so this is basically me playing with photoshop

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Hey! I've seen you use a brush a few times in your streams that makes 'hollow' lines, what on earth is it? It looks so useful, It's been driving me crazy!

Sorry it took so long to get to this, Anon! 

Basically this all came about because I am LAZY and will find shortcuts for EVERYTHING if I can. Like detail work. 

HOLLOW LINES: For when you wanna look like you put effort into your details without actually putting the effort in:

So the way I get the “hollow” lines in Clip Studio/Manga Studio is with the “border effect” tool! (A similar effect can be used in Photoshop by using “outer glow” if you play with the settings!)

It’ll be found to the far right, just above “Layers” (or at least it is for me!)

That lil circle-sucker right there. 

You can change the thickness of the outline and even the color of it!

For this, my “edge color” is black. You can then just scribble whatever you want, color it however you want, etc etc.

I often use it for super quick detail work. LOTS OF SWIRLS! 

I hope that helps! 

EDIT (for you Photoshop people!): 

Thank you, @badaxefamily!

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How, how, how did you learn to draw the way you do? It's incredible, how beautiful your illustrations are. And do you have any tips for me, learning how to draw more realistically?

Thanks! It’s basically just practice, practice and more practice.

I always enjoyed drawing, but I became really obsessed with it in middle school when I was introduced to anime and manga (thanks, Sailor Moon!), and that interest quickly spiraled to other arty things. 

When I first discovered Photoshop there wasn’t a lot of tutorials out there and my family’s computer could barely run the program. Everything I made sucked, especially before I could get my hands on a tablet, but I didn’t care. It was fun, so I kept playing with it. It was also fascinating to me that some of my college instructors thought photoshop was evil and needed to die… . So I applied what I was learning in traditional media to what I was doing digitally. Fortunately, my instructors at the college I would eventually transfer to were a lot more open-minded. There was even a digital illustration class (*gasp*).

I still have a lot of room for improvement, and I try to do a little better with each piece. For the most part, I like to include something in each new work that I’m not particularly awesome at, that way I’m constantly learning something.

Some General Tips:
- Draw. A lot. Of whatever interests you.
- Draw from life as much as possible, especially the human figure.
- If you are just starting out, I recommend sticking to black and white until you get some basics down. Color is complex as hell, and working with it too soon can be distracting.
- Learn how to use reference the right way and how to make your own (and here is an article to get you started)

I have some very strong feelings about art school, that I won’t get into now, but I firmly believe it isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of resources out there (many of them for free, btw) that can help you just as much.

Some Resources:
YouTube. For everything.  Here is a playlist to get you started drawing the figure - An awesome figure drawing tool if you can’t find a model
MuddyColors - A TON of wonderful tutorials, advice, and general awesomeness by some incredibly knowledgeable people.
ImagineFX - More general awesomeness
Color and Light by James Gurney - When you want to start playing with color
And there are some more awesome things here.

I hope this was helpful. Good luck! <3

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Hello! I love your rotoscope gifs! Ive been interested in making one myself, but not 100% sure how :( did you use photoshop to make them? How did you achieve that penil-animation look? Thank you in advance :D

Hi! First of all, thank you!!

I use Clipstudio Paint Pro for everything when I draw and the gifs are no exceptions! (I use Photoshop to tweak the gif speed settings though)

Like everything else on Clipstudio Paint, the animation feature is pretty intuitive and easy to use, even though it’s only got pretty basic features 

Ehhh and also, I am by NO means an expert (tbh Idk what I’m actually doing when I’m rotoscoping???? It’s probably very wrong and inefficient??? I’ve never taken art-related classes or anything so I’m 99% sure what I’m doing is not right lmao) so I think I’m probably not the right person to ask this ;_; But what I do can be best summarised as

  • Rough out the entire thing to get a general idea of the animation i.e. create rough drafts of each frame (references are VERY useful here) 
  • And then refine them frame by frame; I find that it helps to sketch the next frame over the previous frame, to keep things consistent

(kinda like so? The blue is the previous frame)

(Sorry I don’t have the proper progress shots here - didn’t save them..) 

