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Hey guys, I’m in a bit of a rough spot right now and I need a little help. If you follow my main blog ( @undeadgoblin ), you know everything that’s going on, but this is the Official Post so I’m gonna go over it. 

So basically, I am a transgender guy with ADHD, depression, and anxiety. I just got through my first year of university, and now that it’s the summer, I need some kind of income, but my mental situation is very very bad, and I haven’t even been able to LOOK for a job. This wouldn’t be as much of a problem as it is if I wasn’t very broke, and didn’t need to buy testosterone this summer (or food lmao). I have my first doctor’s appointment on June 16, and it’s likely I will be starting hormones this summer. But since I won’t have a job, and currently do not have insurance (canada has a good health system but it does fuck all for prescriptions believe me) I’m kind of, how you say, fucked. My parents and family don’t support me financially, beyond my mother covering half my rent (literally the only reason I won’t be completely out of money soon god bless her), and I don’t want to ask this of them. This is something I am doing for me, and me alone, and I’ve already disappointed them enough, especially with my awful school year, mental health, gender, and lack of a job. 

This is where you come in! What I need from you, is commissions. I know I’m not a very popular artist, and I know my posting has been inconsistent as hell these days, but I’m working so so hard on that, and to get better. Hormones will help with that. I know most people are just as broke as me, so if you don’t want a commission or can’t afford one, please please share this post. Get it out there to people. It would help a huge huge deal. 

Last but not least, I have added a button for donations on my blog. I do not expect anything from anyone, and commissions are absolutely my main goal and focus, but the option is there. 

Anyway I’m so sorry this is long as hell (god especially sorry if u have adhd oops), but thank you for reading, and possibly sharing and helping. I love you all so so much. This is an absolutely crucial step for my life and well-being, and if this works out, you’re the ones who made it possible. 

Actual commission prices n stuff under the read more (don’t want this to take up TOO much dash space yikes)

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WINTER WARMERS part 2😌✨❄️ my go-to wholesome, warming + delicious one-pot Pumpkin Chickpea Quinoa Curry for those chilly nights, made with love and plenty of spice💥👅 the best kind of comfort food not only tastes good, but is good for your body + the planet too (and so easy to make, it basically cooks itself)🙏🏼🌿
As promised, the RECIPE is now up on my blog ~ the link is in my bio or just swipe up in my story!💛

IG: @naturally_nina_

For someone who enjoys oatmeal and food experimenting as much as I do, you’d think I’d have jumped on the zoats bandwagon by now. For those unacquainted, zoats is basically shredded zucchini cooked into your oatmeal. I’ve been skeptical about this trend, hence my very belated foray into this world!!

I had some zucchini languishing in my fridge the other day, so I decided to grate 1/3 of a large zucchini very finely and add it to my regular morning oats, the way I would with shredded carrots for my carrot cake oatmeal (recipe is somewhere on this blog). I just spiced it up with a generous amount of cinnamon and a small pinch of nutmeg. Also mashed in ½ a banana as the oatmeal was cooking, to add some sweetness. I was apprehensive about whether the zucchini would taste off, but it actually tasted of nothing at all! It just bulked up the oatmeal and turned it this very strange shade of green (colour might not look appetising, but tasted good nonetheless!).

** Note: As the zucchini releases a lot of water, you’ll probably have to keep stirring it and leave it to simmer for a bit longer than you usually would, especially if you like thicker oatmeal like me.

I served mine with some warmed up frozen berries, natural peanut butter and the remaining banana. Kept me full for hours!


FOOD from 12/23/09 Blog Post - Cabbage Rolls, CHEF WAKANA Edition

In this post, Wakana said she was watching people make Japanese cabbage rolls on TV, and then she got a sudden urge! Not to eat them but to make them, LOL. This happens often because cooking and doing laundry are her stress relievers (yay, more Chef Wakana :D I’m really gonna need some kind of picture for this).

