but at the end of the day there’s noway he’d ever say no to cuddling with you.

He won’t talk much, if at all, about the issue, but he will let you know how much you mean to him. “Y/N, I love you. You’re cute, and kind, and I could spend all night complimenting you.” Taeyong will cling to you the entire night because he is so extremely thankful that he has someone who cares so deeply about him in his life.

Yuta: He’s super straightforward about his thoughts and feelings, especially when it comes to your relationship. The one thing Yuta doesn’t do is hold back. If he’s feeling like crap, and he’s craving physical attention to make it better, he is going to let you know. “Babe, get your ass in the bedroom.” He shouts the minute he hears you walk through the front door.

“Seriously? Yuta, I just got back from the gym. I’m sweaty, and smelly, and I want to be alone. Later.” You refuse, dropping your bag on the floor as you head towards the bathroom, in desperate need of a shower.

If you won’t join him in the bedroom, for some much needed cuddles, then Yuta’s just going to have to join in the shower. It’ll start off super sweet and innocent. You’ll baby him and wash his hair while he tells you all about the shitty day he’s had, but the moment you’re about to turn off the water, he’s going to pounce on you, so he can let off all of his built up frustration.

Jaehyun: I don’t see him as much of a cuddler, but that’s only because once he gets his hands on you it’ll quickly escalate to something more. However, if he’s really going through a rough time, he might actually forget about sex for a few hours.

Like Yuta, Jaehyun is very direct with you about his needs in your relationship. He knows he can trust you with his emotions and he knows that you care enough to actually listen to what he has to say. If you’re laying in bed watching television, Jaehyun will come up behind you and pull you into his chest.

“I know you’re busy watching that soap opera you love so much, but you’re going to have to turn in off and focus the rest of your attention on me for tonight. I promise I’ll make it up you later.” The remainder of the night will be spent talking about whatever it is that’s got Jaehyun in a slump, with lots of cute, little kisses in between.

Winwin: He’s kind of like a giant baby that just wants to be nurtured and loved. Yes, he is a grown man who can take care of himself, but he’d much rather have you taking care of him. The second he walks through the door, he’s going to cement himself to your side.

“Babeeeee, the photographer was really mean to me during the photo shoot today.” That’s about all the detail he’s going to go into because it really is a silly reason to be upset, but sometimes we just can’t control our feelings. Once he starts feeling down, it isn’t something Winwin can just get over instantly.

You’ll spend a good half hour trying to bring up his mood, but you two still have to eat dinner and you have an assignment due the next day, so as much as you want to continue cuddling with Winwin on the sofa, you can’t. He’ll be whiny about it, but ultimately accept reality. That being said, he’ll hover over you all day until you finally go to bed, where the two of you can continue your cuddle session.

Mark: I have a feeling that there’s nothing Mark loves more than cuddling with the love of his life. Mark is shy, but he’s also open, and honest, and great with people. He’s a positive thinker, so if he’s feeling down something seriously terrible happened.

He’s going to ambush you out of nowhere with a giant bear hug and refuse to let go. Mark is going to give you all the details and then ask for your honest opinion on the matter. There’s no one’s decision that he trusts more than your’s because he knows that there’s no one else who cares as much about his wellbeing as you do.

After coming up with a solution, you’re both going to realize that you never want your little cuddle session to come to an end. You’ll spend the rest of the night snuggling on the couch, enjoying each other’s company.

Haechan: He literally lives off of your attention. When he’s had a bad day, you will definitely be the first person he’ll go to for support and cuddles. He never shuts up, unless he’s suffering through something, and then he completely shuts down. Haechan’s got pretty thick skin, so you know it’s really bad when he’s begging for cuddles.

Rather than talk about what a nightmare his day was, he’s going to have you sit with him on the sofa and play with his hair or rub his back. He wants to forget about what happened, so he’s going to ask you to fill in the silence with pretty much anything you want. “Y/N, tell me how shopping with the girls went yesterday.”

Normally he hates hearing people go on and on about their mundane lives, but nothing makes him him happier than hearing you talk, no matter what you have to say. Being near you and knowing that he has someone who loves him and who he loves is all he needs to overcome any hurdles that come his way.

if you’re feeling down just remember that pokemon sun and moon comes out in seven (7) days so there’s something to look forward to in this disastrous month

This was back in early July I think. Another venture wearing the always discreet pants / diaper. A bit leaky but not disastrously so. Loose skater style skirts are certainly much more subtle and I think It was around the time I’d started experimenting with the psyllium fibre supplements. It was a relatively soft, large and smelly poop on a hot day that I do remember was exceptionally relieving, complicated slightly by a leaky wee. The walk was relaxing and I remember just being alone in the forest, watching the sunlit branches and leaves sway gently in the breeze and just breathing, not thinking. I love summer in forests, the way the light is occasionally let through to dazzle you between the leaves as the branches dance under the bluest skies. The way bird song threading its way through the air is softened by the wind on the trees. I’d bought the skirt a while back and hadn’t worn it much although I do really like it. It did need a wash afterwards as the inner lining got slightly stained. If I get more adventurous again I’ll probably play it safe wearing something like this rather than obvious clothes like shorts or leggings; or at least have a skirt in my bag as back-up rather than a tie around top or cardi which can fall off. x