  • Once the current frame is done switch back and forth between the consecutive frames to check everything is consistent and flows smoothly (I just go back and forth and fix stuff until it looks right…. Like the creases in the clothing, the hair, the hands, etc.)
  • Play the entire timeline up to the current point to check if anything seems weird. Fix whatever I got to fix
  • Next frame!

So it’s draw-fix-repeat, basically…

Once I’m done with all the frames, I move over to Photoshop and tweak the frame speeds (cuz Clipstudio doesn’t let me change the speed of individual frames) - again, I just fiddle with the numbers until it looks right lol

And as for the pencil-like feel of the sketches, that probably comes from the brush I use, which is the brush called ラフ用ペン that I downloaded off Clipstudio Assets (but it’s been a while since I got it and I’m not sure if it’s still there… in fact I think this brush may have been a part of a package but I can’t remember which??? sorry ;_;)

I’m not sure why I edited this… then again the scene was exactly like this but the panels were changed so, is really not that different, lol.


These “new” hair colours are the result of me playing in Photoshop for a good hour or so. The basic idea was to simply overlay two existing hair textures to see if I could create some new colours, and this is what I came up with. At the moment, this was just a bit of fun for me, but I’m considering turning some of my favourite colours into actual downloads. I know Cinnamon and Cherry are very close, but I like the subtle difference. Do you have a favourite?

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oooo do you have any tips for working in photoshop then?? i'm trying to transition from sai to ps qvq it's been frustrating. and yeah practice is practice! plus i've heard warm ups help loosen up your wrist for the end product so? there's that? aha. thank you for answering!!

I used SAI exclusively throughout 2010-2013 but decided I should grasp photoshop for school reasons. so U H here we go:

♥ For line drawings, lines look a lot smoother when u work with larger canvases. My default size is 1800x1800 for all my square doodles LOL. I go larger for bigger things ofc.

♥ find a brush that works for you comfortably. Sometimes playing around with the Flow helps me…! besides the megapack brushes, I use the default basic brushes u get with photoshop. I suggest cleaning up your brush list and deleting any that you don’t really use. You can always add them later.

♥ In SAI you can flip the canvas with “H” but for photoshop u gotta make it a setting yourself. Which isn’t hard.

♥ Photoshop by default makes “ctrl+z” undo/redo but i changed it to “go backwards” because ctrl+alt+z or whatever the default is was too much work LOL

♥ The front button on a tablet pen (typically) brings up the brush settings which I use to quickly adjust brush size. (You can also use the bracket [ ] keys on ur keyboard but i never got used to that lol)

♥ hitting CTRL+U brings up the HSV sliders for the layer, which I use A LOT

♥ hitting “R” switches to the rotate tool and holy shit, if I dont use the shit out of it. hitting “B” goes back to your brush tool. “G” is for the gradient tool (which I always switch to the bucket tool)

♥ i use clipping masks a lot. SAI has that function so it shouldn’t be too different. learning to work with layer masks also comes in handy.

♥ CTRL+E for merging layers

♥ CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+E does a neat thing where it flattens everything visible but just makes it an extra layer and puts it at the top. 

These aren’t so much “tips” as they are personal habits haha. Whenever I use someone else’s photoshop I get confused bc the settings are always a little different. Everyone gets comfortable differently ahah :-J

god those heart bullets look obnoxious.. 8-)

the finished version of this is actually very different than this (in basically every way haha, it is fully colored and shaded and etc) AND it has seven other panels that go with it, but it’s taking me forever to complete all of them so i just played around with this and am throwing it here as a little dark sterek AU teaser for now…

keep your eyes peeled for the entire set. i’m hoping to finish it by tonight or tomorrow! i just finished all of the pencil linework for them and now i’m coloring them in photoshop, it’s just taking me forever


IMDB BLURB: Having relocated to a vivacious amusement resort in Coney Island, The Phantom of the Paris Opera House uses a pseudonym to invite renowned soprano Christine Daaé to perform. She and her husband Raoul have no idea what lies in store.

