so this is basically a food blog now

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hi uh can you do a platonic teamiplier where the reader hasn't really been eating because of school/work, but nobody really notices. But mark connects the dots and when he figures it out he freaks out and tells everybody else. So the whole team tries to hold you down and basically forced food down your throat. Love your blog btw, I'll been scrolling through it for a few hours now but thanks

Hey anon, yeah i can easily do that!
Sounds fun to do. Gotta love Mark’s protective nature too

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I miss the way your blog used to be! You were so personal and encouraging, now all your posts are basically average fitblr food and bodies things.

Sorry, got tired of people questioning everything I posted, having to fight people all the time over the dumbest things, over details in my life, over posts I’ve made. And I get more and more convinced every time of this when I read the comments on old posts and annoying people being rude on them or calling me bitch and shit like that, my blog is here for the people who send me questions hoping I can help them somehow and because I love seeing the growing of the people I’ve been following for a while now,

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frogs: my favorite animal has always been frogs idk why
fashion: i love fashion and clothes and dressing up lol
food: who doesn’t love food?!

great comet!!: if you’ve seen my blog, you’d know i’ve been lowkey obsessed with that musical for a little while now
gold: it’s a lit color, so shiny
gaming: i love minecraft and five nights at freddy’s lol

reading: i’ve always loved to read. fanfics, books, magazines, poems, whatever, i just love reading, and learned to read when i was 3.
roses: my favorite flower is a red rose, i’m so basic, idk why
rent: another one of my favorite musicals

You know what

Black lives matter and SJW side of tumblr jump at saying everything is “cultural appropriation”
Not realising that the world and cultural relations thrives on culture of others and if you try to shove it out, it basically makes you seem like you have no culture and know nothing about the world. And you call white people racist just for being white….? Logic, here. Please you’re making this too easy for me.

So you know what
Fuck it
I’ll eat sushi with chopsticks if I want to. It’s delicious and there’s a reason why it’s my favourite food.
Also curry is great.
I’ll listen to rap if I want to
Hell if I decide I want to get dreads, I will do it.

Because I’m educated and realise that by experiencing other people’s culture, it means there’s common ground between me and others in the world. Because I appreciate and have an idea of their culture and traditional foods among other things.


Now let me start this blog where it’s clearly written YOGA and UNICORNS with a picture of FOOD. I agree, it may sound like a scam but hey, this blog isn’t just about yoga and unicorns (although a big part of it is) but also about my journey towards a healthy, self-loving and self-caring lifestyle, after so much struggle.

Anyway, here’s a honey grilled banana with almond-milk chocolate sauce.

All you need to have is basically:

-   a banana, or tons of bananas
honey (I used rosemary honey which turned out to be incrrrredible)
for the sauce: ½ cup of almond milk and 1 cup of chocolate chunks (it can be dark or milk) + 1 or 2 tsp of cinnamon

Slice the banana(s) length wise then cut it in half, leaving the skin on
Place the slices on grill for 1 minute
Flip the slices and brush them with honey before flipping them again
Let it get grilled for 3-4 minutes

As for the sauce:
Mix the almond milk with the chocolate chunks and put in the microwave for 1-2 minutes
Mix it, then put it back in the microwave for another 1-2 minutes
Repeat one more time if needed
Let it cool down for a few minutes before mixing it again and adding cinnamon if you wish

Drizzle the sauce over the bananas.
No, wait.
And enjoy.

So i’ve just unfollowed 1800 blogs and now my dash is basically dead so i’m popping out a post in an attempt to get some good quality blogs to follow~

Reblog/Like this post if you post any of the following:

  • Exo (Yixing + SUHO particularly) 
  • BTS
  • SHINee
  • GOT7
  • Seventeen
  • Luhan/Kris/Tao
  • Pastel Stuff
  • Basically Kpop
  • Lots of Kpop
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Japanese Stuff (typography/photographs/food etc) 

I’ll check out your blogs and probably follow straight away!

Lets be friends~

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Hi everyone! My blog used to be soda-float, but it is sadly gone now. Fortunately I’ve been able to remake and have created two different blogs:

soda-candy : fairy-kei, sweet lolita, decora, sanrio, cute girly things, cute sweets, a general happy, bright and pastel theme 
himedevil : food, cute animals, silly/funny stuff, anime, figures, j-fashion and cosplay, halloween cuteness, basically just all kinds of stuff I like (hence it being more of a personal blog)

I’m also looking to follow some similar blogs, so if you have one you can like this post, reblog it, send me a message, whatever you choose I’d appreciate very much~!