The 35 yr old R3ylos who are like “Rey is a mature young woman and a legal adult!! Anyone who says otherwise is a sexist pig!!!!!” freak me the fuck out lmfao. I’m only 22 - literally only 3 yrs older than Rey - but anyone under the age of 20 feels like a child to me. The fact that these fucks are in their 30s and advocating for a 29 yr old man to pursue a romantic relationship with her????? Like…. I can guarantee that when I’m 29, I’m only gonna feel MORE maternal towards her than I already do and a decent portion of y'all are literally moms and should know better so…. wyd

I intended this to be a painting with full Alfred and Anya……but the end result was so disastrous I decided to just upload mainly Anya’s part instead, which is why it might look kinda wonky because I redrew this about eight times…….

I apologize for my crappy Russian handwriting, it’s really rusty for one thing……

“You are a horrible liar, Mister Jones.”
“ Then why do you keep believing in me, Anya?”

Chamomile is the national flower of Russia, rose is the national flower of the USA. Also commonly known, red roses symbolize romantic love.  

BAP Reaction to: You Being Short

lol I get that a lot: “wow, you’re even shorter than me!” I’m waiting on the day to find me someone like that TvT but don’t worry, I’m not uncomfortable about it! thank you for checking tho! ;) that’s so thoughtful. I hope you enjoy this, anon, and all my shorties too :D

Yongguk: Always watching out for you, ensuring that you’re safe. “Jagi, don’t climb on the counters! If you need something then call for me, okay?”

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Himchan: Like Yongguk, he gets nervous when you climb up on things and worries for your safety. But finds your height so cute, always mentioning it when interviewers ask about his relationship. “S/He’s this much smaller than me so when we tried playing the pepero game, it was disastrous!”

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Daehyun: If you’re not insecure about your height, then this sunshine child will crack jokes galore. But if you are, then he’s very sensitive about the topic and only comments on how cute you are and how hugging you is fun because he feels big and strong.

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Youngjae: Teases you but only HE can tease you, ya know? If someone else tries it he’s like “What’s wrong with my jagi’s height? They’re the perfect size for me, fighting ~” and says other, equally cheesy things. It makes you cringe but also melt because he’s so attentive and aware of how you feel, without you even having to say anything.

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Jongup: ”Don’t worry, your boyfriend will help you,” he says dramatically as you struggle to reach a plate on the top shelf. Although he loves doing cute things like this, he’s just as quick to ask you weird q’s like “Is the atmosphere any different closer to the ground? Does the gravity feel heavier?”

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Zelo: As a tol, he likes to tease the smol. “Don’t worry, I’m used to being around short people. I outgrew my hyungs years ago.” The type to hold things above your head and only give it back if you can reach his lips. But is also so soft for you, loving how snugly you fit in his arms or how you need his help for reaching the top shelf.

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The Ballad of Madame Snappy-Snips (Modern AU)

And so it came to pass that after a month of dancing around the subject, two false starts, and three well-meaning but disastrous interruptions by his so-called “friends,” Dorian Pavus successfully went on a date with the Iron Bull.

The evening went swimmingly. There was wine, and food, and nothing blew up or caught on fire. He even made Bull laugh.

They proceeded, quite naturally, from the restaurant to Bull’s apartment. Dorian’s was not to be considered, as Dagna had finally gotten her shit together as well, and was seducing her ladylove.

All was going according to plan. They survived the taxi ride, the small talk, and the stairs. However, shortly after they entered the bedroom, Dorian found his amorous ambitions to be abruptly stifled.

“Bull,” he exclaimed, and pointed at the thing on the wall. It glowed aggressively back. “What the fucking fuck is that?”

The Iron Bull paused midway through his extremely important task of removing his shirt. Dorian was tragically unable to appreciate his endeavors to the appropriate extent.

“That’s Madame Snappy-Snips,” Bull told him. “I won her off Hawke in a wicked grace game. Isn’t she awesome?”

“No.” Dorian said. Madame Snappy-Snips’ maw gaped with mocking laughter. He turned around and left the room.

Bull followed him. “She’s just a lamp!” he protested. “We can turn off the light, if you want!”

“I’m not having sex where that thing can see me.” Dorian proclaimed. He wouldn’t. He couldn’t. He grabbed his coat.

“Wait!” Bull cried desperately. “We were just getting to the good part!”

“It’s her or me, Bull. As long that thing is in your bedroom, I shall never cross the threshold.”

Bull looked deeply conflicted. Dorian was incensed. Bull had an idea.

Madame Snappy-Snips was transported to the living room, and terrified Dorian when he got up to make coffee in the morning.