WARNINGS: Mutha fuckin’ SPACE EELS. Ben Lewis is an anaconda. There is a murder in the film but there is literally no blood. Attempted suicide. Love angles abound. 

RATING: My anaconda don’t want none unless you got a son, hon.

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: All reviews are done solely for humor and should not be taken seriously ever. If you cannot handle cursing, crude humor and probably some offensive things, pls do not read this.

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Tips & Tricks for using action batches to make rp icons!

This tutorial was originally written for a close friend of mine so it’s going to be kinda informal. Plus i tend to ramble to make sure i’m thorough so bare with me if things get a little long winded Literally this is the first tutorial i’ve ever written so be easy on me pls. Idk if this is actually going to be helpful to anyone else, but it makes my life a lot easier so I figured i’d share. anyways, ramblers lets get rambling! 

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Tutorial: Saving options for .GIF images

Recently in my ask box I have gotten many questions about what setting people should save their gifs on. So here is a tutorial that will show multiple saving options and how they make the gif quality look

1. Start off with your .gif already edited and you’re ready to save.

2. Click: File > Save for Web & Devices

A screen will pop up. This is the settings screen.

Saving with these settings below you’ll have a gif that looks like this:

Saving with these settings below you’ll have a gif that looks like this:

Saving with these settings below you’ll have a gif that looks like this:

So basically, it’s all about playing with your settings on photoshop. The more you mess around with the settings, the better results you could possibly get. I hope this tutorial helped!

Please LIKE this post if it helped you, if you have any questions just ask me in my ask box! You can also request tutorials in my ask box, maybe I will do them! :)

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HEY ZEI I HOPE YOU HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER!!1!!1! On that note I was wondering if you have any advice for not-even-a-beginner? Love your works btw, KEEP IT UP SUNSHINE! <3

Oh hello!! thank you so much, so very very much!! This much love is very, VERY appreciated. I hope you have one awesome time yourself on this wicked planet <3

To be honest, I don’t know what exactly I can say to a not-even-a-beginner. Maybe because in my belief no one is “not even a beginner”. Have you ever drawn lines in your life? I bet you did. Congratulations, you already have some experience points!

I bet you can draw shapes too. I mean, they teach this in elemetary school. Triangle, box, round, whatever. In a very, very practical way, once you can combine those, you create a new shape and that is your drawing!

So far you took two steps towards drawing/painting. The third step is inspecting. Inspect everything. And imagine.

Try to imagine: what shapes would you combine to create that thing? It can be simple, or really, REALLY complex. It’s up to your imagination. If you’re aiming for a flat, simple style, you can combine flat, simple things. For example, to simply draw a heart, basically you need to put two ovals and a triangle together, right? 

Then, here comes the detailing. Add more shapes to that. Merge them. Add more lines. Add S’s. Add another O maybe. It doesn’t need to be next to each other, it can be on top of each other. Add and smooth, connect them together.

I don’t know. I’m just being super random and quick here. I dunno if this actually makes sense.

Once details come in, things get more and more realistic.

If you’re going for a realistic, lively look, you should take those shapes as 3D as well. For a simple example, you can make a nose out of an assymetric pyramid. Take one, add holes, add rounds, maybe add a box for the bridge. I often do this especially when I’m coloring or shading. It’s like imagine-sculpting. Helps me see where the shades would be.

Keep adding. The more you add, the more it will be. There is a saying, an artwork is done only when the arsist says so. There were countless times that I thought I was done with a piece. But after a cup of tea, a nap, or a round of a game, I look at that and say, “Ok, let’s poke it around here a bit more… and a bit more there…” and the picture ends up WAY better than it was before (At least in my eyes)

Don’t worry, you’ll be better in time. This is both a work of mind and hand; imagination and the muscle. Sometimes your hand will learn faster and your mind won’t be able to follow: or the way other: the mind will imagine it but your hand won’t be able to reflect.

The key point here is this: keep drawing. Let nothing stop you. Even if you don’t know what to draw, draw anything. Draw random lines. Draw holes. Draw stupid simple flowers. Put idiotic colors in that. Draw a crapsickle. Make a holy shit. Put a face on that weird scribble. Just draw. If nothing, it’ll educate your hand to draw better lines.