Well, I’ve personally never heard of cabbage rolls until now, so I had to do more research! It is basically cabbage leaves stuffed with meat, and then cooked in soup. You soften the cabbage leaves, prepare some ground meat with seasonings and vegetables and stuff, and then roll the meat into the leaves. Then you simmer it in soup. That’s pretty much it! Quick and easy! ^_^

In Wakana’s version, she keeps going on about how there was a bit of Camembert cheese (similar to brie) hidden in the meat, so that would be cool to try out. That has to be an interesting taste!

Anyways, if you are interested in trying or just watching, here is a cool little video of people making cabbage rolls:

Life/Blog Update:

so I’m like really sick right now. to summarize! I was diagnosed with a chronic disease 9 years ago and recently came out of remission after 5 years. it’s been about 6 months since it came back, but this last month I’ve been going downhill really fast. basically I can’t digest any food, there’s bad internal bleeding, and I’m in a lot of pain :(

now as for my blog! this isn’t actually going to change anything. I’ll still be online more often than I should and will try to respond to messages as usual! but I’m a bit more busy now with doctor’s visits and procedures (on top of working almost every day…) so I just want to apologize to/warn you in advance in case I’m not as active on some days or am delayed in replying to you guys!

as always, feel free to ask me for my kkt/line ID or snapchat or whatever if you want to keep in contact that way :) 

p.s. please keep tagging me in stuff! it really brightens my crappy day and gives me joy when my body is literally dy*ng :P 

anonymous asked:

could u draw either xander or kaze or both of them together? i love your drawings of both of them

Well, there’s already a stupid amount of Xander on this blog, so here’s a really confused turnip holding a basket of turnips.


HELLO these are kinda urgent commissions

Bec and I are moving out this winter because our living situation is… pretty horrible… and we’re both extremely unhappy with a lot of things right now. I might go into detail on another post but anyway, we’ve made plans to drive from California to Florida! It’s not necessarily going to be cheap and easy for us as we still have no car due to the cost of living here being expensive as hell, and the fact that we’re basically living paycheck to paycheck. We need to save up at least a few thousand dollars to get a car, have enough money for gas, food, hotels, etc so we’d appreciate whatever help we can get! I’ve also made a donation button on my blog if you’d like to help us out. Boosting this post would be very nice too!

-Paypal Only-

Some details!

- I’ll draw Transformers, Star Wars, Overwatch, Fallout, Borderlands, and some others. Just ask :^)

- I can draw gore/NSFW, but I’ll charge an extra $10

- Heavily detailed characters will be an extra $5-10

- Weapons and props will be an extra $5

- Anything other than a simple background will be an extra $10


send me a message if you’re interested and once we’ve discussed everything I’ll send you an invoice; I won’t start your commission unless I’m payed up front.

Thank you!!! (╹ᴗ╹ )


  1. @vapzhu
  2. @pearlsgay

Alright so, bit of a update I’m going to end up reblogging to my many blogs but- 

My computer died, and not battery wise.

Basically I lost everything on my computer, art, writing, videos, games. 

Everything. I personally don’t care, because I can get character references from friends and tumblr, but yea that’s where I’ve been lately; Sitting on my bed staring at the food channel for days on end. 

It’s not completely fixed, I’m able to use it right now but I have nothing on it; and in a few days I’ll have to do a complete factory wipe yet again and then after that I should be able to start over with everything.


Left (July 2013) 165 lb - Right (March 2015) 132.5 lb

I started eating healthy food and do yoga on a daily basic in September 2014 (I was around 150-155 lb but I didn’t have a picture). I wasn’t happy and I cried myself to sleep way too much. I eat a lot of fruits (mangos and bananas are my favourites) and cut “fake” sugar (unless I don’t have “the choice” (like when I’m at my friends or restaurant))

I feel so much confident and happier now. If you take your time, you can do anything !