I think what made me learn fast at some point was trying to mimic others. Whenever I saw a good drawing, or simply something I liked, like a scene from a comic book or a screenshot from an old anime, I took my pencil and my notebook and drew that. I even remember when I was playing the first GB game of Pokemon, I’d ask people around me for random numbers and drew the Pokemon corresponding to them. I mean, like from graphics like this! What the oblivion?!

Sometimes I took pieces of the pictures or styles that I liked and put them together. It was like photoshopping, but with my hand, pencil and paper.

Yes, This is a really REALLY old drawing of mine. And yes, this is Kai Hiwatari, cosplaying as Sailor Mars with his womanly, shaved legs. 

So that’s it. This is basically what I did through the years. It started simple, it started stupid, but as I’ve learnt, studied from real life and others’ art, master or not; it got more and more detailed, more conscious, more thoughtful. Harder, I mean, REALLY harder, but it’s also more satisfying.

Keep on going, because you rock already!

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hello! i think that your art is really gorgeous, especially the way everything is inked; are there any specific tool that you use when drawing?

Thank you very much anon ;u; well regarding the tools I change them most of the time, considering that I know pretty much NOTHING about the programmes I just play with them and use different options or adjust the brightness, contrast, change the colors etc. But lately I’ve been following basically the same steps:

I use Paint Tool Sai for the lines. After 235446565 years later I found out that there’s a paper option/texture like this one:

which is really nice to draw with and it doesn’t need too much pressure, which is perfect for me.

Then I use some photoshop effects to make the lines look a bit softer. 

So it looks like something like this.

This… looks like a very bad copy of a tutorial. Buuut this is what I do, hope it helps! <3 :) 

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i'm at that point in my life where i have no idea what i'm going to do with my life. i'm trying to tinker around in my free time with different things to see if i like them- graphic design is next on my list. do you have any recs about how i can start trying it out? should i download photoshop and start playing around?? i'm just a little lost and confused with what i'm doing overall... ty very much, though! your blog always gives me lots of motivation!!

go out and see, experience, listen, hear, etc. it might sound really, really bland at first, but i honestly think the simplest actions are the most crucial basics when getting into any kind of creative field. you can get inspiration and ideas from pretty much anything or anyone, so going to museums, people-watching, taking walks, talking to people, eating different foods, etc. are all great ways to let your mind wander without limitations. make sure to take a sketchbook with you!!!! doodle a lot and jot down notes, even if they don’t make sense at first. i feel like little bits and pieces of your life somehow always sneak into my art and design subconsciously (which is a good thing!!!).

as for programs, adobe creative suite is great. i find for graphic design specifically though, photoshop, indesign, and illustrator are the most used!!!

All you people interested in what do after you have your photoshop brushes? This is for you.

robotobroadcast said:

Is there anywhere I could learn how to use photoshop the way that you do? I’ve just never been able to recreate that hand painted look like you seem to be able to do.

Short answer: have a good scanner (Epson Perfections are awesome) and experiment with photoshop brushes, opacity, flow, and the mixer brush tool.

Long answer with pictures: 

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lol it's probably bcs oscar doesn't have any social media and it's a novel experience to see any of them randomly appear or be heard in someone's else insta, it's cute tbh. john has posted lots of very sexy working out snapchats before, it's not the first time. i follow his snapchat like most of the fandom and we already see him working out and being generally sexy.

Hey Nonnie, I’m sure you’re just trying to help, but let me be a little more explicit about what I’m witnessing in this fandom and why it’s bothersome for me.

1. I can understand the argument that seeing/hearing Oscar on social media is a novelty and that’s why people are excited (though, his image and vids of him are all over Tumblr constantly…like, he was declared the Internet’s new boyfriend), but you have to understand that from where I’m sitting, people turning a video that’s 99% about John into a reason to talk 99% about Oscar is a microcosm of the larger trend in fandom. None of these things are occurring in a vacuum. John is the star of Star Wars. JJ Abrams said so. To his face. John is the male lead. However, that is not reflected in fandom. Oscar and Adam get far more attention and love. This is a function of prioritizing whiteness, whitewashing, and latent anti-blackness, all common trends in fandoms. It’s no secret that a lot of this fandom codes Poe/Oscar as white. Too many people do not understand that he is Hispanic/Guatemalan. This is undoubtedly contributing to the mass thirst and elevating of Poe as a character to the point where people argue he was a lead in TFA. (Also, folks who do understand him as Brown fetishizing and hypersexualizing him.) 