I also have a “healthy-fitness-motivation” blog maudamotivation :)

PS You are all beautiful xx

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Hey, everybody!! I’ve got some NEWS! You probably already know what it is just based on the giant image you no doubt saw before you read this. I’m opening commissions!! I’ve been meaning to for a while, and have been putting it off, but we’re in a bit of a tight spot with our finances right now (dog needs medicine, also possibly some expensive prescription food, we’re about to move next week, we just had visitors…basically we’re more behind with our finances than usual.)

So I don’t make a GIANT post to overwhelm your dashboards, I just made an info page on my blog, which you can find HERE! Please read through that carefully! I know it’s a lot of information, but if you have any questions at all please just send me an ask!

I still have requests and other things, THAT I AM GOING TO FINISH, EVENTUALLY. The commissions will take priority of course, but those requests will still be done eventually, don’t fret. :) 

Thanks for your support, everyone!! <3

So i’ve just unfollowed 1800 blogs and now my dash is basically dead so i’m popping out a post in an attempt to get some good quality blogs to follow~

Reblog/Like this post if you post any of the following:

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I’ll check out your blogs and probably follow straight away!

Lets be friends~

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Now let me start this blog where it’s clearly written YOGA and UNICORNS with a picture of FOOD. I agree, it may sound like a scam but hey, this blog isn’t just about yoga and unicorns (although a big part of it is) but also about my journey towards a healthy, self-loving and self-caring lifestyle, after so much struggle.

Anyway, here’s a honey grilled banana with almond-milk chocolate sauce.

All you need to have is basically:

-   a banana, or tons of bananas
honey (I used rosemary honey which turned out to be incrrrredible)
for the sauce: ½ cup of almond milk and 1 cup of chocolate chunks (it can be dark or milk) + 1 or 2 tsp of cinnamon

Slice the banana(s) length wise then cut it in half, leaving the skin on
Place the slices on grill for 1 minute
Flip the slices and brush them with honey before flipping them again
Let it get grilled for 3-4 minutes

As for the sauce:
Mix the almond milk with the chocolate chunks and put in the microwave for 1-2 minutes
Mix it, then put it back in the microwave for another 1-2 minutes
Repeat one more time if needed
Let it cool down for a few minutes before mixing it again and adding cinnamon if you wish

Drizzle the sauce over the bananas.
No, wait.
And enjoy.

Alyssa (19) from Quebec, Canada

Why vegan?
I’ve always love animals and so ever since I made the connection between my steak and a living cow, I wanted to go vegetarian. I only made the switch three years ago when I decided it was time to put my selfishness aside. I also swore I would never go vegan because I thought it was too extreme and I could never give up cheese. And then shortly after that I joined Tumblr and I stumbled on a post about the dairy industry and I started following vegan blogs and long story short here I am today! 

Your favorite part about being vegan:
I love when friends, family or even an anon tells me I inspired them to eat more plant-based! It’s just the best feeling knowing that you can  help people become aware of the consequences their eating habits has on the animals and the planet. 

Favorite books/documentaries
If you’re thinking about going vegan, I would watch Earthlings, Forks over Knives and Cowspiracy! Each of them explain a different reason to go vegan and I’m sure there’s at least one of them that will resonate with you.

Your favorite recipe book/blog?
Oh She Glows, Chocolate Covered Katie, Minimalist Baker and Hot for Food are my favorite blogs! 

Products/brands you use:
I don’t fancy a specific brand, but I love Marshalls! They sell a lot of vegan products in their natural beauty section and it’s cheaper! Also, coconut oil is amazing for basically everything. 

What you have learned since going vegan?
I found two passions through veganism : health and cooking! I learned so much about nutrition and how food impacts our body.  Also, I didn’t even know how to cook rice before going vegan and now I can create recipes!  I’m so so grateful for everything that veganism brought me.