2. No, it’s not the first time John has posted on snapchat or instagram. But it’s also not the first time fandom has heard Oscar’s voice, or witnessed him interact with John. And honestly, if the entire fandom is following John on snapchat and instagram, why aren’t all his posts all over Tumblr? Why aren’t people fawning and squealing over every post like they usually do with a white male lead of a huge franchise? I have made sure to follow as many John/Finn stans as I can find on this site and I’m still surprised by how few of his tweets, insta posts, and snaps make it to my dash. Moreover, it’s barely been two months since the film and basically every gif/photo set of John that comes across my dash is one I’ve already seen before and liked or reblogged. However, there is no shortage of gif/photo sets of Oscar or Adam or even young Harrison Ford ftlog! Like, it was so noticeable to me that I acquired Photoshop and am learning to make gifs and edits so that I can contribute something because there’s not enough John material and it pisses me off. Fandom by and large is investing its time in white men or men they’ve coded as white or are actively whitewashing, all of whom play a significantly smaller role in the film than the Black STAR OF THE MOVIE. As a Black woman, I’m extremely bothered by this. Everyone should be, tbh.

3. I don’t understand this argument of “oh we’ve seen John being sexy. time to move on. nothing to see here.” Umm…that’s not how fandom usually works. Folks will re-edit and/or reblog the same photo of Oscar, Adam, or young Harrison Ford and squeal and thirst like it’s new every time. As someone who adores John, I still find myself crying over new pics of him and watching old interviews and rewatching/reblogging his insta vids and snapchats (it’s lowkey embarrassing highkey fangirl behavior). Like, having seen a celeb be sexy before HAS NEVER BEEN A REASON IN FANDOM TO NOT BE EXCITED TO SEE THEM BE SEXY AGAIN, LIKE I DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS ARG???? Folks’ ability to squeal over just the sound of Oscar’s voice is evidence in itself that there should be FAR MORE squealing about JOHN’S ACTUAL MOVING JUMPING THIRST INDUCING BODY.

4. The bottom line is that this fandom is obviously and consistently sidelining and/or ignoring John/Finn. When he posts a premeditated thirst trap, his tag shouldn’t be filled with gushing and squealing about the voice of a dude off screen, like???? Fics shouldn’t constantly foreground Poe to the detriment of Finn. It doesn’t make sense that there’s meta upon meta upon meta about Poe and his emotions and his backstory when he literally has a fraction of a fraction of the screen time and narrative focus and thus meta-able material as Finn. Oscar seems great. Poe is a wonderful character. But John is also great–he’s damn near textbook celeb/idol material. He’s the kind of guy that fandoms usually go crazy for. Finn is an incredible character. The kind of character that usually inspires tomes of fic and meta. But John/Finn are getting like .00002% of what a white/white coded guy/celeb would get and I’m righteously angry and bitter that this wonderful man who plays an incredible character isn’t getting his due because of the color of his skin.

tl;dr - Folks sidelining John to squeal over Oscar’s disembodied voice on John’s workout video is a microcosm of how this fandom sidelines John/Finn constantly bc of a web of different threads of latent racism and anti-blackness. Both men are great, but only one is being obviously and consistently sidelined in a way that is not proportional nor congruent to his role and importance in the source media for fandom.


my husband: So what’ll happen in the next movie?

me: Basically, Peeta is missing, Katniss mopes and hides in closets. People keep asking her to help out with the revolution, and she’s not really into it. But then she finds out her boyfriend is alive, and suddenly she’s Rosie the Riveter.

my husband: That’s it?

me: Some stuff blows up, but mostly Katniss waxes poetically about her love for Peeta and plays with her pearl a lot.