Any tips you have for people transitioning
Do it slowly if you need to and make sure you eat enough! Also, be prepared! If you go out to a restaurant that is not vegan, check the menu online to see if they have a vegan dish or one that could be easily made vegan (e.g: a veggie pizza, but ask to hold the cheese). It’s easier when you know what to expect so you’re not tempted to go for the easy option and order a cheeseburger.  Finally, don’t let people convince you that being vegan is stupid/ unhealthy/ useless. You are making a difference and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Additional Information:
If you have any questions on this wonderful lifestyle, don’t hesitate to message me or Casey! 

hi everyone,,

i. know how annoying it is to always see those posts on tumblr about people asking for money

but i honestly desperately need it

until i get my change of address form approved by the post office, i can’t change my address at the bank. and i need both of those approved before i can request paperwork for my michigan food stamp case. 

i can’t get a second job because i’m starting college back up in august and i’m already going to be short on time between classes, working at kmart and doing homework.

my checks are only about $300 every two weeks, i’m paying my aunt $50 a month for the car i bought from her, my car insurance is $277 a month and i’m paying for food and work clothes and helping out with bills where i’m living at the moment. so i’m really strapped and can’t exactly afford to eat much (not that i actually need it but.)

i don’t draw very well so i can’t offer commissions. i mean. if you wanted something really really really basic as fucking hell i could do that for you. but otherwise i dont have much talent

i have a donation button on my blog now, anything at all helps, even if its like 25 cents honestly it’ll help. 

if you can’t help, i’d ask that you please reblog this so those who might be able to help can see it.

thank you!! ; v;

hi guys!

I was wondering if you could do me a massive favour. 

I now have ads on my blog but only for a reason

Im a student at University and i’m struggling to pay for basic things like food because my parents cant afford to help me out because they have stuff of their own to do

therefore I was wondering if you could go on my blog and click my ad? 

i’m not going to be like oh click it so you get ___ because thats just wrong

but im just asking nicely and it will only take 30 seconds of your time and it will help me out a lot <3

u’s as bloggers

Honoka: Constantly reblogs pictures of food, probably has a bread-related url and is pretty popular with food blogs. Doesn’t understand why “food porn” blogs follow her.

Rin: Probably mostly cats or cool places. Likely accompanied with a daily post about her day.

Nozomi: Fortunes and spiritual things. Gives daily horoscopes and tarot readings, extras to people who come to her inbox. Extremely popular.

Nico: Shitpost central. Probably reblogs a lot of memes and trolls the rest of u’s constantly and consistently.

Eli: Has no idea how the website works.

Maki: Mostly uploads music and reblogs music, posts teasers to new BiBi songs, posts BiBi selfies, etc.

Umi: She probably only uses it to manage u’s goals, so it’s probably more of a goal log.

Kotori: Cute and fluffy things galore, filled with lots of selfies with cute animals. Reblogs care tips for animals. Quick to believe any and all sad rumors about animals. Very supportive of kickstarters that plan to help out misfortunate animals.

Hanayo: A food blog, basically, except mostly filled with her opinions on various dishes that contain rice. Every now and again, there’s a mass of rice-related pictures that she reblogs, usually followed quickly after with a nervous apology for doing it, stating that she didn’t realize she had done it so much so quickly.

Fitness Journey - Week 3 Down (No Progress)

Sorry for my delay in updating you guys….I had a performance yesterday that I was stressing over, so I didn’t have much time for blogging.

So, I’m not really proud of myself this week, and actually I secretly kind of want to eat the world so that I can gain back the weight that I so undeservedly lost this week. You see guys, I’ve been sick in bed all week with a combination of allergies/fever/sore throat/hangover from hell. My sore throat was so bad this week that I literally could not eat any solid foods for 4 days. So I basically have been surviving on Boost (you know the meal supplement drink). 3 of those a day and now all the fat I wanted to WORK off, just kind of disappeared. I feel like it wasn’t fair. I was actually enjoying watching it slowly melt away. Now I feel like I cheated in a way. 

Here’s the pic for this week:

One thing I can say however, is the back fat has diminished significantly. And that’s one part of my body I knew would be frustrating for me.

Well now that I’m back to good health, I’m heading to the gym now to get back on the workout regimen. Check back with me next week to see some REAL PROGRESS : )